EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

1844 - 144,000

1. Figurative

2. God’s

3. Human


1. Figurative

anointing of, needed to discern spiritual things 4T 37

church’s, many people would put out 4T 89

class who close their drowsy, and fall into temptation AA 565

closing of, does not make a person more perfect 5T 66

faith’s, fixed on glorious future 1T 657

things seen only by AA 575-6

things unseen have become things seen by 6T 473

false, man who saw through 2T 424

fix your, on cross of Christ 5T 167

God has given, to His church 4T 88

keep, steadily fixed on Christ 2T 50

little in his own, minister who was at first 1T 707

little in your own, only safety is to be 4T 608

love of self blinds MB 91

mind’s, needs to be educated 6T 205

mote in another’s, beholding the MB 125

rejection of light blinds DA 322

right, should be sacrificed if it causes us to offend 5T 222

sensitive conscience as 7BC 965

single to God’s glory, determine to live with 4T 221

explained MB 91-3; 1SM 139

what it means to work with 4T 285

world-loving, spiritual things cannot be discerned by 2T 265

2. God’s

all-searching, nothing is hid from CG 547

all-seeing: hearts are read by EW 234

men’s defects and ruling passions noted by 5T 95-6

nothing escapes 4T 583

Christ’s See Christ

does not slumber 2SG 253

least item of man’s conduct is seen by 5T 627

looks down through ages GC 634

men’s hearts and lives are read by 5T 423

never slumbering, God’s people guarded by 2SM 315

piercing 5T 448

reads all 2T 124

things that cannot be hidden from 4T 310

thoughts and intents of hearts discerned by 5T 221

upon all transactions of life 2T 78

upon His people CG 152; 2T 312; 5T 154, 474

upon the smallest of His creatures 4T 456

3. Human

afflicted, healed by prayer in 1854 LS 152-3; 2SG 184-8

be a faithful sentinel over your 2T 561

beam in your MB 125, 128

beaming with intelligence DA 256

bleared and bloodshot, intoxicating liquor causes Te 31

brightness regained by MH 267; 7T 86

children’s, become small and sometimes swollen because of secret vice 2T 402

clear and true DA 612

desire of, fall of the unfortunate related to 2T 456

wars against Spirit 4T 351

dim, read God’s word to persons who have 4T 646

fire of insanity glaring in DA 256

given that men might be keen to discern God-given opportunities 6T 298

glance of, falsehood told by MB 68; PP 309; 5T 59

glazed, unbelieving Israelites who perished with PP 432

inflammation of, charcoal poultice in treating 2SM 294

hot fomentations for 2SM 297

keep, from beholding evil AH 404

lighted up by fires of unhallowed passion 5T 116

luster of, intoxicating liquor destroys Te 36-7

mother’s, should not be severely taxed, with work MH 381; 2SM 466

must be true CG 152

overloading stomach makes it difficult to keep, open 2T 414, 603

pain in 2SM 405

simple treatment for 2SM 297

plucking out, surrender of will to God represented as MB 61

pray God to sanctify your AH 177

remove, if necessary to save body from death AA 313

restless and glassy, opium causes 2SM 449

right, restitution that is like taking out 3T 550

sanctified, woman who did not see through 1T 707

shut to light, indulgence of base passions leads to 2T 352

shut your, that they may see and learn no evil AH 404; CG 465; 1T 707

sight of, heart can be perverted by 4T 108

sinning, during church services CG 546; MYP 265

sore, children nearly blind with CD 240

sparkle of, intoxicating liquor destroys Te 36

sparkling, social gatherings that make CT 340; MYP 387; TM 83

speaking, that testifies for God DA 612

strained by excessive reading 1T 92

use of AH 401-5

use of your, you are responsible for 7T 168

viewing scenes of nature rests the AH 154

weak, simple treatment for 2SM 297

what is seen by, too often attracts attention and absorbs interest SL 92

world’s, upon SDA 2SM 386



to evil, to receive wisdom from God OHC 337:4

to that which is not elevating or ennobling OHC 334:4

fixed on God lose sight of things of the world TMK 364:2

lift up; shut them to Satan’s shadow 2MCP 676:1

literal and figurative meaning of, in Matt 6:22 1MCP 323:1

minds dwell on the commonplace things seen by RC 20:4

sanctified, servant of God has OHC 334:3

single, is disposition to look upon Christ TMK 190:2

turn, from earth to heavenly things TDG 271:3

watch with, for the Lord’s appearing TMK 328:2

See also Christians, eyes of; Perception

Eyeglass, Eyeglasses

Eyeglass, Eyeglasses, spiritual, urge all to put on 2SM 25


Eyelid, swelling on, appearing to be cancer LS 151-2; 2SG 184-5; 1T 92


Eyesalve, clearness imparted to understanding by 4T 89

enables a person to: detect sin and abhor it 3T 254; 5T 233

detect sin under any guise 4T 88

discern necessities of the time CT 42

discern spiritual things 7BC 964; 3T 254

distinguish between truth and error ML 73

distinguish Spirit’s workings from that of fanaticism 1SM 142

see and shun Satan’s wiles 5T 233

see glories beyond 6T 368

see his defects of character 4T 615

see things clearly CW 174-5

see truth and obey it 5T 233

view amusements aright CT 349

eyes need to be anointed with 9T 130

church needs, to see opportunities for gospel work 6T 294

God’s word as, offered to Laodiceans 7BC 965

grace is 3T 254

man who needed 3T 535-6

men must individually apply 4T 615

persons having earthly possessions need 1T 143

protects against wild license and fanaticism 1SM 142

spiritual discernment offered by True Witness 1SM 358

spiritual eyesight given by, to soul in blindness 7BC 966

treasure of, buy 1T 142-3, 166

wisdom and grace as 4T 88


discernment as, required to enter heaven OHC 351:3

eyes anointed with, detect buried truth RC 111:2

glories beyond seen when, applied TMK 273:4

needed by worker to fasten eyes on God OHC 315:3

needed to discern God’s will TMK 249:3

See also Discernment


Eyeservants, pub. house workers who are 3T 192


1. Physical

2. Special

3. Spiritual

1. Physical

bad, Paul’s bodily affliction was 6BC 1107

deceived souls’, Satan can pervert 3T 351

impaired, result of Ev 610; 4aSG 138-9; 2T 404

loss of, nux vomica causes 2SM 449

opium ill affects 2SM 447-8

strychnine ill affects 4aSG 138

2. Special

anointed, all men need 1BC 1092

moral, some people have diseased Ev 593

3. Spiritual

class who have put out their own 3T 266

clear, God wants His people to have LS 410

how to have 2SM 60

enlightenment needed by CW 101

false excitement destroys 1T 323

God’s people need CSW 90; GW 289; TM 276

how to have, to discern inner courts of celestial temple SD 198

lack of, to discern spiritual things LS 327

need of: to discern inner courts of celestial temple 6T 368

to discern Satan’s designs GW 289

to discern spiritual things TM 468

to discern wickedness creeping into our midst 5T 139

to distinguish truth from error 6T 425

needing heavenly anointing CW 98-9

parents need 4T 195-6

perverted, extremists have Ev 610-1

fanaticism causes Ev 610-1

Spirit can strengthen your SD 34

we must not put out our own 3T 324

See Vision

Eye to eye

Eye to eye, erelong we shall see CW 76

Eye trouble

Eye trouble, EGW suffered from 2SM 405


Eyewash, ineffectual in treatment 2SG 184-5


Ezekiel, Assyria’s fall described by PK 365

denial of sure work of prophecy rebuked by PK 450

exile in Chaldea Ed 177; PK 535; 5T 751-2

exiles warned by, against false prophets PK 448

given vision re: abominations practiced in temple PK 448

day of God’s wrath 5T 207-8

God on His throne 5T 751

living stream AA 13; 6T 227-8; 7T 171-2

sealing work 3T 266; 5T 207-13

wheels within wheels 5T 751-2, 754

whirlwind coming from north Ed 177; PK 535

Jeremiah’s contemporary PK 448

Jerusalem’s siege and destruction foretold by PK 448

messages of, to exiles in Babylonian captivity PK 448

prophecies of, variety of symbols in PK 448

prophet among captives in Babylon PK 448, 535

in latter years of Zedekiah’s reign PK 448

Spirit spoke through DA 477

vision(s) given, on banks of Chebar PK 464, 535-6; 5T 751

show how closely heaven is connected with events on earth 5T 753

wonderful representation given to PK 535-6

wonderful symbols presented to 5T 752


lessons from the visions of HP 199

Ezekiel, book of

Ezekiel, book of, deeply instructive FE 395


Ezra PK 607-27, 661-8

aged man in Nehemiah’s time PK 661

Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) authorized, to return to Jerusalem PK 609-10

Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) made, special representative of Medo-Persia PK 610

Bible teacher in schools of prophets 3BC 1134

confession of sin by PK 675

eminent man in Medo-Persia PK 609

example of power of Bible truth to ennoble daily life PK 609

example of successful worker for God PK 623-4

experience of, among Jewish exiles in Babylon PK 607

familiarity of, with learning of wise men of Medo-Persia PK 608

favored by king of Persia 3BC 1134

God used, to bring truth to kings and rulers 5T 455

historical and poetical books of Bible searched by 3BC 1134

history of God’s people studied by PK 608

knelt in prayer GW 178; PK 48, 620; 2SM 312

literary labors of 3BC 1134; PK 609

lived and labored, during reign of Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) PK 607

more than 2,000 years ago PK 623

man of: extraordinary learning 3BC 1134; PK 609

great piety and holy zeal 3BC 1134

mouthpiece for God PK 609

nobility, devotion, and self-sacrifice of PK 676

people were instructed by, in law of God PK 661-8

prayer of PK 620-1

at time of evening sacrifice PK 620-1

precautions of, to safeguard transfer of treasure to Jerusalem PK 616-7

preparation of, for his lifework PK 608-9

priest and scribe PK 607-17

priest descended from Aaron 3BC 1134; PK 608

priestly training given to PK 608

principal work of, that of teacher PK 609

prophet 1T 279, 282

reading of law in days of, effects of DA 216

ready scribe in law of Moses 3BC 1134

reformation wrought under PK 607, 622-4

reforms undertaken by, in Israel 1T 279-80

return of exiles to Jerusalem with PK 612-7; 1T 282

in journey of about four months PK 617

more than 70 years after Zerubbabel’s return PK 618

Scriptures preserved and multiplied by 3BC 1134; PK 609

second temple built in days of DA 188

spiritual condition of Jews in Jerusalem at arrival of PK 618

spiritual revival under, at Jerusalem PK 618-27

student of Scriptures PK 608-9

teacher of divine law, above all else PK 622

trusted and well-beloved friend of Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) PK 607-8

trusted God for protection during journey to Jerusalem PK 615

witness for God in captivity 4BC 1169


faithful disciple may be like, before the king TDG 354:2