EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Drunkard, Drunkards - Duty, Duties

Drunkard, Drunkards

Drunkard, Drunkards, acceptable service cannot be rendered to God by 4aSG 139

accountable to God for his deeds Te 289

American tables are generally prepared to make 3T 563

association with, in secret societies Ev 619; 2SM 124

associations that lead promising youth to become FE 63

asylums for, can do little for the intemperate while law sanctions liquor traffic MH 342

boy who becomes Te 259

capable of better things MH 341; Te 28

career of, moderate drinking is school that educates men for MH 332; 5T 357; Te 30, 278

child who is, of later years LS 224

children of: led by his sinful example into path of crime Te 205

terrible plight of MH 331

terrible suffering of MH 338

confirmed, fermented wine and hard cider have led men to become 5T 356; Te 277

conscience of, Satan controls Te 79, 142

conversion of, Spirit’s work in Ev 288-9

corrupt tendencies of, transmitted to his posterity PP 561; Te 38

craving of, difficult to cure 5T 507

deeds of, are expressions of Satan’s violence MM 114

defective education’s results seen in 3T 564

described 3BC 1162; Te 37-8

desperate situation of 3BC 1162

do all possible to show yourself a friend to MH 172

draw with God to win, from his evil habits CM 40-1

enslavement of, by intoxicating drink 1T 549

erroneous education’s evil results are seen in CG 406; FE 140

every item of history of, recorded in ledger of heaven Te 33

evil effects of intoxicants on, no argument needed to show MH 330

face of, described Te 31-2

family of: liquor seller robs Te 204

terrible plight of Te 205

wretchedness of Te 276-7

fortitude needed by, to break his habit 4aSG 139

habit of, can be overcome if he persists 1T 549

habitual: has diseased brain MH 344

has uncontrollable appetite in so far as he is concerned MH 344

is in desperate situation MH 343-4

terrible plight of MH 344-5

will power of, weakened MH 344

has nothing but a madman’s brain Te 289

hereditary thirst of, children often inherit MH 331

home of, described Te 31

liquor dealer must answer for ruin of Te 33

terrible wretchedness and despair in MH 331

how parents cause children to become Te 182

how to cure MH 446

how to help MH 172-3

how to win, to Christ Ev 267-8

influences that teach people to be Te 71-2

intoxicated with insane desire for liquor 3T 398

lessons of intemperance learned at home too often make SD 212

let no act or look express reproach or aversion to MH 172

liquor seller forbidden to sell intoxicants to, while making drunkards MH 342

liquor seller’s business converts men into MH 338

longs for liquor to arouse his flagging energies 3T 227

needs to know that his suffering results from sin MH 114; 7T 74

no, will enter God’s kingdom MM 268

will inherit God’s kingdom GC 539

person who is, cannot be written in books of heaven Te 291

physicians responsible for making many Te 42

physicians should tell, that their suffering is result of sin 7T 74

physician’s duty to MH 114

poor, saved and in God’s kingdom ML 349

power that can sober ML 26

professed Christians who become Te 46

reason of, Satan controls Te 79, 142

scathing rebukes are of little use to Ev 267

sells himself for cup of poison Te 142

sells his reason for cup of poison Te 79

sins of, liquor seller will have to answer for Te 289

speak no censure to MH 172

stomach of, inflamed condition of MH 325

terrible plight of Te 204

terrible suffering of, when deprived of drink 1T 549

terrible thirst of, clamors for indulgence Te 204

there would be no, if men strictly and conscientiously had kept God’s law Te 164

total abstinence is only safety for MH 446

true conversion sobers GC 461-2; SC 58

try to induce, to sign temperance pledge Te 198

two thirds of, created appetite for liquor by use of tobacco Te 72

under influence of passion, will not spare best friend Te 277

who talk of overcoming sin 1BC 1111

widow of, terrible plight of MH 338

wife of 2T 268

terrible sufferings endured by MH 331

work of reclaiming, reason for inefficacy of Te 196

See also Drunk person; Intoxicated person

Drunkard’s grave

Drunkard’s grave, children being trained for CD 235

Drunken carousal

Drunken carousal, in courts of justice Te 289

Drunken cries

Drunken cries, of heathen priesthood PK 115

Drunken mother, Drunken mothers

Drunken mother, Drunken mothers, vileness of, children suffering more and more from MH 339


Drunkenness, among people who administer laws GC 586

at religious festivities, not uncommon in Eli’s time PP 570

Babylon’s wickedness ascribed to 3T 162

Christ’s disciples falsely accused of, on Pentecost AA 40-1

combat evil of Te 258

crime always follows Te 258

curse of, raise your voice against Te 238

disregard for God’s law has resulted in SD 54

do not permit, in home CG 241

eating and drinking carried to CH 23; 3T 163

gluttony leads to 3BC 1165

gross, in Isaiah’s time PK 306

habits of, one glass of wine may lead to 4T 578

highway to: entered unsuspectingly by using fermented wine and hard cider 5T 357

how to close 5T 360

moderate use of wine or cider is Te 96, 163, 278

holidays engross men in CT 343

homes affected more and more by MH 339

in Noah’s time Te 227

in Sodom PP 157

increase of, call attention to significance of Te 27

indulgence that leads to Te 182-3

is form of fleshly lust CH 69

moral sensibilities benumbed by CH 23

prevailing: Christ foretold Te 25

people should be told meaning of Te 251

sign of Christ’s coming Te 251

prevailing sin of antediluvian world Te 25

seed of, stimulating and indigestible food often sows PP 562

shameless, in kingdom of Israel PK 281-2

sin of gluttony is in same catalogue with 4T 454

son given to CG 241

very little, in San Francisco, Calif., after earthquake of 1906 Te 26

wine and cider lead to Te 93

world filled with 9T 43-4

worst kind of, fermented wine and hard cider produce 5T 356; Te 277

wrong habits of eating and drinking prepare way for MH 334

See also Intemperance; Intoxication

Drunk person, Drunk persons

Drunk person, Drunk persons, Satan uses, to cause calamities 2SM 52


Drusilla AA 422-5

Vesuvius destroyed 6BC 1066

Dry goods

Dry goods, bundle of, person who was like 2T 525

Dublin Nation

Dublin Nation, quoted GC 440

Dubuque, Iowa

Dubuque, Iowa 2SG 219

Duffield, George

Duffield, George, poem “Stand Up for Jesus” by, quoted 5T 341

Dullest person

Dullest person, rule that should be sacredly observed toward GW 122


Dullness, no virtue in FE 316

wife inclined to be lost in 2T 428

See Lethargy


Dumb, EGW was struck, for doubting EW 22-3; LS 89

Zacharias (priest) was struck, till John the Baptist’s birth DA 99-100

Dumb boy

Dumb boy, deaf, Christ cast devil out of DA 426-31

See also Miracle

Dumb demoniac

Dumb demoniac, blind, Christ healed GC 515

See also Miracle

Dumb person, Dumb persons

Dumb person, Dumb persons, healed, took part in Christ’s triumphal entry DA 572

See also Mute

Dunce, Dunces

Dunce, Dunces, educated, many college graduates are only 3T 159

See also Fool

Dungeon, Dungeons

Dungeon, Dungeons, angels minister to God’s people in GC 627

Christ will gather redeemed persons from COL 179; GC 650

damp, Huss (John) confined in GC 107-8

dark and loathsome, many of God’s people will spend time of trouble in GC 626-7

gloomy Roman, Paul confined in AA 490

Jeremiah cast into PK 456

Jerome confined in GC 111-2

papal priests and prelates immured Christians in GC 668

Philippian, Paul and Silas prayed and sang in AA 213-4; MB 35

witnesses of Christ in, John the Baptist’s life has encouraged Ed 157-8

See also Prison

Dungeon walls

Dungeon walls, communication with God cannot be cut off by GC 627


Duplicity, business should be done without 3BC 1158

there must be no, in gospel workers CH 35; Ev 632


Dura, plain of, Nebuchadnezzar humbled on PK 514

Nebuchadnezzar’s image set up on PK 506; SL 36


Durham, bishop of GC 247

Durland, J. H.

Durland, J. H. Ev 418


Dusk, of morning, resplendent ark of covenant lighted early 4T 161


Ellen White’s study of human nature in depot at TMK 95:2


Dust, air would be filled with, if earth had no covering of living green SD 75

city, objectionable to health 7T 82

God can bring man’s honor and glory to, with one breath 3T 444

of selfishness and earthliness, must be expelled 6T 170

prediction in 1862 that USA would be humbled in 1T 258-9

turned into lice in Egypt PP 266


Duster, use of AH 152


Dusting, mothers should teach daughters how to do CG 352

valuable exercise for young women FE 74-5

Dust storm, Dust storms

Dust storm, Dust storms, drought in Elijah’s time resulted in PK 125

Dutch language

Dutch language, Scriptures translated into GC 238

Duty, Duties

1. Classes of

2. Little (small)

3. Miscellaneous


1. Classes of

another person’s, no man is proper judge of TM 348, 493

no man is to prescribe DA 550

any known: justification by faith cannot be had while neglecting 1SM 396

perform faithfully SL 89

you cannot be clothed with Christ’s righteousness while neglecting 1SM 366

appointed, highest enjoyment is found by people who faithfully fulfill their ML 168; MYP 210-2

Christian, Bible is clear upon all points relating to 4T 335

Christian’s: to arouse others to gain eternal life 5T 71

to attend and pray in prayer meeting EW 11

to be cheerful 4T 62

to control your thoughts 2T 561

to forgive repentant erring brethren 5T 246

to the poor See Poor person

to the unfortunate See Unfortunate person

to work for your own soul 5T 71

Christian’s chief, is to reveal attributes of heaven by word and deed SD 42

Christian’s first, is to his children and nearest relatives SD 223

Christian’s whole, is to love God and man 5T 359

church See Church duty

common, Elisha was training in performance of Ed 58-9

training in, assures efficiency Ed 268

common and simple, do not fail to perform faithfully 3T 330

common daily, may be done in God’s spirit MM 204

commonplace, Elisha’s work in God’s service at first was Ed 59; PK 222

connected specially with sacred service, we are not always engaged in MM 204

daily (everyday): cheerfully accept and cheerfully perform your SD 42

children should be taught to perform humble round of MYP 329; PP 574

conscientious performance of, acceptable service lies in PK 219

conscientiously discharge your AH 405

faithful performance of, brings satisfaction and peace CG 352

faithful performance of, is needed AH 35; CG 352

God requires diligent performance of 2T 13

how to be prepared for MH 512

humble round of, as training school MYP 329; PP 574

ignoble sloth leads people to look down on MYP 210-1

make your, acts of devotion CM 77

ministers who have no relish for 4T 417

miss. work is done by faithful performance of AH 35

of Christian life, wrong attitude toward 4T 372

perform your, with firmness and resolute heart 3T 195

pray to God for strength to endure 2T 664

religion should be interwoven with all 2T 506

sense of accountability and influence gives character to views of TM 389

strength acquired in prayer prepares man for MB 85

too much that is little and common is brought into ML 284

truth is best recommended by faithful discharge of 3T 334

disagreeable and small, do faithfully 2T 312

distinct and individual, each person has to perform WM 159

domestic See Domestic duty

every: Bible makes plain 8T 157

faithfulness in, makes work noble 5BC 1112

God’s promise to persons who strive to do their best in 2T 312

is important in God’s sight MYP 148

Joseph resolved to perform, with fidelity PP 214

perform, as unto God CG 121; PP 574

performance of, how to obtain wisdom and correct judgment for 4T 459

gospel worker’s, to counsel with brethren TM 500

to learn economy in use of time and money MYP 300

higher, person who neglects temporal duties is unprepared for 4T 444

home See Home duty

home-life See Home-life duty

household See Household duty

humblest, do not ignore COL 359

you may walk and work with Christ in SC 82

individual: begins when light comes TM 438

discharge your, and leave all consequences to God 1SM 28; 5T 71

look to God for understanding of your 9T 280

involving difficulties, he will remain weak and inefficient who shuns 4T 453

life’s: Christians exhorted to faithful performance of all SL 87

courtship that leads to loss of interest in AH 72

erring human beings are dealt with in MM 212

how to know what to do in all AH 380

men may deny Christ by shunning 3T 332

truth is to prepare men for WM 118

life’s common, Elisha received training in Ed 58

life’s common and ordinary, do willingly and faithfully 3T 79

life’s everyday (daily): eternal interests involved in proper discharge of GW 204

knowledge of divine truth prepares man to better perform DA 254; Ed 82

lowly, practical religion should be carried into COL 359

seeming irksome, do faithfully 3T 333

should be given high tone of character 4T 191

life’s humblest, perform with loving spirit SC 82-3

life’s little, daily failing to discharge wholeheartedly MYP 148

patiently perform MYP 148

life’s manifold, how to find true happiness in discharge of 2T 132

life’s plain and homely, do cheerfully and not mechanically 3T 330

life’s smaller common, make continual growth in grace in MM 43

light to one person, are most difficult and perplexing to another MH 483

love’s twin sister 3T 108, 195, 439; 4T 62

lowliest as well as highest, Paul accepted Ed 66

Paul cheerfully performed AA 354

lying close at hand, life made fragrant by performance of PK 219

lying directly in your pathway, Christ never taught neglect of LS 80

take up PK 219

lying nearest you: do thoroughly and well ChS 110

do your, whether it is pleasing or not MH 473

importance of faithfully performing MH 473

take up MYP 96

lying next to you, take up ML 219

man’s: Bible marks out, in every circumstance of life 4T 312

God’s word distinctly specifies, to his fellow men 2T 605

is to live for good of others 3T 529

to fellow men 3T 521-44

man’s first: development of all his powers is COL 329

obedience to God is Ev 243; 4T 610

obedience to God’s laws is CH 24-5; 3T 164

obedience to laws of health is 3T 164

self-development is, to God and man CG 164, 395; CH 107

man’s first and highest, is to search Scriptures for truth GC 598

is to seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness 3T 397

menial, Elijah did not feel above performing PK 158-9

most arduous, are pleasant and easy when heart is aglow with Christian zeal 2T 234

neglect of known, forfeiture of angels’ protection as result of PP 256

next week’s, do not perform today 2T 641

of different persons, vary in gospel work 4T 118

of old and young, set forth in simple and positive language 5T 525

of practical life, youth should be instructed in PP 601

youth should understand how to perform FE 229

one neglected, prepares way for another 4T 452

ordinary, faithful performance of, prepares men to bear greater responsibilities PK 222

ordinary daily (everyday): one may be in active service of God while performing PK 219

spend no time longing to do the impossible by forgetting MM 177

performed, brings exceeding great reward 7BC 936

happiness on earth is increased by consciousness of 4T 39, 125

performed in Christ’s name, ministers to doer’s happiness 4T 19

plain and simple, do not neglect 5T 163

plain everyday, attitude to be taken toward SD 149

plain Scriptural, to reprove sin is shunned by many ministers 3T 265-6

practical: benefit of knowing how to do FE 75

children should be trained in CT 148

graduates of schools and colleges should be prepared to successfully perform FE 73

wealthy children need education in, as well as in sciences 3T 150

youth need to understand how to perform FE 228

youth should cultivate love for 3T 224

present: cheerfully perform your 2T 429

class of people who lose sight of 2T 466

do your, with a will 2T 429

mind should not be left to wander from MYP 149

result of neglecting AA 54

Satan seeks to divert God’s people from GW 306

presenting itself, wherever you are take up COL 359

private and humble, woman who did not relish 3T 334

proportionate to his powers, each day brings to person in God’s service 9T 220

religious: letting business lead to neglect of 2T 234

man whose, became mere form 2T 234

outward performance of, man who occasionally engaged in 2T 234

religious life cannot be lived without performance of 4T 560

seeming stern and severe, what to remember when facing DA 659

small and common, some people rebel when asked to do MM 177

small and helpful, children should be trained in COL 84

children should be trained to be content with Ed 107

small daily, result of neglecting 4T 619

smaller: care and thought should be put into Ev 81

exactitude and diligence should be shown in Ev 81

important in Christ’s service Ev 81

warning against neglect of SD 253

smallest: done in sincerity and self-forgetfulness is most pleasing to God COL 402

God is to be honored in, as well as in larger responsibilities PK 487

perform your, with faithfulness and cheerfulness WM 153

performance of, let living faith run like threads of gold through COL 360

unfaithfulness in, robs God of service due Him COL 356

smallest and simplest, Christ did not neglect WM 153

sphere of Christian, consequences of leaving SC 101

stern, twin sister of kindness 3T 108

temporal, young men who have never made success in 4T 444

this life’s, eternal interests depend on proper discharge of 4T 522

to God: civil magistrates must not prescribe man’s GC 294

correct view of, leads to clear perceptions of duty to men MYP 329

is superior to human enactments GC 295

today’s: cheerfully perform 2T 641

God requires all men to do faithfully 2T 466

God requires men to perform 5T 200

how to receive grace sufficient for 3T 333

unpleasant, do not neglect 3T 503

wearisome, danger in preserving exact round of 2T 673

well done, reflex influence of consciousness of CH 391

whole, ministers who fail to do their 9T 250

2. Little (small)

cheerfully and well done, prepare way for greater responsibilities 2T 250

cheerfully done often stand highest in God’s sight DA 615

cheerfully take hold of and do well your 2T 250

children should not be permitted to neglect CG 107

Daniel honored God in COL 356

do, with thoroughness and exactness AH 297

everyday: children should be faithful in AH 296

life’s, must not be overlooked for higher and greater work to do 3T 79

ministers should not shun 4T 417

failure to discharge, with wholeheartedness MYP 148

faithfully performing, importance of PP 574

minister’s wife who wanted to fill some large mission instead of 2T 568

faithfulness in: essential to character building MYP 148

importance of MYP 148; PK 487-8; 6T 171

result of PP 158

work on plan of addition by COL 360

fulfillment of, faithfulness is needed in ML 268

high attainment cannot come without faithfulness in CG 167

God tests man’s ability by first giving him, to perform 2T 249-50

life’s common, grow continually in grace in CT 490

why many persons fail to perform faithfully COL 360

life’s common and ordinary, somebody must do 3T 79

life’s humble and common, must be performed with fidelity 5T 459

man unfaithful in, God is robbed by COL 356

man who shows little regard for, how God looks upon PK 218-9

neglect of, makes deficiency in character 2T 310

result of PP 158

patiently perform MYP 148

performance of: blessed results of faithful 4T 591

character is developed by faithful 3T 308

cheers and gladdens pathway of life 4T 591

faithful, prepares one for larger duties or responsibilities MYP 143; 2T 568

living faith must run like threads of gold through daily 6T 171

living faith needed in 6T 171

no man is qualified for great and important work unless he is faithful in 3T 46

youth should be faithful in 2T 311

performed faithfully exert influence for good PP 574

person who neglects, will never be entrusted by God with greater duties 3T 81

undervaluing importance of faithfulness in, makes character building unsatisfactory MYP 148

unfaithfulness in, reacts upon one’s self COL 356

you will have, to do as long as you live 2T 310

young man who did not like to do 2T 309

3. Miscellaneous

act of, God speaks and gives His blessing in very 7BC 936; 4T 145

all, are irksome into which heart is not brought Ev 645

all men have, to see how much they can do for Christ 3T 95

appointed place of, each person should work in his TM 165

appointed post of, act faithfully your part at your CS 49

awaiting your attention, make memorandum of different SD 114

be armed for 3T 80

be as faithful to, as compass to pole 4T 590

be controlled by, and not be feeling 2T 435

be faithful in least as well as in greatest 4T 572

becomes delight: in service of Christ Ed 297

to person bearing Christ’s yoke SC 59; 1SM 354

when men accept Christ 1SM 353-4

being dissatisfied with your, is not right when you desire to do something else GW 270

Bible plainly sets before men their PP 441

brace yourself by earnest prayer to do your 7T 212

call of: be prepared for any 2BC 1004

make earnest efforts to obey 3T 379

must come first before wages 2SM 205

true child of God is willing to answer MH 502

changes daily transpiring around men teach them their 3T 333

Christ expects every man to do his 5T 460

Christ’s promise to teach His people their DA 668

circumstances may indicate PP 441, 674; 3T 73, 333

claims of, fearful misconception of 1SM 91

must be held above those of pleasure and inclination PP 223

clear conception of, Bible study and prayer give 4T 561

clear perception of, light of guiding Spirit gives DA 527

person who makes God his strength will have GW 114; MB 85; MH 480

convictions of: firmly follow your 4T 62

many people lack sufficient courage or independence to obey GC 597

result of deliberately stifling GC 378

correct understanding of, how to come to 2SM 325

dead and heartless performance of, does not make men Christians 4T 89

delay in obeying, gives time for doubts 4T 147

demands of, do not delay meeting 4T 147

diligent doing of certain round of, is not evidence of life Ev 116-7

discerned and appreciated only when viewed in light of Christ’s life 3T 403

discharge your, with faithfulness with which angels do theirs CG 121; MYP 329

do every, that presents itself COL 68

which has been made plain GC 528

do not depend on any erring man to define your 9T 279

do not perform, as cold and dreary exercise Ev 645

do not sacrifice, to inclination 3T 44

do not wait to be told your 2T 29

do not worry after having done your best in, to save the erring 5T 347-8

do whatever, comes next TM 423

do your, and leave results with God 7T 60-1

and trust in God CS 227-8

faithfully Ev 645

duty is, to be performed for its own sake CS 90

facts may indicate 3T 73

faithful and unselfish performance of, angels notice 2T 132

faithful discharge of today’s, is best preparation for tomorrow’s trials MH 481

faithful performance of, goes hand in hand with right estimate of God’s character MYP 106

faithfulness to, Elisha’s rule of daily life was Ed 58

feelings do not excuse you from doing your 1T 692

following natural inclination instead of doing, danger of 3T 73

fulfillment of one, makes man better prepared to take up the next 9T 220

God enjoins on all men, to bless others with influence and means 2T 132

God requires man to: do his 5T 568

perform only, that leads to bliss which the disobedient can never attain SC 47

God wants men more intent on doing, than on receiving reward MH 476-7

God will make plain your 2T 687

God’s word distinctly specifies man’s, to Him 2T 605

God’s written word teaches men their 3T 333

gospel workers must do their, and leave results with God GC 609-10

great facts of, youth should contemplate Ed 17

guidance re, cheap devices used for 2SM 325-6

happiness follows only in wake of CG 206

high claims of, danger of one neglect of PP 452; 5T 398

how to know what course to pursue re DA 668

ignorance of common, is result of folly FE 75

individual acts of, strong and beautiful character is built up by PP 574

it is right to be dissatisfied with way you perform your GW 270

Joseph consulted, rather than inclination PP 222; 5T 321

kindness and, blend 3T 108

labor as though, were all your own CH 367

lack of experience in, to the needy 3T 512

law of, is supreme 4T 163

lessons of, often hard to learn CT 51; FE 544

love and 3T 195-6

blend, in disciplining children 3T 195

separated, cannot do good 4T 62

united, can do almost everything 4T 62

love for, is lesson men must learn 5T 70

lukewarm and slack performance of, is injurious WM 96

man strives to make, soft and accommodating to his natural character TM 421

man’s sense of, is small MM 190

many people willing to follow, when in harmony with their inclinations PP 441

measurement of your, defined MH 491

neglect of: fruits of selfishness always reveal themselves in CS 26

man’s accountability for 4T 516

mistakes of others are no excuse for your 3T 458

must be overcome DA 65

spiritual disease results from 4T 235-6

you are accountable for your 5T 11

nerve yourself for 5T 309

no man should step in between you and, God has pointed out to you 9T 280

oars of, pull at TM 184

obedience of healed demoniacs to, when Christ pointed it out MH 98

often are crosses which Christians must lift 5T 548

often seems hard to perform GW 262

overdoing the matter in performing strict, to individuals 3T 108

pains of, used by Satan as cord to bind men 5T 53

path of: angels preserve God’s people while they are in CH 459; Ev 607; 5T 198

do not permit friends’ solicitations to swerve you from 3T 73

do not permit inclination to swerve you from 3T 73

follow 3T 538

make it a rule of life to go straight forward in 4T 502

person who follows, will be assailed by doubt and unbelief sometimes PP 437

Paul’s will and desires every day conflicted with his MH 452-3

people who love, must lift every ounce they can 5T 369

perform your: as service of love Ev 645

for its own sake 4BC 1182

to God before doing any other 5T 38

with fidelity MYP 96

performance of: as to God throws charm around humblest employment CG 121; MYP 329; PP 574

should not be theme of thought or conversation MB 80-1

usefulness increases with 9T 220

persons convinced of, must deliberately accept cross GC 460

persons deliberately venturing from path of, no protection promised to CH 459

persons to whom, is meaningless word 3T 373

persons who despise, fate of PP 558

place of, God takes care of you when you are in His CH 424

plain path of, results of deviating from CH 458-9; Ev 607; 5T 198

train of circumstances will arise to draw men farther from 5T 198

post of: assigned to each person 1SM 84; 7T 296

do not flee from your TM 90

each person has, by God’s appointment 6BC 1087

faithful Christian will not forsake his 2SM 215

God needs wide-awake men at every 4T 517

let every man stand at his TM 214

some people are ever at, come sunshine or storm LS 237-8; 4T 300

prayer can never take place of COL 143

prayer re PP 441

prayer strengthens man for SC 93

reason may indicate PP 441; 3T 73

record of men’s unfulfilled, is kept in heaven GC 487

religion that lightly estimates MYP 106

rule of, Bible reveals 3T 322

safe guide to, impressions alone are not always AA 279; TM 502

sanitarium physicians should promptly attend to their CH 362-3

selfish neglect of, recording angel marks CH 420

sense of, Spirit prompts mind with TM 424

setting of signs by which to decide your 2SM 28

sin of dividing your, into two classes COL 382

some people follow inclination instead of 3T 111

standard of, God’s word reveals GW 276

straight line of, no motives should suffice to move you from CH 291; FE 502; 3T 44

strength for daily, found in prayer MYP 248

strength for every, Christ supplies 6T 472

superficial and neglectful in doing, do not become 3BC 1161

superstition and bigotry blind men to, to God and fellow men 3T 73

to yield unquestioned obedience to God’s will 3T 73

surroundings teach men their 3T 333

swerving one inch from, results of 5T 540

tender love should be mingled with, in dealing with the erring 3T 108

termination of one, with beginning of next SD 265

tests re, use of chance methods in making 2SM 325-8

that chase one another wildly ML 81

thorny path of, when it becomes easy to follow CS 151-2

times there are when it seems hard to perform 4T 26

to worship God, is based on fact that He is Creator GC 436

unwearied and conscientious discharge of, your responsibility for TM 183-4

voice of: go where, calls ChS 110

God requires men to obey 1SM 28

God requires men to obey, under all circumstances 5T 69

hear and obey TM 402

is inborn and heaven-sent guide CH 562

is voice of God CH 562; TM 402

way becomes difficult and thorny when men stray from 4T 558

way of, when EGW felt satisfied she was in LS 268-9

wherever lies your, you can be missionary SC 81

whoever is unfaithful in least, is unfaithful in greater 4T 186

world’s greatest need is men whose conscience is as true to, as needle to pole Ed 57

young men who followed inclination rather than 3T 222

youth who faithfully perform, prepare for higher service in afterlife PP 622

youth who follow inclination instead of MYP 82


accepting, under the constraining influence of God’s love TDG 315:4

all may know their HP 38:4

angels preserve in path of, but not on Satan’s ground 2MCP 700:2

anxiety to fulfill, should surpass interest in the reward PM 247:1

appetite and passion controlled that brain may discern TDG 287:3

ask for, standing in view of the cross HP 222:5

burden of, which God did not give RC 292:9


in small TMK 331:3

in, wrong for representative of Jesus TMK 250:3

character formed in performance of TMK 157:2


gives strength for HP 188:3; UL 72:7

performed practical LHU 32:4

Christians not driven from, by fear of reproach, etc. TDG 316:4

circumstances not to mold TMK 93:3

clear, comes with a change of heart 1MCP 95:1

to those who use the knowledge they may have HP 153:2


excitement about heaven increases efficiency in TMK 168:3

Holy Spirit does not unfit for HP 190:2

seen in light of eternity CME 19:2

conflicts and trials are to be expected in discharging TDG 212:6

consider, because the Lord is coming TDG 296:2

control of self by God’s Word is both pleasure and 1MCP 366:1

cooperating with God to perform, to body and soul TMK 209:2


aspiring for great service without doing well in TMK 329:4

Christlikeness in, gives dignity; (everyday) TDG 15:2

do, and cultivate affection for Christ TMK 168:2

doing, rather than worrying OHC 64:3

heaven watches performance of OHC 228:4

help from Christ for HP 63:2

deciding, for another, controlling the mind 2MCP 708:4

defined as loving God and neighbor SW 37:1

determine not to be diverted from TDG 284:3

developing our powers is TMK 86:4

difficult, petitioner for grace to love sanctified for HP 67:4

discipline of mind to be cheerful is RC 161:3

dissatisfaction for performance of, but not for duty itself HP 229:3


bravely and cheerfully, RC 37:6

reflects sunshine upon others TDG 310:3

brings reward RC 79:6

daily, prepares for future emergencies TMK 225:4

each day’s, as though it were our last day OHC 220:5; TMK 358:2

enemies to be neither despised nor feared in OHC 344:3

every known, safeguard against Satan Mar 95:3

in accordance with position of trust TDG 20:2

in Christ’s name ministers to our happiness FLB 245:7

lying directly in our path HP 226:2

today prepares for tomorrow 2MCP 470:2

where you are not wishing for certain position TMK 329:3

ease in performance of, by adherence to laws of health TMK 313:4

Ellen White,

did only; Christ rejected in rejecting her 3SM 351:2

tried to do; messages sent were from the Lord 3SM 84:1

faithfulness in, HP 142:4

a safeguard HP 348:2

and meekness, preparing for last conflict HP 297:3

determines reward TDG 133:3

develops soundness OHC 260:2

entered in ledger of heaven OHC 264:6

goes with right estimate of God HP 131:4

knowing heaven sees TMK 325:6

of acceptable servant TMK 329:4

one with Christ by TMK 296:2

prepares for trials UL 44:5

(smallest) as if heavenly host is watching TMK 157:2

to the full measure of capability TDG 228:4

(today’s) prepares for tomorrow’s HP 242:4

father’s a solemn responsibility RC 175:2

fearing to not know or do TDG 339:3

fearless in known RC 379:6

feeling of neglect of; trust Jesus 3SM 151:3

first, knowing that we are abiding in Christ TDG 140:4

first, to children and relatives in new relationship with Christ 1MCP 162:1

fulfilling, in thankful, prayerful spirit UL 185:4

gifts to God must not be less than; all received from Him FW 23:2


expects every person to do TDG 327:5

gives increase when we fulfill LHU 358:5

had, for physicians addressed in Ellen White letter TDG 20:2

has, for every church member TDG 201:3

to be allowed to show; not committed to serve one person PM 278:2

to define, not erring humans; counsel is good TDG 285:4

God’s people to be firm to HP 182:5

good works are only our 3SM 200:2

health preservation required to perform HP 193:4

heavy, those with, need divine aid OHC 280:4

help for doing, through Christ TDG 329:5


love of God sanctifies OHC 186:4

practical religion in OHC 228:4

ideas of, vary; allowance must be made 2MCP 633:0

inclination instead of, unfits for eternal life Mar 39:3


individually while working as a group 2MCP 427:2

sought from Christ rather than humans RC 114:4

when living nearer to God TDG 16:3

working in God’s way TDG 199:2

law of, does not compromise UL 25:3

light from the cross shows TDG 293:5

when abiding in Christ HP 55:2

little, essential for happiness RC 305:4

looking away from, anticipating future crisis 3SM 383:4

measured by asking what Christ would do UL 258:2

neglect in knowing or doing, feared in the school of Christ OHC 102:4

neglect of,

Christ’s righteousness does not cover FLB 115:4

destroys faith and disconnects from God FLB 138:2

lying directly in pathway FW 47:3; NL 34:3

moaning over what can’t be changed TDG 233:3

respect and confidence in self lost by HP 242:3

revealed in future PM 324:3

talking with unbelievers about only earthly things OHC 305:5

to the needy and afflicted TMK 334:2

obedient Bible student devotes self to TMK 196:4

ordinary, done well HP 242:2

parable of the good Samaritan defines, to others RC 229:5

path of, happiness found in OHC 63:2

performance of, See Duty, doing

persevering in, until complete with Christ in God UL 151:3

pleasure by communion with God OHC 222:5

post of, all would be standing at, if consecrated TDG 326:4

prayer is a OHC 129:3

precious to those who sense the value of souls UL 71:6

prepare for solemn; world to be saved PM 368:1

principles for, given in sermon on the mount RC 61:2


indifference to TMK 267:4

indulging distaste for OHC 164:3

tell brethren not to neglect RC 207:5

reproach does not turn love aside from RC 368:4

required, plain from God’s Word OHC 36:4

requirement to be at post of TDG 222:2

responsibility cast off does not fulfill TMK 90:2

revelation of Christ is supreme SW 39:2

right to follow, no other may take 2MCP 708:4

rigorous, temptation to think Christian life is full of TMK 121:2

sacred however humble HP 226:6

SDAs have many, because they have sacred truth CET 204:2

seek the Lord to know UL 108:3

sense of, summons to effort combined with prayer TDG 187:5

simple, may save trying what we are not fitted for OHC 318:3


Christ did not neglect HP 63:2

consecration even in, by devoted workers PM 85:0

faithfulness in,

(home) TSB 51:4

prepares for more responsibility LHU 346:3

help reflect likeness of Christ TMK 331:4

important to Christ UL 132:6

ministry of love in, like Jesus’ example OHC 175:3

need to be done carefully UL 250:3

neglected while dreaming of great future work 2MCP 604:1

qualify one for higher responsibility UL 225

seriousness of OHC 227:2

See also Duties, common

soldier’s, to perform so must not be ignorant of Satan TDG 27:3

standing at post of, even when others fail HP 223:3

swerving a single inch from, starts a course to perdition 3SM 155:0

thanks from God not deserved for doing OHC 122:3

training and discipline of body is OHC 265:4

unchosen, given to prepare for greater service HP 229:4


made agreeable by cheerful performance OHC 227:3

necessary UL 206:3

upholding law of God is; many ministers are blinded 3SM 166:3

voice of,

in the gospel TDG 287:3

is the voice of God HP 226:2

whole, defined; labor unions keep others from dong it CL 11:5

will and desires of Paul conflicted with; He did God’s will TDG 251:3

women with sense of, needed in tract and missionary work PM 348:1

Word of God,

clarifies every 2MCP 784:1

understood by those desiring to learn TDG 174:3

See also God, will of; Responsibility; Work