EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Education (Part 3 of 3)

candidate for, should recognize God as source of true wisdom FE 347

cannot atone for absence of fear of God GC 509

cannot entitle men to God’s favor GC 509

cannot of itself bring man nearer to God COL 117

carry forward, with full sense of shortness of time FE 369

centered in family during patriarchal times Ed 33

certain amount of, essential to work intelligently for God 4T 601

character of, must be greatly changed to give right mold to SDA institutions FE 527

cheap style of, women with FE 118

child should receive, for highest service Ed 266-7

children need, for usefulness, helpfulness, and ministry to others 2T 459-60

re habits of eating, drinking, and dressing CG 392

children robbed of, by slaves of appetite CD 423

children should not receive in, ideas proving to be seeds of sin MH 447

children would not be in school if they did not need CT 195

children’s first years of, committed to parents CG 18

importance of FE 156

Christ and His love must be interwoven with all 5T 587

Christ as divine example in DA 70-1; FE 442-3

Christ did not despise CT 511; DA 249; FE 47; MYP 170

Christian sociability is neglected branch of 6T 172

close confinement in, evils of Ed 207-8; 3T 135-8, 143

college course does not embrace all, that youth should receive CG 336

colporteur work as means of CM 31-2

in preparation for the ministry CM 32; GW 96

combining of intellectual and moral powers is essential to reaching standard of God’s word in FE 527

common and essential branches of, word of God should be taught with CT 390

common branches of: children and youth should be thoroughly grounded in MH 402

great deficiency in knowledge of Ed 234

guard against annoyance at being drilled in CT 217

must be thoroughly mastered CT 218

SDA need school for instructing young ministers in 3T 160

should be fully and prayerfully taught CT 215

should not be neglected for study of classics CT 215

students need knowledge of 5T 60

thorough work needed in CT 215

value of CT 215-9

young gospel workers deficient in, fail to do amount of good possible if they had advantages of good school 3T 160

completion of, results of making great haste in FE 71

comprises: instruction of child from babyhood to manhood CG 26

more than knowledge of books 4T 648; 5T 322

concept of, that time and experience have proved to be error 5T 522

confusion in, because knowledge of God is not exalted in it CT 447; FE 415

consecrated man without, can be and is used by God in His service COL 333; FE 369

consecrated person who has, can accomplish much more extensive work in bringing souls to truth COL 333; FE 369

can do service in greater variety of ways FE 369

constant course of, carried on throughout eternity FE 359

cooking is important branch of 2T 369-70

courses of study in, all unnecessary matters should be weeded from CT 444

danger of making, too great a matter 4T 601

different plan of, modern youth would not be so depraved and worthless if past generations had followed 3T 141

difficulty met in encouraging capable youth to obtain 5T 521

do not appeal to pride and selfish ambition in PP 595

do not confine, merely to textbooks 6T 126

do not suppose that, means study of books containing erroneous ideas FE 388

does not consist in using brain alone CT 308

erroneous attitude of some ministers toward 2T 341-2

erroneous idea that, in books is all-important to make life a success 3T 221

essential branches of, young men should not neglect 4T 113

essential to thorough preparation for presenting last message of mercy to world CT 538

every person having to do with, needs to live close to Christ GW 333

everything that can be gained by, should be used for advancement of truth MYP 64

evils in, defective home discipline underlies FE 64

experience without which, is disrobed of true brightness and glory CT 37

fails unless: heart accepts Christ’s teachings FE 536

understanding grasps truths of divine revelation FE 536

failure to study God’s word in, is great cause of mental weakness and inefficiency COL 41; CT 441

false and true in MH 439-50; 8T 305-11

far better to cease seeking, than to lose sight of eternal advantage CT 412; FE 350

feasts of Israel were means of Ed 41

first great lesson in, is to know and understand God’s will CT 447; FE 414

fishermen without, why Christ chose disciples from MYP 169

flocking of SDA to Battle Creek to give their children, warning against 6T 138

foundation and life of all study in, Bible should be 6T 198

foundation of: Bible should be CG 310; CT 204; MH 401

Bible should lie at CT 204, 206

God’s word should be CT 293; 6T 195

God’s word should lie at CT 208

laws of nature as laws of God re Ed 196

SDA youth should be placed in SDA schools where God’s word is CT 166

subjects lying at, it is wrong to neglect CT 218

truths of God’s word should be MM 88

foundation principle of, that laws of nature are laws of God Ed 196-7

fundamentals of, SDA schools should teach CT 205

general interest in, present age boasts of FE 64

girls need, in cooking 1T 395, 687

God desires that His people obtain all, possible COL 333

God does not estimate men by their MH 477

God does not teach His people to despise TM 259

God should be represented in every phase of CT 413; FE 350

God’s plan of: carried into effect in Israel, results of Ed 45

Christ’s relationship to Ed 33

family was to be school in Ed 33

for Adam when he was created Ed 15

for Israelites DA 69; Ed 33-50; FE 95-9, 397-8, 442; PP 592-602; See also Schools of prophets

fulfilled partially and imperfectly in Israel Ed 45-6

God’s presence and sustaining grace are with all seeking to work in harmony with MH 405

instruction given re MH 405

laws re Ed 40

perverted by Jewish teachers FE 397-8

set aside by Israel Ed 50

sustaining grace given to people who follow MH 405

through centuries FE 360

God’s word in, man’s words should never take place of CT 423

good and evil have been mingled in 6T 163

gospel work as means of 2BC 1030

gospel work calls for CT 538

gospel worker lacking, duty of GW 105-6

gospel workers need 5T 724

gospel workers should be prepared by, for service 5T 722

to meet emergencies 5T 724

gospel workers should continue their, after entering into God’s work 5T 584

gospel workers should depend more on Spirit’s power and less on FE 357

gospel workers who cannot obtain, God pities and blesses GW 105-6

great framework of, professed believers give God’s word inferior position in 6T 150

great principles of, are unchanged Ed 30

greatest victories are not gained by PP 203

Greek and Latin classics in, study of FE 467-8; MH 443-4

groundwork of, Bible must be FE 474

God’s word must be CT 16

guide in, God’s word must be FE 184

had to do chiefly with memory in ages past Ed 230

health and FE 145-8

health instruction that should be part of CD 450

heavenly pattern that must be followed in CT 56-60

higher aim needed in Ed 13

higher ideas of, encourage 5T 584

highest place in, Scriptures should be given Ed 17

how God gives to men, for His service DA 251

how youth can obtain COL 334

human philosophy had taken place of divine revelation in, in Christ’s time Ed 74

humble and unlearned Christians have obtained, in highest of all schools DA 251

imitations in, beware of FE 331-3

importance of FE 82-91

important part of, to know what constitutes purity of mind, soul, and body is CT 103

important phase of, is lacking when student is not taught to do useful work CT 308

in med. miss. lines is not complete unless students are trained to work with church and the ministry 6T 291

indifference to, God would have His people aroused from their FE 257

industrial reform needed in 6T 176-80

industrial training that should be given in 6T 176-80

infidel authors must not be used in MH 440

infidel books depended on as authority in CT 424

influence of, extends to eternity 5T 28

influence received in, youth will carry with them FE 397

instead of seeking, many youth work to earn money for indulging passion for dress Ed 247

instruction given to Israel re, is for God’s people today MH 405

instruction given to SDA re, is unlike teaching of popular schools of today CW 115

is: becoming system of seduction FE 98

grand lifework CT 413; FE 350

of greater breadth than many people realize CG 26

is failure unless: heart accepts teachings of gospel CT 12-3; FE 536

understanding grasps truths of divine revelation CT 12-3; FE 536

is not complete unless: body, mind, and heart are equally educated MH 398

it teaches right principles re dress Ed 246

it is better and safer to obtain, in field where you are to labor 6T 137

knowledge obtained in, is worthless unless it is steppingstone to accomplishment of highest purposes 8T 311

knowledge of science in, is worthless unless it is steppingstone to attainment of highest purposes FE 192

lack of, among SDA workers is painfully apparent FE 202

laws re, given to Israel Ed 40

let simplicity mark every feature of FE 512

lifetime of, is not readily counteracted Ev 228

must be discarded in some cases CT 20; MH 453; 8T 314

lines of, in miss. work MH 194

little, erroneous idea that performance of life’s ordinary duties calls for Ed 265

love and fear of God should be made first in FE 223

love of display in dress diverts many youth from seeking Ed 247

man’s ideas of, must not be exalted CW 118

Satan seeks to pervert FE 541

men deficient in school, are sometimes wonderfully successful in winning souls MH 151

men differ so widely in, that their ways of looking at things vary MH 483

men of, placed in positions of trust often have proved failures FE 193

Satan sets traps in every place to catch FE 233

men of ability should be prepared by, for God’s work 5T 554

men without, erroneous idea that Christ preferred CT 511; FE 47; MYP 169

many books used in, are misleading, deceptive, and delusive FE 451

many of world’s learned men have received, so high they cannot touch common people 9T 135

many parents err in discriminating between children re Ed 265

many people speak against, because Christ chose uneducated fishermen to preach gospel CT 511; FE 47; MYP 169

many people who feel they have finished, are faulty in spelling and writing CT 215

can neither read nor speak correctly CT 215

many students went to Battle Creek for, who could have been better instructed in their own country FE 365

mass of tradition with semblance of truth is brought into FE 407

means: knowledge of books to many people MYP 190; 5T 322

much more than many people suppose FE 387

mental powers are developed by CT 362; 3T 160

mind is disciplined by CT 362; 3T 160

mind needs, to do service for God in ways not in harmony with inborn inclination 8T 314

minister whose, is stumbling block to sinners 5T 529

ministers need: in med. miss. lines MM 239

to do their work efficiently 5T 528-9

mistaken belief that SDA teachers should not weave religion into 5T 587

more than culture of intellect is needed in MH 398

more women should receive, as physicians for san. work MM 61

Moses had to unlearn much of his FE 360; PP 247-8

most essential part of, religion of Bible is 5T 28

most important points of, Elijah instructed students on FE 512

most useful branches of, how to lay foundation for 2T 537

much attention (care) given to, by the faithful in Israel DA 69; FE 442

need of: by precept and example 5T 554

for doing God’s work FE 202-3

persons connected with God’s work should feel Ev 476

persons connected with third angel’s message should feel FE 113

there will always be CT 417; FE 359

needed in forbearance, patience, gentleness, kindness, and true courteousness 2T 220

neglect of branches of, more essential for practical life than study of books 3T 150

neglected line of, obedience is CG 79

never think that you have enough MH 499

never will accomplish all it might until importance of parents’ work is fully recognized Ed 276

not many students can go to America for FE 203

not wise to send students at great expense to America for FE 204

nothing in world in line of, so exalted as instruction in 2 Corinthians 6 and 7 FE 534

novices in, youth should not be FE 202

objects in all branches of, that are more important than those secured by mere technical knowledge Ed 234

of masses must begin in early life MYP 233

old customs in SDA, need of changing 6T 141-2

opportunities of, for life in world are for student Ed 30

ought to: always be of high and holy order 5T 588

be ever progressing but never completed MH 466

continue throughout lifetime MH 499; 4T 561

fasten youth’s mind on grand truths of word of Inspiration COL 41-2

help youth stand by Christ in unselfish service MH 395

lead students to make right principles guide of every action FE 516

parents and teachers should co-operate in Ed 283-6

parents should keep matter of, before them in its true meaning FE 368

parents should provide for children, in home duties 6T 169-70

parents’ work of, underlies every other FE 69

passion to exalt, warning against 5T 587

people need, in health principles MM 262

peril in advising students to pursue one line of, after another CT 417; FE 359

persons of limited, used by God in His service CT 511; FE 47; MH 150; MYP 169-70

persons of little, have been successful in gospel work CT 538

will be called to give final message Ed 269-70; WM 108-9

persons seeking, at expense of practical godliness are on losing side FE 365

persons should be provided, to work for their own countrymen and neighbors 6T 137

persons standing high in, duty of SDA to COL 230

personal attention must be given to students in Ed 231-2

perverted ideas of, Satan’s object is effectually gained by FE 541

physical employment is essential part of CT 308

physical labor as part of, advantages of 3T 152-9

physical, mental, and moral powers need to be trained, disciplined, and developed in 5T 522

physical powers should be equally taxed with the mental in FE 538; 5T 522

physician’s work is to give, to people ignorant re disease and its causes MM 225-6

position that SDA schools should take re LS 220

present, no one should rest satisfied with his 4T 546

present plan of, door of temptation is open to youth by 3T 148

present trend of, appeals to self-seeking Ed 225

pretended friends of, will try to divorce religion from sciences in SDA schools FE 135-6

previous, Christian life is much affected for good or evil by one’s 2T 74

principles of, given by God are only safe guide Ed 277

principles underlying, Christ laid down FE 535

privileges of, all children should have Ed 265-6

process of, do not let God be dishonored by breaking man down in MM 79

program of, schools and sanitariums should co-operate in CD 450

proper fulfillment of domestic duties calls for CT 534; FE 202

provide, for persons to be sent out as missionaries 6T 137

provision that should have been made for, on larger scale in past generations 3T 153

pursuit of one line of, after another is perilous FE 359

questions to ask re MH 444

re diet, parents should give to children right 2T 365

sick people need 2SM 281

re Sabbath should be patiently given 6T 128

real meaning of, may be clearly understood CT 398

real value of, heart ennobled by grace can best comprehend 4T 427; TM 196

redeemed will continue their, throughout eternity CT 413; 8T 328

reform in, hindrances to 6T 141-51

relationship between true science and Inspiration in MYP 189-91

relationship of, to God’s work FE 201-11

to redemption Ed 28-30

relationship of dress to Ed 246-9

relationship of games and sports to FE 220-30

results only in elevating ungodliness when God is not depended on FE 258

rightly regarded as essential to preparation for business life CT 538

Sabbath as means of, value of Ed 250-2

scholarship is enlarged by, from study of God’s word CT 13

schools needed in different places to provide, for youth to prepare to advance truth 3T 407

science of, includes full knowledge of physiology CT 295

science of all, cross of Christ should be made 8T 320

scientific research in: misleads because its discoveries are misinterpreted and perverted COL 41

that causes mental weakness COL 41

that causes widespread iniquity in world COL 41

scope of, defined CG 26

second place in, infidelity and iniquity are rife because God’s word is given CT 439

secure, by searching Scriptures COL 42-3

seek, in way not injurious to body FE 351

seeking additional, in SDA schools 8T 151

seeking efficiency for God’s work by perfecting, in schools of men CT 410; FE 346-7

seeking finishing touches of, in worldly schools CT 374

seldom best for gospel workers to go to distant lands for 6T 137

selling Christ’s Object Lessons as means of 6T 476

sending little children to school for, when too young CT 145-6; FE 156-7; 3T 137-8

SDA educational journal should exalt, found in God’s word CW 115

SDA families who flock to large SDA schools to obtain, for children 6T 198

SDA ideas of, too narrow and low in range Ed 13

SDA institutions of learning have swung into worldly conformity in 6T 145

SDA need schools for CT 46

SDA schools should give, in knowledge of “What saith the Scripture?” 5T 526

SDA schools should offer something more than, in sciences 6T 131

SDA work is, of people to carry light of truth to men CW 117

SDA youth too poor to attain, help CT 69

show and surface work in, present age is one of 5T 90

simple branches of, ministers who neglect to obtain knowledge of 2T 503, 555

simplicity should mark every feature of PK 225

song as means of Ed 168

sources of, Heaven-appointed MH 400

spirit of emulation should not be kindled in PP 595

spirit of idolatry is rife under influence of PK 210; 5T 192

standard matter in, failure to take Bible as FE 447

standard of (in): change of, needed in some SDA schools 6T 142

Christian education will not lower ML 107

elevate, in all SDA schools TM 182

established by Christ, physicians and teachers should honor MM 79

God’s people not at liberty to regard custom as 6T 142

lift, higher and higher 6T 126

lowered in SDA schools CT 402

lowering of, erroneous idea that study of God’s word causes COL 41-2; CT 441

must not be lowered in SDA schools CT 393; FE 373; 6T 126

should not be let down in study of sciences CT 395; FE 376

study of God’s word does not lower COL 42; CT 441

world provides high, of literary attainments 5T 528

world’s, SDA are not at liberty to teach all that which meets 6T 142

state of, in Christ’s time Ed 74-5; FE 438-9

students should be given, to form characters for eternal life LS 362

students should not wait till completion of, before using for good of others what they have received CT 263

students who should not have gone to Battle Creek for FE 357

study in, that turns youth away from God COL 41

study of God’s word gives, for entrance into higher school hereafter ML 339

study of God’s word in, does not prevent study of sciences COL 42; CT 441

study of sciences should not be neglected in COL 334

studies in, not brought into use in practical life will prove loss to students MH 449-50; 8T 311

subject matter of, Bible must be FE 474

God’s word must be CT 16

subject of, all SDA should be interested in CT 401; 6T 162

vision re CT 401-3; 6T 162-7

subject of manner and form in, too much time devoted to Ed 241; GW 333-4

success in: depends on fidelity in carrying out God’s plan Ed 50

is not matter of chance or destiny FE 193-4

true, is found in keeping future life in view CT 21

success in every field (branch) of usefulness calls for CT 534; FE 202

successful fulfillment of life’s various responsibilities calls for FE 202

sufficient for his calling, minister’s need of 2T 556

talents of, power of God’s people is not in SD 236

teacher should teach children in, to know God and Christ CT 169

teachers of high moral qualities are needed to give 5T 583

teachers should show special care in, for salvation of students 6T 152

Testimonies do not depreciate or discourage CT 416, 425; FE 357

theoretical part of, should not be regarded as most essential FE 539

theories of men are exalted in 6T 163

too little attention given to, of young men for the ministry 5T 22

too much inactivity in, ill effects of 4T 97-8

too much leisure time in, youth who have 3T 148-9

training schools needed to provide, for nurses MM 226

true meaning of, parents must keep before children CT 200

true nature of, misconception of CT 49

true science of, is understood aright only by Spirit’s aid CT 376

unlawful extremes in, carrying that which is lawful to FE 357

unparalleled interest in, present age is one of FE 71

value of, use made of knowledge acquired determines MH 402

vary manner of instruction in, to call forth mind’s high and noble powers 3T 131

vital matter in, failure to make Bible CT 444

watchword of, is “Something better” Ed 296

wealth and genius and, will combine to cover God’s people with contempt PK 605-6

well-regulated employment in, importance of 4T 97-8

will be: continued in life to come Ed 19, 301-9; GC 677-8; SR 432-3; 5T 301, 318

employed in persecuting remnant church PK 605-6

resumed in Eden school when plan of redemption is accomplished Ed 301

wisdom coming from God must be made first and most important in CT 394

women who lack, to think 2T 187-8

work of church schools in 6T 191-205

work of climbing in, must begin at lowest round of ladder CT 215

work that should be done in, for SDA children and youth 6T 126

working on Christian principles in, advantage of 6T 145

world’s wise men’s ideas re, must not be advocated in SDA periodicals CW 117

writings of infidel authors must not be used in MH 440

young men need, for entering field as ministers or colporteurs 5T 390

young men strong in faith may seek, in higher colleges of the land 5T 583-4

young ministers need, in voice culture 4T 405-6

youth may rightly seek, to have name and position in world FE 82

youth need, for practical life 8T 311

youth needing, should work with determination to obtain it COL 334

youth warned not to go to Battle Creek for FE 357; 8T 218, 226-7

youth without, will be crippled and inefficient in any position 5T 521

youth’s, shapes their characters in both secular and religious life 3T 131

See also Self-education; Self-improvement


account to give for, in judgment RC 168:3

advantage of, others to be helped by those with HP 100:5

affections guarded from interfering with, to serve God LYL 76:3

appearance of good character may be in those with FW 32:1

approach to gaining OHC 261

attainments of, not criterion for being a teacher TDG 248:3

balance in,

better than only mental education 2MCP 507:3

needed in schools today (1897) 1MCP 52:3

of physical, mental, moral and spiritual 1MCP 189:2

begins with little ones; mother needs tact for minds 3SM 220:3

blessings in, by counseling without humiliating 1MCP 190:2

broad, college diploma should require, including speech VSS 32:0

broader, learning to read the Bible prepares for SW 50


needs daily; avoid anger and bad words 2MCP 582:4

not obtained by receiving HP 47:3

children sent for, with integrity if parents had studied Christ RC 300:3


did not despise, but chose unschooled workers TMK 189:3

gives, in heaven that we could have gotten here OHC 62:2

danger of wrong ideas gradually absorbed in worldly 3SM 231:3

dangerous, from worldly intellectuals 3SM 232:4


an example in HP 261:2

and companions had better UL 253:3

definition of, preparation of powers for duty, etc. 3SM 228:1

discarding, often needed to learn of Christ HP 159:5


gained highest, from Christ TDG 41:5

lacked, when chosen but were willing to learn LHU 259:3


character shaped for life by 1MCP 189:3

choices of Daniel influenced by RC 141:4

effectiveness of, less than that of self-control 1MCP 102:0

efficiency in; improve opportunities 1MCP 301:1

Ellen White,

did not discourage TMK 193:3

saw, as important; expected to write more 3SM 212:1

exercise to be combined with mental taxation in RC 147:7

facilities for religious and intellectual CET 204:3

failure unless able to grasp divine truth and gospel 1MCP 196:1

false, theories and influences of, hard to shake off TDG 321:4

fathers to provide for, for future life 3SM 209:2

foundation for,

divine wisdom 1MCP 53:1

in early years, but school if mother unable 3SM 215:1

God measures workers not by, but by fruit AG 67:7

grace takes people as they are and gives UL 89:4

health, concern for food factory sales to influence CME 31:3


fear of the Lord HP 137:2

to become steadfast in God HP 159:5


a continuation of lessons from Christ UL 246:3

school on earth to prepare for HP 33:6


application of Bible truth provides 1MCP 98:1

cannot replace simple piety OHC 203:2

Christ gave TMK 188:3

completed in heaven HP 216:5

(conformity to the will of God), seek TDG 168:6

continued in heaven TDG 253:4

errors accepted as essential to TMK 188:3

false ideas concerning, to be swept back TDG 168:5

from studying science of pure life from Word 1MCP 189:1

gained in cooperation with Christ TDG 168:4

humble receive, in school of divine Teacher TMK 50:5

infidel authors not essential for 1MCP 195:3

knowing what is purity of mind, soul, body OHC 337:2

learning Christian life from Word of God 1MCP 11:2

learning for, from humble who learn from Christ TMK 50:5

learning of Christ is TDG 135:6

learning to advance daily toward heaven RC 159:4

life of Christ taught and exemplified TDG 168:3

science of Christian life is 1MCP 13:1

Word of God to be teacher in lines of TDG 127:5

worldly, is farce; Christ’s school needed 1MCP 194:1


parents are to consider values taught in 3SM 217:4

through love and tenderness UL 329:6

importance of, God directed early SDAs to see CET 197:1

inclination of light and truth TDG 43:3

indispensable part of, for Jews was learning a craft TDG 203:2

influence of heaven in home provides, for school above 3SM 214:4

Israelites given, including all habits of life TDG 77:2

kindergarten (age 5), approved in orphan home 3SM 218

lack of extensive, but consecrated SW 16:4

lack of, See Uneducated

life scenes in which we must act are part of our TMK 117:4

life’s best things not dependent on TMK 85:4

mind and affections require 1MCP 350:1

money making is not useful, in the other world TDG 218:2

need for, in every line, preparing for scattering PM 93:0

neglecting, shown by Jesus as unsafe TDG 59:4

Nero and Paul represented opposite systems of CC 355:4

object of: preparation to teach characters for heaven 1MCP 53:0

obligation of those with, or other advantages SW 16:3

obtain, to fit for heaven HP 165:4

opportunity for,

publishing workers to use, while available PM 120:2

youth are to make their own OHC 261:2

order (habits of) is part of TDG 173:3

parents are responsible for;

but children responsible, too RC 142:3

children never to be neglected 3SM 210:1

people with, drawn by refinement of Christ’s witnesses RC 347:5

places for, for children; not public schools 3SM 209:1

plan for, not to be stereotyped 3SM 227:3

power for, Timothy charged to become OHC 309:2

powers to be developed by, improving words and actions 2MCP 436:0

practical, to be offered, teaching dwelling on Bible 1MCP 53:0

pride of those with SW 10:2

promised those who work for the Great Teacher UL 305:3

publishing workers to have broad; technical PM 120:3

purity to be understood as part of Mar 229:2

purpose important in RC 299:7

pursue, to teach others what you learn TDG 234:4

religion lies at the foundation of 3SM 311:1

religious, ideas of, are vague to the worldly HP 167:3

responsibilities to God and others is part of 3SM 220:1

responsibility (financial) not neglected in; school bills 1MCP 196:2

science of,

found in the Word for those submitted to God 1MCP 194:1

true, need to understand, to be in heaven 1MCP 53:2

understood to enter kingdom of God 1MCP 53:1

SDA, for various branches of the work CET 204:3

Sodom developed, in immorality TSB 126:2

soul to have, in faith in Christ’s sacrifice FW 72:2

soul winning,

as an objective of TDG 368:3

workers receive, from the great Teacher RC 202:4

speech is most important subject in, but neglected VSS 30


grace given to help others gain TDG 135:7

our minds to be brought up to high point of TMK 186:2

successful for position of trust when parents careful RC 300:3

suppression of, for slaves SW 46:2

talents are not reserved for those exalted in TDG 208:3

teacher with, but still unwise 1MCP 200:2

thoroughness needed in, for service for God 1MCP 301:1

trials provide OHC 56


foundation of, by principles of religion 1MCP 16:2

inconsistent with selfishness TDG 253:4

knowledge to help form characters for heaven OHC 35:6

love as the basis of, plain in law of Mark 12:30 RC 51:2

parents should support teachers who are giving TDG 293:5

Scripture contains divine wisdom for 1MCP 53:1

use all that can be gained from, in advancing truth RC 297:6

use, for God OHC 289:4

value of, known best by heart ennobled by God’s grace 1MCP 16:3

voice of God should be understood as a result of 1MCP 53:0

voice training is important in VSS 430:3

without, See Uneducated

Word of God,

imparts the highest possible, for mortals OHC 35:2

is book of, but other books placed first TDG 127:3

is the most potent means of TMK 8:3

is to be the essence of, in our schools 3SM 227:2

working with Christ requires more than UL 62:5

See also Ability; Christ, school of; Lessons; Learning; School; Teachers; Training