EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Decisive - Demon worship


Decisive, something, about to take place Ed 179; LS 413; PK 537

Decisive action

Decisive action, at right time, results of 3T 498-9

soul may be saved from death by 5T 507

Decisive blow

Decisive blow, Satan’s plans to strike, against God’s people TM 474

Decisive hour

Decisive hour, at hand GC 594

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence, of USA GC 295, 441-2


Declension, of faith and piety, in popular churches GC 463-4

religious, before second advent GC 444

in first centuries GC 444

spiritual, endeavor to prevent TM 510

haphazard work results in TM 164

your, Christ notes 5T 317

Decoration, Decorations

Decoration, Decorations, body, too much money spent on 1T 135-6

undue concern for 1T 131

money spent for gratifying pride in AH 370

how to use CS 299

outward, weariness resulting from making 3T 375


Decorum, girl greatly lacking in 2T 559

needed in pulpit 1T 648

See also Behavior; Conduct; Deportment


Christ never overstepped the bounds of LHU 167:3

Decoy, Decoys

Decoy, Decoys, believers used by Satan as CT 340; MB 94-5; 1T 162; 2T 143; TM 85, 474

minds that Satan uses as MYP 42

selfish ones used as UL 175:5

SDA should not be, to lead brethren into business speculation 1T 305

things Satan uses as Ed 150

Decree, Decrees

Decree, Decrees, arbitrary, wicked not excluded from heaven by SC 18

by USA, to suppress religious freedom 2SM 370

divine, erroneous doctrine of GC 261

not accessory to sin DA 58

to seal the faithful 5T 216

forged in eighth century to bolster pope’s power GC 56

God’s eternal, cannot be altered PK 400

Holy Watcher’s, from which no appeal PK 453

re worship of image of beast and his mark 4T 251; 5T 213, 525

what to do in time of EW 67

Sunday law violators forbidden by, to buy or sell CS 40; DA 121-2; GC 445; 5T 152

to compel conscience, danger of yielding to GC 622

See also Death decree; Edict; Sunday law


Decrepitude, world made lazar house by 4T 30


Dedication, of children, by ministers AH 274; Ev 349

of church buildings free from debt CS 259; 6T 101

of first-born son, originated in earliest times DA 50-1

of temple, by Solomon PK 35-50

Dedication, Feast of

Dedication, Feast of, Christ’s experience at Jerusalem during (John 10:22, 33) DA 470

Dedicatory prayer

Dedicatory prayer, Solomon’s, at dedication of temple PK 40-2, 48, 66

Deed, Deeds

Deed, Deeds, all our, will meet us again 5T 466

all will be judged by their COL 312

be truthful in 4T 522

Christlike, show what God desires His church to be by ML 335

compared to seeds COL 85

every, reacts upon doer Ed 146

good, as seed sown 5T 18

carried to heaven COL 266

fruit Christ requires us to bear 2T 25

God not unmindful of our 5T 611

registered in heaven 5T 611

kind and generous, as Satan’s decoys Ed 150; MB 94-5

life’s, are fruit man bears 4T 311

not idle words and empty intentions, God accepts 4T 187

not words, are what count Ev 543

not words merely, expected of us MB 149

once done, never recalled GC 486

of Omnipotence, we are enabled to do DA 827

record of kindly, reaches into eternity 4T 490

test of sincerity is in COL 272

to be laid open before assembled saints and angels 4T 116

what should be written upon DA 556

your, reflected back upon yourself SD 166

See also Works

Deep, great

Deep, great: foundations of, broken up when Flood came SR 66

mysteries of, important lessons read in SL 72

studied by John on Patmos AA 572; SL 72

rocks thrown up by Flood from SL 72

waves of, God’s word controls 5T 453

See also Ocean; Sea

Defamed person

Defamed person, good qualities of, love seeks to bring to mind 5T 169

Defeat, Defeats

Defeat, Defeats, apparent, God’s plan to bring victory out of PK 475

gospel workers who turn, into victory PK 263

at hand of enemy, gospel worker need not fear AA 167-8

Christian can turn, into victory 7T 278

delays are virtually, in gospel work 3T 500

depending on human methods and inventions brings 6T 140

discord and division result in 5T 488

follower of Christ’s directions will never meet 2T 515

how to turn, into victory COL 332

how we can be saved from many DA 126

humiliation of, often a blessing PP 633

life’s, every act’s relation to MH 129

most fearful, have occurred on turn of minutes 3T 497

no need to suffer, in conflict with Satan PP 332

no such thing as, with Christ DA 490

persons deferring obedience till there remains no risk of, will never obey PP 290

seeming, God can bring victory out of AA 481

that can be turned into victory SD 73

turn your, into victory FE 249

who will not be left to ML 274

Defect, Defects

Defect, Defects, do not close your eyes to your 1BC 1108

do not talk of your TM 516

one, may destroy talented man’s usefulness 4T 517

talking of other people’s TM 193

to become demoralized and depraved is easier than to conquer 4T 452

who feel most deeply their own SL 7

who sees, in everything 5T 488

See also Character

Defects / Character, defects of / Deficiencies / Imperfections

Defects / Character, defects of / Deficiencies / Imperfections

accumulate and bind together like steel TMK 209:4

as rotten timbers TMK 190:4

avoid copying TMK 179:3

battle with the least OHC 299:4

chain broken by one; guard against character weakness 2MCP 728:4

cherished 1MCP 39:0; TMK 237:2

cherishing hereditary and cultivated TMK 157:4


accepted men with, that they might learn TMK 182:3

had no TMK 207:4

makes up for,

we cannot do it ourselves 2MCP 808:2

when it is in the heart to obey FW 50:1; NL 37:3

which are unavoidable 3SM 196:1

misrepresented by OHC 212:5

Christian charity covers others’ 2MCP 504:1

Christ’s purity lays bare RC 63:2

cleansed by divine nature AG 235:4

clinging to, shames Christ AG 263:4; HP 31:6

compared with Saviour’s perfect character UL 238:4

confess, and put away by the Holy Spirit OHC 58:2

cure not found for, by talking against law FW 31:4

cut away,

from rough stone TDG 23:3

however painful to human nature 1MCP 44:2

determination not to have UL 154:2


and putting them away by prayer and faith TDG 281:4

others’ and enlarging them HP 178:4

through Holy Spirit and overcoming TMK 237:2

dwelling on, decreases strength to overcome TMK 224:4

dying to, now UL 373:4

evil angels see, and press temptations OHC 88:3

examine ourselves for, to wash our robes OHC 305:5

excusing, by saying,

“It is my way” TMK 190:4, 247:4

“Jesus has done all” TMK 295:3

explanation of, in items to be sold 2MCP 438:2; TDG 337:3

finding and changing, as God’s Spirit works HP 21:6

God bears with our, sending messages TMK 332:3


can remedy TMK 157:4

enables us to see and correct TMK 86:4

sufficient to enable working away from 3SM 179:3

heaven not entered with; justice prohibits Mar 326:4

hidden by claim of righteousness FW 45:0


beholding, instead of Jesus 2MCP 680:3

God labors to makes up HP 221:3

image of God marred by; removed if Satan’s work seen OHC 321:4

(lack) young ruler asked Jesus if he had any FW 70:3

law of God is mirror to reveal TMK 295:2

lead us to look from self to Christ OHC 183:3

leading others into sin by our HP 162:4

liberality does not atone for RC 268:5

life marred by, displeases God TMK 157:4

like a broken link LHU 346:4

look away from others’ UL 329:5

look to your own HP 178:4

may be remedied UL 328:5

mirror for seeing, not had by some FW 43:4

mourning over, does not help UL 132:3

no excuse for AG 235:3

obedience thought impossible because of 2MCP 787:2

originate in the heart OHC 336:4

overcoming / putting away / removal of,

by refusing to yield TMK 209:3

envy, selfishness, etc. 3SM 427:1

frivolity 1MCP 105:3

for the redeemed in heaven OHC 39:3

guarding affections LYL 76:6

impossibility of, is in own will 2MCP 686:3

in polishing process FLB 317:3

John’s opportunity to serve depended on TMK 177:3

Judas failed in TMK 177:3

necessary TDG 173:2

now is time for OHC 165:4; UL 373:4

required HP 160:4

to stand blameless at Christ’s appearance 3SM 79:2

unknown to many RC 208:3

personal, not to be exalted in new work; elevate truth VSS 328:3

prevented by keeping future events in mind RC 318:2

purged by trial TDG 295:2

restored only by Christ 2MCP 663:1

sanctified ones with, seek to be like Christ RC 61:5

Satan jubilant when hearing excuses for RC 293:6

Satan points to, as evidence of weakness TDG 226:2

seeing, in others, UL 28:2, 190:4

changes into their image TDG 46:2

instead see who is glorifying God TMK 182:6

seeing own,

and cutting them away HP 201:2

better in contrast to Christ’s perfection OHC 27:2

by law of God HP 145:5; TMK 295:2

by the Bible FLB 223:4

more as we see Christ HP 111:4; OHC 58:2; TDG 89:3

seeking strength as sanctuary is cleansed RC 296:2

through the grace of humility TDG 16:4

under temptation TDG 334:5

when convicted by the law FW 54:0

when living nearer to God TDG 16:3

with more experience LHU 176:4

self overcome so work is not marred by 3SM 146:4

severity on own, and make less of faults of others TMK 176:2

shown by varying circumstances TMK 282:2

standard felt impossible by many with HP 23:4

strength for striving souls amid realization of OHC 151:4

striving to subdue natural, with prayer 2MCP 523:1

studying our motives may make us aware of TMK 242:2

success by those with, through humility OHC 51:4

supplying another’s, with own morality is impossible TMK 350:3

talented ones may have TSB 92:1

talking about (ours or others’), darkens our lives TDG 324:2

temptations planned by observation of 2MCP 659:0

thinking (distorted) that own way is right 2MCP 381:4

trusting ones with, received by the Lord TDG 226:4

untidiness in dress is RY 72:1

used by Satan TDG 325:2

victory that seemed impossible because of HP 62:4

view of Christ shows OHC 27:3

viewed in judgment FLB 216:4

warning about, not heeded; self-confidence TSB 173:4

weighing, of professed Christians, not our job TMK 179:3

worked on by Spirit of Christ UL 89:4

world watches for, in lives of Christians TMK 153:2

worldlings watch for TDG 165:4

See also Perfection; Weakness


Defection, no excuse for 7T 213

Defense, Defenses

Defense, Defenses, against evil, Christ dwelling in heart is only DA 324

attitude of, spirit of Satan takes 1T 232

contrite soul’s, Spirit’s omnipotent power is MH 94

man who mulishly stood in his own 2T 388

of truth Ev 625

Satan cannot gain advantage of one who makes God his PK 175

soul’s, things that break down PP 452


Christ promises to be our, and calls us toward victory FW 93:1

mind loving to dwell on Jesus has a strong TMK 240:4

weak points in TDG 259:5

Defenseless persons

Defenseless persons, shield DA 107


Defiance, course of action that produces MM 210

everything savoring of, weed from discourses 9T 244

toward opponents, unbecoming to ministers 3T 219


avoid, in coming crisis; hearts to be surrendered 3SM 405:1

Daniel’s dietary request was not made in HP 261:3

See also Rebellion

Defiant spirit

Defiant spirit, avoid developing, in child CG 212

hard, feelings that encourage 2T 311

restraint and harshness develop, in children and youth CT 264; Ed 279

sign of last days 5T 91

Deficiency, Deficiencies

Deficiency, Deficiencies, Christ makes up for man’s, with His divine merit ML 250; 1SM 382

circumstances develop 4T 218

others’, noble nature delights not in discovering 5T 56

true Christian exults not in exposing 5T 96

struggles mingled with remorse and shame because of 3T 187

that God makes up in His workers MH 150; 6T 444


Defilement, every, heart must be emptied of TM 507

may be cleansed AA 564; Ed 257

those drawing near to God must put away PP 350; 2T 612

seen everywhere 2T 356

sin’s, gospel of Christ alone can free us from GC 468

soul’s, not a result of neglecting external, man-made ceremonies DA 397

transgression of God’s law causes DA 397

spots of, when God does not remove our 3T 183

that comes from within, explained DA 397

See also Ceremonial defilement


heart and soul cleansed from, for salvation TDG 175:3

heart emptied of all that causes TMK 153:5

Isaiah felt, in light of God’s matchless radiance RC 338:3


cleanse camp of UL 356:3

soul to be cleansed from UL 370:2

need for cleansing of, seen when truth presented in love FW 60:1

revealed by one ray of the glory of God RC 63:2

truth cleanses from; it leads to kindness 3SM 199:0

See also Evil; Impurity; Sin

Defoe, Daniel

Defoe, Daniel, book by CT 136; 5T 516-20


Deformed, children born 3T 140

Genesis contains no record of 3T 138

Deformity, Deformities

Deformity, Deformities, causes of: drug poisons 2SM 442

fashionable dress 4T 635

ignorance CD 40; MYP 218; WM 127

sin 1BC 1085

children’s, sitting on poorly constructed school benches causes 3T 143

increasing with each succeeding generation 2SM 411

others’, Christians do not like to dwell on 5T 96

physical, Christ was free from DA 50

righteous dead will leave, in grave EW 287; GC 645, 662

seen everywhere 2T 356

world made a lazar house by 4T 30


Defraud, better to want than to 4T 495

See also Dishonesty; Fraud


Degeneracy, causes of: disregard of light on health reform 6T 370-1

drinking beer CH 49; Te 174

health-destroying manner of cooking 2SM 431

improper marriages 2SM 422

indulgence of perverted appetite 4aSG 120, 131; 3T 486

intemperance CH 49; DA 100; 4aSG 120, 131; Te 174

poisonous drugs 2SM 442; Te 85

sensuous pleasures DA 100; PP 461

sin SR 48-9

too frequent childbearing 2SM 431

violation of God’s constitution and laws 4aSG 124

violation of laws of health 4aSG 124

contrast that will show GC 644

hands of Satan’s agents strengthened by GC 46

human organism’s, before Flood 4T 29

rapid after Flood 4T 29

increasing constantly CH 49; Te 174

many rescued by health reform from 6T 378

neglect of health reform causes 3T 62

parents transmit to children PP 306

persons contributing to 2SM 424

physical, mental, and moral 4aSG 124

present state of, in world 2SM 417

reason enough for CD 18

too little thought given to causes of MH 380

rapid after Flood 4aSG 121

since man’s fall 1SM 267

spiritual, reaped by those who disregard light on health reform 6T 371

through centuries 3SG 84

See also Mental degeneracy; Moral degeneracy

Degenerate age

Degenerate age, sad error prevalent in this 2T 248

sins of, guard against GW 125

Degenerate nature

Degenerate nature, obstacles placed in our way by 4T 12


Degeneration, eating without working always results in SC 80-1

in third generation from Adam 4T 29

increased from age to age EW 184-5

more rapid after Flood 4T 29


Degradation, causes of: guilt and wrong-doing DA 822

highly seasoned flesh foods 4aSG 126

moral pollution 2T 391

uncontrolled indulgence DA 122

depths of: Christ can rescue man from lowest DA 117

Christ’s arm can reach to CG 401

how men may rise from lowest CT 54; ML 23

how sinners can be rescued from 8T 73

men may rise from lowest, to become sons of God FE 85

one may sink to any 5T 32

to which Satan seeks to drag humanity DA 341

who knows not to what, he may sink DA 258

following in train of licentiousness cannot be estimated 5T 144

heart-breaking recitals of, ear that can listen to GW 184

med. miss. work rescues souls from MM 242

moral, perverts men’s senses MH 190

of man to level of beast takes time 4aSG 125-6

one person’s, means loss to all Ed 238; MH 442

pit of, Christ can lift most sinful out of 7T 229

souls to be rescued from MB 130

temptations most effectually resulting in DA 122

truth never results in, for receiver Ev 400

See also Moral degradation


Christ reclaims from lowest TMK 96:4

See also Sin

Degraded persons

Degraded persons, cannot help themselves 6T 279

Christianity makes strong bond of union between minister and AA 460

firm, patient, earnest effort needed to lift up 6T 279

first need of, physical help 6T 259

gospel work for COL 235; MM 242; 6T 259-60, 279-80

constant danger in WM 253

denominational funds not to be used for 6T 246

means to be gathered from world for 6T 246

much painstaking effort needed in 6T 259

must not be principal and all-important work 8T 160

must not become all absorbing MM 311; WM 256

great work begun for MM 311; WM 256

med. miss. work will save some WM 131

miss. work will turn many, to Christ 6T 260

need to see claims of God’s law 6T 259

physicians working for 6T 246

point, tenderly to Christ 6T 259

power of Christ transforms, into messengers of righteousness DA 341; MH 99

problems met in miss. work for 8T 184

some, will become valuable workers for Christ 6T 260

startling communication of strange doctrine not to be made to 6T 259

treat most, with respect and tenderness MB 57

young med. miss. should not work exclusively for 8T 158

See also Depraved person; Outcast



Christ’s religion is never HP 141:5

Degree, Degrees

Degree, Degrees, scholastic CT 415; FE 356

See also College degree


Deification, of dead persons, heathen gods made by PP 684

prominent in heathen systems Ev 603

Deified spirits

Deified spirits, of departed heroes, heathen gods believed to be PP 684


Deism, Miller (Wm.) abandoned GC 318-9

Deist, Deists

Deist, Deists, Miller (Wm.) as GC 318

Miller’s (Wm.) preaching affected GC 331-2

Deity, Deities

Deity, Deities

1. False

2. True

1. False

Egyptians worshiped, regarded as false gods by Israelites PP 259-60

heathen, costly and beautiful 3SG 269

signal power will be manifest by TM 117-8

material representations of, in Egypt Ed 35

worshipers of false gods clothe their, with human attributes and passions PP 91

See also God; Idol; Image

2. True

burning bush represented DA 23

character of, Christ alone could reveal to man MH 422

Christ as See Christ

fellowship with, by searching prophecies re Christ DA 507

figures or symbols of, are not to be worshiped PP 306

glorified in pouring healing grace on world through Christ DA 37

glory of, unveiled in heaven 5T 745

impress of, pages of revelation manifest PP 599

seen in things of nature PP 599

seen on all created things Ed 99

Moses and other leaders of Israel did not behold PP 312

long-suffering of, mysterious farewell of DA 620

nature and, relationship between 6T 185-6 See also Nature

prerogatives of, when human councils assume 5T 712

presence chamber where, unveils His glory SC 118

threefold name of 6T 91

throne of, Satan endeavored to hide 5T 739

titles of, pope arrogated GC 50; SR 327

titles or appellations of, never treat lightly MB 106

See also God


Delaine, dress material of 1T 522

Delay, Delays

Delay, Delays, danger in 6T 443

gospel work to be done is made more difficult by Ev 227

great failures and dishonor to God result from PK 676; 3T 498

great risks in 3T 211

grieve not Spirit by 8T 56

habit of, failure to overcome 3T 499

in God’s work, virtually defeats 3T 500

long, tire angels 3T 497

losses from, in crisis 3T 498

moment’s, advantage that might be gained may be lost by Ev 648

opportunities often lost by Ev 647-8; TM 497

Satan given time by, to work to defeat us PP 423

Satan often given advantage by Ev 227; 3T 498-9

Satan tempts us to displease God by PP 423

season of distress before us requires faith that can endure 3SG 135

victories frequently lost by 3T 498


come to Christ without, just as you are TMK 56:4

preparation to see God must have no TMK 364:2

Satan’s work to destroy souls leaves no time for TMK 349:3

Delegate, Delegates

Delegate, Delegates, to conf. sessions, essential qualifications of 9T 262

to Gen. Conf. sessions, essential qualifications of 9T 262

See also Gen. Conf. session


Deliberation, great, God’s work needs at times 3T 498


Delilah, name of, signifies “the consumer” PP 565

Samson betrayed by PP 565-6


Delinquency, juvenile See Juvenile delinquency; Youth


Deliverance, faith that waits for, in God’s appointed time and way PK 387

final, at midnight EW 285; GC 636

at second advent GC 635-52

church’s mighty struggle precedes PK 725

day of, at hand PK 376

day of wrath to His enemies PK 727

in hour of utmost extremity GC 635

in time of trouble GC 634; 1T 354

of God’s people 1T 184, 354

promised PK 538

special, duty when God works for us PP 187-8


apostles’, brought their ministry to notice of many RC 343:6

capabilities to be used that we may have TDG 336:4

Christ came to bring message of TDG 106:5

dangers seen makes us more grateful for FW 96:1

Daniel’s companions received, from the fire HP 149:3

eternal, God given glory in heaven for Mar 236:5

from evil, partial in the present life TDG 62:2

from perplexity begins even before we ask OHC 316:4


arranges for, before we ask UL 46:6

will provide, today as in past TMK 342:3

gospel brings UL 309:2

harassed souls receive, by light from Christ’s face HP 297:2

Israelites sought, with repentance in time of Deborah RC 329:2

obedience is, from passion and impulse HP 259:5

promise of,

from any tempest to those crying to Jesus RC 278:6

when Satan has ensnared all possible UL 365:6

remnant plead for, through Jesus their Advocate Mar 213:3

sensed by Ellen White for deceived souls UL 350:5

wicked and righteous known in the day of FW 115:2

See also Sin, deliverance from

Deliverance ministry

Deliverance ministry

See Devils

Deluded person, Deluded persons

Deluded person, Deluded persons, salvation of, angels rejoice over 6T 304


Deluge See Flood

Delusion, Delusions

Delusion, Delusions, acceptance of, rejection of light leads to PP 96

among Millerite Adventists after 1844 EW 62

among SDA, will multiply as end nears 7BC 952

bewitching, in courtship 5T 110

Christian’s duty re CH 285; 2SM 98

dangerous, of person considering himself superior in judgment 5T 247

every species of, being brought in now Ev 247

fascinating, of men who have once known the truth 8T 249

fatal: favored now by many professed Christians GC 46

mother’s self-deception that is 2T 315

that SDA are too narrow in their ideas 5T 587

God’s love is impregnable fortress against MB 119

God’s word is defense against SR 398

great, re licentiousness and adultery 5T 144-5

will arise CW 152

last great, soon to open before men GC 593

many persons will drift from one, to another Ev 362

masterly, Satan putting forth power in presenting TM 219

most attractive, to souls lifted up to vanity Satan opens MM 95

new, Satan is still to devise EW 221

no greater, than self-confident spirit 1T 333

no stronger, than profession of faith that continues in sin 1T 407; TM 451

Noah’s message regarded as PP 96

of belief that: living closest to God leads to backsliding 1T 71

some good is gained from worldly amusements 2T 143

there is no personal devil MYP 59; 1T 295

of depending on appearance as means of success in God’s work 7T 93

of last days: church members who will be deceived by 6T 424-5

multitudinous COL 414; PK 717

Satan’s working plainly revealed by COL 414

Testimonies given to save God’s people from GW 308; 1SM 31, 48; 8T 298

truth should stand out plainly amidst 8T 153

will be many 6T 425

of man-made tests for ascertaining God’s will, infatuation of 2SM 28

of men drawing away from God while believing they are right and in light 1T 333

of mistaking feeling for faith Ev 597

of mistaking form of godliness for power thereof 2T 395

of obsession for getting money 1T 697

of progression 4aSG 154-6

of these perilous times, God’s word is safeguard against 1T 344-5

people who have no shield against GC 523

persons consulting spiritualist physicians expose themselves to CH 454; 5T 193

persons in greatest danger of GC 622

persons taken captive in 1844 by 1SM 64

persons who will fall into MM 98

persons whom God leaves to their chosen PP 635

powerful, of Satan’s advent as Christ will take world captive GC 624-5

rapping, of spiritualism EW 87

re sincerity 1SM 374

re spiritual gifts, health and reason were sacrificed to 1T 231

ruinous, of belief that reproof must come through direct vision 5T 690

Satan has originated, for professed Christians EW 221

Satan has prepared, for different minds EW 261

God is preparing His people to discern 2SM 19

Satan has set to work all his agencies of ChS 51

Satan prepares, as nets to entangle self-sufficient believers Ev 593-4; MM 98

for God’s people ChS 40

Satan’s, are subtle PK 589

are terrible 5T 474

human bodies affected by EW 44

satanic: await persons who deliberately reject messages of truth AA 266

existed everywhere in apostolic times AA 553; SL 62

false claims will be urged through 2SM 49

men will attempt to bring in Ev 360

ministers in danger of going into 5T 214

money gained through AA 213

must be clearly and intelligently met with God’s word 4T 415

of fanatics 2SM 27

Scriptures are safeguard against EW 220; 1SM 228

setting time for second advent brings 1T 73 See also Time setting

some believers will fall into Ev 593-4

souls whom Satan views as impregnable to TM 18

some people will accept one, after another Ev 594

soul-destroying, spiritualism is one of most successful SR 394

specious, belief that God is essence pervading nature is MM 96

spiritualism’s, be prepared to meet EW 262

strong: following spirit of prophecy will keep God’s people from accepting GW 308

love and obedience to truth keep believer from accepting 8T 298

persons who will give themselves over to believe 4T 595

press against current of worldliness and ambition if you would not be subject to 5T 340

working of Satan’s EW 43-5

strong and almost overmastering, that lies ahead GC 624-5

supported under cover of medical profession 5T 194

terrible, in future 5T 474

that appearance is great means of attaining success MM 167

thick darkness of, world nearly enveloped in EW 104

whole world will be swept into, except people kept by God’s power GC 562

why multitudes eagerly accept GC 584-5

See also Deceptions

Delusive imagination

Delusive imagination, persons whose, makes void God’s word Ev 625

Delusive inducement, Delusive inducements

Delusive inducement, Delusive inducements, majority of people overcome by 3T 398

Delusive pleasure, Delusive pleasures

Delusive pleasure, Delusive pleasures, give up 2T 291

Satan throws religious garment over WM 290-1

Delusive power

Delusive power, evil spirits’, Scriptures are safeguard against GC 593

Satan’s, strongest evidence of PP 635

Delusive pretension, Delusive pretensions

Delusive pretension, Delusive pretensions, spiritualism’s, refuge of lies offered by Satan GC 561

Delusive snare, Delusive snares

Delusive snare, Delusive snares, Satan’s, believers must be grounded in truth in order to escape Ev 249

continued watchfulness needed to escape 2T 193

Delusive teachings

Delusive teachings, of spiritualism, among Satan’s most successful agencies GC 524

Delusive theories

Delusive theories, new parties of professed believers will act out 2SM 383

Satan presumes to bring in, among us 2SM 47


Delve, you are not placed on earth merely to, for self MB 97


Demand, persons whose services will always be in MH 477

Spirit’s power awaits our, and reception TM 175, 510

Demarcation, line of

Demarcation, line of: between God’s commandment keepers and worshipers of false gods, is clearly drawn PK 188

between God’s people and world: must be decidedly apparent FE 289

must be kept distinct COL 315-6; Ev 220, 308, 316; WM 296

should be too plain to be mistaken MYP 349; 7T 122

between the obedient and disobedient, must be plain and distinct ML 73; 5T 209; 6T 92

between Sabbathkeepers and Sunday-keepers should be clear and distinct 3T 353

between worldlings and many professed Christians, is almost indistinguishable 8T 118-9


Demas AA 455, 490; COL 73


Demeanor, Christian elevation should be shown by 4T 521

condescending, great value of ML 242

joyfulness of, witness for Christ by MH 156

let there be nothing cold, stern, and forbidding in CG 486-7

minister’s, things that should characterize GW 172

truth’s effects upon 5T 401

See also Behavior; Conduct; Deportment


Demetrius, silversmith AA 292-5

Demigod, Demigods

Demigod, Demigods, unfallen, spiritualism teaches that men are Ev 608; PP 688

Demon, Demons

Demon, Demons, altar of, children sacrificed on 2SM 466

Christ addressed, as intelligent entity GC 516

central power in world as result of Adam’s sin CT 33; 6T 236

Christ cast out, by His word GW 250

Christ’s deity acknowledged by, during seventh plague GC 638

Christ’s divine power attested by DA 256

Christ’s power resisted by DA 255; MH 91

companions of, procession of people as TM 335

control of, imagination and nerves under 3T 418

intoxicating liquor places man under Te 32, 36

man who was under DA 255; MH 91; 2T 82

controlling men’s will, Christ came to expel DA 38

counsels of, warning re principles originating in TM 333

habitation of, human bodies as DA 36; MH 142

imagination and nerves brought under control of, by spiritualism 3T 418

in human form, about Christ at trial and on cross DA 733, 746-9, 760

demonstrations of 2SM 37

husbands who are 2T 474

influence of, drinker of intoxicating liquor is under Te 36

men tormented by DA 337-9

message of, to King Saul Ev 608; PP 688

minds controlled by 1T 297

miracle-working, fearful sights will appear in heavens by power of GC 624

of evil and cruelty, intoxicating liquor makes man a Te 39

of greed, Judas Iscariot surrendered to Ed 92

of intemperance, Christ can help to overcome CG 401

giant strength of FE 143; Te 176

God can help to conquer Te 258

not easily conquered FE 143; 3T 567; Te 176

of jealousy, in King Saul’s heart PP 650

of passion, in King Saul’s breast PP 668

of selfishness DA 294

Judas Iscariot possessed by 5BC 1102

of strife, obedience to God’s law protects family against AH 106

of unkindness, results of long cherishing SL 16

personal, do not link arms with TM 333-4

power of, victims of intemperance are under MH 172

self-will and pride turned angels into CG 178; SD 115

spoke through demoniacs DA 255, 258; MH 91, 96

swine driven into sea by DA 337-41; GC 514-5; MH 97

tormenting, Christ can save from MH 96

whisperings of, that torture DA 216

woman who spoke and acted as though possessed by 2T 79

See also Devil; Spirit


bondage of spiritualists to Con 90:4

casting out, people led to feel possessed thus needing 3SM 376:3

central power of earth is a TDG 28:3

counsels of, saints suffer from world expressing 3SM 429:3

humans inspired by, will destroy when they cannot control UL 285:3

influence of, through spouse TSB 77:3

murders committed under possession by HP 342:2

pained by Christ’s glory in His work UL 229:4

stamp of, impressed on countenances of humans AG 161:3

Demon god, Demon gods

Demon god, Demon gods, teaching of, vilest license fostered by Ev 608; PP 688

thousands of people receiving instruction from 1T 296-7

Demon guest

Demon guest, in strife-torn family 1T 696

Demoniac, Demoniacs

Demoniac, Demoniacs, affliction of, sinful living resulting in MH 91

blind and dumb, Christ healed GC 515

second healing of DA 321

bondage of, to uncontrolled passions and loathsome lusts DA 341

Christ has absolute control over MH 91

Christ healed, in synagogue of Capernaum DA 255-7; MH 91-2

condition more hopeless than that of DA 256

demon’s words uttered by DA 255, 258; MH 91, 96

evil spirit cast out of, at Ephesus AA 287-8

Gadarene, Christ healed DA 337-41, 404; GC 514-5; MH 95-9

Christ’s first missionaries in Decapolis DA 339-41; MH 99

healed, transformation seen in DA 338-9; MH 97

paralyzed, Christ healed MH 34

power of sin compared to power over FLB 312:2

unspoken appeal of, Christ heard DA 258; MH 93

will of, under demon’s control MH 91

Demoniac boy

Demoniac boy, Christ healed DA 426-9; FE 341; GC 515

Demoniac power

Demoniac power, exercised upon King Saul for years PP 679


Demonism, exhibitions of, in Elijah’s time PK 151; 3T 283

Demon possession

Demon possession, how men fall under spell of MH 91-3

in Christ’s time DA 36; GC 513-6; MH 142

maniac who was under GC 515

NT testifies re GC 514

not mere suffering of disease from natural causes GC 514

persons under: Christ had absolute control over 1SM 83

Christ’s experience with GC 514-6

slay men, women, and children 9T 11

sign of times 9T 11

See also Devil possession

Demon power

Demon power, human instruments used by, in traffic of intoxicating liquor Te 39

King Saul controlled by PP 679

struggling in every soul ML 300

Demonstration, Demonstrations

Demonstration, Demonstrations, faith rests not upon 1SM 28

religious work making greatest, not always most successful PK 168

wild, unbelievers disgusted by 2SM 35


avoid noisy, about Sunday observance 3SM 395:3, 399:1

in early days; dancing and singing 3SM 372:5

noisy, lead to confusing fanaticism TDG 359:2

Demon worship

Demon worship, ancient and modern PP 685-6, 688

ancient idolatry was PP 685

communion with the dead as PP 685

in last days, John was shown 6T 15

new form of, modern spiritualism in PP 686

spiritualism’s origin similar to that of Ev 608

spiritualism’s relation to PP 688

worship of the dead is PP 685-6