EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Holy Spirit (Part 2 of 5)

Isaac spoke under PP 181

Jacob’s prophetic vision under PP 235

John wrote under MB 48

leading men to God is noted in books of heaven TM 170-1

ministers need 3T 205

miracle performed under AA 212-3

Moses wrote under MB 14

not everything written or said by EGW was done under 1SM 39

Paul spoke under AA 393

Paul wrote under AA 303; COL 98; Ed 132; MB 80; 5T 66, 684

pray by COL 147

promised persons of contrite spirit TM 215

prophets under, foretold future AA 12

prophets wrote under TM 112

revelations given by, not limited to giving Scriptures GC 8

scribes of God wrote as they were dictated to by 4T 9

should be inspiration of God’s people GW 19; 6T 467

Solomon wrote by MB 49

Zacharias led to prophesy by DA 100

23. Light of

gives clear perception of duty DA 527

pray daily for, on God’s word CT 447

on Scriptures FE 189

pray for, in study of Scriptures COL 113

rejection of, separates soul from God TM 73

24. Manifestation(s) of

failure to appreciate TM 402

false 2SM 47

God set His seal to truth by LS 92

in deciding who is fit to enter ministry 1T 208-9

in different ways on different men Ev 288-9

in prophecy and sacred song Ed 47

indolence and slothfulness hinder 9T 46

large, at Battle Creek TM 402

men are not to lay hands on CT 373

pouring contempt upon, beware of TM 90

purpose of GC 8-9

set in church GC 8-9

special, in great day of God GC 9

in last days GC 9

when church will experience 9T 46

why so little 1T 383

wonderful, on Day of Pentecost GC 9

25. Ministry (ministration) of

enlightens man’s understanding GC 9

gospel work must be done under 9T 170

in: gospel work WM 132

SDA schools CT 357-76

inworking, is our great need Ev 299

must not be called fanaticism 1SM 130

opens to mind deep things of God’s word GC 9

provided to: aid in gospel work 6T 244

aid minds in study of Scriptures SC 109; 4T 499

be grand helper ML 48

bring God’s word to man’s remembrance CSW 41

convict souls Ev 283

define and maintain truth DA 671

engrave truth on minds GW 99

enlighten Christ’s disciples COL 127

enlighten man’s darkened understanding 4T 441

enlighten, warn, and comfort God’s children GC 8

guide men into all truth AA 51

renew every organ of human body MM 12

reveal great neglected truths CSW 35

speak through God’s servants to erring brethren DA 441

teach believers how to ask for things they need CH 380

transform hearts and character LS 323

vitally important to church GC 8

26. Office of CT 427; DA 669-72; FE 227

as: Comforter DA 669-72; TM 476

guide into all truth TM 476

described by Christ DA 671; TM 95

distinctly specified by Christ AA 52

is to: bring to our remembrance Christ’s promises ML 45; MYP 107

convince of sin MB 7

present Christ as man’s Saviour SC 91

reveal character of acceptable consecration 1SM 134-5

use men FE 227

is to present: Christ and purity of His righteousness SC 91

salvation we have in Christ SC 91

not for men to use FE 227

prayer for clear perception to discern CSW 40

revealed from Genesis to Revelation FE 385

theme for study Ev 187

vital theme of Christianity FE 385

27. Outpouring of

all who yield to His promptings receive Ev 700

as latter rain in last days AA 54-5; 4T 303; 8T 21, 246; TM 506-12

before close of gospel work and sealing work 1SM 111

failing to discern or receive, danger of TM 507

more abundant than early rain 6BC 1055; COL 121; DA 827; GC 611; 8T 21

pray for TM 506-12

promised in Joel 2:28 GC 9

to prepare church for second advent TM 506

See also Rain

at commencement of time of trouble EW 33, 85; LS 101

at Topsham, Me., in 1849 EW 42

backsliders reconverted under AA 48

believers cannot receive, if they continue in listless attitude 5T 714

believers in Battle Creek received CT 358-9; 8T 57, 151

bitterest opponents of gospel became its champions under AA 48

cannot take place when selfishness and self-indulgence are so manifest CS 52

church’s privilege of having, now Ev 701

closing work of gospel under Ev 700; GC 9, 464, 611-2

closing work of third angel’s message under EW 276-9; GC 603-12; 1SM 192

definite time for, God’s people are not to know 6BC 1052; 7BC 984; Ev 221; 1SM 188

do not treat, as fanaticism CT 367

during midnight cry SR 371

early church received AA 38; ChS 250; COL 218; FE 537; ML 36, 61; 3T 392; 9T 40

efficiency of God’s people greatly increased by COL 299-300

entire consecration needed for ChS 253; Ev 699

entire consecration to Christ’s service is condition to CS 52

experienced in 1844 GC 402

failing to recognize, danger of FE 435-6

follows complete surrender through faith and prayer COL 327

God expects His people to ask Him for TM 512

gospel was carried to uttermost parts of earth as result of AA 48

in closing work of gospel GC 9

in Southern States of USA 9T 209

is essential TM 512

makes men liberal in giving to God’s cause AA 70-1

may require several days of earnestly seeking God and putting away sin ML 58

no specific time given for 1SM 192

not appreciated by some believers TM 399

not equivalent for water baptism SR 289

old standard bearers experienced 1SM 122

on Day of Pentecost AA 35-46, 547; 3BC 1152; 6BC 1055; ChS 254; DA 507, 672, 827, 833; Ed 95; Ev 35, 697-9; EW 260; GC 9, 351; GW 284; PP 381; 1SM 113; 2SM 57; MH 420; SR 241-7; 7T 31-3; 8T 15-6, 19-23, 267; 9T 40; TM 65-7, 170, 507; WM 271

as early rain AA 54-5; COL 121; DA 827; Ev 701; GC 611; ML 60; 8T 21; TM 506-7 See also Rain

before apostles wrote any book of NT GW 284

foretold in Joel 2:28, 29 4BC 1175; GC 9

liberality of believers after AA 70

love and unity among Christ’s disciples after AA 22

preparation of church for Ev 698; SR 241-2; 8T 20-1

results of AA 22, 48-9, 70, 547; ChS 252; COL 120; DA 193-4, 274-5, 507, 551, 821; 5T 239; 8T 19-21, 267; TM 36, 66-70

signalized Christ’s enthronement in His mediatorial kingdom AA 38-9; COL 120; Ed 95

significance of AA 38-9; COL 120; EW 259-60

thousands converted in a day under AA 38; DA 192, 827; 8T 21

Pentecostal season of, how to experience Ev 697-8; 8T 104-6

persons yielding to His promptings receive 7T 27

Philip as teacher after DA 293

pray for AA 55; FE 198-9; GW 288; ML 58; TM 64, 509, 512

prayer for SR 246-7

precedes sealing of God’s people 1SM 111

preparation needed for TM 507

prepare for 5T 383

promised to God’s people today 8T 19-23

received at Battle Creek College in 1893 1SM 129-30; 8T 61

regarded by some in 1893 as fanaticism 1SM 143

remove every obstacle to 1SM 124

result of 6T 397

Sabbath will be proclaimed more fully under EW 33, 85; LS 101

at commencement of time of trouble EW 33

Satan cannot hinder MYP 133

Satan’s efforts to obstruct 1SM 124

seasons of revival and, what often follows 1SM 129-30

seek ML 58

SDA Church received, in 1893 1SM 129, 133-9; TM 23, 49

70 elders of Israel received PP 381-2

speech of apostles after DA 821

things that hinder 1SM 140

third angel’s message will be attended by TM 92

variance and bitterness among church members impedes 6T 42

warning not to treat, as fanaticism TM 64

what church must do to receive MYP 133; 6T 268

what hinders church from receiving CS 52; Ev 699; ML 59; 6T 42; 8T 21

what to do to receive 1SM 124

when God announces day and hour of second advent EW 15; LS 65; 2SG 32; 1T 59

when God’s people may experience ChS 253; CS 52; ML 59; 8T 246

when workers in SDA institution are truly converted they will receive MM 201

will come on all flesh Ev 567; PK 371

will lighten whole earth with God’s glory ChS 253; CS 52; ML 59

will not come until we are enlightened people CS 52

will not lead men to be fanatical GW 289

will not occur while larger portion of church is idle ChS 253

wrestle with God for MM 201

See also Loud cry; Rain

28. Power of

accumulation of evil is to be resisted by AA 47-8

all who would be saved must submit to COL 97

all-conquering, God’s promise to send GW 308; 8T 297-8

alone, can fit us for courts above 7T 273

can make us wise unto salvation 7T 273

apostles gave clear and bold testimony under TM 67

apostles lifted up and glorified Christ through COL 120

awaits our demand and reception COL 121; DA 672; 6T 175; TM 175, 510

can make and keep heart pure TM 377

Christ is to be revealed again in His fullness by COL 121

Christ subdues His people to Himself by 1SM 134

Christ’s delegated servants are to bear witness in 9T 43

church lost EW 227

church’s only hope of having AA 90-1

cleansing, sanctification is offered through TM 97

controlling, every church needs 6T 266

now is time to pray for 6T 266

convicted Jews of their guilt in disobeying God TM 74

convicting: in revivals GC 461-3

man remains in partial blindness to his sin unless he yields to SC 40

Paul’s conversion under AA 119-20

convicts and converts CT 433; Ev 38; 6T 61

creating and transforming TM 328

creative, God’s people are to feel 4BC 1165

defense of every contrite soul is DA 490

demonstration of, result of first rejection of DA 241

drawing, is agent in work of man’s salvation FE 187

every work of God’s appointment is to be elevated and ennobled through 6T 241

evil can be restrained and resisted only by TM 392

facilitated translation of Bible into languages and dialects of all nations AA 53

forces of evil can be met in gospel work by AA 31

freedom from sin cannot be had without DA 466

gave Caleb and Joshua faith and courage AA 53

given as divine endowment to all who seek aright 7T 273

given to overcome all hereditary and cultivated tendencies to evil DA 671

giving of advent message was attended by GC 340

God’s people must meet people in 2BC 1004

God’s people need CH 210; ML 47

God’s word is made effective by COL 64

gospel was carried to all of world under COL 120

has accompanied presentation of truth LS 430

hearts reached as truth is proclaimed in 1SM 105

helped Waldensian Christians in Dark Ages AA 53

immorality works against manifestations of CT 367; 8T 65

inestimable worth of MM 158; 7T 101

Israel’s first rejection of demonstration of, results of DA 241

learn to depend on, in humble ministry AA 158

life filled with, privilege of living 7T 225

life-giving: enables receiver to bear fruit of holy deeds AA 284

how God’s people can have 5T 196

renews man’s motives and affections AA 284

loss of, how church was affected by EW 227

made efforts of pioneers of modern missions successful AA 53

man can be set free from sin by DA 466

man may be exalted by virtue of SD 30

manifested at Battle Creek 1SM 29-30; TM 402

mark of truth is to be wrought in men by 3T 267

marvelous awakening of soul by DA 135

mesmerism mistaken for EW 44

mighty, evil could be restrained and resisted only by TM 392

minister on whom has fallen 6T 88

ministers need to pray for 6T 48

miraculous, to convict men of sin AA 120

needed in God’s work FE 220

needs to: be felt in advent movement 9T 154

cleanse soul of its moral defilement FE 227

purify our thoughts FE 227

not a servant, but a controlling power GW 155

now is time of ChS 251

oil in lamps of 10 virgins represents GC 394

omnipotent DA 490

is man’s defense MH 94

joy of seeing truth armed with 1SM 141

only: can keep man’s spirit sweet and fragrant 8T 181

can make your words effective 6T 396

can unfold spiritual things 6T 151

is able to make man fit for heaven 7T 273

patriarchs were sustained by AA 53

people should be taught how to yield to Ev 284

persons dwelling on things lofty, pure, and holy will feel EW 112-3

preaching of second advent was attended by GC 405

preaching of Wesleys was attended by GC 257

promise of mighty manifestation of 5T 252

promised to give efficiency to God’s word TM 199

prostration of individuals by LS 38-9; 1T 44-8

quickening and vivifying Ev 274

receive more and more of ML 63

reception of, prayer and confession of sin must clear way for GW 308

regenerating, believers are chaff among wheat when without 5T 227

on sinful heart SC 57

renewing 5T 219

upon man’s heart GC 256

reviving and sanctifying, promised to God’s people today AA 56

seek, with importunity AA 530

SDA schools do not appreciate CT 67

sinner remains in partial blindness to his sin without PP 361

spiritualism would cause men to doubt EW 43

success of camp meeting depends on 6T 42

success to gospel work given by AA 17

supplied for evangelism Ev 40

sustained patriarchs AA 53

teach new converts how to yield to Ev 470

thousands converted under influence of AA 22

time of, heavenly gift of goodly Pearl will be especially sought in COL 118-9

transforming: give evidence of DA 107

makes men copartners with Christ TM 328

no outward ceremony can benefit men without 5T 226

true sanctification is accomplished only by GC 469

trust in, when meeting mountains of difficulty PK 594-5

truth is to be set forth in 6T 396

vital, is efficiency of God’s word to impress mind SD 30

vitalizing, many sermons preached without 5T 251

way of life is made very plain under AA 53

we need to be molded by MYP 55

EGW prostrated under LS 38-9

wonderful work is to be done by ML 62

work of regeneration must be wrought by GC 233

yield your heart to 8T 301

29. Presence of

Christ as Mediator gives, to His servants 7T 30

continued, Bible does not make needless GC 7

educational institutions should welcome and encourage FE 436

enables men to stand amid persecution as signs and wonders in world AA 49

essential to winning souls for Christ COL 328

gives power to presentation of truth AA 51; 8T 22

in school at Battle Creek 1SM 129-30; 8T 61

is to abide with true church to end of time AA 55

mistaken ideas re 2SM 18

needed in: preaching TM 310

SDA schools FE 433-6

SDA work 9T 107

no sinner can be won to Christ without COL 328; 8T 21

Paul’s sufficiency was in AA 251

preaching of God’s word is of no avail without GW 284

success of camp meeting depends on 6T 42

teacher’s duty when, is felt in schoolroom 8T 62

teachers in danger of failing to recognize CT 363-4

teachers who have no desire for, in schoolroom 8T 62

welcome and encourage CT 360

30. Promise of

belongs to us today GW 284; 8T 20; TM 174

Christ’s, fulfilled to apostles after His ascension DA 805

fulfilled in answer to earnest and persevering prayer 8T 22

fulfillment of, not realized as it might be COL 328

given by Christ GC 7

given on conditions DA 672; GW 284-5

given to: all who impart truth to others 6T 90

apostles AA 30-1

Christ’s followers AA 49

consecrated teachers CT 171

God’s servants 5T 157

gospel workers AA 365

John the Baptist DA 100

men in positions of responsibility TM 375

obedient souls 8T 334

persons who walk humbly with God Ev 629

persons wrestling for victory over sin GW 286; ML 48

White (Wm. C.) 1SM 55

God’s people should better understand TM 174

important theme for church TM 174

little thought is given to 8T 21

neglected in sermons TM 174

not appreciated as it should be COL 328; 8T 21

not limited to any age or race AA 49

pledge in, to help man in every decided effort to overcome ML 318; Te 114

rarely presented before God’s people TM 174

why, has not been fulfilled today AA 50

31. Sin against 1BC 1100; 5BC 1092-3; DA 322-5; GC 36; 5T 634

dangerous habit that leads to DA 323

every step in rejecting Christ is step toward DA 324

firm and determined resistance against truth and evidence 5BC 1093

how men commit AA 62; COL 218; DA 322-5, 587; MB 93; MYP 96; PP 268-9, 404-5; 5T 119-20, 634

how Pharaoh committed PP 268-9; 5T 120

illustration of 1BC 1100

is: not something mysterious and indefinable 5BC 1093

sin by which man’s heart is hardened against influence of divine grace PP 405

Jews committed, by rejecting Christ DA 324

King Saul committed PP 633-4

Korah and companions committed PP 405

most common manifestation of DA 324

persistent refusal to repent is 5BC 1093

Pharisees committed 5BC 1092

rejecters of first and second angels’ messages committed 1SM 63

results of SR 364

warning re DA 322-3; Ev 242; PP 635

willfully attributing His work to Satan is 5T 634

See also Unpardonable sin

32. Sword of

bathed in lightnings of heaven AA 38; ML 61; 7T 31

cuts way through: sin and unrighteousness ML 315

unbelief AA 38; ML 61; 7T 31

for war 1T 407

God’s word is AA 502; AH 180; 1T 469; 4T 415, 441

newly edged with power AA 38; ML 61; 7T 31

truth as 2SM 229

when, flashes right and left Ev 698

33. Temple of

human body as CD 160; FE 426; ML 134; MM 295; SD 313; SL 31; 2T 70; 4T 570

care for CH 121; 7T 137

should not be enslaved by pernicious habits GC 475

man is to be DA 161; TM 387-8

privilege of becoming FE 466

34. Things that grieve CH 561; 3T 359; 4T 491; 9T 125

amusements that are improper CT 348-9

believers who are not right in heart and life 4T 247

covetousness AA 72, 75-6

doubting God’s love and distrusting His promises SC 118

failure to control imagination 5T 310

fear and repining GW 261

indolence and drowsiness CT 278

indulgence of selfishness 4T 221

Israel’s wickedness PP 584

lack of co-operation among institutional workers 7T 197

laxity in Sabbath observance 4T 248

man’s hardness of heart 5T 67

marriage of God’s children with unbelievers 5T 365

retaliation COL 172

rivalry between SDA institutions 7T 173-4

scathing remarks CS 115

35. Voice of

delaying to yield to, danger in SC 32-3

guiding, persons who are not quick to recognize COL 55

hear and obey TM 65

heard in men’s hearts DA 322

heard in warnings, counsel, and reproof 1SM 28; 5T 69

how, is made almost inaudible 5T 103

must be distinguished from enemy’s deceiving voice TM 393

pleadings of, danger in delaying to yield to SC 32

still small, has power to change heart PK 169

witnessing, willful commission of known sin silences GC 472; MYP 114; SL 92

36. Work (operation) of DA 669-72; FE 227; GW 284-9

always in harmony with written word AA 284

amusements do more than anything else to counteract CT 281; FE 221

as Christ represented it TM 402

as Comforter and Guide SD 295

as consuming fire DA 107-8

at camp meeting Ev 264

be exceedingly careful not to misjudge 1SM 142-3

be wide awake to discern 1SM 169

beauty of character is fruit of, in soul 7T 143

beware of accrediting the spurious to 2SM 88

character of, revealed to EGW 1SM 134-5

Christ’s sacrifice of no avail without DA 671

close, needed now as never before 3T 328; 5T 677

compared to: consuming fire DA 107

wind 4T 585

continued after close of canon of Scriptures GC 8

continued throughout gospel dispensation GC 8

conversion of hearts by DA 172-3; Ev 288-9

counteracted by improper amusements in school FE 220-1

crowning ML 49

daily, manifested in outward transformation of character 2SM 57

needed on heart 2SM 56-7

danger in attributing, to fanaticism 5BC 1092; 1SM 143

danger of regarding precise ceremonies as more essential than Ev 289

deep and abiding, marked revivals in former years GC 478

deep practical knowledge of, teachers and students need CT 359; FE 435

denied by some believers in Wisconsin 1T 230

development of character by GW 285-6

through education CT 37-8

differences of opinion re 1SM 183

disposition of God’s people to soon forget 8T 66-7

do not call, fanaticism TM 80

do not cherish doubts re 2SM 57

does not degrade God’s people before world 5T 647

during ages while OT Scriptures were being given GC 8

educators need to understand 8T 65

effects of, in conversion CSW 68

manifest SC 57

effectual, man’s sinful nature can be transformed only by DA 172

entire transformation of character wrought in men by 6BC 1117

erroneous theories re 1SM 221

extremists and fanatics have cast contempt upon GC 8

failure to recognize, danger of TM 66

fanatical ideas re 2SM 41, 43

for: believers who have lost their first love CT 370

heathen who have not heard of Christ COL 385

persons laboring for the fallen Ev 567-8

free, man’s efforts are fruitless without 8T 168

needed on mind and heart 8T 168

fruit of, no man can impart to another person character that is COL 412

full, things that close heart against AA 271

genuine, strange exhibitions are not in accord with 2SM 45

God does not need any man to direct TM 484

God works for persons submitting to 9T 138

God’s people must experience, before His work is finished CT 532

good works are fruit of 5T 644

great, done for persons who submit to Christ MYP 301-2

specified by Christ TM 392

great reproach cast upon GC 7

hindrances to 6T 42

human philosophy cannot explain AA 284

hundredfold more of, how churches could realize TM 326

illustrated by wind’s movements Ev 288-9; SC 57

immeasurably great GW 289

impulses that reveal COL 385

in Battle Creek College CT 369; 8T 61

in believer’s soul 1SM 375

in bringing men to repentance 6BC 1068-9

in church TM 64-5

in giving prophecy CW 65

in leading men to obey God 6T 92

in school of Samuel at Ramah PP 654

in schools of prophets CT 67-8

increased knowledge of, God’s people should have 8T 247

invisible, like that of wind DA 172-3; SC 57

inward, beauty of character is fruit of 7T 143

kingdom of God comes through 7T 143

is foolishness to unrenewed man 4T 586

is not according to man’s devisings TM 65

is not result of fanaticism 1SM 131

is not to create curiosity CT 373

is to define and maintain truth DA 671

Jewish leaders attributed, to Satan DA 322-3

Jewish leaders’ opposition to TM 75-6

like leaven in heart 1T 134

make room for, on heart FE 346

man cannot explain, upon heart DA 172

man is not commissioned to direct CT 360

man must respond to CT 366; 8T 65

man’s efforts will be fruitless without 8T 168

men are not to direct FE 436

men can become sanctified, refined, and ennobled under AA 49-50

men learn to improve their entrusted powers under AA 49

manifest CT 369-76

many believers are ignorant re work of, on heart AA 284

marked revivals in former years GC 478

mentioned in John 14 MYP 259

mighty, through those harmoniously united 9T 196

ministers should rely more on TM 144

miraculous, SDA have experience attested to by 1SM 205

misapplying and misinterpreting, danger of 1SM 131

must not be called fanaticism 2SM 57

no institution is commissioned to direct FE 436

no limit to usefulness of person who makes room for CT 409; DA 250-1; MH 159; 8T 19

on hearts: in SS CSW 66

is necessary for repentance CT 366

promise of 2SM 48, 100

should be tested by God’s word 1SM 43

on heathen hearts PK 376-7

on human mind makes man complete in Christ 5BC 1148

on Paul’s mind 6BC 1107

on Samaritan woman’s heart DA 190

on sinful heart DA 172-3

cannot be explained DA 172

on souls as God’s people labor for them MYP 197

on students in SDA schools CT 369-71

only effectual, can implant motive of zeal for God’s glory DA 409

persons who do not like TM 284

persons who feel capable of judging TM 290

playing of games at Battle Creek College hindered 1SM 136

practical religion is not independent of 4T 372

produces effects seen and felt DA 173

real sorrow for sin is result of DA 300

regarded erroneously as fanaticism enthusiasm, undue excitement CT 367; 1SM 142-3

rejection of, as unpardonable sin DA 322

relaxation of earnest supplication for, result of CS 53

remarkable, at Battle Creek 1SM 150-1

repentance is first fruits of 6BC 1068

repentance is impossible without 8T 64

represented by operations of nature TM 506

resisting, no man will be excused in judgment for FE 251

result of, in true conversion GC 462

revealed in true Christian’s voice mind, and character 7T 195

sanctification by COL 384; GC 469

Satan arrays men in opposition to MYP 54

Satan uses extremists and fanatics to cast contempt upon GC 8

Satan’s agents use mesmerism to counterfeit EW 44

Satan’s efforts to make of none effect 1SM 135

Satan’s power counteracted by GC 285

schools should give time for 8T 62

silent and imperceptible though its effects are manifest SC 57

sin of willfully attributing, to Satan DA 321-2; 5T 634

sins that bar 6T 42

soul is conformed to Christ’s image by DA 302

soul’s wants can be met only by 4BC 1180

source of strength provided by God GC 8

spiritual growth by TM 506

strange workings erroneously supposed to be 2SM 42

teachers should appreciate, in SDA schools CT 363-4, 369-73

teachers should co-operate with CT 369-70

teachers should welcome, in schools 8T 62

things that cannot take place of, in heart SD 290

things that close door to Ev 370

threefold 7BC 980

through man’s faculties and powers AA 482; MB 142

transformation of character requires SD 30

transforming MB 36

true worship is fruit of DA 189; ML 46

value of inward, on hearts Ev 502

was to continue after close of canon of Scripture GC 8

weakest Christian can grow in grace under AA 49-50

with men who will be worked GW 274

works the man TM 257

works in us, that we may work out our own salvation 4BC 1167; MYP 147

37. Miscellaneous

abases pride in soul DA 135

abides with consecrated gospel workers AA 51; TM 218

abiding in heart, creates harmony, love, and unity 5T 28

abiding influence of, we must be aided by PP 460

abode of, heart of man may be CS 217

absence of, makes ministry powerless COL 328; 8T 21

accept, as reprover calling to repentance FE 435

accessible to all men DA 669

accompanies message of God’s servants GC 461

accompanying truth, quickens conscience and transforms life DA 671-2

accomplishes great work for human agent who submits to Christ MYP 302

acquainted with characters of all men CT 68

action of, vitality increases under influence of MM 12

active principle of love imparted by, life of Christ in soul is GW 288

admonitions of, heart is hardened by resisting PK 425

affections act in compliance with God’s will when man’s understanding is worked on by 6T 481

affections must be controlled by 5T 619

agencies in church should be subordinate to AA 164; ChS 14

aids men to understand Scriptures DA 494

all men led by, have message for this time 1SM 165

all would be filled with, if all were willing to receive Him COL 419

allow, to dictate your prayers 6T 367

alone: can bring men into unity 8T 243

can cause men to feel importance of things easy to be understood in Bible GC 599

can create healthy enthusiasm 2SM 16, 95

can keep men from wresting Scriptures GC 599-600

can keep men from wresting truths difficult of comprehension GC 599-600

can make child of sin a child of God COL 96-7

can make our words fruitful GW 288

can quicken perceptive faculties SD 33

can reveal deep things of God DA 412

always at believer’s right hand to support, sustain, uphold, and cheer DA 670

always leads to Scriptures 1SM 43

Ananias and Sapphira grieved, by covetousness AA 72

Ananias and Sapphira lied to AA 72, 76; CS 312; 2SM 217; 5T 103

animated and spoke through Christ’s apostles AA 46

animated apostolic church COL 121

anointing of, seek earnestly for MM 22

answers cry of every penitent heart 1SM 381

appeals are made by, to sinful heart DA 172

appeals of, God’s voice is heard through 5T 512

only safety is to respond without delay to COL 281

applies to soul word spoken in love MH 157; 6T 400

appointed instructor of souls seeking truth 6BC 1085

appointed to be man’s teacher and continual guide SC 91

appreciation of reality of spiritual things is given by MM 149

are you willing to co-operate with? MYP 56

arouses man’s moral powers 6T 260

as Author of spiritual life, is unseen AA 284

as counselor, sanctifier, guide, and witness AA 49

as enlightener, need of recognizing CT 172

as helper and comforter, believers may find new career by taking 6T 260

as reprover 2T 128

calls to repentance COL 48; CT 359

of sin among God’s people FE 197

work of TM 65

ask Christ for SC 52

ask God to fill your wayward heart with MM 37

assists men to more perfect knowledge of God 7BC 948

assumed form of tongues of fire at Pentecost AA 39; SR 242

attitude of, to man’s resistance 4BC 1159

awakens: conscience to repentance SC 26

in man desire for imperishable pleasure COL 56

music of heart 1SM 344

new conceptions AA 520

Balaam forsaken by PP 451; 4aSG 49

Balaam’s unwilling lips used by GC 529

be careful not to grieve 1SM 130

begets new life in heart SC 52

being filled with, result of ML 58

being grieved away from earth 9T 26

being withdrawn from world DA 636; PK 277; 2SM 51-2; 9T 205

gradually 7BC 983; 9T 11; TM 431

believer becomes partaker of divine nature through DA 671

believer works out in life what God works in by 1SM 397

believers controlled by, strife and contention cannot arise among 5T 227

belongs to believers now as verily as to first disciples 8T 20

beware of taking place assigned to, in controlling men TM 76

beware of trying to take place of, in thinking of fellow men TM 76

Bible was inspired by CS 52

Bible writers imbued by, with thoughts 7BC 945-6; 1SM 21

Bible writers qualified and enabled by, to do their work 1SM 26

blasphemous charge against, danger in making FE 434

blasphemy against 5BC 1093; DA 321-5

blasphemy of charging, with deceiving and leading into fanaticism CT 358; FE 434-5

blessing of, awaits believers’ demand and reception TM 510

conditions on which God bestows 1SM 121

blessing will come when way is prepared for MYP 133

bore witness to God’s plans for Paul AA 163

breaks spell of infatuation holding men absorbed in worldly things COL 56

breath of, Christ gives to His people MH 159

breathed by Christ upon His people at close of 2,300 days EW 55

breathes on soul, and makes good seed take root in heart Ed 105

brings God-entrusted capabilities into Christ’s service SD 28

brings men in contrition to foot of cross DA 300

brings to remembrance: Christ’s teachings AA 520

Christ’s words 6BC 1068-9; 7BC 989; CSW 160

Christ’s works CSW 160

God’s word AA 520

brooded over assembly at Capernaum MH 75

brooding over youth during school hours 8T 62

brought Christ’s teachings to remembrance of disciples AA 520

builders of earthly sanctuary received GC 414

call of, Elder Brown prostrated under LS 55

calls: after Jew as well as Gentile AA 380

men to repent and be converted AA 59

came frequently upon EGW 5T 678

came on Elijah in work of reformation GC 606

came upon King Saul at Gibeah PP 610

can do more in one minute than man can ever accomplish by talking ML 47

can impart power to truth Ev 37

can keep us from being diverted from gospel work 7T 12