EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Family affliction - Farmer, Farmers (Husbandmen)

Family affliction

Family affliction, giving stinted offerings to God sometimes results in 1T 221

Family altar, Family altars

Family altar, Family altars GC 517-26

Abraham erected, wherever he pitched his tent ML 35

broken down, erected again Ev 458; 9T 36

seen everywhere GW 125

Christians should not neglect to establish ML 34

every family should have CG 517; 2SM 439-40

guests should be made welcome at 6T 347

love to God should be learned at 5T 416

morning and evening sacrifice should be laid on MH 392

neglected, seen everywhere 5T 601

prayer at 2SM 439-40; 6T 381

prayers for family should be offered at 1T 145-6

See also Family prayer; Family worship

Family board

Family board, as Lord’s table DA 660

guests should be made welcome at 6T 347

influences at, have results as enduring as eternity DA 101

means of saving souls 6T 347

Family burden

Family burden, few youth feel duty to bear part of FE 65

Family chain

Family chain, relinking of, at Christ’s second advent DA 632

reunited at resurrection of righteous dead 1T 654

Family circle

Family circle, affection should not be restricted to WM 159

apostles were to open Scriptures in DA 351-2

barrier thrown around, should not be broken down 2T 90

books instructive and interesting should be read in SD 178

charm of, that chases away dull shadows 1T 385

children should be educated to act their part in AH 285-6; CG 36

children who break away from, as soon as possible AH 155

Christ should be honored guest in FE 66

conduct in, true religion corrects 4T 337

differences in, how to avoid CG 244-5

division in, fear of COL 225

first field of effort in work of uplifting fellow men is MH 351

gentleness and love needed in 2T 233

God’s grace and love should pervade, like perfume AH 17

how Bible should be regarded when read in 5T 84

impatient words harm AH 439; MYP 327

love of God should be pleasant theme in CG 42

members of: more thoughtful attention should be given to 4T 621

prayer that should be offered by AH 177

secret of true prosperity for ML 25

minister should not be rude or unkind in his GW 205

parents should not permit gossip to be repeated in 5T 242

peace and unity of, repress that which would mar ML 84

politeness in, results of neglect of AH 427

praise should be given to God in ML 170

pray in SC 98

responsibilities in, children should bear AH 299

school where child receives first and most enduring lessons FE 65

self-sacrifice in, Christian must practice DA 504

Sermon on Mount should be read often in AH 423; ML 200

should exist as a firm AH 211

simple Bible studies in, many souls will be reached by ML 238

sometimes everything seems to go wrong in CG 246-7

soul saved in, as precious as one saved in China or India SD 252

will shine brightly in your crown SD 252

temperance should be placed on elevated platform in Te 165

things that attract angels into AH 422; ML 200; 1T 386-7

thoughtless and unkind words in, results of 3BC 1159

variance in, selfishness causes 4T 610

you cannot live right in, without spirit of gentleness ML 53

See also Home

Family companionship

Family companionship AH 190-4

Family connection, Family connections

Family connection, Family connections, breaking of, under latter rain GC 612

Family custom, Family customs

Family custom, Family customs, why Christ sometimes varied from DA 86

Family difficulty, Family difficulties

Family difficulty, Family difficulties, hard to adjust AH 119

husband should not let other women confide to him their 2T 297

See also Family trouble

Family discipline

Family discipline CG 233-243; Ed 287-97; 2T 253-61, 698-702

administer, with love and forbearance AH 279

Eli’s criminal neglect of PP 575-80; 4aSG 103; SR 184

extremes to be avoided 2T 253

first lesson in, should begin when children are babes in arms 1T 218

impatience in, ill effects of 2T 365-6

in Noah’s home, God blessed SR 76

lack of, example of 3T 294

laxity in 2T 698-702; 4T 192-3, 381-2; 5T 29

Aaron’s PP 360; 3T 294-5

evils of 4T 192-207

no greater curse than PP 579

Samuel’s PP 604

many parents fail to understand rightly CG 279-80

mother who moved from impulse instead of principle in 2T 433-4

necessity of 2T 698; 4T 192-3

parental responsibility re 5T 327-8

roughness and violence are out of place in 2T 365-6

severity in 2T 253-61; 3T 106

how children are affected by 3T 132-3

uniform firmness and unimpassioned control essential to 3T 532

See also Child; Home; Parent

Family dissension, Family dissension

Family dissension, Family dissension, inherited means often cause 3T 122

Family duty, Family duties

Family duty, Family duties, much light given in Testimonies re 4T 390-1

See also Home duty

Family education

Family education, law of God is to be means of CG 489

Family finance, Family finances

Family finance, Family finances AH 372-80; 2SM 185, 329; 2T 431-2

See also Income

Family firm

Family firm, children should be encouraged to do their duties in CG 261

children should feel that they are part of CG 126

each member is to act a part in AH 179

is sacred and social society AH 179

members of, teach children that they are AH 282

must be well organized AH 314

Family government

Family government, base, on principle of love 4T 256

God’s rule for, parents should manage home according to PP 578

most efficient AH 308

mothers’ duty re CG 238

need of, without harsh words or looks AH 308-9

parents should be united in administering CT 127-8

parents’ duty re AH 306

severity in 2T 253-61

Family happiness

Family happiness, depends much on wife 1T 306-7

father’s arbitrary rule mars 4T 126

how one person’s mind may affect 2T 524

wrecked by wife’s inefficiency FE 74

Family health

Family health, knowing how to make good bread is essential to 3T 156

Family holiness

Family holiness, honor, as never before 7T 155

Family intercourse

Family intercourse, rules for, Bible contains most valuable AH 423; ML 200

Family institution

Family institution, consider, as training school CG 482

Family life

Family life, industry needed in 2T 436

perils of city environment to 5T 232

regulation of, should be by consultation and agreement 4T 127

Family management

Family management, erroneous ideas of 2T 253

needless expense in, guard against AH 375

Family matter, Family matters

Family matter, Family matters, private, that wife should not relate to other men 2T 462

that should not be revealed to third person 3T 55

Family prayer, Family prayers

Family prayer, Family prayers CG 517-26; 6T 381

alone, is not enough SC 98; 2T 189

do not put your face in your hands in AH 435

have their place Ed 258; GW 254

is essential 1SM 116; 2SM 439-40; 5T 190; 7T 239

in miss. work ChS 98

neglect of, result of 2T 281

offer, morning and evening 7BC 971; PP 128; 4T 616

peril of persons who neglect ML 31

presence of entire household should be required at 2T 701

sufficient time should be devoted to 2T 701

that every family should offer AH 177

together is great blessing CG 525

See also Family altar; Family worship

Family reading circle

Family reading circle, should be formed in each home CT 138

Family relation, Family relations

Family relation, Family relations, Christ appreciated tender regard in DA 326

God Himself established AH 306

sacred privacy and privileges of, fortification preserving 2T 90

Family relationship, Family relationships

Family relationship, Family relationships 4T 255

influence of, should be sanctifying AH 19

Family religion

Family religion AH 317-25; 1T 303-10; 4T 240-4

define AH 317

honor, as never before 7T 155

reveals real character 5T 161

wonderful power of AH 94

Family responsibility

Family responsibility, man who should not take upon himself FE 65-6

Family reunion

Family reunion, in evening, after day’s duties MH 294

Family school

Family school, established in Eden Ed 33

Family secrets

Family secrets, gospel workers should beware when young or married persons would open to them 5T 596

Family spending

Family spending 2T 431-2

increase of, increasing wages causes 2SM 185

Family stewardship

Family stewardship, for God AH 367-71

Family table

Family table, gossip and slander at, ill effects of 4T 195

Family tie

Family tie, closest and most tender and sacred of any on earth MH 356

Family training

Family training, preparatory training for family above CG 224

Family trait, Family traits

Family trait, Family traits, wife who partook largely of 2T 414

Family trouble, Family troubles

Family trouble, Family troubles, disease caused by 5T 444

man warned against unwise women who would confide to him their 2T 301

parents who create more, than they cure 2T 366

See also Family difficulty

Family wall, Family walls

Family wall, Family walls, sympathies are to overflow MH 354

Family worship

Family worship CG 517-26; CT 110; Ev 499-500; ML 32; 7T 42-4

among patriarchs ML 33; PP 128, 142-3, 204

angels should be invited to be present at Ed 186

at Stockbridge Howland’s home LS 75

Bible study in, importance of ML 30

blessings of ML 35

people who should share with you MH 354

children should be required to rise and be present at 5T 424

children should be taught: not to neglect AH 320

to repeat God’s law in Ev 499

children’s participation in 7T 43

circumstances should not govern CG 520; ML 29

conduct, faithfully MH 392-3

do not make: dry and irksome CG 521; 7T 43

dull and monotonous repetition of set phrases CG 518

intermittent CG 520

mere form CG 518

do not neglect: because of big day’s work ML 29

because of guests MYP 342

on busy days CG 520

dry and irksome, dishonors God 7T 43

father should confess his sins and his children’s at 2T 701

father should lead MH 392-3; 1T 397, 547; 7T 43

God’s law should be repeated often in Ed 186; Ev 499

hour of, children should be taught to respect CT 110; 1T 397

how to conduct Ed 186; 2T 701

at beginning of Sabbath 6T 356

at close of Sabbath 6T 359

on Sabbath 6T 357

influence of MYP 342

long chapter of Scripture should not be read in CG 521

make: brief and full of life Ed 186

happiest hour of day ChS 210

intensely interesting CG 521; 7T 43

most enjoyable time of day 7T 43

most sacred and happy hour of day MYP 342

object lesson to children 6T 354

pleasant and interesting 5T 335

season of interest and joy 6T 358

short and spirited CG 521

short service 7T 43

morning and evening 7BC 971; CG 517, 519; CT 110; Ev 499; ML 29-33, 35; PP 354; 1T 398, 547; 2T 281; 4T 616; 5T 426

Abraham conducted PP 128, 142-3, 204

at early hour in evening MYP 342

best time for, before breakfast ML 31; 7T 43

Christians have example for PP 353-5

day’s sweetest and most helpful hour should be Ed 186

father should lead out in CG 521; MH 392; PP 144; 2T 701

fixed time needed for 7T 43

heavenly universe beholds 7BC 971

in morning and at sunset CG 519

influence of CT 131

Jacob conducted PP 204

parents’ duty re CT 110; Ev 499; PP 143-4

Spirit should vitalize MM 213

mother’s duty to conduct, when father is absent 2T 701; 7T 43

neglected by many families PP 143

neglect of: because not always convenient 2T 280-1

business should not be permitted to cause SD 57

warning against 2BC 1012

parents’ duty re Ed 186

pray during, for men in positions of responsibility in God’s work CG 548

prayer in: let children take part in Ed 186; 7T 43

should be loud enough for all to hear CT 241

should be short and to point CG 522; ChS 210; 7T 43

should not be about everything CG 522

should not be hurried MYP 342

should not be long CG 521; 6T 358

prayer should be part of MH 392; PP 143-4; 7T 43

prayer that is not edifying in CT 241

preparation for, give thought to Ed 186; 7T 43

professed Christians who have no 7T 42

Scripture reading in CG 521-2; Ed 186

children should sometimes select Ed 186

let questions be asked on 7T 43

should be short and interesting 7T 43

should be well chosen and simple ChS 210

singing in CG 522; Ed 186; Ev 499-500; MH 392; 2T 701; 6T 359; 7T 43

children should join in ChS 210; Ed 186; 7T 43

unacceptable to God CG 518

vary, from time to time Ed 186; 7T 43

whole family should be called together in morning for 1T 397

wife and children should participate in MH 392; 2T 701

See also Family altar; Family prayer


blessings from HP 213:2

Ellen White’s parental home and FLB 270:3

in parental home of Ellen White 1MCP 174:3

influence of, refines participants; visitors RC 183

love reigns in homes with HP 213:2

time and method for RC 183:3

youth learn submission to God through HP 210:5


Famine, after four winds are released 7BC 968

calamities followed by 5T 234

Canaan’s, drought caused PP 227

Christian’s duty while hundreds starve from 8T 51

during seven last plagues GC 628-9

during time of trouble EW 33-4, 56; LS 102

earth’s inhabitants appointed to 1T 363

Egypt’s seven years of, in Joseph’s time PP 220, 224-31; 3SG 151-4; SR 103-4

for God’s word, during seven last plagues EW 281-2; GC 629

there now is COL 228

for pure gospel ChS 152; CM 24

God cared for Elijah during DA 65; Ed 138; 2SG 244; 1T 173

God uses, to punish cities and nations 1SM 269

God’s care for His people during DA 122; GC 628-9; MB 111; 2SG 244; 1T 173

God’s people will be satisfied in GC 629

great, early Christians charged with causing GC 40

great men account for, by supposed science CT 440; FE 409

in Elijah’s time Ed 151; PK 125, 127, 130; 3T 275-7

in Elisha’s time PK 258-9

Israel’s apostasy more dreadful than horrors of PK 127

Jacob and family brought into Egypt on account of PP 131

as punishment for idolatry 3SG 297

Jerusalem’s, during siege by Romans COL 269; DA 577; GC 32

John was shown, upon earth 7BC 982; TM 445-6

Judea’s, in Paul’s time 6T 271

more frequent and disastrous, will come CD 271; GC 590

144,000 will see earth wasted with GC 649

Palestine’s, in Bible time PK 125, 127, 130, 258; PP 128, 131, 224-31; 3SG 151-4, 297; 3T 275-7

reports of, significance of 8T 49-50

Satan causes, by destruction of ripening harvest GC 590

sign of times TM 444

thousands perish daily from MH 207

war caused 1T 268

EGW’s vision of 1T 260

world being visited by FE 356

See also Hunger; Starvation

Fanatic, Fanatics

Fanatic, Fanatics, accusing spirit of, against SDA church 2SM 66

adultery among LS 133-4; 2SM 28

almost every, claims to belong to God’s church 1T 224

are many 5T 305

as curse to God’s cause 2T 553-4

as would-be martyrs for faith 1T 356-7

at Wittenberg, Luther (Martin) discomfited GC 190

Bibles burned by, in Germany GC 191

bodily demonstrations by 2SM 26

boisterous manners of 2T 555

bold and insolent 2T 555

claiming to: have power of healing 2SM 27, 66

work miracles 2SM 27

claiming to be: Christ in 1848 2SG 102-3

giving loud cry of third angel’s message 2SM 64

ready for translation 2SM 34

consumed by fiery zeal mistaken for religion 5T 305

crazy, Noah was ridiculed as 1BC 1090

creeping around houses LS 85-6

dancing and jumping 2SM 34, 42

delighting in contest 2T 557

delighting in disorder, confusion, distraction, and diversity of opinion 2T 553

devils exult over 2T 555

do not cause SDA to be regarded as 2SM 36; 1T 559

early SDA were looked upon as 3T 326

exhibitions of, self woven into 2SM 45

favorite theme of, pride of dress as 2SM 475

forget that reformation should begin with themselves GC 191

German, who regarded themselves as martyrs GC 192

God’s cause injured by Ev 212; 2SM 45

God’s messengers taunted as TM 97

having no true sense of exalted character of God’s work 2T 553

how senses of rational beings are confused by 2SM 36

Howland (F. T.) as 2SG 116-7

in advent movement, misrepresented and exaggerated errors of GC 397

incased in self-righteousness 2T 555

Laodicean message rejected by 2SG 223

Luther (Martin) opposed by GC 396

mentally deranged LS 87

mentally unbalanced 2SM 64

Methodist, blood vessel broken by 2SG 123

confined in “black hole” 2SG 123

Miller (Wm.) denounced as GC 336

musical instruments used by 2SM 36

Noah denounced as 1BC 1090; MB 33; PP 96; 3SG 65-6; SR 63; 4T 308

oppress conscience of people who want to be right 2SM 319

overbearing and dictatorial 2SM 27

people who cause SDA to be regarded as Ev 215

Pharisees denounced John the Baptist as DA 275

pretended piety of 2SM 27

purported visions of 2SM 34

purporting to be SDA 2SM 27

religion of, consisting of impulse, noise, and confusion 2T 553

spiced with eccentricities and oddities 2T 553

rolling like hoops 2SM 26

Sabbath truth accepted by 2SM 27

Satan used, to hinder Protestant Reformation AA 348; GC 186-93, 396

Satan uses: to cast contempt upon Spirit’s work GC 8

to hinder God’s work AA 348

to misrepresent SDA 2SM 27

Satan wants world to brand SDA as GW 316

Satan works with masterly power to bring in ChS 40; 2SM 19; 5T 485

Scriptures misused by 2SM 44-6

seeming to think that religion consisted of noise 2SG 50-1

SDA name brought into disrepute by 2T 553-4

shouting 2SM 34

singing by 2SM 42

spiritual wife taken by 2SG 68

stronghold of, sarcasm and irony as 2T 555

suicide committed by LS 86-7

telling people they are possessed of devils 2SM 47

Testimonies misused by 2SM 65

things that would make SDA appear to be Ev 612; 2SM 318-9

EGW attacked by 1SM 69, 74

EGW rebuked 2SM 27, 42-3

EGW’s experience with two 2SM 42

EGW’s work opposed by 1T 67

JW rebuked 2SM 27

wives exchanged by 2SM 28

women, garbed in white linen dresses in 1850 2SG 131

work of Wesleys hindered by GC 396

wrong impulses moved 2SM 46

See also Extremist; Holy flesh; Offshoot


Fanatical, a few extremists can cause whole body of Sabbathkeepers to be designated as MM 269

Fanatical delusion

Fanatical delusion, in Maine 3T 313

Fanatical excitement, Fanatical excitements

Fanatical excitement, Fanatical excitements, cause of truth should be stripped of everything like 1T 415

erroneous ideas that would lead to 1SM 179

spell of, broken by God’s word in Luther’s (Martin) time GC 190

Fanatical exercise, Fanatical exercises

Fanatical exercise, Fanatical exercises, people influenced by 5T 668

Fanatical idea, Fanatical ideas

Fanatical idea, Fanatical ideas, alpha of 2SM 26

re sanctification and sealing 2SM 27

that faith must be shown by giving up all business 7BC 909

Thessalonian believers annoyed by advocates of AA 261

Fanatical impression, Fanatical impressions

Fanatical impression, Fanatical impressions, JW and EGW met and opposed 3T 315

Fanatical influence, Fanatical influences

Fanatical influence, Fanatical influences, church needs to be purified from 2SM 319

Laodicean message is to rid church of 2SG 223

Spirit’s influence will not be GW 289

Fanatical leader, Fanatical leaders

Fanatical leader, Fanatical leaders, compared to wolves 1T 314

Fanatical movement, Fanatical movements

Fanatical movement, Fanatical movements, do not encourage anything like Ev 131

evangelists cautioned against starting Ev 387-8

excitement leading to, do not stir up LS 411

in Indiana 2SM 33

many, will arise 2SM 35

open no door to 2SM 28

reason lost by some persons joining 2SM 34-5

reproach brought upon God’s cause by 1T 229

started by church members, there will always be 2SM 84

warning against 2SM 33-4

Fanatical presumption

Fanatical presumption, supposed faith that was only 1T 357

Fanatical streak

Fanatical streak, doors may be closed against truth by TM 228

Fanatical teacher, Fanatical teachers

Fanatical teacher, Fanatical teachers, governed by impressions GC 191

impulse regarded by, as God’s voice GC 191

Fanatical view, Fanatical views

Fanatical view, Fanatical views, re clocks with figures on them Ev 216


Fanaticism GW 316-7; 2T 553-7

after disappointment of 1844 Ev 595; 1SM 221; 2SM 26-7, 29, 34, 36-7, 41; 5T 592, 654-5; 8T 292

aged SDA workers met 2SM 224

all revivals should not be regarded as GW 170-1

among SDA: foretold 2SM 16, 95

miraculous healing that would lead to Ev 594

Satan will work mightily to introduce GW 316

answer to prayer for healing that would lead to 2SM 348

at camp meetings 2SM 36-7

in Jackson, Mich. 2SM 73

avoid, in prayer for sick 2T 147

blasting, minister should decidedly stand to correct 2T 547

charging Spirit with leading men into, blasphemy of CT 358

church’s duty to discipline members given to 2SG 159

close and bolt doors firmly against Ev 138; GW 316

complaint that Christ’s teachings produce TM 284

cry of, against faithful gospel workers EW 109

when revivals are held GW 170

danger of, entering into SDA ranks 2SM 44

dark reign of 2T 547

discord caused by 1T 419

discourage anything savoring of GW 316-7

doctrine of, Paul rebuked by manual labor AA 348-9

that it is sin to work AA 348; LS 86; 2SG 63

efforts of, to ally itself with Reformation GC 193

every phase of, will press among believers and unbelievers MM 114; 2SM 14

exercise greatest care against 2SM 45

experience savoring of, do not adhere to 2T 92

failure to work on right side to correct 2T 547

fearful waves of, will come 2SM 47

fire of, people who are too often in CH 628; 1T 502

souls whom Satan will try to push into 5T 644

first angel’s message tended to repress GC 398; SR 368

Garmire family’s 2SM 64-5, 72-4

gospel workers who ran into EW 62-3

guard against 2SM 35; 5T 644

everything savoring of 2SM 41

in Battle Creek 2SM 64; TM 86

in Brookfield, N.Y. LS 114-5; 2SG 102-3

in California 2SM 46; 5T 485

at Red Bluff, Calif. 2SM 64

SDA Church brought into disrepute by 2SM 46

in Canada in 1850 2SM 26-7

in Connecticut 2SM 65

in eastern USA, desolating effects of 1T 409-13, 419

in 1843-44 GC 395-8; GW 316; 2SM 26, 34, 327; SR 368; 5T 655

in 1854 1T 409-13, 419

in evangelistic work, warnings against Ev 130-1

in Germany during Reformation GC 186-93, 196, 239, 398

at Wittenberg, Luther (Martin) preached a week against GC 189-90

Luther opposed AA 348; GC 187-93

Luther sought God in prayer when he had to meet GC 188

Luther stood firm as rock against GC 193

Münzer (Thomas) led GC 191

results of, charged against Luther GC 192

in gospel work, do not encourage wave of Ev 136

in Illinois 2T 547

in Indiana 2SM 36

in Iowa 1T 356-7, 518

in Maine EW 22; LS 74-6, 131; 2SM 26-7, 46; 2T 553; 3T 313

at Exeter, Me. LS 73; 2SG 39-40; 1T 65-6

at Norridgewock, Me. LS 178

at Paris, Me. LS 86-7, 127; 2SG 63-4; 3T 313

at Portland, Me. LS 85-6; 2SG 39-40, 45, 49-52

EGW met 2SG 62-5

in Massachusetts 2SG 71

at Dorchester, Mass. 2SG 75-6

at New Bedford, Mass. 2SG 72-4

at Randolph, Mass. 2SG 76

Sargent and Robbins led, in 1845 2SG 75-9

in Netherlands, Menno Simons opposed GC 239

in New Hampshire 2SM 26-7

at Claremont, N.H. LS 133-3; 2SG 46-8

EGW met LS 79-84

in Oswego, N.Y. LS 128; 2SG 119-24

in Paul’s day GC 396

at Thessalonica AA 261-2, 347-9

in Vermont LS 133-5; 2SG 127, 131-2, 157-9; 2SM 26-7

at Johnson, Vt. 2SG 131-2

Libbey and Bailey led 2SG 131

mesmeric influence used by LS 134

in Washington, D.C. 2SM 66

in Wisconsin 2SG 295a; 1T 317-8, 323; 2T 547

at Mauston, Wis. 1T 244

faithful servants of God met 1T 313-4

false theory of holiness led to 1T 322-3

gross, unreasonable, foolish, and wild 1T 228-32, 312

man who took part in 1T 311

incompatible with true Christian work 2SM 45

inroads of, warning against Ev 212-3

insanity resulting from 2SM 34-5

leads to extremes 5T 305

manifestation of, doors closed against truth by Ev 611-2

mark influence of, in Satan’s service TM 102

meet, decidedly 1SM 221

met by all reformers GC 396

midnight cry in 1844 tended to repress GC 398, 400; SR 368, 370

Miller (Wm.) had no sympathy with influences leading to GC 396-7

mind as well as body affected by 1T 317

mind diverted from evidence of truth by 2SM 41, 43

ministers warned against GW 316; 2T 547

minister’s wrong attitude toward 2T 547

mist and fog of, souls faithful amid LS 115; 2SG 103

mistaken for conscientiousness 1T 356

of persons of excitable temperament 2SM 17

once started and left unchecked, is hard to quench as fire 2SM 35

order and system in gospel work is safeguard against 4T 601

outpouring of Spirit must not be treated as TM 64

people driven from truth by 2T 555

people who ran deep into EW 62-3

persons of excitable temperament are easily led into 2SM 43

piety and conscientiousness erroneously called 4BC 1138

pioneer SDA workers met 2SG 286

prejudice created by Ev 612

pretending to cast out devils 2SM 46

proclamation of third angel’s message hindered by 2SM 46

re dress CG 428; 2SM 319, 474

re health reform: avoid giving impression that SDA are subject to 1T 559

two men who were deluded by 2T 385

warning against 2T 385-6

re medical aid 2SG 134-5

re pictures Ev 215-6; 2SM 319-20

re Spirit 2SM 26

re spiritual gifts 1T 419-20

re true holiness AA 348

reactions to 1T 412-3

Reformation charged with, by its enemies GC 397

Reformation jeopardized by, in Germany GC 186-93

regarded as spiritual gift 1T 412

religion bordering on 2SM 21

reproach brought on God’s cause by, efforts to remove 1T 419

righteousness by faith erroneously denounced as leading to LS 326-7; TM 468

running from one extreme to another in 5T 305

Satan leads overzealous, unbalanced, and unsanctified minds into AA 348

second advent message did not create GC 398

SDA faith made disgusting to unbelievers by 1T 318

SDA must meet, in closing days of message 1SM 221

SDA should appear as persons void of Ev 170-1

some people consider, as special evidence of faith 1T 412

spasm of, God’s cause saved from 2SM 86

spell of, fears of persons once deluded by 1T 323

spirit of: constant danger of 2SM 43

great harm could be done to churches by 2SM 42

mistaken for Spirit by some people 1T 208

reckless and disorderly 1T 413

stubborn 1T 231

why some fail to discern Ev 610-1

Spirit’s work must not be called 5BC 1092; CT 367; 1SM 130; 2SM 57; TM 80, 284

Spirit’s working is not result of 1SM 131

Spirit’s working regarded as 1SM 141-3; TM 80, 284

spiritual eyesalve as protection against 1SM 142

spiritual eyesight perverted by Ev 610-1

sprung up repeatedly after 1844 2SM 75-6

startling advertising that savors of Ev 130-1

stigma brought to whole body of SDA by 2SM 43

tidal wave of, what would produce 2SM 92

unbalanced minds led into 2SM 17

unity among God’s people is protection against 1T 327

unwarranted fear of being led into FE 434

watch and check all, wherever it may rise EW 63

Wesleys met, of every grade GC 396

EGW accused of, by nominal Adventists EW 22; LS 88-9; 2SG 58; 1T 72

EGW instructed to meet Ev 610; LS 85-94; 2SM 28

will manifest itself again, in different ways 2SM 44

Wycliffe (John) had to meet AA 348

See also Delusion; Excitement; Extreme; Extremist; Holy flesh; Offshoot; Time setting; Tongue


avoid demonstrations that savor of 3SM 375:5

avoided by Christ’s traits of dignity, humility, etc. TMK 178:2

body movements and dead thought to be raised is NL 51:2

calling work of God, is dangerous TDG 52:3

claims of righteousness and noisy demonstrations lead to TDG 359:2

danger of, from thinking all may become prophets 3SM 341:1

deceptive when mixed with workings of the Spirit 3SM 403:1

demonstrations of, take minds from truth 3SM 372:6

devils were claimed to be cast out by some in 1MCP 40:1

Ellen White told to meet every phase of 1MCP 46:1

faith will not lead to, or to slothfulness FW 27:2

glorifying Christ instead of queen would appear as TMK 274:2

label of, not to bring discouragement UL 177:4

mind control was one form of, met in 1845 1MCP 46:4

moral faculties clouded by disease causes RC 161:2

peace of Christ is intelligent and without FW 88:0

repetition of demonstrations of, in the future 3SM 373:3

Satan pushes soul into, if not bound by indifference 1MCP 38:2

Satan stirs minds to create;, experienced in 1908 1MCP 42:0

(speech, song, etc.) of Mrs. Mackin would hurt cause of God 3SM 376:2

truth rejected by spouse of one accepting TSB 211:3

Fancied thing, Fancied things

Fancied thing, Fancied things, persons who see, which do not exist Ev 611

Fancied want, Fancied wants

Fancied want, Fancied wants, wasting God’s money on, sinfulness of AH 383; CS 300

Fanciful doctrine

Fanciful doctrine, every conceivable, will be presented 2SM 25

Fanciful idea, Fanciful ideas

Fanciful idea, Fanciful ideas, among SDA 1SM 169

as chaff 4BC 1157

brought in, as truth 4BC 1157

do not turn your attention to 1SM 169

innumerable, among churches of Christendom GC 525

mingling of, with truth 2SM 29

warning re 2SM 24

Fanciful inference, Fanciful inferences

Fanciful inference, Fanciful inferences, warning against placing, on level with vital truth 1T 413

Fanciful representation, Fanciful representations

Fanciful representation, Fanciful representations, in preaching, ministers warned against AA 252; Ev 182; GW 153

soul cannot be saved from sin by 1SM 160

Fanciful sentiment, Fanciful sentiments

Fanciful sentiment, Fanciful sentiments of men not taught by God, do not receive 8T 203

Fanciful speculation, Fanciful speculations

Fanciful speculation, Fanciful speculations, do not indulge in 1SM 158

Fanciful teaching, Fanciful teachings

Fanciful teaching, Fanciful teachings 1SM 169-75

re God’s personality not needed LS 94

Fanciful theory, Fanciful theories

Fanciful theory, Fanciful theories, Christ’s disciples became ashamed of their 8T 267

nonessential, EGW’s attitude toward GW 313

Fanciful thing, Fanciful things

Fanciful thing, Fanciful things, do not trust to presentation of, to arouse interest Ev 137

Fanciful view, Fanciful views

Fanciful view, Fanciful views, blinding eyes to important and vital points of truth 1T 413

Fancy, Fancies

Fancy, Fancies, ambitious, let none run ahead of Christ to follow their own TM 211-2

dreamy See Dreamy fancy

faith confounded with 1SM 180; 2SM 14

how Satan delights men’s GC 554

money should not be spent to suit CG 134-5

must not guide in marriage AH 43

peculiar, patients who have MH 245

Scriptures interpreted by many people to suit their GC 521

subjects that please, ministers should not dwell on GW 153

unholy, warning against indulging in MM 101

written down as visions 2SM 89

See also Vagary


Fancywork, girls need more to do than a little 2T 371

knowledge more important for young women than learning FE 74

mothers’ duty re MH 381

understanding of, will not provide well-cooked meal 2T 538

unnecessary, for baby’s clothes 2SM 466

See also Crocheting; Embroidering; Tatting


spiritual, captivate many TSB 200:3

Fantastic things

Fantastic things, souls satisfied with 2T 593


Farce, education obtained in literary lines that is FE 397

Farel, Wm.

Farel, Wm. GC 213-4, 219, 231-4


Farewell, mysterious, of long-suffering love of Deity DA 620

Fargo, J.

Fargo, J. 1T 600

Farm, Farms

Farm, Farms, Abraham’s, Christian can safely be wrapped up in contemplation of 1T 118

immortal inheritance of the redeemed 2SG 214

blessings on Bro. Root’s 1T 575

care and perplexity of, should not engross owner’s mind 1T 118

church services should not be neglected to attend to 2T 654

God calls for men and women to leave, to become missionaries AA 370

God’s, on new earth 6T 177

God’s great, all that men enjoy they receive from Ev 249-50

industry on, children blessed by 2T 403

large, God’s work soon will not need means of owners of 1T 175

men who labor on high-pressure plan to care for 2T 663

many people in East and West add farm to 1T 114

need of buying small, for unemployed Sabbathkeepers in cities WM 184

people who love, more than Christ CS 123

prayer should not be neglected to attend to 2T 654

preaching louder than words, but not for God 1T 152

Satan pleased to have SDA increase their 5T 152

school See School farm

seeming to be more important than obedience to God’s invitation 3T 384

some SDA bring, to camp meeting 2T 597

work on, Christians should endeavor to save souls while doing ML 219

See also Agriculture; Land

Farmer, Farmers (Husbandmen)

Farmer, Farmers (Husbandmen) 4T 48

American SDA advised to go to Australia as FE 212

being a godly, more difficult than being missionary in field CG 358

blessings of God that should be remembered by 2T 652

boys should be trained by, in agriculture CG 355-6

cause of discouragement to FE 318

cause of failure by many FE 327

Christian: do not speak disparagingly of 4T 608

miss. work that can be done by MH 193

responsibility of, to work for Christ MH 148

crib placed too high by, for sheep CT 435

crops neglected by, to attend horse races and betting clubs FE 327

to keep holidays FE 327

crying “peace and safety” 4T 309

dependence of, on God to make his seed grow 8T 326

duty of, to serve on church committees ChS 25

educated, country needs FE 319

educated and trained, needed to till soil TM 244

Elisha reared as PK 217-8

Elisha’s father was 2BC 1035; Ed 58; PK 217; SD 93

failure of many, because of neglect MH 193

far more intelligence needed by, in their work FE 325

first angel’s message proclaimed by SR 358

God blesses, who co-operates with Him FE 319

God provides soil, sun, rain, and seed for 5T 724

health advantages enjoyed by, are greater FE 319

healthier than mechanic FE 73

home of TM 245

should be clean and well kept TM 245

industrious and well-to-do, miss. work should be done in settlements of 9T 35

intelligent, need of TM 244

who are negligent fathers 2SM 426

Israelites as, God’s purposes for 1BC 1112

lesson from experience of, for teachers CT 435

Miller (Wm.) was EW 229; GC 317

miracle that God will not work for 1BC 1112; Ev 562-3; FE 124; 5T 724

missionary, needed in neglected areas MH 194

more grace needed to work for God as, than to be missionary CT 279

must depend on God to do what human power cannot do CT 125

must employ means at hand, if he would receive harvest 5T 724

need not become coarse in their natures CG 355-6; TM 244-5

needs to learn his trade or profession 5T 528

neglecting to cultivate soil, God works no miracle for Ev 652-3; FE 124; 5T 724

land is not productive generally because of FE 325

person who might have been successful, fills inadequately position of minister Ed 267

physical condition of active, contrasted with that of student neglecting physical exercise FE 74

prosperous, won to Christ by EGW Ev 451-2

red-faced and bloated, who wanted brandy 5T 358; Te 96

responsibility of, as church members 4T 469

to give gospel to others PK 222

should be efficient workers for God 6T 423

should be prepared to: engage in missionary work ChS 25

fill church offices ChS 25

serve as SS teachers ChS 25

should not be: careless of appearance of homes TM 245

careless of their clothing TM 245

coarse, rough, and slack TM 245

should not wear on Sabbath clothing worn during week 2SM 474-5

sows seed, but cannot make it grow CT 125; 8T 326

spend in shows and lotteries money needed for improving farms FE 327

students in schools of the prophets sustained themselves by labor as FE 97

substantial, case of 5T 259-60

successful, people who cannot be 2T 309

temperate in all habits, usually enjoys health FE 73-4

tenant, evangelistic work in England for Ev 416-7

time spent in idleness by, needed for improving farms FE 327

tithe of harvest should be paid by CS 46

unfaithful, harvest passes sentence of condemnation on Ed 108-9

unsuccessful FE 318

who have little time for: meditation and prayer 2T 663

study of God’s word 2T 663

whose crops failed, EGW helped WM 323

why, do not wish their children to be farmers FE 318

why many, are disappointed in their crops 5T 151-2

wise, miss. work should be done by 9T 36


Christ illustrated truth using the occupation of HP 54:3

exhibit their best products HP 326:4

heart to be worked as, work the earth TDG 112:4

missionary work as, in the Southern field SW 93:2

work of, with soil, church members should consider TMK 281:2