EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Generosity - Girl, Girls


Generosity, Abraham was marked for his SR 75

acts of, keep hearts tender and sympathetic 3T 547

begets generosity 1T 150

God does not appeal to man’s, in matter of tithing Ed 138-9

influence of most athletic games does not tend to Ed 210

noble, combine justice, purity, integrity, and love with 3T 422

shepherd must have 2T 220

of widow of Zarephath was rewarded PK 131

true, cannot exist where not practiced 5T 400

too often destroyed by prosperity and riches 1T 482

See also Benevolence; Liberality


Generous, be, in judging people 4T 62

student who becomes CT 226

the more an avaricious man gains the harder it becomes for him to be CS 211

woman who was naturally 2T 283-4

Genesis, book of:

Genesis, book of: Moses wrote GC 5

in Midian 3BC 1140; PP 251

obituary notices in CD 117; 3T 138

skepticism re 1SM 18

Geneva, Switz.

Geneva, Switz., Calvin (John) in GC 232-3, 236, 364

destruction of, mighty nations threatened GC 234

Farel (Wm.) labored in GC 232-4, 364

Froment (Antoine) in GC 232-3

Gaussen (L.) taught advent doctrine in GC 364-5

papal anathemas against GC 234

Protestant worship established in GC 233

publications from, spread Reformed doctrines GC 236

Reformation victories in GC 236

refuge for persecuted Reformers GC 236

teachers from, spread Reformed doctrines GC 236

truth taken to other lands from GC 236

vices in, under Roman Catholicism GC 233

Genevese people

Genevese people GC 233


Geniality, many Christians sadly deficient in Ed 240


Genius, almost invariably united with untiring and concentrated effort Ed 232

Bible does not condemn CS 138

comes of wisdom which God gives CS 138

employed in persecution of remnant church PK 605-6

human, antediluvians glorified PP 91

is erring 5T 419

is not character CG 161; ML 267

leaders trusting to, will not stand at head of rank and file 5T 80

men of, gospel is to be taken to COL 230; CS 139

planning and working harmoniously requires Ev 95

powerless to gladden sorrowing heart MH 115

productions of, deadly poison too often concealed in 2BC 999

success depends more on application than on Ed 232

talented man’s, will not avail in God’s work CH 367

things more valuable to youth than gifts of Te 184

used as decoy by Satan to entice souls Ed 150; MB 94-5

will not avail in gospel work CH 367; 4T 539

See Talent


Gennesaret, Christ at synagogue of DA 384

Christ went to, after feeding 5,000 DA 384

plain of DA 252

beside Sea of Galilee COL 34

Capernaum was near DA 252

Magdala at southern end of DA 405

Gennesaret, Sea of

Gennesaret, Sea of, Sea of Galilee is DA 245; MB 1, 4-5, 38

See also Galilee, Sea of

Gentile, Gentiles

1. Converted

2. Jews and

3. Miscellaneous

1. Converted

as branches from wild olive tree AA 377

ceremonial law and, controversy in early church re AA 188-200; SR 304-9

decision of first general church council re AA 404; SR 305-9

circumcision not urged on AA 136; SR 307

converted Pharisees insisted that: circumcision be practiced by AA 191

law of Moses be kept by AA 191

converted Pharisees’ attitude toward SR 305-6

Cornelius was first important SR 285

customs inconsistent with Christian principles must be given up by AA 195

far exceeded Jewish converts in number AA 189

free from obligations of ceremonial law 6BC 1108

grafting of, into stock of Israel AA 377-8

increased rapidly in early church AA 401

ingathering of, by gospel was foretold AA 174; GC 451

Judaizing teachers’ attitude toward 6BC 1110-1

observance of ceremonial law urged upon, by false teachers AA 383

on equality with Jewish disciples AA 136

things that, should abstain from AA 195; SR 308

tokens of loyalty of, to God’s organized work AA 399

2. Jews and

association between, involved ceremonial defilement for Jews AA 138, 192; DA 622, 777-8

Christ links, in common brotherhood MH 25; 7T 225; 9T 191

equal and precious in God’s sight AA 136, 390; MH 25; 7T 225; 9T 191

Spirit made no distinction between AA 193-4

wall of partition erected between AA 19, 135-9, 161; DA 86, 400, 403, 622; EW 209; MB 42; PK 708; PP 368; SR 285

Christ broke down AA 403; DA 193; SR 303-4

God did not place PP 368

3. Miscellaneous

apostles did not preach gospel to, before Cornelius’s conversion AA 135-6

apostles were not sent first to DA 351

Christ drew, by tie of human sympathy DA 193

Christ is Redeemer of, as well as Jew AA 190

Christ taught in outer court of temple for sake of MH 21

Christ was to be light to DA 56

Christ’s first advent interested GC 315

Christ’s love for, manifest in healing Syrophoenician woman’s daughter DA 399-400

Christ’s purpose for Jews as His messengers to DA 351

earnest of Christ’s work for, healing of centurion’s servant was DA 317

fierce national pride and prejudice of Jews toward DA 240

giving gospel to, third call to feast represents COL 309

God’s plan for, outlined in OT prophecies AA 376

gospel work for, Paul did not present God’s law first in Ev 230

problems faced by early church in AA 161

hopes and promises once belonging especially to Jew are now offered also to AA 373

Israel led, to misinterpret God’s character COL 293

Jewish prejudices and exclusiveness re, gospel destroyed SR 291

Jews denied God’s mercy to COL 219; DA 29, 204

Jews depended on, for services which their rules forbade them to do for themselves DA 204

Jews excluded, from God’s promises SR 285-6

Jews regarded, as unclean DA 150; SR 285

as perishing from diseases of soul DA 275

light to, Israel was appointed to be 4BC 1156

made fellow heirs with Jews to blessings of salvation AA 135; DA 402

many, listened with interest to preaching of apostles AA 136

ministration of apostles to AA 175

Moses was shown, turning to Christ PP 476

not to be regarded as unclean SR 290

Paul and Barnabas labored for, in Antioch of Pisidia AA 174-5

Paul as apostle to AA 409; GW 58-62

Paul preached to, before their own temple Ev 554

Paul’s method of preaching to 6BC 1089; GW 118

Peter censured by brethren for entering house of AA 141

Peter had not preached gospel to, before Cornelius’s conversion SR 285

Peter was told not to regard, as unclean AA 141

Peter’s prejudice against, by his Jewish training AA 136

presuming to enter inner enclosure of temple, death penalty for DA 193

provision made for, to connect with Israel PP 507

to enjoy covenant blessings PP 507

salvation of, Christ trained His disciples to work for AA 19-20

spread of gospel among, Christ foretold AA 174

symbolized by barren fig trees DA 583

urged to keep God’s commandments AA 195

way opened for gospel to be preached to AA 142


Christian: name given to chosen ones among LHU 291:5

kingdom given to UL 131:3

work of carrying the gospel to, given to Paul UL 100:4

Gentile church, Gentile churches

Gentile church, Gentile churches, contributions of, for God’s cause at Jerusalem AA 402-3

for God’s cause in Judea AA 390

for relief of Jewish believers AA 343, 399

Gentile world

Gentile world, darkness of, Jewish neglect as cause of 4BC 1180

hope kindled in hearts of thousands of DA 33

Israel misrepresented God to PK 20-1

prophets among, Spirit of Inspiration imparted to DA 33

stones brought from quarry of, by apostles to lay on foundation of church AA 596


Gentility, ambition for, is great Ed 246

erroneous ideas of 2SM 473; 1T 394-5

Gentleman, Gentlemen

Gentleman, Gentlemen, Christian: directors and counselors should be TM 262

God’s cause needs teachers who are 5T 583

men should be, in daily life 4T 606

not all representative men are TM 260

Christianity makes man a GW 123; MH 489

erroneous idea that: manual labor is not becoming to CT 273

money will make sons into CT 273

God created man a CT 273

mark of, erroneous idea that ignorance is FE 324

mistaken notion that money makes CT 273; 3T 154

perfect, only wholehearted Christian can be TM 264

polite, many men polluted by dissipation pass for 4T 96

true, erroneous idea re what constitutes FE 75

none but wholehearted Christian can be 7T 199

true measurement of, intellect and moral worth are 3T 154


Christian is; conceit leads to unadvised words TDG 70:6

Christianity makes man a HP 296:5


Gentleness/Tenderness, as passive virtue, is essential grace MH 497

cherished in heart appears in true courtesy TM 264

children will learn, if you are gentle with them CG 218

Christ is man’s example in GW 121

Christ’s: gave fragrance to His character ML 242

God’s people should exercise CSW 81; FE 262

pray for TM 264

should be element in character DA 437

Christian life is more than 5T 404

Christianity fills heart with MYP 136

cultivate 4BC 1160; 2T 78, 84; 5T 571

element of Christian character CG 173

exemplify Christ’s character in 5T 239

far mightier than Jehu spirit Te 221

fruit of tree of love 2T 134-5

God’s means of calling, into action WM 306

gospel should be presented with DA 353

gospel worker needs to be educated in 2T 220

in home, results of AH 429

leaves impress on face 5T 402

make apparent all your Ev 400

needed in home AH 18

of manner, which superficial polish of fashionable society can never equal Ed 241

one of fruits of Spirit SD 32

parents need, in dealing with children AH 174

present truth with 6T 400

sister’s, can do much in home 3T 80

spirit of: lacking among God’s people ML 53

restore the erring with 5T 613

you cannot live right in family circle without ML 53

teacher’s work requires CT 236

temper your natural impetuosity with MH 491

tends to quiet baby’s nerves CG 32

true, gem of great value in God’s sight 3T 536

under wrong, characteristic not prized by heathen or Jews MB 14

unpretending acts of self-denial done with, God smiles upon 2T 647


children may be won from wrong by RC 186:5


followers reveal His HP 293:2

righteousness brings HP 31:5

words, bearing and work showed TDG 121:7


bring atmosphere of love into the home TDG 239:4

of Christ TMK 341:3

deal with others in; melt your way into hearts 2MCP 440:2

discipline of, teaches self-control and sacrifice FW 86:3

duty as well as privilege to cultivate OHC 179:5

forgiveness of sins causes, when truly Christ’s TMK 163:3

God shows, to those merciful to others OHC 184:6

husband to have LYL 31:1

lack of, while thinking to represent God’s justice PM 127:3

melt your way into convicted hearts with 2MCP 440:2


for TDG 21:2

of, for those striving for crown of life TDG 147:7

old age a time for, in spirit and methods of labor TDG 29:2

old-fashioned church members needed with Christ’s TDG 370:4

opportunities used to develop, not merely learning 2MCP 435:4

partake of Christ’s TDG 143:5

power united with, causes rejoicing in heaven 2MCP 439:4

presence of God’s Spirit brings TDG 291:2

religion shown by OHC 279:6

soul must feel, for Satan’s captives TMK 235:5

work in, for the perishing as Christ worked TSB 261:3

yoke of Christ is of UL 359:4

See also Sympathy

Gentler touch

Gentler touch, God’s people need Ev 637


Genuine, do not accept the spurious for Ev 600

Geologist, Geologists

Geologist, Geologists, discoveries of, erroneous teachings based on PP 112

erroneous interpretation of fossils by 3SG 92-3

infidel, claim that world is older than Bible makes it 3SG 91-2

many who explore depths of earth with, show little interest in mechanism of their bodies FE 71

suppositions of, many people reject Bible while accepting PP 113

which dispute Mosaic record of creation 3SG 95


Geology, alone, history of Flood could never be fathomed by PP 112

apart from Bible history, can prove nothing PP 112; 3SG 93

books containing sophistry re, guard against CT 390

correct theory of, does not contradict Mosaic record PP 114

independent of inspiration, mysteries that cannot be explained by 3SG 94

literal interpretation of creation record and Ed 128

sophistry re, guard continually against 7BC 916

study of, study of physiology should accompany FE 71

See also Fossil; Rock; Stone


correct, will agree with Moses’ writings LHU 60:3; 3SM 307:2


George, duke of Saxony GC 149-50

Georgia, U.S.A.

Georgia, U.S.A. 1T 11-2


Gergesa, first missionaries in DA 340, 404

two demoniacs of, Christ healed DA 337-41, 404; MH 98


Gergesenes, Christ urged by, to leave 1SM 83

Gerizim, Mt.

Gerizim, Mt. PP 500

Abraham dwelt near PP 127-8

Israel’s leaders renewed vows at PP 523

Mt. Ebal and, blessings and curses at PP 499-504

no longer known as Mount of Beatitudes MB 1

Samaritan temple on DA 188, 487; PK 674

Sermon on Mount was not given on MB 1

Germ, Germs

Germ, Germs, death-producing: abound in dampness, mold, and must MH 276

abound in dark, neglected corners MH 276

abound in decaying refuse MH 276

disease, in air of cities MH 262

spread in schoolroom by improper ventilation Ed 207

floating, traditions of men compared to 5BC 1094-5; Ev 589

man has not descended from Ed 130; PP 45

See also Cancerous germ; Miasma


Germans, God understands 9T 180

German believers

German believers, duty of, re publishing work 9T 189

to be Christlike 9T 181

in USA, separate conference not needed for 9T 195

German churches

German churches, in Russia, held advent doctrine GC 364

German language

German language, Scriptures in GC 169, 193-4, 214

SDA literature in CW 15; 7T 160

German princes

German princes, justice of Luther’s (Martin) cause acknowledged by SR 348

protest of, at Diet of Spires AA 68

German publishing work

German publishing work, at College View, Nebr. 9T 189-94


1. Seventh-day Adventist work in

2. Miscellaneous


1. Seventh-day Adventist work in

cities should be warned by LS 304

facilities needed for 6T 26

gospel workers in, duty of 9T 180-1, 187

hygienic restaurants needed in Ev 413

institutions needed in 6T 25

queen appreciated book by EGW in 1SM 101

sale of Christ’s Object Lessons for relief of school in 6T 474

sanitariums needed in Ev 413

woman in, claimed to have visions 2SM 97

2. Miscellaneous

Bengel (Johann A.) taught advent doctrine in GC 363-4

Calvin (John) in GC 224

Charles V banned Reformation in GC 239

fanaticism in, during Reformation GC 239

infidelity in GC 270

Luther (Martin) opened Bible to GC 245; SR 350

missionaries sent from Iona island to GC 62

Münzer’s (Thomas) teachings in GC 191-2

northern, Menno Simons in GC 239

Reformation in GC 120-70, 185-212; SR 339-55

Sweden aided, in Thirty Years’ War GC 244

Tetzel’s (Johann) sale of indulgences in GC 127-8

truth taken from Bohemia to GC 100

Tyndale’s (Wm.) English NT printed in GC 247; SR 351

writings of Reformers of, translated into French GC 231


schools in, selling Christ’s Object Lessons PM 367:1

Germinating principle

Germinating principle, implanted in seed by God COL 63; Ed 104

seed has, in itself COL 38, 63


Germination, mystery of, man cannot understand Ed 105

of seed: Spirit causes 8T 326

lessons from SC 67

life from God causes DA 367

represents beginning of spiritual life Ed 105

See also Seed


Gershonites, duties of, re sanctuary PP 375, 705


Geshem, Arabian chief, enemy of Jews ChS 173; PK 635, 641


Geshur, Absalom at PP 728


Geshurite, David’s war against PP 673

Gesticulation, Gesticulations

Gesticulation, Gesticulations, frenzy of, not evidence of zeal for God 4T 405

too much, ministers given to Ev 641

violent, detract in preaching Ev 184

Gesture, Gestures

Gesture, Gestures, another man’s, minister should never copy Ev 685

awkward, out of place Ev 640

Christ impressed people by His CH 498-9

Christ’s, children imitated WM 57

Christ’s teachings not impressed on people by CT 399

close walk with God improves a person’s 4T 405

favorite minister’s, do not imitate Ev 630

grotesque, unbecoming to minister TM 339

let no harshness come into GW 163

minister’s, criticism of TM 196

influence of 2T 511

should not disgust beholder 1T 648

minister’s theatrical, offensive to God Ev 644

older ministers’, young ministers should not copy Ev 684

passionate, teachers should not make one CT 170

Paul’s, attention of Jewish mob attracted by AA 408

in speech on Mars’ Hill AA 237

represent Christ in your ML 172

Satan may use, as arrow to wound and poison 2BC 1020

savoring of self-sufficiency, avoid 2T 52

theater’s lewd, deprave imagination and debase morals 4T 653

unbecoming, gospel workers should discard CT 238

uncouth, minister should avoid 1T 648

not to be tolerated in students Ev 668

unbecoming Ev 640

See also Gesticulation; Movements

Gethsemane, Garden of

Gethsemane, Garden of: atmosphere of, labor surrounded with 7T 12

behold Christ in 1T 240

Christ in, Moses foresaw PP 475

Christ measured weapons with Satan in PK 701

Christ often resorted to, for meditation and prayer DA 674, 685; 2T 203-4

Christ suffered Satan’s superhuman assaults in 5T 502

Christ viewed, from Mt. of Olives GC 18

Christ’s agony in AA 491; 5BC 1102-3, 1145; DA 439, 685-97; EW 167; LS 258; MH 230, 509; 2SG 252; SL 53; 1T 155, 158, 353; 2T 203-7; 3T 407, 416; 4T 542; 9T 101-2

lost world’s destiny trembled in balance during 9T 102

mysterious GC 666

Satan and his angels intently watched DA 693

unfallen worlds witnessed DA 759

Christ’s arrest in DA 694-7

Christ’s last prayer before entering 5T 737

cup of woe trembled in Christ’s hand in GC 348

experience of Christ’s disciples in DA 394, 686; 4T 542; 8T 100

Garden of Eden contrasted with 5BC 1103

go to, to know worth of a soul COL 196

located at foot of Mt. of Olives DA 576, 674, 830

Peter’s experience in, after denying Christ DA 713; 3T 416

trees in DA 689


atmosphere of, in missionary toil LHU 229:5

behold, when tempted with wrong diversions TMK 311:3


followed His Father’s way in HP 147:4

prayed with crying in; heard in that He feared 3SM 131:4

Christ’s submission in, is the kind acceptable to God HP 89:4

garden of, study and compare, with the garden of Eden RC 132:8

justice of God seen in agonies of LHU 158:3

mob in, Christ could have extinguished TDG 267:2

peace of Christ,

during agony at, willed to disciples RC 278:3

in, given to His disciples HP 249:2

scene of, rises before Jewish rulers at Christ’s return Mar 293:3

suffering of Christ in UL 223:3


Gezer PK 71

Solomon rebuilt PK 53


Gezrites, David made war upon PP 673

Giant, Giants

Giant, Giants, antediluvian PP 90, 112; 3SG 61, 64, 84, 92, 95; SR 67

men may become, in moral power 3T 493-4

in understanding of Bible doctrines 4T 415

mighty, in resurrection of the wicked EW 293; GC 664

Samson was, in form PP 567

stronghold of, Caleb was given PP 512

See also Anakim; Goliath; Og

Giant race

Giant race, inhabitants of Bashan descended from PP 435

Giant strokes

Giant strokes, youth may do, for God SD 204

Giant warriors

Giant warriors, among Canaanites Ed 149


Gibberish, unmeaning, unknown tongue that was 1T 412

Gibbon, Edward

Gibbon, Edward, skeptic 4T 520


Gibeah PP 610, 612, 616, 632, 653, 711


Gibeon 2BC 1025-6; PK 27, 30, 38; PP 506-9


Gibeonites, covenant blessings shared by PK 369

description of PK 369; PP 505-6

Israel’s experience with, in Joshua’s time PK 368-9; PP 505-9, 613-4

made bondmen to sanctuary PP 506-7

pledged to renounce idolatry PK 369; PP 506


Giddiness, tobacco causes Te 60-1

JW attacked with LS 224-5; 4T 277


Gideon, Abimelech a base-born son of PP 556

angry Ephraimites prudently answered by 2BC 1004; PP 554-5

army of, lesson from 2BC 1003-4

minutemen in SD 279

reduced from 32,000 to 300 men PP 548-9

as leader, lessons from PP 554

awed by angel’s visit 1T 410

Baal’s altar destroyed by PP 547

called Jerubbaal PP 556

Christ as Covenant Angel talked to 2BC 1003; PP 547

courtesy displayed by PP 555

house of, Israel’s cruel course toward PP 557

humility of, when called to serve God 2BC 1003; PP 553

Israel delivered from Midianite oppression by GW 333; PP 546-55, 614

Israel led into idolatry by PP 555-6

Joash the father of PP 546-7

lawful children of, Abimelech murdered all but one of PP 556-7

man of courage and integrity PP 553

military tactics of, Saul followed PP 613

motives of, true and noble PP 555

of tribe of Manasseh PP 546, 548

prayer of, for sign from God PK 342; PP 548

refused to be made king PP 555

rout of Midianite armies by GC 117

lessons from PP 553

on plain of Jezreel PP 675

strategy used in PP 550

sacrifice offered by, at God’s command PP 547

self-appointed priest PP 555-6

strong in faith in mighty God of Jacob PP 675

war of, against idolatry PP 547

Gieseler, John C. L.

Gieseler, John C. L., quoted GC 127

Gift, Gifts

1. God’s

2. Miscellaneous

1. God’s

all heaven given in, of Christ DA 565

as lasting as eternity, in store for God’s people MB 133-4

are to flow through human channels 9T 255

bestowed upon His people, purpose of SC 102

beyond computation, offered to men COL 222-3

Christ sought for His followers, bringing boundless resources of grace DA 668-9

daily, Christ is CS 198

culture is GC 509

dispensed as it pleases Him CT 314-5

except as perverted by sin, tend to life, health, and joy Ed 198

gift upon, heaped upon mankind DA 57

great treasure offered, to world is unlimited CS 21

greater today than to Israel of old CS 71

highest of all, Spirit as DA 671

how great was! CS 19

how to use 4T 143

in His promise Ed 258

inestimable, given in Christ 5T 729-37

Israelites used, to enrich and exalt themselves COL 369

keep, fresh in memory MH 100

knowledge that was, to world TM 193

man has made, curse instead of blessing DA 368

men use, for selfish gratification 9T 246

misused, to harden hearts in unbelief and sin DA 106

most essential and complete, sought by Christ for His followers DA 668-9

most honorable, fellowship with Christ in suffering is MH 478

multiplied by imparting them MH 102; 7T 273

no, withheld from person sincerely seeking His righteousness AA 531

of Christ, calls for tangible expressions of gratitude CS 22-3

reveals Father’s heart 9T 254

of Spirit See Holy Spirit

one, all heaven poured out in CS 46; ML 7; SC 21

precious, in store for God’s people MB 133-4

that all of earth’s treasures cannot buy 3T 250

productions of earth are CS 65

promised on condition of obedience COL 145

rich, received today ensures reception of richer one tomorrow DA 148

richest, robe of Christ’s righteousness is 9T 114

should be received but not hoarded 7T 273

skill in common arts is CT 280

small consecrated, acceptable to Christ CS 161

talents as COL 325-65; GC 509

prove curse unless used to bless others CS 20

to man, beyond all computation SD 11

use, for saving souls CT 256

2. Miscellaneous

benefiting no one, much money squandered on MH 207

birthday See Birthday gift

children’s, brought to God will be as rivulets swelling into river CS 293

Christmas See Christmas gift

giver is greater than CS 20; 4T 82

heart service makes, acceptable to God CS 176

holiday See Holiday gift

large, small sums saved by sacrifice do more for God’s cause than 9T 157-8

Magi brought, to Christ CS 176; DA 63, 65, 564

man cannot enrich God by CS 18

many people bring, for the dead DA 560

Mary’s, to Christ pleased Him DA 559-65; 6T 310

symbol of her heart DA 564

money unwisely spent for, for children, relatives, and friends CS 260

needless, giving of 6T 287

no, too precious to bring to Christ DA 565

of gospel, is not to be enjoyed in secret MH 100

is not to be secured by stealth MH 100

periodical subscriptions accompanied by, do not offer 5T 401

poor person’s, Christ’s estimate of value of 3T 398-9

presenting of, as homage to princes or other persons of rank in East DA 60

rich, danger in bestowing 3BC 1131

small, that God accepts CS 176

solicitation of, from men of means for God’s work PK 634

temporal, God gives time, means, talent, and influence as 5T 732

to the needy, that bring blessing to giver PP 218

varied, church is filled with AA 12

men have 4T 608

widow’s two mites, to God DA 614-6; 6T 310

See also Donation; Present; Offering

Gift, Gifts/Benefits (talents or spiritual gifts)

accountability for improvement and use of TDG 286:4

all, to be under contribution to God TMK 327:5

appreciation for whatever, God has given PM 138:1

character of Christ is greatest,

He could ask for us RC 214:7

it is from God RC 297:4


calls for the greatest, the heart UL 367:3

distributes, to all who claim them by faith TMK 338:2

gives, to be used to make His love known HP 60:4

is the greatest HP 37:2

evidence of God’s grace; test of love HP 306:5

faith needed to receive, of eternal life FW 27:2

from contemplating mercy, goodness, and love of God OHC 339:3


cooperates with, but does not do our work for us FW 26:1

inventories TMK 220:3

repeated, during every moment of Christ’s earthly life TMK 369:3

God’s, to humanity (His Son) UL 92:3


each individual responsible for acceptance of TDG 368:2

grace and truth are received as one imparts TDG 303:4

humblest person may possess FLB 138:4

sprinkled with Christ’s blood TMK 338:3

highest, character traits from Christ UL 257:2

humility in using, waiting for day of reckoning TMK 329:3

lesser, not to be despised TDG 26:5

lowliest, may influence hearts others could not reach TMK 330:3

mind and body as, to be guarded UL 379:4

natural, to be sanctified as endowments to minister TMK 327:4

perversion of, by those professing to teach truth TSB 198:0

purpose of, to help others and to honor Christ TDG 68:4

received and given out in work of restoration FW 26:2

Redeemer’s blood bought, for those who come as children TMK 339:5

return to God the increase according to entrusted TDG 208:3

returned to God,

are blessed to increase for His work OHC 18:4

by benefiting others HP 221:7

seen as for God’s service, brings heavenly benediction OHC 191:2

smallest, should not be disparaged TDG 345:4

some, not considered important by those without them UL 273:2

special, God has given everyone, for His service OHC 289:2

talents are God’s, to be improved in His service TDG 286:2

truth to be proclaimed by different UL 286:2

use of,

for God is the right of everyone TDG 345:4

for soul winning, transferred to heaven OHC 195:3

in God’s service OHC 191:2

in meekness HP 224:5

where it will count the most for God TMK 329:3

using God’s, to know Him and improve self TDG 137:6

variety/diversity of,

by God’s orders; needed for different minds TDG 262:3


is filled with OHC 164:4

symmetry by 3SM 21:4

encourage all regardless of TDG 345:6


all are important 3SM 25:1

to men and women UL 379:3

leads to diversity of operations TDG 26:4

needed in spreading gospel UL 273

working in unity 3SM 24:4

working for souls in humility not trusting in TDG 227:4

See also Blessings; Legacies; Holy Spirit, gifts of; Talents

Gift, Gifts/Benefits (other gifts)

Christ appreciated flowers from children as LHU 90:4

Christmas, See Christmas, gifts for

given to friends instead of Christ UL 374:2


accepts large or small TMK 220:5

gives sun and shower as, and He expects liberality TDG 347:2

supplies, as we let them flow for good RC 269:4

holiday, books explaining the Word recommended for PM 345:4

publishing houses and other institutions to be given PM 119:2

received from people of the world CC 263

required for more than showing love HP 303:4


measured by motive, not worth of the coin RC 268:2

reacted on hearts of poor and doubting ones RC 268:4

See also Offerings

Gifts, spiritual

Gifts, spiritual See Spiritual gifts

Gift enterprise, Gift enterprises

Gift enterprise, Gift enterprises, held in churches GC 387

Gift of prophecy

Gift of prophecy See Prophecy

Gift of tongues

Gift of tongues See Tongue


most, are infants in spiritual understanding UL 183:3


Giggle, simper and, girls who 3T 152

Gilboa, Mt.

Gilboa, Mt., hills of, destitute of dew or rain Ev 170, 619; GW 165; LS 325; 2SM 127; 2T 22; 5T 166, 251, 727; 6T 417; 7T 251; TM 413, 466

flippant talkers compared to 5T 166

ministers who are like GW 165

King Saul’s army routed at PP 675, 681

location of PP 675, 682

Gilboa, Ohio

Gilboa, Ohio LS 161; 2SG 265


Gilead, balm in See Balm

described PP 517

Israel conquered PP 436, 492

Jacob overtaken by Laban at PP 193

located on borders of Canaan PP 193

east of Jordan PK 119

mountains of, Elijah was from PK 119, 157

Gilead, Mt.

Gilead, Mt., Jacob’s departure from PP 195


Gileadite, Jephthah was PP 558


Gilgal, Achan stoned at PP 613-4

Christ as Captain of Lord’s host at PP 613

circumcision renewed at PP 485-6, 613

Elisha’s miracle of feeding 100 men at PK 241-3

Elisha’s miracle of healing poisoned pottage at PK 240-1

Israel moved to Shechem from, under Joshua PP 499

Israel’s first encampment in Canaan PP 613

after crossing Jordan PP 485-6

Israel’s headquarters at PP 514

moved to Shiloh PP 514

Israel’s return from Shechem to PP 505

King Saul summoned army to PP 617

King Saul’s presumption at PP 616-8, 625, 627, 633-4

located near Jericho PP 487

manna ceased at PP 613

monument of 12 stones erected by Israel in PP 613; 4aSG 60; SR 177

Passover kept at PP 613

Samuel convoked national assembly at PP 613-5

sanctuary at PP 514

school of prophets at FE 97; PK 224-5, 240

signifies “a rolling away” or “a rolling off” PP 486

treaty with Gibeonites at PP 614

Gillett, Ezra H.

Gillett, Ezra H., quoted GC 119

Ginley, Dr. J. H.

Ginley, Dr. J. H. 3T 175

Girdle, Girdles

Girdle, Girdles, leather, John the Baptist wore DA 102

tight, compresses lungs, liver, and vital organs Te 291-2

white linen, common priests wore PP 350

Girl, Girls

Girl, Girls, acquaintance with housework benefits 4T 97

ambition that every, should cherish Ed 248-9

boldness of, in seeking society of boys 2T 460, 481

that is proverb in mouth of unbelievers 2T 460

boys’ improper advances to 2T 482

clothing of, should protect against colds 2SM 471

conduct of, foolish and disgusting 2T 180-1

that was not chaste or becoming 2T 560

corrupting her body in presence of Christ and angels 2T 564

courting with boys, when scarcely in teens 2T 460

crying out against church, be afraid of 2SM 79

delicate idleness enjoyed by 3T 151

deportment of, that was not modest 2T 481, 560

do not educate, to be indolent CG 349-50

do not permit, to lie in bed late in morning CG 126; 3T 152

drawers of, in cold weather 2SM 471

duties of, to weary mothers 1T 683

dwelling too much on boys 2T 324

earning reputation of coquette 2T 182

educate, to be independent and self-supporting AH 91

to usefulness in household labor 1T 700

education of: learning to cook and bake increases value of 5T 90

parents’ duty re 3T 151-2

neglected by mothers 1T 682

eldest, may help educate younger members of family 3T 337

should help mother bear toilsome burdens 3T 337

encourage, to engage in useful employment 2T 243

to love domestic duties 2T 567

failure of gospel workers to bring, to God CT 418

failure of many, to fulfill duty to mother 1T 686

feet and limbs of, should be as warmly clad as those of boys 2SM 471

flattery of, by men 5T 536

give, well-directed work CG 350

growing up pure-minded, self-reliant, and beloved CG 140

growing up utterly useless AH 91

having character: of cheap order CT 344

too transparent to deceive sensible persons 3T 152

having depth of mind easily measured CT 344

having violated her conscience 2T 560

headstrong, willful, and stubborn 2T 558

health of, some outdoor employment positively essential to 4T 97

household duties are one of richest blessings to 2T 559

household work benefits 3T 152

how, may exercise without jumping and playing ball or croquet CG 352

idleness leads to evils among 2T 371

immodest advances of, boys and young men warned against taking liberties because of 2T 483

in danger of certain ruin 2T 560

indolent, parents warned re 1T 393

indulged 2T 558-65

inexperienced, not qualified for Bible work Ev 475

intellect of, physical labor does not hinder 3T 152

keep, employed in useful labor 2T 483

knowledge of cookery is more useful to, than knowledge of fancywork or music 2T 538

lacking in: modesty and decorum 2T 559

reserve and womanly modesty 2T 460

lascivious thoughts and conduct injure, ten times more than weariness does 2T 559

letting their tongues run CG 129

liking company of boys 2T 559

limbs of, need exercise 2T 371

lisping and simpering, as educated fools 3T 152

listless and useless, who consider it unladylike to work 3T 152

little: reporting on SS superintendent’s discourse CSW 169

should be taught to work CG 124

who asked minister to speak words easily understood CT 254

who pay attention to boys 2T 481-2

Lot’s, sad experience of PP 160-9; 4T 110-2

lovesick sentimentalism of 2T 324-7

loving society and young men 3T 29

mind of, fascinated by impure thoughts 2T 559

mother hated by AH 362

mother should be helped by, in bearing life’s burdens 2T 243

in domestic work CG 349-50

mother who failed to train her 3T 29

mothers should take, into kitchen and educate them 1T 395, 687

mothers should teach: how to cook CG 351-2; 1T 684; 2T 370

how to cut out clothes economically CG 351

how to sweep and dust CG 352

how to wash dishes CG 352

to help with household chores 1T 393

mothers should train, to do useful labor 2SM 321

mothers’ duty in training 1T 682-3

mothers’ mistaken love for 1T 683

muscles of, need exercise CG 352; 2T 371

need knowledge of useful labor 3T 150

need to be much in open air MH 382-3

need to learn to: cook AH 91

cook before learning sciences 2T 369

harness and drive horse Ed 216-7

how to help mother CG 350

keep house AH 91

make their own clothing AH 91; Ed 248-9

prepare well-cooked dinner 2T 538

rake and hoe Ed 216-7

take charge of domestic affairs of home AH 91

use saw and hammer Ed 216-7

nine or ten years old, should share in household duties FE 74

not one in 100, is pure-minded 4T 96

opposed to restraint 2T 558

pants of, in cold weather 2SM 471

parents of, when riches are curse to 3T 150

parents’ failure to teach, self-denial and self-control 2T 460

parents should be consulted by, in choosing husband 5T 108

parents should teach, to wash their clothes CG 126

parental duty re free association of, with boys 2T 559

passion for dress beguiles many, to ruin Ed 247

petted and praised unwisely 2T 558

petting is harmful to 2T 460

physical condition of, who had not been taught to work 1T 700

physical exercise benefits 1T 687, 700

pleasure-loving, young men warned against engagement to CT 344-5

poor, paid two dollars a week for work 4T 631

preferring to do anything else than to cook 1T 685

professed Christian, who become proverb in mouth of unbelievers 2T 460

prudent and modest, actions unbecoming to 2T 180

regarding it unladylike to wash dishes, iron, or stand over washtub 1T 394

saving, from frivolous and misleading association MH 294

school, provided clothing unsuitable for study or recreation Ed 247

self-abuse among 2T 409-10, 481

selfish and self-caring, will be same kind of woman CG 136

shoes of, in cold weather 2SM 471

simpering and giggling 3T 152

sitting in parlor and reading stories while mother works 1T 686

softening influence of, boys’ minds and manners need 4T 95-6

talking causes, to lag behind in work CG 129

teach: never to prevaricate CG 152

proper use of time CG 351

to bake good bread 5T 90

to cook 5T 90

to cut, make, and mend garments Ed 248-9; FE 74; 3T 156

to prepare food in wholesome and palatable manner FE 74

to work CG 140

useful trade or occupation MH 194; 6T 278-9

teen-age, courting with teen-age boys 2T 460

things more important for, than painting, music, fancywork, or cube root FE 74

things that parents should teach to CG 140

time wasted by, in talk on worthless things CG 129

told to put marriage out of her head 2T 564

training of, in matters of dress CG 435; Ed 248-9

troublesome, impudent, and defiant 2T 559

12-year-old, religious experience of CSW 79

useful labor benefits 4T 97

vain and proud, bad influence of 3T 29

vain, pert, and saucy 2T 558

waists of dresses should be worn loose by 2SM 471

wayward, bold, and daring 2T 561

weakly, indolence produces 1T 393-4, 686

when boys often seek company of something is wrong 2T 482

who could not safely associate with boys 2T 560

why many, fall victims of disease 2SM 471

work benefits 1T 687

work gives tone and strength to 1T 395

working in SDA restaurants, need shepherd 7T 118

wrong training given by mothers to 1T 393, 686

young: boyish ideas of love for AH 81

character of, boys strong and firm can ennoble and strengthen 4T 95-6

companions who should be wholly avoided by 2T 407

effects of self-abuse upon 2T 409-10

exercise in household labor of greatest advantage to 3T 152

forward conduct of, that is belittling to womanhood CH 294

forwardness of, in placing themselves in company of young men CH 294

gospel workers warned not to encourage wrong thoughts in 5T 595

habitually making excuse to leave church services, warning re 2T 481-2

inexperienced, mingling of sexes that does great injury to 4T 95-6

just entering teens, what should be taught to 2T 482

liking back seats in congregation, warning re 2T 481-2

ministers warned against sporting with 3T 473

passion for dress leads many, to ruin Ed 247

pure and uncorrupted, softening influence can be exerted on boys by 4T 95-6

san. workers who will cause, to lose their maidenly modesty CH 294

sought frequently by boys needs mother to show her her place 2T 482

whose religious experience was affected by change of surroundings 2T 100-1

young and inexperienced, young man who sought to be agreeable to 2T 289; 3T 44

young men whose theme of conversation is 2T 460

See also Young woman


canvassing alone is dangerous for PM 291

dishonesty taught to; mother led in wrong path 1MCP 169:2

hanging around young men; common talk TSB 245:2

See also Daughter, Daughters