EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Conversion, Conversions - Cooking

Conversion, Conversions

Conversion, Conversions COL 98-9; DA 171-4; Ev 286-7

1. Classes of

2. Effects of

3. Miscellaneous


1. Classes of

after marriage PP 175

after peculiar order but lacking divine signature 2SM 59

children’s: chief hindrance to CG 498

continual talk will not produce 4T 609

do not look for violent emotion as essential evidence of DA 515

exact time of, it is not necessary to know DA 515

gospel work for DA 515

mother’s prayers for 2T 274

need of, before they receive baptism 6T 94-5

parents should work for 7T 11

place of, it is not necessary to know DA 515

work for DA 515; 1SM 190

daily: decided, need of 6BC 1115

evidence of 7T 198

following Christ requires 1BC 1113

fresh, need of 1T 699

God’s people need 6BC 1115; ChS 91; 1SM 165; 2T 505, 516; 4T 559; 7T 251; TM 185, 248

is not completed until Christian character is perfected 2T 505

is positive necessity 4T 559

living Christian experience 2T 505

remedy for murmuring, complaining, and perplexities is MB 101

results of experiencing MB 101

san. workers need 4T 559

wholehearted, need of 1BC 1113

genuine: assent to truth is not 4T 321, 396; 5T 218

changes hereditary and cultivated tendencies to wrong 6BC 1101

decided chance is effected in many youth by FE 455

miracles are to be wrought in AA 140; MH 216

some, experienced in last hours of life 5BC 1124; 1SM 262

heart, great truth of COL 98

teachers need CT 359

many people’s, is to minister instead of Christ 4T 316

new: Ezra experienced PK 608

involves transformation of mind 2T 124

man of stubborn will who needed 4T 217

ministers and people need 2T 124

need of 4T 220

Paul daily experienced 4T 66

seek 9T 107

of sinners: angels rejoice over GW 170-1

burden of minister’s work should be GW 312

Christ longs to work mightily by His Spirit for 5T 189

great objective of med. institutions should be Ev 537

greater power for, how to obtain 6T 399

greatest work in which man can have part is 7T 52

highest work men can engage in is Ev 292

knowledge re, that gospel worker needs CSW 157

must be our one object MM 328

strongest proof of man’s call to gospel ministry is shown by AA 328

when God will work mightily for 7T 237

work for, most people do not appreciate 2T 294

minister should tax resources to utmost for AA 370; GW 465; 6T 22

Paul’s AA 113-22, 245-7, 436-7; 7BC 903; EW 200-2; SR 268-73; 3T 432; 4T 66

personal, ministers must stress need of 5T 619

real, evidences of 5T 82-3

sickbed, will be more often in future 6T 233

spurious: are not proof that all conversions are questionable GW 170

proof of, inability to tell time and place of conversion is not DA 172

true and, difference between GC 463

sudden, how Spirit effects what many people call DA 172

superficial: abound GC 468

are not deep, earnest, and thorough 2T 634

persons who have experienced only 5T 536

popular revivals produce GC 463

preaching that produces 1T 380

thorough: baptismal candidates need Ev 308; 2T 540; 6T 94-5

crown of everlasting life cannot be obtained without 4T 40, 42; 5T 433

essential to salvation 2T 48, 96; 4T 215

God’s people need 4T 155

gospel workers need 5T 593

man cannot be true Christian without 2T 289

man who needed 3T 552

means transformation of self by renewing of mind 2T 174, 301; 3T 552

persons connected with colleges need 5T 92

produces thorough transformation 2T 174

slays self 2T 496

youth need 2SG 256

through faith, truths of God’s word meet man’s practical need of COL 100

true 6BC 1115; MYP 71-4; SC 78; 2T 291-6

abandonment of superstition as one evidence of AA 288; MYP 275

abhorrence for former sinful things delighted in is one evidence of AA 288

angels sing over every Ev 292; GW 170-1; 7T 52

battle that must be fought by every heart experiencing 5T 47

calls for entire surrender to God 6T 92

defined MYP 74

evidence of lack of 5T 218; 6T 92-3

evidenced by abhorrence of sin and folly 2T 291

experience of, result of passing through ML 176

fruits of GC 478; 5T 569; 9T 155

God’s people should seek Him for CW 105-6

is change of heart 6T 95

is free from boastful claims of holiness SD 334

is radical change 4T 17

known by its fruits GC 461-3

leads to constant and abiding activity SD 334

leads to genuine love for Christ and all for whom He died 5T 279

love to God and man one of strongest evidences of AA 262

makes man faithful in his everyday work MYP 72

many persons professing faith do not know what is 4T 534

not more than half of youth professing religion and truth have experienced 1T 158

seek the Lord for, of heart and life CW 106

shown by forsaking of sins 5BC 1077

shown by obedience to God’s commandments 5BC 1077; COL 313

spirit of self-denial and sacrifice is outgrowth of SC 78

spurious and, difference between GC 463

theory of truth is accepted by many people without 5T 218

transformation that results from 2T 294

unmistakable marks that carnal mind subdued by 2SG 263

without agony of violent process 1SM 177-8

under modern revivals, results of GC 463

wholehearted, to follow Jesus requires 1BC 1113

world’s erroneous doctrine re GC 321

grand movement for GC 588-9

youth’s, great burden of parents and teachers should be CSW 50

2. Effects of

abandonment of: sinful lusts SC 57-8

unrighteous practices DA 556

appetite and diet corresponding with profession of faith CD 297

appetites and passions subjected to God’s will 9T 151

bent of heart is turned 4T 17

chains of sinful habits are broken AA 476

change of thoughts 6T 95

changed mind COL 98-9

character changed or transformed 5BC 1144; SC 57-8; 1SM 337-8

conduct changed 5BC 1144; 5T 569

conscience awakened COL 98-9

countenance reflecting light of heaven DA 173

deep movings of Spirit 5T 537

delight in society of the godly 2T 295

delight in works of holiness 2T 294-5

disobedience put away 6T 95

drift of mind is turned 4T 17

drunken soul becomes sober AA 476; Ed 172; SC 58

entire surrender to God 6T 92

entire transformation MYP 65-6

eternal things become topic of life GC 463

evil deeds renounced DA 173

evil habits given up 6T 95

evilspeaking put away 6T 95

exemplifying principles of truth before world 5T 569

faculties roused to action in new lines COL 99

faculties sanctified COL 99

feelings decidedly changed 5T 82

former pleasures renounced 2T 294

freedom from power of covetousness 3T 393

fruits of Spirit borne in life 9T 155

habits and practices changed MYP 275; SC 57; 6T 95

hatred for sin 2T 294

heart changed or renewed MYP 65; 3T 552; 6T 95

holy and beneficent works TM 394

humility in place of envy DA 173

intellect strengthened and invigorated MYP 65-6

jealousy put away 6T 95

joy in place of sadness DA 173

joy of salvation AA 476

life in accord with God’s law GC 467-8

life of faith, victory, and joy in God GC 477-8

life rich in good works 2T 295

life transformed DA 173

living as bearer of light to others FE 185

living in Christ FE 199

longing desire to: help others see Christ AA 246; DA 141; SC 78; 9T 30

see friends accept Christ 5T 83

love, joy, peace, and gratitude in soul 1SM 336

love for things God loves 1SM 336

love in place of anger DA 173

marvelous change MYP 274

meekness and lowliness of heart SC 58

mental faculties roused to action COL 98-9

mental faculties sanctified COL 98-9

mind changed or renewed COL 98-9; 2T 174, 294, 301, 678

miss. spirit 7T 11; 9T 30

motives decidedly changed 5T 82

natural inclinations softened and subdued COL 98

new affections 2T 294

new desires 2T 294

new feelings COL 98

new interest 2T 294

new life in Christ 4T 17

new light shining in soul FE 199

new love 2T 294

new mind 2T 294

new moral taste 1SM 336

new motive power 1SM 336

new motives COL 98

new song breaks forth AA 476

new sorrows 2T 294

new standard of character is set up COL 98-9

new thoughts COL 98

new will 2T 294

obedience to God’s commandments COL 312-3

passions and powers brought under Christ’s control 5T 219

peace in place of strife DA 173

peace with God AA 476; GC 463, 470

pride and self-assertion changed to meekness SC 58

profane soul becomes reverent AA 476; Ed 172

profligate soul becomes pure AA 476; Ed 172; SC 58

purposes changed 6T 95

pursuits changed SC 57

radical change 4T 17

reformation in life 2T 678

renunciation of superstitious practices AA 288; MYP 275

selfishness is renounced AA 476; Ed 172; 7T 198

self-love and vanity renounced 2T 295

separation from worldly connections 5T 82-3

serious and unobtrusive spirit SC 58

sins put away 6T 95

sinful thoughts put away DA 173

sorrow for sins committed GC 462-3

Spirit controls mind and heart AA 476

strict honesty in dealing with others MYP 72

striving to overcome sin 9T 151

study of God’s word 2T 294-5

talking as Christ talked 5T 569

transformation into God’s image AA 476

trustful dependence on God ML 176

walking as Christ walked 5T 569

working as Christ worked 5T 569

warfare against evil traits of character 6T 95

works of righteousness COL 313

world’s vain customs and fashions laid aside SC 58

3. Miscellaneous

alphabet of, Christ taught Nicodemus FE 459; 6T 154

arduous struggle for conquest over self must follow 5T 412-3

bent of heart is changed by 4T 17

change wrought by, is one of deepest mysteries of God’s word AA 476

Christian life has just begun at GC 470

Christian may be enabled to lead souls to MYP 26

comes first, and seeking salvation of others comes next CS 48

confused ideas re, many people have Ev 286-7

doctrine of, Nicodemus did not understand Ev 289

does not endow man with new mental faculties or powers COL 98-9; ML 24

does not make man secure against temptation COL 155

effects and evidences of COL 98-9, 163, 313; DA 172-3; GC 461-3; MYP 74; SC 57-8; 1SM 336; 2T 294-5; 4T 625-6; 5T 82-3, 386; 9T 151, 155

effects of, can be seen Ev 289

effects produced by grace in CSW 68

eloquence alone cannot effect AA 240; 1T 380

erroneous doctrines re Ev 286-7

erroneous idea re: many people led to ruin by Ev 286

over which thousands have stumbled MYP 71; SD 100

thousands have stumbled to ruin because of MYP 71

wrong conception of God’s law has led to GC 465

exact time of, may not be known DA 172, 515; SC 57

experience that must follow AA 476-7; ML 313

experience that one goes through in 9T 151

far more done by heavenly universe in preparing way for, of souls than we realize 6T 50

fatal error re 5T 412

first steps in, repentance, faith, and baptism as 5T 412

force of argument alone cannot effect AA 240

from error to truth, important interest involved in 5T 620

fruits of GC 477-8

show what is 6T 95

God’s law and GC 465-7; 1SM 212; 3T 432; 4T 14

God’s plan for 2SM 371

God’s power alone can effect AA 240; 1T 380; 7T 35

great talents alone cannot effect 1T 380

human agent does not effect 6T 399

if SDA were courteous there would be 100, where there is now one 9T 189

importance of, is valued by appreciation of immortality 5T 620

is not: rapture or flight of feeding 4BC 1164; Ev 286-7; MYP 71-2

small matter 2T 294

is work most people do not appreciate 2T 294

let it not be said that SDA do not believe in Ev 599

man cannot accomplish, for himself DA 324; Ev 333; SC 57

man cannot prosper in religious things without 2T 288

man must experience, in order to enter God’s kingdom 2T 174; 4T 42, 138

man’s great need MM 264

men in responsible positions need 8T 149

many more, Christian living that would result in MM 254

greater liberality in giving to God’s cause would result in CS 295

many people think that SDA do not believe in 6T 68

meaning of: candidates for baptism need to understand 6T 94-5

many people do not understand MYP 71

Nicodemus did not understand Ev 289

mere change in feelings is not 4BC 1164; MYP 71

ministers need 2T 124; 4T 446, 526

miracle of DA 407

greatest miracle performed by divine power is Ev 289-90

miracle of miracles is AA 476; Ed 172

never wrought by man Ev 333

one of deepest mysteries of God’s word is Ed 172

we cannot understand; we can only believe AA 476

more than 1000, will soon be seen in one day CM 151; CW 181; Ev 693

mystery of, exceeds human knowledge and is divine reality DA 173; Ed 172

new standard of character is set up at COL 98-9

new thoughts, feelings, and motives implanted as result of COL 98; 5T 82

no, at second advent AH 319

not all, are alike Ev 287-8; 1SM 177-8

not all who would teach truth to others have experienced 2T 505

not complete till Christian character is perfected 2T 505

not more than half of youth professing religion have experienced 1T 158

of 100 where there is now one, condition that would bring about 9T 189

of purpose, true repentance includes SC 23

of sinners, how to have greater power for 6T 399

of souls to God is greatest and noblest work in which men can have part 7T 52

of 20 where there is now one, condition that would bring about 4T 68

one year after, condition of many people SD 89

Paul was inspired by, with longing to help others AA 246

Paul was new man after AA 436-7

Paul’s religious experience before 1SM 346

place of, may not be known DA 172, 515; SC 57

possible only as soul co-operates with divine agencies 8T 56

power invisible to human eye effects DA 173; Ev 289; SC 57

prayer for, God hears MYP 315

principles to keep in mind re 3T 432

ready speech alone cannot effect 1T 380

remorseful terror does not always accompany Ev 287-8; 1SM 177-8

requisite step(s) in Ev 306; 3T 432; 4T 40-1

baptism 5BC 1113; Ev 306; SR 289; 3T 432; 4T 40; 5T 412

faith Ev 306; MYP 72; SR 289; 4T 40; 5T 412

faith in Christ as Saviour 3T 432

first, when church seemed to take only 4T 535

make, plain and clear Ev 188; 1SM 157

obedience to God’s law 3T 432

repentance Ev 306; MYP 72; SR 289; 3T 432; 4T 40; 5T 412

witnessing for Christ 3T 432

salvation is not yet accomplished at ML 313

some people experience: after patient and protracted process DA 172

in quiet or gentle way Ev 287-9

without being able to tell all circumstances of it DA 172

without instrumentality of sermon 5T 300

without knowing exact time and place of it DA 172; SC 57

without violent emotion DA 515; 1SM 177-8

soul has arduous struggle after AA 476-7; ML 313

soul has race to run after ML 313

Spirit effects AA 476; COL 98; DA 172; FE 435; SC 57; 5T 189; 9T 126

substitute for, subscribing to creed is not Ev 291

uniting with church is not Ev 290-1

teaching of Bible re, read to baptismal candidates 6T 95

test of, willing obedience to God is CG 489

there will be as many, in one day as on Pentecost Ev 692

things that will not effect 1T 380

thousands of, will be seen in future Ev 692-3

transformation of character as result of 1SM 337-8

truth’s power to effect CM 153

violent conviction does not always accompany Ev 287-8; 1SM 177-8

vow that believer makes at AA 475-6

waves of glory sent in praise to heaven by 4T 485

wealthy person’s, in God’s providence 2SG 244

when there will be as many, as on Day of Pentecost Ev 692-3; 2SM 57

will be made to truth with surprising rapidity 2SM 16

work as well as pray for, of souls 4T 236

world sees living testimony in 1SM 141

youth who think they are Christians but have never experienced 2T 289

See also Heart; Half-converted; Re-conversion; Regeneration


attitude and words witness to genuine, inviting sinners FW 65:1

baptism is a step in LHU 79

called for UL 345


after, human goodness does not bring AG 319:4


in desires for ease and elegance UL 330:5

made in the life FW 63:1

not an emotion HP 116:3

of heart, turning to righteousness HP 20:3

in views and feelings result from 3SM 200:4

character transformed at true TMK 62:2

Christ showed steps of, by His example HP 252:2

communion daily from TDG 277:2

confidence learned by HP 248:3

consecration at, avails nothing unless renewed daily TMK 155:5

considered different after UL 323:4

continual work OHC 215:2

controversy and debate end at time of; plain truth VSS 319:2

cooperation with God required in HP 20:4

daily, SW 28:1

by canvassers for a saving influence PM 302:1

for heart and character 1MCP 102:0

minister needed TSB 172:1


and watchfulness; by families TDG 307

correct business wrongs TDG 343:2

not a critical spirit UL 270:2

to work in God’s cause TDG 53:4

publishing workers to experience PM 72:4

right status of mind and heart needed for UL 269:5

defined in John 3:1-16 FW 63:1

duties after, first to own children OHC 304:2

ends controversy and debate RC 112:3

experience of,

doubted when old habits permitted TDG 52:4

in receiving Christ as personal Saviour 1MCP 124:5


by low appreciation of God’s law; (spurious) FW 96:3

ideas of, preached; repentance equated with pardon FW 25:1

families without, will be lost TDG 73:3


church books record many whose lives lack HP 148:2

interpretation of UL 221:4

needed by majority of professed Christians OHC 218:4

good works begin to appear with, in the life RC 287:4

grace of Christ seen and wanted brings RC 185:3

habits and besetments discarded through Christ at TMK 247:3

hearts united in faith and love by HP 248:3

Holy Spirit

is the only power causing RC 114:3

renews conscience; reallocates abilities OHC 104:2

works on heart in, and individual works HP 21:6

hundreds, if Scriptures studied more TDG 18:4

individual work OHC 90:3

jail keeper’s and prisoners’, told to new converts RC 343:4

joining a church is of little value without RC 217:3

joy shared by ones with true CME 26:5

laws of health regarded by those experiencing HP 191:5

led to, in different ways TDG 297:2

liberality through, to supply treasury TDG 347:2

life after, exemplifies Christ amid teachings of evil HP 154:3

light of the world from the moment of HP 339:4

make sure of, in making calling and election sure OHC 74:4

meaning of, not understood by many TDG 100:3

mind of Christ received in, RC 35:4; TMK 134:3

not another human’s mind 2MCP 428:2


need; dry, Christless sermons 3SM 184:2

to dwell on subjects which explain FW 19:0

missionaries for truth after UL 171:6

mixing Christ with Belial does not produce CC 200:4

moral taste changed by UL 175:2

music may be the means of 3SM 335:2; VSS 425:2

need for, among church members RC 121:4

needed by some who profess Christianity UL 22:5

new, required to change false ideas about salvation FW 19:1

Nicodemus could not harmonize Christ’s call to CC 292:2

not understood by many young people sent as laborers FW 18:3

others helped through, instead of self-gratification OHC 284:4

parents need daily; train for eternal kingdom 1MCP 179:3

perplexing to many because of confusing doctrines TMK 113:3

personal work of each individual; own will exercised 2MCP 423:2


for, lacking in belief that God saves in sin 3SM 155:1

in Ellen White books brings PM 356:1

of, daily for each family member TMK 143:2

needed, RC 22:3

by workers with selfish ambition PM 70:0

to be ready for Christ’s return HP 285:2

to come into all in God’s work TDG 239:5

prayer for truth and knowing its importance brings LHU 123:6

preaching Christ—not tongues or miracles—brings RC 256:3

process of, needs to be understood by all FLB 139:4

profession does not produce TDG 357:5

racial prejudice disappears at SW 55:1

(regeneration), path to the holy city TDG 108:5

renewal of; to resist Satan’s coming as beautiful angel TDG 336:4

results of, HP 20:3, 248:2

to be dwelt on OHC 89:3


not yet accomplished at OHC 163:2

requires knowing the experience of HP 20:2

Satan’s malice aroused by OHC 89:4

scribes and Pharisees refused, but lowly ones obeyed LHU 259:2

SDAs (many) need; asleep in their sins 3SM 113:5

service and good works taken up after AG 319:5

simplicity and power bring, by what is in censer PM 308:4


given up in true; character of sin not discerned FW 25:0

not covered in genuine; extramarital relationship TSB 137:2

sinner at,

becomes child of God; Satan’s power broken OHC 89:3

brings God glory in heaven and earth RC 198:4


longed for by one experiencing TDG 330:4

worked for by those having experienced TDG 355:4

standard to be received at, God’s will—Christ’s character OHC 108:2

steps in LHU 79

story of, at camp meeting with Ellen White UL 194

teachers of others need, to lift up Christ VSS 315:0

thorough, needed for spiritual life OHC 336:4

transformation by power of SW 17:3


cross revealed in daily actions of those with RC 287:2

submission to God’s will HP 147:4


of, presented in Christ’s words to Nicodemus HP 21:2

understood and given brings LHU 123:6

unexplainable by precise methods CC 292:2

united with Christ at OHC 89:3

weaklings may become giants by true RC 111:5

will needed in, not evidence 2MCP 691:3

wisdom from proud not to be depended on at time of TDG 326:2

words of uneducated ones before adversaries produce Mar 252:5


of, Christ began, when sin began 1MCP 29:1

to do by all who have experienced TDG 327:3

workers in publishing office need PM 85:1


for, of souls at all times PM 47:1

toward; ministers to do more than stir feeling VSS 342:0

wrong if church has low standards 3SM 260:0

See also Change; New birth; Restoration

Convert, Converts

Convert, Converts Ev 341-3; EW 118-21

accepting Christ in last hours of life will be instructed in heaven 1SM 262

are Christ’s subjects 5T 172

assign each, his post of duty 7T 30

Bible studies should be given to Ev 470

bright, who have only superficial religion COL 46

care needed by, after accepting truth 4T 68

church members should not gossip with 4T 69

church members should pray with 4T 69

class of, who are always unreliable 5T 286-7

who are false lights 5T 172

who are like driftwood GW 382

who are Satan’s most efficient agents 5T 172

who lure unwary souls to perdition 5T 172

who serve as Satan’s decoys to other souls 5T 172

who will not endure test of trial GW 368-9

do not leave, for wolves to devour Ev 340

do not move too fast in dealing with Te 131

do not require too much of Te 131

educate, in miss. work AA 105

establishing and holding Ev 334-40

like well-drilled soldiers Ev 340

faithfully instruct Ev 337

first affection of, to Christ is deep, full, and ardent 7BC 956

first experience of SD 89

give, faithful testimony against unchristian habits and practices 5T 172

gospel worker’s duty to AA 206-7

in popular revivals, have little desire to listen to Bible truth GC 463

seek something of sensational character GC 463

instruct, re tithes and offerings 6T 447

thoroughly in God’s word GW 369-70

instruction of, in alphabet of Christian faith AA 271

instruction that should be given to Ev 284

labor with divine zeal to win, to truth 1SM 84

ministers’ duty to GW 367-8

more than 1,000 will be won in one day, most of whom first convicted by literature Ev 693

multitudes of, will accept truth under outpouring of Spirit Ev 700

need of nursing, as babes in truth 4T 68

need to: have root in themselves Ev 356

help establish church buildings Ev 379

read Great Controversy Ev 366

read Patriarchs and Prophets Ev 366

seek counsel from persons experienced in God’s work 7T 20

need to be nourished and cherished, on coming into church 4T 237

never bring truth down to low level in order to obtain Ev 137

newly won, care for 4T 67-9

of promise and ability, should be encouraged to enter gospel work AA 186-7

older church members’ duty to Ev 112-3, 351

Paul felt deep responsibility for his AA 206

Paul’s labors to strengthen and confirm AA 298-9

preparation of 5T 172

for church fellowship AA 298-9

principles of Christian life should be made plain to Ev 268

set, to work at once Ev 355

some, are coarse, rough, odd, and boastful 1T 415

can enter God’s work at once 7T 20

special help needed by, in time of trial 4T 69

special interest and care should be given 6T 92

spiritual welfare of, minister is to large extent responsible for AA 262

subjects in which, should be educated Ev 343

teach: foundation principles of Christian life COL 57-8

how to meet Satan’s attacks Ev 340

that they cannot safely be worldlings in conduct while Christian in name 5T 172

to support every department of God’s cause GW 370

to win souls 7T 20

to work for salvation of others Ev 356; 6T 49

tell, how to yield to Spirit’s power Ev 470

tempted, sympathy due to 5T 604-5

time coming when there will be as many, in a day as on Pentecost Ev 692

trained carefully for gospel work by Barnabas and Paul AA 187

truth usually finds its first, among humbler classes LS 306

why many, backslide SD 89

why so few, are brought into church 6T 371

why young, never go beyond ABC in divine things Ev 355

young: instruction needed by Ev 268

lamentable influence that hurts Ev 366-7

should not set affections more on minister than on Christ 4T 318

youthful, diligent labor needed in behalf of 6T 92-3

special care that should be given to Ev 367


apostles related prison experience to RC 343:4

charmed by beholding Christ TMK 216:2

Ellen White rejoiced to see youth with softened hearts among TDG 211:2

money given by, for sending light to others RC 202:2

obligation for influence to be sensed by TDG 211:3

strengthened by imprisonment and deliverance of apostles RC 343:6

See also Church members, new

Converted person, Converted persons

Converted person, Converted persons, better to have six thoroughly, than 60 not truly converted GW 370; 4T 317

half, is like tree without fruit 4T 155

truly, will work for others 2T 660

unless ministers are, people will not be 4T 445

Converting power

Converting power, need of PK 233

use of intoxicating liquor must be overcome by God’s Te 69

Convicted sinner

Convicted sinner, has something to do besides repent Ev 287

Conviction, Convictions

Conviction, Convictions, deliberate stifling of, results of GC 378

first glimmer of faith that grew into MH 75

first step in road to everlasting life 1T 159

God gives every soul freedom to follow his DA 550

have firm, as to what you believe Ev 361

most irreligious people have hours of 6T 71

must be reinforced by prayer and study of God’s word 6T 401

nothing could induce Paul to conceal his AA 331

of duty, no man should prescribe to another contrary to his 6T 334

of sin: first step in reconciliation to God is GC 467

men have no true, without God’s law GC 468

precedes repentance SC 24-5

what to do when under DA 659

without submission to God cannot save PP 587

of truth, result of disregarding Ev 282

presenting message in manner that produces 9T 123, 143

re diet, God’s people should be allowed to follow their own MM 269

repetition of sin stifles PP 268

sharp arrows of, pierce sinner’s soul PK 435; 4T 178

spirit of, combative attitude quenches Ev 155

that is deeper and higher than that of logic GW 157

that is not true repentance PP 100, 393, 587

violent emotion not essential evidence of DA 515


Abraham did not yield, to mistaken affection CC 49:3

brought to every heart at Christ’s return Mar 292:5

Christ spoke with dignity and LHU 17:8

Christ’s words brought UL 236:4

conscience may bring, but does it reach the heart? 1MCP 324:2

effort to lead to, with compassion TSB 265:1

fixed by words and actions UL 249:5


must have his own OHC 209:4

process OHC 90:3

Isaiah’s, genuine, not false humility RC 338:5

John’s words brought; love for Christ glowed in him VSS 364:4

lost by wrong associations UL 345:4

quenched by a thrust (stab) in presenting truth RC 240:4

resistance of,

but arrows of wrath in judgment FW 33:3

by antediluvians clouded discernment CC 35:5

leads to greatest lengths in sin RC 322:4

valuing human favor, as in Christ’s day 3SM 400:3

ridicule led to resistance of, by antediluvians RC 322:4

sermons with clarity, brevity and VSS 218:0

weakened by repeating sin of devoting powers to pride OHC 160:2

words from those unskilled in oratory will bring TDG 115:5

Convis, Mich.

Convis, Mich. 1T 579

Convocation, Convocations

Convocation, Convocations 2T 573-6

yearly: importance of faithfully attending 2T 574, 599

Israelites were required to assemble for 2T 598

observed in ancient Israel 2T 573-4

offerings Israelites were required to present at 2T 573

See also Camp meeting; Festival

Convocation meeting, Convocation meetings

Convocation meeting, Convocation meetings, sacred, come to 2T 575, 600

Convulsion, Convulsions

Convulsion, Convulsions, calomel causes 2SM 444

children’s unfavorable conditions in schoolroom cause 2SM 436

diseased flesh food causes 4aSG 147

flesh foods cause 2SM 419

nursing baby’s, mother’s condition as cause of CD 228; CH 80; 2SM 432

of nature, at Mt. Sinai PP 340

at second advent GC 637; 3SG 81-3; PP 109-10, 340

strychnine taken immoderately often causes 4aSG 138

Cook, Cooks

Cook, Cooks, classes who think themselves too aristocratic to associate with CD 252

duty of, to educate their tastes and eating habits in accord with laws of health CD 408

to prepare healthful food in variety of ways CG 373; CH 116; 1T 682

educated, why there are so few CD 252

efficient, needed to do miss. work MH 194; WM 75

should teach the poor how to cook MH 194; WM 75

women should do miss. work as 9T 36-7

girls should learn to be AH 91

good: are few CD 263; MH 302; MM 270; 1T 682

health reformers should be CH 450-1

inventive powers needed by CD 260

occupies important and elevated position 3T 158

services of, value of CD 259

simple dishes should be healthfully prepared by CD 260; MH 303

EGW highly esteemed CD 259, 60, 487; 2T 370

in private homes Ev 468

intelligent, God will give skill and understanding to 7T 113

should enlighten others 7T 113

intelligent and skillful, women should become 2T 370

missionary, should teach the poor how to cook WM 75

much depends on, in making change from flesh diet to vegetarian MH 317

need not continually toil to tempt appetite MH 308

needs to learn to: combine wholesome and nourishing articles of food CD 253

make appetizing dishes that are wholesome and nourishing CD 253

make food both palatable and healthful CG 373

prepare healthful food MH 302

prepare simple and palatable food MH 303

occupies most important place in family CD 252; 2T 370

perfect, worker in kitchen should seek to be COL 359

poor 1T 681

position of, compared to that of seamstress or copyist 2T 370

more important than that of copyist, dressmaker, or music teacher 3T 158

profession of, erroneous ideas re CD 252

regard the life of your CD 258

respect due to CD 252

sanitarium See Sanitarium cook

school See School cook

should excel in making bread CD 315

skill and intelligence of, family health and happiness depend on CD 252; Ed 216

teaching others, God promises skill and understanding to 7T 113

things should not be carelessly thrown together for food by CD 232

who will encourage use of flesh foods CD 410

whose hearts are open to Christ’s impressions and suggestions CD 254

young women consider it too menial to become 1T 682



1. Art of

2. Miscellaneous


1. Art of CG 371-7

all should learn MH 323

boys should be taught Ed 216

branch of education most directly influencing human life 1T 683-4

children should be taught FE 160; 1T 682; 2T 537

before taking organ or piano lessons CD 263; MM 270

classes for teaching, conduct MM 267

genuine education needed in MM 267; WM 128

girls should be taught 5T 90

before learning sciences 2T 369

house-to-house instruction should be given in CD 255, 472; MYP 218; 9T 161; WM 128

important branch of education 1T 682; 2T 369; 7T 113

important branch of knowledge 1T 685

important part of girl’s education CT 313

knowledge of: essential to family health and happiness Ed 216

men as well as women need MH 323

practical for young women 1T 683-4

vitally important CD 256

vitally important to women 2T 373

knowledge of music without knowledge of, worth little 2T 538

learning, need not exclude music CD 263; MM 270

lessons in, many mothers need CD 263; MM 270

men as well as women should learn CD 475; CH 155; MH 323; MM 270

more important for young women than: painting, fancywork, cube root, music, and rhetoric FE 74

piano, French, and algebra Ed 216

mothers should train daughters in CG 351-2; 1T 683-5; 2T 370

mothers’ deplorable lack of knowledge of Te 158

Negroes should be trained in Ev 469

no mean science MH 302; 1T 682

one of most important branches of education 1T 682

patience needed in teaching, to children 1T 684-5, 687

persons qualified to teach, all SDA schools need CD 254

persons sent to foreign countries find, useful CT 313

persons too ignorant and too careless to learn 2T 537

poor people should be taught 6T 278-9; 9T 36-7; WM 75

problems mothers meet in training daughters in 1T 685

schools need experienced teachers to instruct young women in 3T 156

SDA schools should teach CD 268, 475; CT 310, 312; Ev 475; 6T 182

to students FE 227; 7T 113

science above all other sciences CD 251; MM 270-1

science all women should learn MH 302-3

science essential in practical life MH 302

studies in, woman physician conducted MM 265

tact and skill needed in teaching 7T 113

teach, in way to benefit poorer classes MH 302-3

wherever truth is presented 9T 161

teachers intelligent and skillful in, needed 2T 370

time not wasted in learning CG 372-3; 1T 681-2

wife who knew nothing of 2T 369

wives and mothers need to learn CD 256; 4aSG 132

women need to read up on ways to improve in 1T 681

women not proficient in, should learn 2T 373

women should learn CD 254; CG 372; CH 117; Ev 480-1; MM 270; 2T 370, 537

young women need to learn 3T 156

young women should be thoroughly instructed in 1T 683

2. Miscellaneous

ability to do good, requires intelligence and experience 3T 158

art of doing good, most valuable of all gifts CD 251

best, in healthful lines needed in sanitariums CD 295

children should be taught to do, with simplicity and skill 2T 537

economical, teach young men and women to do CT 313

fashionable and health-destroying manner of 2SM 431

for Sabbath, should be done before Sabbath begins 6T 355

good: essential where flesh food is not principally eaten CD 256, 398; CG 384

is med. miss. work CD 263

man who tried to make sugar supply place of 2T 369-70

more religion in, than many people think CD 257; 2T 373, 537

needed as med. miss. work MM 270

needed to keep people in health MM 270

one of most useful branches of education FE 160

parents should give children lessons in CT 127

sacred duty of learning MH 302; CH 116

need of persons educated in CD 256

healthful 1T 680-7

essential to success of health reform CD 263

ingenuity needed constantly to excel in CD 254

knowledge of, essential to success of health reform MM 270

many people do not sense their duty re 1T 681

schools should give instruction in Ed 218

woman at head of family should understand art of MH 303

hygienic, learn MM 273-4

in city missions, intelligent women should have charge of CH 449

in sanitariums CD 288-9

in schools, for students FE 226

learn how to save and economize in CS 270

kind of, that is health deform CD 212

large amount of, not necessary CD 259

world filled with chronic invalids by 7T 135

laws of health should be observed in 2T 602

learn to do, more simply 9T 161

so as to make palatable and healthful 1T 681

lessons in hygienic, should be presented as truth spreads to new places CD 268

medical institutions need best help possible in CD 297

merely to suit appetite, is wrong 1T 681

mother’s time should not be too absorbed in CD 232

mothers spend too much time in 2SM 434-5

mothers’ duty re 4aSG 132-3

mysteries of, mothers should teach daughters all 2T 538

needless, mothers admonished re CT 129

no one can excel in, without continually exercising ingenuity MM 274

on Sabbath MH 307; 3SG 253-4; 6T 355, 357

people should be taught to do, in simple and appetizing way 9T 161

persons wishing to improve in, should subscribe to SDA health journals CD 253-4

poor: bad tempers caused by CD 256; 2T 373

blood of poor quality made by 1T 684

blood-making organs weakened by 1T 682

digestive organs destroyed by 1T 684

disease caused by CD 256; CG 373-4; CH 116-7; 2T 373

epitaph for grave of persons who die from MH 302

hindrance to health reform CH 450

ill effects of MH 302; 2T 369-70, 373

inflammatory disease caused by 1T 684

life energies of thousands worn away by CG 373; CH 116-7; 2T 538

life sacrificed unnecessarily to 2T 370

lifelong injury caused by FE 226

man who died from 2T 370

many souls lost as result of CG 373; MH 302

more souls lost from, than men have any idea of 2T 373

premature death caused by MH 302; 1T 684

sickness caused by CD 256; 2T 373

spiritual discernment hindered by 2T 373

suffering caused by CG 372

system deranged by CG 373-4; CH 116-7; 2T 373

whole families suffer sickness as result of CD 343

proper, most important accomplishment CD 256, 398

requiring little extra labor or expense 2SM 414

rich, can be avoided CD 289

right, has much to do with keeping human organism in health CD 251

science of, not a small matter CD 263; CT 312; MM 269

skill must be united with simplicity in 1T 681

skill needed in, to make food appetizing and nourishing MH 303

system of, taught in How to Live is not perfect 1T 680

talent for doing good, worth ten talents CD 251; MM 271

temperance should be practiced in Te 161

time occupied in, needed for moral and religious instruction CD 332

time misspent in 2SM 413-4

use of fruit saves much CD 87, 333; MM 274

without flesh foods, learn art of CD 407

without milk and eggs, teach people everywhere how to do MH 321

women should learn to do, with simplicity 1T 681

work of, necessary duty of moral importance 3T 80

work of, should not be regarded as sort of slavery CD 251; MM 270

young women think of, as menial MH 302

See also Baking


Friday the day for; Sabbath preparation HP 151:2

healthful, making dishes appetizing; ask Great Teacher TDG 136:4

instruction to be given in, wherever truth is taken CME 31


house-to-house; more schools for it CME 36:3


others as Christ helps you learn TDG 136:6

the poor CME 23:1

See also Food; Nutrition