EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Daniel and Revelation - David

Daniel and Revelation

books of, needed with few explanations PM 313

understanding of, needed LDE 15

See also Thoughts on Daniel and the Revelation


Daniel, dare to be a, and stand alone 3BC 1155

Daniel and companions

captivity of, permitted to bring knowledge of God to Babylon UL 47:2

compromise with Satan not afforded by OHC 269:6

conscience of, kept clear by struggle HP 149:2

decision of, made amid difficulties RC 141:3

exhibited unsurpassed performance RC 141:5

God gave knowledge and skill to LHU 366:3

light valued by, more than worldly honor OHC 269:6

Lord was the educator of RC 143:4

partakers of the divine nature RC 143:4

perception clear by following laws of health TMK 313:4

power from above worked with UL 253:3

record of, to benefit youth of all ages RC 141:6

refused the idolatry of the king’s table UL 83:4

sought to honor God and His people RC 141:4

stimulus of flesh and wine refused by RC 143:3

temperance of, example for all youth OHC 269:2

time not spent in vanity or folly by RC 141:4

training of, included knowledge of foods RC 143:2

triumph of principles over temptation shown by RC 144:3

victory over appetite demonstrated by CC 248:2

without rival among youth in Babylon RC 141:5

Daniel’s companions

Daniel’s companions MYP 147-50; PK 479-94, 503-13; SL 18-24, 34-41

1. Biography

2. Miscellaneous

1. Biography

born of royal line Ed 54; PK 480-1

children of princely birth FE 77; SL 18

home training received by CD 29-32; CG 166-7; Ed 55; FE 96; MYP 243; PK 428; PP 592; Te 156

to habits of strict temperance CD 154; CG 166; PK 482; Te 190

reared in simplicity of Judean home Ed 54; PK 480

taken into captivity to Babylon Ed 51; FE 77; SL 18; 2T 139

at beginning of 70 years of Babylonian captivity PK 479

by divine providence 6T 219; 8T 153

early in Jehoiakim’s reign PK 428

not long before fourth year of Jehoiakim’s reign 4BC 1158

shortly before Jeremiah foretold 70 years of Babylonian captivity 4BC 1158

when Daniel was 18 years old 4T 570

when Nebuchadnezzar first besieged Jerusalem PK 428

little dreamed of their high destiny when taken from childhood home Ed 57; PK 490

names given to, representing Chaldean deities PK 480-1

tested re food and drink 4BC 1166-7; CD 30, 154-5; CH 50, 64-6; Ed 54-5; FE 77-80, 86; MM 276; PK 481-5; SL 18-24; 4T 570; 5T 448; Te 271; TM 263

educated three years at Babylon 4BC 1167; CG 166-7; Ed 54-5; FE 77, 80, 351, 377; ML 147; MYP 241; PK 480, 484-5; SL 18-9; Te 271

for life at royal court according to Oriental custom SL 18

examined by Nebuchadnezzar CH 65; Ed 55; FE 80, 373-4; PK 485; SL 22-3; 6T 220

doomed to death by Nebuchadnezzar FE 374; PK 492-3; SD 216; SL 34-5

prayer of, for light re Nebuchadnezzar’s dream FE 374; PK 493-4; SD 216; SL 35

made counselors, judges, and rulers in Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar FE 412

cast into fiery furnace for refusing to worship golden image AA 570; 4BC 1169-70; LS 329-30; ML 68; PK 503-13; SL 34-41; 2SM 312; 1T 373; 3T 47; 4T 212; 5T 43; TM 252

Christ preserved, in fiery furnace PK 509-10

wonderful deliverance of, published to ends of earth PK 512

2. Miscellaneous

abstemious in habits ML 147

acquainted Nebuchadnezzar with true God PK 447

admitted to king’s palace while students SL 18

as examples for: modern youth 4BC 1167; CD 28-32; 4T 622

students FE 247

as examples in: healthful living 9T 157

self-denial and self-sacrifice TM 421

temperance Te 151, 155-6, 189, 265, 271

as examples of: Christian heroism ML 68

fidelity to God PK 480

as sermons on health reform 6T 372

beautiful singers ML 68

blessed by: habits of temperance Ed 55

living in conformity to God’s word CT 293

certificates of good habits of PK 485; Te 271

choice and exact language used by ML 147; PK 485; Te 271

could not be turned aside from their course of integrity MYP 27-8

did not act presumptuously re temperance PK 483

did not forget God SL 39

diligent in study 4BC 1167; MYP 147

enjoyed highest intellectual culture SL 39

erect form of ML 147; Te 271

example of, promises to persons who follow PK 513

faith of, tried to utmost PK 428

faithful in performance of every duty PK 507

firm as rock to truth FE 247

given opportunity to exalt God before nations PK 428

God blessed, because of their faithfulness PK 484

God cared for, against envy and hatred of enemies 2T 139

God helped CT 456

God used, to give light to Babylon 4BC 1169

God’s purpose for, in Babylon PK 487; 8T 153

God’s representatives in wicked and idolatrous Babylon FE 411-2; 6T 219

illustrate: benefits of abstemious diet Te 191

how moral senses can be quickened FE 339

sustaining power of firm religious principle 5T 43

true temperance CD 28-32

insignia of nobility worn by MYP 241-4; PK 485; Te 271

keen of apprehension ML 147

lessons from CG 490; MYP 147-8; PK 490

for youth MYP 27-8

lights for God in Babylon MB 41

lived in time of Jeremiah’s ministry PK 428

lived their prayers PK 486

looked to God for help 6T 154

made most of opportunities to obtain education FE 373-4

maintained their allegiance to God PK 480

men of: intellectual culture 4BC 1170

like passions with ourselves MYP 242; PK 489

not ashamed to display their true colors MYP 28

not forgotten by God while in fiery furnace GC 626

not given to love of amusements CT 283-4; FE 230

occupied high positions of honor 4BC 1170; SL 39

possessed great natural ability 4BC 1170; SL 39

preserved vigor of mental powers PK 485

purpose to be as true as, to principle LS 329

scholars in both secular and religious matters 4BC 1167

showed forth praises of God SL 40

story of: recorded for benefit of youth today MYP 243

teach children CG 43

why we have been given MYP 243

strict temperance practiced by 4BC 1167

strictly temperate habits maintained by PK 482

strong temptations met by, in court of Babylon PK 482

success of, secret of PK 486

temperance lesson from Te 101

testify to their allegiance to God PK 507

true to principle TM 471

valued God’s favor above favor and praise of princes MYP 27-8

well balanced under Spirit’s control SD 322

without: peer among chief men of earth Ed 55

peer in court of Babylon PK 485; 6T 220

without rival Te 271

in physical strength and beauty, mental vigor, literary attainments, and spiritual power and insight Ed 55; PK 485; 6T 220

withstood Nebuchadnezzar Ed 254

witnessed for Christ before Nebuchadnezzar SL 40

worked with willing heart and ready mind CT 284

Daniel and the Revelation

Daniel and the Revelation, by Uriah Smith, angels prepare way for CM 123-4

circulation of, as deterrent to Sunday-law movement CM 123

colporteurs should sell CM 88

interests aroused by, in Australia FE 212

make every effort to get, before people Ev 366

needed now as never before CM 123

written at night after day’s work 1T 520

See also Thoughts on Daniel and the Revelation

Daniel the Prophet

Daniel the Prophet, by L. Gaussen, quoted GC 365

Daniells, A. G.

Daniells, A. G. Ev 453; FE 212; 1SM 149; 2SM 235; 8T 87-9


faithfulness of W. W. Prescott and, relative to publishing house PM 177

Danish believers

Danish believers, truth to be given to countrymen by Ev 419

Danish language

Danish language, SDA publications in CW 15; 7T 160

Scriptures in GC 242

Dansville Health Home

Dansville Health Home 1T 615-7

Dansville, N.Y.

Dansville, N.Y. LS 169-70; 1T 615-7

Danvers, Mass.

Danvers, Mass. LS 226-7; 4T 277-81


Dare, be willing to do and, for Christ’s sake CM 18

Satan’s temptation of Christ was a Te 286


presumption of accepting HP 255

Satan’s, in tempting Christ to jump from the temple HP 255:3

“Dare to Be a Daniel,”

“Dare to Be a Daniel,” by P. P. Bliss, quoted 4T 586; Te 189, 265


Daring, men of, God’s people must be GC 460

Darius Hystaspes I

Darius Hystaspes I, king of Persia 4BC 1176; GC 326; PK 573, 578-9, 598, 600; TM 203

Darius the Mede

Darius the Mede Ed 56; PK 539-45

Babylonian throne occupied by PK 539; SL 42

chronological data: died within about two years of Babylon’s fall PK 556-7

first year of, Daniel’s prayer in PK 556

Cyrus a nephew and general of PK 523, 556

Daniel cast to lions by GC 512; PK 540-5; SL 43-5; 1T 295-6

Daniel elevated in government by PK 539; 1T 295; TM 443

Gabriel strengthened and confirmed PK 556

God exalted by proclamation of PK 544

government reorganized by SL 42; PK 539

king of Medo-Persia 1T 295-6

Median monarch PK 539, 556


Dark, make no move in 5T 572

push ahead in, as well as in light WM 266

wait patiently and trust in God when everything looks 3T 293

what to remember when all seems MH 487

Dark Ages

Dark Ages, beginning of, accession of Roman Church to power marked GC 55; SR 331

blood and tears and agony for church in DA 630-1

Christ foresaw His people’s sufferings in GC 39

Christians of Central Africa during GC 577-8

God’s care for His church during AA 11-2

God’s church in captivity during PK 714

history of God’s people during, suppressed GC 61-2

ignorance and superstition of, papal efforts to restore GC 235-6

intellectual stagnation during SR 334

persecution against Christ’s followers during AA 85; SR 331-2

social conditions during SR 334

spirit of persecution in, still at work AA 85

Spirit worked through Waldensian Christians during AA 53

standard-bearers few during SR 332

state of religion during GC 55-60

things common in, that are rare now Te 147

true church not extinct during AA 597-8


all is not better than it was during Con 58:2

Dark day

Dark day (May 19, 1780), described GC 306-8

foretold: by Christ GC 393

in prophecy GC 306

2500 years previously by Joel GC 308

sign of Christ’s coming GC 306-8

Darkest days

Darkest days, fear not in, when appearances seem forbidding 8T 10

have faith in God in MH 482

Darkest hour

Darkest hour, light beyond in GW 262

light from above in AA 242

reposing calmly in God in, is work of faith 4T 525

Darkest path

Darkest path, safe walk in, with Light of world to guide 1SM 29


1. Spiritual

2. Miscellaneous

1. Spiritual

age of, we live in 4T 233

centuries of, God sustained His church through AA 11

children of, children of world are called 1T 279

persons indifferent to signs of second advent are AA 260

Christ constantly counteracts PP 69

church becomes enshrouded in, when it spurns or slights message of truth GC 378-9

controls where Spirit does not rule 4T 186

corresponds to light despised TM 163

covered earth prior to first advent PK 687-8

covering earth EW 104; 5T 546-7

inquire re cause of 5T 99

covers inhabitants of earth when probation closes EW 280; GC 614

criticizers of brethren will soon walk in 8T 241

deep as midnight, great apostasy will develop into PK 717

deepest, godlike character shines brightest in AA 432

devils press, upon souls that neglect to pray EW 269-70; SC 94

disciples reasoned until they brought, on themselves DA 380

do not let, discourage you 5T 215

does not come all at once 2T 301

era of religious, antediluvian times were not PP 83

expressions of, associates influenced by 5T 288

forces of kingdom of, beset soul seeking God’s spiritual kingdom MB 141-2

God’s purpose to bring light out of 5T 216

great, of last days PK 717-20

greater, do not push brother into MB 128

gross, has covered people EW 104; 1SM 15

has covered earth 1SM 15

how church becomes enshrouded in GC 378

how to escape from 2T 121, 224

image of, talking darkness changes man into 5T 314

impenetrable, persons neglecting God’s mercies and blessings bring upon themselves 4T 191

incoming, make determined efforts to press back 5T 676-7

jesting and joking that bring soul into 2T 455

light and, no union between 2T 689

light beyond, when shadows encompass soul PP 657

light neglected becomes 2T 263

light of God’s standard-bearers must shine brightly in 5T 220

long centuries of, Paul foretold AA 266

may enter hearts of self-sacrificing souls at times 5T 134

men cannot be channels of light while content to remain in 4T 485

mind not enlightened by Spirit will ever be in 8T 258

moral, covers earth like funeral pall 5T 220

let light shine amid 9T 171

move ahead to pass out of 3T 505

neglect of watchfulness and prayer brings 2T 222

neglect to cultivate personal piety brings 2T 513-4

night of, God’s light will shine out of PK 717

obey God when your eyes cannot penetrate PP 290

people blinded by, to God’s judgments 3T 276

perfect, careless multitude is left in EW 55

person who abides in, will lose power of vision MB 92

persons walking in, cannot love God 1T 404

persons who do not resist God’s will will not be left in 2T 688

powers of: be constantly ready for conflict with EW 46

Christ wrestled alone with, in Gethsemane DA 689

Christ’s life was long struggle against DA 71

danger of being overcome by EW 105

praise God when you fall into 2T 593

preferred rather than light in this degenerate age 2T 689

prince of, Satan as DA 428

rapidly increasing, Satan’s working revealed by PK 717

resting on your path must not discourage you 5T 215

Satan constantly presses, on human race PP 69

Satan constantly throws, around subjects of grace EW 105; PP 65

seasons of, gather about every child of God 1T 309

what to do when overtaken by 1T 309

self-created, foolish man who surrounds himself with TM 284

society of persons in, peril in choosing 2T 222-3

soul overtaken by, should not cast away his confidence SL 89

souls in, give light of truth to 6T 317

souls remaining in, earnestly work to save 2T 121

terrible, many SDA in 2T 444

thick clouds of, let living faith pierce EW 72

time of, is time to have faith 1T 167

seek God more earnestly in 5T 134

total, person who will be left in 5T 278

trust God in 1T 167

as well as in sunshine 2T 274

faithfully SL 90

wandering in, as result of nourishing self 4T 224

what to do when your soul seems surrounded by MH 250

why, sometimes rests on our path 5T 215

works of, God sets counteragencies at work to make manifest PP 393

world in, vision re 9T 29

you are in, if you do not choose to give yourself fully to God MB 92

2. Miscellaneous

God makes, His pavilion to conceal His glory from human eyes DA 753

plague of, visited upon Egypt PP 272; 3SG 219-21, 244-5; SR 117

represents error, sin, and unrighteousness FE 476; GW 392

when Christ died 5BC 1108; DA 753-4; EW 177-8

deep as midnight without moon or stars DA 753

God’s presence hidden in DA 753

no eye could pierce gloom of DA 754

not caused by solar eclipse DA 753

was supernatural 1SM 303

was without natural cause 5BC 1108



give us blessings to impart to those in TDG 342:6

press back powers of HP 101:3

apparent more as the light is clearer TDG 357:3

avoid multiplying; look to Jesus instead of sad things TDG 233:3

becoming as, when shut up to your own sorrows TDG 233:4

belief of truth does not produce OHC 329:4

better than membership where standards are low 3SM 260:0

chosen ones in reserve will yet shine forth amid TDG 67:5


as Great Teacher will not leave us to walk in OHC 207:4

came to dispel RC 16:4

does not reflect; He stands in the sun of heaven 3SM 169:2

has cut through LHU 109:4

in hour of, in Gethsemane TMK 311:3

is light in, and reveals the darkness TDG 357:3

seeks to roll back, between us and God HP 307:3

will drive out, with light of heaven 1MCP 21:2


have words of hope for those in RC 254:2

professed, are shadows of OHC 296:3

walk in Christ’s sunshine not in RC 235:2

will not have, since none is in Christ HP 281:5


dying agony hidden by LHU 235:5

followers not in, but understand thoughts of heaven TDG 320:5

soul was tortured by, lest He should yield 3SM 132:2; UL 90:5

clouds of, brightened by God’s glory TMK 241:5

come out of, in faith and be led TDG 281:3

coming but remember bow of promise 3SM 407:2

conflict with, path to freedom from sin is through OHC 321:2

covers people like the pall of death HP 168:5

deception of those in partial, who have Satan’s spirit TDG 312:4

denouncing souls in, does no good VSS 241:1


before the consistent Christian life OHC 296:3; TDG 92:3

when we pray even when feeling least inclined LHU 372:4

dishonors Christ TMK 127:2


by Sun of Righteousness AG 260:3

when God’s favor breaks upon the soul 2MCP 811:1

divine power combined with human to help souls in UL 127:3

doubting the right to claim promises and dwelling on 2MCP 812:1

duty to help those in SW 32:1

dwelling on, 2MCP 798:3; 3SM 327:4

talk of better things 2MCP 490:3

earthliness, cheap talk and unbelief bring TMK 273:3

Ellen White saw world in, after vision 3SM 34

Ellen White’s efforts of no avail for people who gather UL 339:3

encouraging OHC 64:3

error chosen by those loving, and wanting excuses FW 42:2

experience of, after asking for wisdom and strength TDG 213:4

eye turned from Christ immediately sees TMK 190:2

faith experience reached only through TDG 212:2

faith must penetrate,

to where Christ is FW 73:3

when clouds hide God’s favor OHC 324:3; TMK 257:2

feelings not as desired leave some in TMK 245:5

feelings of,

escaped by making melody to God OHC 120:3

God’s absence not signaled by 3SM 324:1

no evidence that God has not heard prayer TMK 230:3

fruit of the Spirit is not RC 273:5

gathered, when left to own way rather than denying self FW 46:0

glory seen through, by faith HP 247:4

God’s glory seen beyond, by those acting from principle TMK 257:2

gratitude of Christians to be heard by those in CME 26:5

great men left in, while angels sang to the humble TDG 319:5

heart must shut out Satan’s TMK 361:4

help someone else to get out of HP 289:3

Holy Spirit is ours in times of, in answer to prayer TMK 171:4

imagination perverted by earthly pomp and gain brings 1MCP 69:4

implies the existence of light; light does not make darkness OHC 26:2

increase in, covering the earth Mar 107:6

irregularity in eating causes RC 152:5

irritated attitude of, is like swearing 2MCP 410:1

keep above; singing drives off the enemy VSS 409:4


brought to pathways in, by disciples of Jesus TDG 92:3

combined with, attempted by Solomon RY 180:1

for those in, from obedient faithful of the past TDG 124:3

from Christ through true believers to those in TDG 327:5

from God’s law will try secrets of TMK 359:4

is best for expelling; people change slowly PM 306:3

is not increased by looking at 2MCP 491:0

on path of those in, reflected by followers of Christ TDG 311:5

shining on commandment keepers is, to unsaved TMK 356:4

to shine amid moral HP 96

to shine penetrating TDG 316:5

turns to, on downward path RY 155:0

would come from, for J. N. Andrews TDG 348:3

like, without connection with Christ TDG 92:4

look beyond Satan’s; wear the yoke with Christ 3SM 326:3

looking at, will do no good TDG 122:2

minds rejecting truth are penetrated with PM 324:5

mixed with light by Solomon CC 200:4


dispelled by light TMK 347:5

faith, hope and love shine amid TDG 131:4

shining in, serving God with our ability TDG 98:2

slowness of church to impart truth to world in TDG 51:3

withstand, by righteousness of Christ TMK 346:5

words of courage fortify soul to withstand OHC 296:3

moral faculties clouded by disease cause RC 161:2

none left in, who is willing to hear and understand UL 143:3

none who search Word sincerely, walk in UL 21:5

not the will of God that we should be under TMK 140:4

obedience refused results in OHC 16:6

obstruction between the soul and God causes OHC 26:2

powers/forces of,

accepting Christ requires war with HP 259:2

against those reproving sin in last days TMK 183:2

courage fails looking on TMK 284:3

every soul must meet TMK 192:2

fear of, turned to rejoicing OHC 311:3

God is with those fighting HP 327:5

hour of UL 365:3

indifferent ones will be victims of Mar 217:7

keep rising above; singing expels Satan 3SM 332:1

meeting and rebuking UL 289:3

overcome through prayer OHC 129:3

prevented from hurting followers of Christ TMK 253:5

restrained until warning is given HP 351:5

standing individually against HP 48:3

will unite against God in His saints 3SM 416:3

See also Angels, evil

prayer and faith in time of OHC 126:2

pressing back, with Christ’s strength HP 328:5

professed Christian world is enveloped in HP 96:3


claimed to press through LHU 273:2

given in a world of OHC 10:2

recovery is slow from; slaves with debased habits SW 29:2

refusing light brings, in proportion to light given TMK 244:4

refusing to tolerate Satan’s 1MCP 21:1

removal from, for those following light given TDG 342:2

responsibility of one addressed for TDG 295


casts, to obscure God’s character FW 60:3

glorified by UL 306:3

is cutting off light when you are in 2MCP 811:1

listens to talk of, with fiendish joy 2MCP 494:2

satisfied people left in, while angels sang to humble men TDG 319:5

Scriptures to be unfolded to those in TDG 271:2

separation from believers brought UL 300:4

(side of) open soul to heaven when tempted to look on HP 120:5


and talking faith replaces, with light 2MCP 651:0

praise to God when Satan settles, about you HP 95:4

skill may help in VSS 414:1

speaking discouragement draws HP 247:3

spiritual, first advent was time of RC 16:2

star guiding wise men covered with, near Jerusalem LHU 30:6

struggle needed to break through powers of 2MCP 605:2

talk of,

injures others FW 60:4

pleases the enemy VSS 161

thinking about, when flowers are a step higher 2MCP 808:4

time of horrible, when plagues are commissioned Mar 284:5

trust Christ in, as in the light LHU 280:2

truth enlightens souls in; talent of knowing truth TDG 85:4

truth of Christ does not tend to TMK 136:2

turn from, and dwell on God’s abundant mercy HP 119:4

voice of God heard at end of time and, cleared Mar 279:6

walking in,

after falling into sin, ceasing to look to Jesus TDG 89:2

by burying faith in the shadow of Satan TDG 177:6

cause of UL 300:5

walking with Christ is not HP 262:4

with God, as well as in the light HP 89:4

warfare against,

successful by those with living faith TMK 316:2

we fight evil angels in 3SM 411:2

wayward inclinations bring LYL 43:2

work of spreading, we cannot afford FW 60:5

works of, people of God to have no fellowship with TDG 248:6

years passed in, by some who do not feel as they desire OHC 119:2

youth who walk in FLB 323:2

See also Clouds; Depression; Evil; Sadness

Dark side

Dark side, of life, dwelling too much on ML 327

who educate themselves to look on DA 808

Darling indulgence

Darling indulgence, hindering spiritual progress, cut off MYP 56

Darling sin

Darling sin, ask Christ for help to put away MYP 112

Dart, Darts

Dart, Darts, from Satan’s quivers 1T 308

Dartmouth, Mass.

Dartmouth, Mass. LS 121, 150; 2SG 108, 184; 4T 300

Dartt, Amy E.

Dartt, Amy E. LS 235; 4T 297

Date line

confusion over, snare of Satan 3SM 317:3

theory of, snare of Satan; Sunday keeping is wrong 3SM 318:4

Dates (in Christian Era)

1. Century I

2. Century II

3. Century IV

4. Century VI

5. Century VIII

6. Century IX

7. Century XI

8. Century XII

9. Century XIlI

10. Century XIV

11. Century XV

12. Century XVI

13. Century XVII

14. Century XVIII

15. Century XIX

1. Century I

27 A.D., Christ was baptized in autumn of DA 233; GC 327-8, 410; PK 699

31 A.D., Christ was crucified in spring of DA 233; GC 327-8, 410; PK 699

34 A.D., Stephen was stoned in DA 233; GC 327-8, 410; PK 699

70 A.D., Romans destroyed Jerusalem in GC 412

false christs in GC 186

2. Century II

apostasy of churches in GC 384-5

3. Century IV

Constantine’s conversion in GC 50; SR 327

Constantine’s Sunday law issued in GC 53

4. Century VI

538 A.D., 1260 years of papal supremacy began in GC 54, 266-7, 356, 439, 579; SR 330-1

papacy’s efforts to convert heathen Saxons in GC 62-3

papacy was firmly established in GC 54; SR 330-1

5. Century VIII

forged writings used to support papal claims near close of GC 56

6. Century IX

gospel entered Bohemia in GC 97

7. Century XI

perfection of Roman Church was proclaimed in GC 57

8. Century XII

Roman Catholicism established in Scotland in GC 249

Waldensian missionaries in Holland during GC 238

zealous advocate of Sunday in England near close of GC 576

9. Century XIII

1204 A.D., Pope Innocent III exacted oath from Peter II of Arragon in GC 580-1

papal Inquisition was established in GC 59

10. Century XIV

Wycliffe (John) as Reformer in GC 80; SR 336

11. Century XV

United Brethren churches increased by close of GC 119

12. Century XVI

1512 A.D., Lefevre wrote on justification by faith in GC 212

1516 A.D., Erasmus published his Greek and Latin version of NT in GC 245

Zwingli preached in convent at Einsiedeln in GC 174

1517 A.D., Luther’s (Martin) 95 theses appeared in GC 245

1519 A.D., Switzerland swept by plague in GC 179

1525 A.D., pope’s statement to regent of France in GC 277

1526 A.D., decree of Diet of Spires in GC 197, 201

1529 A.D., Berquin (Louis de) martyred in GC 218

Protest of German princes at Diet of Spires in GC 197-210

1530 A.D., Diet of Augsburg convened in GC 206

Jan. 21, 1535 A.D., awful ceremonial in France on GC 228, 230

declaration of papal council in, re seventh-day Sabbath GC 577

false prophets in GC 186

first Protestant martyrs burned in France in GC 282

Protestant Reformation of GC 357

United Brethren had 200 churches in Bohemia and Moravia at commencement of GC 119

13. Century XVII

dissenters persecuted in England during GC 252

Puritans persecuted in GC 290

14. Century XVIII

1742-1792 A.D., foreign missions given little attention during GC 287

May 19, 1780 A.D., sun and moon darkened GC 306-8

Jan. 21, 1793 A.D., Louis XVI executed on GC 230

1793 A.D.: French Revolution began in GC 269

France set Scriptures aside in GC 286-7

Reign of Terror in GC 218, 269-87

1798 A.D.: book of Daniel has been unsealed since GC 356

French army took pope prisoner in GC 439

papacy received deadly wound in GC 439, 579

1260 years of papal supremacy ended in GC 54, 266-7, 306, 356, 439, 579; SR 330-1

USA was rising into power in GC 440-1

witnessing of two witnesses in sackcloth ended in GC 268

Church in Desert during GC 271

interest in foreign missions near close of GC 288

rationalism in Europe during GC 364

15. Century XIX

1804 A.D., British and Foreign Bible Society organized in GC 287

1816 A.D., American Bible Society founded in GC 287

Miller (Wm.) began to study Bible in GC 329

1818 A.D., conclusions reached by Miller (Wm.) in GC 329, 357

1821 A.D., conclusions reached by Wolff (Joseph) in GC 357-8

1821-1845 A.D., Wolff’s (Joseph) travels during GC 360

1825 A.D., Lacunza’s (Manuel) book issued in English in GC 363

1826 A.D., advent message preached in England in GC 362

1831 A.D., Miller’s (Wm.) first public discourse on second advent in GC 331, 333

Nov. 13, 1833 A.D., fall of stars on GC 333-4

1833 A.D., Miller (Wm.) given license to preach in GC 332

August of 1837, Wolff (Joseph) in New York during GC 360

1838 A.D., Litch’s (Josiah) prediction in GC 334-5

Aug. 11, 1840 A.D., happenings in Ottoman Empire on GC 334-5

1840 A.D., Arabs of Yemen expected great events in GC 362

1840-44 A.D., advent movement of GC 611

first angel’s message given in SR 356

1842 A.D.: Fitch (Charles) made prophetic charts in SR 366

labors of Fitch (Charles) during GC 392

Winter (Robert) preached advent doctrine in England in GC 362

1843 A.D.: chart used by Millerite Adventists during EW 74-5; SR 366

first angel’s message was proclaimed in EW 232-7; SR 368-9

1843-44 A.D.: Millerite Adventists expected second advent in EW 235-6, 247; LS 21, 47, 54-8; SR 357-63, 366; 1T 38, 48-53

Millerite Adventists met disappointment in EW 70, 235, 247; LS 58; SR 363, 366; 1T 53

proclamation of time in, God was in EW 232

1844 A.D., Millerite Adventists expected second advent in spring of GC 328-9, 368-9

second angel’s message first preached in summer of GC 389, 603; LS 59; SR 365; 1T 53

about 50,000 persons withdrew from popular churches in summer of GC 376

fanaticism in summer of GC 398; GW 316; SR 368; 8T 292

midnight cry given in summer and autumn of EW 277; GC 393-5, 398, 400-3, 426-7; SR 368-71; 1T 53-4

midnight cry ended in seventh month of EW 42-3

Millerite Adventists expected second advent in autumn of GC 398-401

Oct. 22, 1844 A.D., regarded by Millerite Adventists as time for second advent GC 400

confusion among Millerite Adventists after autumn of EW 75, 257; GC 409, 429-31; LS 77-9; 1SM 63-4

advent movement of autumn of, was of God GC 401-2

EGW given first vision in December of EW 13; LS 104

EGW given first vision late in LS 64; 1T 58

backsliding in popular churches during GC 380

Christ came suddenly to His temple in EW 42, 251-3; GC 424-5

key which unlocked mystery of Millerite disappointment in GC 423; LS 278

Millerite Adventists disappointed in CW 30; EW 243-5, 247, 255-7; GC 329, 352-4, 391-2, 403-10, 456-8; GW 265; LS 61, 68, 77-9, 278; 1SM 63-4; 2SM 108; SR 371-6; 1T 57-8; 8T 115

Millerite Adventists expected second advent in EW 243-7, 255, 257; GC 324-8, 391, 400, 409; LS 59, 63, 77-9; 2SM 108; SR 369, 371-6; 1T 53-8

people were mightily stirred in 5T 252

prophetic time closed in 7BC 971; EW 75, 243; GC 456; 2SM 108

Satan and his angels busy in EW 256

second angel’s message not completely fulfilled in GC 389-90, 603-4

700 Anglican clergymen expected second advent in GC 362

Tartar priest expected second advent in GC 362

time has never been test after 7BC 971; EW 75, 243; GC 456; 2SM 108

2300 days (or years) of Dan. 8:14 ended in See Twenty-three hundred days (years)

union existing among Millerite Adventists in EW 74-5, 257; SR 368

1846 A.D., Beecher’s (Charles) sermon in GC 444

rationalism in Europe during GC 364

Date palm, Date palms

Date palm, Date palms, forest of, in Jordan Valley PK 229

fruit of, harvested before Feast of Tabernacles DA 447

Dathan and Abiram

Dathan and Abiram, Reubenites, rebellion of PP 395-6, 399, 635; 3SG 80; 4aSG 28-34; 2SM 393; 3T 343-4, 347, 350, 353


See Attachments; Courtship; Marriage

Daughter, Daughters

family burdens to be shared by OHC 263:4

mothers are example for, to build good character and health 1MCP 169:4

See Girl


Daughter-in-law, mother who suffered trials because of 2T 281


David PP 637-74, 690-755; 4aSG 77-96

1. Childhood and youth of

2. In service of King Saul

3. Fugitive from King Saul

4. Reign of

5. Miscellaneous


1. Childhood and youth of

Bethlehem city of DA 44; PK 697

Son of David must be born in PK 697

born in Bethlehem 2BC 1018; PP 637

more than 1,000 years before Christ 2BC 1018; PP 637

called stripling because of his youth PP 647

communion of, with nature and God DA 360; PP 641-2, 746

compare early history of, with Solomon’s Ed 152-3

countenance of: beautiful and expressive of humility 4aSG 78

expressive of honesty and true courage 4aSG 78

ruddy with health PP 641, 647

was fair PP 648

distinguished by deeds of valor before he was called to king’s palace PP 644

handsome, manly, and modest PP 641

Jesse’s youngest son PP 637; 4aSG 78; 6T 197

religious experience of PP 641-2; 4aSG 85-6

Samuel secretly anointed, king of Israel 2BC 1018; CT 43-4; Ed 266; PP 637-42; 4aSG 77-8; 6T 197

seven brothers of PP 638

Eliab was eldest of PP 638, 645; 4aSG 80-1

shepherd boy 2BC 1018; MH 148; PP 637, 641-2, 746; 4aSG 78

armed with sling and staff PP 644

brave and faithful PP 641, 644

Christ spoke with DA 291

led flock in fields near Bethlehem DA 47

lessons learned by PP 746

lion and bear encountered by DA 479; PP 644, 646

on hills around Bethlehem DA 479; PP 637, 644

songs composed by 2BC 1018; PP 637

strong and courageous in protecting sheep PP 644

shining example of Christian youth 1SM 319

trained for God’s service 2BC 1018; PP 643-4

training of, in hill dwelling at Bethlehem FE 96; PP 592

voice of, clear and musical PP 642, 648

was of tribe of Judah PP 236

well-knit in form PP 647

2. In service of King Saul PP 649-54; 4aSG 77-84

angel directed, to save Israel from Philistines PP 645

blameless character of, aroused Saul’s wrath PP 651

connected with King Saul by God’s providence PP 643-4, 649; 4aSG 79

Goliath slain by PP 644-8, 656-7, 691; 4aSG 79-82; 3T 217-20

grew in favor with God and man PP 643-4

harp played by, for King Saul PP 650-2; 4aSG 78-9

intimately associated with King Saul Ed 152; 4aSG 79

Israel was not slow to see competent person in PP 651

Israelite women extolled, above King Saul PP 650; 4aSG 82

Jonathan and, covenant between PP 649

Jonathan’s friendship with, was of God’s providence PP 649; 4aSG 79

King Saul kept strict watch on PP 651-2

King Saul tried to kill, with spear PP 651; 4aSG 83

with javelin PP 653

King Saul’s armies led to victory by, against Philistines PP 652

King Saul’s increasing hatred toward PP 651; 4aSG 83

King Saul’s jealousy toward PP 650; 4aSG 82-3

King Saul’s oldest daughter promised to PP 652

King Saul’s youngest daughter Michal given as wife to PP 652

lessons learned by, in King Saul’s court Ed 152

musician in King Saul’s palace PP 643-4; 4aSG 78-9

officer in King Saul’s army PP 649; 4aSG 82

3. Fugitive from King Saul 2BC 1018-20; Ed 152, 254; PP 649-59, 676; 4aSG 83; 4T 525

angels guarded, at Ramah PP 653

King Saul’s failure to capture, at Ramah PP 653

fled from King Saul’s palace to Samuel at Ramah PP 653-4

escaped from Ramah PP 654

Jonathan and, met secretly at Gibeah PP 654-5

fled from Gibeah to Nob PP 655-6

fled from Nob to king of Gath PP 656

lack of faith in God manifested by, at Nob PP 656

shewbread eaten by DA 285; PP 656

Goliath’s sword returned to, by Ahimelech PP 656

dissimulation of, priests at Nob slain as result of 2BC 1020; PP 659

madness feigned by, at Gath PP 656-7

hid in cave of Adullam PP 657-8, 736

family of, fled to him in cave of Adullam PP 657-8

parents of, found refuge with king of Moab PP 658

fled from cave of Adullam to forest of Hareth PP 658

visit with Ahimelech by, reported to King Saul by Doeg the Edomite PP 659

Abiathar escaped from Nob and joined PP 660

Keilah delivered from Philistines by 2BC 1020; PP 660

fled from Keilah to wilderness of Ziph PP 660-1

Jonathan visited, in wilderness of Ziph PP 660

Jonathan and, covenant made between PP 660, 713

Psalm 11 sung by, after Jonathan’s visit PP 660-1

Ziphites betrayed, to King Saul 2BC 1021; PP 661

fled from wilderness of Ziph to wilderness of Engedi PP 661

in mountains between Maon and Dead Sea 2BC 1021; PP 661

skirt of King Saul’s robe cut off by, in cavern at Engedi MH 484-5; PP 661-2, 736

King Saul and, covenant made at Engedi between PP 662

remained in stronghold of mountains PP 662

Samuel’s burial not attended by PP 663-4

fled to wilderness of Paran after Samuel’s death PP 664

Psalms 120 and 121 composed by, in wilderness of Paran PP 664

Nabal refused to supply food to PP 664-5

planned to slay Nabal 2BC 1022; 5BC 1094; PP 665

Abigail apologized to, for Nabal’s unkindness PP 666-7

Abigail taken as wife by, after Nabal’s death PP 668

peace enjoyed by, during few months after Samuel’s death PP 668

returned to wilderness of Ziph PP 668

King Saul’s life spared by, in wilderness of Ziph PP 668-72

Abner taunted by, in wilderness of Ziph PP 671, 698-9

fled from wilderness of Ziph to Gath 2BC 1022; PP 672-3; 4aSG 83

Ziklag given to, by King Achish PP 673-4, 690-5

family of, taken to Philistia PP 673

war waged by, against Geshurites, Gezrites, and Amalekites PP 673

high position given to, at court of King Achish PP 674

angels worked to deliver, from peril PP 690

dismissed from Philistine army PP 690-1

wives and children of, captured by Amalekites PP 692

returned to Ziklag to find city sacked and burned PP 692

threatened with stoning at Ziklag PP 692

looked to God for help in hour of extremity PP 692

wives and children rescued from Amalekites by PP 693-4

remembered kindness and sympathy of people who befriended him PP 694

King Saul’s defeat and death reported to, at Ziklag PP 695

King Saul’s crown and golden bracelets given to PP 695

Amalekite messenger reporting King Saul’s death was put to death by PP 695

grief of, over King Saul’s death PP 695-6

song of 2 Sam. 1:19-27, RV, composed by PP 696

exile of, ended when King Saul died PP 697

4. Reign of PP 697-755; 4aSG 85-96

coronation of, at Hebron as king of Judah PP 697-8

men of Jabesh-gilead commended by, for giving King Saul and sons honorable burial PP 697

Ishbosheth made rival king against, by Abner PP 698-9

two years of war between Ishbosheth and PP 699

Abner deserted from Ishbosheth to PP 699-700

Abner’s death lamented by PP 699-700

Ishbosheth’s head brought to PP 701

Ishbosheth’s death avenged by PP 701

coronation of: at Hebron as king of all Israel PP 701-2

nearly half a million persons attended PP 701

occurred 800 years after Melchizedek PP 703

Jebusite stronghold on Mts. Zion and Moriah taken by PP 703

Jerusalem made capital of nation by PP 703

King Hiram of Tyre allied with PP 703

palace built by, at Jerusalem PP 703, 711

victory of, over Philistines PP 703-4

ark of covenant removed from Kirjath-jearim to Jerusalem by MH 436; PP 704-11; 4aSG 111-3; SR 191-3

with singing of Psalm 24 PP 707-8

Michal censured by, for contempt shown him PP 708-11; 4aSG 112-3

not permitted to build temple MH 473; PK 35; PP 711-2, 750; 4aSG 93-4; 5T 723

seed of, divine promises given re PP 712

Mephibosheth shown kindness by PP 713

Philistines and Moabites made tributary to PP 713

coalition of surrounding nations against PP 713-4

Ammonites and Syrians made tributary to PP 714-5

Psalm 18 sung by PP 715-6

self-confidence and self-exaltation of PP 717

sense of exceeding sinfulness of sin was lessened in PP 717

adultery and murder committed by PP 457, 718-20; 4aSG 86; 1T 255; 4T 412; 5T 639

Bathsheba taken as wife by PP 720

Nathan reproved 2BC 1023; DA 566; PK 141; PP 720-2, 727; 4aSG 86-7, 89; 1SM 212; 2T 688; 4T 15; 5T 683

repentance and forgiveness of 2BC 1023; 3BC 1146; Ed 48-9; MB 114; PP 720-6, 737-8, 754; SC 24-5; 4aSG 86-8; 2T 688; 5T 177, 639

recorded in Psalms 32 and 51 PP 724-5

several years before Absalom’s rebellion PP 737

fasting and humiliation of, during illness of first child by Bathsheba PP 722

judgments of God upon, because of his sin PP 722; 4aSG 87

death of Bathsheba’s first child by PP 722

lived in apparent security a whole year after his fall PP 723

fourfold judgment meted out to PP 727, 750

four sons of, doomed to die PP 727

Amnon’s crime not rebuked or avenged by, for two years PP 727-8

twofold judgment had been meted out to PP 727

Amnon’s death lamented by PP 727

Universalist teaching re GC 537-8

Absalom fled from, after slaying Amnon PP 727

Absalom estranged from, two years PP 728

Absalom and, Joab’s effort to reconcile PP 728-9

Absalom’s rebellion against Ed 164; MB 11; PP 729-31; 4aSG 89

bodyguard of, personnel of PP 731

Ahithophel deserted PP 735

fled from Jerusalem Ed 164; MB 11; PP 731-6; 4aSG 90

Shimei cursed 2BC 1024; PP 736; 4aSG 90-1

craving of, for water from well of Bethlehem PP 736; 4aSG 91

water brought from Bethlehem’s well to PP 736-7; 4aSG 91; 5T 43

Hushai sent secret message to PP 741

with army at Mahanaim PP 742

Absalom’s death reported to PP 744

Absalom’s death lamented by PP 744-5

Joab rebuked, for bewailing Absalom’s death PP 745

returned to Jerusalem after Absalom’s death PP 746

Shimei’s confession to 2BC 1024; 4aSG 91

Shimei forgiven and spared by 2BC 1024; 4aSG 91

last years of PP 746-55; 4aSG 93-6

lesson for aged persons from 4aSG 96

census of Israel taken by 3BC 1127; GC 614; PP 747-8; 4aSG 92-3; 5T 57; TM 354-5

threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite was bought by PP 748-9; 4aSG 93; 2T 127

Adonijah’s rebellion against PP 749-50

seventy years old when Adonijah rebelled PP 749-50

old age of, infirmities of PP 749

Solomon appointed king by PP 749

in his closing years PK 25

abdicated in favor of Solomon 3BC 1128; PK 25; PP 749

fourfold judgment of God upon, completed PP 727, 750

material collected by, for building temple GC 23; PP 737, 750-2; 5T 723

appealed for offerings for building temple 2BC 1027; PP 752-3; 2SM 174; 4T 78

plans for building temple were divinely given in detail to 2BC 1030; 3BC 1128-9; PP 751; 4aSG 94, 155

last address of, to Israel AA 94; PP 750-2

Solomon given minute directions by, re building temple PP 751

last charge given to Solomon by AA 95; 3BC 1129; MH 174; PK 26-7; PP 753; 4aSG 94-6; TM 173

re Shimei 4aSG 96

last words of, as recorded in song (2 Sam. 23:1-5, RV) PP 754

died a natural death SR 244

5. Miscellaneous

ambition kindled in, for worldly greatness PP 746-7

angels protected PP 653, 657, 690; 4aSG 83

appointed by God to destroy heathen nations PP 673

appointed his uncle Jonathan as his counselor 3BC 1128

army organized into 12 courses by 3BC 1128

as man after God’s heart Ed 48; PP 636; 4aSG 97

authority of, in home was weakened by his sin PP 723

befriended by Nahash, king of Ammonites PP 714

brave general PP 672

brothers of, jealous toward him PP 645-6, 658; 4aSG 80-1

character of, school of prophets influenced Ed 48

worldly success and honor weakened PP 746

chastened by God at Ziklag for lack of faith PP 692

chosen messenger of God 4T 525

Christ spoke through DA 434

Christ was born of lineage of DA 44

Christ was born of seed of 1SM 247

Christ was of seed of, according to human descent 5BC 1130

Christ was Son of DA 44, 608-9; PK 697

Christ’s first advent seen by, in prophetic vision PK 688

communed with heaven through song Ed 164

concern of, re his old age 3BC 1148; 1T 422-4

condemnation of God’s broken law felt by PP 750

consecrated to kingly office as God’s vicegerent PP 702

courageous and decided before he sinned PP 729

covenant renewed with God by PP 712

deceptions practiced by 2BC 1022; PP 656, 673-4

development of genius of, for music and poetry PP 746

did not exult in King Saul’s fall PP 695-6

did not possess revengeful spirit 2BC 1024

did not seek to excuse or palliate his sinful course 2BC 1023; PP 724-6

did not sit on traitor’s throne PP 698

did not walk in God’s counsel when he practiced deception PP 673

disciplined by trials Ed 151-3; PP 643-4, 658, 692; 4aSG 79

dishonor was more bitter to, than death PP 718-9

effects of great sin of, upon himself PP 723, 728-9, 746, 749-50

upon his family PP 723, 732

upon Israel Ed 48-9; PP 720, 723

upon sinners PP 722-4, 737

endowed richly with Spirit PP 746

error of, God punished the sins of Israel through PP 748

example set by, for old people 4aSG 96

exemplary conduct of, when hated by King Saul MH 484

experience(s) of: in adversity 3BC 1146

in distrusting God at Nob PP 656

recorded for our learning 2BC 1022

shows that it is unsafe to sin in word or thought or deed 4T 370

study Ed 151-2

under cruelest wrong and insult PP 738

failure of, to punish Amnon’s crime PP 727-8

faith of: faltered PP 690

staggered somewhat at God’s promises PP 674

was strong PP 754

wearied by long trials PP 672

fall of, indulgence of appetite and passion caused 1SM 269; Te 14

feelings of, when he saw God’s law made void 3BC 1152-3

filial love of, lessons from 2BC 1018-9

flattery’s effects upon PP 717

friendship of, with people of Tyre and Sidon 2BC 1026

fruits of transgression reaped by PP 750

generosity of, toward King Saul PP 695, 700

generous and wise monarch 4aSG 85

glorious promises made by God to PK 46; PP 712, 754

God blessed, with much riches and honor CS 139

God did not forsake, because of his sin PP 738

God did not send, to Philistines for protection PP 672

God trained: in school of hardship and sorrow Ed 152

to become just and merciful king PP 658

to become wise general PP 658

God’s dealings with, show that He cannot tolerate or excuse sin PP 738

God’s mercy toward, after he sinned PP 720

great sin of: caused God’s enemies to blaspheme 4aSG 87

committed when he was in ease and self-security PP 718

God was greatly dishonored by PP 720-1

God’s abhorrence of PP 750

is not excuse for reproaching Bible PP 738

many wrongdoers excuse their sin by pointing to PP 737

no effort made to palliate PP 725

not example for others to follow PP 724

self-confidence and self-exaltation prepared way for PP 717

sorely punished Ed 48-9

words that should silence skeptics re 2BC 1026; 4aSG 100

greatest wars and victories of PP 713

Hannah’s prophecy re PP 572

history of, lessons from PP 746-55

no countenance to sin by PP 723

house of, divine edict re throne of PK 451

Jeremiah predicted downfall of PK 408

humble shepherd when called to rule Israel 4aSG 85

humility and modesty of PP 641, 649, 667

influence of, weakened by his sinful conduct PP 723

intercourse with surrounding nations influenced, for evil PP 717, 746

Jews regarded, as patriarch of their nation AA 41; SR 244

Jonathan and, friendship between LS 123; 4aSG 79

justice loved by 4aSG 85

kindness of PP 713

King Saul contrasted with, under rebuke 2BC 1023

kingly power of, was to be exercised only in harmony with God’s law PP 719

large experience of, enabled him to counsel Solomon 5T 723

learned value of nobler virtues PK 26

lessons learned from Samuel by PP 653

lessons of trust taught to, by God PP 644

Levites organized by 3BC 1128

life of, study MH 366

lifted up by God, after he had fallen PP 725

lineage of: Mary was mother of Christ by DA 44

Jewish nation preserved as witness that Christ was born of DA 44

Messiah was to be of AA 247

listlessness and irresolution of, results of PP 729-30

love for God by, was ardent PP 754

loved much because he was forgiven much PP 754

magnanimity of, toward King Saul PP 671-2, 736

man of: firmness and humility 4aSG 85

keenest temperament 3BC 1146

managed things with wisdom and skill PP 651

memory of King Saul and Jonathan tenderly regarded by PP 697

mistakes of, in prosperity 4aSG 92

most humiliating defeat of PP 716

mused while fire burned, then spoke of God’s love MB 43

music of Ed 164-5; PP 637, 641-4, 650, 660, 664, 746, 754; 4aSG 78-9, 83

musicians organized into 24 courses by 3BC 1128

not faultless in character PP 636

oath God made to 1T 203

opportunity given to, for voice training 2BC 1018

to cultivate talent for music and poetry 2BC 1018

overcome repeatedly by tempter PP 746; 4T 12

pardon sought from God by, and not from human priest 5T 639

parental indulgence of, in training Adonijah PP 749

people greatly loved and honored 4aSG 86

peril of, greatest in time of greatest outward triumph PP 716

Philistine kindness repaid with deception by 2BC 1022

polygamy practiced by PP 668; 4aSG 86-7

evil results of PP 668; 4aSG 86-7

porters’ work organized by 3BC 1128

prayed continually when King Saul was jealous of him PP 651

prayer of: after his fall illustrates nature of true sorrow for sin SC 24-5

for pardon and purity of heart PP 725

in Ps. 51:10 should be petition of every soul PP 460

that God not forsake him in old age 3BC 1148; 1T 422-4

that he might walk perfectly before God PP 651

that sinner should make his own COL 206; PK 320

preparation of affairs by, for his death 2BC 1024-5

priests organized into 24 courses by 3BC 1128

promises made to, find complete fulfillment in Christ PP 754-5

prophet SR 244-5

prosperity of, influenced him away from God 4aSG 86

prosperous reign of, schools of prophets exerted influence in Ed 47-8

psalms written by See Psalms

punishment of, lesson from 3BC 1166

realm of, became very great PP 716

extent of PP 716

reconversion of 3BC 1146

record of, as ruler seldom equaled by other monarchs PP 719

refusal of, to harm King Saul 2BC 1021; 4aSG 83, 91

reign of: Israel became strong among nations during PK 25

Israel reached height of her greatness during Ed 48

Israel’s prosperity during 4BC 1155; PP 747; 4aSG 91-2

nations surrounding Israel were favorably impressed by PK 47

regard for God’s law gave Israel strength during PK 465-6

religious character of, sincere and fervent 4aSG 85

remains in grave until resurrection GC 546

remarkable deliverances of, Psalm 18 commemorates PP 715-6

remarkable for his fidelity and reverence 4aSG 85

representative man 3BC 1142-3

reproof and retribution borne by, with patience and fortitude PP 737

royal psalmist 4T 534, 596

self-condemned by his own sin PP 727

sensitiveness of, to wrong 3BC 1146

shielded by God in war PP 649, 652

sins of, committed by his sons 4aSG 89

God did not sanction 4aSG 100

warning against neglect of watchfulness and prayer PP 724

why God has recorded, in Scriptures PP 722-3

skillful musician PP 642-3, 650, 652-3; 4aSG 78, 93

Solomon instructed by, in statecraft 3BC 1128

Son of, title of Christ as Messiah was DA 608-9

sons of, left to selfish indulgence PP 727

specifications for building temple written by, in book 4aSG 94

Spirit was upon PP 642

stature of, not lofty 4aSG 78

strict in observance of Jewish ceremonies 4aSG 85

submission of, to dispensation of Providence GC 539

to divine reproof and correction PP 712, 726, 738

subtle allurements of power and luxury affected PP 717

susceptible to Spirit’s influence 2BC 1018

sustaining power of firm religious principle illustrated by 5T 43

sweet singer of Israel AA 227; MB 44; PP 642

things learned by, while fugitive from King Saul Ed 152

thought God must interfere: to restrain unrighteousness 5T 139

to vindicate His honor 5T 139

thought men had exceeded boundaries of God’s long-suffering 5T 139

throne of: Christ as King on DA 47

Christ as promised Heir to DA 569

Christ did not come to reign as earthly king on DA 820

Christ was not appointed to reign as earthly monarch on AA 30

Christ was to appear before king should cease to reign on DA 103

Christ was to win, by baptism of suffering DA 56

Mary expected Christ to reign on DA 56

unbelief of, dishonored God PP 672-3

unhappiness and unhappy traits of old people impressed 1T 422

valiant and prudent man 4aSG 78

walked in counsel of his own heart at times 2BC 1026

weak and irresolute, after his sin PP 729

went to grave at death GC 546

when: was greatest in God’s sight PP 738

was man after God’s own heart 4aSG 86-7

was not man after God’s own heart 4aSG 87

when church will be as 5T 81

why God called, man after His own heart PP 723

why God spared, after he sinned PP 726

willingness of, to accept correction and reproof from God 2BC 1024, 1026; 5T 683

wisdom and piety of, made him beloved of God and angels PP 642

wisdom learned by, under chastisement of God 4T 14-5

wise and discreet in his counsels PP 651

wise and successful warrior PP 672


deceit in heart of, disgusted TMK 242:3

God will hear and answer us as He did TMK 196:5

God’s ways in, Abigail acquainted with CC 169:2

heart of, bruised, healed by Abigail’s attitude RC 333:2

humility of,

after insurrection of Absalom CC 181:6

after sin; humble flight from throne TSB 174:3

indignation of, from Nabal’s reply CC 168:3; RC 332

intercession for souls led by 3SM 339:1

kingdom of, not regained by strategy or expediency TSB 175:5

love of, for God in Psalm 116:1, 2 AG 325:4

mind (feelings) of, changed depending on views of God TDG 43:4

Nabal’s possessions protected by CC 168:3

purpose of, changed by Abigail’s attitude RC 333:2

rejoiced for advice that saved remorse and disgrace RC 333:6

repining of, without excuse CC 181:6

sword not to leave; judgment fulfilled TSB 175:4