EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Education (the book) - Egg, Eggs

Education (the book)

Education (the book)

additional matter would be in 3SM 214:3

royalties from, planned for student aid PM 235:4

Educational advantage, Educational advantages

Educational advantage, Educational advantages, apparently great, parents’ duty re CG 329

san. workers should be provided CH 315

Educational agency, Educational agencies

Educational agency, Educational agencies, greatest, God has decreed that family should be CT 107

Educational center, Educational centers

Educational center, Educational centers, establish, in different countries 6T 137

home church schools as small CT 161

Loma Linda, Calif., is to be CH 233; LS 406; MM 56

Educational department, Educational departments

Educational department, Educational departments, study of gospel in all, importance of 1SM 245

Educational effort

Educational effort, basis of all, knowledge of physiology and hygiene should be Ed 195

highest aim in all Ed 29

Educational facility, Educational facilities

Educational facility, Educational facilities, all, dross must be purged from 6T 145

better, supposition that things can be set right by 6T 150

do not center too many, in one place 6T 137

excessive, should not be furnished for a few people FE 336

Educational force, Educational forces

Educational force, Educational forces, great, ministry of word as 6T 288

keep, turned toward God CW 118

sanitariums should be MM 25

Educational fund

Educational fund, conferences should have, for lending to worthy poor students CT 69-70

need of, for training persons to labor for higher classes at home and abroad 5T 580-1

Review and Herald publishing house carried, for education of worthy poor students CT 70

Educational influence, Educational influences

Educational influence, Educational influences, of home are decided power for good or evil CT 107

of surroundings FE 421-4

Educational institution, Educational institutions

Educational institution, Educational institutions

1. Popular

2. Seventh-day Adventist

1. Popular

dress of students prescribed by some 5T 89

how problem of lavish spending by students is met in some 5T 89

instruction given in, defects in FE 98-9

lax discipline in many, has nearly destroyed their usefulness FE 64

leading, strong SDA young men to seek knowledge of theology as taught in 5T 583-4

licentiousness in, parents have but faint idea of 3T 149

many youth leave, with morals debased and physical powers enfeebled FE 71

SDA medical students imperiled by attending MM 62

spiritualistic teachings coming into MH 428

study of infidel authors holds large place in COL 41

use of money limited by law in some 5T 89

2. Seventh-day Adventist

best talent should be secured for MM 322

books that Christ would expel from CT 25

brought into existence by three angels’ messages 2SM 117

build, for education of gospel workers 6T 441

children should be shielded by, from temptation FE 63

Christ would cleanse, as He cleansed temple CT 25; FE 174-5

connect, with sanitariums wherever possible CD 450

defective home training of youth creates problem for MM 178

defiling influences that should be banished from CT 25

erroneous and polluted literature should be separated from FE 388

establish: at Loma Linda, Calif. CH 233; 9T 173

in various localities MM 322

to teach truth rather than fiction and falsehood FE 288

expending too much money on a few, caution against 6T 138

false ideas and unsound practices are leavening CT 282

financial management of CS 271; FE 510

give character to SDA work 6T 25

God calls His people to lift debts from 6T 470

God has not said that there should be fewer buildings for 6T 138

God’s instrumentalities for doing work symbolized by three angels 6T 18

God’s help promised in lifting debt from 6T 477

God’s purpose for 6T 126; 8T 230

gospel workers must be trained by 7T 102

for darker heathen nations 6T 25

for mission fields CT 524; FE 545; 9T 76

in many countries 6T 25

have failed to meet God’s demand 8T 67

have swung into worldly conformity in many respects 6T 145

indebtedness of, books designed to help liquidate 9T 79

can be liquidated by sale of Christ’s Object Lessons CT 528

indulgence of appetite must not be encouraged by FE 286

large, should be broken up into smaller ones 6T 138

leaders of FE 504-11

locate, away from cities FE 312

location of, God’s plans re 7T 81

lose no time in building, for training gospel workers LS 370-1

love and fear of God should ever be first in CT 282

love of dress and display must not be encouraged by FE 286

love of praise and flattery must not be encouraged by FE 286

may swing into worldly conformity FE 290

morality and religion must be given special attention in 5T 24

most important work of CT 57

must be centers of light and blessing GW 384

must be conducted: more and more in harmony with instructions given CT 57-8

on Christian principles in order to triumph 6T 145-6

must make no backward movements 6T 157

need to: feel Spirit’s reforming power MYP 318

help to give three angels’ messages Ev 20

provide for study and practice of agriculture and mechanical arts FE 72

provide instruction re mechanism of body FE 147

strive for perfection of Christian character MM 78

not commissioned to direct Spirit’s work FE 436

pagan and infidel sentiments must not be used in CT 26

physical and mental work should be combined in MM 81

prisoners of hope 6T 145

purpose for which, have been established FE 89

solicit funds from persons in high positions for establishing 7T 58

strife for high rewards and honors for good scholarship should not be encouraged by FE 286

Sydney Sanitarium should be CH 221-3

teachers in, sale of Christ’s Object Lessons should be encouraged by 9T 86

third angel’s message should be taught in all 6T 128

trend toward worldly conformity in, how to halt 6T 145

when, pattern after world God will correct and lighten them FE 290

why dark shadow of heavy debt hung over 6T 216

why it has been necessary to establish FE 285, 288

work that should be done for youth by Ed 17-8

works of skeptics must not be used in CT 26

worldlings should not serve as educators in TM 272

youth in, God’s love and mercy and tenderness must ever be revealed to CT 214

youth must be molded and disciplined by, for God CT 214

See also Academy; College; School

Educational interest, Educational interests

Educational interest, Educational interests, do not center, in one place 8T 135

Educational journal, Educational journals

Educational journal, Educational journals, editors of CW 115-22

education found in God’s word should be exalted by CW 115-22

Educational ladder

Educational ladder, student may climb to highest round of FE 192

Educational matter, Educational matters

Educational matter, Educational matters, parents who would be wise counselors in CG 321

Educational method, Educational methods

Educational method, Educational methods, dangerous Ed 226

fostering ambition and discontent Ed 226

in child training, sadly defective AH 265

Educational missionary work

Educational missionary work See Missionary work

Educational policy, Educational policies

Educational policy, Educational policies, world’s, SDA are not to be tied by so much as a thread to CT 255; MM 61-2

Educational process, Educational processes

Educational process, Educational processes, perverted, Satan seeks to obscure heaven’s light through FE 188; MH 439; 8T 305

Educational reform

Educational reform, need of 6T 126-51

Educational standard, Educational standards

Educational standard, Educational standards 6T 141-3

basis of SDA, custom alone is not to be 6T 142

do not lower, in study of sciences FE 376

established by Christ, teachers should honor MM 79

SDA, lessons taught by Christ are to be 6T 142

world’s, SDA schools are not to follow 6T 143

Educational system

Educational system, defects in, earnest efforts made to remedy FE 64

personal acceptance of God’s word had no place in, in Christ’s time DA 69

rabbinical FE 438

Scriptures should hold first place in CT 422; 5T 21

SDA, study of sciences is not to occupy first place in 5T 21

study of Scriptures should have first place in 5T 21

Educational talent

Educational talent, best, needed to train ministerial workers MM 58

competent physicians’, training of med. miss. evangelists requires CD 450

training of med. miss. workers requires CD 450

Educational work

Educational work, advancement of, books dedicated to CT 525; FE 520-4; 1SM 103-4; 9T 76, 88

all true, finds its center in Christ Ed 83

angels are to supervise CT 57

army of missionaries should be raised up by, for God’s work FE 545

at camp meetings, men should be set apart to carry burden of different lines of 9T 82-3

attention to individual development is needed in Ed 232

Australian LS 350-6

plans for establishment of CT 533-4

problems in starting AH 508-9

begin, in new field as soon as it is opened GW 468

best teachers should be employed in, at Loma Linda, Calif. MM 59; 9T 177

books dedicated to, students should sell CM 30

books used in 8T 306-9

centralizing, evils of 6T 138

churches should support, for Negro children 9T 201

conduct, in connection with all sanitariums CH 242

enthusiasm is important element in Ed 233

expand, into many lands 6T 138

failure to follow God’s plan in, results of CT 533

fund should be created for, by generous contributions CT 44-5

great aid in, land for cultivation is Ed 212

great principle which should underlie all COL 41

importance of, attention of early SDA directed to TM 27

is miss. work of highest order TM 27

make no compromise in, to meet world’s standards MM 61

med. institutions should do MM 14

must be done in every sanitarium 8T 233

must not pattern after schools of world CT 532

needed for both white and colored people in Southern States of USA 7T 231-2

personal interest needed in Ed 232

phases of, that should be promoted at camp meetings 6T 70

program of, do not unite with world in MM 61

properties for, providence of God will provide suitable 7T 102

SDA should not be behind in, in any sense CT 45

Spirit should guide in Ed 96

teachers must broaden and elevate 5T 523

textbooks used in 8T 308-9

that God requires physician to do CH 366

Educational worker, Educational workers

Educational worker, Educational workers, deeper intuition and wider perception needed by FE 524

must labor in unity with workers in other departments 9T 169-70

Educator, Educators

Educator, Educators, aged gospel workers as, duty of 2SM 228

all SDA, should be strict health reformers CT 251; MM 63

Bible is God’s great COL 107; FE 171; 5T 322

Bible is greatest of all CH 369

Bible is, of God’s people FE 414; MYP 189

Bible is without rival as CT 52

cautioned re worldly textbooks CW 121

Christ as FE 47-9; 5T 256

Christ is world’s best and truest SD 70

Christ was great, for present and future FE 229

Christ was greatest, world ever knew CT 505-6; DA 809; FE 48, 119; MYP 170; 4T 273

Christ was most perfect, world ever knew 4T 343

Christ was only perfect FE 361

class of, that Satan uses CT 25

who deem themselves wise but do not know as they ought to know FE 169

clinging to: love of studies that are not essential 6T 150

old habits 6T 150

conferences need CS 140; 6T 80

discernment needed by 4T 426

duty of: re objectionable textbooks 6T 162-7

re textbooks used for educating children and youth 8T 308-9

re true and false in education 8T 305-11

experiment that should be tried for one year by CSW 96

false, nature exalted above nature’s God by FE 329; MM 90

few, comprehend causes underlying present state of society MH 183; 9T 13

giving trumpet uncertain sound CW 120

God has appointed, as “overseers of the flock” FE 220

God holds teachers responsible for their work as FE 397

great value of Bible biographies to Ed 146

“higher education” that is needed by 8T 62

in danger of: conforming to customs, practices, and traditions of men 6T 150

traveling over same ground as did Jews 6T 150

inclination of, to exalt and extol learned men in foolishness CW 118

industrial, missionaries can do much as 6T 176

leagued with prince of darkness CT 25

lessons can be learned by, from ancient Hebrew schools PP 595

let older gospel workers be GW 101

many SDA, do not understand third angel’s message 6T 165

minister should remember that he is GW 93

ministers should be 5T 256

more than earnestness in religious matters is needed to become FE 119

must be correct model for students FE 430

must learn much in precept and experience CSW 30

must remember that: faithfulness and kindness win souls 6T 134

harshness never wins souls 6T 134

he errs and makes many failures 4T 420

he is not yet perfect overcomer 4T 420

need to: aim at perfection in their own case FE 430

appreciate Spirit’s work 8T 65

choose snow of Lebanon instead of murky waters of valley FE 434-5

distinguish between the sacred and the common CW 120

do their best to obliterate their defects FE 430

give lay workers sympathy and cooperation Ed 271

give Spirit room to work on hearts CT 417-8; FE 363

have spirit of Master of education CW 119

instruct students in simplicity 5T 525

keep principles of God’s word before youth CT 430

learn economy CD 298; CS 269

learn of Great Teacher CW 119

maintain perfect self-control 4T 419

prize God’s revealed will more and more 5T 525

prize more truth presented in books of Daniel and Revelation 6T 131

search Scriptures diligently CW 120

show by his life and character the preciousness of Bible religion 5T 526

show unselfish interest in lambs of flock 4T 420

strengthen sense of honor in pupils Ed 289

study Christ’s manner of work and preaching FE 364

teach children obedience CG 79

teach men art of doing work intelligently FE 314

understand how to guard health of students 4T 424

unfold Scriptures to students 5T 525-6

no battles to be fought by, in political world FE 478; GW 393

obligation that rests upon FE 430

of Christ’s time: regarded Him as ignorant CT 446; FE 448

represented John the Baptist as ignorant CT 446; FE 448

sought to command respect by display and ostentation Ed 77; MH 400; 8T 222

were formalists FE 438

parents can be, in home CT 160

parents’ duty as, to children AH 236

persons experienced in God’s service are to be MM 293

persons who easily become impatient and irritated should not be CT 192; FE 269

persons whose names should not be exalted as, in SDA educational work CW 115

Peter’s influence as AA 516-7

physician as, duties and responsibilities of MH 125-36; MM 49, 221; 9T 161

power of, heart connection with Christ is CSW 168

safe, teacher of truth is only CT 25-31; FE 174-80

san. workers are to be MM 208

school at Loma Linda must have carefully selected MM 75

some SDA, unfit students to work for God FE 364

students given deficient and wrong education by some 6T 150-1

tact needed by 4T 426

trials received as, produce joy 4BC 1183

true: carries minds of his hearers with him CSW 167

keeps in view what his pupils may become Ed 232

man cannot be, till he has learned in school of Christ CT 65

must feed on Christ daily 5T 588

qualifications of CSW 62-3

should lead youth to seek Christ and His righteousness CT 400

takes personal interest in each pupil Ed 232

teacher who is not CT 65

teachers should take their position as CT 400; 6T 158

work of, is to thwart Satan’s devices 6T 127

true physician is MH 125

two classes of CT 25; FE 174

unworthy of name they bear CT 23

warnings that should be heeded by FE 449-50

wise: calls out student’s ability and power CSW 166

seeks to encourage confidence in pupils Ed 289

special attention is given to child’s character development by FE 57

world’s men exalted through tradition and false education as FE 171

worldlings should not serve as, in SDA institutions TM 272

yokes manufactured by, warning re FE 224

youth need, who keep God’s word ever before them FE 388

See also Schoolteacher; Teacher

Edward III

Edward III, king of England GC 86


Effect, cause and See Cause and effect


Efficiency, Bible study is essential to GW 98-100

careless use of God-given powers lessens, in emergency Ev 668

Christ is His people’s GW 19; MYP 48; 6T 467; 9T 279

Christ is to be, of His workers GW 14

Christ supplies, for doing good MYP 35

Christian’s, God should be acknowledged as PK 576

church members should learn to make God their TM 231

comes through service CT 507-8

daily striving to know God brings, to soul DA 355

depend on God’s grace for, to do your work MYP 148

divine, promised to gospel workers to make labors successful 9T 34

earnest prayer’s, feebly understood 1SM 116

educated, students should leave SDA schools with CT 308; FE 228

equal, not all persons do same work with Ed 267

experienced workers’, increased hundredfold by faithfully doing duty MM 199-200

gained as men accept responsibilities PP 255

God is His people’s Ev 438

God ready to give His workers, in emergency TM 312

God requires Christian to grow in, in every line COL 330

gospel workers should increase in GW 95

gospel workers’: Christ is 9T 151; TM 171

depends largely on physical health GW 242

God is 7T 151

independent thinking is essential to 3T 495-6

Spirit is source of GW 289

great, gospel work requires AA 31

greater, best use of talents leads to MYP 300

times demand GW 114; 9T 27

greatest possible, pub. house workers should be permitted to acquire 7T 147

grow daily in CT 246

health and CT 294-301

high standard of, how youth may attain MYP 41

highest, mental and physical powers should be cultivated to SD 314

how to achieve, in work LS 352-3

in gospel work, depends on personal relationship to God CT 410

increased by exercise of your ability Ev 653

increasing, proclaim third angel’s message with LS 438; 2SM 407; 9T 9

let Spirit give, to truth Ev 668

look to Him who has 7T 212

look to Spirit for, in gospel work FE 526

make God your TM 214

ministers’, God is TM 311

need of, in gospel work Ev 524

new, will be added to church AA 140

not dependent on education and training FE 354

of men in ranks, army’s strength is largely determined by 9T 116

of SDA work, depends largely on character of SDA literature 7T 150

persons who make God their, realize their own weakness ML 110

power and, God’s people find in Christ 4T 405

pray for increased, in saving souls TM 514

put, into your work 5BC 1112

Satan seeks to weaken, of God’s people 9T 9

sedentary worker’s, outdoor exercise is essential to 4T 264-5

source of, God is TM 374, 511

Spirit gives, to men in positions of responsibility TM 375

to SDA work 6T 51

words are made eloquent by Ev 531

Spirit’s: depend more on TM 215

enables men to save souls 7T 30

given to the obedient 9T 141

men cannot please God without 1SM 113

standards of MYP 41-4

that their need demands, God can give to gospel workers 8T 38

that their service demands, God will bestow on His faithful servants PK 165

things that weaken physical, mental, and moral CW 125

to believe, comes from God to heart TM 220

training in life’s common duties assures Ed 268

why SDA teachers have so little TM 162

widespread Christian, needed in God’s work 1SM 112

See also Self-improvement; Success


cultivate mental and physical powers for highest RC 165:7

gift of, render back to God for 1MCP 154:3

God gives, to the little some have OHC 196:2

God is, to those who constantly trust Him TMK 128:6

impairment of; you are not your own 1MCP 301:2

lack of, leads away from Christ TDG 68:2

meek may increase in TMK 198:4

plan for, in effort and time TDG 66:2

reduced when lacking God’s blessing VSS 343:1


God’s servants to increase in UL 169:3

received in sanctification of the whole being TMK 106:5

teaching people; show interest in their salvation TDG 79:6

work for souls should be constantly improved in VSS 230:4

work of God steadily increases in force and 1MCP 45:0

See also Economy


Efficient, grace alone makes man, in Christ’s service COL 402

knowledge that makes men CT 38

man becomes, only by becoming partaker of divine nature FE 347

men of giant intellect who neglect to become 3T 495-6

ministers should not feel less, at age of 40 or 50 4T 269

most, gospel workers who are 6T 443

persons too indolent to become, displease God 4T 545

san. workers should be 4T 549

student who will become CT 226

training essential in order to become, do not neglect CT 510

Efficient men

Efficient men, God’s cause needs CT 538; GW 92-5


Effluvium, arising from decaying substances, poisons air CH 62; 2SM 461

arising from decaying vegetable matter, poisons air 4aSG 141

poisonous, tobacco user’s lungs and skin throw off Te 58-9

See also Breath; Exhalation; Miasma

Effort, Efforts, human

Effort, Efforts, human: agency of Spirit does not remove from us need for CT 361

agonizing, men must enter City of God by PK 84

all true experience costs, to every soul that obtains it TM 120

alone, are worthless 1SM 381

angels do not extricate persons who make no, to help themselves MYP 53

avails nothing without: aid of divine power AA 482; PK 487

divine grace CT 538

best: God’s work is worthy of WM 146

put forth your, to co-operate with God in elevating, ennobling, and purifying us 5T 579

self-praise brushes luster from your 4T 607

when God accepts our ML 250

can do no good without divine working CT 365

cannot overcome Satan 1SM 279

careful and prayerful, Satan counteracts impressions that are not deepened by GW 367

cease to rely upon our, for salvation PP 524

cheap, God hates 4BC 1141

Christ brought moral power to combine with 1SM 262

Christ does not release us from necessity of MB 99

Christ imparts divine power to unite with PP 64

Christ waits to meet our, to assist us TM 124

cold and spiritless, accomplishes nothing 5T 387

consecrated, required for work of preparation for meeting God 1BC 1096

constant and unceasing, victory over temptations is obtained by 3T 253

continual, essential to advancement in spiritual life MH 452

victor’s crown cannot be obtained without 8T 313

crowned with success, we must be co-workers with Christ in order to see our CW 108

decided, needed where truth has not yet been proclaimed 9T 141

triumph always follows 7T 30

deficiency of our, when Christ makes up ML 250; 1SM 382

determined: needed in order to overcome sin 1SM 336

needed to win crown of life 2SM 212

to bring souls to knowledge of truth, angels second 9T 100

you cannot be strong in faith without GC 527

determined and persevering, only cure for useless and inefficient life is TM 183

diligent, men must be conquerors in battle with evil by GC 425

divine aid needed by, in fulfilling God’s purposes 8T 64

divine effort is in vain without AH 206; PK 487

divine help must be combined with ML 19

divine influence constantly works with 5T 535

divine power combined with, Satan’s power can be successfully resisted by 5T 384

work for God can abide test only by LS 323; TM 464

do not depend alone on your TM 455

do thorough service in, for multitudes in cities 9T 144

do your best and God will accept your 8T 56

earnest: changing habits of thought requires SL 91-2

Christ is near to bless our 3T 550

formation of right habits calls for CT 196

fruit will be seen as result of, by gospel workers 5T 374-5

God’s grace is to be combined with CT 544

good education is not gained without SD 322

gospel work calls for 9T 43-8

make, to elevate yourself 4aSG 149

man cannot be Christian without 2T 265-6

man must make, to overcome that which hinders him from attaining perfection AA 482

men meet with loss without, to cooperate with God’s work MYP 64

must be made in Christ’s strength to overcome evil tendencies Ed 111

necessary in order to obtain assurance of God’s love SL 91; MYP 113

needed to break Satan’s spell 1T 178

pastoral work requires 3T 240

souls will be saved through 3T 246-7

to help another helps you GW 198-9

you must make, or you will be lost 3T 550

earnest and determined, must be made to beat back terrible foe 5T 384

earnest and persevering: man cannot obtain heaven without 3T 338

needed to win crown of life MYP 104

nothing worth having is obtained without MYP 259

Satan must be resisted with 1T 308

earnest and self-denying, healthy religious experience is not obtained without SD 322

earnestness in, must be brought into Christian life 5T 540

educational See Educational effort

energy and, should be proportionate to task to be accomplished 3T 46-7

every, made for Christ will be rewarded 4T 19

extend your, as far as God’s hand may lead way in work for others DA 822-3

faith does not make, unessential 1SM 375-6

feeble, man is not left to conquer evil by his FE 86; PP 568

will not wean your affections from world 3T 550

feeble and intermittent, reformation in character cannot be wrought by AA 560; 8T 312

following Christ closely requires 2T 637

for God, must not flag or weaken 1SM 111

God alone can make, successful in His work 7T 239

God brings divine power to combine with 2SM 123

God does not propose to save us without, on our part CD 153

God does not remove our spots of defilement without, on our part 3T 183

God frequently leaves us in uncertainty re our 3T 420

God helps us when we put forth 1T 663

God ordains that gospel work depend on PP 528

God supplies efficiency to, in work of salvation CT 366

God will work with your MYP 23

God works with CT 505; 5T 573

to overcome sin Te 114

God’s means of throwing zeal into TM 454

God’s power combined with, has wrought glorious victory for us MYP 106

God’s work will spread like fire in stubble when divine power is combined with 1SM 118

gospel worker whose, will tell gloriously in saving souls GW 35

grace combined with, man cannot conceive high and noble attainments he can reach by 4T 446

grace is not given as substitute for 4BC 1167; MYP 147; TM 240

great work must be done before success will crown our 5T 383

halfhearted, will not prove successful in evangelism Ev 59

harmonious, God’s servants must learn how to unite together in 9T 145

humble, God notices 5T 568

is precious in God’s sight 5T 568

humblest, of unselfish love will be blessed and rewarded ChS 15

if our salvation depended on our own, we could not be saved AA 553

in nearly every false religion man depends on, for salvation PP 73

individual: can accomplish more in gospel work than can be estimated GW 184

God calls for 1SM 166

gospel work requires MH 147

needed in soul winning GW 194-5

neglect of obtaining religious experience by 2T 397

people need to be impressed with necessity of 2T 120-1

tendency to substitute work or organizations for MH 147

Infinite Power works with GW 28

is: efficient in God’s work in proportion to consecration MH 37

essential if you would receive divine help ML 19

of itself not sufficient to attain perfection AA 482

powerless to change sinful human heart SC 18

is essential in: God’s service CT 361-2

struggle for immortality CT 366

it costs, to secure eternal life 3T 324

lack of, causes poverty and want COL 247; CS 122; WM 200

lifelong and persevering, heaven is worth 4T 259

little, great characters are formed by 4T 603

long and persevering, men become overcomers only by 3T 324

made to save ourselves are like Cain’s offering 1SM 364

make desperate, to free yourself from Satan’s power MYP 60

making work of others hard by criticizing their 7T 238

man cannot be saved by his AA 553

man cannot live aright by his SC 69

man is required to put forth, in order to be saved 8T 65

man must make, to be saved 1T 167

man must put forth, with Christ in overcoming sin Te 111

many ministers seek to rise without 4T 417

may be wholly successful through divine power Ev 192

merit of Christ must be mingled with ChS 263

mistake of trying to live aright by your SC 69

more thorough and earnest, needed to bring truth before world LS 211

most earnest, put forth to form alliance with Christ 5T 231

must be proportionate to value of object pursued MH 455

must be united with divine power 2SM 15; 3T 46

in miss. work 8T 73

must ever combine with the divine MYP 106

must not be controlled by our own views and ideas 1SM 416

necessary, God cannot take us to heaven unless we make 5T 345

most people do not experience transforming power of grace because they are too indolent to make 4T 444-5

necessity of making, Christ does not release men from MB 99

no need for so many failures in expensive, in camp meetings and tent meetings 6T 72

no result without GW 26

not sufficient without aid of divine power AA 482

occasional and spasmodic: harm done by 5T 535

is of little value 5T 535

reaction surely follows 5T 535

of human instrumentalities, God unites omnipotence with PK 111

painstaking and self-denying and self-crucifying, shock to find out that gospel work cannot be done without TM 206-7

patient, presenting truth to others calls for Ev 228

patient and persevering, with reliance on God is needed in gospel work 7T 22-3

Paul’s, in Corinth were not without fruit AA 250-2

not confined to public speaking AA 250

persevering: Christ has given us example in 2T 664

man can overcome only by AA 560

necessary to retain pure and undefiled religion 2T 506

only cure for useless and inefficient life is TM 183

persevering and untiring: eternal life is worth 5T 570

no person will gain victory without TM 511

right character can be formed only by MYP 163

persons who rely upon their, to obey God’s law SC 44

personal: cause of truth can be greatly extended by LS 205

church members must give, to miss. work ChS 121

diligent, evangelism in large cities calls for GW 364

donations of money cannot take place of, in winning souls to Christ COL 343

expected of us by God for people who know not truth CS 55

for others should be preceded by much secret prayer COL 149

gospel work calls for MH 143; LS 211

gospel work must be accomplished to great degree by COL 229

greater, church members should put forth Ev 113

may do more good than expensive meetings WM 93-4

minister must help his hearers by GW 369

miss. work requires ChS 121

money without, does little to win souls SD 263

must be made for souls who do not know Christ DA 370

need of coming close to people by MH 143

needed in sowing seeds of truth COL 57-8

needed in work to save souls DA 141; LS 211; MH 213

needed to rescue souls from sin COL 197

put forth, to win the wealthy to Christ MH 213

resisting temptation requires TM 452

should be doubled in gospel work Ev 430

unite, with prayer of faith ML 99

working for souls by, importance of WM 89

personal and individual, give to saving your friends and neighbors WM 93-4

point beyond which, is in vain COL 63-4

prayer(s) and, faith must be mingled with CW 108

should be business of your life CH 367; 4T 538

prayerful and persevering, church needs 5T 130

prompt and persistent, example of what can be done by united CS 263-4

protracted, essential to victory over sin AA 565

public evangelistic See Evangelistic meetings

put forth, to qualify yourself to work for Christ 5T 554

receiver of God’s grace is required to put forth 1SM 381-2

reflex blessing from, to save the erring 2T 53

religious, Satan tries to intrude himself into every 5T 644

repentant sinner must put forth, to subdue sin FE 429-30

self-denying, essential to healthy religious experience SD 322

self-sacrificing: reward of sowing seeds of truth by 7T 22

should be combined with prayer and offerings 1SM 84-5

work of grace is DA 677-8

sinner cannot attain peace of soul by his SC 49

spasmodic, do little good in miss. work 9T 45

special, overcoming sin cannot be achieved without TM 453

Spirit can make, successful 1SM 85

spiritual growth cannot be secured solely by SC 68

spiritual strength does not come without 2T 575, 600

stern and persevering, no man will be borne upward without MH 453; 8T 313

strength is acquired by Ed 123

taxing, blessing of God is not substitute for MYP 147

through God’s grace and our own diligent, we must be conquerors in battle with evil GC 425

trust God to co-operate with GW 79

unaided, men cannot make themselves better by 1SM 368

unavailing, made to save the erring may repay you evil for good 2T 53

union of divine power with, secret of success is PP 509

united with prayer for divine light, results of GW 199

unlimited, is demanded of God’s people at this time 3T 405

untiring, union with Christ can be preserved only by 5T 231

untiring and concentrated, genius is almost invariably united with Ed 232

vigilant and individual, accomplish more for Christ than sermons or creeds do ChS 12

well-organized, must be made to secure gospel workers TM 399

what, have you put forth to bring souls to Christ 5T 466

wholehearted and consecrated, miss. success will be proportionate to TM 205

without Christ’s merit is worthless Ev 192

wrong habits must be shaken off by PP 248

your sense of duty will summon you to CH 367

See also Works; Energy


advance at the cost of great, may indicate the right way TDG 212:2

becoming unselfish, childlike, etc., requires TMK 186:2

bread of eternal life requires, to obtain FW 49:2

canvassing work takes; right instruction must be given PM 301:1


development requires, to break from the world OHC 84:4

formed by untiring TMK 233:3

perfection requires 3SM 148:3

weakness overcome by; confession is not enough LHU 367:5


adds His perfection and sufficiency to humble 2MCP 787:3

is to direct in TDG 13:2

works through human, to reach people 3SM 150:3

church health requires, for others OHC 164:3

claims of God require HP 184:3

consider soberly whether we desire to make, to secure heaven TDG 48:6

constant, salvation requires TMK 204:6

cooperation with God for sanctification requires HP 129:4

crying to God with desperate; take mind off of self, etc. TSB 66:2

despondency over failure of, in storm of life OHC 56:3

devoted to impossible objects not connected with God 1MCP 104:3

earnest and powerful TDG 187:4

Ellen White wanted to give all, to Christ during her life TDG 24:3

erratic, without thought 2MCP 592:2

eternal life,

(bread of) requires NL 37:0

is worth lifelong TDG 27:5; TSB 127:3

requires UL 30:2

(reward) won by; wily foe pursues TMK 304:3

(exertion), channel, for higher than worldly objects TMK 91:2


cannot work through ones who make no NL 38:2

gives power to add to; holiness is required TSB 134:2

God’s plan worked out by TMK 87:3

God’s smile on, worth more than any income OHC 196:4

greatest, little enough UL 120:3

heaven is worth; it is for commandment keepers LHU 152:5

hope of seeing God, to be shown to be worth the TDG 374:3


danger of moral corruption threatens if we rely on TMK 79:4

divine power with, OHC 151:4; RC 251:4

counteracts natural tendency 1MCP 105:4

promised for conflict FW 92:2

successful in plan of salvation 3SM 190:1

to keep the law FW 71:0

God cooperates with UL 47:3

Holy Spirit given to combine with 3SM 188:4

no lasting benefit from, without grace TDG 175:2

Satan laughs at, in projects unrelated to God TMK 301:3

Spirit of God working with, makes us channels of light RC 205:6

imperfect, made acceptable through faith in Christ FW 48:3; NL 36:1

improvement by daily TDG 75:4

Jesus appreciates, of every tempted soul UL 42:2

knowing the purpose of our HP 263:4

knowledge of God through His word requires LHU 111:7

Laodicean needs obtained by OHC 351:3

learning and teaching others required in addition to TDG 231:3

life (immortal) requires OHC 359:5

lost sheep brought back by LHU 210


coming to Christ does not require agony and TMK 113:3

improved by studying deep things of God OHC 282:3

knowledge of God not gained without HP 138:3

missionary success takes, working in God’s way CME 22:2

need of, interest and zeal lacking when there is TMK 332:2

not always appreciated UL 24:5

on that which profits nothing OHC 200:2

on things that perish TMK 222:2

own, thrown on, in one way; we must strive to repent FW 48:2; NL 35:3

persevering, See Perseverance


for others who need help and light TDG 211:5

no substitute for OHC 218:4

religious, but without confidence in self AG 260:2

repenting and believing require OHC 351:4

required in spiritual things as in cultivating land HP 157

reward for,

attraction of good and cleansing power 2MCP 595:2

in pressing toward the prize in Christ TDG 374:2

righteous serve without conscious Mar 342:2

salvation requires, HP 159:4

through the Source of strength OHC 310:3

sanctification requires, but some say, “Only believe” Mar 232:2

scattered, success seldom results from Mar 110:3


appreciated by God TMK 324:5

compensated by happiness OHC 186:2

God accepts HP 224:5

slumber replaced with UL 79:3

soul saving work requires, CME 19:2

divine assistance given CME 26:1

spiritual, to reach kingdom OHC 217:5

standard of righteousness exalted with LHU 146:3

strength of Jesus required for, to break with Satan LYL 72:2

success in spiritual warfare requires strenuous HP 117:4

surrendered soul puts forth, to control words and actions OHC 336:4

tame, made by some disgusts God TSB 119:2

thoughts centered on Christ require 1MCP 69:2

unity requires patience and 3SM 167:5

valueless without thoughtful consideration TDG 66:4

valuing, too highly UL 55:3

victory through Con 78:4, 79:3

virtue and wisdom require PM 133:0

willing and humble, helped by God 3SM 25:2

working out salvation with fear means distrust of own OHC 91:2

worthlessness of own; overcoming only in name of Conquer OHC 265:2

youth may become what they want with grace and TMK 325:4

See also Determination; Exercise; Strength

Egg, Eggs

Egg, Eggs

1. Discarding of

2. Miscellaneous

1. Discarding of

doctrine of, do not teach CD 204; MM 287

God will provide for His people when, becomes necessary CD 359

mistake made in 9T 162

not feasible now CD 204; MM 287

question of, will work out its own problem CD 359

time for, God will reveal CD 206, 353, 367

time has not come yet for CD 359, 402; MM 274; 7T 135

time will come when, may be necessary CD 206, 358; MM 289

we cannot say that, is now necessary CD 352

2. Miscellaneous

animal passions excited by 2T 362

beneficial for some ailments CD 402; MM 274; 7T 135

can be prepared in variety of ways CD 334, 367

for sanitarium patients CD 288, 334

children given to sensual habits (self-abuse) should not use CD 204; MH 320; MM 287; 2T 400

children harmed by free use of 2T 362; 9T 162

cook, so as to be most easily digested MH 320

cooked or raw, in diet for malnutrition CD 204, 367; MM 286; 2SM 303

diet calls for CD 204

do not class, with flesh foods CD 402; MM 274; 7T 135

do not exclude, from diet in poverty-stricken districts MH 320

eating of good, not violation of principle 2T 712; 9T 162

from hens (or fowls) well cared for and suitably fed, may be used CD 204-5, 367; MH 320; MM 286-7; 2SM 303; 9T 162

graham gems may be made with CD 320, 343

less objectionable than flesh food CD 203, 358, 367

milk and sugar with, as chief ingredients of custards and puddings is especially harmful MH 301

more unsafe to use, as disease in animals increases MH 320

persons with feeble blood-making organs may need MH 320

poor people not to be told to discard CD 206, 353, 358; MM 288

production of, by Sabbathkeepers for market Ev 245-6

properties in, which are remedial agencies CD 204, 352, 367; MM 287; 2SM 303; 2T 712; 9T 162

which counteract certain poisons CD 204, 367; MM 287; 2SM 303; 9T 162

provision will be made in all parts of world to supply place of CD 359

raw, medicinally used with coffee 2SM 302-3

medicinally used with unfermented wine CD 204, 367; MM 286; 2SM 303

recommended in diet for malnutrition CD 204, 367; MM 286; 2SM 303

self-abuse harder to overcome when eating meat and 3SM 286:1

soon it will be unsafe to use 7T 135

substitute for flesh food CD 203, 367

teach people how to cook without MH 320-1

time will come when use of, will not be best CD 359