EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Faith and works - Family, Families

Faith and works

Faith and works See Works

balance and character perfection from FW 49:2; NL 36:3


as oars FLB 115:7

for faith alone is dead FW 97:0

in Isaiah 58 HP 110:3

in work of overcoming FW 48:3

consistent, of Noah condemned the world TDG 235:2

false positions on, a great danger FW 11:2

go hand in hand in work of overcoming NL 36:1

make Christians, preparing them to sit with Christ TDG 262:4

needed for completeness UL 249:4

relationship between OHC 122:3

required to resist worldliness and pride TMK 295:3

safety only in life of TDG 310:5

workers who have combined TDG 289:2

Faith (body of beliefs)

1. Seventh-day Adventist

2. Miscellaneous

1. Seventh-day Adventist

aping customs and fashions of worldly wealthy is reproach to 4T 515

barrier which Satan cannot pass 5T 297

believers are individually responsible for 2SM 375

believer’s life should be consistent with 2T 663

Bible is rule of GW 249; 1SM 416

blasphemed because of conduct of unfaithful believers 1T 336

church members confirmed in, by imparting truth 6T 435

confession of, acknowledgment of truth is our 6T 403

corrupted by love of world 3T 478

departure from, point on which there will be CW 53

doctrines and, pray for unity in CD 187

every position of, will be searched into Ev 69; 2SM 386; 5T 546

evidences of: all believers should thoroughly acquaint themselves with 1T 413

believers who do not understand 5T 707

found in Scriptures 5T 575

ministers should be thoroughly acquainted with GW 249

seek 3T 226

fitly represent, while restricting your wants CS 38

foundation of 1SM 201-8

burden of many persons is to unsettle LS 429

laid at beginning of SDA work GW 307; 8T 297

laid by prayerful Bible study and by revelation GW 307; 8T 297

laid firmly 1SM 206-8

let no one attempt to tear away or tear down GW 307; MM 98; 8T 297

sanctuary truth as Ev 221

truth for this time is given by God as CW 32; 1SM 161

fundamental articles of, never use arguments not wholly sound in defense of 5T 708

fundamental principles of, must be held firmly CW 52

fundamental truths of, must be kept before people CW 29

giving erroneous impression re, greatly dishonors God 7T 108-9

God wants His people to be established and settled in TM 518

greatest ever given to world ChS 226

holy 5T 297, 592

important points of, be well fortified with Scripture evidence for 1T 447-8

impress of, every action should bear 4T 191

every moment of life should bear 4T 191

in fundamental truths of God’s word, we are one in Ev 179

is in truth 2SM 157

life and character must be in harmony with 5T 100

marriage of believers with unbelievers belittles 5T 367

message contradicting special points of, do not accept CW 32

Messenger party adulterated 1T 229

miserable representatives of, persons who are 1T 413

never be ashamed of 5T 520, 526

never hide your, from unbelievers for a moment 5T 526

new, danger of trying to get up a 3T 440

persons who try to build up, warning against GW 307

no line of, is to be weakened 8T 160

objectionable features of, do not begin evangelistic work with Ev 201; TM 253

peculiar 3T 201

peculiar points of, do not unwisely press upon anyone 7T 109

persons speaking lightly of, should not be connected with God’s work 4T 209

persons who would undermine, warning against CW 32; 5T 538

pillars of 2SM 387-91; 4T 211

as reasons why we are SDA 5T 330

Bible study removing, is error CW 32

evidences as, seek and firmly grasp 3T 226

hold to 1SM 201

lapse of time has not lessened value of 1SM 201

removal of, warning against CW 32; 1SM 207-8

reasons for: God’s people will be called upon to make known FE 202

look deep and discern TM 164

ministers should understand and be able to explain 1T 648

respect FE 194

say nothing that would cast reproach upon 5T 649

should be one 1T 327

simplicity and purity of, prayer needed to keep undefiled 2BC 1031

substantiated by Spirit’s instruction and approval, hold as sacred 2SM 407

testimony of, significance of 2T 114

understanding all points of, is essential 4T 315

unpopular 4T 260

views opposed to, results of holding 3T 441

2. Miscellaneous

baptism into larger 5T 570

be true to, and you will be true to God LS 303-4

control of, no man should be given title of honor indicating DA 613

God requires His people to be peculiar in 5T 54

men will not be judged by their profession or, but by their deeds 1T 454

mixed, faith that becomes 2T 694-5

of Jesus, God’s commandments connected with 2SM 117

ministers should preach more on EW 63

unity of, angels work to hold God’s people together in 1T 326

See also Doctrine


apostasies from, replaced by multitudes at eleventh hour TDG 163:5

being in the, questions to consider about OHC 336:2

brethren in, warring among OHC 233:3

built upon sand if it lacks the foundation of truth 2MCP 536:0

complete system of, revealed in the Bible 2MCP 784:1

compromise of, prayer to save Scotland from, answered TDG 171:5

confession of, transmitted in living oracles TMK 347:3

confusion of,

before the work of apostasy ends Mar 192:2

by doubting Bible inspiration UL 370:3

consistency of, unbelievers to see LHU 244:3; RC 220:3

contending for,

expected by God TDG 242:4

in the narrow pathway Mar 110:2

deceived ones have, described in Isa. 29:9, 10 TDG 312:5

dedicated ones to contend for RC 219:3

defects and inconsistency allow the world to reproach our TMK 153:2

denial of,

not to be made; we have a message to bear TDG 237:2

persecuting power may demand 3SM 421:1

departing from, and undermining the confidence of others TDG 74:5

enemies of our, triumphed; irreverence in meetings 3SM 257:2

error mixed with truth of, saying Jesus does it all FW 55:2

established in,

by knowledge and wisdom from God HP 349:3

from searching the Scriptures OHC 37:2

evidence for, useless when remaining in sin TMK 244:3

features of, to be retained OHC 344:4

foundations of,

being taken down UL 152

faith without works is dead FW 47:1; NL 34:2

not to be torn down TDG 324:4

on the Bible; obedience will result FW 49:1; NL 36:2

giving reason for, not enough for salvation OHC 142:4

heart open to Jesus will contend for TMK 129:5

hold every feature of UL 369:7

ignorance of many of what constitutes RC 82:2

indifference to, implied OHC 344:4

insufficient if only accepted from fathers OHC 332:3

know, for ourselves; we should know the Bible rules 2MCP 535:3

know reason for, and why on Lord’s side OHC 332:5

landmarks of, drifting from; ministry called to unity CET 203:1

leading points of, established in study after 1844 TDG 317:4

life contradicts, of those who are blind, wretched, etc. FW 31:3

lived by Waldensian students in schools of the world 3SM 233:2

miracles are not a safe test of Mar 156:3

misrepresenting, by joking, trifling, etc. TMK 138:3

new in, counsel those new in, to look to God for wisdom 2MCP 764:3


many have, and are not converted TDG 357:5

not brought into the character HP 118:3

not sufficient to keep world in subordination TMK 165:4

peace by continuing in TMK 281:4

peculiar features of, to be shown as important TDG 196:4

peculiarities of, to be kept UL 69:2

pillar(s) of,

attacked after truth preached to all nations Mar 189:4

Ellen White’s concern about threats to 3SM 38:3

sanctuary truth is a UL 199:4

prejudice from presenting some features of our SW 77:0

present, connects with past and future UL 331:3

principles of,

not to be hampered by customs of society TDG 284:2

standing without hesitation for OHC 341:4

See also Doctrines

profession of,

at baptism acknowledges Lord as God AG 15:4

consistency between works and TMK 352:5

impatience and fretfulness,

give lie to RC 368:3

repining give lie to TMK 167:2

life will correspond with, by His grace OHC 270:4

live; this is all that is expected TSB 52:2

not enough HP 46:4

responsibility sensed if behavior harmonizes with TDG 17:5

trials show, as hollow formalism TMK 352:2

valueless without fruits in life TDG 197:5

while not bearing fruit TMK 133:3

promises and provisions of Scripture are foundation of Mar 232:4

reasons for,

coming scenes demand knowing 3SM 415:1

rest in understanding HP 349:3

recommended by thoroughness and neatness TDG 331:2

relatives persecuting us, hoping for denial of our Mar 197:4

reproach of, give world no occasion for TDG 165:4

Sabbath is foundation of our TMK 357:3


is undermining principles of RC 218:4

uses every device to unsettle our Mar 95:3

will not confuse, of one hidden in Christ 2MCP 513:2

Scripture study to give us reasons for 1MCP 92:2


sanctuary understanding is foundation of RY 78:2

views of Galatians feared to destroy 3SM 174:3

See also Seventh-day Adventists, beliefs of


not ashamed of, for it is best specification TMK 357:3

to hold fast their TMK 352:3

self-examination to see if we are in the UL 282:5

settled in, we should be TMK 129:3

shrinking from consequences of, as we near the end 3SM 398:4

soundness in; own inclinations not to be included 1MCP 49:3

suggestions of those who have departed from the UL 50:2

triumph of, working with Christ in promoting TDG 219:2

true to HP 179:3

understanding reasons of, a safeguard HP 348:2; Mar 95:3

understood as hearts opened to light on righteousness by faith 3SM 182:0

unity of, sought after 1844; Christ is not divided CET 192:4

well grounded in HP 162:2

witnesses of last days not easily moved from their RC 347:4

Word of God,

only true guide in matters of OHC 31:4

reveals a complete system of practice and OHC 36:4

world watches to see how our characters are affected by TMK 153:2

Faithful believer, Faithful believers

Faithful believer, Faithful believers, glorious triumph awaiting AA 321

will be saved AA 589


Faithfulness/Fidelity, all work should be characterized by MYP 230

all your doings should be marked by 2T 136

angels present to set seal of heaven on Ev 645

as essential in life’s common duties as in greater responsibility 4T 590

believer’s, tested and proved in temporal things 4T 309

Christian is to be guide and example to others in ChS 12

God prizes, above all else GW 267

more than greatness of work accomplished 2T 511

gospel worker’s, God will reward 1SM 88

highest motives to, set before Christian 5T 368

honors any God-appointed position MYP 79

in discharge of duties, importance of CG 121; PP 222

work is made noble by LS 353

in God’s work 5T 272-85

in little things MYP 143-5

Elisha an example of PK 218

essential to cultivate 4T 561

evidence of fitness for greater responsibilities Ed 61; PK 218

experience of Daniel and companions in PK 487

fits man for greater responsibilities Ed 61; 3T 22

required 4T 572

in loving service to God, wins His approval COL 361

last year’s, will never atone for present year’s neglect 1SM 26; 5T 63

lesson of, ants teach 4T 456

life should be characterized by, in least as well as greatest of details PP 574

moral fitness for any position requires 4T 367

most glorious rewards for, set before Christians 5T 368

of ancient men of God will produce like results today MH 285

past, will not atone for one wrong act PP 420

should correspond to light given 5T 717

strongest incentives to, set before Christians 5T 368

that has become second nature AH 35

to God-given trust, what men may achieve today by PP 574

woman should exhibit, in doing household duties 3T 80

worker’s, is measured by results of his work COL 84

your, tested by your circumstances PP 222-3

See also Fidelity; Loyalty


admonished since character is recorded in heaven OHC 317:4

businessman to act with, to his Master TMK 324:4

Christ honored by, in all we do TDG 15:2

Christ’s commendation for, not for success UL 289:6

circumstance not to alter LHU 245

crown of life is the reward of FW 48:3; NL 36:1

Ellen White determined to have 3SM 71:3

example of, where we are UL 274:2

exhort others to, with increased zeal and effort TMK 348:5

exists with unity among believers and with God TMK 173:3

God fulfills His word to those with, in every age RC 129:5

God has those with UL 68:4

God recognizes, and gives increased ability TDG 342:7

importance of, in letting light shine TDG 98:2

in little things, HP 231:2; UL 129:2

chosen by God for UL 343:4

lack of, selfishness at the root of TMK 325:3

lives of, may be lived in any circumstance OHC 317:4

Noah distinguished by, amid corruption and ridicule RC 322:3

Paul had, among the faithless, at his trial CC 355:6

practicing, wherever you are TMK 93:3

protection and presence of God promised for UL 85:8

required in giving the warning message RC 54:3

retaining, by proving true in test and trial TMK 350:3


depends on, not on amount of work TDG 80:5

in proportion to TDG 133:3

reward for,

beyond description UL 151:4

crown of everlasting life granted as TMK 315:4

situation of, God notes every TMK 234:2

small and large duties require UL 331:4

small work done with, approved in heaven NL 35:0

tests for, not to be of human invention 3SM 252:1

witnesses of last days have, recognized in heaven RC 347:5

work of, hindered by enemies of truth OHC 128:3

work should be characterized by TMK 93:4

See also Diligence; Follow-through; Integrity

Faith of Jesus

emphasis on, to be greater RC 82:5

importance of, had not been preached by SDAs 3SM 172:2

meaning of, in third angel’s message 3SM 172:3

See also Christ, faith of

Faithless person, Faithless persons

Faithless person, Faithless persons, Christ pleads cause of MB 131

Paul was faithful among AA 495

waiting to be carried forward by faith of others 5T 533

Fall, Falls

Fall, Falls, great fact of man’s, rejected by many professed Christians PK 625

man’s, most fearful and dreaded evidence of ML 322

repeated 4T 30

moral, losing of first love as 7BC 957

succession of, since Adam fell 1BC 1082; Te 92, 227, 273

See also Adam


begins with secret rebellion against requirements; (rapid descent) TMK 254:4

Christ can keep you from UL 19:5

expect, if God’s cautions are not heeded TDG 259:4

God permits, then lifts and purifies TDG 259:6

humanity’s, See Humans, fall of

kept from, by yielding all powers to service of God TMK 115:4

redemption of, by God made man Con 17:2

Satan awaits your, that he may exult TDG 295:3

self-confidence leads many to TDG 259:4; TMK 267:3

truth thought to be known but not as in Jesus, leads to 3SM 154:3

Fallacy, Fallacies (Sophistries)

Fallacy, Fallacies (Sophistries), all conceivable, some SDA will bring in 1SM 41

conceited men’s, issues will continue to be made of 6BC 1064

human, abundant and specious MM 88

past experience of God’s people was not 1SM 161

religious, no need to be deceived by 1SM 170

tests that melt, like frost before sun MYP 89; SD 232

See also Philosophy; Premise; Reasoning; Sophistry; Theory; Vagary


discarding Christ and His righteousness and accepting TDG 336:2

Ellen White,

agonized for those receiving (pantheism) TDG 76:4

told to awaken those receiving UL 251:4

Eve yielded to Con 14:3

fibers of, touch experience and undermine faith RC 218:8


falsehood in spite of appearance 3SM 21:2

turned from faith by HP 349:3

introduction of, by those needing study and prayer RC 218:7

Kellogg’s work with dangerous, not to be sold PM 314:2

leading to rejection of God’s warning UL 160:3

preferred by some to “Thus saith the Lord” RC 303:2

spiritual, one thing will follow another in 3SM 74:0

spiritualistic, parting from God to accept TDG 325:2

truth replaced with, to control minds HP 345:3

See also Deception; Errors; Falsehoods


Christ is Advocate for the UL 64:2

Fallen nature

Fallen nature, man’s See Man

Fallen person, Fallen persons

Fallen person, Fallen persons, Christ spoke words of tenderest pity to DA 91-2

lowest, not beyond God’s reach 6T 279

need not give up to despair PK 84


Fallible, all men are, needing pity MM 211

man is 1SM 416

Falmouth, Mass.

Falmouth, Mass. GC 307


False, true and: careful discrimination needed to distinguish between AA 263

caution and patience needed to distinguish between AA 385

men who will be unable to discern between AA 279

False dealing

False dealing, Bible condemns all, in strongest terms 4T 311

False guide

False guide See Guide

Falsehearted person, Falsehearted persons

Falsehearted person, Falsehearted persons, God bears patiently with MH 493

Falsehood, Falsehoods

Falsehood, Falsehoods, Aaron acted 1BC 1109

Abraham’s reasoning re his, to Pharaoh re Sarah PP 130

against a person, cannot make him worse 1T 100

against believers they love, families leave truth because of TM 411

against people who stand firm in defense of faith, strengthens them 5T 601

all, is sin against God 4T 336

appetite for, class who have 1SM 71

barefaced, Tertullus uttered AA 419-20

Bible condemns all, in strongest terms 4T 311

blunt, mother who teaches children to tell 2SG 255

Cain resorted to, to conceal his guilt PP 77

cannot be hidden from God’s eyes 4T 310

children practicing secret vice may resort to CG 458

children use, to deceive parents 4T 651

children who tell, with little reproof of conscience 1T 157

children who utter, failure of parents re CG 233

Christ’s servants will be scourged with 4T 234

Christian character perfected amid GC 665

Christian life must be free from 5T 50

class who will accept, in time of test 2SM 47

cloak of, Satan uses GC 497

death of, under silent contempt 3T 37

disobedient souls are permitted to accept, to their own destruction PK 425

do not be diverted from God’s work by PK 659

do not use, in emergencies AA 76

enemies of truth manufacture 8T 197

enemy’s, do not neglect God’s work because of 3T 574

do not neglect God’s work to answer 1T 123

exalted above Scriptures GW 149

expression of countenance may tell PP 309

facts may be so arranged and stated as to constitute PP 309; 4T 335

failure to fulfill pledge as 4T 463

faithful martyrs refused deliverance on condition of 4T 336

false teachers as inculcators of GC 520

fatal in its crooked workings Ed 304

Gehazi smitten with leprosy for uttering 4T 336

glance of eye may tell MB 68; PP 309; 5T 59

God cannot speak WM 307

God condemns all AA 76

God’s hatred of AA 72; PP 507

God’s servants must stand bravely in face of GW 264

God’s workers may let their efforts refute PK 659

gross, used to cast stigma upon God’s law 3T 571

hint calculated to convey erroneous or exaggerated impression is PP 309

idol worship anciently based on PP 685

intention to deceive is what constitutes PP 309; 4T 335

intentional overstatement is PP 309

intonation of voice may be vital with MB 68; 5T 59

Jacob’s, to Isaac PP 180

lips that utter 3T 568

malicious fabrication of, to injure another person’s reputation 4T 335

manifests itself in countenace CSW 113

manufactured to stain and blacken gospel workers 5T 601

meet, with truth 7T 156

misleading statement of facts is PP 309; 4T 335

mingling of, with truth 7BC 907

motion of hand may tell PP 309

must be unmasked Ev 625

net of, persons for whom Satan weaves SD 336

originated with Satan Ev 603

outright, respectable persons not in danger of committing sin of CH 409

people led by their reiteration of, to believe it to be truth PP 404

people proclaiming third angel’s message must stand bravely in face of GW 264

people who reject truth accept PK 425

perpetual, life that is 4T 336

persons who delight to trace words of 5T 244

Peter reflected with horror upon his DA 713-4

price of, life itself should not be purchased with 4T 336

publication of, how to meet 3BC 1138

reproachful, compared to black balls 1T 353

move boldly forward and disregard 1T 353

Satan combines enough truth with, to give it plausibility GC 587

Satan emboldens men in sin by his DA 34-5

Satan passed to direct, from misrepresentation of Christ GC 496

Satan told, in Eden 7BC 985; PP 478-9

Satan uses: against truth Ev 160

to hinder Christ’s work GC 501

to oppose Christ’s doctrines AA 553

Satan’s, truth confronts Ev 305

seed sowing that will develop into CG 150

serpent uttered, in Eden GC 538

shown by look or word 4T 335

spiritualism is based on PP 685

spoken and acted 4T 335

teachers of, warning against MB 145-6

today’s, not atoned by yesterday’s truthfulness 1SM 26; 5T 63

truth and, people who will discern with certainty between 7BC 907

tyranny of, mind subjected to MM 89

unconverted church members who testify to COL 270

under general heading of “covetousness” LS 241; 4T 385

Universalist minister uttered GC 537-8

unseen agencies work to make, appear as truth MM 88

utterance of, in business transactions condemned 4T 312

vile, enemies of God’s law repeat 3T 571

weapon of enemies of gospel AA 179

will be urged on God’s people 7BC 984; 2SM 24

word may be vital with MB 68; 5T 59

See also Lie; Lying; Misrepresentation; Prevarication


accepted when agreeable with corrupt lives RC 321:4

belief in Christ resisted by, of the Jews TDG 221:2

business advancement may be gained by HP 179:4

coming in like a swift current TMK 191:3

despise creating HP 179:2

emergencies may seem to be served by HP 179:4

mastery of, expected in the land 3SM 385:5

never speak or act HP 179:3

robbery by, dealt with in the judgment Mar 340:6

Satan used, in heaven against Christ TDG 256:3

Satan’s weapon was, Christ’s was Scripture RC 60:5

smiling on UL 178:2

speaker of, finally trusts no one HP 179:4

substituted for true, last act in the drama Mar 262:5

truth mixed with, seek God’s wisdom to discern between TDG 163:2

Word of God protects from; otherwise mind tyrannized 1MCP 96:4; 2MCP 742:3

words of, not found in Christ’s lips OHC 292:4

See also Deception; Errors; Fallacy; Misjudgment; Theories, false


Falseness, prosperity or adversity discover 4T 85

False report, False reports

False report, False reports, do not become ensnared by accepting 5T 295

persons who circulate, what to do re 3BC 1160-1

False speaking

False speaking, God’s law forbids, in any matter PP 309

See also Falsehood; Lie; Lying

False witness

False witness See Witness

Falsifier, Falsifiers

Falsifier, Falsifiers, no confidence had by, in word of others AA 76

of persons who have borne God’s message to them TM 408


Falsifying, habit of, child encouraged in CG 273-4

put away all 9T 23

See also Falsehood; Lie; Lying


believer need not strive for; goal is to exalt God TDG 300:2

Christ did not seek riches or His own pleasure or TMK 155:4

Christ did nothing to receive, above other youth; (acclaim) LHU 32:6

desire for, motivates unnecessary reforms 3SM 252:2

house of ill See Prostitution

many eager for, sensing no obligation to God RC 346:2

many struggle for, trying to make something original PM 100:1

one of world’s gods PK 177

powerless to gladden sorrowing heart MH 115

self continually active for HP 220:3

self-denial in lives of moral heroes without ambition for RC 346:6

soliciting, from people of the world UL 331:2

worldly, mistake to search for HP 68:2

See also Honor


1. Undue

2. Miscellaneous


1. Undue (between men and women)

appearance of, shun MM 145

be truly courteous without CH 341

between boys and girls 2T 482

by deception, warning against CH 294

Christ did not encourage Ev 636

Christian should not indulge in CH 294

everything savoring of, stand aloof from GW 125; 5T 593

God condemns 5T 593

godly women should be afraid of anything like 2T 458

gospel workers warned against 5T 593-603

is forbidden ground 5T 593

ministers warned against Ev 679-81; GW 125; 2SM 29; 1T 437

with either married or single women GW 125

one act of, soul may be jeopardized by CH 295; MM 143

persons who will have no inclination to indulge in CH 342

physicians warned against CH 341; MM 146

reserve that discouraged, Christ possessed CT 262

school leaders warned against CT 256

schoolteachers should not allow CT 256-7

sin in thoughtlessness re 5T 593

theory that encourages 2T 322

truth never leads to least approach to 5T 593

warnings against AH 331-2; Ev 494-5; 2SM 29-30; 2T 248, 322, 455; 4T 365; 5T 592

with hired help, warning against 2T 461

woman permitting, does not preserve her godlike womanhood AH 333

women professing truth warned not to encourage 5T 602

2. Miscellaneous

fashionable exhibitions of, should not exist among Christians 2T 459

low, shun 3T 194

with evil, makes it difficult to distinguish between right and wrong COL 281

with sin: causes it to appear less repulsive GC 509

dangers of constant WM 253-4

means Satan uses to educate mind to PP 459

with ungodly practices, makes them appear less wicked 4T 109


evil of; disgusting in God’s sight TSB 245

influence lost by TSB 182:2

leaders with habits of TSB 244:3

ministers may lead to thoughts that result in 1MCP 227:1

soul with truth will not have undue TDG 207:2

warning against 3SM 54:6

Family, Families

1. Christian

2. Kinds of

3. Member(s) of

4. Sabbathkeeping

5. Size of

6. Miscellaneous


1. Christian

duty of, to entertain ministers 3T 308

influence of: in neighborhood AH 32

upon other people AH 32

needy people should be invited to homes of 6T 347

over which angels of mercy hovered 2T 98

power of Christian influences should be illustrated to world by ML 124

should be: object lessons of what families may be AH 17

training school AH 547

should become acquainted with new class of society CS 55-6

well-disciplined: described 2SM 439-40

power of true Christianity shown by CG 233

will be cheerful and happy 2SM 439

2. Kinds of

appropriating God’s money for selfish purposes CS 262

broken-up, seen everywhere 5T 601 See also Divorce

childless, adoption of children by WM 232-4 See also Adoption; Child; Orphan

closely related, problems created by constant intercourse of 3T 55

conducted properly, favorable argument for truth Ev 342

connected by marriage, difficulties met by 3T 55-6

God’s, adoption of men into 4T 110

parents should regard children as younger members of DA 515

godless, why so many PP 143

godly, contributes to order and reverence in church CG 548

happy: affectionate hearts make 4T 548

Christianity makes SD 258; 4T 520

truthful and loving words make 4T 548

happy and united, the redeemed will all be PK 732

ill-regulated, influence of PP 579

in heaven, and family of earth are one DA 835

represents what family on earth should be 6T 168

in out-of-the-way places, truth must be taken to Ev 45-6

in poverty and distress, Christian’s duty to AH 370; WM 183-4, 268-9

Israelite: had its own landed possession MH 280

was to be both school and church Ed 41

was to be useful, industrious, and self-supporting CT 275

was to have land for cultivation CT 275; MH 183-4

large: coming up without discipline 2T 647

men without business tact often have AH 165

need help in battle with feebleness and poverty 6T 278

living beyond its means AH 375-6

living in cities CD 400

living in most unhappy state, many 2T 381

living on high-pressure plan, perils of 2T 656

minister’s, influence of GW 204-5

needing help, in every land and community 1SM 103

needing to live within its means 2T 431-2

on earth: should be like family in heaven 6T 168

should be model of family in heaven AH 146; CG 549

should be symbol of family in heaven AH 17, 28; COL 290; 6T 430

should co-operate with family in heaven to bind up wounds sin has made 6T 456

should represent family in heaven AH 101; 6T 168

that represents family in heaven AH 100-1

one great: Christ sought to bring men together as children of DA 150

Christians claim to be children of 4T 222

God has bound His children together as members of 4T 339

God’s people are all members of Ev 352; MB 105

human beings belong to CS 24

men of every class become members of, through Christ 1SM 258

one spiritual, people who hear and obey truth become children of 2SM 342

poor: all flesh foods should be discarded from diet of CD 205-6, 358

diet of CD 205-6, 358

discretion needed re cases of, who embrace Sabbath 1T 272-4

embracing message of truth, God does not require His people to take charge of all 1T 272

how to aid MH 192

how to approach, in gospel work WM 90

how to enlighten, re why they are poor CD 258

large 1T 273

many, whose diet consists largely of bread and milk 7T 135

struggling with debt, duty of CS 251-2

Thanksgiving Day as occasion for helping AH 474-5

youth should be trained to help WM 183-4

providing rooms for college students, appeal to FE 50

rent asunder by discord and contention 5T 244

repentant sinner’s, should be consecrated to God 4T 122

subscribing to daily newspapers AH 404

that is terrible and crushing weight to church 4T 193

unhappy: ignorance that makes 3T 156

in which angels will not abide 2T 85-6

liquor traffic makes Te 205

united, far-reaching influence of AH 37

well-ordered and well-disciplined: good influence exerted by WM 235

greatest evidence of Christianity’s power 4T 304

how God regards AH 32

more powerful than all sermons AH 32; 6BC 1118; ML 124

well-regulated and orderly, is pleasing sight to God and angels 2T 259

wretched and suffering, how to help CS 299

3. Member(s) of

cannot enclose himself within himself AH 33-4; ML 53

center in father 2T 701

duty of each, to the others 1T 309

each: self-denial should be practiced by CG 132

should be pleasant AH 198

should keep his body in health CH 121; 2T 365

should understand part he is to act 2T 700

what should be determination of CG 548

exercise tender regard for WM 299

feelings of, sacredly regard AH 427

God’s plan for Ed 250-1

golden clasp uniting, Christian courtesy is AH 423

have strongest claims on each other CG 482

how Satan uses 1T 308

influence each other AH 33-4

intemperance by one ill affects other 2T 359

love should be manifested by AH 94

manifest kindness and tenderest love toward CG 482

marked diversities of disposition among CG 205

may become members of family above GW 205

more mutual courtesy needed among AH 422

mutual consideration and forbearance should be cultivated by CG 205

need to encourage one another 2T 699

no, should be arbitrary 2T 74

one lost, work for salvation of COL 194-6

rights of, sacredly respect AH 427

say nothing but kind and loving words to 2T 437-8

should speak in low and calm tones 2T 699

speak kindly to AH 198

who are martyrs daily 2T 533

4. Sabbathkeeping

adoption of orphan children by WM 232-4 See also Adoption; Child; Orphan

are not to burden church, but help it 4T 192

as miss. center AH 484-90

called to move into Southern States of USA 7T 227

desiring to settle near: SDA institutions FE 493-5

SDA schools CS 240-1

do not permit, to settle near SDA school homes FE 494

each member of, may have part in plan of systematic benevolence 3T 412

should be interested in miss. work ChS 207

engaging in miss. work Ev 636

entire, will lose faith in message TM 411

God calls for: to go into dark places of earth PK 172; 6T 442; 9T 33

to go to foreign fields CS 55-6; MH 155

to take truth into communities in darkness and error CS 55-6

to settle in unwarned towns and villages Ev 52

isolated, education of children in CT 158-72; 6T 198-9

older children in CT 158-60

miserable, many 1T 306

need to: keep out of large cities AH 139

move out of large cities as fast as possible MM 310; 6T 195

need to move from cities to country AH 139; 2SM 356-8, 360; 6T 178; 8T 101

to save children 2SM 354

See also Cities (9. Relation of SDA families to)

poor: church’s duty to 1T 272-4

who become problems for church 1T 273

See also Church member

reading matter for CT 132-9; ML 89

removal of many, from cities will become necessary MH 364

Review needed by 4T 598

Sabbath should be made interesting to 2T 585

self-supporting missionary 6T 442

should not crowd into one place FE 495

Signs of the Times needed by CW 78

sin and vice exist in 2T 391

souls in, starving for bread of life DA 822

Spirit of Prophecy volumes needed by AH 479-80; 4T 390; 5T 681

Testimonies needed by 4T 390; 5T 681

that should have moved to country 2T 402-3

unfaithful, affliction will come upon 8T 103

unsaved members of, in last day ChS 91

urged to move out of Battle Creek 8T 229

warned not to move to Battle Creek 2T 114

who should move to places where their ministry is needed PK 172

whole, ought to be missionaries 9T 40

5. Size of AH 162-6

do not increase, unless children can be well cared for and educated AH 163-4

man who increased his, without realizing responsibility brought on himself 2T 93

missionaries’ duty re AH 165-6

responsibility of increasing 2T 93-4

unwise increasing of MYP 461-2

what to consider before increasing 2T 380

when it is sin to increase 5T 323-4

6. Miscellaneous

advantages of farm life to 2T 402-3

all believers can be home missionaries in 9T 30

altar of prayer needed in CG 517

angels watch how children are treated in AH 315

Bible should be made book of study by FE 386

blessings brought by children to 2T 647

blind affection too often exists in CG 234-5

cares and burdens brought into, too many 4T 621

carry Christ into 5T 161

character traits that should be manifest in AH 83

child’s wishes are law in some CG 272

Christ driven from, by impatient and passionate spirit 1T 304

Christ ordained rearing of MH 356

Christian should be missionary for Christ in his 2T 632

circle around, that should be kept unbroken MH 361

circle in, that should be sacredly guarded AH 177-80

conduct of, God’s law given to regulate 1BC 1104

contacts with, God may be acknowledged in many ways by 3T 331-2

cook holds most important place in 2T 370

crisis in, why God permits matters to come to COL 178; SD 353; 9T 91-2

decision essential in PK 236

deep and earnest work needed in CW 106

demon of strife kept out of, by obedience to God’s law AH 106

demonstrate living faith in your 4T 386

destruction of, by lack of plain and simple food 2T 384

do not restrict your interest and affection to your own 5T 34

effects of indulgence of appetite seen in CG 392; 2T 368

dignity that should be maintained in 3T 55

disagreeable feelings in, harsh words create 1T 310

division and discord in, cause of AH 179

each, is a church CG 549

economy should be practiced in 2T 436

education was centered in, during patriarchal times Ed 33

entire: robbed of physical stamina 2T 524

will be won to truth by godly women WM 161-2

words that destroy peace and happiness of 1T 310

exclusiveness in 3T 534-44

expression of affection in, lack of AH 198

father’s relationship to his 4T 255 See also Father; Husband

final warning must be diffused through 5T 721

firmness essential in PK 236; 5T 45

first work of Christians is to be united in AH 37

future of, provisions for AH 395-8

God has ordained that people should be associated in MH 203

God sometimes speaks to, in storms and whirlwinds 2SM 316

good man will be blessing to his 5T 161

governing by brute force ruins 2T 260

happiness should be cherished in 4T 621

happy is, who can go to place of worship on Sabbath Ed 251

harmony in, how to obtain CG 205

health of, depends largely on cook’s skill and intelligence CD 252

how one person’s mind may affect 2T 524

health reform principles should be taught to TM 416

healthful living is matter of concern to 6T 370

home that is heaven below to 2T 527

house is sanctuary for 5T 491

how, can spend long winter evenings CW 134

husband’s position in 1T 707-12; 4T 255 See also Father; Husband

impieties of, recorded in books of heaven PP 165

individual spirit that is ruinous in 3T 438-9

influence of, should be blessing to church CG 551

tells in upward or downward scale MH 357

instituted in Eden Ed 250

is to be school in God’s plan of education Ed 33

lack of forbearance brings cloud over CG 246-7

law of, golden rule should be made AH 423

lax discipline in, evils of 4T 197-207

liberality should be cultivated by 1T 693

love and tenderness needed in 2T 439

love in, should not be spasmodic AH 94

love should be cultivated by 3T 530-1

many, cannot be reached by truth except at home AA 364

may be perpetual school 3T 337

meals of, seasoned with doubt and questionings 4T 195

minister’s duty in visiting 2T 338

ministers should teach truth in GW 187-8

missionary in your, how to be 2T 677

misunderstandings and heartaches in, what to do re ML 32

money should be saved by, for time of sickness AH 396

moving into country benefits FE 326

much pride must be torn out of 1T 135

natural simplicity should be cherished in 4T 621

needs to: counsel together re dress CG 425

eat with gladness and gratitude CG 387

learn more about cultivation and improvement of land CD 312

live within its means 2T 435-6

neglect of, by gospel workers in arduous public labor 5T 92

outworking of true love in 8T 140

parents should unite in labor for their SD 268

parents’ duty to purify their PP 578

parental tenderness needed in 2T 260

pastors should frequently visit 4T 266

peace should be cherished in 4T 621

positive requirements essential in PK 236

prayer with, neglected work of 5T 185

praying together in, great strength and blessing in CG 525

pride in, effects of 4T 377

principles of Christ’s kingdom should be manifested by COL 296-7

principles of heaven must be carried out in SD 255

principles safeguarding, Bible presents PP 599

privacies of, breaking down of walls which should enclose 2T 462

problem of some, in living within income 2SM 329

question that God asks of PK 172

reformation needed in PP 143

relatives of CG 288-90 See also Relatives

aged and homeless 2SM 331

reverses coming upon, why God permits SD 260

rules too rigid in 2T 77

Sabbath’s sacredness should be appreciated by 2T 701-2

sacred shield should be kept around AH 177

salvation of part of, better than to lose all 4T 113

Satan at work in GC 585; 2T 361

Satan seeks to break up GC 508

savings account should be kept by, for special needs AH 395-6

science of life should be understood by CH 462

seek to be useful and efficient in your 2T 534

self-control acts as charm upon 1T 547

selfishness in, grievous sin of 3T 521

sense of languor and depression felt in, cause of 2T 381

set ideas in 2T 77

SDA reading matter should be placed in 4T 304

should be: church in home life CG 480, 549

held together, wherever possible CG 331

social intercourse in, supper hour is time for MM 284

society is composed of 2SM 421; MH 349

spiritual interests of, neglected work of laboring for 5T 185

standard to be reached by AH 317

stir up, re health reform CG 361; CH 449

study of Bible at home by CG 511; CSW 42-3

study of Scriptures in, art of CG 511

system of education established in Eden was centered in Ed 33

system should be observed by, in study of Scriptures CSW 42

temperance must begin in 3T 562

thorough cleanliness needed in 4aSG 141

thousands of persons seen opening God’s word to 9T 126

time spent in frivolity which should be spent with 2T 224

tithes and offerings should be brought to God by 9T 53

unhappiness in: harsh words create AH 437

pride causes much 4T 259

uncontrolled tempers cause 4T 92

unity in: patience seeks for ML 97

repress firmly anything that would mar AH 120

secret of true AH 179

waste in one, that would support small family MM 176

wealthy, who hoard money and do not enjoy comforts of life 2T 683

what you are in your, you will be in church 5BC 1131; SD 255

wholesome restraint needed in 2T 699

why one, requires twice as much money for support as does another GW 460

wicked waste in 5T 400

wives are not to be slaves of 5T 180-1

woman’s position in, more sacred and elevated than that of king on throne 3T 566

women can do work in, that men cannot do 6T 117

words pleasant and cheerful needed in 1T 401

work for Christ should begin with your 6T 429

wretchedness in, that might be happy 2T 464

See also Home; Household


adoption into God’s, HP 185:3

Jesus will guide steps 2MCP 451:3

adultery endangers TSB 131:5

affections centered upon, become idol TMK 165:2

associations of, kind words and acts are important in TDG 225:3

bereavement in, members blessed in, drawing together TDG 34:5

broken; principle abandoned; earth becoming like Sodom TSB 120:3

charge to Timothy to be heeded in every OHC 309:2


carry burdens in, to help parents UL 33:5

should be made to feel important in TMK 149:5

too numerous in some TSB 68


adopts believer into His TMK 241:4

did His part in sustaining His HP 214:4


hurt by Satan’s work in UL 163:4

in itself; father responsible for education 3SM 209:2

prepares for family above HP 283:3

cities to be left by CL 9:5

command of, as Abraham had needs to be understood 3SM 225:6

consecrate, to God each morning HP 213:4

conversion of, needed

daily TDG 73:3

which were presented to Ellen White TDG 307:3

converting power for members of, on heart TMK 143:2

counseling on private matters of, wrong for ministers 2MCP 767:0

country living would be a blessing to CL 18:4

courtesy saves misery in; deference to others’ opinions HP 206:4

difficulties in, bring, before God, not minister 2MCP 767:0


in, minister not to listen to women’s 2MCP 767:1

not to cloud HP 273:3

discipline of, See Discipline

disloyalty of, to God, helped by evil agencies TDG 111:3

disordered and ill-governed, delights Satan OHC 262:3

diverse temperaments of children in, need wisdom RC 175:4

divided as members individually seek salvation OHC 328:4

duties done faithfully in, who enter heaven HP 216:5

earthly, to be a symbol of the heavenly TMK 39:2

environment for, to be most favorable 3SM 210:0

family in heaven,

interested in HP 99:3

modeled by 2MCP 599:3

father to guide character formation of RC 179:2

gather, daily and praise God for watchcare FW 69:2

God calls for loving service in TMK 149:2

God sees humans as they are in CC 49:2

government in,

by impulse is worst policy 2MCP 552:2

to represent religion of Christ UL 33:5

unsanctified traits of character in TDG 289:3

happiness of other members of, to be the object of each FLB 267:5

happy, no desire to go outside of, for love HP 206:2

harmony in, by obedience to the two commandments RC 208:2

hearts kept tender in; deference; example for children HP 206:4; TDG 335:3

heaven to be more in, 3SM 229:0

children to live for it TDG 271:3


adoption into TMK 108:6

blending of earthly and, to extend Christ’s power TDG 170:2

earthly family may represent AG 115:4; UL 33:4

joining HP 145:6

as a result of cultivating the good TMK 278:4

preparation in the home as members of LHU 253:4

heavenly principles in, for peace and happiness RC 51:5

helping, to glorify God HP 210:6

humble, Christ was born into SW 9:2

importance of bringing Christ into, greater than working for others 1MCP 175:4

indifference in, (frivolous) will cause them to be lost TDG 73:3

individual in, true to conscience, stands alone OHC 328:5

individualities in, harmony by respecting RC 190:3

influence on members of, father is accountable for 3SM 209:2

influence seen in, that effects the children RC 169:7

interdependence in, teaches dependence on Christ UL 33:4

kindness to be developed in HP 30:4

live for God as; (letter to couple) TDG 264:3

loud commands to, inappropriate, especially on Sabbath 3SM 257:4

love in,

as in family above UL 33:4

binds hearts and preaches sermon on godliness OHC 304:4

members of,

become members of family above OHC 304:5

determined to be Christians HP 211:3

in Christ by willing obedience; one family TDG 147:2

polished to show the power of grace 1MCP 163:1

united in bonds of love by courtesy RC 189:8

misery prevented in, by a spirit of love TDG 335:3

missionary work by several, located near each other SW 92:3

needs of,

Christ worked for; tired and not impatient VSS 413:0

money withheld from God said to be for TDG 97:4

older children in, to be kind to younger ones RC 249:6

organization important for; responsibilities 1MCP 155:2

peace in,

also affection and happiness FLB 279:3

here for preparation to meet around the throne LHU 341:3

here to have peace in heaven HP 30:4

praise God in AG 325:3

praying together HP 93:3

preferred above God UL 40:6

preparation of, for loyalty to God HP 219:5

probation’s choice seen in HP 196:6

religion is shown by the spirit in OHC 179:3

requirement of God for each UL 302

restoration of, at resurrection FLB 185:5


Christ makes us members of OHC 17

exaltation to, worth seeking for TMK 119:3

honor of being members of, sensed NL 57:2

members of, HP 254:5; OHC 167:5

becoming OHC 316:3

Jews through Christ may be UL 309:3

live for the Sin Bearer TDG 265:8

old person advised to obtain fitness for TDG 29:5

our rank in, demands careful life OHC 22:4

self-abuse endangers 3SM 286

selfishness promoted in, by Satan UL 163:4

separation from, through affluence and honor RC 174:6

sins in, unconfessed TDG 134:4

souls harmed by self-exaltation of TDG 73:3

Southern field worked by, not by large settlement SW 86:2

Spirit of God lacking in many; they do not know God 2MCP 561:0

spiritual welfare of, comes first; take children to cross 1MCP 162:2; OHC 304:3

spirituality of, needs heaven’s influence UL 163:6

strife within, at end of time 3SM 418:2

symbols of, in heaven; avoid evil 3SM 229:0

thoughtfulness to be in, as well as for others TDG 288:2

time away from, counsel to one spending TDG 138:2


carried in love to every TMK 330:4

made known by RC 185:5


foundations to be laid by, on Christ TDG 73:3

Satan’s strongest allies HP 209:3

unconverted members of, neglected HP 219:4

union among adult children in, as witness TDG 39:3

unity of, bound by husband’s affections RC 176:4

visiting and witnessing to, education for TDG 370:2

women to raise honorable HP 202:2

work of kindness to be done in, to influence for Christ OHC 302:5

worship, See Family worship

youth counseled to help, after seeing angel light TDG 160:6

See also Home; Household