EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Crane, Cranes - Criticism

Crane, Cranes

Crane, Cranes, migration of 4BC 1155; CT 189

Crane’s Grove

Crane’s Grove, Ill. 2SG 273, 295

Cranmer, Thomas

Cranmer, Thomas AA 598; GC 248; SR 351

Cranson, Samuel T.

Cranson, Samuel T. 2T 117; WM 323

Craving, Cravings

Craving, Cravings, heart’s, gifts of Christ that satisfy MB 133-4

insatiable, drinkers of intoxicating liquor transmit to children PP 561

tobacco users transmit to children PP 561

multitudes have, for something they do not have ML 157

unnatural, inherited by some people at birth MH 173

parents transmit to children MH 328

rich and stimulating diet causes Ed 203

See also Appetite; Desire; Lust; Passion


Cream, baked or boiled potatoes served with CD 323, 354

bean broth made with 2T 603

God will reveal when it is no longer safe to use CD 206, 353, 367

little, may be used in making rolls CD 108, 320

dried corn cooked with CD 491

vegetables may be made palatable with CD 205, 358; 9T 162

little or equivalent, vegetables should be made palatable with CD 205; MM 288

poor people should not be forbidden to use CD 206, 353, 358; MM 288; 9T 163

preparation of food with, recommended CH 115

sanitarium patients may use CD 290; MM 285

soon there will be no safety in using 7T 135

sterilized, seasoning of thistle greens with CD 324

preferable to butter MM 269

time may come when, may have to be discarded CD 206, 358; MM 289; 9T 162

use of 9T 162

EGW served, instead of butter CD 492

EGW used, instead of lard 4aSG 154

with sweet cake, objectionable as dessert CD 335

Cream cake

Cream cake, person eating largely of, cannot have good digestive powers CD 334

Created being, Created beings

Created being, Created beings, all, receive life from Christ ML 295; SD 237

full understanding of God and His works attained by, results of 5T 703

live by God’s will and power 5BC 1113; DA 785; ML 295; SD 237; 1SM 301

Lucifer was highest of, before his fall DA 758

one great principle of life for 6T 236

Created thing, Created things

Created thing, Created things, declare glory of God’s excellence DA 20

each, has its charms 3T 377

in original perfection, were expression of God’s thought COL 18; Ed 16-7

study of, gives clearer conception of Creator PK 33

testify to God’s power, wisdom, and love 8T 265

through, thrills one pulse of life from God’s heart MB 96

upon all, impress of Deity is seen Ed 99

See also Nature

Created work, Created works

Created work, Created works, Adam and Eve communed with God in His COL 18; CT 186

Adam and Eve studied God’s COL 18; Ed 21-2; PP 50-1

become acquainted with God through His COL 24

contact with God through His, soul is invigorated by DA 70

God cares for and sustains His SC 86

God has revealed Himself to man in PP 596

God would have men appreciate His blessings in FE 424

God’s: as incomprehensible as His existence 3SG 93

cannot be accounted for on scientific principles alone PP 113

lessons of obedience and trust taught by SC 85

listening to, need of SC 85

why men are unable to explain 7BC 906

God’s attributes seen in His CT 38; SD 135; 4T 427; TM 196

God’s character may be discerned in His CG 54

God’s handwriting may be traced in Ed 17

God’s law is bound up with His CT 453

God’s wisdom and love seen in His CT 188

great library of God’s, Christ sought wisdom in DA 70

order and harmony of God’s, speak of His wisdom and glory PP 51

redeemed will study God’s, in life to come GC 677; PP 602

reveal God’s skill, power, and grandeur 3BC 1143

student should be led to see God in PP 599-600

testify of God 6BC 1068

testify to God’s love and power CT 185

See also Nature


Creation, all, groans under curse CH 579

all men are of one family by PK 369

all objects of God’s, condition is same for Ed 99

all things are God’s by COL 362; CS 157

Christianity and, have one God COL 25; CT 395; FE 375

God is revealed in His works of GC 583

God’s work in, new truths unfold to mind delighted in 5T 702

God’s works of, studied by redeemed throughout eternity 5T 702

love is basis of CT 32; Ed 16

God’s love represented by beautiful things of SD 75

great facts of, Christian world practically rejects GC 583; PK 625

hundreds of questions relating to, how great men attempt to solve FE 409

man’s heart belongs to God by AA 566

men belong to God by CS 72; MM 275; SD 51; 5T 116; Te 213; TM 423

new, angels rejoiced over PP 65

objects of, God’s power is still exercised in upholding Ed 131

work silently but ceaselessly ML 130

of earth See Earth

of man See Man

power of, God alone has PP 264; 5T 697

Satan does not have PP 264; 5T 697

student of science may read record of, in world to come Ed 303

things of, used by Christ in teaching COL 22

under God’s control PP 509

works of: Christ’s love expressed by His DA 516

God is revealed in GC 583

God’s love revealed in DA 20; 5T 739


acceptance in Christ, as God pronounced world good at TMK 54:3

belongs to God; by neglecting humans He could stop life FW 22:3

Bible provides history of 2MCP 742:2


chose surroundings of His UL 98:3

was with God in TMK 18:4

Christ’s work in HP 40:5

declared to all by fourth commandment UL 39:2

divine wisdom seen in variety of processes in TDG 67:2


character of, to be shown by AG 129:3

planned, with Christ; humans to be on probation Con 10:1

worked through Christ at FLB 37:2

God’s power of, shows His right to homage in last days TDG 69:4

humanity was the crowning act in LHU 48:2

love is the basis of RC 51:2

matter by, when earth was made 3SM 307:2

memorial of,

all must decide for or against the God of 3SM 424:1

loyalty of Israelites shown by observing 3SM 256:1

message of, to be carried by twos UL 91:4

objects of, work under law of obedient action 1MCP 115:1

order from darkness in, compared to subduing the heart HP 31:2

praise from inanimate things of; we should praise too TDG 180

pre-existent matter not needed for UL 340:6

purpose responded to by each part FLB 37:2

rank in, proportioned to divine attention UL 201:2

record of, preserved by God; the Word is to be studied 1MCP 351:4


a commemoration of, for all mankind OHC 343:2

given to commemorate LHU 53:2

is memorial of 3SM 318:3

science cannot explain UL 39:2

speaks of God’s power and skill UL 334:3

testifies of

God and Jesus as Creator UL 278:2

God’s power, wisdom and love UL 334:4

words of God caused, for His pleasure; all is useful LHU 66:4

works of, we may be with God while viewing UL 222:6

world perfect FLB 37:2

worshiping things of, obscured knowledge of God UL 278:3

Creation and redemption

Creation and redemption

Christ’s property by TMK 309:4

God’s property by AG 58:4; FLB 30:3; HP 170:2; RC 119:4, 138:4

render back to Him 1MCP 154:3

Creative energy (power)

Creative energy (power)

1. God’s

2. Miscellaneous

1. God’s

assurance given to man in every manifestation of Ed 27

basis of His claim to reverence and worship GC 436-7

brought world into existence CT 185

exercised constantly for man’s good Ed 107

expression of His love in every manifestation of PP 33

in His word Ed 126

should be revealed through His people MB 129

incomprehensible to man PP 113

only, could heal paralytic’s decaying body DA 269

operations of nature created by CT 185

Paul told Athenians of AA 238

Sabbath as memorial of See Sabbath

that called world into existence, is in God’s word Ed 126

wonders of, redeemed will contemplate GC 677; SR 432

2. Miscellaneous

attributed to sun by worshipers of Baal PK 120

Christ was tempted to prove His divinity by exercise of DA 119

exercised in Christ’s miracle of feeding 5,000 DA 377

restoration of health to decaying body requires MH 77

Creative work, Creative works

Creative work, Creative works, God’s, dependent on Him 1BC 1081; MM 8

God’s wisdom in His, Christ extolled 2T 580



influence of, on the soul LYL 43:1


Creator, Christ as See Christ

God as See God

power of creating, blasphemous Roman Catholic presumption re GC 59


affections for creature instead of TMK 63:2

allegiance owed to OHC 80:2

antediluvians destroyed for opposing HP 343:2

beyond finite comprehension UL 156:4

children taught love of, through nature RC 174:4

glory of, other worlds conducted with reference to Mar 368:3

guide of youth OHC 14:3

humans speaking to their HP 81:6

memorial of, attacked in closing scenes TDG 69:4

nature bids us become acquainted with its TMK 144:4

objects around child Samuel used to lead thoughts to LHU 339:2

obligated to creature if salvation could be earned FW 20:0

people of worldly wisdom do not see greatness of TMK 98:5

pleading of, more earnest than a parent’s pleading TMK 262:3

remember TDG 86:2

remembered from nature lessons HP 152:3

Sabbath given by, as a peculiar treasure OHC 343:4

sovereignty of, recognized by Sabbath observance OHC 343:5

uniting with heavenly host in praising HP 221:2

Creature, Creatures

Creature, Creatures, dumb, Satan delights in destroying DA 356-7

every living, depends daily on God’s providence Ed 131

God would have needs of His, supplied CS 162

God’s care for His 4T 564

God’s interest in concerns of weakest of His 4T 522

minds turn to, instead of Creator PP 306

of groves, Christ’s tenderness and sympathy for little DA 74

well-being of, God’s government essential to PP 43


merit earned by, impossible; all was always God’s FW 21:0


Paul was, when he received the gospel FW 33:1

truth of the Word of God makes one 1MCP 98:2

See also Humans

Credential, Credentials

Credential, Credentials, Christ’s, to world is unity in church 5T 94, 279

Christ’s righteousness needed as, by His people 2SM 374

Christians’ best, is love for one another 5BC 1099-1100

divine: God’s messengers bear 2SM 69

gospel work that bears TM 184

teachers who do not have TM 22

given to Christ’s disciples 8T 14

heavenly: loyal and true souls bear TM 17

med. miss. work should reveal to world, of SDA MM 23

true success will bear CH 286

highest, of gospel ministry WM 171

ineffaceable characteristics of God’s immortal principles are His people’s MH 37; 7T 144

many ministers have made mistake in receiving GW 95

ministers zealous in politics should be deprived of their FE 477, 483; GW 393, 395

Paul was given his, by God 6BC 1062


Credit, belonging to another, do not take Ev 332


self not to take UL 158:5

taking, for baptisms TSB 178


Credit, buying land on, evil of FE 317-8

Credit list

Credit list, lay down your ChS 268

Creditor, Creditors

Creditor, Creditors, ancient, sometimes sold their debtors PP 310

demands of, Christ’s teaching re MB 72

not permitted to enter debtor’s dwelling to take his garment MB 72


Credulity, absurd, false reports received with 1SM 73

blind, is not sanctifying faith 2SM 56

unquestioning, accusation that multitudes accept with GC 459

Creed, Creeds

Creed, Creeds, built by men from speculations and pleasing fables PP 124

Christendom’s, repugnant doctrine of eternal torment in many of GC 535

Christianity is not TM 421

conflicting, fitly represented by term “Babylon” PP 124

shivered to atoms by advent message GC 379

distinction of, Christ recognized no MH 25; 9T 190

gospel work that is of more consequence than 6T 264

Jews clung to, when truth awaited their acceptance DA 242

many people dare not accept anything contrary to their GC 596

many Protestants bound by GC 596

of ecclesiastical councils, not evidence for or against any point of religious faith GC 595

persons trusting in, feel no need to be taught of God GC 456

power of, over many Protestants GC 388-9

religion does not consist in AA 451

SDA, Bible alone is to be 1SM 416

subscribing to, is not substitute for conversion Ev 291

vigilant and individual effort accomplishes more for Christ than ChS 12

widely conflicting, Protestant denominations’ GC 383


bring, to the Bible; years in belief does not make truth FW 77:1

false, increasing; drifting from landmarks Con 69:0

personal, Bible is not to be shaped to fit one’s OHC 207:3

prayer of Christ in John 17 to be our; read the chapter 3SM 21:1


Creeping, fanatics given to, around houses LS 85-6


Crescens, sent to Galatia AA 490


Crib that is put too high for: common people CW 19, 128

young sheep CT 435

Cricket game (match)

Cricket game (match), attention absorbed by Te 142

Bible study more valuable than CT 456

excitement re CT 343-4, 371

not useful CT 274

species of idolatry CT 350

See also Ball playing; Baseball; Football; Football matches

Crime, Crimes

Crime, Crimes, Absalom added, of incest to rebellion PP 739

abuse of marriage relation has become 2T 252

acted in theaters AH 406

aggravated, for large sums of money Jewish priests sometimes passed over DA 616

Amnon’s, David’s neglect to punish PP 728

among antediluvians 1BC 1090

filled earth FE 421-2

rapidly increased PP 92

reigned supreme Te 25

at work on every hand Ev 29-30

banning of intoxicating drinks reduces Te 26

base, of amalgamation of man and beast before Flood 3SG 64

base and lustful passion leads to 2T 449

black and terrible, perpetrated daily in Christian lands PP 102

black record of, for sake of gain PK 275

blackest in black catalogue of, St. Bartholomew Massacre was GC 272-3

books containing recitals of, influence of CT 133

books on, evil results of circulating CM 143

have bewitching power on youth CM 143

centuries of, treasure up wrath against day of retribution GC 286

chargeable to parental ignorance, are many AH 172

children led by evil associations into ChS 217

cold-blooded and causeless, press teems with PP 102

commission of, legalizing sale of liquor virtually licenses Te 26-7

committed by persons in high places FE 233

committed while man is intoxicated, should be punished 4aSG 125

covered by marriage covenant 2T 391

debasing, results of hearing and reading so much of PP 459

defrauding God is greatest, of which man can be guilty CS 86

degradation of, save souls from 3T 489

dressing to excess becomes CH 24; Te 227

drinking to excess becomes CH 24; Te 227

drunkenness leads to Te 258

during Dark Ages GC 60

wealth and position were obtained by SR 334

earth is filled with 6T 15

eating to excess becomes CH 24; Te 227

epidemic of: God-fearing men stand aghast because of 9T 89

in cities 9T 89

men everywhere stand aghast at MH 142

significance of 9T 11-4

we live in midst of MH 142; 9T 89

every conceivable, is committed Ev 26

every degree of, committed as result of intoxication 4aSG 125

everywhere present MH 126

exists in high places 2T 390

factors contributing to MH 146

fearful: includes lasciviousness, adultery, and indulgence of animal passions LS 242

list of, under heading of “Intemperance” LS 242; 4T 385

occur daily 1SM 219

follows in train (wake) of idleness CT 275; PP 156

giving reins to lustful passions leads to 2T 410

God is faithful to punish 4T 12

great, sins men regard as small God regards as 5T 337

great publicity given to GC 586

greatest, love of money leads to 4T 489

grievous, indifference and neutrality in religious crisis is 3T 281

harvest of, sensational literature that produces MH 444-5

hearing about much of, can be avoided AH 406; ML 88

heart-sickening recital of, bewitching power of CT 133

highest, rebellion against God’s government is 3SG 37

honoring the rich to neglect of the poor is 4T 551

how some people become entangled in COL 368

in cities, every day brings record of MH 363

will increase until the end 7T 84

in last days 1BC 1090

in world, is sign of Christ’s second coming SD 354

increasing: call attention to significance of Te 27

government leaders unable to solve problem of MH 183; 9T 13

in startling manner MM 280

men seldom think seriously of meaning of Te 27

punishment follows PK 276

steadily 5T 529

strong drink has much to do with SD 212; Te 58-9

tobacco has much to do with SD 212; Te 58-9

will be seen in earth 8T 50

with every succeeding generation CH 111; PP 67-8; 2SM 412

indifference and neutrality are grievous, in religious crisis 3T 281

intemperance and, law-enforcement officers well understand relation between Te 23

Jews regarded it a, to allow children to grow up ignorant re useful labor PP 593

knowledge of, mere children in years are old in MH 444

large share of, lack of right home training causes MH 351

lessons of, taught to youth by evil associates in school FE 99

liquor drinking leads to Te 12, 30, 36, 38, 59

liquor traffic causes, of every description CH 432

long centuries of, dark records of human misery during GC 36

love of display leads to 4T 490

love of money leads to 3T 121; 4T 490

manifested more and more strikingly 3BC 1153

men’s: God will not much longer bear with 3T 473

have reached unto heaven 3T 473

plagues will soon fall because of 3T 473

mind does not suddenly go from holiness to PP 459; 2T 478

mothers commit, who remain ignorant re children’s habits CG 457

most debasing, spirituous liquors lead to 3T 561

most horrible, drugged liquors lead to CH 432

most revolting, some popes guilty of GC 60

Nero’s, caused world to shudder GC 667-8; SR 424

novels present AH 406; PP 459

novels used by Satan to educate people in AH 406; PP 459

of adultery is of tenfold greater magnitude when committed by SDA 2T 451

of allowing children to grow up ignorant re useful work FE 97

of bringing children into world to suffer for want of proper care, food, and clothing 2T 380

of darkest dye continually practiced among masses 2T 449

of defrauding God, deep and widespread CS 86

of drug medication originated in perverted knowledge Te 75

of every description, conditions that open door to PP 534

fast filling world 3T 471

of every form rapidly increasing Te 23

of every order in high places of earth TM 457

of every type increases SD 269

of fornication is of tenfold greater magnitude when committed by SDA 2T 450-1

of idolatry, record of public protest against PP 325

of licentiousness brought God’s judgments upon Israel AH 326

of perverting man’s God-given powers to do evil and destroy others FE 83

of sanctioning liquor seller’s work MH 343

of self-abuse 2T 404, 409

of trifling with hearts AH 57

of using opium originated in perverted knowledge Te 75

of using tobacco originated in perverted knowledge Te 75

of violence committed under influence of alcoholic drinks CD 436-7

order of day among unbelievers 2T 459

persons fallen and degraded by, Christ’s exaltation of 4T 295

person yielding to intemperance should be held guilty of DA 222

popular publications that educate youth in MH 444-5

power of, God can hold in check all 3BC 1141

precious souls should be rescued from MB 130

prevailing: Christ foretold Te 25

is sign of Christ’s coming Te 251

tell people meaning of Te 251

prevailing lawlessness and, relation between 1SM 220

prevention of, proper training of youth aids in MYP 233

publicity given to details of, by press GC 585-6

quick-rising passion leads to 4T 202

rapid increase of, enlighten people who study meaning of Te 251

record of: enough to chill blood PK 275; 4T 490

enough to fill soul with horror PK 275; 4T 490

in large cities is appalling Ev 25

reigning in cities PK 275-6

revolting, popes in Dark Ages committed SR 334

round of, that men call “life” Ev 26

Satan influences and incites men to commit DA 341

Satan seeks to make, popular AH 406; PP 459; 3T 471

secret vice leads children into 2T 406

seemed to be delight of Sodom, in Lot’s time CH 23-4

self-abuse prepares children for 2T 404

sensational literature that educates youth in MH 444-5

sensual indulgence leads to CG 115

should be promptly punished PP 325-6

sins to which nature has affixed terrible penalties PP 461

strict and conscientious obedience to God’s law would prevent Te 164

terrible, intoxicating cup caused Te 51

that make world den of thieves and robbers 4T 490

theater used by Satan to educate men in PP 459

this great time of 1SM 98

tide of, continually swelling in cities MH 363

tobacco causes Te 59

tolerated in Eastern rulers PP 717

turning aside from path of obedience leads to PK 185

unhealthful food causes CH 389-90

vortex of, swallows up many young men CT 300

world filled with, as result of Adam’s fall 3T 561

youth instructed by evil associates in FE 99; PP 595


eating habits and unhealthful food responsible for much RC 246:5

educated for, by evil stories LHU 353:2

idleness leads to TDG 133:3

minds influenced by reading about, in secular papers PM 376:2

result of sin seen in TMK 67:4

Satan has made, a cruel science UL 294:6

sign of

Christ’s coming LDE 26

the times HP 342:2

stories of, educate youth in way to perdition OHC 277:3

trust in Christ notwithstanding; we are God’s children TDG 91:2

victory gained by fallen creatures capable of TDG 247:5

world filled with, through Satan’s teaching UL 317:4

youth and children commit, from neglect of parents 2MCP 567:0

See also Violence

Criminal, Criminals

Criminal, Criminals, Christ was crucified as DA 751

condemned, no person will enter City of God as CG 567; Te 114

debased, divine grace can make a child of God of AA 457

guilt of, use of intoxicating drink does not lessen 4aSG 125

judges sold, into slavery in ancient times PP 310

laws licensing sale of liquor multiply GW 386

liquor traffic produces MH 343-4

lowest, required to bear their crosses to place of crucifixion DA 416-7

may be exalted to position little lower than that of angels 4T 295

monks granted absolution to GC 83

multitudes are trained to become, in city slums MH 190

vilest: great publicity given to crimes of GC 585-6

human tribunals have adjudged God’s people as COL 179

pampering of imprisoned GC 585-6

youth become, by wrong associations FE 63

through parental neglect 4T 292



alone was able to undertake suretyship for TDG 236:4

and His followers treated as UL 285:2

punishment deserved by, escaped by perverted judgment Con 82:3

Criminal class, Criminal classes

Criminal class, Criminal classes, rank of, swelled by thousands of helpless and starving beings Ed 220


Criminality, liquor traffic fosters Te 204-5

not lessened by choosing darkness rather than light 2T 352

Criminal practices

Criminal practices, school graduates who drift into Ed 265


Cringe, do not, in presenting truth Ev 179; TM 470


Cringing, ministers of nominal churches do enough 1T 249

Crippled person, Crippled persons

Crippled person, Crippled persons, baby born as, Genesis contains no record of 3T 138

Moses gives no record of CD 117

Christ healed, at pool of Bethesda DA 201-3; MH 81-5

faith in Christ’s word healed MH 84

40-year-old, Peter and John healed AA 57-9; SR 248-50

healed, took part in Christ’s triumphal entry DA 572

Paul healed, at Lystra AA 181

See also Paralytic


Crippling, thousands go, their way to heaven ChS 179


Crisis, of Boston, Mass. 1T 655

Crisis, Crises

Crisis, Crises, approaching, prepare for 5T 716-7

awaits world 5T 711

Baal worship faced, on Mt. Carmel in Elijah’s time PK 144

before God’s people 2SM 400

each person will need much strength from God in 5T 479

greater than anticipated GC 622

such as world has never witnessed MB 121

your duty in view of TM 514

character is revealed in COL 412

Christ did not hasten DA 451

Christ took no measures to avert, in Galilee DA 383

clear minds needed in time of Te 148

cling to Bible only in GC 625

coming 5T 449-54

believers who will have defective discernment during CW 98

preparation needed for AA 431

re Sunday observance 2SM 359

danger of bringing, upon SDA before they are prepared for it TM 219

delay in time of, losses that may result from 3T 498

demands: active and well-developed physical powers GW 106

clear, strong, practical mind GW 106

man of firmness, decision, and unflinching courage PP 316

demanding public and far-reaching effort in Jeremiah’s time PK 412

discretion needed among God’s people in time of 1T 356-7, 359-60

do not agitate color line question and thus bring about 9T 209

earnest prayer needed for wisdom to act and grace to endure during 1T 357

faithful financiers needed in 6T 80

fast approaching 5T 209

fervent prayers of God’s people in time of, will be answered SD 353

final: apostates will betray brethren in DA 630

experience of God’s people in PP 201-3

God will interpose in behalf of His people in DA 630; GC 634

many sanitarium patients will unite with SDA in 6T 226

near in world’s history CT 56

perplexity of God’s servants in GC 610

preparation for 2SM 367-75; 6T 404-10

USA will lead out in 6T 395

wicked men and churchmen will harmonize in hatred for God’s law in SD 217

God abhors indifference and disloyalty in His work during PK 148

God interposes to hinder Satan’s work in time of COL 178; SD 353; 9T 91

God intervenes in time of, that His interference might become marked SD 353; 9T 91-2

God used, to rebuke King Saul’s perversity PP 623

to teach Israel humility and faith PP 623

God was Judah’s strength during, in Jehoshaphat’s time PK 202

God’s cause will experience 3T 498

God’s people are coming to ML 94

God’s people are coming to greatest, since world began GW 323

God’s people led to, greater than any since Christ’s first advent FE 472

gradually stealing upon God’s people ChS 51; DA 636

as thief CT 413-4; FE 354-5

grave, why God could use Elijah in PK 156-7

great: awaits God’s people PK 188; 5T 711

coming upon world 7BC 975; 2SM 367

God employs various agencies in preparing His people for 5T 718

God’s people must soon pass AA 431; GW 264

hesitation and delay are disastrous to God’s cause in 3T 499

human laws exalted above God’s law in Ev 235

just before God’s people CH 554; MM 55; 6T 404

near in world’s history FE 469; LS 413; 9T 97

persevering faith needed in 6T 404

prepare children for AH 186

great final 5T 81

condition of world just before Ed 183

Hezekiah was man of opportunity in PK 331

how leaders should meet 3T 497-8

how young men can be prepared to meet GW 106-7

human experience can have no, which Christ has not anticipated in His teachings Ed 81

if there ever was, it is now 6T 16

in miss. effort, upon God’s people 8T 76

Jehoshaphat relied on God in time of PK 198-9

Jeremiah was commanded to meet, without delay PK 441-2

just upon God’s people 5T 753

last 9T 11-8

harmony and unity must exist among SDA as they approach 7T 182

last great: about to break upon world FE 356

at hand COL 178; 9T 92

agencies of evil are strengthening for 9T 11

God’s people will sing song of hope and trust in Ed 166

life’s great, issue of daily test determines victory or defeat in DA 382

Jacob turned aside to pray in MB 144

many believers will go out from among SDA in Ev 360-1

men of weak and wavering faith are not ones to carry God’s work forward in 5T 187

men standing firm as rock to principle are needed in 6T 80

midnight letters for time of 5T 67

ministers who cannot be depended on in 5T 88

minutemen needed to make important decisions in time of 3T 505

missionaries’ duty in time of TM 213

momentous, question put to Esther in Ed 263

Moses’ interest for Israel in time of PP 402

of ages, we stand on threshold of PK 278

of world, in Christ’s suffering and death DA 625

Paul’s acceptance of compromise with Jerusalem brethren precipitated AA 405

perilous, tell youth that we are now in FE 547; LS 448

physician needs to be calm and self-possessed in 2SM 285

prompt action in time of, victories that may be gained by 3T 498

question that comes to all God’s people at this Ed 263

reached in life of husband and wife 7T 48

reached when nations unite to make void God’s law 5T 524

religious: indifference and neutrality are grievous crime in 3T 281

some believers fall under temptation in every 4T 89

united action is important in 3T 446

right upon God’s people 7BC 982; 6T 24

same, coming upon God’s people in all parts of world 6T 395

soon to culminate between true church and world TM 53

soon-coming, God would have His people prepare for AA 431

prepared or unprepared God’s people shall meet AA 431-2

Spirit’s guidance in time of, act under TM 213

strength, firmness, and energy will be imparted to God’s people in CT 237

stupendous, world is on verge of Ed 179; PK 537; MM 333

terrible: believer’s duty in view of 8T 50

superficial and conservative believers will apostatize during 5T 463

work which church fails to do in peace and prosperity will have to be done in 5T 463

that character is revealed in COL 412

there will be, in which prompt action is necessary GW 461

times of, in every important work Te 148

trust in God in time of PK 202

two great, Christ’s blended description of DA 628

we know not how soon, will come CT 413-4; FE 354

what God’s people can confidently say in every PK 645

what to do when, comes in your life MB 127-8

why God allows matters to come to: in His work 2SM 372; 9T 91-2

re His church 2SM 372

with nations, families, and individuals COL 178

will come in all SDA institutions 5T 479

will purge questionable elements from midst of God’s people 2SM 368

your duty in time of ML 94


advice in, life example determines influence of TDG 21:3

aid in, by knowing truth in Jesus VSS 325:1

alarm over present UL 88:4

causing, by imprudent actions SW 71:1

character cannot be formed in time of TMK 350:2


earth’s last LDE 11

felt in Battle Creek; positions on colored work SW 67:2

See also Emergency

danger of contamination by world at point of LYL 41:4

faith needed for trials and duties of HP 279:5

future, trouble not to be borrowed for 3SM 383:4

God raises up people in RY 31:2

nearing the greatest; wakefulness needed 3SM 414:4

overcomers in, will have been true previously TMK 350:3

preparation for, Bible explained in homes as 3SM 390:3

rapid strides toward, realized by few Mar 253:2; OHC 355:2

readiness for, requires deep Bible study Mar 253:4

stealing gradually upon us HP 342:4

unprepared for,

by mixing with world TMK 215:2

by neglecting to study the Bible OHC 355:4

weakness revealed in; God brings people to crises 2MCP 454:2

world on the verge of Mar 266:4

youth who have learned can respond to call in 1MCP 365:2

Crisler, C. C.

Crisler, C. C. 2SM 202


Crispus, prominent Jew of Corinth, converted AA 249


Criterion, Christian’s: customs of world are not PK 651

God’s will is to be 2SM 137

no human being is wise enough to be 7BC 970

Christian physician’s, fees charged by other physicians are not to be MM 121

danger of making your life a, for others 2T 637-8

do not make others your 3T 523

do not make yourself a 3T 423

feeling must not be your 5T 199, 298

gospel worker should not look upon any man as CW 45; TM 110

of SDA doctrines, sayings and doings of men are not to be CSW 84

safe, feelings are not 5T 199

SDA: customs and practices of men are not to be 2T 71; 3T 524

first-day Adventists are not to be 2T 450

world is not be AH 459; LS 322; 4T 35; Te 145; TM 463

worldlings are not to be 2T 450

worldly ideas are not to be 7T 267

some people make their own ideas and notions their 2SM 318

EGW did not make herself a, for others CD 481, 493

See also Example; Pattern; Standard


human not wise enough to be our HP 166:5

one is not, for others; trusts vary with capabilities 2MCP 423:3

Critic, Critics

Critic, Critics, controverting Christian interpretation of God’s word AA 272

higher, put themselves in place of God UL 35:5

Holy Spirit falsely claimed by 3SM 349:1

ministers too often act the part of TM 153

prodigal son’s brother was COL 210

stumbling blocks in church 8T 82


Critical, anything, is not of Christ TM 156

be, with your own character 5T 97

class in danger of becoming 5T 605

Spirit does not work with men who love to be TM 248

Critical moment

Critical moment, gospel workers need to be prompt and decisive at 3T 499

Critical pride

Critical pride, education that fosters Ed 241

Critical remark, Critical remarks

Critical remark, Critical remarks, of methods and results of gospel work, class who make TM 206

Critical spirit

Critical spirit, fails to control tongue 5T 342

is denial of Christ Ev 632-3

out of place in gospel worker GW 144

men in positions of trust warned against TM 185-6


Criticism, among church members, reproved 4T 222, 488-9

source of ChS 115; TM 189; WM 79

base and blasphemous, religious teachers used GC 336

be careful lest you aid Satan by 5T 295

bitter, SDA periodicals should contain no 7T 15

by brethren, Paul suffered AA 401-6

cherishing of, results of TM 290

cherishing spirit of, grieves Spirit 9T 125

cold and jealous, warning against 3BC 1163; TM 504

destructive, remedy for 8T 84

disposition to, Judas Iscariot cultivated DA 717

do not block the way by Ev 129-30

in gospel work Ev 105

do not encourage 6T 69; 7T 183

do not pass around a dish of, at mealtime AH 440

during building of second temple PK 564

duty to shield erring brethren against DA 441

erring heart is unwilling to accept FE 239

every SDA position will bear, of greatest minds Ev 69

faculties of, exercise sharpens 1SM 18

God’s holy name blasphemed as result of 5BC 1093

God’s working for church hindered by 6T 202

habit of, may become second nature 5T 289

earnest prayer and constant watchfulness needed to break 5T 289

habit of careless and irreverent, irreverence and unbelief fostered by DA 323

reacts on character DA 323

habit of ungenerous, curse of community, neighborhood, and home Ed 235

hinders rather than helps advance God’s work 7T 238

higher, faith in Scriptures destroyed by AA 474-5; Ed 227; MH 142

See Higher criticism

in church, discouraging effects of TM 189

in early church, became more and more severe 8T 241

indulging in, not right 7BC 938

instead of, speak words of encouragement and confidence to God’s servants 7T 185

loss of first love leads to TM 189

malicious, Pharisees constantly pursued Christ with DA 333

man given to 4T 39

on less important themes TM 408

many persons given to, from love of controversy GC 526

medical superintendent subjected to, encouragement for 8T 123

no place should be given to 5T 266

no time for 6T 455; 8T 36

not evidence of keen perception 8T 101

nurturing of, results of 1SM 110

of active brethren, by persons unwilling to work 8T 82

of brethren, causes love to die out of your heart for them 2T 437

loss of first love leads to ChS 115; TM 189; WM 79

of burden bearers in church, warning against 4T 193-7

of children, parents warned re AH 308-9

of Christ’s teachings, by Pharisees DA 322-3

of fellow disciples, by Judas Iscariot DA 717-8

of fellow workers, minister given to 3T 552

of God’s servants, heart that has no place for CT 342; TM 88

ill effects of 4T 195-6, 234, 238; 5T 285; TM 410

of God’s work and His messengers, warning against 4BC 1141; TM 465

of God’s workers, do not poison conversation in home with 7T 183

of gospel work, labor is more important than 7T 57

of greatest minds, positions of truth taken by SDA will bear Ev 69

of manuscripts TM 260-1

of methods of labor used by apostles AA 401

of ministers, before children 5T 497-8

warning against COL 45; 5T 131, 289-93, 298-302

of new methods of gospel work, caution re 7T 25

of one another, gospel workers warned against Ev 106

Satan’s plans that SDA should give themselves to TM 475

that is wholly satanic 5T 35-6

of others MB 123-4; 4T 61-3

do your appointed work without ML 335; 9T 184

person who will not be guilty of 5T 650

Satan uses professed Christians in MM 138

twofold curse of MH 492

yielding to temptation of 9T 184

of others’ defects and failings, not Christian’s privilege SD 331

of others’ faults and defects, condemned 4T 196

of persons unfavorably organized, persons given to 2T 74-5

of preaching of God’s word, Satan excites COL 44-6

of school management, by parents encourages insubordination in children Ed 284

of Scriptures, ill effects of COL 39

warning against 1SM 17-8

of sermons, before children COL 45-6

of SDA institutions, do not encourage 7T 182-3

of teachers, do not encourage students in 5T 36

parents warned re CT 154-5; Ed 284

of teachers, parents should privately give Ed 284

of Testimonies, results of 1SM 48

of Testimonies, warning against 5T 691

of JW, by fellow workers 3T 89, 92-4, 261-2, 292-3

of wrongs committed by erring brethren, warning re DA 441

of wrongs of another, person who sought to build himself up by 2T 255-6

parents given to, children made infidels by 4T 195

persons given to, neglect their own souls 5T 95

should fall on their knees in prayer 8T 36

persons in SDA schools should be one in Christ instead of giving place to FE 472

persons injured by SD 90

persons not reluctant to submit their positions to CD 187; CW 37

petty, out of place in church business meetings GW 447

re validity of Scriptures, stop 1SM 18

relief not brought by, to brethren in perplexity and distress 6T 455

rubbish of, clear away 7BC 937

sanctified perception is not to be used in 8T 101

Satan excites COL 44-5

Satan is author of 6T 42

Satan sows seeds of, in churches 8T 184

Satan uses, to discourage souls COL 190

to excite envy and strife 7T 183-4

to retard God’s work Ev 634

selfish and narrow, stifling atmosphere of MB 123

served up as dainty dessert 4T 195

sharp, against others is condemned 4T 222

should be repressed among gospel workers 5T 567

small minds delight in 4T 445

soul having wandered far in sin and returned to Christ will meet COL 190

soul left by, devoid of dew of grace LS 325; TM 466

spirit of: dims spiritual discernment 6T 297

great injury done to church by Ev 215; 2SM 318

grieves away Spirit 9T 125

guard continually lest you manifest TM 223

in churches 6T 297; 8T 83

John had to overcome DA 295

persons walking in shadow of Calvary’s cross do not possess MB 128

should have no place in home AH 440

warning against Ev 215

will constantly strive for mastery to close of time TM 189

spirit of cold, warning against 3T 186

stumbling block in way of reform 2SM 159

teacher cherishing habit of, should seek other work CSW 124

time spent in, might better be spent in prayer 8T 83

too severe, leads children to disregard regulations AH 308-9

training of mind in, evil result of 5T 690

trial of close, everyone will pass through Ev 591

undeserved, mistake of sinking under 4T 327

unfeeling, is satanic 5T 35

ungenerous, compared to cannibalism Ed 235

is wrong GW 334

unjust: Christ and His love lost from sight in AA 548

gospel workers should be freed from 7T 278-9

guard SDA institutions from CH 297

unkind: brings discouragement to tempted souls 7T 265

expressed under excitement of tea Te 79

out of place among gospel workers AA 275

physician should not be made object of 7T 74

remedy for 7T 20

school managers cautioned against CT 316

what would check utterance of MB 68

unsympathetic, fatal to effort with many minds Ed 291

warning against COL 340-1; 5T 334

waste of time when people are in trouble 6T 463

weakness of church caused by COL 340-1

weeding gardens of others by 4T 337

See also Censure; Evilspeaking; Faultfinding; Gossip; Murmuring; Talebearing