EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Girlfriend - Goat hair


behavior with, during night hours would embarrass angels LYL 70:3; TSB 118:2

evil character of; relationship to be broken LYL 68:4

influence of, would separate from mother LYL 64:4

liberties with, in sight of God and holy angels LYL 69:3

separated from the Lord by intimacy with LYL 64:6

treated as would be appropriate only after marriage 1MCP 231:4

See also Boyfriend


Girlhood, education that should be obtained in 2T 567

Girl student

Girl student, school leader should not place his hand on arm or shoulder of CT 256

Gittite, Gittites

Gittite, Gittites, in David’s bodyguard PP 731

Ittai was PP 731

Obed-edom was PP 705-6

See also Gath


Give, cheerfully, gladly, and willingly CS 49

God does not compel men to 3T 393

God’s nature is to MB 77

more you, more you receive CS 90

to, is to live DA 623

you cannot, to others what you do not possess MB 37


Giver, is greater than gift CS 20; 4T 82

receiver should become MH 102

receiver who becomes DA 195


Giving, aim at perfect conformity to Christ’s will in 1T 160

all believers can aid in advancing God’s work by, unselfishly of their means 4T 118

all believers have a part to act in, to God’s cause 1T 324-5

all believers should do something in, for God’s cause 2T 666-7

all our, for God must be voluntary 3T 393

angels find joy in DA 21

arouse God’s people to, for sustaining foreign missions 6T 446

as fruit of self-denial wonderfully helps giver AH 370; MYP 300

be weary in, when weary of receiving 5T 150

Bible system of, proportions gifts to giver’s income CS 73-4

blessed result of, to persons in need MB 136; PP 218

calls for, will increase as God’s work extends AA 338

capacity for receiving is increased by 6T 448

Christians’, should not be less free than that of Israelites AA 337-8

church members wishing no more calls for, virtually say God’s cause should not progress 4T 464

complaint that there is no end to calls for 3T 389

condition of Israel’s prosperity was PP 527

continual, for God’s cause or needs of humanity does not tend to poverty AA 345

starves covetousness to death 3T 548

continual stream of, heart should be kept open by 3T 393-4

covetousness as hindrance to 1T 194

David’s liberality in, for building temple 4T 77-8; 5T 735

do not cease, until God ceases to bless you AA 339

do not feel that, entitles you to God’s favor 5T 735

duty of, from higher grounds than mere human sympathy 3T 391

earnest appeals for, reactions of believers to 5T 733-4

end of, when to expect CS 18

faithfulness in, results of 4T 19

God asks us to reserve portion of our possessions for, for Him 6T 385-6

God calls for, to establish institutions in destitute fields 7T 56

God has honored us by making us co-workers with Him in 3T 391

God has ordained that, should become habit 3T 548

God requires, in order that we may have opportunity to exercise self-denial, love, and sympathy for others 4T 476-7

proportioned according to amount possessed 4T 467-8

God’s plan for, in Israel AA 336-7

God’s rule for, is that it be as He has prospered us 1T 192

grudging, better is no giving than CS 199

in accordance with appreciation of God’s blessings 2T 574

in grudging manner, how God regards 2T 199

increasing calls for, do not lament 9T 254

indiscriminate, to everyone soliciting aid is not wise CS 163, 165

Israel’s willing and liberal, for building tabernacle PP 344; 4T 77-8; 6T 468

it is not safe to be controlled by feeling of impulse in CS 25

law of life for universe is DA 21

law of nature re DA 20-1

laying up treasure in heaven by 4T 79

lesson re, from multiplying seed by casting it away AA 345

liberal, law of action and reaction is 9T 253

that is twice blessed 9T 253

liberal members who are inclined to, beyond their ability and means 3T 410

liberality in: how God regards 2T 198-9

reward of 2T 661

spiritual prosperity is closely bound up with AA 344

that is manifest from selfish motive 1T 475

Macedonian believers’, was not result

man may become co-worker with God in His work by 4T 464, 473

of urging AA 343

many people are afraid to trust God in their 2T 666

Mary Magdalene’s example in, by providing costly ointment for Christ 6T 310

matter of, should not be left to impulse CS 80

motive in, is chronicled by recording angel 2T 518-9

need of, liberally for advancement of God’s work 9T 53

of about one third of all their income by conscientious Israelites for religious interests and for the poor 4T 467

Paul lays down a rule for, to God’s cause 5T 735

practical sermons preached by CS 29

principle of, illustrated by cross of Christ 9T 254

purses that are always open to every call for, to advance God’s cause 4T 478

receiving and, life and growth of church depend on CS 36

recording angel keeps faithful record of our 2T 518

requirements of duty in, be sure to exceed rather than fall short in 4T 485

regular and systematic, God desires that ours be CS 80-1

rule laid down for, to God’s cause 5T 735

selfishly withholding from, scattering that comes as result of 2T 661-2

should be done cheerfully, gladly, willingly, and thankfully CS 49

show gratitude to Giver of all benefits by your 2T 576

spasmodic, self-deception in 1T 475

spirit of liberality in, is spirit of heaven AA 339

strengthens as it is exercised CS 30

suitable object for, should be placed before giver 1T 194

systematic: fear that some believers manifest re adoption of 1T 192

God’s purpose in having us follow 3T 546-8

needed on part of all members 9T 54-5

needed weekly 3T 548; 9T 55

Paul suggests first day of week as proper time for planning CS 80; 3T 413

taking and, Christian experience of SC 70

that is fruit of self-denial is wonderful help to giver CS 293

twofold blessing of 4T 56-7

we are to be continually, as we are continually receiving God’s blessings CS 17-8; PP 188

we may be excused from, when God ceases to give to us CS 17-8

weekly, need of systematic 3T 412, 548; 9T 55

widow and her two mites as example of DA 614-6; 2T 666-7; 6T 310

willingness of giver in, God’s eye takes cognizance of 2T 519

See also Gift; Imparting; Offering


ability for, increased by giving OHC 197:4

action and motive of, marked by Christ OHC 199:3

all to God; not just money OHC 197:5

back to God TSB 71:3

best possessions and service for, from God’s bounties FLB 245:2

calls for; consider reasons rather than complaining OHC 197:2

circumstances determine TDG 97:3

draws us closer to Christ HP 303:4

example of Christ in, character like His from following HP 303:4


results of OHC 189:4

spirit of, needed TDG 97:6

from abundance yet retaining all the heart desires HP 301:4

impulse in TSB 70

more than, needed; work to heal, encourage, etc. CME 23:0

motive in, marked by God OHC 199:3

nature of God HP 81:2

now is most important time for RY 94:3

plan for future, cut off by adversity, accident, intrigue RY 95:1

portion of income for, depends on circumstances TDG 97:3

receive for HP 232:3


from God to be followed by TDG 253:4

thoughts and feelings needed for, of expression FW 27:0

responsibility for appropriation in RY 95:0

spiritual needs suffer from neglect in TDG 80:3

stinted, not rewarded; God is to be honored TDG 97:2

talent of; words and sympathy TDG 85:4

wisdom needed for limiting RY 98:3

work may be sustained by, of those who cannot go out RC 202:8

See also Almoners; Benevolence


Gladness, miss. work increases, of church membership TM 206

some people lack, because they never get out of range of self SD 88

unspeakable, of soul found in Christ TM 170

when one pulse of, will beat throughout creation GC 678

See also Joy; Rejoicing

Glance, Glaces

Glance, Glaces, man who could take in things at 2T 134

may be vital with falsehood MB 68; 5T 59

mother’s approving, to children 2SM 439

Satan may use, as arrow to wound and poison 2BC 1020

See also Eye; Look


Glass, looking See Mirror

preferable to tin cans, for household canning MH 299

in canning fruit 7T 134

smoked and imperfect, truth viewed by men through FE 188

Glass, magnifying

Glass, magnifying See Magnifying glass

Gleaning, Gleanings

Gleaning, Gleanings, many people leave to God only the last, if there be any CS 81

poor people were to have, of harvest field and orchard and vineyard PP 531

Glendale, Calif.

Glendale, Calif. 9T 93-4

Glendale Sanitarium and Hospital

Glendale Sanitarium and Hospital, property found for CH 231-2; LS 403-4

purchase of 9T 271


Glitter, earth’s tinsel and, bartering eternal weight of glory for CS 138

pure gold and mere, failure to distinguish between LS 325

world’s, charms men 1SM 255


Gloom, believer’s, path to heaven made unattractive by TM 175

bid adieu to 2T 319

breathing improperly causes MH 273

children hate, of clouds and sadness CSW 98

Christian life not one of COL 162

do not give children false impression that Christ’s religion is one of DA 517; MH 43-4

do not sink into SR 128

do not talk, to others MYP 328

do nothing for God’s glory with MB 88

God does not want anyone to be in Ev 488

hearts filled with, when engrossed with earth’s troubles and trifles CT 234

lack of genuine religion produces AH 431

people who gather, to themselves MH 251

persons in, Christian’s duty to 3T 530

religious life is not one of Ev 180

Satan seeks to make religious life one of SC 116

Satan’s suggestions of, resist 5T 317

seasons of, duty of persons experiencing PK 545

sick people should rise above MH 229

singular, God not glorified by your falling into 3T 505

stolid, persons are too often in CH 628; 1T 502

temptations encouraged by 2T 640

walking in light means putting away all SD 200

See also Darkness; Depression; Despair; Despondency; Mourning; Sadness; Sorrow; Worry


Gloominess, disease caused by 1T 702

sick people have tendency to, when shut in rooms MM 234


Gloomy, Christians who appear AH 430

faith forbids a person to be AH 431

God does not wish His people to be AH 432

never give false impression that Christians are DA 152

nothing, in Christ’s religion CG 146; MB 88

people who follow Christ most closely are not AH 431

why many people suppose they are to be, in following Christ 1SM 137

Gloomy expression, Gloomy expressions

Gloomy expression, Gloomy expressions, do not use, in speaking to children CT 116

Gloomy mind

Gloomy mind, eating at all hours produces CH 565; GW 241

Gloomy mood, Gloomy moods

Gloomy mood, Gloomy moods, King Saul’s, after God rejected him 4aSG 78

Gloomy person

Gloomy person, shadow cast by, on others 2T 356

Gloomy subject, Gloomy subjects

Gloomy subject, Gloomy subjects, talking on, glorifies Satan MH 253

Gloomy thing, Gloomy things

Gloomy thing, Gloomy things, dwelling on, you commit sin and deny Christ by 3T 332


Glorification, Christ does not ask of His people, of other men CW 122

Christ’s, at temple shortly before His death DA 622, 624-5

of God’s people shortly before second advent EW 34, 37, 272-3, 286; GC 640, 645; LS 102-3; 2SG 32; SR 61; 1T 59, 354; 3T 355

of Moses’ face 3T 355

of the righteous raised in special resurrection shortly before second advent EW 285; GC 637

remnant church’s 1T 184

See also Self-glorification


bodies receive, when Christ comes 3SM 427:3

sinlessness may be claimed only after 3SM 355:4


1. Christ’s

2. God’s

3. Miscellaneous


1. Christ’s

behold, daily TM 122

brightness of, far exceeds brightness of sun SC 126

imparted to overcomers SC 126

dwelt in Shekinah above mercy seat COL 288

excellent, death cannot endure SL 78

faces of redeemed will shine with EW 54

keep, in view continually EW 67

meridian, shining in His face SL 78

not only contemplate, but also speak of it MB 43

of self-sacrificing love of, shines from His face DA 20

partakers of His sufferings will be fitted to share in GC 650

Paul blinded by, near Damascus AA 114-5; EW 200; SR 269-71

persons who share in, must share also in His ministry 9T 31

revelation of, as was never before witnessed by men Ed 95

sharers of His suffering and reproach now will share His 5T 230

veiled by His incarnation PP 330

veiled with humanity when came to earth PP 330

which James and John sought to share SL 57

2. God’s

above mercy seat 4BC 1139; MH 437; PP 353; 4aSG 8-9; SR 154-5; 8T 284

no man might look upon, and live MH 437

partially visible from holy place PP 353

veiled by incense MH 437

See also Shekinah

all created things declare, of His excellence DA 20

beheld in earth and sea and sky MH 411

burning, at Mt. Sinai PP 339

cloud of, enshrouded Christ at His transfiguration DA 425

consuming effect of PP 339

consuming fire to the wicked GC 37; SC 18

destroys sin DA 107

displayed in His handiwork 4T 581

earth will be lightened with EW 277-8; GC 603; MM 185; 9T 46

earthly sanctuary filled with, during dedication service PP 349; 4T 159

during offering of incense PP 353

everything is secondary to SD 56

faintest gleaming of, nature reveals but SC 86-7

glimmering of, men have seen only COL 113; ML 108

holy men of old lived only for 5T 188

illuminates His word MH 464-5

is His character AA 576; COL 414; CT 30; GW 417; MB 31; ML 288; PK 313; SC 10; SD 337; TM 499

is to encircle repentant sinners in His arms of love PK 668

is to give DA 21

Israel was to reveal PK 313

keep, before mind’s eye CW 167

keep eyes fixed on, at top of ladder 8T 131

light of, imparts life to righteous DA 108

will slay the wicked DA 108

like devouring fire on Mt. Sinai PP 304, 312

man in his present state cannot behold, and live EW 54; PP 312, 328; 4T 533; 5T 467; 8T 266

man was created to be Ed 20

man was created to reveal 8T 264

man’s faculties were to reflect Ed 20

mortals invested with immortality will be able to endure 5T 467

Moses shown as much of, as he could bear in mortal state 4T 533

Moses was shown MB 26, 46; MH 464; PP 328-9; 3SG 289

Moses’ countenance reflected PP 329-30, 340

must destroy sinners DA 107

of God’s presence, earthly sanctuary illumined by PP 349, 390; 4T 151

pledge for success of Christ and His kingdom 9T 138-9

reflected from face of nature MH 464-5

revealed at gate of Eden Paradise PP 62, 83-4

Sabbath bids man behold, in His created works COL 25

Stephen’s countenance reflected AA 100-1; PP 329; SR 265-6

second temple not filled with, when dedicated PK 596-7

truth and, inseparable GC 597

undimmed, redeemed will behold 9T 285

3. Miscellaneous

Christ offers, beyond power of angels to describe 2T 40

Christ was to receive, of souls saved as result of His suffering SL 57

church’s, is in piety of its members ChS 19

due to God, persons in positions of responsibility who take to themselves PP 420

earthly, Christ does not present hope of attaining AA 576; MB 29

eternal weight of, reward of everlasting life is SL 76

future, visions of AA 601-2; PK 722-33

should be dear to God’s children MH 506

glory to, progress from 5T 93

gospel’s, principle that constitutes 9T 254

immortal, offered by Christ as reward 3T 365

lay every worldly consideration aside for 5T 204

little worth in human, to bring peace to soul Ed 152

men take too much, to themselves 1SM 96

of God’s law, Moses’ face reflected PP 330

outward and worldly, worthlessness of Ed 183; PK 548

revealed through Christ PP 330

shines on every soul ascending heavenward 8T 130

wide and unbounded future of, awaits the redeemed 9T 288

wilderness itself has no, for transformation wrought 8T 79

worldly, as dust of balance FE 481

See also Honor


all, radiates from Christ the center TMK 369:5

belonging to God not given to humans UL 243:2


has called us to TDG 212:6

is fitting His people for OHC 327:4

knows, which rebels against God refuse to receive TMK 368:3

looks upon the redeemed as supplement of His TMK 369:5

reveals, to remnant hiding in time of trouble TMK 360:3

wills that we see His, in the kingdom TMK 172:4

Christ’s, reflected into mind and heart if seen by faith OHC 203:3

crowns what grace began; appeal against licentiousness TSB 107:2

crucifixion marks show beams of LHU 348:2

enjoyment of, developed in proportion to desire for it HP 160:3

eternal, eclipses every earthly attraction OHC 189:5

excellent, Christ was proclaimed at Jordan with Con 78:2

Father’s and Son’s, are one HP 357:4

future, Ellen White scarcely dared mention; comparison with world TDG 86:2


to God UL 81:4

putting humanity in the shade LHU 366:4

to the divine Worker, not to the instrument HP 237:2

God reveals His, to those whose confidence is in Him TDG 300:2

hearts may be flooded with, by looking to heaven 2MCP 579:1

kingdom of,

established fully at the second coming HP 340:3

preparing daily for; God’s standard tests TDG 320:5

people of God will give Him AG 333:2

received by waiting ones Mar 309:5

receiving, as Daniel when angel unfolded prophecies 3SM 390:5

redeemed given, brighter than the sun OHC 39:3

Redeemer’s, deeper than we can reach FLB 76:5

reflected back to God,

by being holy in our sphere FW 79:2

by work of commandment keepers TMK 370:2

Christ has done all for salvation FW 73:2


not given, by Ellen White as God’s messenger TDG 76:2

should take no 1MCP 39:3

sinners receive, because Christ bore shame TMK 287:3

soul flooded with heaven’s HP 247:7

truth accepted reveals, of heavenly things OHC 340:4

worldly, searching for, is a mistake AG 67:3

Glutton, Gluttons

Glutton, Gluttons, asleep in church, under burning truths of God’s word 2T 374

children often taught to be AH 261

condition of, considered hopeless in Moses’ time 4T 455

defective education’s results seen in CG 406; FE 140; 3T 564

in heaven there will be no 2T 70

influence of, contaminates other people 4T 455

mother who trains children to become 2SM 433; 3T 489

professed Christians who become 1BC 1111; Te 46

professed health reformers who are nothing less than 2T 412

Sabbath observed improperly by 2T 374

will never enter pearly gates of City of God 2T 70

Gluttonous appetite

Gluttonous appetite, leads often to debased passions 4aSG 131

people often slaves to 2SM 413

Gluttonous child

Gluttonous child, stoned to death in Moses’ time 4T 454-5

Gluttonous feast, Gluttonous feasts

Gluttonous feast, Gluttonous feasts, antediluvian PP 97

every fiber of system is ill-affected by 3BC 1165; CD 132, 182

Gluttonous person

Gluttonous person, blessing of sanctification cannot be enjoyed by CD 164; CH 66

Gluttonous self-murder

Gluttonous self-murder 2SM 416; 4aSG 131


Gluttony, age of, we live in FE 150

antediluvian Te 227

Babylon’s wickedness ascribed to 3T 162

child training that leads to MH 384

Christmas is generally spent in MYP 311

course of indulging in, many people will not change their 4aSG 130; 2SM 416

eating and drinking carried to CH 23; 3T 163

fashionable visiting made occasion of CD 88; 2SM 414

food should not be prepared to encourage CH 50

godlike manhood of many people is debased by GC 474

harvest of pain and death produced by CH 575-6

health-destroying, popular churches foster 2SM 413; WM 289

hidden sometimes under garb of sanctity 3T 491

holidays should not be spent in AH 480

incompatible with sanctification SL 25

injures physical, mental, and moral health WM 291

Israel’s, in worship of golden calf PP 317

leads to drunkenness 3BC 1165

men are giving themselves to 4T 309

moral powers perverted by 3T 486

moral sensibilities benumbed by CH 23

occasional, warning against 2T 373

on Sabbath, warning against 3SG 254

people of God must be turned from their 3T 62

persons discarding flesh foods must avoid MH 306

sin of, in same catalogue as drunkenness 4T 454

offensive to God 4T 454

sin of this age is CD 409; 1T 486

what to do when working against CD 205; MM 288; 9T 163

world is given to 3T 20

See also Eating; Overeating


Gnat, straining at, and swallowing camel DA 617; 1T 144

Goal, Goals/Aspiration, Aspirations/Objective, Objectives/Purpose, Purposes

adherence to, brings success OHC 224:5

blessing of not realizing OHC 318:3

character cultivation is a high RC 170:6

Christ reveals, for climbing ladder to heaven OHC 68:5

Christian, included everything good HP 141:6

consider own; warring against sin needed for safety TDG 83:4

directed toward earthly treasure, results of OHC 200:4

each should have, and work toward achieving it RC 163:5

educate yourselves for RC 299:7

elevated by contemplation of truth HP 140:7

firmness of,

cultivated as Daniel did TMK 247:3

to become what God wants TMK 135:3

to complete what is undertaken OHC 112:3

to finish what you undertake TDG 66:2


accepts HP 224:5

as a friend to be our first; take hold of His strength TDG 367:2

calls for lofty OHC 369:3

have and follow OHC 112:3

heavenly things become, when selfish one repents RC 346:3

hiding of, by those in fellowship with TDG 312:4

human, may unintentionally be fulfilling God’s CC 371:3

impossible, human effort devoted to 1MCP 104:3

life, keep in view FLB 316:5

noble, revealed in words TMK 138:4

Paul had one great, in life TDG 374:4

purified by habitual self-control 1MCP 301:1

secret springs of action determining character RC 379:3

serious consideration of, now during Day of Atonement LDE 72

stability of purpose to accomplish desired TDG 66:2

truth elevates, enabling us to reach holiness OHC 32:5

unwavering, needed in conquering self HP 231:3

weighed by God OHC 139:3

workers to see common TDG 32:6

worthy, God can fulfill TMK 224:3

See also Completion; Determination; Life, aim of; Pursuits; Standards

Goat, Goats

Goat, Goats, blood of, offered for sin DA 774

sheep and, parable of See Parables of Christ

two, in ceremonies of Day of Atonement GC 419; PP 355

See also Scapegoat

Goat hair

Goat hair, curtains of, formed roof of sanctuary PP 347