EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Home address - Hope, Hopes

Home address

Home address, Christ knows every soul’s DA 479

Home affair, Home affairs

Home affair, Home affairs, arrange your, so nothing can come between you and children CG 474

Home affection, Home affections

Home affection, Home affections, cannot be cherished with too much care AH 118

cherish, with care ML 84

See also Affection

Home amusements

Home amusements See Amusement

Home and school

Home and school, co-operation between Ed 283-6; FE 64-70

Home atmosphere

Home atmosphere, make your, fragrant with tender thoughtfulness ML 173

parents determine AH 16

Home burden, Home burdens

Home burden, Home burdens, children should be taught to share in CG 120; CT 122, 158

children should share in AH 285; MH 394

father should share in 2T 699

young men should help to bear 2T 310

Home care, Home cares

Home care, Home cares, leave behind when going to camp meeting 2T 576, 601

mother who did not like 2T 297

women are not excused from doing miss. work because of WM 165

Home church school

Home church school See School

Home circle

Home circle, be missionaries in SC 81

first miss. work to be done in SD 252

happiness of, your looks and voice affect 7T 50

harmony of, hasty word or abusive language often breaks 4T 348

how to do home miss. work in 6T 428-9

influences of, church is affected by Ev 342

lack of love and affection in, results of Ev 342

live useful and unselfish life in 2T 132

make atmosphere of, fragrant with tender thoughtfulness of others CG 481

ministers should labor wisely in 4T 262

mirror in which to reflect yourself AH 177

most important miss. work can be done in SD 254

mother has mission field in AH 245

parents must bring as much perfection as possible into 6T 382

patient forbearance and forgiveness needed in AH 178

Paul did miss. work in AA 250

religion must first influence, in order to influence society AH 318

represent Christ’s character in CG 481

severity and harshness in, results of Ev 342

should be symbol of heaven AH 177

training school for youth AH 182

words of sympathy needed in Ev 353

See also Family

Home comforts

Home comforts, and conveniences, money that could well be spent for AH 379

Home decorations

Home decorations WM 270

Home difficulty, Home difficulties

Home difficulty, Home difficulties, do not talk with neighbors about your AH 38

gospel worker who manufactures Ev 655

Home discipline

Home discipline 1T 218-9

defective, is evil which underlies all others in education FE 64

importance of CT 111-8

neglect of, creates much difficulty for schools and colleges FE 66

neglect of proper, is painful CG 288

of children FE 57-8

parents need divine wisdom in CG 256

question of, should be understood CG 323

See also Family discipline

Home duty, Home duties

Home duty, Home duties, are sacred and important AH 217

children have important MH 394

children need more training in AH 288

children should be given CG 350; MH 401

appropriate to their age CT 149

children should be taught to perform AH 182, 265, 282; CT 149; Ed 285; FE 369, 417

faithfully CG 352; FE 65

quickly and neatly CG 120

children should help in AH 282, 300; CG 248, 349; CT 149; Ed 285; FE 369, 417

children who cheerfully share in, God’s approval rests on FE 420

children’s duty re AH 297

Christ as youth faithfully discharged His AH 290; FE 402

Cornelius was faithful in SR 283

daily program for performance of, value of CG 124-5

desires that make, seem uninteresting to youth 3T 222

do cheerfully and not mechanically 3T 330

do not do, haphazardly and carelessly AH 35

do not stop while doing, to read papers and books CG 125

education needed for proper fulfillment of CT 534

Elisha learned in performance of, to co-operate with God Ed 58; PK 218

faithful performance of: blessings resulting from 2T 326-7

has reflex influence on character 6T 439

influences others not in home ML 221

is miss. work that God requires AH 35; 7BC 940

need of AH 35

faithfulness needed in 2T 233; 3T 79-81

faithfully take up your AH 298

ignorant of how to perform, children should not grow up CT 149; FE 369

knowledge of, beyond price to every woman FE 74

lie at foundation of well-being of individuals and society GW 204

little, mothers should teach children to perform CG 301

must not be overlooked as of no consequence AH 297

make memorandum of, for the day CG 124-5

many professed Christians are neglectful of CG 22

minister must not regard, as of lesser importance GW 204-5

mother must not be hindered by, from character building of children CG 171

mothers should not neglect WM 164

often attended by weary monotony AH 217

parents should be instructed in, at camp meeting CG 76

parents’ failure to train children to perform FE 65

perform your: willingly and earnestly COL 359

with dispatch CG 125

with thoroughness and neatness CG 125

performance of, valuable training for children CG 36

perplexities of, God’s counsel simplifies 8T 141

reason why many wives shun, is supreme selfishness 2T 467

simple, children should faithfully perform MYP 211-2

simple and commonplace, how to perform AH 23

train children to find healthful exercise in performing FE 417

uninteresting, study how to perform with alacrity your CG 74

wife who dislikes AH 248

wife’s, every Israelite woman was to be trained in CT 276

wife’s wrong attitude toward 3T 330-1

wives should not neglect WM 164

woman who did not like 3T 79

woman who neglected 3T 331

woman who was very helpless in 3T 75

women should learn to do, more intelligently Ev 461; WM 144

women should not neglect Ev 461; WM 144

young women should be taught Ed 216; 3T 156, 158

young women’s ignorance of, unhappiness resulting from 3T 156

youth to whom, seem uninteresting 3T 222

See also Household duty

Home expenditure, Home expenditures

Home expenditure, Home expenditures, rivalry made in AH 151

Home expense, Home expenses

Home expense, Home expenses, gospel workers must practice economy in GW 459-60

learn to economize in TM 205

Home field, Home fields

Home field, Home fields, gospel work in, do not neglect 8T 31

gospel work in, vital problem of 8T 32

health principles should be presented with gospel message in 6T 290

shamefully neglected 6T 430

Home feeling

Home feeling, must be kept alive in children AH 21

Home firm

Home firm, children should feel that they are part of CG 107-8; Ed 285; MH 394

Home for the aged

Home for the aged See Aged believer

Home furnishings

Home furnishings AH 151-5

care of, children should be taught re CG 101

elaborate, not essential to happy and useful life MH 365

elaborate and expensive, are waste of money MH 367

entail heavy burden of care, labor, and perplexity MH 367

general fitness of things needed in AH 154

harmonious variety needed in AH 154

proper harmony of colors needed in AH 154

Home garden

Home garden, children as precious plants in AH 200; CT 130

thorns and briers in FE 66

Home government

Home government AH 305-11; CG 263

administration of CG 85-8

authority and love should be combined in AH 308

children must learn to obey in CG 86

failure of ministers and teachers in CG 231-2

fitful, is ruination to child AH 310

good, parents’ first duty is to establish CG 85

harsh force should not be used in AH 312

interference of relatives or friends in, ruins children CG 288

lax, unfits children for any position 4T 199

mingle kindness, affection, and love with CG 263

minister should give instruction re AH 359

much prayer needed in AH 316

much sober reflection needed in AH 316

parents should be united in AH 312-6

parents too often are not united in AH 314-5

parents who are passionate in CG 275

principles of heaven should be brought into CG 143

reins of, should be kept in parents’ hands CG 288

results of, when parents are not united AH 310

unsteadiness in, great harm produced by AH 310

See also Home management

Home influence, Home influences

Home influence, Home influences AH 31-4; MH 388-94

church’s success to large degree depends on CT 396; GW 204; MH 349

count much in formation of character Ed 283

counteracting efforts for good 2T 316

educational, are decided power for good or evil CT 107

first victories are to be won in 6T 354

God designed, to be lifelong blessing MH 294

godly, seen in Timothy’s life AA 203-4; 7BC 918

happiness of families and churches depends on, to large degree GW 204; 4T 522

how to make, lifelong blessing MH 294

national prosperity depends on CT 396; MH 349

right: far more powerful than any sermon MH 352

powerful argument in favor of Christianity PP 144

safeguard youth against street companions and haunts of vice CH 100; FE 155; MH 394

society’s well-being depends on CT 396; MH 349

wrong, children’s minds cheapened by CG 200

Home interest, Home interests

Home interest, Home interests, seeming of greater importance than obedience to God’s heavenly invitation 3T 384

Home kingdom

Home kingdom, parents as united rulers in CT 128

Home labor

Home labor, children should learn to take responsibilities in 1T 557


Homeland, needs of God’s work in, should be comprehended while attention is given to needs of foreign missions 5T 723

Homeless person, Homeless persons

Homeless person, Homeless persons, among SDA, duty of fellow believers to 2T 27-8, 32

as result of opposition and persecution 2T 27

blessings in caring for 6T 348

Christ was, despite importance of His mission TMK 100:4

Christians whose hearts and houses are too narrow for 2T 35

homes for, God’s people tested on point of making 2T 27

help to make 6T 284

how to help MH 183-200

within nature’s vast boundaries there is place for, to find home MH 188

work of saving, is everyone’s business AH 169

See also Orphan; Widow

Home life

Home life, Abraham’s, lessons from PP 141-4

best school for voice culture is ML 114

bring gospel into CG 73

bring into, all that makes heaven desirable SD 256

principles of God’s word CG 321

character of your, measure of your Christianity is gauged by CG 481; ML 102

character you form speaks in your Ev 342

cheerfulness should be seen in CG 148; SD 122

children’s disobedience in, results of CG 550

Christ’s, in Nazareth MH 365-6

pattern for all children and youth DA 74

conduct in, registered in books of heaven AH 317

disagreeable, impatience makes CG 68

disorder in, irregularity creates 4T 498

do not let business vexations mar AH 214

duties of, be faithful to CG 424

God approves children who cheerfully share in CT 148

economy needed in, to advance God’s cause CS 74

everything in, do decently and in order CG 66

first victories for God must be won in 6T 354

forbearance needed in CG 219

friends and acquaintances should not meddle in your AH 177

God measures people by way they conduct themselves in 5BC 1085

good, children whose conduct and behavior testify of SD 113

govern, by meekness and simplicity AH 450

graces that brighten MH 387

cultivate CT 115

history of, children’s behavior away from home reveals SD 113

importance and opportunities of, Christ’s life illustrated MH 349

influence of, on future of children and youth MH 351

influences ruling in, carried into church life AH 318; ML 284

is not prison to devoted wife and mother AH 236

kindness needed in CG 219

lack of Christianity in, results in lack of power in church CG 550

law in, maintain CG 86

love in, result of cultivating WM 299

love needed in CG 219

make, as nearly as possible like heaven CG 548; ML 284

man is measured in scales of heaven by his SD 255

man should be uplifted in CG 509

man who made mistake in 2T 676-7

mansion where joys of, are unknown AH 155

minister’s GW 204-6

influence of 2T 698

should exemplify truths he teaches GW 204

much patience and spirituality needed in DA 73

obedience to God’s law brings happiness to ML 163

patience pours balm of peace and love into ML 97

persons loyal to God will represent Him in CG 23

prayer needed in 1SM 116

principles characterizing, will be carried into church 5T 335

pure and true, how children are affected by MH 351

religion must be woven into every part of CSW 46

represent Christ’s spirit and character in MYP 331

sameness of, children made uneasy and restless by 4T 136

sanctuary of, love of God must come into 6T 76

seek to make, happy by mutual sacrifice SD 113

should be preparation for entrance into family above AH 94

Spirit should be abiding influence in CG 484

temperance principles should be carried out in CG 399-400; CH 113; Te 180

things to avoid in AH 438

Timothy’s, sound and sensible piety in AA 203

true politeness needed in CG 143, 549

why many people are unhappy in AH 151

work that must be done in CG 558

you cannot bring into church influence you do not exert in CG 549

youth carry with them influence received in FE 397

youth should practice self-denial in AH 486

Home machinery

Home machinery, wheels of, will not always run smoothly AH 248

Homemaker, Homemakers

Homemaker, Homemakers, should resolve to live on wiser plan MH 369


Homemaking, duties of, young woman should learn to do efficiently Ed 216

Home management

Home management AH 21-4

art of, girl should learn AH 91

forbearance must be combined with firm principles in Ev 342

husband’s duty re 4T 127-9

kindness and meekness needed in Ev 342

order is indispensable to AH 21

parents working against each other in AH 312

proper, cleanliness and neatness essential to AH 21

successful, parental unity essential to AH 312-3

two kinds of, described AH 308

wife should acquire skill and tact in GW 460

wise, results of Ev 342

See also Home government

Home mission

Home mission See Mission

Home missionary

Home missionary See Missionary

Home missionary spirit

Home missionary spirit See Missionary spirit

Home missionary work

Home missionary work See Missionary work

Home mission field

Home mission field See Mission field

Homeopathic doses

Homeopathic doses, medicine in, Health Retreat used 2SM 282

Home piety

Home piety, need of 5T 568

neglect of, leads to neglect of miss. work in church AH 33

Home premises

Home premises, cleanliness needed on AH 22

cleanliness of, children should help to maintain CG 108

See also Premises

Home reading circle

Home reading circle, family should form CT 138; ML 199; 7T 63-4

Home religion

Home religion MYP 327-8

Abraham cultivated CG 18, 25; 2SM 216-7; 5T 547-8

fearfully neglected AH 318

good, makes excellent meeting religion AH 319; ML 29

man’s great hope is CG 475; 6T 119

many people do not grow in grace because they do not cultivate CG 481; ML 102

more genuine, will bring power into church MYP 327

need of, ministers should emphasize CG 475

neglect of, displeases God 5T 424

parents need instruction re 6T 119

profession of faith is valueless without AH 319; CG 481

safe counselors cultivate TM 342

teaching 6T 119

Home rule, Home rules

Home rule, Home rules, administer, in wisdom and love CT 114

children should not be coaxed or bribed to obey Ed 290

do not administer, with rod of iron CT 114

need of, for rising at regular hour Ev 651

obey God’s law as PP 143

parents should see that, are not disobeyed CG 85

parents’ duty in securing obedience to Ed 290

wise, must be made and enforced CG 97; CT 112

youth who do not respect CG 111-2

Home school

Home school See School


Homesickness, Elisha was tempted by PK 222

feelings of, minister’s wife should not indulge 1T 450-1

woman who gave herself up to 2T 435

students who will not suffer, at school FE 300


good for helping find friendship in God OHC 64:2

Home surroundings

Home surroundings, discouraging, angels are with souls who must battle with ML 303

Home table

Home table, predisposing cause to intemperance is often found at Ed 202-3

Home training

Home training, character of, rude words and manners reveal CG 143

child’s, should be help to teacher CG 319

children need 4T 197

children without proper, found on streets CT 149

children’s, things that reflect upon SD 113

defective, problems created in schools by CG 326-7

youth unwilling to submit to proper authority because of FE 62

experience in, should teach parents how to guard youth from temptation CG 321

faithful, Christ’s PP 592

Daniel and companions had PK 428, 482; PP 592

David’s PP 592

Elisha’s PK 217-9

Moses’ PP 592

Samuel’s PP 592

Timothy’s ML 34; PP 592

importance of 3T 141-8

influence of, taken by children into schoolroom CG 319

power of faithful early, captive Israelite maid’s conduct was strong witness to PK 245

proper: keeps children off streets FE 369

many children in SDA schools have not had CT 192

neglect of, children profligate and steeped in vice because of FE 286

right, blessings resulting from CT 148-50, 161

lack of, larger share of humanity’s disease, misery, and crime is due to MH 351

school is to supplement FE 288; MH 401

teachers are not to give, that parents should give 5T 29

that girl needs AH 91

youth’s: greatly neglected AH 182

principle of co-operation is invaluable in Ed 285

youth’s defective, educational institutions affected by MM 178

See also Child management; Child training

Home trouble

Home trouble, as canker eating soul and weakening life force MH 244

“Homeward Bound”

“Homeward Bound” 8T 252-3

EGW felt as if she must cry aloud Ev 219

Homeward bound

Homeward bound, God’s people are 9T 287


See Sodom


Honest, be rigidly, in all business transactions CG 154

let it be fixed principle with all to be CH 411; 4T 575

persons who are, found in every land today PK 253

Scriptures teach men to be ML 160

some people will be, when it costs nothing 5T 96

strictly, God wants men who are CG 152

treat every man as 6T 122

true and, men needed who in their inmost souls are Ed 57

you must be, with God and fellow men CS 77

Honest soul

Honest soul, every, will come to light of truth GC 522

will take stand for Christ in time of trouble TM 248

Honest dealing

Honest dealing, Christians should be given to 6BC 1081

is necessary CS 146

Honest person, Honest persons

Honest person, Honest persons, accepts fair equivalent for what he sells ML 330

deals justly with fellow men LS 244

truly, never takes advantage of another person’s weakness or incompetency to fill his own purse CG 153; ML 330

unbending integrity is manifest by 4T 310


Honesty CG 152-5

alarming lack of, among Sabbath-keepers 4T 310

cannot be bought or sold MH 198

cherish, always 4T 607

Christ taught men CT 29-30; FE 177

Christian’s life should reveal DA 107

embody, in all your acts 4T 607

encourage, in children 2SG 256

every action of life should be stamped by CS 142

firm principle of, helps to make one a person of influence 4T 367

essential principle of business life Ed 139

essential to true success in business Ed 135

forgotten by some people when policy pays best 5T 96

God entrusts men with time, understanding, and possessions to test their CS 116-7

golden rule is true rule of MB 134; 4T 359

important in dealing with God and man CS 317-8

is true prophet of God 5T 96

lack of, in children 2SG 254-6; 1T 157

love, for sake of right 3BC 1158

make, ruling principle in daily business of life CH 410

mother should practice, in all details of life CG 152

must bind men with God 5BC 1097

needed in man’s relation to God and His work 9T 53

new birth is revealed by CT 251

of intention, cannot excuse failure to confess errors EW 103

one of life’s best things, cannot be bought or sold 7T 27

one of sterner virtues MH 391; 2T 701

policy and 6BC 1081

have nothing in common 5T 96

never in agreement 3BC 1159; 4T 607; 5T 96

will not work together in same mind 5T 96

practice, in every act of life 7T 143

principle of, should rule in daily business of life 4T 574

principle of loving, one cannot keep a clear conscience without SD 111

principles of religion exact 2T 501

reflected in countenance 5T 402

reputation for straightforward, confidence of others gained by 4T 353

makes man respected ML 330

Satan’s statement re DA 130

simple, tithing is matter of Ed 138-9

some people will be honest when, will not endanger their worldly interest SD 185

straightforward path of, do not vary one hairsbreadth from CG 154

strength of his, who only can know ML 331

strict: cultivate 3BC 1159; 6BC 1081; SD 185

persons who will not sacrifice principle or Ev 564

required by God of the wealthy 1T 537

required in all business transactions in all departments of God’s work 5T 559

strictest principles of, must be maintained in all details of life CG 154; ML 330

true, gospel workers who have perverted ideas of what is CM 96

whimsical notions of, Satan tells men not to be carried away with DA 130

will not tarry where policy is cherished 4T 607


business to be conducted with; eye of God to be sensed 2MCP 438:0

Christ dealt in straightforward lines of RC 60:5

courtesy needed as well as 3SM 239:0

deviation from, in small things; fairness in business TDG 337:3

feeling of, while welding chains of evil conduct LYL 68:4

institutions to show, in business PM 230:1

life details to be with; principles of world different 2MCP 437:1

life of, not bought or sold TMK 85:4

money must be secured only by OHC 193:5

reputation for, demands more respect than appearance 2MCP 437:4

strict, in details by the Christian business person TDG 337:3

See also Right; Straightforwardness; Truthfulness


Honey, eucalyptus oil and, for throat trouble 2SM 300-1

Jonathan condemned for eating PP 624-5

out of rock, promised to Israel COL 289

provided for King Saul’s army 2BC 1015

7,000 pounds of, produced at Australian school during drought 1SM 102

Honor, Honors

Honor, Honors, ambitious lust after, soul that will not have MM 124

bribe of, man who will not expose his soul to temptation for 2SM 132

cannot satisfy heart DA 454

Christ offers, beyond power of angels to describe 2T 40

confession of sin always is 2T 300; 5T 509

dangerous allurements of worldly, to church GC 42

do not expect to receive, in Christ’s service 2T 516

do not judge or value men by, they receive of others 1T 540

do not purchase, by conformity to world AA 331

do not seek, of men 1SM 73

earthly, Christ’s followers are not found in ways of DA 508

Elisha did not ask for GW 116

failure to regard in true light, coming from men 5T 435

give, to whom it is due 1T 676

God does not depend on man for SL 77

God does not promise, to-workers in His service 5T 42

God’s: be very jealous for 2T 171

confessions that vindicate PP 393

vindicated in Hezekiah’s time PK 361

happiness cannot be secured by, if health is lacking CD 20

high, mission of Christ’s servants is DA 357

highest: fellowship with Christ in His sufferings is DA 225; MH 478; 9T 103

privileges that are, that God can bestow upon men CS 23; FE 481; SC 79

to which youth can attain ML 73; SD 294

how Daniel and companions became fitted for PK 487

humility comes before 2BC 1003; DA 436; PP 553-4

immortal, Christ proffers SL 94

love of, apostles blinded by DA 380

man of, person whom unbelievers will be constrained to acknowledge as ML 330

men soon depart from, when they cast off fear of God PP 557

many believers seek, of one another 5T 48

many people pant after 5T 97

many people seeking greater, attempt something for which they are not fitted Ed 267

must be: secondary to truth 2SM 370

subject to Christ’s ever-paramount claims 4T 317

no man should be given title of, indicating his control of your conscience or faith DA 613

peril to humility and spirituality always attends PK 59

persons who will sacrifice, for small worldly advantage AH 392

preserve your, at any cost to self GW 447

purchased dearly at loss of vigor of health CD 20; 3T 150

regal, apostles’ desire for Ed 88

sale of, for gain 4T 310

Satan offers to men, for their homage DA 130

sense of CG 156-8

should be encouraged in youth FE 114

should be strengthened in children Ed 289

youth have FE 114

signal, Christ conferred upon men 7BC 909

students should put themselves on their FE 250

temporal, great object of worldly men’s ambition is 2SM 138

true Christian perseveringly causes, to redound to God PK 68-9

when God must interfere and vindicate His own 5T 208

worldly: Balaam hoped to make God’s service a steppingstone to PP 452

be especially guarded against love of 3T 478

bewitching power of 3T 478

Bible religion ignores 9T 223

can never save a soul from death DA 43

cannot satisfy soul 6BC 1061; MH 210

Christ overcame temptation to seek 3T 380

dangers of, that threaten soul PP 746

David’s character weakened by PP 746

Demas forsook Christ for AA 455

infatuation of prospects of acquiring 3T 479

meek and quiet spirit is of more value than 3T 154

must not be Christian’s ruling motive CT 49

no promise of, held out to apostles MH 479

person who is not blind to attraction of, Satan will unexpectedly overthrow 4T 544

Satan seeks to spoil gospel workers by CS 147

Satan tempts God’s people by PP 440

Satan uses, to allure and deceive CS 209-10, 214

schools should not encourage strife for, for good scholarship FE 286

worshiped by certain people SC 44; 5T 83

you may deny Christ by seeking 1T 304


appreciating, of exaltation to Christ’s throne RC 214:9

becoming sons of God is unequaled; what is human honor? LHU 376:4


gives, to those who deny self HP 68:2

is fitting His people for OHC 327:4

laid aside TMK 83:4

receives, by our heart’s best service TMK 341:4

receives us with FLB 180:5

complaint for lack of, not expressed when self-forgetful RC 305:5

conquerors of sin and Satan receive, in heaven OHC 361:4

disciples of Christ not offered, to follow Him SW 10:2

eagerness to show, may take time from spiritual relationship OHC 281:3

earthly, cannot equal being sons of God Mar 349:2


Christ desires humans to seek TMK 91:3

object of Christian’s ambition TMK 91:2

perishable name exchanged for; (everlasting) OHC 201:3

given in the judgment Mar 341:2


expects, from us TDG 318:2

has worlds upon worlds to give Him divine TMK 367:5

God’s, judgment reveals HP 359:2

greatest, lowliest service for Jesus TMK 319:5

human, for all success, lay at Christ’s feet TMK 341:3

humanity received great, from Christ RC 228:4

immortal, for those not interested in worldly honor Mar 309:5

lifting the oppressed, comforting feeble-minded is highest HP 173:4

love of, to be sacrificed; (Esteem) OHC 29:2

meekness of Christ not, from people OHC 184:6

possessed by those who have the love of God TDG 227:3

principle of God’s government TDG 351:3

redemption gives, surpassing the degradation from sin HP 148:5

Satan wanted more, in heaven Con 9:2

seeking, for self instead of waiting for Christ to honor TMK 175:2

temptation of OHC 93:3

unselfishness not for, but because it is object of life TDG 280:3

voice used to bring, to the Word of God TMK 345:3

working as Christ worked considered LHU 343:4


father’s influence cut off through RC 174:6

light valued more than, by Daniel and companions OHC 269:6

not wanted UL 154:8

spell of, holding people away from Christ FW 92:1

See also Exaltation; Fame; Power; Pride


Honor, aim to, God in everything, always and everywhere 2T 262

Daniel and companions sought knowledge that they might, God PK 486

youth may have divine grace to remain firm in purpose to, God PK 490

Honorable man (men)

Honorable man (men), person who is most, on earth 5T 235

why efforts to reach, are so disappointing 4T 132

Honored man (men)

Honored man (men), world’s most, many people in common walks of life could be on equality with DA 250

Hook, Hooks

Hook, Hooks, need of properly baiting, to catch intelligent people Ev 556

row of, envy’s memory serves as 5T 55

to hang doubts upon GC 527

Hoop, Hoops

1. In dress

2. Miscellaneous

1. In dress

are abomination 1T 270, 277

are indecent 1T 277-8

argument in mouths of wearers of 1T 425

children wearing 2SM 470

clothing prevented by, from falling close about body 2SM 470

corded skirts worn before introduction of 1T 425

disapproved 1T 252

discard 1T 277

disgraceful 1T 523

do not countenance wearing of 1T 276-7

excuses given for 2SG 287; 1T 276, 278

fashion of, came from house of ill fame in Paris 1T 270

God never designed that people should be deformed by 1T 277

heavy quilts worn before introduction of 1T 425

inconvenience attending 1T 277

indecencies resulting from 1T 277-8; 4T 635

injurious to health in winter 1T 277

large, pernicious fashion of 4T 635

large or small, undesirable 1T 465

not convenient, modest, or healthful 2SM 470

not merely a matter of convenience or inconvenience 1T 278

quilted skirts do not injure health as much as 1T 277

reform dress did not require 1T 523

SDA should not wear 1T 424-5, 458

shameful 2SG 228; 1T 189, 276

small, disapproved 1T 276-7

EGW falsely charged with approving wearing of 1T 276-7

unnecessary 1T 277

2. Miscellaneous

fanaticism which led people to roll like 2SM 26

Hop, Hops

Hop, Hops, good use of, a blessing 5T 356

raising of: business of 5T 358-9

for livelihood 2SM 338

for making beer MH 334

for manufacture of intoxicating liquor Te 98

for the market 5T 356

not a test of fellowship 2SM 338

tea made of, sleep induced by 2SM 297

wrong use of, a curse 5T 356


Hope, despair of nothing and, for everything GW 39

let Israel, in God PK 22; TM 15

persons who will find themselves powerless to, and believe DA 808

Hope, Hopes

Hope, Hopes, agent of God strengthened by 6T 44

all Christian, have foundation in Christ 1SM 56

angels co-operate with men in bringing, to the sick and suffering MH 267

angels guard souls as long as there is 6T 366-7

atmosphere of, every soul is surrounded by COL 339

surrounded Christ DA 74

awaken, in hearts of the struggling MH 165

be always ready to speak, to the suffering 7T 70

be strong and talk 6T 462

Beatitudes given to awaken MB 7

benefits both others and ourselves AH 431

blessed, promise of second advent as GC 302

bright light of, that fades into darkness of despair MB 139

bring sunshine back to souls from whom, has departed 6T 277

built upon false foundation by persons who misuse Bible 5T 171

cause, to spring up in place of despair 7T 272

center of all, uplift Christ as 6T 62; TM 118

center of Christian’s, Christ’s sacrifice is DA 660

centered in self, life embittered by MB 139

children of suffering and sorrow may rejoice in MB 12

Christ brought, to the despairing 2T 202

Christ died that through Him men might have 8T 128

Christ healed people when last spark of, seemed dead DA 163

Christ is man’s only TM 486

Christ knew how to inspire men with Ed 80; 4T 66

Christ perceived ground of, where only despair and ruin appeared Ed 79

Christ restored, to the hopeless MH 79

Christ sought to inspire, in the most rough and unpromising DA 91; GW 121-2; MH 26; 9T 191

Christ spoke, to the downcast MH 24

Christ spoke words of, to weary mothers GW 188

Christ’s death is, to all who believe in Him TM 139

Christ’s meat was to bring, to all people He contacted GW 188

Christ’s work was to inspire DA 249

Christian: convincing evidence of certainty of AA 534

God’s grace is foundation of GC 256

Satan seeks to tear away foundation of MYP 58

Christian may rejoice in 5T 316

Christian needs to be able to give reason for his TM 119

Christian should inspire, in the hopeless DA 350

Christian’s: brighter in adversity than in prosperity GC 602

is anchor to soul MYP 89

is big with immortality EW 110

is in Christ SC 70; 1SM 351

is not in himself SC 70

may be renewed day by day PK 387

object to which, points CT 55

talk of Ev 630

Christian’s clouded, brightens in consciousness of sins forgiven MH 267-8

Christians have greatest, ever given to world ChS 226

church’s EW 107-10

City of God open to souls that lean on Him for MB 100

comfort of, gained through experience of faith in Christ GW 213

confirmation of, in Christ 5T 744

cross of Christ brought TM 67

cultivate 8T 191

definite assurance of, Christ brought to world CT 439

delusive, without Christ 5T 49

departed from many people COL 418; PK 719

despairing souls made joyful by LS 60

disappointed, in Christ there is no 1T 504

man and wife made wretched by 1T 696

discouragement paralyzes 2T 604

do not hang your, upon men 5T 649

door of, opened to deceived angels PP 41

doubt turned to, when sinner turns to Christ DA 439

encourage 4T 103

essential to perfect service for God PK 164

everything to inspire with, in Christ 5T 200

fallen man’s only, is to look to Christ TM 366-7, 494

false, do not flatter your soul with 2T 295

many professed Christians lean on 2SG 227; 1T 188

fear and, Christians are not to fluctuate between TM 518-9

first intimation of, in Gen. 3:15 Ed 125

for every soul, but only in one way 5T 540

for everything, have DA 679

for heathen PK 367-78

for souls whom Satan tempts to think their case is hopeless MH 249

for transgressor, Christ is only 8T 25

found in Christ’s forbearance and tenderness toward His weak and erring disciples LS 266

foundation of your, examine well EW 88, 262; 1T 243; 5T 530

fruit of faith PK 164

future triumph of the good is turned into present encouragement and joy by SD 193

glimmer of, Satan desires to take from soul every SC 53; 5T 629

God keeps spark of, alive in souls full of remorse and anguish TM 354

God works for His people when there seems to be least 5T 452

God’s approval gives 6T 130

God’s people are debtors to Him to send message of, to souls in sin TM 31

God’s promises given to bring, to the suffering CH 213

gospel, be grounded in CT 490

gospel worker must go forward in 6T 412

heart filled with, essential to perfect health CH 587

heart must be uplifted to God in 5T 744

heaven-born love that inspires, in the hopeless MB 115

Hezekiah given words of, when sick PK 342

hold up Christ as, of all men CH 34

how Christ inspired men with Ed 80

impart 6T 347

in Christ there is MH 249

in path of obedience there is 4T 76

inspire, in the hopeless MH 106

inspire your associates with MH 158

intoxication with, that will never be realized 5T 478

Isaiah’s visions of, for believers in centuries following PK 722

Israel’s, Christ was 5T 470

embodied in promise made to Abraham in Gen. 12:3 PK 683

knowledge that Christ is our righteousness should constantly strengthen your 5T 742

last, danger of extinguishing a soul’s COL 71-2

last spark of, well-nigh destroyed in some souls TM 354

life-giving power of, soul may be charged with COL 339

lift up Christ before people without GW 29

looking on men with, Christ inspired hope Ed 80

loss of, marriages that cause FE 500

love of Christ in soul promotes 3BC 1156

man is not without, even under curse of sin Ed 146

man may have, though every human friend forsake him 4T 329

man who questioned whether there was, for him 5T 629

man’s only: bringing appetites and passions into subjection to God’s will is DA 122

Christ is PP 431; TM 366-7, 486

cross of Christ is 4T 503

lies in Christ SD 370

life of God in soul is MH 115

of overcoming sin is to unite his will to God’s will MB 143

man’s only ground of, Christ’s imputed righteousness is SC 63

men are saved by MH 165

men have, in Christ because they are sinners TM 265

many people cherish faint, of getting into heaven at last 3T 95

many sick people without God and MH 246

message of: bring gospel to afflicted soul in need of GW 214

Habakkuk and Zephaniah gave PK 389

must be carried to ends of earth COL 418

message of love for tempted person whose, was well-nigh gone MH 179

mingled with anguish, dying thief’s DA 750

minister who makes Christ his, is laborer together with God TM 379

move steadily forward in God’s work and never lose 5T 70

multitudes dying without God and MH 156

must be developed 5T 474

no, for transgressor except through Christ 8T 25

of higher life without submission to Christ SC 32

no dirge of crushed, in New Jerusalem 9T 287

nurses can bring ray of, into lives of the defeated and disheartened CH 388; MH 144-5

of eternal life: centered in Christ DA 83; PK 732; TM 93, 376

is subject to be settled between God and you 2SG 264

not to be received upon slight grounds 1T 163

remaining steadfast is man’s only EW 254

remember that, is due to cross of Christ 7T 68

of everlasting life, thousands upon thousands die yearly without 6T 445

you cannot lay too sure foundation of 2T 145

of fallen race, centered in Christ PK 681

of forgiveness, still held out to the most undeserving FE 357

of God’s people, is not in man PK 111

of human family for time and eternity, depend on Christ DA 801

of pardon and favor with God, Christ died that sinner might have DA 749

of redemption, Abel gratefully accepted PP 71

never extinct in men’s hearts PK 682

of resurrection of the just DA 530

of salvation, Christ is man’s only FE 370

many souls now in shadow of sin will have CT 469

one of soul’s great: moral powers 3T 187

motive powers Ed 192

one source of, for fallen human race SC 21

opportunity to encourage and inspire, never lose 5T 613

peace and, treasures cannot be rich enough to buy 2T 576, 600

persons who put their, in preacher 6T 434

physician must speak words that awaken 7T 73

prisoner(s) of: show discouraged sufferer that he is 6T 279

through Christ’s sacrifice men are on probation as FE 370

urged to turn to God 8T 12

prodigal son found, in conviction of his father’s love COL 202

promise of Gen. 3:15 was, to Adam and Eve Ed 27; PP 66

promotes health and prolongs life MH 241

provisions God made to bring, to the destitute and distressed PP 534

realization that he is appreciated brings, to physician 7T 74

reason for their, time is coming when SDA must give 1T 135

young and old will be required to give 1T 125

reason for your, be able to give 5T 519

religion in home is 6T 119

renewed day by day through faith in God PK 387

Satan constantly works to unsettle every man’s AH 111

seemingly disappointed, among greatest blessings MH 474

selfish plans may hold out, of enjoyment MB 139

Sermon on Mount was designed to bring MB pref. vii; 7T 268, 270

set before you, lay hold on MH 85

set forth in gospel, encourage the depraved and weak to lay hold on MH 173

outcasts and other sinners will grasp 8T 75

severity and harshness cut off, in others TM 185

sinful man’s only, is in God TM 367

sinner’s only 7BC 913

Christ is Ev 599; FE 370; TM 265

lift up Christ as GW 155

merits of crucified and risen Saviour are GC 471

minister must lift up Christ as 6T 88

reward of persons who draw attention to Christ as 6T 311

Satan’s studied purpose to keep souls from believing in Christ as GW 162

soul held by, like sure and tried anchor DA 794

soul made strong by, under trial 2SG 266

speak words of 4BC 1183

to persons unacquainted with God PK 327

to soul weary of life of sin MH 168

to the poor and disheartened MH 196

Spirit fills minister’s mind with GW 253

Spirit given to strengthen believer’s 6T 415

spiritual, many rich people longing for MH 210

sprang up in hearts that listened to Christ GW 188

star of, illuminated Adam’s dark future PP 68

teach that, is still shining TM 182

strengthened as man works faithfully for God 6T 44

student’s, physical health lies at foundation of FE 72

supposed, is not enough 1T 163

will prove your ruin SC 35; 2SG 264

sweet, Spirit fills mind of teacher with COL 131-2

talk SD 191; 2T 98

to the last 1SM 85

teach everyone to cherish COL 155

teachers patient and conscientious are needed to arouse, in youth CT 498

tell suffering sinner there is, for the penitent GW 213

thought of Christ interceding for His people should inspire TM 391

tidings of, must come from heaven TM 338

trust and, sung by Christ at last Passover supper Ed 166

truth-filled books bring, to troubled hearts 6T 314

unwavering, ministers must encourage and maintain 7T 35

warning that speaks, need of learning Ed 90

well-ordered life and godly conversation inspire 9T 45

EGW encouraged to sow in LS 362

words of: brighten lives of others by SC 119-20

given to believers for souls sitting in darkness CH 387

persons referred to in Mal. 3:16 speak 6T 390

work in way that causes, to spring up in place of despair 7T 272

your, is not in yourself SC 70


accepting God’s word about salvation brings HP 116:4

ambitious; character revealed when it is crossed HP 266:4

awakened talking of things God has prepared 3SM 163:5

bereaved one invited to have TDG 194:3

blessed, talk of TMK 79:3

blighted here FLB 185:3

burdens given to Christ brings HP 187:5

centered in Christ, TMK 79:5

not in self TMK 79:3

not in world TMK 87:4


brought message of LHU 208:4

claimed, which we might claim 1MCP 185:1

died as only, for the transgressor FW 30:1

gave UL 145:4

inspires with,

for rough and unpromising HP 181:3

for sinful and debased TMK 84:5

while Satan seeks to discourage OHC 85:3

is center of UL 36:4

is our only TMK 80:3; UL 74:5

is; take His strength in coming discouragements TDG 245:2

is the earnest of RC 21:5

was object of; He loves you still 3SM 327:2

will be associated with our HP 163:5

Christian, attractiveness of our religion seen in RC 220:3

Christian’s, Ellen White had a sense of HP 118:2

Christians have words of, for those in darkness RC 254:2


life relived in believer brings, to others TMK 235:5

resurrection brings HP 45:2

sacrifice brought RC 53:3

words believed and union with Him brings HP 144:4

comfort from Scriptures gives OHC 33:4

cross of Calvary brings HP 275:5

disciples had lost, when they saw Jesus walking on water RC 356:4

effects of, through Jesus HP 352:3

encourage, but misleading to say one giving heart is saved TDG 260:2

eternal life as, set before us TMK 79:2

fact of our, to be seen OHC 148:2

failure of, by looking to works of Satan TMK 284:3

faith that overcomes takes hold of Christ as only TMK 166:5

false, from minister teaching belief without obedience FW 32:2

fluctuating between fear and, grieves Christ UL 150:6

found in truth OHC 329:2

foundations for HP 45:3

fullness of the blessed, to be known better RC 220:3


controls, for the good of His children OHC 318:5

is the only, of human race UL 81:4

grace of Jesus gives power to talk TDG 177:6

grasp and have confidence in LHU 331:2

have, talking faith, not looking on the dark side TDG 216:2

highest, not in conflict with humility TDG 321:3

incarnation of Christ brought 3SM 128:1


by talking about it TDG 75:3

by working for others OHC 260:2

inspired with,

for Armageddon; and with courage 3SM 426:1

in Christ; pointed to heights attainable 2MCP 453:1

interruption of, thinking only of UL 377:4

knowing fullness of blessed, to encourage others LHU 244:3

language of, even in temptation VSS 163:2

lips that have spoken vanity have, if soul is humbled HP 177:4

lives beyond the grave to the resurrection HP 352:4

look up and talk faith and TDG 369:7

loss of, of seeing and being like Christ TDG 155:3

love for Christ gives RC 368:4

love of Christ causes, to be cherished TMK 224:5

need of Christ recognized is our basis of HP 291:3

nurse can bring,

Bible study, prayer may follow CME 29

to the defeated and disheartened RC 254:6

objects of, withheld, may be among our greatest blessings OHC 318:3


faith in Christ and His mission is TDG 189:2

fastening oneself to Jesus and copying His character 3SM 155:0

felt by those nearest to Christ is in His merits TMK 125:2

grasping Christ’s saving hand by faith TDG 373:4

paralytic received, by forgiveness FW 67:4

Paul had, in time of shipwreck CC 352:3

possible every hour of the day UL 312:3

power through Christ’s divinity brings strong HP 32:4

preciousness of, in eternal life TDG 304:2

prisoners of,

because Christ became the sinless sacrifice FW 118:0

in Christ; Advocate when we err 3SM 192:3

turn to God as UL 265:6


(Christ’s) renew springs of TDG 91:2

give, to develop fruits of the Spirit UL 15:5

of, for the despondent RC 351:2

support TMK 213:3

rejoice in,

as one who recognizes the great Gift 1MCP 68:1

for bow of God’s covenant is over humanity OHC 314:4

not in feeling; experience makes hope 2MCP 803:4

resisting temptation increases TMK 91:4

rest in,

aged sister counseled to TDG 313:2

of sleeping saints TDG 34:5

sacrifice on Calvary the basis of HP 262:2

salvation by Christ’s blood is only 3SM 173:0

Satan wanted to destroy, as for angels in rebellion Con 20:3

spirit of, for good despite dark prospects 2MCP 662:1

springs of, from God never fail TDG 62:4

story of, for desert traveler HP 240:2


by fixing the eye on Christ HP 127:3

by singing songs of Zion OHC 10:2

with, faith’s twin sister TDG 65:4

suffering ones to rejoice in UL 46:3

talk 2MCP 492:1

temptation to feel you do not have 3SM 152:3

unpromising people offered, by Christ; character changes 3SM 238:1

Word of God reveals, by Christ’s victory TMK 192:2

words of,

encourage other Christians HP 174:7

give strength to the weak TMK 161:3

God praised by TMK 219:2

spoken as easily as words of complaint HP 275:3

strengthen faith and fortify against darkness TDG 92:5

work with 2MCP 375

youth to have well-grounded OHC 202:5

See also Courage; Despair; Expectations; Faith