EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

History - Holy Scriptures


History, by Jean Charles de Lacretelle, quoted GC 274-5

History of Europe From the Commencement of the French Revolution to the Restoration of the Bourbons

History of Europe From the Commencement of the French Revolution to the Restoration of the Bourbons, by Archibald Alison, quoted GC 274-6

History of New England

History of New England, by J. G. Palfrey, quoted GC 290

History of Protestantism

History of Protestantism, by J. A. Wylie, quoted GC 60, 71-7, 90-8, 102-19, 140-7, 173-81, 200-1, 212-31, 240-4, 270-9

History of Romanism

History of Romanism, by John Dowling, quoted GC 580

History of the Council of Constance

History of the Council of Constance, by Jacques Lenfant, quoted GC 107, 163, 571

History of the French Revolution

History of the French Revolution, by M. A. Thiers, quoted GC 275-6

History of the Jews

History of the Jews, by H. H. Milman, quoted GC 29-30, 33-5

History of the Life and Sufferings of J. Wiclif

History of the Life and Sufferings of J. Wiclif, by John Lewis, quoted GC 85

History of the Protestants of France

History of the Protestants of France, by G. de Felice, quoted GC 277

History of the Puritans

History of the Puritans, by D. Neal, quoted GC 292

History of the Reformation in and About the Low Countries

History of the Reformation in and About the Low Countries, by Gerard Brandt, quoted GC 237-8

History of the Reformation in Germany and Switzerland Chiefly

History of the Reformation in Germany and Switzerland Chiefly, by K. R. Hagenbach, quoted GC 128

History of the Reformation in the Time of Calvin

History of the Reformation in the Time of Calvin, by J. H. Merle d’Aubigne, quoted GC 218-34, 277

History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century

History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century, by J. H. Merle d’Aubigne, quoted AA 68; GC 63, 84, 87-8, 92, 108, 122-69, 174-214, 219, 245-6

History of the Rise, Progress, and Establishment of the Independence of the United States of America

History of the Rise, Progress, and Establishment of the Independence of the United States of America, by Wm. Gordon, quoted GC 307

History of the Sabbath

History of the Sabbath, by Peter Heylen referred to GC 575

History of the Sabbath and the First Day of the Week

History of the Sabbath and the First Day of the Week, by J. N. Andrews 1T 667; 3T 38-9

quoted GC 437-8

History of the United States of America

History of the United States of America, by Geo. Bancroft, quoted GC 290-6

History textbook, History textbooks

History textbook, History textbooks 8T 307-8


Hittite, Uriah the See Uriah, the Hittite

See also Heth


Hoarding, covetousness is fed by 3T 548

of earthly treasures, warning against 2T 655

of property See Property

of that which God has entrusted to men, responsibility for 2T 668

of wealth, that is sinful and a curse AH 398

selfish, of earth’s treasure 2SG 269


soul ruined by, while self is exalted OHC 190:3


Hoarseness, how to avoid, in constant public speaking 4T 404

raising voice to unnaturally high pitch in public speaking produces 4T 405

EGW’s, prayer for healing of 1SM 147-8


Hobab, Moses’ brother-in-law, Kenite PP 628

Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart, Tasmania TM 77



See Ornaments; Recreation

Hoe, Hoes

Hoe, Hoes, girls should learn to use Ed 216-7

sermon preached with, by canvasser joining in work PM 303:2

used by EGW in treating the sick 2SM 307

youth learned to use, at Australian school TM 244


Hog See Swine


Hold, to let go your, is to perish 5T 540

Hold fast

Hold fast, what it means to SD 351

“Hold! hold! hold! hold!”

“Hold! hold! hold! hold!” angel who cried EW 38

Holiday, Holidays

Holiday, Holidays, amusements of, evil effects of FE 318

spending money carelessly in CS 249

annual, spending money on MYP 311-2

are lazy days FE 317

as numerous during financial depression as before FE 318

children should be encouraged to give thank offerings on CSW 142-3

cooking demonstrations on, EGW’s experience in giving CD 472

days for miss. work WM 76

demoralizing dissipation of MYP 311-2

demoralizing effects of, on students FE 313

diet on, enjoy plain and simple MYP 311-2

do not spend, in frivolity and extravagance AH 480

in gluttony and display AH 480

in patterning after world 1T 514

engrossing men with: games, horse races, and gambling CT 343

smoking and drunkenness CT 343

excessive importance put on, is species of idolatry LS 351

giving of gifts to children on CS 296

idleness encouraged by COL 54

ill effects of, on youth LS 351-2

liquor sellers reap harvest on Te 30

make: occasion for honoring and glorifying God AH 480

pleasant and happy for children AH 472, 476; Te 211

pleasant for the poor and afflicted AH 476

many, are most unfavorable for youth FE 320

many people neglect farms to keep FE 327

money misused during FE 321

money worse than thrown away on MYP 311

numerous: artificial excitement encouraged by FE 312

baleful influence exerted on young minds by FE 312

demoralizing effect of, on government FE 312

desire for amusement encouraged by FE 312

large business given to courts, officers, and judges by FE 313

morality not helped by Te 30

nation’s poverty and squalor increased by FE 313

religion not helped by Te 30

significance of 9T 89

spent in idleness, not needed MYP 301-2

temptations brought to youth by FE 422

time squandered in FE 312

observance of AH 472-6

often compulsory FE 313

observed at Australian school in 1900 CT 348-52

occasion for doing welfare work AH 476

one grand, many youth live as if life were MYP 367; 1T 501

parents’ duty to children re CSW 142-3

passed unnoticed, bring dissatisfaction to children 1T 514

patronage given to liquor sellers by FE 312

practice economy on MYP 312

present offerings to God on MYP 311

present thank offerings to Christ on AH 476

prodigality of, that displeases God MYP 311

promotion of health reform on WM 285

sale of unleavened bread, gems, and rolls on WM 285

Satan’s special harvest seasons FE 321

should not be passed by unnoticed 1T 514

spending of money for pleasure and strong drink encouraged by FE 318

spent in glorifying self rather than God MYP 311

spent in needless self-indulgence MYP 311

tempt men to spend money for intoxicating liquor Te 30

that have no more influence for good than would worship of heathen deities FE 321

twentyfold more misery caused by, than good FE 312

unchristian display on, avoid MYP 312

unto God CT 343-5

when it would be better to perform hard labor on AH 472-3

world’s, evil effects of CT 343

wrong education re FE 317

youth attracted by, from sober duties of life MH 364

See also Festival; Christmas

Holiday games

Holiday games, world has become engrossed with CT 343-4; FE 422

Holiday gift, Holiday gifts

Holiday gift, Holiday gifts MYP 311-2

give useful, to worthy poor MYP 311

given to people not needing them MYP 311

given to widows and orphans cause them to rejoice MYP 312

money needlessly spent in giving MYP 311

See also Christmas gift

Holier life

Holier life, attainment of, requires more than a moment of time MH 452


Holiness, adorns true Christian’s character 7BC 909

allies itself with holiness 5T 705

ample provision made for perfecting 2T 453

arduous struggle for, is lifelong struggle 5T 412-3

beauty of: Christian cheerfulness is CG 147; SD 168

revealed to John by Christ AA 540

should appear in its native luster TM 16

should fill Christian hearts SC 99

worship God in 5T 592

Bible clearly defines CT 422

Bible: cultivate 3T 253

purifies life 1T 337

some believers come far short of EW 47

blessedness and attractiveness of, bring in FE 548

boastful claims of, true conversion will be free from SD 334

cannot be attained without Christ SC 60

Christ’s, how sinners are affected by DA 246

in wicked world 5BC 1142-4

Christ’s perfect, atones for shortcomings of His people 1SM 368

Christ’s power and grace alone can lead men to SC 18

Christian life should be characterized by CS 143; CSW 90

Christians should grow in MYP 95

constantly ML 156

claimants of, evidence needed for judging 5BC 1147

counterfeit: leads men to follow their own feelings and impressions GC 193

one of Satan’s most successful devices GC 193

still does its work of deception GC 193

deep and personal, God requires of His people more CH 559

defined AA 51; COL 48

desire for, is not enough 2T 265

sensuality quenches 2T 348

efforts of Wesley (Charles) and associates to obtain GC 254

encourage FE 349

Enoch lived life of 2T 122

Enoch’s state of, needed by redeemed who shall be translated PP 88-9

erroneous ideas re AA 562-3; Ev 595-9; GC 261, 472-3; LS 83-4; SL 9-10

in New Hampshire LS 79-84; 2SG 46-8

essential to preparation for fearful tests before God’s people TM 447

failure to perfect, will result in loss 2T 221

false profession of AA 562-3; Ev 596-7

false theory of: Satan controls minds and feelings through 1T 322

reason and judgment despised by 1T 322

strange fanaticism that grew out of 1T 322

false views of, in Vermont LS 133

fruit of, teacher of truth must bear 9T 276

God desires that His people constantly grow in MH 398

God estimates His people’s, of supreme value SD 260

God will accept nothing but 2T 453

God’s: ceremony designed to impress Israelites with GC 419

Isaiah was overwhelmed with sense of PK 307

SDA need more elevated concept of CW 81

some people have faint views of EW 70

true humility is inspired by 4BC 1140

God’s justice demands 6BC 1072

God’s law makes, known 1BC 1104

God’s law still demands, in every part Ev 598

God’s only standard of GC 472-3

is His law GC 472

God’s people must grow in TM 90

God’s perfect, Isaiah’s vision of 5T 750

God’s test of GC 472

gospel workers possess no essential, in themselves TM 53

great characteristic of Christ’s life on earth CS 143

great principles of, God’s word presents SC 35

high profession of, persons who make AA 562

humble path of, is royal way to City of God 5T 586

is agreement with God 5T 743

is doing God’s will MB 149

is entire surrender of will to God AA 51

is entire surrender to indwelling of principles of heaven DA 556

is foundation of God’s throne TM 145

is gift of God through Christ 6BC 1117

is not rapture AA 51; MB 149

is result of: new birth 6BC 1117

obedience to God’s law GC 469

surrendering all to God MB 149

working of divine grace AA 532

is wholeness: for God DA 556

in God’s service COL 48

to God 6BC 1076; MM 124

John was teacher of AA 559

lack of, leads to unrighteous acts 2T 445

leads possessor to be fruitful in good works SD 10; 2T 445

lessons of temperance and self-control must be learned in order to perfect DA 101

life of: how to live DA 660

knowledge that enables men to live 1SM 264

life of constant dependence on Christ is CH 424

result of turning from, to corrupt practices of heathenism AA 306-7

man cannot attain to, while willfully violating one of God’s commandments GC 472

man has no power to grow in, apart from Christ SC 69

man must attain, to be accounted worthy of place in God’s kingdom AA 272

man’s measure of GC 472-3

mind does not come down in moment from, to depravity 2T 478

mind does not suddenly go from, to crime PP 459

must be: attained before second advent 2T 355

inwrought in character TM 446

practiced in this life TM 453

must run like threads of gold through your life MYP 108

narrow path of, considered an old-fashioned idea by some people CG 417

need of, Paul dwelt especially upon AA 272

no church can advance in, unless its members seek truth GC 522

no man inherits, as birthright 1SM 310

no man receives, as birthright 6BC 1117

no real perfection of manners or deportment without 2T 174

not attained because of good works 7BC 908

not created by God’s law 1BC 1104

nothing but, will prepare man for heaven 2T 267

nothing short of, must be attained SD 10

of character: beautify truth by TM 31

genuine faith will be manifest in MYP 200

needed for the second advent GW 54

obtained through repentance and faith FE 429

rebukes evildoers GC 46

of Christ’s character, reflected by all who truly serve Him 4BC 1178

of God’s law, Christ’s character revealed 6BC 1098

of heart: brings acute perception of sin GW 30

cherish CSW 72

great subject of Christ’s teachings was SD 10; 2T 445

in varied relationships of life PK 426

Jeremiah taught PK 426

neglected while maintaining appearance of holiness DA 174

never leads to impure actions 2SM 29; 5T 593

personal consecration calls for ML 6

persons who follow Christ most closely are least disposed to claim SL 79

produces right actions SD 10; 2T 445

substitution of external forms of religion for AA 387

of heart and life: delight in God’s law accompanies SL 81

earnest efforts to attain, decided disapproval of sin accompanies AA 503

is necessary 1T 508

of life: God calls for greater 9T 120

God’s people seek 2T 588

need of earnest diligence and steady perseverance in seeking 4T 33

need of hungering for 2T 606

true knowledge leads to CT 412; FE 349

of life and character, is rare FE 110

of Pharisees, found wanting when tested COL 278

path of: is narrow 5T 41-2

it is hard work to travel 3T 193

Satan makes, appear difficult AH 523; MYP 367; 1T 502

pattern of, Christ is 5BC 1151

Christ’s life is 3SG 176

Paul made no boast of SL 86

people who appreciate Christ’s love will be renewed in SD 53

people who have love bear fruit unto SD 49

perfect, God’s law is SD 51

standard of, how to come nearer and nearer to 3T 188

perfect, in fear of God GC 488

permit nothing to interfere with duty to perfect GC 488

personal, cultivate Ev 354

God calls for TM 158

persons making high profession, should look into mirror of God’s law AA 562

persons who falsely profess Ev 596-7

persons who make no boastful claims of SL 10

persons who present Bible teaching re, with stench of tobacco 1BC 1111

persons who profess, while refusing to obey God’s commandments AA 562

persons whose fruit is unto 2T 488

Pharisees prided themselves on their COL 278

position will never give 9T 283

power that is needed for men to be changed from sin to SC 18

practical, John taught SL 79

practice of, is pleasant CG 467

when surrender to God is perfect 2T 507

preached by some people who do not know what it is 1T 336

pretended, that permits transgression of God’s law 5BC 1099; 2SM 51

priests and rabbis measured, by multitude of their ceremonies DA 29

principles of, worked out in Christ’s life 1SM 330

profession of, that will be valueless in day of accounts 7BC 935

purity of, countenances that do not reflect 2T 534

reigns supreme in heaven ML 293; 5T 745

reveal Christ to those around you by, in daily life 8T 234

righteousness is MB 18

robe of pretended, men whom Christ stripped of DA 461

torn from hypocrites by Christ MH 88

science of, defined 7T 276

opens gates of City of God 1BC 1083; CT 12

secret of, defined 6BC 1117

self-denying life is fruit and not root of GC 256

semblance of, cannot win God’s favor 4BC 1174

sin and, can make no compromise 4T 624

sin is opposite of TM 145

some men profess, while disobeying God’s commandments Ev 596

soul must submit to God before it can be renewed in SC 43; 3T 107

spirit of, like refining fire 1T 232

Spirit works to create, in heart 1SM 374

standard of, must be uplifted CW 176

spurious: of persons whose daily acts were offensive to God LS 83-4

rebellion resulting from 2SM 393

some people are charmed with Ev 364

struggle for, is lifelong struggle MH 452; 8T 313

through Christ, is required of Christians Ev 370

to God should pervade home AH 19

true: fanatical concepts of AA 348

hasty temper is contrary to 2T 163

is wholeness in God’s service COL 48

person who claims to be without sin does not have GC 473

true Christian obtains experience which brings 7BC 909

way of, God requires continual advancement in 1T 345

teacher must have experimental knowledge of TM 196

when it will be natural for you to seek SD 51

within reach of all who reach for it by faith 7BC 908

without, human heart is selfish, sinful, and vicious SD 10; 2T 445

no man shall see God 2T 401; 4T 332; 5T 743; TM 447

woman who talked much about, vision re LS 129-30

work of transformation from unholiness to, is continuous AA 532

work rests upon God’s people to perfect 1T 663

works of, are delightful to the truly converted 2T 294-5

See also Sanctification


absence of heart, danger of those living in last days TDG 146:3

advancement in,

preach truth VSS 325:1

required OHC 68:2

agreement (constant) with God is HP 33:4; TDG 145:5; UL 197:6

appearance of, but not doers of the Word FW 116:2

assumptions of, proof of not seeing self by the law FW 95:2

atmosphere of, around those who accept Christ’s power HP 252:4

attain, as God is holy FLB 140:5

beauty of,

misrepresented if moral faculties clouded RC 161:2

revealed as Christians blend in love UL 233:3

believers will not boast of TMK 361:5

Bible defines HP 133:5

boasting not of,

by one seeing God’s glory RC 338:4

by those walking in shadow of cross TMK 125:2

though Christ calls us brethren 3SM 355:3

when brought before God’s law RC 63:2

call to, OHC 344:4

as brethren of our Lord OHC 166:3

awaken from indifference TDG 196:4

grace changes the whole person 3SM 239:3

honor realized through God’s power OHC 108:4

rejoicing in Christ, putting away earthliness FW 79:2


like Christ in 3SM 198:4

transformed in true, through sanctification TDG 224:2

chosen from eternity for 3SM 200:5, 202:2


humbled Himself to lift us to heights of HP 43:4

is perfection of; He fashions souls anew TDG 257:6

leads in the way to HP 142:3

revealed God’s LHU 259:5

taught disciples for, preparing them for kingdom LHU 259:3

church to show beauty (joy) of, to world CME 26:5

claim of,

by one believing repentance was not Biblical 3SM 152:5

followers of Christ will not make FW 53:4

indicates the person is not holy FLB 140:2

not made if glory of God could be seen 3SM 354:3

possible when far from Christ 3SM 354:2

reveals one is not holy NL 57:1

consider own example of TDG 83:4

Daniel did not claim Mar 235:3

definition of OHC 214:4

desire for, given by God TSB 98:2

divine nature brings 3SM 131:1

drawing from, attempted when rebuked by righteous example OHC 89:4

Enoch’s, is needed; Christ’s coming is soon TMK 348:3

example of, given by Christ 3SM 202:1

experience of true Christian brings, to character RC 164:6

faith in Christ is the only way to receive TMK 109:3

false power of beast while men are claiming 3SM 353:1

feelings of superior, cease with baptism of the Holy Spirit TMK 114:6


desires, in His people TDG 71:2

loves, and requires it in His people OHC 230:5

may write, about you but never claim to have it 3SM 354:4

God’s rules of life bring HP 361:5

grace for fruits of AG 249:4

happiness results from RC 303:5; 3SM 191:1

heart, absence of, danger of those living in last days TSB 81:3

humility is inseparable from TMK 175:3

imitation (not force) the means of HP 66:3

impossible while violating one of God’s requirements Mar 232:5

increased, God calls for UL 284:5

infinite, points to the standard for character HP 137:4

influence causes a desire for, when Christ is in life RC 109:4

justice demands, of all who enter heaven Mar 326:4

law of God

echoes God’s call for greater OHC 213:4; 3SM 202:5

has OHC 213:5

is the only standard of; impressions are unsafe FW 52:3

laws of, learned daily; then God’s will becomes supreme RC 119:5

led to, coming out of darkness to light of God’s Word TDG 281:3

life of Christ is example of perfect, and purity TDG 192:6

life of, made possible by grace AG 138:2

mercy brings; workers who warn the unready are blessed PM 281:3

natural to seek, when principles are holy TDG 94:3

necessary to win crown of immortal glory OHC 338:2

needed to serve God at close of time TMK 347:5

new nature in Christ’s image UL 27:4

now is the time to receive UL 283:5

opens gates of New Jerusalem TDG 169:6

parents must prepare children for life of TDG 307:5

path of,

illuminated by Christ, and growing brighter TMK 253:4

intemperate ones led farther from path of TMK 313:3

perfect standard of, reached by contemplating truth HP 140:7

perfecting, FLB 140:4

when life harmonizes with faith TDG 17:5

possessor of, fruitful RC 214:8

possible as Christ was holy in human nature TDG 32:2

power of grace shown by RC 198:7

preparation for a holy heaven shown by TDG 331:6

principles of, in the life draw people to the truth HP 315:3

profession not the basis of HP 131:5

radiates from within HP 237:2

rapture feeling is not; surrender is required OHC 214:4

reflection of God’s glory RC 37:5; 3SM 203:2

renewed to, by receiving Christ’s gifts TMK 94:3


God gives power to add to effort TSB 134:2

tendencies to wrong are unnecessary FLB 140:4

righteousness imputed for TSB 134:1

Satan makes us believe we cannot have UL 373:2

science of,

is accepting God’s character TMK 131:2

receiving Christ and His character RC 35:2

scoffers disarmed by TMK 218:4

seeking, natural when grasping higher life HP 169:4

shown amid apostasy UL 356:6

society of heaven requires TMK 169:2

standard of,

perfection of God’s mind and will OHC 108:2

reaching UL 99:3

to be reached by followers of Christ TMK 318:3

trailing in the dust HP 196:4

submission to the Spirit through grace brings HP 129:2

surrender rather than rapture is HP 130:3

thoughts of youth to be sanctified by 1MCP 366:0

transformation to, is a continuous work HP 129:4

true religion leads to heaven’s RC 161:7


enables RC 111:6

enables us to reach perfect standard of OHC 32:5

way of,

made laborious with peace still far away TMK 112:2

progress in OHC 310:3

teachers must have experimental knowledge of 1MCP 16:4

wholeness to God UL 273:3

work made of walking in way of 3SM 151:1

world not more favorable to, than in Enoch’s day AG 304:3

See also God, harmony with; Godliness; Perfection; Righteousness; Sanctification; Spirituality

Holiness meeting, Holiness meetings

Holiness meeting, Holiness meetings, attendance at, people charmed by Ev 598-9

popular, no safety in attending Ev 364

Holiness people

Holiness people, erroneous doctrine held by 1SM 360-1

God’s law rejected by 1SM 360-1

go to great extremes re justification by faith 1SM 360-1

Holland (Netherlands)

Holland (Netherlands), Luther’s (Martin) teachings spread to GC 139; SR 343

people of, last warning message needed by LS 304-5

Protestants of, torch of truth kept lighted by GC 236

Puritans in GC 290-3

Reformation in GC 237-41

Wycliffe (John) ambassador from England to GC 84-5

Holt, Geo. W.

Holt, Geo. W. LS 109; 2SG 133


Holy, attracts holy TM 235

Christians are called to be 7T 108

Christians with their limited powers are to be as, in their sphere as God is in His SD 155

deception that man can become, while willfully violating one of God’s requirements GC 472

ministers should be EW 103

place is, wherever God manifests His presence DA 156

you must be, in life TM 471

Holy City

Holy City See New Jerusalem

Holy flesh

Holy flesh, erroneous doctrine of Ev 595, 600; 2SM 31-9

no soul has, now 2SM 32

when men receive, they will be taken to heaven 2SM 33


claimed after 1844 in meetings with noise and nudity Mar 234:5; NL 51:3

Holy ground

Holy ground, extended some furlongs outside Jerusalem’s walls GC 26

Holy life

Holy life, all books written cannot serve purpose of MH 442

attainment of, requires toil, time, perseverance, patience, and sacrifice MH 452; ML 322

Christ’s grace is needed in order to live SC 73

man alone cannot live DA 203; MH 84

most convincing sermon in favor of Christianity is GW 59

secret of, water lily illustrates Ed 119

See also Holiness; Sanctification

Holy of holies

Holy of holies See High priest; Most Holy Place; Sanctuary

Holy people

Holy people, God desires His people to be TM 458

Holy persons

Holy persons, are last to parade their own goodness COL 160

Holy place

Holy place See High priest; Sanctuary

Holy Scriptures

Holy Scriptures See Scriptures; Word of God