EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Heart, Hearts (Part 1 of 2)

Heart, Hearts

1. Physical

2. Spiritual (kinds of)

3. Spiritual (miscellaneous)


1. Physical

baby’s, air poisoned by tobacco fumes or effluvia ill affects 2SM 467; Te 58-9

lack of fresh air enfeebles 2SM 465

blood forced by, into all parts of body LS 87

body parts remote from, need free circulation of blood CH 587; MM 291

breathing improperly depresses MH 273

coffee ill affects 2T 65

compressing of waist depresses 2SM 473

derangement of, transgression of rules of health and morality causes 3BC 1166

fluttering of, lung fever accompanied by 4aSG 151

healthy, healthy blood sent through system by 4T 210

improper clothing injures 2SM 470

lifeblood of, Christ supplies CH 593

living, lifeblood sent to every part of body by 4T 210; 6T 443

opium’s effects on 2SM 444

pain in: EGW healed of 4T 281

EGW often suffered 2SG 298; 1T 247; 2T 371; 4T 271, 276, 280; 9T 65

EGW relieved of, while speaking LS 227

palpitation of: improper blood circulation often causes MH 272

tea causes 2T 65

too much blood in region of heart causes 2T 531

parents need to become acquainted with 3T 136

placed under law 8T 264

poisonous drugs ill affect 4aSG 135; 2SM 452

region over, greatest amount of heat is in 2T 531

stooping position depresses MH 272-3

strange and cold sensation struck, in shock of paralysis LS 162; 2SG 271

tea ill affects 2T 65

tight lacing depresses MH 273

work of, doubled when extremities are chilled 2SM 470

works forcing blood to the body 1MCP 116:0

2. Spiritual (kinds of)

another person’s, no man can read AA 516; CH 373-4; Ed 90; MB 124; MH 494; 1T 99; TM 375

you have no right to judge Ev 313

anxious, many professed Christians have MH 480-1

result of fear to trust in God DA 330

blind to its true condition 4T 93

blinded 4T 147

broken: Christ died of GC 540

genuine repentance subdues 5T 641

harsh and hasty words cause MYP 135

in world to come, there will be no ML 349

not all that world bestows can heal MH 115

Satan’s healing agents cause 5T 198

callous, stifling of conscience causes 8T 95

capable of loving His law, why God gave to man 1SM 216

carnal: hates God’s law 1SM 217

leads to great wickedness 3T 475

must be crucified 5T 267

must be subdued and transformed 3T 360

not subject to God’s law 1T 161

tends to moral corruption 5T 267

thoughts of, not pure and holy 1T 440

children’s, as soil for sowing seeds of truth CG 48

tender and easily impressed Ed 114

clean, Christian worth depends on Ev 135

cleansed from sin, Christ enthroned in CS 27

covetous, will be tested 1T 195

cruel, when God’s fear and love are removed GC 608

deceitful, what happens to man left to his own 5T 212

distressed and burdened, hope for DA 328

divided: Christ cannot accept COL 223

Christ cannot share TM 160

fruits of SD 286

God does not accept CT 345; 3T 403

man cannot serve God with DA 312

man who had 2T 225

pleads for indulgence rather than denial 4T 354

results of having 2T 189

expanded by act of giving CS 347

failing for fear Ev 18

fast losing its capacity to appreciate God DA 468

filled with Christ’s love, can never get very far apart 5T 335

foolish, turns from counsel of best friends 5T 126

fortified against temptation ML 28

frozen by avarice 4T 59

full of tenderness, man needs to trust in Ed 133

glowing with God’s love, offers fervent prayers CT 503

growing cold, self-absorbed, and unimpressible MH 147

hard: Christ does the melting and breaking of WM 144

no logical argument would melt AA 31

simple story of Christ’s cross subdues and breaks SD 228

hardened by: deceitfulness 4T 647

disobedience 4T 146; 5T 48

embezzling God’s goods CS 86

every act of sin SC 33

evil habits 3T 111

frivolous amusements PP 558

indulgence of appetite PP 558

intoxicating liquor Te 228

lack of consideration for rights of fellow men 2T 520

persistently resisting Spirit PP 326

pride of dress PP 558

prosperity 2BC 1012

refusal to respond to divine agencies COL 218

rejection of light 1BC 1100; DA 322

self-confidence 5T 48

selfish interests MYP 150

selfish love of world 3T 533

selfishness AA 75; 5T 150

sin 4T 492

unbelief DA 407

hardened under reproof DA 350-1; 6T 279

may melt under Christ’s love MH 106

honest, yields to conviction by Spirit COL 58

honest and good, is believing heart COL 58-9

is not heart without sin COL 58

humble and broken, genuine repentance subdues 5T 641

impressible that becomes less so 7BC 966-7; DA 490

in which Christ abides, cannot be destitute of love COL 384

Spirit will rule SD 98

inmost, God’s eye looks into SD 121

natural: deceitful above all things 1SM 320

does not love to think of God CG 533

full of hatred against truth ML 261

habitation for unholy thoughts and sinful passions 3BC 1157; SD 99

hates God’s law 1SM 217

love cannot live and flourish in 4T 256

resists clearest evidence of truth 5T 341

tendencies of, are downward 4T 587

tendencies of, overcome only by Christ’s strength COL 56

tends to be exalted or puffed up at success 6BC 1080

new: actions are made holy by MM 155

ask God for SC 49

changed life is sign of 4BC 1165; MYP 72; SD 100

God desires men to have TM 111

God’s response to prayer for 4BC 1165

involves mind, life, and whole being 4BC 1164-5; SD 100

many people do not know meaning of MYP 71

means new mind CT 452; MYP 72

means new mind, purposes, and motives 4BC 1164-5; SD 100

not essential to know all whys and wherefores of what constitutes 1SM 177

what it means to have 4BC 1164-5; CT 452; ML 24; MYP 71-2; SC 18-9; SD 100; SL 90; 1SM 177

youth perplexed re meaning of 4BC 1164

not lifted up unto vanity, is needed 5T 568

not transformed by God’s grace, soon loses Spirit’s impressions PK 519

of faith, are to be channels of God’s power PK 175

of faith and love, dearer to God than most costly gift DA 615

of Herod Antipas, so hardened that he could boast of slaying John the Baptist DA 730

of love, dearer to God than most costly gift DA 615

nothing but kindness and gentleness can flow from 2T 52

offerings given by willing, for building of temple PP 753

on which Christ knocks in vain for admittance 3T 384

open to divine illumination, recognizes Christ as Son of God DA 387

open to truth, God will impress CM 111

opened to receive largely, will be able to give largely CSW 66

overgrown with thorns 3T 384

perverted by sight of eyes and hearing of ears 4T 108

prepared by God to receive seed of truth CH 502

proud, attempts to beautify the external is looked upon as evidence of 3T 376

strives to earn salvation DA 300

pure: as temple where God dwells ML 263

most valuable thing in God’s sight 4T 559

sends forth rich treasures of wisdom AH 438

renewed, hates sin GC 508

love is principle of action in SC 59

renewed by Spirit PP 372

produces fruits of Spirit PP 372

repentant, Christ changes SC 62

right with God, evidences of ML 265

same, love of Christ and love of riches cannot dwell in 2SG 243

sanctified, God calls for CW 23

is in harmony with precepts of God’s law SL 67

selfish: clings closely to little offering 2SG 232

generous actions may be performed by SC 58

will be tested 1T 195

sinful: at war with principles of God’s law GC 467

cannot withstand Christian love 6T 279

Christ works little by little upon DA 172-3

cold and dark and unloving by nature MB 21

depravity of 2T 478

devils watch at every avenue leading to SD 159

God’s power alone can change Ev 643; TM 143; 6T 167

God’s power can cure evils of MM 120

is evil by nature DA 172

is wayward TM 327

naturally depraved CT 544

naturally sinful 2T 710

no softer today than when Christ was here 4T 234

reception of truth rejuvenates and cleanses ML 32

simple story of Christ’s cross subdues and breaks SD 228

vileness of, not understood MM 143

sin-polluted, what Jesus does for SC 46

sore and sick, mild treatment needed by MH 244; 3T 184

stayed on God, Satan cannot overcome SC 99

stony: Christ gives heart of flesh in place of SL 90

God’s power alone can change SD 100

made heart of flesh by Spirit CH 500

must be exchanged for heart of flesh 5T 218

Spirit can quicken DA 107

that become as granite 4T 496

stubborn, God’s love subdues and melts MB 76-7

surrendered to Christ, new power takes possession of DA 324

that become: as sacred harps MYP 107

God’s temple and throne 5T 553

like mountain stream fed by unfailing springs GW 252

unimpressible as a stone SD 100

that is not: like pool that evaporates GW 252

sere and unfeeling WM 307

troubled, failure to trust God causes DA 330

many professed Christians have MH 480-1

unconverted, love cannot be originated or produced by 2T 135

under Spirit’s influence, is in harmony with God’s will 5T 647

unimpressible as beaten highway 3T 384

unregenerate, loves sin GC 508

unrenewed: is at enmity with God GC 527

natural desires and propensities of, must be subdued 1T 508

not subject to God’s law SC 63

religion of externals is attractive to GC 567

unsanctified, peril of following promptings of 3T 41; 5T 512

unsubdued, no elements of rest and contentment in 4T 202

very bad, corruption of good intellect makes 2T 407

which has no room for Christ 2T 216

youth’s, most susceptible to divine impressions SD 78

yearn for sympathy and tenderness FE 156

3. Spiritual (miscellaneous)

affections of, should be on heavenly things 3T 130

altar of, God’s love is to burn on 5T 166

angels move upon 3T 64

becomes more tender while working with Christ 6T 477

belongs to Christ MYP 407

belongs to God CS 72

bent of, conversion changes 4T 17

best use of, make SD 171

Bible study’s effects upon 8T 322

cannot be cleansed without owner’s consent SD 99

chamber of, most important part of human organism 6T 376

change of: clear conviction of Christian duty always attends ML 24

is supernatural work SD 23

means to withdraw affection from world to Christ MYP 72

ministers should show people their need of GW 159

obtained only be seeking God individually 1SM 187; 2SM 23

spoken of as birth SC 67

what it means to have 4BC 1164-5; CT 452

chapters of, little things reveal 2T 133

Christ abides continually in, by means of Spirit SC 75

Christ dwelling in, results of SC 44-5

Christ enshrined in, all must have 5T 619

Christ knocks at door of, for entrance 5T 719

Christ reads men’s DA 456, 461; MH 76

as open book DA 602

Christ’s love is only power that can soften Ev 57

Christ’s love softens SC 73

Christ’s love vitalizes MH 115

Christ’s mission to cleanse, from defilement of sin DA 161

Christ’s place in, other things occupy 2T 216

Christian love softens and unites AA 87

citadel of, need of ceaselessly guarding 2T 479

citadel of man 5T 536

complicated emotions and exercises of, examine critically your 4T 85

condition of, fruit borne in life is manifest by DA 314; ML 331

life is regulated by CSW 37

convicting and converting of, man must depend on God for MYP 197-8

cravings of, Bible is only book that can satisfy FE 85

Christ alone can satisfy MH 157

culture needed daily by 4T 443

deal truly with your own 5T 332

deceptiveness of 2SM 78

defilement of, things that cause DA 161

depravity of, people unwilling to look far enough or deep enough to see their 2T 513

depths of every, open to God’s inspection 5T 627

desire born in, to make Christ known to others SC 78

desires of, persons whom God will permit to follow 3T 73

distrust and fear in DA 328

do not be discouraged when your, seems hard SL 90

do not let your, become hardened by sin GW 105

domain of every, controversy that is repeated in DA 116

is field of conflict MB 141

door of: Christ will not force open 2T 216-7

each person must open his, to Christ 2T 216

heaven-born sympathy has power to open MH 354

love of sin closes 1SM 325

open your, continually to Jesus SC 99

open your, to light shining from God’s word CSW 82

earthly desires defile DA 161

efforts to conceal or excuse evil of, by condemning another MB 126

emotional preaching does not affect 5T 301

essential work that must begin at FE 118

every, will be tested 1T 222

evil habits defile DA 161

evil of, no man can of himself cast out DA 161

evil traits not uprooted from, spring up anew under favorable circumstances 5T 175

examine closely your own MYP 122

finer feelings of, food that benumbs 2T 537-8

not blunted suddenly Te 228

first reaching out of, God knows COL 206

fountain of, must be purified before streams can become pure DA 172

garden of, cultivation of AH 200-3

God alone can renew 8T 312

God looks at 2T 34, 112, 418

God purifies, as people air a room 7BC 940; SD 107

God reads all men’s CG 67; DA 194; GC 605; 2SG 225; 1T 187, 202, 333; 3T 191, 513; 4T 534

God requires first of man his 2T 168

God’s grace alone can convict and convert 4T 553

God’s grace softens MB 135

God’s law is to be written on 1T 361

God’s plan is first to get at 6T 400

God’s purchased property 2SG 216

goodness of, attained only by watchfulness and prayer SD 130

guard well your CH 561, 593

hardening of: against Spirit’s influence PP 268; 5T 119

explained COL 279; GC 378; MYP 96; PP 268-9, 404-5

in spite of God’s warnings in calamities 5T 234

in unbelief and ignorance CSW 29

often is a gradual process DA 322

till it ceases to respond to Spirit DA 587

hardness of: characteristic of Satan TM 152

evil angels can cause GC 599

God does not cause DA 322

many people absolutely cultivate AH 198

Pharaoh’s 1BC 1099-1100; 1T 265

honor cannot satisfy DA 454

how God tests and tries 1T 187

human skill and ability cannot banish sin from 4T 262

idols may be set up in 5T 164

imagination of, read by God as an open book TM 463-4

immutable principles of truth and love bind 5T 537

impulses of, guard closely TM 314

index to, outside appearance is 2SG 286; 1T 136

intents and purposes of: God knows SC 34; 4T 583

investigate closely your 2T 251-2

revealed to angels’ gaze 2T 87

intents of, God reads 1T 529

is deceitful 5T 247

above all things and desperately wicked 1T 188

is where owner’s treasure is MB 90; 2T 59, 183, 663

issues of life or death are from 5T 536

keep your, under God’s control COL 50

let principles of truth presented work upon ML 265

longing of, things of world cannot satisfy SC 28

love is God’s agent for expelling sin from MB 77

lowliest, Christ would gladly cheer DA 800

loyal to Him, God will enlighten FE 341

man cannot change his MH 176; SC 18, 47, 57, 69; 3T 420

man who made his, like field which fire had passed over 1T 699

men do not know their own PP 688; 5T 246

many people professing to believe truth are corrupt at 2T 307

melt under Christ’s love DA 351

moral machinery of, needs to be understood 4T 85

motives of, God reads PK 174; 3T 404

must be: carefully kept and guarded CH 593

converted and sanctified COL 97

educated to become steadfast in God CT 20; MH 453-4

faithfully sentineled AA 518

garrisoned against sin AH 331

kept continually open by stream of giving 3T 393-4

made a shrine AH 19

renewed by divine grace GC 467; PP 460

seat of God’s throne ML 332

strictly sentineled by watchfulness and prayer TM 327

surrendered unconditionally to God SD 288; 1SM 327

must be cleansed of: ambition 5T 175

deceit 5T 175

every defilement SD 99; TM 507

hatred 5T 175

moral defilement 7BC 951

pride 5T 175

selfishness 5T 175

must bow to great I AM 5T 704

naturally slothful in Christ’s service 2T 710

never lose, in God’s work 5T 70

open windows of, heavenward MM 212

people’s, how to reach 5T 158

poisonous plants that Satan sows in AH 196

pomp cannot satisfy DA 454

power to cleanse, Christ alone has SD 12

power to purify, Christ has 1SM 319

prayers that melted AA 22

pride closes, against Christ MB 7

against God’s blessings PK 60

privacies of, should not be opened in prayer meeting 2T 578

pure in, Christians must be SL 79

only the, will see God 1T 136

purposes of, God reads DA 614; PK 174; 1T 529

reformation by correcting bad habits must begin with COL 97

riches cannot satisfy DA 454

ruling principle of, sincere love is to be 2T 476

search your, as with lighted candle 2SM 318

seat of all difficulties CD 35

secret divisings of, God reads 3BC 1160

secret intents and emotions of, purity is required in PP 308

secrets of: cannot be hidden from God’s searching gaze 2BC 1013

God reads PP 396

God’s law looks into COL 316

man cannot understand PP 638

selfish lusts defile DA 161

selfishness dwelling in, God knows 2T 34

sensual passions defile DA 161

sentiment of, revealed by selfish, worldly spirit 5T 9

sin hidden in, God detects AA 73

sinful passions of, light of truth discovers 4T 286

soil of: kept mellow by manifesting love and affection CT 114

like that of garden 4T 202

repentance must break up Ed 111

result of single grain sown in 5T 120

Spirit is given to purify our 6T 415

Spirit makes impressions on 5T 512

Spirit must cleanse, from all defilement SD 99

Spirit must do its work upon 5T 227

Spirit must keep, tender and subdued DA 494

state of, quality of religious experience is revealed by Ev 507

sympathy and kindness reaches ML 233

sympathy and love refresh and strengthen 3T 194

temple of: how men defile DA 161

terrible danger for many 5T 175

tested and proved by needy people around them 2T 28

thoughts and intents of, angels are acquainted with 1T 544

thoughts of, God reads CS 199

treasure of, tenor of conversation reveals TM 84

trifling with, crime of AH 57

true feelings of, God will reveal 2T 660

true obedience comes from DA 668

true religion is seated in GC 254

truth and love in, shine forth in words and actions 4T 559

truth must be: enthroned in 5T 547; TM 81

received into 5T 272

unconditional surrender of, God calls for 3T 45

unholy thoughts defile DA 161

wants of, same in all ages 5T 261

wearing sackcloth cannot make, purer or holier AH 379

what is cherished in: Christ always knows SD 71

conversation manifests 1T 500

God leads men to points calculated to manifest 1T 187

God tests men to reveal 2SG 225

God will give men opportunity to develop 2T 687

trials reveal 4T 84-5

words and acts testify plainly 1T 500; 2T 95

what is hidden or latent in, temptation reveals or develops MB 60

whole: Christ prizes 5T 73

God accepts nothing less than 7BC 956; FE 119; 2T 493

God requires 6BC 1101; 2SG 216; 1SM 108; 5T 568

must be yielded to God SC 43

without purification of, man is not fit for fellowship of saints 5T 536

words that melted AA 22