EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Covenant - Cramp, Cramps


1. Abrahamic

2. Between God and Israel

3. Book of

4. Christ as Angel (Messenger) of

5. Everlasting (eternal)

6. God’s

7. New

8. Of baptism

9. Of grace

10. Of marriage

11. Old

12. Various

13. With God

14. Miscellaneous


1. Abrahamic PP 137-8, 332, 522; 3SG 296-7, 299; SR 147

Abraham’s descendants familiar with terms of PK 368

all-embracing terms of PK 368

all nations embraced in PK 368

called new covenant PP 371

Christ was revealed in PP 372

circumcision as pledge to fulfill 3SG 297

conditions of, Satan accused Abraham of failing to comply with PP 154-5

confirmed by oath PP 155

could not be ratified until Christ’s death PP 370-1

covenant of blessing confirmed on Mt. Moriah was GC 18

covenant promise given in PK 368-9; PP 136-7

fulfillment of, Abraham’s name as token of PP 137-8

God’s law as condition of PP 178

had been made from eternity 6BC 1114; FE 403

included Messianic promise PK 37

is covenant of grace 1BC 1092; 6BC 1077; PP 370

knowledge of, lost by Israel to great extent in Egypt PP 371

made at Shechem PP 522

maintained authority of God’s law PP 370

marriage with heathen violated condition of PP 179

men have hope only as they come under 6BC 1077

pledge of, smoking furnace and burning lamp as PP 137

promise of redemption contained in PP 371

promises of covenant of grace were renewed in PP 370

provisions of, how God taught Israelites their need of PP 372

ratification of, forms as were customary for PP 137

ratified by Christ’s blood PP 371

renewed in Messianic promise given to him PP 370

renewed on Mt. Moriah PK 37; PP 153, 370

renewed shortly before Isaac’s birth PK 368

sign (token) of, circumcision as PP 138, 364; 3SG 297, 299; SR 148-9

was: covenant made by Christ from eternity FE 403

covenant of blessing GC 18; PK 37

everlasting covenant PP 370

renewal of covenant made with Adam PP 370-1

why, is called “second” or “new” covenant PP 371

2. Between God and Israel PK 414; 4aSG 122; 2SM 412; SR 147; 2T 661

at Mt. Sinai PP 303, 317, 371-2, 376; 3SG 262; SR 137-8; 3T 296-7; 4T 514-5; TM 99

Aaron should have reminded Israel of PP 323; 3T 299

broken by worshiping golden calf 1BC 1109; PP 318, 320, 372; 3SG 281; 3T 298; TM 100-1

is in force today 1BC 1103

is pledge we are to make today 1BC 1103

is to be our refuge and defense 1BC 1103

reason for making PP 371-2

renewed after worship of golden calf 3SG 292

basis of, Ten Commandments were PP 348

blessing promised to Israel under, if they should remain faithful 2T 574, 599, 661

broken by rebellion at Kadesh PP 485

Canaan was ensured to Israel by PP 390, 503; 4aSG 24; SR 161; 4T 151

children of, Ezra instructed PK 661-8

conditions of, circumcision as pledge to fulfill PP 138, 495-6

Elijah respected PK 151; 3T 284

failure to keep, Malachi reproved Israelites for PK 705

fidelity to, promises made to Israelites on condition of PP 511

in time of Ezra and Nehemiah PK 622, 666-7, 705

Israel accepted God as King by means of PP 379

Israel did not keep PP 406; 5T 455

Israel forfeited God’s favor by breaking PP 372

Israel remained true to, in time of Joshua and elders outliving him 2BC 1001

Israel’s repeated violations released God from PP 318; 4T 153

Israelites were pledged by, to be true to God FE 505-7

Israelites’ departure from 2BC 1038-9

Moses warned Israel not to forget PK 295

ratification of 1BC 1107; PK 293; PP 312; 3SG 270-1

refusal to keep, Israel cut herself off from God by COL 291; PK 20

renewed in: Joshua’s time PP 495-6; SR 182

Zerubbabel’s time PK 576, 705

repeated near close of wilderness wandering PK 293-4

shamelessly and repeatedly broken by nation PK 414

sign of, circumcision as PP 406, 485, 495-6; SR 147

some Israelites at Sinai remained true to PP 316

terms of, accepted by Israelites PP 503

the wealthy and the poor of Israel were under same PK 648

transgression of, punishment was to follow 3T 267-8

was special covenant 2T 450

when they crossed Jordan PK 151; PP 496

why God could not fulfill 2BC 1040; Ev 696; 1SM 68

3. Book of

contents of PP 312

forms part of Deuteronomy PK 392-4

Josiah read, to his people PK 400

Moses sprinkled, with blood PP 312

Moses wrote 1BC 1107

at Sinai PP 312; SR 144-5

4. Christ as Angel (Messenger) of CM 18; DA 161; GC 424; PP 496; 8T 179

appeared to Moses at burning bush PP 252

in pillar of cloud over Israel 7BC 927-8; PP 311, 396, 496

speaks to men DA 34; PK 700

talked to Gideon 2BC 1003; PP 547

wrestled with Jacob MB 11, 62; PP 197

5. Everlasting (eternal)

accepted by faith from Adam’s time till Christ’s death PP 370-1

covenant of mercy is called 7BC 934

delivered to God’s people shortly before second advent EW 34; GC 640; LS 102; 1SM 75

God’s people must be loyal to MM 123

made by God with Abraham PP 370

of grace, Christ’s atonement forever sealed 7BC 933

people of earth have broken 1T 356

persons who have broken 9T 267

Christian’s duty before 4BC 1148

promises of, assurance that God will fulfill PK 581

rainbow’s relationship to 1BC 1091

Sabbath as sign that men place themselves under 6T 350

Sabbath observance’s relationship to 7BC 981; MM 123

sign between man and his Maker MM 123

wealth of Christ’s grace is man’s by CM 109

6. God’s

assures men of His unchangeable character 7BC 932

Babel-builders did not believe in PP 119

grace in, ordained man’s adoption COL 250; 6T 268

includes all who obey Him 1BC 1103

is: everlasting 2SM 231

unalterable 8T 10

with His saints CT 258

Israel was taken into Assyrian captivity because they transgressed PK 292

line of Shem was to be that of PP 117

men must withhold nothing on their part in fulfilling 1BC 1120

persons to whom, will be shown 2SM 230

plainly written with His finger PK 187

renewal of, that Spirit should remain among His people PK 576

terms of 7BC 932

twice rejected by world before Abraham’s time PP 332

what God will do with people today who keep His PK 714

will be brought forth at judgment PK 187

will not be broken by Him PK 187

with His commandment-keeping people in last days PK 299

with His people is framed from dictates of infinite wisdom 1BC 1120

sanctification is fulfillment of 7BC 908

7. New

Abrahamic covenant is called PP 371

accepted by faith prior to its ratification by Christ PP 371

all persons who receive Christ become: God’s children by DA 659

joint heirs with Him by DA 659

as covenant deed DA 659

authority of God’s law is maintained by PP 370

basis of, God’s law is PP 371

blessings for this life and the next are given by DA 659

blessings of, are grounded on God’s mercy in forgiving sin 7BC 931

how God prepared Israel to appreciate PP 372

Christ committed, to His followers DA 659

Christ has fulfilled God’s law for transgressors under 7BC 931

Christ is minister of DA 166

Christ’s atoning sacrifice is, sealed with blood 5BC 1102

Christ’s ratification of covenant of grace made it the PP 370-1

compared and contrasted with old 7BC 931

conditions for gaining eternal life under, are same as those under the old 7BC 931

covenant of grace became, when ratified by Christ PP 371

established on: better promises PP 372

God’s promise of forgiveness of sins PP 372

God’s promise of grace to renew heart PP 372

eternal life promised by, on condition of fidelity to God’s law PP 370

faith and God’s law under, relationship between PP 373

foundation of 1SM 212

God’s law as related to PP 373; 1SM 212

God’s promise in, to bring man’s heart into harmony with His law PP 372

to write His law in man’s heart DA 329; MB 50; SC 60

is arrangement for bringing men again into harmony with God’s will PP 371

Lord’s Supper as related to DA 659; Ev 276

men are placed by, where they can obey God’s law PP 371

minister of, we look to Christ as DA 166

Negroes are to be included in 7T 223

patriarchs received hope of salvation through PP 370

perfect obedience is required by 7BC 931

promise of, how God fulfills SC 60

realization of complete fulfillment of GC 485

provisions of, for man’s salvation PP 372-3

ratified by Christ’s blood 5BC 1102; DA 656-9; PP 371

sanctuary of GC 413, 417

sealed with Christ’s blood 5BC 1102

after blood of first covenant had been shed PP 371

transfer of sin to heavenly sanctuary under GC 421

valid in Abraham’s time PP 371

why Abrahamic covenant is called PP 371

why covenant of grace is called PP 371

8. Of baptism 1BC 1120; 5BC 1110; CT 258; MM 138; 3T 365-6; 6T 98-9

as spiritual agreement 6T 99

believers are bound by, to live for Him 6BC 1075

meaning and obligations of 1BC 1120; CG 530-1; 6T 98-9

obligations of, are mutual 6T 99

on God’s part 6T 99

renewal of, rebaptism as Ev 375 See also Baptism; Baptismal vow

9. Of grace

Abrahamic covenant is 1BC 1092; 6BC 1077; PP 370

accepted by faith before Christ died PP 371

basis of, God’s law as PP 371

blessings of, Christ’s righteousness alone entitles man to PP 431; 1SM 351

Christians are bound up with Christ in CH 587

could not be ratified until Christ’s death PP 370

everlasting, Christ’s atonement forever sealed 7BC 933

existed by God’s promise from Eden till Christ’s death PP 370-1

first made with man in Eden after his fall PP 370

God’s broad requirement under 1SM 373

harmony with God’s law is required under COL 391

offers to man God’s assisting grace for future obedience through faith in Christ PP 370

pardon is offered to all men by PP 370

promised men eternal life on condition of fidelity to God’s law PP 370

ratified by Christ PP 371

renewed in promises given to Abraham PP 370

requirements under COL 391

when ratified by Christ, became new covenant PP 371

why, is called “second” or “new” covenant PP 371

10. Of marriage

covers sins of darkest hue 2T 391, 472-3

is blessing when entered into intelligently MH 356-7

is lifelong 7T 45

is sacred 2T 391

obligations of 2T 56

solemnity of AH 106

See also Marriage

11. Old

compact in Scripture that is called PP 371

compared and contrasted with the new 7BC 931

conditions for gaining eternal life under, are same as under the new 7BC 931

formed between God and Israel at Sinai PP 371

no atonement specified for presumptuous sins under 7BC 931

perfect obedience required by 7BC 931

ratified by blood of sacrifice at Sinai PP 371

sanctuary of GC 413

sprinkling of blood of, represented shedding of Christ’s blood FE 507

terms of, were obey and live PP 372

12. Various

better: Christ has fulfilled God’s law for transgressors under 7BC 931

justification through administration of 7BC 932

men are cleansed from sin by Christ’s blood under 7BC 931

between David and Jonathan PP 649, 713

between David and King Saul, at cave of Engedi PP 662

between Father and Son: consummated fully at cross 5BC 1149; DA 834

fulfilled by Christ’s death DA 799, 834

made before earth was created 6BC 1070, 1114

made before foundation of world 5BC 1149; DA 22, 799, 834; FE 403

ratified in heaven at Christ’s first ascension 5BC 1150; DA 790

between God and Adam: after his fall PP 370

could not be ratified until Christ’s death PP 370-1

renewed to Abraham PP 370-1

was covenant of grace PP 370

between God and every believer in Christ 1BC 1107

between God and Hezekiah PK 332

between God and Jacob at Shechem PP 522

between God and man, above Christ at second advent GC 641

between God and Noah, Babel builders ignored God’s PP 120

rainbow as token of 1BC 1091; PP 106-7; 3SG 74; SR 70-1

between Joshua and Israel PP 524; 4aSG 65

between Josiah and Israel, to faithfully serve God PK 400-1

between kingdom of Israel and Assyria PK 280

between Laban and Jacob PP 193-4; 3SG 126-7; SR 92

between Nehemiah and Israel not to transgress Sabbath law PK 667

Christ’s, completed by His death and resurrection 7BC 932

Father and Son united in, before earth was created DA 834

first, sanctuary of GC 412-3

sealed with blood after blood of old covenant had been shed PP 371

Judas Iscariot twice made, to betray Christ DA 655

made by Christ before earth was created FE 403

made by Father with Christ, ratification of DA 790

made by God to give His Son to save man DA 22

made from eternity, Abraham was given 6BC 1114; FE 403

made with his fathers, Jacob pleaded before God His GC 616-7

Moses was pointed to God’s PP 259

of allegiance to God made by Israel at Mt. Sinai 4T 514-5

of blessing: confirmed to Abraham on Mt. Moriah GC 18

included Messianic promise PK 37

renewed to Abraham on Mt. Moriah PK 37

of brethren, in celebration of ordinance of humility DA 651

of church membership, believers are bound by COL 279

of David’s righteous sovereignty, was written PP 702

of “life and peace,” God made with Levites PK 706

of loyalty to God, renewed by Israel at Shechem PP 499

of mercy: called everlasting covenant 7BC 934

has existed from all eternity 7BC 934

made before foundation of world 7BC 934

made by God with Israel MM 119

of peace: Jabesh-gilead sued Ammonites for PP 714

made by God with His people in time of trouble EW 283, 285; GC 636-7; PP 477; 4aSG 113

rainbow as token of Ed 115; GC 636

of priesthood, defiled in Nehemiah’s time PK 674

of promise, believers are in Christ by 5BC 1143

persons who certainly are strangers to 5T 139

of service, duty of persons united with God in 7T 19

with God in saving souls GW 199

perpetual, Sabbath is to be observed for 9T 94

rainbow as symbol of 1BC 1091; GC 636; PP 106-7; 3SG 74; SR 70-1

second: Abrahamic covenant is called PP 371

why covenant of grace is called PP 371

special: made by God with Israel 2T 450

made by God with men for advancing Christ’s kingdom CS 77

made by God with men re tithe CS 77

two, presented in Bible PP 370

with Christ, enter into SD 40

men become children of God by adoption when they enter into 7BC 922; SD 15

with death and hell: fearful deception of GC 560-2

made by King Saul 2BC 1023; 4aSG 85

witch of Endor made 4aSG 84-5

with heathen, Israelites were not to make 3SG 292

with Him, God calls upon His people to be true to CS 75

with idolaters, exiles from Babylonian captivity were not to enter into PK 569-70

with natural world, God’s great COL 65; Ed 105

with persons who love Him, God will never change His PK 165; 8T 39

with Satan, witch of Endor made PP 676; 4aSG 84

with Solomon, why God broke His 2BC 1032

with you, God has made CS 75

13. With God

are you keeping your? 2SM 124

believers make, when they accept Christ Ev 618

broken by affiliation with secret societies Ev 618

by sacrifice: every soul should make GW 454; 1SM 56

make, before time of trouble EW 56-7

need of gospel workers who will make CH 302, 558

reward of persons who make EW 47

chastened and penitent Israelites renewed their PK 97

church member has entered into solemn GW 200

church member is bound by, to deny self of extravagant outlay of means CS 74

church members have made, to be wholly for Him 2SM 124

church members violated their, to live for Him only 2T 442

David renewed his PP 712

God’s witnesses are brought into AA 11

Israel of today must renew and keep their 1T 140

Levites’ failure to keep PK 706

made by: people of Judah in King Joash’s time PK 216

person miraculously healed 2T 273-4

students FE 349

make: that you will answer all His requirements CSW 72

to discontinue use of unhealthful foods 9T 153

to guard well your words 7T 243

to pay your debts CS 257

to put away frivolous and unimportant reading 5T 19

to put away light and trifling conversation 5T 19

to yield all your powers to His service 5T 163

man who made, when He healed him 2T 273

parents are under 6T 127

to rear children for God’s service FE 289; MH 396

persons faithful to their, promise to 9T 252

persons who enter into, not left to Satan’s power MH 93

persons who have broken their: crowning of overcomers will be viewed by 7BC 953

hopelessness of 2SM 55

will be without hope 9T 16

renewed by many Israelites during Babylonian captivity DA 28

EGW made, when husband died LS 269

14. Miscellaneous

all graces embraced in Christ’s, His people may have 7BC 932

ancient believers saved by same, as men are today 7BC 932

ark of See Ark of covenant

as agreement requiring fulfillment of certain conditions 7BC 932

believers have entered into, to co-operate with Christ for saving souls COL 358

blood of, counted by devils as unholy thing GC 552; SR 394

bond of, parents’ duty to keep children under MH 403-4

whosoever will may come into Ed 174; PK 500

Christ is ever mindful of His COL 148

Christ was Mediator of, from everlasting Ev 615; 1SM 247

Christian is bound by most solemn, to serve God only 9T 17

condition of, Esau violated PP 179

customary forms for ratifying, in Abraham’s time PP 137

God is ever mindful of His 7BC 943

God is pledged by, to hear when men confess their unworthiness and sin 8T 23

God keeps His, with His people 8T 10

God will not break His PK 187

God’s faithfulness in keeping His PP 197

God’s law as 6BC 1095

God’s law as related to His PP 363-73

gospel workers are bound by, to present importance of obeying God’s law 8T 199-200

Israel of God must renew their, with Him 1T 140

law and PP 363-73

like that of Nehemiah, God’s people would do well to make 3BC 1139

Moses as messenger of, between God and Israel GW 20

Moses was assured that God was mindful of His PP 267

Sabbath as 6T 350

Sabbath as pledge that God will fulfill His 6T 350

signing of, in evangelistic efforts Ev 331

solemn: God has joined His people to Himself by GC 381

Puritans joined themselves together by GC 291-2

SDA are under, to distinguish themselves by humility of mind SD 133

tables of, Moses broke 3T 298


Abrahamic, only means of salvation FLB 78:5

binding by God’s power and authority AG 150:2

blessings of God’s mutual AG 150:3

bound by, to serve only the Lord OHC 345:2

broken, leaves people without hope in closing scenes TDG 69:3


brings relationship with God by TMK 84:4

perfects, with His people UL 17:2

Christ’s death fulfilled FLB 76:3

declared in 2 Cor. 6:17, 18 UL 144:7

directions in, express principles of God’s law AG 149:3


reason for

being called, FLB 77:5

covenant of grace being called TMK 366:3

See also Grace, covenant of

framed from dictates of infinite wisdom AG 150:2

fulfilled when service and means are not withheld AG 150:2

grace in, ordained our adoption HP 34:2

guarantee for, given to satisfy need we perceive TMK 262:4

Israel entered into, in the reform of Josiah RC 57:4

keeping relationship of, for blessings needed for trial TDG 196:6


and old, obedience required for eternal life under TMK 299:4

blessings of, grounded on mercy in forgiveness TMK 299:2

obedience is condition of AG 138:4

old, presumptuous offenses with no atonement under TMK 299:4

pleasing when not selfishly questioned AG 150:2

relation to, essential for receiving heaven FLB 304:2

relationship by, not realized by many OHC 368:3

renew, daily to belong to Jesus wholly and forever OHC 124:4

salvation revealed in HP 137:5

See also Abraham, covenant with; Agreement; Christ, covenant with; Contracts; God, covenant; Trust

Covenant blessings

Covenant blessings, Christ’s righteousness alone entitles us to PP 431; 1SM 351

circumcision entitled Hebrew child to PP 256

Esau despised PP 208

Gibeonites shared, with Israel PK 369

glorious Messianic promise in GC 18

priceless, Christ is to dispense TM 92

provision made for Gentiles to enjoy PP 507

things embraced in PP 178

Covenant deed

Covenant deed, new covenant as DA 659

ratified by Christ’s blood DA 659; Ev 276

Covenant of peace

See Peace, covenant of

Covenant-keeping God

Covenant-keeping God, assurances given by PK 632

counsels of, reverenced by some people in Jeremiah’s day PK 427

mercy of, Jacob trusted in GC 617

omnipotence of, united with gentleness and care of shepherd MH 481

Paul sustained in trial by AA 508

Covenant-keeping people

Covenant-keeping people, God will work in behalf of His 7T 242

Covenant mercy

Covenant mercy, rainbow of God’s, clouds of wrath spanned by DA 102

strongest testimony to God’s PP 754

Covenant oath

Covenant oath, Zedekiah’s renewal of, with Nebuchadnezzar PK 447

Covenant people

Covenant people, Israel as God’s PP 335

lost all true conception of His character 5T 738

scattered in every land GC 21

Covenant promise, Covenant promises

Covenant promise, Covenant promises, Abraham was given PK 368

all, fulfilled to goodly remnant PK 22

Christ’s, with Father 5BC 1148; TM 21

fulfillment of, Abraham’s concern re PP 136-7

given to God’s ancient people fulfilled through church today PK 714

inheritors of, persons who accept Christ by faith become PP 476

Isaac renewed, to Jacob PP 183

Joseph manifested faith in PP 234

renewed to Jacob at Bethel PP 206

Covenant relation (relationship)

Covenant relation (relationship), Israel entered into, at Sinai PK 293

Jeremiah foresaw that God would re-new His, with His people PK 408-9

with God: by saving faith the soul enters into DA 347; GW 261; MH 62

each believer should feel that he has entered into 8T 196

faithful witnesses brought into AA 11

how every church member is bound by CS 74

Israel and Judah were at last to renew PK 97

Jeremiah emphasized importance of PK 428-9

people in Jeremiah’s time scorned provisions of PK 470

privilege of persons who enter into 6BC 1075

promise to persons who enter into DA 258-9

renewed in Zerubbabel’s time PK 569

saving faith is transaction by which believers join in DA 347

saving faith unites soul in MH 62

true prosperity depends on continuance of PK 570

use diligently every means of keeping 7T 108; 9T 251

what is required of Christians in ML 282

with surrounding nations, Israel warned against PK 569


Covering, over God’s people, protects them in time of trouble EW 43-4

Coveted reward

Coveted reward, offered by Balak, Balaam determined to obtain PP 441

Covetous act, Covetous acts

Covetous act, Covetous acts, close and, many Sabbathkeepers guilty of 2SG 248

disgrace doer 7BC 906

of professed Christians, devils mark EW 268

Covetous attributes

Covetous attributes, opposed to exercise of Christian beneficence CS 26

Covetous course

Covetous course, minister’s, begets same spirit in others 2T 545

Covetous disposition

Covetous disposition, Ahab was naturally of PK 204

Judas Iscariot indulged his DA 718

Covetous extortion

Covetous extortion, will bring its reward 2SG 247; 1T 176

Covetous eyes

Covetous eyes, of Babylonians, for treasures of God’s people in Hezekiah’s time PK 345-6

Covetous heart

Covetous heart, will be tested 2SG 237


Covetousness EW 266-9

Achan was led to ruin by 2BC 997; PP 496-8; 3T 264, 268-9; 4T 492

all selfishness is CS 223

all through ranks of Sabbathkeepers 1T 140

always craving 3T 382

among God’s people CG 543; 2T 199; 3T 127, 269-71; 4T 484; 5T 202

Ananias and Sapphira cherished AA 74; GC 44; PP 496

Balaam gave himself up to PP 439, 451; 4aSG 43-4

Balaam was blinded by PP 442

Balaam was led to ruin by 1BC 1116; PP 439-40

Balaam’s, bribe excited PP 439

beware of 2T 626

cankering sin of, God’s remedy for 3T 548

character cannot be complete when, is retained CS 19

character defect opposed to exercise of Christian graces 5T 283

cherished by poor persons 2SG 153-6

cherishing, displeases God CS 145

Christ’s grace has power to overcome CS 28

Christ’s love in heart is remedy for 3T 382

Christian name disgraced by 3T 550

church members warned against 1T 192

constant practice of systematic benevolence weakens 3T 548

continual giving starves, to death 3T 548

conversation with, among ministers 2T 623

dangerous to spirituality 3T 549

deadens perceptions PP 496

Decalogue forbids PP 309; SD 65

defilement of, how to keep heart and hands from CH 410; 4T 574

deprives men of heavenly treasure CS 118; 2T 666

development of Christian character is hindered by CS 19

discontent created in families by PP 497

disease of, blasts soul 2SM 186

dreadful evil of, safeguard provided by God against 3T 548

eats out: spirituality and life of God’s people 1T 141

vitals of God’s people SD 264; 3T 405

envy and hatred of the poor is excited against the rich by PP 497

especially offensive to God SC 30; 5T 337

exhibition of, grieves angels 2T 239

feelings of, grieve Spirit AA 72

foul blot upon church’s purity GC 44

fruit of spirit of devils 2SG 226; 1T 188

galling yoke of 3T 384-5

Gehazi’s, punished with leprosy PK 250-2

general heading of, sins of falsehood, theft, robbery, fraud, and avarice are listed under LS 241; 4T 385

God abhors all 3BC 1158

God hates AA 74

God’s law forbids 2BC 997; PP 309

God’s prospering hand withdrawn from some believers guilty of 1T 225

God’s special frown is upon 2SG 214

God’s work must be carried forward without TM 341

greatest sin in church is 2SG 236; 1T 194

grows imperceptibly upon men 1T 140

habits of, teach children to look with disgust on CSW 139-40

very hard to break PP 496

has paralyzing influence on soul 3T 547

hoarding feeds 3T 548

how Christ dealt with COL 254

how giving puts, to flight 4T 485

how men are robbed by their 2T 653

how men become defiled with CS 217

how property is transferred to conceal 1T 528-9

Hull (Moses) was ruined by 2T 625

Huram’s, as master workman on Solomon’s temple PK 64; 2SM 175

increase of, among God’s people 1T 136

with increase of wages 2BC 1028; 2SM 177

increases with exercise CS 149

indulged by parents for children, relatives, and friends CS 260

indulged under cover of preaching Christ, warning against 2T 623

indulgence of, warning against PP 496; 1T 142-3, 194, 636, 638; 3T 130; 4T 463; 5T 259-60

is desire of benefit for self’s sake COL 259

is evil of gradual development PP 496

is idolatry 1BC 1116; CG 543; COL 261; CS 26, 84; PP 439, 496; 2SM 177; 3T 130, 201, 250, 387, 403, 513; 4T 107, 476; 5T 270, 337

Jews were despised by heathen because of PK 20

Jewish leaders were despised by the heathen because of COL 293

Judas Iscariot had hereditary and cultivated tendency to CS 219

Judas Iscariot’s CS 219-20; EW 268; 2SG 233

corrupted him CS 220

fatal to him CS 219-20; PP 496

hidden under pretended conscientious regard for the poor 1T 192

how Christ dealt with DA 295

overcame him 4T 41-2

leads men to rob God AA 339; PP 497; 3T 269

leads to destruction 1T 140

least degree of, God cannot approve EW 268

lesson given by Christ re 3T 401

listed under heading of selfishness 4T 476

lives that have no place for AA 70-1

Lucifer’s downfall caused by GC 494; PP 496-7

man becomes servant of sin by SL 92

many believers in danger of being ensnared by 9T 254-5

many people led by, to rob God in tithes and offerings 3T 269; 6T 387

many persons not aware of, in their hearts 1T 140

love of, progress of God’s cause is hindered by 7T 296

must be: overcome 2T 681-2

subdued and sacrificed forever 1T 705

offspring of selfishness and sin MM 184

one of: greatest sins in Christian world 4T 475

most common and most lightly regarded sins PP 496

most common and popular sins of last days 3T 547

sins of Jerusalem 8T 134

only way to overcome 3T 545

overcome in proportion as Christ’s love fills heart 3T 382

parable of talents was designed to bar out 3T 387

persons who cling to, God will separate from His people 1T 238

persons who give themselves up to, warning to AA 76

persons who have great work to do to overcome CS 151

persons withholding means from God’s work through, will prove curse 1T 638

Pharisees rebuked by Christ for 1T 539

plan of systematic benevolence was ordained to correct 1T 545-6

poisonous plant sown by Satan AH 196; ML 179

poisonous weed 2SG 236; 1T 194-5

poor afflicted persons warned against 1T 642

power of, God never converts soul to leave it under 3T 393

powerful passion in human heart 2SM 216

prevailing, hinders advancement of God’s work 4T 483

professing Christian is pledged to discourage MM 127

prompts grinding oppression of the poor by the rich PP 497

put to flight 4T 485

recollection that would put, to flight 4T 485

registered against some of God’s people TM 146

rich fool lost both worlds through 3T 402

root of, Christ struck at DA 295

Satan’s plan to ensnare God’s people by EW 266-9; TM 472-5

sin of 3T 544-51

Christ frequently rebuked 3T 545; 4T 82

dangerous and deceitful 3T 548

enormity of PP 496

God ordained that giving should counteract 3T 548

persons of selfish and penurious spirit blind their eyes to 3T 513

slimy track of, seen everywhere PP 497

Snook (B. F.) was ruined by 2T 625

some believers because of, until deprived of life will not release property which God has lent them 5T 155

some people try to excuse their, by being charitable at death 4T 479-80

soul is cut off from life by COL 259

special danger of, poor believers who are in 2T 229

spirit of: is abhorrent to God AA 339

leads men to keep their means for self-gratification AA 339

rife in world 2BC 1028; MYP 303; PK 64; 2SM 176

Solomon cherished 2BC 1026; 2SM 173

that leads to demand for higher wages PK 64

workmen in finer arts indulged PK 63

springs out of love of world 1T 141

starved to death by continual giving 3T 548

stinted offerings presented to God as result of 1T 221

sympathy and, unequal struggle between CS 25

system of benevolence was arranged to prevent 3T 547

temptation of, results of yielding to 8T 134

these are days of subtle 7BC 966

tendency to: eats into men’s hearts 5T 481

must be constantly restrained 5T 481

Spirit can expel CS 313

vice that God abominates MM 184

ways opened by God for overcoming 3T 545

wealthy persons who have great work to do to overcome CS 151

wearisome load 4T 241

weight that Christian must lay aside to win race for immortality AA 312

why, is seen in church TM 162

will (testament) that is evidence of 4T 81-2


Christ frequently rebuked OHC 193:2; RY 95:2

comes from unrenewed heart OHC 336:4

defiled with, if heaven eclipsed by earthly things OHC 200:3

forbidden things and TSB 191:3

idolatry OHC 180:3

increases with practice—greater near death OHC 188:2

Judas’ tendency toward, reinforced by habit 2MCP 598:3

living for self; soul cut off from life OHC 287:3

obliterates distinction between Christian and world HP 165:2

others to be looked on not for, but for justice TMK 176:2

overcome, by laying possessions on God’s altar OHC 189:4

prosperity, a temptation for those who have OHC 189:3

remedy for TDG 347:3

springs from love of world OHC 189:2

See also Comparison

Covetous person, Covetous persons

Covetous person, Covetous persons, Christ gave many reproofs to CG 132

close and, man who was naturally 1T 207

every, will fall out by way EW 269

will fall under Satan’s power TM 474

God can drop out CS 199

must be hid in Christ and seek His glory 5T 250

natural that, should become more covetous CS 149

no, can pass through pearly gates CS 26

plan of systematic benevolence tests 1T 221

prayers of, God abhors EW 268

some believers possessing property are 2SG 153-4

systematic benevolence designed by God to tear treasures away from 3T 548

will be separated from believers 9T 126

will sell Christ as did Judas Iscariot EW 269

Covetous poor person, Covetous poor persons

Covetous poor person, Covetous poor persons, testimony rejected by 2SG 157

Covetous rich person, Covetous rich persons

Covetous rich person, Covetous rich persons, testimony rejected by 2SG 157

Covetous spirit

Covetous spirit, abhor 2BC 1029

cherishing, results of CS 26

persons possessing, recorded in book of heaven as idolaters CS 26

Covetous thought, Covetous thoughts

Covetous thought, Covetous thoughts, God reads, of every heart CS 87

Cow, Cows

Cow, Cows, death of, because of owner’s unfaithfulness 2T 661

diseased, flesh food provided by 2T 369

milk from 2T 369

healthy, get milk and butter from CD 203, 210, 227, 357-8, 367, 488; MH 320

Holstein and Jersey, EGW’s CD 351, 357, 490

See also Cattle

Coward, Cowards

Coward, Cowards, Abraham was not PP 135

do not be, in face of world 2SM 343

in Israel, perished in wilderness Ed 149; PP 513

lesson for SL 40

men of giant intellect who are 3T 495-6

never do wrong action rather than be called FE 93

person who abuses animals is PP 443

ripening for second death 2T 630

soldiers of cross whom God accounts 3T 316


Cowardice, Christ was accused of, by His brothers DA 89

Christ’s forbearance and kindness were termed DA 88

fruit of, instruction that was AA 404

gather courage from, of others 5T 136

Israel could not subdue her enemies because of PP 391

Israelites’ efforts to redeem their PP 392

never place truth in background from 6T 145

never put Bible in background because of 5T 27

nothing is gained by 5T 527

of ministers who shrink from opposition 2T 341

one man’s, may bring disaster to entire army 5T 395

Peter’s opportunity to redeem his AA 62-4

righteousness is not PP 135

shrinks from faith’s presence 5T 48

Zedekiah’s PK 455-6; 4T 182-4

See also Fear


Cowardly, humility does not mean that Christians are to be COL 363

Israelites lost victory because they were, in Samson’s time PP 564

Cowardly course

Cowardly course, Nehemiah would not be induced to follow SD 213

Cowardly despair

Cowardly despair, Israel given to PP 388

Cowardly servant

Cowardly servant, timid and, half-service makes AH 431

Cowardly weakness

Cowardly weakness, no, in Christ’s manner DA 735

Cowardly work

Cowardly work, against people who love God and keep His commandments TM 274

Co-worker, Co-workers

Co-worker, Co-workers, all who accept salvation pledge themselves to be, with Christ 5T 604

believer in Christ is to be, with Him in works of self-denial and benevolence MM 315

Christ calls for, not blunderers 4T 67

God chose to make us, with Himself, Christ, and angels SC 79

God honors us by making us His 3T 391

God’s plan of enlisting man as, with Christ 3T 382

persons engaged in work of saving souls are, with Christ 1T 431

we are either, with Christ or with enemy 1T 126

we are honored by becoming, with Christ MYP 125

why Christ formed plan of enlisting man as His 9T 253-4

with Christ, need of 4T 67-83

youth may be, with God in work of human redemption MYP 21

See also Co-operation

Cowper, Wm.

Cowper, Wm., quoted MYP 97; 5T 726

Cox, Robert

Cox, Robert, quoted GC 574

Cracker, Crackers

Cracker, Crackers, English biscuits called MH 321

sweet, not best CD 274, 321

See also Cookies


Cradle, child should be taught from, that his will is not to be law CG 194

of carnal security: multitudes rocked to sleep in GC 539

not all will be rocked to sleep in 5T 10

world is rocked to sleep in 5BC 1122

self-control should be taught to children from CG 113, 408

temperance should be taught to children from CG 408


Craft, Satan works with all, to corrupt our minds SD 15

Craft, Crafts

Craft, Crafts, missionaries skilled in various, need of MH 194

persons skilled in, miss. work should be done by 9T 36

See also Trade


See Deception


See Trade; Vocations


Craftsman, toil of, linked by Paul with highest ministry Ed 217


trade of, consecrated by Christ UL 67:3

Crafty men

Crafty men, lie in wait to deceive unwary children of God 3T 427


“Cramming,” educational system of, often destroys health and unfits youth for usefulness Ed 226

Cramp, Cramps

Cramp, Cramps, diseased flesh food causes 4aSG 147

flesh foods cause 2SM 419