EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Divine providence - Doubt, Doubts

Divine providence

Divine providence See Providence of God


Divinity, Christ’s See Christ

See God; Nature, divine

Division, Divisions

Division, Divisions, among Christians, Satan creates 5T 244

among Galatian believers AA 383

among God’s people: counsel and union among shepherds will prevent EW 61-2

God marks 1T 334

how to prevent TM 30

Satan seeks to create Ev 359

what to do when circumstances occur to threaten DA 181

will increase unless members are Christians indeed 5T 93

among SDA, Satan’s plans to cause TM 475

cause of all, separation from Christ is 1SM 259

Christ made no, re branches of God’s work 6T 242

defeat results from 5T 30; TM 252

disgraceful, common in SDA churches 1SM 123

in church: dishonor Christ’s religion before world 5T 239

give enemies of truth occasion to justify their course 5T 239

how to heal 1SM 385

let there be no 9T 147

members who will do nothing to perpetuate 6T 238-9

in churches of Christendom, cause of GC 520

is weakness 5T 236

loss of power caused by 1SM 85

of faith and hearts of God’s people, Satan ever seeks to create 3T 435

ruinous to church’s spiritual interests 5T 243

spirit of, is church’s greatest danger 5T 236

weakness brought to God’s people by 3T 435

weakness results from SD 286; 5T 30; TM 56, 252

workers in schools should not be given to FE 472

See also Dissension; Strife


avoiding, by being teachable CET 203:1

conditions developing for LHU 334

Satan brings in UL 172:4

side issues divert minds and bring 3SM 415:3

talking of, is work of Satan 1MCP 40:3

weakness and defeat in OHC 170:3

See also Misunderstandings; Unity


Divorce AH 340-7; MB 63-5

adultery is only cause or ground given by God for AH 341-2, 344-6; MB 63 See also Adultery

among God’s people AH 80

by laws of land, does not always mean divorce in God’s sight AH 344

considered great disgrace in Israel AH 341

erroneous reasoning re AH 341-2

hasty marriages result in MYP 458

is lifelong and heartfelt sore AH 346

Jews in Christ’s time permitted, for most trivial excuse AH 341

for most trivial offenses MB 63

Jewish, that led to great wretchedness and sin MB 63

lawfulness of, Pharisees questioned Christ re MB 63

legal, valid in God’s sight if obtained on grounds of adultery AH 344

marriage of person who has 2SM 339-40

not valid on grounds that spouse is unbeliever AH 344-5

person who has no right to marry after 2SM 340-1


adultery the only reason for; marriage bed violation TSB 54

advice encouraging; case is only among couple and God TSB 56:2

contemplation of, by one already separated from wife TSB 167:1

ground for, must be scriptural TSB 69:4

innocent one not wrong to forfeit right to TSB 251:4

love lacking or deception is not ground for TSB 55:1

remarriage of faithful spouse after TSB 69:4

sexual incapacity not a reason for TSB 54

thinking incorrectly about TSB 158

Divorced man

Divorced man, whose second marriage was justified 2SM 339-40

Divorced person

Divorced person, marriage to, efforts to break up 2SM 341-2

whom no one should marry 2SM 340-1

Divorced woman

Divorced woman, endured great suffering in Christ’s time AH 341

who has no right to remarry AH 344


Dizziness, children’s bad habits cause 4T 96-7

removed by eating 4aSG 153

tea and coffee cause 4aSG 128

violation of rules of health and morality causes 3BC 1166

EGW relieved of, by adopting health reform 4aSG 154

EGW suffered, after childhood accident LS 19; 2SG 11-2; 4aSG 153; 1T 13

See also Faintness; Goneness


Dizzy, to look back is to grow 5T 540


Do, and dare for God, knowing His omnipotence will supply your need LS 474; 7T 14

God does for His workers what they cannot, when they do best they can 5T 400

God wants men ready to, and dare for His cause 4T 125

what men, is result of what they are Ed 146


Dock, leaves of yellow, as greens CD 324

Doctor, Doctors

Doctor, Doctors, learned, do not need to be consulted as to Christ’s meaning GW 50

of law, engaged in angry controversy on streets DA 261

why some, join church GC 386

See also Medical evangelist; Physicians

Doctor bills

Doctor bills See Physician’s bill

Doctrinal argument, Doctrinal arguments

Doctrinal argument, Doctrinal arguments, in SDA papers, should not be long and wearisome 4T 599

Doctrinal article, Doctrinal articles

Doctrinal article, Doctrinal articles, in SDA papers, should be short and interesting 4T 599

Doctrinal controversy

Doctrinal controversy, SDA attitude toward 1SM 164-8

Doctrinal discourse, Doctrinal discourses

Doctrinal discourse, Doctrinal discourses, some ministers can present only a few 4T 414-5

weave practical godliness into LS 304

Doctrinal matter, Doctrinal matters

Doctrinal matter, Doctrinal matters, investigation of, by early SDA workers CD 187; GW 302; 1SM 206-7; TM 24-6

of minor importance, SDA attitude re TM 25

unity needed on 1SM 175

Doctrinal point, Doctrinal points

Doctrinal point, Doctrinal points, do not dwell too much on, in starting miss. work Ev 400-1

do not force, upon people 6T 325

do not present, in first contacts Ev 442; WM 92

of SDA faith, vital subjects that should be presented with 4T 375

persons in greater condemnation than those in error on 9T 243

sermon after sermon presented upon 4T 313

Doctrinal position, Doctrinal positions

Doctrinal position, Doctrinal positions, many ministers will be unable to give satisfactory reason for, in time of trial 5T 707

SDA, must stand scrutiny of world’s great men Ev 69; 5T 546

should be given most critical examination 5T 708

that cannot be shaken, hold with tenacity to our CW 33

Doctrinal precept, Doctrinal precepts

Doctrinal precept, Doctrinal precepts, reveal Christ working in MM 123

Doctrinal question, Doctrinal questions

Doctrinal question, Doctrinal questions, investigation of, must be done in right spirit CW 41

study of, by SDA pioneers GW 302

Doctrinal sermon, Doctrinal sermons

Doctrinal sermon, Doctrinal sermons, long, too many Ev 641

people need practical as well as 2T 341

uplift Christ in Ev 299

weave practical godliness into Ev 142

Doctrinal subject, Doctrinal subjects

Doctrinal subject, Doctrinal subjects, colporteurs cautioned not to dwell upon CM 102-3

ministers should not preach on, alone Ev 178

ministers should thoroughly understand 4T 415

often presented with no special effect CM 42

physicians need not present, to patients 7T 73

practical subjects should be combined with, in presenting truth 3T 237

some ministers dwell almost exclusively upon Ev 163

talks on, sanitarium parlor is not place for Ev 539

that should be blended Ev 599

three, that will be anchor in perilous times 1T 300

Doctrine, Doctrines

1. Erroneous or false (list of)

2. Seventh-day Adventist

3. True

4. Miscellaneous

1. Erroneous or false (list of)

all manner of, misleading men’s minds 5T 158

alleging that: all that men have to do is to believe in Christ Ev 595; 1SM 347, 373

it makes no difference what you believe so long as you are honest Ev 597; GC 520

attributed falsely to EGW, which she did not sanction 1SM 60

Babylon has propagated 2SM 118

Bible is misrepresented by GC 525

Bible texts misused to sustain GC 521

Bible truths again obscured by 5T 710

church will have to meet AA 470

contrary to Bible, great apostate leads persons who present FE 331

corrupting, advocated from health standpoint 2T 482

crept in to corrupt faith of early church AA 488

deceptive: leading to adultery, robbery, and falsehood 7BC 913

leading to crimes of every stripe and type 7BC 913

propagated among Christians in apostolic times SL 62

defiling temple of God, teacher of 5T 139

delusive, Spirit as guide in midst of GW 289

discarding OT Scriptures 5BC 1094

divers winds of: among Millerite Adventists after disappointment of 1844 EW 257

how to keep from being carried about by 5T 273

why some people are blown hither and thither by CSW 35

will be blowing 5T 80

dwelling on, warnings against EW 124-5

exalting Sunday above God’s holy Sabbath Ev 365; TM 61

faith of all will be tested by MM 87

false shepherds teaching, do not be deceived by Ev 598

false teachers spread, in early church AA 325

fanatical, SDA will meet Ev 610

Thessalonian believers greatly annoyed by advocates of AA 261

fanciful and deceptive, will be presented 2SM 25

fanciful and imaginary, warning to persons tempted to indulge in Ev 214

foundations of many believers will be sapped by 2SM 58

God’s people will have to meet SR 310

great truths long obscured by 5T 388

hard work must be done to dislodge 5T 390

hating, is not enough 1SM 370

holders of, rebuked Ev 610

how to deal with Ev 589-627

how youth may be fortified against FE 216

increase of, put forth by Roman Church SR 332-3

innumerable, among churches of Christendom GC 525

leader high in SDA med. work advocated 1SM 204

Living Temple contained 1SM 203

making idol of, is easy GC 583

many people led by, to reject Scriptures GC 525

many people will be deceived by CW 152

many persons in early church were ensnared by AA 587

many popular, contrary to Scriptures 5T 701

have no foundation in Bible teaching SC 108

many souls destroyed by Ev 610

many souls driven into skepticism by GC 525

men seek, that are less spiritual, self-denying, and humiliating GC 523

ministers proclaim, that are falsehoods originated by Satan GC 533-40

misleading and, sharp contrast between pure truth and 1SM 175

multiplying 5T 528

new and fanciful, SDA do not need GW 305; 8T 295

new and strange, some SDA will search for 1SM 41

of devils See Devil

of human origin, constant supplanting of God’s truth 5T 546

of Judaizing teachers, Paul and Barnabas promptly met AA 188-9

one satanic influence working in church is TM 48

opposed to Holy Writ, Roman Church exerts corrupting influence by GC 388

outraging men’s sense of justice, mercy, and benevolence GC 525

pagan, brought into early church GC 58; SR 333

incorporated into Christian faith and worship GC 50; SR 327

pantheistic See Pantheism

papal, re Peter has no Scriptural foundations AA 194-5

Paul’s warning against GW 305

persons holding, EGW was sent to rebuke Ev 610; 5T 655-6

persons who will not be left in darkness to receive GC 524

poisonous, Babylon has fostered Ev 365; TM 61

popular, doubt and perplexity caused by SC 108-9

power of, to destroy appreciation and desire for truth DA 279

professed believers will urge, upon SDA Ev 359

protection against erroneous, persons who will not have GC 523

received and taught in Battle Creek 8T 231; TM 86-7

regarded as new light but tend to unsettle faith in old landmarks 5T 295

rubbish of, hindered gospel work in Dark Ages GC 56

Satan captivates minds by means of 5BC 1095; Ev 589

serious errors in, EGW given visions re 5T 655-6

SDA will meet every kind of Ev 595

speculative: do not encourage GW 305

do not encourage appetite for Ev 138

God does not encourage appetite for 8T 295

keep, out of your teaching 8T 295

must be kept out of SDA teaching GW 305

spiritual guides whose, men eagerly listen to AA 387

spiritualism teaches, that undermine faith in Scriptures GC 551-62; SR 392-8

spurious: abound all around us Ev 364

Satan is satisfied when men rest faith on Ev 597

strange: advocated in Indiana 2SM 33

itching desire to originate something new results in 2SM 38

winds of, many people will be blown about by Ev 362

strange and fanciful, there are persons ready to bring in GW 316

subtle temptation to accept, we live in days of 7BC 966

surest way to destroy, is to preach truth Ev 304

teachers of, SDA must expect to meet opposition from Ev 301

that God is too good or merciful to punish sinners EW 219; GC 537, 540

unconverted persons brought into church by TM 48

ungodly, sinful practice follows 8T 293

un-Scriptural, numerous supporters of CSW 36

unsound, incorporated into early Christian faith and worship GC 43; SR 323

urged upon believers in apostolic times AA 580

vain, will be introduced to deceive Ev 361

warning against EW 124-5; GW 305-10

wine of Babylon consists of 7BC 985; GC 388, 536; 2SM 118; TM 61

without foundation in Bible, are cherished GC 298

without foundation in God’s word, men cling tenaciously to DA 242

See also Error; Heresy

2. Seventh-day Adventist

bring, to test of law and testimony TM 503

church members must understand Ev 363

critical examination of, need of 5T 708

development of, relation of spirit of prophecy to GW 302; 5T 655-6; 1SM 206-7; TM 24-5

efforts of great men to pick to pieces Ev 69

God is moving on His ministers to be one in TM 30

gospel workers must use greatest care re Ev 632

greatest minds will scrutinize Ev 69

held in common with people, present first in evangelism 3T 426

held sacred since third angel’s message was first given, Satan would destroy confidence in CW 54

investigation of, how SDA pioneers conducted CD 187; GW 302; 1SM 206-7; TM 24-6

men who will make false statements re SD 280

men will misrepresent CW 141; Ev 129

most objectionable of, should not be presented first in evangelism Ev 201

must be substantiated by Scriptures Ev 256

of present truth, must be put into SDA papers CW 94

theories that would spiritualize, warning against MM 87

one in, efforts of pioneer SDA to become TM 24-5

ought to make believers kind, courteous, respectful 6T 397

people should not say that, unfit SDA for sympathizing with suffering humanity TM 153-4

publication of controversial ideas re, in SDA papers 5T 534-5

publicity should be given to, in secular papers CW 141

respect for, how to create Ev 170

rule of, Bible is GW 249

SDA have no doubt that, are present truth 2T 355

SDA hold no, to hide 6T 38

SDA teach will bear criticism of greatest minds Ev 69

sign of truthfulness of 6BC 1071

startling communication of, persons who should not be given MM 242; WM 131

strongest, caution not to thrust upon people Ev 300

studied out, need to be understood 2SM 392

testing, great care needed in presenting Ev 248

unbelief of, buildings that were monuments of 5T 188

what to do when asked to hear reasons for, that you do not understand CSW 31-2

3. True

alarming indifference re, which are pillars of Christian faith GC 46

all genuine experience in, bears God’s impress Ev 363; 2SM 392

all who will do God’s will shall know of 4T 335

approach unbelievers first on points of, on which you can agree GW 120

argumentative demonstration of, seldom impresses sinner with his need TM 154

belief in correct, is not enough 1SM 370

Bible: children should be taught CT 171

colporteurs should give first attention to books dealing with 9T 61

dangerous heresies will be presented as Ev 590-1

evangelists should educate by use of literature on Ev 159

how to be sound on subjects of CW 125-6

improper teaching of FE 489

instruction in health reform prepares people to receive CH 452

ministers have proclaimed falsehoods as Ev 603

ministers may become giants in understanding of 4T 415

ministers need clear understanding of 5T 707

not one of, has not been denied 5T 330

persons who cannot candidly investigate 1SM 411

professed teachers of, are not always to be obeyed TM 69

Satan has perverted GC 582

Satan’s efforts to corrupt EW 211, 226; SR 355

scientific education and 5T 503

SDA need more education in Ev 365

subjects of, SDA intelligent in regard to diet will be sound on CM 133

when people who have accepted, will not be unfed Ev 599

Christ is center of all CT 453

Christ taught, that God gave Him to teach 1SM 160

convincing arguments supporting, Paul able to meet all classes with AA 235

criterion for, men’s sayings and doings should not be CSW 84

do not teach as, things not found in God’s word Ev 214

erroneous speculations will be mingled with 2SM 15

exponents of, ministers who would be correct 4T 263

faith and, Christ is not divided in CD 187

how pioneer SDA workers sought unity in TM 24-5

form complete whole with Christ as center 2SM 87

God’s holy, be careful not to misrepresent and dishonor 2SM 36

gospel’s, false teachers at Corinth perverted AA 300

never degrade receiver 7T 67

great light and joy brought by, to early SDA believers LS 127

holy, dishonored by strange performances, confusion, and tumult Ev 612

important points of, make very plain Ev 656

knowledge of, not enough to reform character Ev 290

lose nothing by close investigation CW 35

Luther (Martin) taught Bible authority must be foundation of GC 126

make real and vital points of, as plain and forcible as language and proof can make them 3T 34

makes Christ center 6T 54

many people deny, which are pillars of Christian faith GC 583; PK 625

must be plainly understood 1BC 1114; 2SM 58, 395

never hide, from unbelievers for one moment 5T 526

new points of, shepherds need to counsel before advocating EW 61-2

of Christ: apostate Christians warred against most essential GC 45; SR 324

intensely desire to adorn TM 506

is not Yea and Nay 4T 395

is Yea and Amen 4T 395

what it means to adorn 7BC 921

of grace, God’s plan to unfold gradually AA 564

of grace and truth, most of SDA students and church members do not understand FE 386

of salvation, Satan will introduce fallacies to root out 2SM 52

of truth, God’s word plainly reveals CSW 78

men and Satan have misrepresented FE 307

of truth for this time, are not detached items meaning little 2SM 87

old gospel, ministers need to preach 2SM 19

one in, God moves upon ministers to be TM 503

opposition aroused against, by Satan’s emissaries in apostolic times AA 553-4

point of, best way to present Ev 171-2

what to do when you cannot understand TM 110

power from on high combined with, ministers must have 4T 378

presentation of: do not resort to controversy in Ev 399

persuasive arguments of God’s word must be used in Ev 399

that is as salt without savor Ev 697

to sanitarium patients 4T 565

proof supporting, wrong use of disjointed passages of Scripture in presenting GC 539

God would have His people thoroughly furnished with CSW 22

pure, blends with works of righteousness AA 560

unfolding throughout generations AA 12

re religious freedom, termed heresy by apostate Christians GC 45; SR 324

See also Freedom; Liberty

re salvation of soul, investigation of vital FE 375

reiteration of, Christ’s wonderful love does what cannot be done by DA 826

results of proclaiming LS 127

revealer of, Scriptures are GC 7

scarcely one, has not been denied Ev 69

Scriptures should be studied not merely for 2BC 1003-4

separating God’s people from world, do not make less prominent LS 329; TM 470

sermons on, are necessary 4T 394

sound, present GW 311-5

denounced by popular ministers as heresy GC 389

efforts will be made to corrupt 6BC 1064

lack of controversy among SDA is not proof that they hold fast to 5T 707

means much to receiver GW 311

must be presented in SS CSW 118-9

spirit and, God moves upon His ministers to be one in TM 30

standard of all, Scriptures alone must be GC 595

standing as pillars of SDA faith, never give up 1SM 204

strong, should not be preached to babes in truth Ev 200

should be dealt out judiciously Ev 177

taught by early Christians was terror to evildoers GC 46

three evidences of MB 146

truth for this time embraces many 2SM 87

weaving into, men’s opinions and sayings that contain little truth CT 459

4. Miscellaneous

apparently refined, warning re MM 101

battling and controverting points of, man whose natural element was 3T 444

be careful not to teach commandments of men for MM 284

be on guard as to what, you receive GC 524

before accepting any, demand Scripture proof for it GC 595

coinciding with your preconceived opinions, result of seeking 3T 449

controverted points of, Christians should meet together and courteously discuss 1SM 411

how to meet 1SM 406-16

correction of errors in, among believers LS 127

counsel of brethren of experience should be sought before accepting 5T 293

differences on points of, among early Sabbathkeeping Adventists 1T 77

directions for testing, Isa. 8:20 contains TM 110-1

discussion of, many people prejudiced against 1SM 413

dwelling too much on, ministers in danger of CW 79

errors in, are multiplying 5T 330

twining themselves with serpentlike subtlety around people’s affections 5T 330

established, God sometimes commissions men to teach what is regarded as contrary to TM 69

field of investigation of vital, glory to God is to be won in FE 375

forms of, people who hold fast to ChS 263

fundamental: false theories built up as TM 70

never employ arguments not wholly sound when defending 5T 708

search Scriptures for strong evidence sustaining 2SM 393

held by others, make no tirade against 8T 156

how Spirit has used men not agreed on every point of GC 257-8

make, conform to God’s word CW 36

men expect others to press their, upon them CM 42

men will not wrangle over, when they behold Christ CM 49

new: Christ did not present 5BC 1136

Christ’s teaching was not 5BC 1089; DA 279

ministers should seek counsel before advocating EW 61-2

only safety re 5T 293

warning re acceptance of 5T 295

what to do when presented 5T 293

new phases of, young ministers who seek to introduce AA 580

not bearing test of God’s word, souls will be deceived by 5T 295

not found in Christ’s inspired lessons, are delusion and falsehood FE 406

not in harmony with Christ’s teachings, reject AA 474

not meeting your mind, what to do re GW 301

not rebuking their sins or pleasure-loving course, professed Christians willing to listen to AA 504-5

people differing with SDA in, kindly treat Ev 638; ML 187

people who do God’s will shall know of His 4T 527

persons who would be guardians of, greater light kept from people by CW 38

preached by ministers should be subjected to test of law and testimony TM 30

Protestant churches uniting on points of, held in common GC 444

Protestantism’s two distinctive SR 337

questions of, investigated by pioneer SDA GW 302

real tendency of their, scribes and Pharisees concealed DA 408

Reformers urged that all, be tested by Bible GC 609

reject no, without giving it thorough investigation CSW 31-2

rocked in cradle of popular faith FE 406

safe, deceptive theories will be presented as Ev 600

standard by which to test, Christ is AA 474

statements of, high and learned FE 406

stereotyped and unchangeable, many people hold 1SM 386

system of dry, religion does not consist merely in 4T 337

test: by Bible SR 352; TM 110

by God’s law GC 452

by God’s word Ev 590-1; FE 127-8

by law and testimony 7BC 952; GW 301; 5T 575; TM 110

by Scriptures Ev 69; 2T 695

that are received with greatest favor GC 523

theoretical, EGW’s reply to inquiries re MM 102

unessential issues re, Satan seeks to create Ev 154

unimportant points of, results of AA 580-1

variance in, should not be preached in SDA church TM 29-30

when you may know that, is truth of God MB 146


acceptance of, by whole world does not make it truth TMK 357:3

admiration for, without opening the heart TMK 307:3

avoid controversial tests of 1MCP 42:1

changing, without heart renewal RC 217:3


defended, with zeal and certainty VSS 93:0

did not give full comments on 3SM 188:3

never expressed delusive UL 313:4

was foundation of TMK 97:3

clarified for Ellen White after 1849; then Scriptures clear TDG 317:6

commandments of humans taught as, UL 86:3

in the future 1MCP 42:2

See also under Matt. 15:9

confusing, make conversion perplexing to many TMK 113:3

consult law and testimony as well as one another about LHU 309:7

deceptive, Satan works through those who teach UL 77:4

desire to know, by sanctified ones 3SM 203:3

division on questions of, hindered the work in 1888 3SM 167:2

Ellen White did not read about (on one occasion), to avoid influence 3SM 63:4

established in right, by obedience TMK 114:5

examining, after prayer and self-examination UL 158:3


accepted from associates by professed believers TDG 314:4

foundations sapped by Mar 95:3

need of only faith in Jesus and His love is TDG 299:2

presented as Bible truth OHC 354:4

protection from, by knowing and following Christ’s instruction TDG 215:5

sap foundations of those not knowing truth from error HP 348:2

satisfaction of some in identity with FW 91:3

taught by those who know the way God has led UL 365:4

few remarks about, better than mass for non-SDAs VSS 314:0

harmony needed in; also good interpersonal relationships CET 203:1


does not guarantee blessings promised FLB 18:3

in face of apostasy UL 352:2

human suppositions as, without foundation in God’s Word TMK 210:2

Jesus did not give connected discourses on OHC 211:3

jewels of, hang on Christ—the chain OHC 16:5

lessons from Word needed more than VSS 342:3

misconceptions about, by how the Word is taught TDG 112:3

new and strange, Christians are not to seek LHU 291:9

practical character of, will impress hearts TDG 289:2

practicing, by ministers, or learn first principles VSS 304:2

preach more about conversion than about TSB 196:3

Seventh-day Adventist, substantiated by Holy Spirit UL 352:2


reality of; light from Word of God draws to Him TDG 308:7

result in sound practice RC 113:6

superstitions close the door to presenting 1MCP 46:1


boldly met by believers after 1844 TDG 317:5

Christ’s greatness is, to those who do not know Him 3SM 186:1

some not drinking living water listen to TMK 300:5

teaching as, things not in the Word of God VSS 324:2

test of: to law and testimony FW 97:1

truth on every point of, desired by sanctified ones FW 121:1

understanding of, individually UL 58:5

See also Beliefs; Faith (religion), landmarks of; Teachings; Truth; Word of God, doctrines of

Document, Documents

Document, Documents, forged or fraudulent, papacy used GC 56, 576-7

slanderous, circulated against EGW in 1845 2SG 69-71


Doeg, informer against David 2BC 1020; PP 656, 659

Dog, Dogs

Dog, Dogs, children should not be ordered about like 2T 259

Christians thrown into arena to be torn by GC 40

dumb, who will not bark 5T 211

Judas’s mutilated body attacked by DA 722

Syrophoenician woman willing to be regarded as DA 401

Dogma, Dogmas

Dogma, Dogmas, apostate church resorted to arm of state to enforce MB 127

Satan’s, woven into modern education FE 471


Doing, and not merely saying, is expected of God’s people DA 504

what is at all worth, is worth doing well CT 504; ML 219

Doing principle

Doing principle, is fruit that Christ requires His people to bear ChS 97

Doll, Dolls

Doll, Dolls, children should not be kept indoors like CG 107

wife should not consider herself a AH 110

Dollar, Dollars

Dollar, Dollars, consider that every, may represent soul won by miss. work TM 179

dimes and pennies must be treasured to save 4T 452

do not spend every, for supposed want AH 382

every, that men possess is God’s CS 290; 2T 257

that men possess is trust from God LS 214

every spare, invest in bank of heaven 5T 733

expend every, of God’s money with economy Ev 85, 126

gained by liquor business, brings curse to spender MH 337

given to God’s cause, is not lost 2T 654

God’s people will give hundreds of, in last extremity as readily as one now CS 40

lost to God’s cause: as result of selfish love of pleasure CS 298-9

through desire to meet world’s standard CS 298

man is accountable to God for every, he spends SD 264; 3T 401

millions of, spent for that which makes men mad Ev 530

spent for wretchedness, poverty, disease, degradation, crime, and death MH 338

not one, is your own CS 299

obtained dishonestly, will bring curse to possessor 3T 246, 250

one, worth more to God’s work now than ten in future 5T 732

100 pennies make one, though one cent seems like trifle CS 290-1

persons whose, slipped from their pockets very easily 2T 431-2

powerful and mighty, woman whose great object of interest was 2T 56

save every possible, to advance God’s work CS 298

stamped with God’s image and superscription CS 28

take care of themselves when pennies are taken care of CS 257

thousands of: spent to satisfy never-ending demands of fashion CS 301

will be cheerfully given in closing gospel work CS 40

worse than thrown away at Christmastime and New Year’s Day AH 480

trading only in cents instead of CS 48

used in traveling, men must give account of every EW 50, 94-5

used unnecessarily, deprives spender of opportunity to do good 4T 646

value of one, in miss. work TM 179

worshiped, bind soul to world 2T 237

you cannot take one, into great beyond CS 125; 3T 250

your extra, needed in God’s work WM 267

Dolorous note

Dolorous note, do not strike one Ev 180

Domestic duty

Domestic duty See Home duty

Domestic education

Domestic education, students’, should keep pace with literary training FE 368

Domestic labor

Domestic labor, plan so as to save time in COL 344

planning and method needed in FE 316

why some persons are always engaged in FE 316

young women need training in every department of FE 75

Domestic life

Domestic life, has become one of care and complicated burdens Te 147

Domestic machinery

Domestic machinery, wheels of, will not always run smoothly WM 151

Domestic training

Domestic training AH 87-93

Dominating hand

Dominating hand, take off, from God’s workers TM 492


Domination, love of, exerts demoralizing power on youth Ed 210

spirit of, conf. presidents warned against TM 362-3


See Rulership


Domineering, anything, is not of Christ TM 156

is not heroism 4T 569

Domineering spirit

Domineering spirit, church leaders warned against TM 357-8

firmness must not degenerate into 6T 151

harsh, teachers warned against 7T 267

Dominican monks

Dominican monks (friars) GC 172, 178

Dominion, Dominions

Dominion, Dominions, Adam was given, over earth PP 44-5, 67; SR 22

Adam’s forfeited: Micah foretold Christ’s restoration of PK 682

recovered by Christ DA 115

restored by Christ in new earth GC 674; PP 67

Adam’s lost, passed to Satan by usurpation PK 682; PP 67

earthly, God’s word foretells final overthrow of all Ed 179

first, reinstatement of Adam in GC 648

lost, Adam and Eve continually reminded of Ed 26

proposal that Christ hold, subject to Satan DA 130

Satan wrested, from Adam DA 129; PP 67

when, becomes prize of the strongest DA 436

world, Jews desired DA 130

Satan has held, through control of men DA 114-5


Domitian, Roman emperor, John banished to Patmos by 7BC 955; AA 569-71; SL 70-1

See also John

Donaldson, Edith

Donaldson, Edith LS 234-5; 4T 295-6

Donaldson, John

Donaldson, John LS 234; 4T 295

Donation, Donations

Donation, Donations, appeal for, to God’s cause TM 297-8

call for, for God’s cause 3T 409

calls for, to found Health Institute 1T 633

cannot take place of personal service for God COL 343

Christ noticed the smallest, given for relief of the poor WM 314

given by unbelievers TM 197-200; WM 277-83

accept CS 186-8; PK 634; TM 202-3, 210; WM 278-9

giving of large, to institutions and churches WM 268

God will move upon idolaters to give, for support of His work WM 278

God’s claim for, discharge first WM 277

how to obtain, for opening gospel work in new miss. field 9T 80

large, mistakes in giving and using EW 93

liberal, help given to poor ones who had made PM 27:3

liberality needed in giving, to provide literature for the poor 1T 690

obtained from heathen TM 197-200

it is proper to receive WM 278

secondary claim to, for helping the poor and needy WM 277

should be appropriated to advance God’s work 6T 384

solicitation of, from wealthy men of world Ev 88; WM 280-2

special, widows and orphans should be supported by WM 275

systematic and regular, required of Jews 4T 468

wrong methods of obtaining, for gospel work WM 289-92

See also Offering

Donation party, Donation parties

Donation party, Donation parties, professed Christians who go to 1T 404

true Christians discard 1T 288

Do-nothing, Do-nothings

Do-nothing, Do-nothings, do not be counted as 2SM 181

God pity CS 120

having light of truth, but choosing their own selfish interests TM 237

men of Meroz were 8T 246

speechless in day of God CS 123-4

superscription upon TM 237

truth that is terrible to 1SM 318

Do-nothing position

Do-nothing position, sinful neglect of God-given talents by 6T 425

Do-nothing system

Do-nothing system, curse to soul and body of the sick 1T 568

dangerous for sick persons 4T 94

dangerous in mental breakdown CH 199

greatest curse befallen human race 2T 535

“Doomed Man,”

“Doomed Man,” poem by Joseph Addison Alexander, quoted PP 159

Door, Doors

Door, Doors, Christ is only, to God’s fold DA 477-8

church members who come and go like, on hinge 6T 426

closed by enemies of gospel, cannot remain forever closed AA 179

door to, message of truth must be proclaimed from GW 29

every failure of man in reaching God’s standard opens, for Satan to tempt and destroy DA 125

God’s method of treating disease will open, for present truth 7T 59

heart’s, Christ will not force open 2T 216-7

Lord is at 5T 753

of sleeping rooms, should be opened for ventilation 4aSG 143

of usefulness, devotion that would open a thousand 1SM 82

one fanatical streak closes many, to truth TM 228

open and shut, doctrine of EW 42-5, 86, 250-1, 254-5; GC 429-31, 435; 1SM 61-4, 74

open to gospel messenger now, soon will be forever closed CT 469

open to truth now, soon will be closed forever 9T 172

opened before men, which no man can shut SD 19; 6T 467

opened for men by Christ, Satan cannot close 7BC 961


Christ knocking at, OHC 352

illustrates work of the Holy Spirit TMK 55:2


on ark shut Noah and family in and world out TDG 235:3

seventy were not to argue about matters that would cause TDG 113:5

to Sodom was open to Lot TDG 235:5

words that cut may result in VSS 240:1


God may be called on anywhere TDG 232

law seen through, in heavenly ark OHC 138:2

to Christ TDG 74:2

to gospel now but will be closed later UL 274:5

way to keep the law; effort to shut FW 46:2


See House-to-house

Dora Creek, N.S.W.

Dora Creek, N.S.W. CD 466; Ev 426-7, 455


Dorcas, coats and garments made for widows by AA 132

death of, great loss to church AA 131-2; 5T 304; WM 67

fidelity possessed by, is rare 5T 304

good deeds of, made her greatly beloved AA 131

knew who needed comfortable clothing and sympathy AA 131; 5T 304

life and work of WM 67

life of, acts of kindness filled AA 131

lived at Joppa, near Lydda AA 131; 5T 304

ministered to the poor and sorrowful AA 131; 5T 304

Peter’s prayer for restoration of AA 132

raising of, many people in Joppa converted by WM 67

rendered great service to church AA 132

restored to life AA 132; Ed 217; SR 281-2

by God’s power 5T 304

seamstress Ed 217

skillful fingers of, more active than tongue AA 131; 5T 304

Tabitha called, by interpretation SR 281

witnessed for Christ in Joppa SR 281

worthy disciple of Christ AA 131

Dorcas Society

Dorcas Society, meeting of, in EGW’s home WM 334

opened in Australia WM 331

Dorcas work

Dorcas work, EGW’s experiences in WM 322-5

See also Christian help work; Welfare work

Dorchester, Mass.

Dorchester, Mass. LS 106-7, 121, 125; 2SG 75-6, 91, 106, 109; 1T 84


Dormitory See College boarding house; School home


Dotage, gray-haired sire in his 2SM 316


Dothan 2BC 994; DA 240; Ed 255; PK 256, 264, 590-1; PP 210, 226; 3SG 139-40; 5T 475

Double minded

misfortune to be HP 165:2

Satan’s best allies are; false appearance TDG 240:4


Double-dealing, editors and pub. house managers guilty of 2SM 197

persons who practice, God will not accept service of TM 281

Double-minded person, Double-minded persons

Double-minded person, Double-minded persons, Balaam was 4aSG 43

characteristics of 1BC 1096; 5BC 1086; 7BC 938; PP 384; 1T 531; 2T 234

Samuel’s sons were 4aSG 65

Satan’s best allies are 5BC 1086

try to serve God and mammon 7BC 938

Double portion

Double portion See Birthright

Doubt, Doubts

1. Seeds of

2. Miscellaneous


1. Seeds of

allow no one to plant, in your heart 7BC 928

bear baleful harvest TM 225

books of infidel authors sow CT 424

do not encourage men to sow TM 225

harvest produced by Ev 633

opportunities to sow, minds poisoned with error watch for FE 329

persons who sow, aid Satan in his work 5T 286

will reap harvest of doubt DA 808

Pharaoh sowed, when he rejected first miracle 5T 274

planted in youth’s minds COL 41

sowing of: infidelity reaped from FE 542

Satan’s purpose accomplished in 5T 695

that will yield unfailing harvest GC 528

sown: abundant harvest produced by 5T 690

bear fruit 5T 288

Satan nourishes, till it produces abundant harvest FE 88

sown in young hearts, Satan nourishes FE 542; 8T 305

warning against sowing, in the young in faith 7T 184

2. Miscellaneous

apparently conscientious, warning against 3T 259

as fruits of selfishness Ev 370

atmosphere of, person married to unbeliever breathes 4T 504

persons who love to dwell in 4T 232

baleful influence of, over minds and hearts PK 170

battle with your 1T 430

becoming fashionable GC 526

bid adieu to 2T 319

bondage of, do not think you must live and die in 4T 213

break away from your, in Christ’s strength TM 516

breath of, is contagious 2SM 166-7

cause(s) for: God does not purpose to remove all 5T 303, 675

God will never remove all 4T 232

persons with distorted vision see many 5T 705

things that have been, to many minds 5T 701-2

cause(s) of, in Bible study SC 110-1

unfaithfulness to God is 2T 513-4

caviling causes, to become more confirmed GC 527

channel of, danger of allowing thoughts to run in 5T 310

cherishing: ill effects of 1T 378; 4T 245; 5T 274; TM 410

men may deny Christ by DA 357

perception is blinded by 1SM 28; 5T 71

should be rebuked Ev 180

terrible results of 4T 237

unsafe even for a moment 5T 274

Christ exalted faith in contrast with 4T 233

Christ never commended 4T 233

cloud of, Paul did not live in 7BC 917

person who keeps himself under SD 276

conflicts with, faith grows by SD 191; 4T 117

when faith increases by MYP 121

continual, do not go along shrinking and trembling under 5T 578

Satan would have men go shrinkingly, tremblingly, and painfully along in MYP 63

courage needed to dispel 3T 498

dark and brooding, archdeceiver originates TM 517

darkness of, do not bury your experience in TM 387

demanding perfect knowledge, will never yield to faith 1SM 28; 5T 69

discouraging, prayer offered in faith lifts petitioner above 3T 323

disposition to talk, persons looking to Christ have no 5T 744

do not cherish Ev 180

do not give expression to 7T 183

do not talk of your TM 516

dropping words of, poisons other minds 1SM 43

dying Son of God was assailed by 2T 209

entertaining, by close study of your emotions and giving way to feelings MH 249

every expression of, reacts upon yourself SC 119

will germinate and bear fruit in others SC 119

every uttered word of, you invite Satan’s temptations by SC 119

evil of telling your, to Satan’s agents 1T 430-1

evil results of encouraging, in others 5T 690

excuse for, unbelief will ever find DA 386

expressed, devils’ presence encouraged by 1SM 122

failure to repel, at once 1T 377

faithless heart’s, Christ’s rebuke to CS 227; SC 124

fetters of, people who help to forge TM 281

fog of, soul that loves God rises above 7BC 907

free from, what to do to be GC 528

fruits of, not desirable SD 332

gathering, hinders spiritual growth and unfits men for gospel work 4T 445

give no place to 5T 632

giving place to, dangerous consequences of 3T 328; 5T 302-3

gloomy, Israelites ready to give up to SR 128

God is dishonored by 3BC 1155-6

God never honors CSW 26

grow by indulgence 4T 558

hinting, warning against 3T 344

hooks on which to hang, persons who seek will find GC 527

how can you give place to, with Bible’s rich promises before you? SC 54

how to dismiss, learn in school of Christ 8T 195

indulged, rivet upon soul fetters seldom broken 1SM 46

indulgence of, makes them harder to overcome 4T 558

indulging in: attracts devils 1T 428

dishonors God 2T 319

drives away angels 1T 428

Israel’s, when in trouble DA 126

jealousy causes 1T 708

John the Baptist was assailed by, in prison DA 214-5

John would not discuss his, with his companions DA 216

Judas Iscariot suggested, to other disciples DA 719

leads to presumption DA 126

let God’s pledged word expel, from your heart MYP 198

let not one breath of, escape your lips TM 391

man who had, constantly thrown before him 4T 236

man who was beset with 1T 544

man who was seized by 2T 301

man who will soon be all 4T 237

man whose, controlled his judgment 4T 245

many families season their daily meals with 4T 195

mind clinging to, is left in darkness PP 432

mind clouded with, neglect of prayerful Bible study leads to 5T 704-5

mind stayed on God will not talk MYP 327-8

ministers troubled with 1T 377

mistaken for mark of intelligence 3T 255

more you talk and dwell on, the darker and darker you grow 1T 430

nervous diseases caused by 3BC 1146; LS 270-1

never talk CT 360; FE 436; MYP 328; 1SM 85; TM 516

no excuse for 4T 583

no place should be given to 5T 266

no reason for, re God’s word because you cannot understand mysteries of His providence SC 106

no shadow of, in Christ’s utterances FE 236-7

no time to yield to, now 5T 754

nothing so dispels, as contact with Christ’s character TM 517

occasion for: God does not purpose to remove all GC 527; 3T 255

God will never remove every PP 432

persons who will always find 5T 690

of unbelievers, Scriptures furnish arguments for meeting 3T 374

of unfaithful SDA, no excuse for 2T 109

old, revived by Satan in enemies of God’s servants PP 663

one, do not entertain MYP 198

one word of: do not breathe, when Satan tempts you SC 119

it is dangerous to utter DA 323

never utter Ev 633; SC 119

opportunity for: God never removes all 1SM 72

people who wish will have Ed 169; SC 105; 4T 584

person who waits till there is no more, will never come to light GC 527

Paul did not yield to, while in Roman prison SL 96

peg(s) on which to hang, minds trained to seize everything as 5T 690

some people seek Ev 594

people cherish, who do not walk circumspectly 1SM 45

people who cast, by partially expressed sentiments TM 291

people who talk, attract devils around them 1T 430

channel Satan’s suggestions to other minds 1T 429

people who wait for all, to be removed will never realize their desire DA 807-8; GC 527

perplexing vicious heart, is cleared away before person practicing pure principles of truth 1T 440

persons encompassed with, Satan seeks to shake confidence of PK 174

persons on doubting side feel free to suggest 3T 259

persons troubled by: duty of 1T 377-8; 5T 629; TM 516-20

should not do gospel work for others 1T 377-8

should not throw weak minds into perplexity 1T 378

persons who cherish, boast of independence of mind FE 88

persons who cherish and express doubts will have 5T 302

persons who follow path of duty will sometimes be assailed by PP 437

poison of, effects of 1T 378

possibility of, God has not removed Ed 169; SC 105

you will never believe if you wait for every, to be removed 5T 69

pressing on souls in time of trial and darkness, Christ’s counsel re GC 47

promise that should put to flight all 2T 514

put away all SC 72

questioning, persons who will be left in cold and chilling 4T 233; 5T 675-6

re Christ, in apostles’ minds DA 380

re divine truth, is not due to lack of evidence CT 424

re doctrine, ministers who have 2T 513-4

re faithful ministers, Satan suggests to believers AA 418

re fundamentals of Christianity, youth of little experience presume to insinuate GC 600

re God and His word, why there exists GC 526

re God’s ability to use men of little education, is manifest unbelief CT 511

re God’s existence, doubt re reliability of OT and NT records often leads to GC 522

scientific theories and speculation often lead to GC 522

re God’s goodness, as evil seed in mind DA 764

re God’s warnings and admonitions, danger in expressing TM 475

re God’s word, Satan led Adam and Eve to Ed 25; EW 147

Satan insinuates COL 44-5

re God’s work, results of giving place to 5T 672

re reliability of OT and NT records, often leads to doubt re God’s existence GC 522

scientific theories and speculation often lead to GC 522

re Scriptures: danger in PP 113

loss of faith in Testimonies leads to 5T 672-8

love of sin causes 1T 440

Satan uses youth agents to suggest FE 88

re Testimonies, result of admitting 1SM 46; 5T 672-8

youth who encourage instead of removing 4T 437

re your personal salvation, reflects on God’s character 5T 631

real cause of, is love of sin in most cases SC 111

rebuke for, Christ’s lessons of SC 124

rejection of reproof leads to 3T 305-6

remedy for 5T 395

remove, instead of encouraging 4T 437

result of refusing to believe until every, is removed 1SM 28

Satan delights to see men in SC 116

Satan has ability to suggest 3T 255; 5T 675

Satan is ready to suggest DA 457

Satan suggests 1T 377; 2T 223

Satan whispers, to persons undergoing trial PP 151

Satan’s suggestions of, persons who channel to others 1T 429

resist 5T 317

secret, fierce opposition is far less dangerous than expression of 5T 274

sentiments of, never utter CT 434

separation from Christ brings 2T 514

slavery of, men brought into PK 162; 4T 213

slightest acceptance of, Christ refrained from DA 124

smallest, evil result of expressing 1T 378

smallest expression of, Satan makes barbed arrow of 1T 378

some ministers given to, because of failure to obey God’s word 2T 516

some people indulge in, because of ignorance, pride, or love of sinful practices 1SM 46

students’ minds filled with, by teachers who express uncertainty MM 90

stumbling block in way of reform 2SM 159

suggested by tempter, repel at once 1T 377

suggestions of, Satan comes with MYP 198

surrounding, do not let your faith be affected by 4T 237

taking counsel with your, evil result of SC 96

talking: cease to sin against God by 6BC 1097

displeases God 1T 429

D. M. Canright was given to 2SM 162-3

great sin of 1T 431

instead of, break away from them in Christ’s strength TM 516

neglect of secret prayer is shown by 2T 514

results of 3T 96

warning against 2T 513-4

temptation of, how Christ met DA 118

that God’s work will succeed, no need for 2SM 390

Thomas’s, how Christ dealt with DA 807-8; EW 188

time for, delay in doing your duty gives 4T 147

toying with, ministers warned against 2T 513

unreasonableness of, redeemed will see 7T 28

unwarranted, re Bible subjects 5T 701-2

utterance of: invites Satan’s temptations SC 119

ministering angels are grieved by SC 119

strengthens tendency to doubt SC 119

very pious, warning against 3T 259

vital forces sapped by 3BC 1146; LS 270-1

warning against GC 526-8; GW 261-2

way is paved by, for unbelief 4T 147

what to do with SC 105-13

EGW’s mind distressed by, in 1867 1T 596

will rush into your mind TM 516

wrestle with 5T 629

yielding to, is dangerous 2T 223

youth of little experience presume to insinuate GC 600

See also Caviling; Questioning; Skepticism; Unbelief


about pardon of sins dishonors God HP 126:5

agents for, most effective having had religious experience OHC 86:4

atmosphere of, around minds is difficult to penetrate FW 64:2

avoid the first admission of OHC 26:3

beliefs of SDAs attacked by; seducing spirits heeded 3SM 408:3

blessings made Ellen White feel impossibility of TDG 76:5

blessings prevented by TMK 227:2

cause of, removed in one reaching to God TMK 262:4

cease; look up to the face of Jesus beaming with love TDG 364:4


dishonored by OHC 329:5; TMK 241:4

dispels RC 21:5

dispersed the mists of TMK 207:2

hurt by HP 111:3, 126:5

knows every, that tortures the soul OHC 327:4

tempted by, in His Father Con 40f

to be talked about instead of VSS 15:1

Christian hope does not cause OHC 33:4

Christ’s presence not sensed by experience causes OHC 30:4

companions who fear God reduce temptation of HP 172:5

conquering, at once although difficult to dispel TMK 227

contemplating Christ’s sacrifice for us should remove TMK 224:5

counsel to one Ellen White was shown to be in TDG 38:2

courage against, by communion with Christ OHC 117:4

cries and tears when in conflict with FLB 122:3

criticism of Ellen White’s honesty is one of Satan’s hooks for TSB 154:0

crowd, from soul; have faith in God TDG 158:5

cultivating and expressing, sows seeds of OHC 20:4

danger of HP 106

in leading to unbelief TDG 24:5

darkness drawn around by talking HP 247:3

defenses disappear under, when not protected by prayer OHC 330:4

depression naturally brings HP 126:3

dishonor brought to God by showing, for His words TDG 304:5

educated in, but now need education in faith FW 78:2

Ellen White instructed not to pick up UL 168:3

encourage those with UL 277:5

energies paralyzed by fears and, drive to discouragement 1MCP 321:3

examine, in light of God’s Word TMK 227:3

experiencing, not a sign that Jesus has ceased to love us TMK 278:3


destroyed by habit of HP 74:5

grows by conflict with 2MCP 673:6; OHC 361:4; TMK 161:2

instead of, opening heart to light FW 17:1

feelings given way to invites despair and 2MCP 480:1

gathering, to heap against the righteousness of Christ FW 66:2

go to Christ in communion at the rising of RC 197:6

God dishonored by OHC 20:4; UL 212:6

God’s leading placed in, by Satan OHC 85:4

harvest of, root out, continually FW 17:2

heart of Christ is hurt by 2MCP 678:3

hope for, is to cease talking darkness OHC 163:3

hope of the gospel difficult for those in FW 81:1

impression deepened when we talk OHC 163:3

infidelity begins with LHU 60:3

influence of, to be seen as sin HP 106:4

instead of, rest in Jesus TMK 112:2

intermittent, wrong in view of God’s pledge of acceptance FW 107:2

light from heaven not to be held in TDG 52:3

light neglected perpetuates OHC 297:4

looking on difficulties leads to TMK 278:2

love for Jesus leads to choosing faith instead of TDG 141:2

minds less in, when they dwell more on Christ HP 127:4

misfortune to hold, concentrating on self HP 106:3; 2MCP 673:2

never utter one word of HP 239:3


enshrouded in, by our words of unbelief FW 60:4

will not receive, from one having mind on Christ 2MCP 494:1

paralyze energies when integrity violated; disregarding sin OHC 94:4

Paul did not live under cloud of CC 352:2

pegs desired for; let in bright beams instead 2MCP 680:2

Philip’s, questioned the identity of Christ RC 354:2

possible for all who desire it HP 105

prayer according to God’s will is not UL 375:5

(questioning) rebellious mind opened to Satan has TMK 228:3

readiness for, makes infidels bold TDG 217:2

refuse to plant seeds of OHC 291:3

removing occasion for, would remove reason for faith HP 105:3

rest in love of Jesus instead of 3SM 151:1

resting, about whether we are people God is leading 1MCP 95:4

rising above, by one who loves God; bright experience TMK 150:3

safety when tortured with, is to trust God and resist TDG 313:4


frequently creates FLB 122:3

gratified by HP 119:2

waits to bring HP 120:5

satisfaction of, impossible if expecting explanation at every point FW 68:3

seed of, only God can pluck, from the soul HP 106:4

shut the door to,

and behold the eternal OHC 86:3

(temptation of) 2MCP 676:1

sinfulness of; look away from self 3SM 149:5

song to sing when tempted to OHC 163:5

speaking, before the people UL 58:5

spirit of, destroys confidence HP 105:2

storytelling in sermons does not help those wrestling with VSS 273:2

strength pledged by Christ leaves no room for TMK 228:2

suggestions of,

answer, with words of faith in Christ TMK 245:3

by Satan; we must not express them TDG 167:5

by those gaining our confidence OHC 360:4

talk about Christ instead of OHC 20:4

talking of,

and encouraging it, yields abundant doubt TMK 228:4

believing it impossible to resist temptation 3SM 192:2

building on circumstances not on the Word HP 106:2

demanding more evidence 2MCP 679:2

enlarges them and gives Satan the victory 2MCP 578:5

inexcusable; God delivered us from darkness 2MCP 675:0

is seed for some heart 2MCP 675:1

may cause others to stumble TMK 227:3

stopped when meeting conditions for promises 2MCP 774:1

strengthens unbelief OHC 296:3

talk faith to have it TDG 92:5

victory for Satan OHC 86:5

temptation to,

draw near to God HP 120:5

even for experienced Christians OHC 86:2

for Christ Con 41:1

to enter dark cave OHC 163:5

time not to be lost in OHC 56:5

train mind to exercise faith and not cherish 2MCP 533:3

trust in God instead of in feeling when tortured with 2MCP 672:4; TDG 313:4

unbelief sows RC 109:6


about standing before God TDG 213:3

because God controls His work FLB 282:3

unsafe to cherish, because they may grow TDG 212:3

waiting for entire removal of, leaves darkness HP 105:2

words of,

bear fruit in another’s life OHC 319:4; TMK 228:3

bring bitter harvest HP 106:4

continuing effect of TMK 137:4

determination not to speak, when discouraged OHC 312:3

indicate that Christ’s death was in vain OHC 136:4

make room for more like seed 2MCP 676:4

when tempted affect others OHC 319:4

wrestle with, until you gain victory in Jesus’ name OHC 64:3

See also Discouragement; Distrust; God, distrust of; Questioning; Shadows; Skepticism; Unbelief