EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Church membership - Circumstance, Circumstances

Church membership

Church membership, addict of strong drink who should not be accepted into Ev 264

admittance of persons into Ev 306-8, 313

alone, cannot save man 7BC 969

benefits of, to persons not wholly converted GC 43-4

candidates for, examination of Ev 313; 3T 186 See also Baptismal candidate

claims to, fanatical woman who forfeited 2SG 159

covenant of, by which we are bound COL 279

denial of, love of dress, selfishness, and love of pleasure are TM 129

dismissal of persons from Ev 368-72

should not be unfair, hasty, or impulsive Ev 369

dropping names from, without sufficient cause 2SG 150

duties and obligations of 4T 485

gospel work can never be finished until, rallies to do it 9T 117

is of no avail if one does not believe in Christ 5T 49

names that should not be retained in 5BC 1096

persons willfully indulging in sin should not be admitted to GC 43

preparation of children for CG 493-502

readmittance of person guilty of adultery into AH 346

sacredness of, not realized by many 4T 17

Satan seeks to crowd false brethren into Ev 313

should not be lightly canceled 4T 17

tobacco addict who should not be received into Ev 264

true miss. work increases TM 206

vows of, pledge us to be co-workers with Christ CT 466

why Christ accepted Judas Iscariot into GC 43-4

See also Church; Church fellowship; Church member


Churchmen, world-loving, used by Satan GC 53

Church observance, Church observances

Church observance, Church observances, many people punctilious in, are destitute of vitality and religious devotion 1SM 386

Church of England

Church of England GC 251-2, 255-8, 289-90, 358, 362, 384

atonement hidden by darkness over GC 253-4

customs and ceremonies of Roman Church adopted by GC 289

formalism in GC 255

head of, king enthroned as GC 251

rule of, religious declension under GC 253

dissenters persecuted under GC 251-2

Church office, Church offices

Church office, Church offices, all, centered in Christ FE 399

better to criticize man before he is put into, than afterward 5T 618

do not hurry men into, without due consideration and prayer 5T 617

persons who should be prepared to fill ChS 25

some, women could better fill WM 147

Church officer, Church officers

Church officer, Church officers, appointed in each church in apostolic times AA 185

Christ’s message to, re children MH 42-3

dictatorial, who love to rule in church 7BC 915

duty of: to church member before he is disfellowshiped GW 501; 7T 262-3

to needy persons such as Hannah More 1T 669

to promising youth CT 526

election of, every church member has voice in 8T 236

good judgment and tact needed by 5T 618

gospel work can never be finished till members rally to aid of 9T 117

how, can do good work for Christ 5T 238

need to: faithfully gather in tithe CS 106

help and encourage youth too poor to attend school CT 526; 9T 77-8

render faithful service by using their talents 3BC 1129-30

teach church faithfulness in tithes and offerings CS 106-7

urge faithfulness in payment of pledges CS 107

win children to Christ DA 517

need to be: careful in conduct MM 146-7

persons thoroughly converted 6T 85

persons who can minister in word and deed 6T 85

tactful 5T 618

ordain suitable men to act as AA 95

qualifications of 6T 85

selection of: casting of lots in 6BC 1054; 2SM 328

great care needed in 6T 85

prayer needed for guidance in WM 275

taxing labors of, in large churches 2T 115

whom God’s word rebukes 7BC 915

wise counsel given by Peter for GW 101

See also Church clerk; Church leaders; Deacons; Elders

Church of God

Church of God, fanatics claim to belong to 1T 224

Church of Rome

Church of Rome See Roman Catholic Church

Church ordinance, Church ordinances

Church ordinance, Church ordinances, administered by saintliest of men cannot take place of baptism of Spirit 5T 227

baptism as 6T 91 See also Baptism

celebrate, judiciously and carefully EW 116-7

celebration of SD 157

angels present at DA 656

devils present at DA 656

in early days of advent movement Ev 274

should be uplifting Ev 277; 6T 97

testimony meeting at Ev 278

feet washing as See Feet washing

Lord’s Supper as See Lord’s Supper

ordained ministers are authorized to administer EW 101

preparation for, should be as perfect as possible Ev 277

regarded too much as a form DA 660

should not be: observed as mere form Ev 274

performed listlessly Ev 278

speak of God’s love for us Ev 274

unworthy ministers who administer EW 99

visitors should not be forbidden to take part in Ev 277

Church organization

Church organization AA 87-96; 1T 270-2, 715

abuse of, by arbitrary rule of individuals 8T 236-7; 9T 257-61, 270, 277-8, 280, 282-3; TM 321-3, 347-50, 477-84, 490-6

authority of, Christ sanctioned AA 112, 163

co-operation of angels requires TM 28

Corinthian church’s AA 274

cost SDA much study and prayer TM 27

Damascus church’s AA 122, 163; SR 271

danger of departing from simplicity of gospel in 5T 461-2

distribution of responsibility essential in 9T 262-9

duty of, before church member is disfellowshiped GW 500-1; 7T 262-3

erroneous ideas re TM 29

essential 5T 461; TM 26

first step in, ordination of 12 apostles was AA 18; DA 291

God’s plan of, success in gospel work requires adherence to 6T 235

gospel plan of, Paul faithfully followed AA 185-6

improved in apostolic times AA 89, 91-2; SR 259-61

indispensable to church’s work TM 26

is not mistake FE 254-5

Jerusalem church’s, was model for organization of churches elsewhere AA 91

lack of, great confusion would result from TM 26

let no one be so deceived as to seek to tear down TM 28

med. miss. work must not be separated from 8T 164

med. miss. workers must not stand aloof from 8T 161

ministers’ duty to uphold 1T 271

much light given to us re FE 254

must not prescribe exact way God’s people are to work 6T 116

needed for: carrying forward church’s work successfully TM 26

carrying gospel work into new fields TM 26

carrying out and enforcing order 1T 270

holding church property TM 26

keeping out spurious uprisings 9T 258

protection against Satan’s devices 1T 211

providing support for ministry TM 26

publishing truth through press TM 26

needed to protect: churches from unworthy members TM 26

ministry from unworthy members TM 26

unneeded to provide support for the ministry TM 26

new, SDA cannot enter into any 1SM 204; 2SM 390

no one should think we can dispense with TM 27

no such thing as man being independent of, in God’s work 9T 258

opposition of first-day Adventists to TM 26

order is essential to 1T 270

ordination of ministers authorizes them to effect AA 161

Paul was brought into contact with, when converted AA 122, 163; SR 271

perfected further when local churches were organized throughout world AA 91-2

persons who fear, as popery 9T 257; TM 29

persons who regard, as restriction of rightful liberty TM 29

powerful, how to have ML 39

purpose of AA 9-16; 6T 238-9

is to reveal God’s wisdom 6T 235

results of, in apostolic times AA 95-6

Satan’s efforts to weaken and destroy TM 28-9

SDA fully believe in Ev 473; 6T 116

SDA system of TM 24-32

built up by wise and careful labor 9T 258; TM 489

experiences in development of TM 24-7

God has wrought in FE 254

hard battle fought to perfect FE 254

hard struggle in establishing TM 26

has proved effectual TM 27

has proved grand success TM 27

let there be no breaking down of 9T 258; TM 489

marked prosperity attended establishment of TM 27

opposition to FE 254; 1T 271, 413; TM 26, 53

prosperity under TM 26-7

reasons for establishing TM 26

JW bore heaviest burden prior to establishment of 3T 501

spirit of independence toward, warning against 9T 257-61; TM 485-505

Thessalonian church’s AA 261

thorough, is essential 9T 257-8

vision re, on Aug. 3, 1861 1T 270

weakening of, warning against FE 254

why believers are united in 6T 238-9

See also Organization

Church paper

Church paper, Review and Herald as CW 108, 134-5

Church privilege, Church privileges

Church privilege, Church privileges, singing to people who seldom have, blessing of CT 547

Church problems (difficulties)

Church problems (difficulties) EW 104-7

bad policy of taking hold of, prematurely 3T 114

danger in doing too much to cure 3T 114

frequently work out their own cure if left alone 3T 114

how God instructed Paul how to handle AA 302-3

in Thessalonica AA 261

little, ministers should not have to settle Ev 91, 662

needless expense of sending men to settle TM 380

petty, gospel workers should not be burdened with EW 105-7

resulting from close relationship of several families 3T 55

unbelievers should not be made acquainted with 2T 54

Church property

Church property, organization needed for holding TM 26

steps should be taken to secure, for God’s cause 1T 211-2

taxation of, religious liberty and TM 200

Church raffle

Church raffle See Raffle

Church record

Church record See Church book

Church relationship

Church relationship, breaking of, from popular churches under latter rain GC 612

different temperaments and dispositions brought together in 5T 114

good and bad persons in, Christ saw FE 295

many people in large cities and in country are without COL 232-3

must not be lightly canceled 4T 17

sacredness of, many people do not realize 4T 17

voluntary severing of, danger in 4T 17-8

See also Church fellowship; Church membership

Church roll

Church roll See Church book

Church rules

Church rules, Christ deemed it essential that His people have 3T 445

SDA, very deficient 4T 647

Church sanctity

Church sanctity, sin gilded over by CS 202

Church scavenger, Church scavengers

Church scavenger, Church scavengers, live on husks of others’ failings and deficiencies 4T 194

Church school

Church school See School, Schools, Seventh-day Adventist

Church school teacher

Church school teacher See Schoolteacher

Church service, Church services

Church service, Church services, act your part in, with promptness 5T 609

after SS, duty of God’s people to attend 3T 188-9

all should have privilege of attending, as far as possible CH 422

all should help to make, interesting and profitable 4BC 1183; 6T 363

angels are present in Ev 184; GW 446; 2SM 475; 5T 492, 499; 6T 362, 366-7

angels listen to testimonies, songs, and prayers in GW 171; 6T 367

angels mark your doings during MYP 266; 5T 493

angels unite with God’s people in COL 298

angels unite with poorest congregation in, if members possess principles of Christ’s character PK 566

anything that attracts mind from, is offense to God 5T 499

appointed by God to prepare men for church above ML 286; MYP 265; 5T 491

ardent and active piety should characterize worshipers at 5T 492

ascend as incense to heavenly sanctuary 6BC 1078

ask God to remove all evil from your heart when entering 6T 362

assembling for, is of no avail unless we worship God in spirit and truth and in beauty of holiness PK 50

at med. institutions, patients need benefits of 3T 167; 4T 565

atmosphere of heaven should pervade 5T 609

attendance at: blessings of SC 101-3

Christ’s example of DA 74

compulsory, Williams (Roger) opposed GC 294

does not in itself bring blessing TM 508-9

effects of style and fashion in dress upon Ed 247; 4T 631

entertainments held to draw people to TM 345

loss sustained when we neglect SC 101-2

neglect of, results in weakness in moral power 4T 539-40

neglected in search for earthly treasure 2T 654

part of Sabbath observance is 2T 704

persons who cannot afford time for, warning to 2T 196

physician should not neglect CH 368

physicians’ neglect of, is inexcusable 4T 560

results of neglecting PP 541; SC 101-2; 4T 106-7, 539-40

serious mistake of neglecting MH 511; 4T 539

some people fail to see real importance of 4T 539

spiritual strength is obtained by faithful 4T 539-40

study loads should not keep student from 6T 167

teach children not to neglect AH 320

things that promote SD 122

to be laborer together with God means more than CSW 120

youthful pub.-house workers should not neglect 7T 188

back seats in, girls who like 2T 481-2

be careful not to absent yourself needlessly from MH 511

begin, on time CSW 170

behavior during 5T 491-500

believers meet with God and angels at 5T 499

benediction pronounced at close of, all all should remain quiet during 5T 493-4

Bible worker may conduct, in minister’s absence Ev 473

blessing to be derived from, we do not get hundredth part of 6T 362

boys who go out before or after exit of girls during, warning re 2T 481-2

bring to, only that which God can bless 6T 362

can be reverential and yet cheerful 4T 73

careless conversation is detrimental to 2T 597

careless attitude in, is out of place 5T 497

carry to, quickened spiritual consciousness that God and angels are there 6T 362

children from cheerful homes manifest respect and reverence in CG 148-9; SD 122

children should be: in care of their parents during 5T 497

kept quiet and free from play during CG 543

reverent during CG 546-7

with parents during 2T 481; 5T 496-7

children should not be allowed to: manifest evil tempers in CG 540

play, talk, and run about in 2SG 288

children should not read during CG 546

children should not whisper and laugh during CG 546

children too often found during, away from parents 5T 497

in groups 5T 497

children who felt that, was wearisome tax 3T 189

children’s conduct during CG 543-4, 546-7; 2T 481-2; 5T 496-7

children’s indifference and carelessness in MYP 266

Christ is needed as guide and counselor in GW 446

church is not place to meet old friends and visit after 5T 494

closing of 5T 609

clothing worn at CG 428; 5T 498-9; 6T 355

irreverence manifest in 5T 499

men’s 5T 498; 6T 355; 2SM 475

ministers’ duty re 5T 499

should be neat and clean 1BC 1119-20

should be neat and trim 6T 355

should be neat, well-fitting, and comely 2SM 474-5

should not be unclean and disordered CG 428; SR 138

untidy, is out of place 5T 498

women’s 5T 498; 6T 355; 2SM 475

common sense is excellent in 4T 71

commonness in, that is offensive to God Ev 145

conduct: for perfection of church CT 244

in way to edify others CT 244

with eye single to God’s glory 4T 489

with solemnity and awe Ev 184; 5T 493

conducting, manner of 5T 492-4; 6T 97, 364-8

confidence should exist in hearts during 2T 579

confusion in, notorious example of 1T 230-1

conversion of souls in GW 435-6

correct ideas of true worship in, ministers should instruct new churches re 5T 500

covetousness is inappropriate in CG 543

criticism and censure should not be countenanced in 4T 488-9

devils try to create paralyzed condition of our senses during 5T 493

disliked by many youth because conscience condemns them 5T 42

disorder in, too much 5T 496-7

display in, love of WM 209

display of apparel in, encourages irreverence 5T 499

dissension is inappropriate in CG 543

do not come to, to take nap 6T 361

with uncombed hair CG 428

do not crowd about stove in indolent and careless attitude during 5T 492

do not dishonor God in, by showy apparel 5T 499

do not engage in political speeches at TM 331

do not make, tedious by lengthy prayers GW 175

do not mar, by sadness of countenance 6T 365

do not sleep one instant during 5T 493

do not stop to visit or gossip in aisles after 5T 494

drowsiness and sleeping in, cause of 2T 414, 602-3

dull, habits of eating have much to do with CH 577

duty of God’s people to maintain PP 528

early SDA, were held in private houses, large kitchens, barns, groves, and schoolhouses TM 26

enter into place of, with decorum 5T 492

erroneous concepts of 1T 412

eyes that sin during, by diverting attention of others CG 546; MYP 265

fashion often insinuates herself into 5T 499

fear of man should be left at home when you go to 2T 579

filthy worshipers in, show lack of reverence for God SR 138

for sanitarium patients, how to conduct 3T 167; 4T 565

formal prayers should not be offered in, for sake of occupying time 5T 609

girls who have habit of making excuse to leave during, warning re 2T 481-2

girls who like back seats in, warning re 2T 481-2

gluttons sleep in, under burning truths of God’s word 2T 374

God esteems, of small companies of believers as precious 6T 363

God honors His people with His presence at PK 50

God in His providence impresses people to attend Ev 207

God is present at 5T 499; 6T 362

God is to speak through His delegated servant at 5T 493

God meets with His people in, by His Spirit PK 49

God’s eye looks upon children during 5T 497

God’s face often turned away from, because of irreverence in attitude, dress, and deportment 5T 499

because of lack of worshipful frame of mind 5T 499

God’s people do not obtain hundredth part of blessing from, that they should 6T 362

God’s people should worship as united family in 2T 579

God’s promise to meet with His people by His Spirit in PK 50

gossiping at, too much 4T 73

great central interest of, Christ should be TM 331

greater reverence needed in Ev 277

habit of indifference and inattention in, should be corrected CG 547

hard speeches drive Christ from 5T 608

held for purpose of talking of Christ and His love 5T 608-9

holy stillness should reign in CG 540

how angels are brought near to 5T 492-3

how Bible should be regarded when read in 5T 84

humility needed in CG 540

hymns for, selection of Ev 506

idle conversation at, too much 4T 73

in fallen nominal churches, described EW 116

inattention during, is out of place 5T 497

indifference in, is out of place 5T 497

indulgence in external adorning that is inappropriate for 5T 499

institutional workers should attend 7T 201

as much as possible CH 422

interest in, should be kept up till the last 5T 609

irreverence in: is recorded in books of heaven CG 547

manifested by improper clothing 5T 499

too much 5T 496-7

jargon and discord in, God is not pleased by 1T 146

jesting at, too much 4T 73

lack of interest in, displeases God 4T 541

marriage plans should not cause AH 50-1; MYP 459-60

laughing during, is out of place MYP 265; 5T 497

leader of, pray for 6T 363

leave behind all common worldly thoughts when entering CG 543

leaven of activity needed in TM 204

lengthy speaking in, benefits no one 2T 321

lifeless attitude of worshipers during, effects of 5T 493

listen attentively to sermon during 5T 493

little child may cause distraction during 5T 493

little differences and prejudices should not be taken to 2T 579

lively and interesting, how to have 1T 146

long and dry prayers in, avoid 5T 201, 618

long and dry speeches in, let there be no 5T 609

long and tedious and backslidden prayers in, why men offer 2T 582

long exhortations in, avoid 5T 618

love should exist in hearts during 2T 579

make nothing common that pertains to 5T 498

man (men) who study to get something new and great in EW 116

many apologies and preliminaries in, weary congregation 2T 670

many people do not desire to attend, because their minds are devoted to other things 4T 629

many people in every community do not attend CH 388; MH 144

meekness should exist in hearts during 2T 579

ministers at large, should urge greater circulation of literature 9T 71-2

moments of reflection and prayer at, encourage 5T 492

monotony of, needs to be disturbed TM 204

moral taste of worshipers in, should be elevated, refined, and sanctified 5T 496

music in See Music

National Assembly of France abolished, in 1793 GC 273-4

neatness in, God requires 5T 498

need of CG 540

need to be vitalized by Spirit FE 116; MM 213

not exempt from fashion’s domination Ed 247

not held for purpose of criticizing one another 5T 608-9

not place to open privacies of heart 2T 578

object of worship in, God should be 5T 499

of congregation picking at straws have been living curse to many 1T 164

often made perfect Babylon 2SG 289

on Sabbath 6T 360-8; 7T 18-9

come promptly to CSW 170

everyone should feel he has part to act in making, interesting 6T 362

give opportunity in, for thanksgiving GW 171

how to conduct GW 171; 6T 362

in cities 7T 18-9

parents and children should attend CG 530

should not occupy whole day 2T 583

tardiness at, cause of CSW 169-70

testimonies in, that will be filled with power GW 199

your duty to attend 2T 583

See also Sabbath service

open, with prayer 5T 493

opening of: congregation should bow heads and unite in silent prayer when ministers enter pulpit for 5T 492-3

ministers’ duty when entering pulpit for 5T 492

what to do before 5T 492

opening prayer of, every heart should ascend to God in silent devotion during 5T 493

every knee should bow during 2SM 314; 5T 493

order in, God requires CG 540; 5T 498

need of CG 546; Ev 207-8; 2SG 288-9; 1T 145

parading of bows, ribbons, ruffles, feathers, and gold and silver ornaments is inappropriate for 5T 499

parents should have charge of their children during 5T 497

parents who fail to keep their children with them during 2T 481-2

parents’ duty to manage their children during CG 544

pass out from, without jostling and loud talking 5T 493-4

pass quietly to seat at 5T 492

passion is inappropriate in CG 543

permit nothing savoring of unchristian and unloving spirit to enter 5T 608

persons absenting themselves from, duty of MYP 140-1

persons continually talking to each other during sermon of, angels mark doings of 5T 493

persons faithfully attending, are written in book of remembrance EW 114

place for holding See Church building

place of: common talking and whispering are out of place in 5T 492

day school should not be held in CG 543

laughing should not be permitted in 5T 492

respect should be shown for 5T 608

should be regarded as sacred Ed 242-3

should not be used for business purposes CG 542-3; 5T 496

should not be used for lunchroom CG 542-3

talking and whispering that should find no sanction in 5T 492

teach children to regard, as sacred Ed 242-3

plans for, need of well-matured 4T 71

pray for God’s blessing when you attend 1T 146

prayer inaudibly uttered in, is not edifying CT 241

preliminaries in Ev 148

long, avoid 2T 616

pride is inappropriate in CG 543

pride should be left at home when you go to 2T 579

privilege of: do not lightly regard MH 511

essential and beneficial 4T 539

wife should not deprive herself of, to gratify overbearing husband 2T 100

professed Christians who sit in, with mouth full of tobacco 4aSG 127

propriety needed in CG 546

purpose of 2T 578

refined deportment in, God requires 5T 498

reflections and personal thrusts should not be countenanced in 4T 488-9

regard, as sacred and precious occasions 5T 607

relish for, children’s loss of 5T 37

home amusements that destroy AH 516-7

reserve should be left at home when you go to 2T 579

restless child who cannot be restrained should be taken out of CG 544

restlessness in, sweet communion with God is lost by 5T 492

reverence in: children should be taught to manifest CG 540; Ed 242-3

ministers should foster spirit of 5T 499

need of PK 49; 2SG 288-9; 5T 491

review often your spiritual condition during 5T 492

Roman Catholic, described GC 566-7

rules needed re time, place, and manner of worship in 5T 491

SS’s relationship to 3T 188-9

sale of merchandise in, ministers’ duty re 1T 471

Satan attends GC 518-9

Satan does not force men to stay away from 2T 294

Scripture reading in, duty of persons who give Ev 508; 6T 380

seek greater blessing from 6T 362-3

self-esteem is inappropriate in CG 543

selfishness is inappropriate in CG 543

self-respect during, show that you have MYP 266

sermon of: do not talk to each other during MYP 266

listen attentively to 5T 493

little child may divert hearers’ attention from 5T 493

See also Sermon

SDA, too much formality in 5T 318

should be made: interesting EW 114; 2T 579; 4T 132-3

instructive 2T 579

intensely interesting 5T 609

should be sacred and precious occasion 5T 607

silence during, sweet eloquence in 5T 492

simplicity in, need of Ev 512

true ministers are content with Ev 502

simplicity should exist in hearts during 2T 579

sinful habits practiced during MYP 265

singing in See Singing

sleeping in, let there be no 6T 361

perilous results of 5T 493

soiled and dirty clothes should not be worn in 5T 499

solemn awe should be on worshipers as they enter CG 543

song in See Song

speaker at, pray for 6T 363

stillness should reign in 2SG 288-9

study of God’s word in, give principal attention to Ev 502

subject of thought in, God should be 5T 499

talking during sermon at, shows little reverence for the house and worship of God 5T 493

tedious and wearisome, long prayers make 2T 577

time of, should be regarded as sacred Ed 242-3

teach child to regard, as sacred Ed 242-3

treat nothing in, with carelessness or indifference 5T 491

unkind feelings drive Christ from 5T 608

untidy clothing should not be worn in 5T 498

vanity should be left at home when you go to 2T 579

voluntary absence from, danger in 5T 426

wearing of hats in, that is irreverent 5T 499

whispering during, is out of place MYP 265; 5T 497

wicked men and devils cannot shut out God from MYP 133

worshipers at, should put away every evil thing PK 50

worshipers having unclean bodies in, do not come before God in acceptable manner SR 138

worshipers wearing unclean garments in, do not come before God in acceptable manner SR 138

you will love to attend, when you grow in grace MYP 122

young people’s irreverence during 5T 493

youth from cheerful homes bring spirit of respect and reverence into CG 148-9; SD 122

youth’s carelessness and indifference in MYP 266

See also Baptismal service; Feet washing; Lord’s Supper; Prayer meeting; Religious service; Sabbath school; Social meeting; Testimony meeting; Worship of God

Church standard, Church standards

Church standard, Church standards, SDA, custom alone is not to be basis of 6T 142

Church supper, Church suppers

Church supper, Church suppers, fund raising, that encourage gluttony and dissipation CS 201; WM 289

Church treasurer

Church treasurer, note given to, in promising to pay withheld tithe CS 95-6

Church treasury

Church treasury, fund for aiding the poor should be established in 5T 150 See also Treasury

Church trial, Church trials

Church trial, Church trials, calls for self-examination by church members 5T 241

fruitful source of, abuse of stomach is 1T 618-9

manufactured, evils of 1T 164

many, caused by untrained, unsubdued, and carnal tempers 4T 92

Methodist, of Harmon family LS 52-3; 2SG 23-4; 1T 35-44

minister who should have had nothing to do with 3T 107

minister who was of no account in 1T 448

ministers cautioned against references to 5T 96

ministers placed in unenviable position by 5T 615-6

ministers’ efforts at home and abroad are crippled by 2T 642

petty, dishonor Christ 4T 19

procedures followed in, right and wrong 1T 164-8; 2T 643; 3T 104-16; 5T 241, 615-6

rules re, given by Christ 3T 428

shameful and one-sided 4T 324

some ministers too ready to engage in 4T 268

two thirds of all, arise from gossip 2T 466

with which God had nothing to do 1T 164

See also Church discipline

Church tribunal

Church tribunal, God’s tribunal is above MH 340

Church unity

Church unity 4T 16-20 See also Unity

Church work

Church work, church school teachers should engage in CT 534

mother should not neglect children to do AH 246

raising money for, forbidden methods of CS 201-5; WM 289-92

regular and systematic, enlist all members in some line of 7T 188

spirit of love in, too little CSW 86

teachers in large SDA schools should engage in CT 534

various departments of, members should engage in GW 198

See also Missionary work

Church worker

Church worker, work of, parents should support CSW 44



1. Fermented

2. Fermented (ill effects of)

3. Fermented (manufacture of)

4. Unfermented

1. Fermented

argument that a little, does no harm 5T 358; Te 96

downward course of many people begins with use of 5T 358; Te 96

foundation of drinking habit laid by use of Te 277

intoxicates Te 94, 277

as really as do stronger drinks MH 332; 5T 356

kept in sight, is constant temptation MH 331

leads to highway to drunkenness Te 93, 278

liquor habit established by MH 332

moderate use of, highway to drunkenness 5T 357; Te 96, 163

little openings made by 5T 360

not safe to have, in house Te 92, 277

one of so-called milder drinks 5T 356

persons with inherited appetite for unnatural stimulants should shun MH 331

some people never really drunk but always under influence of 5T 357

stimulant MH 332; 5T 357

warning against Te 93-4

2. Fermented (ill effects of)

animal passions control high powers of mind 5T 357; Te 277

animal passions strengthened Te 277

apoplexy 5T 357; Te 95

appetite fostered for stronger drinks MH 332, 446; 5T 356-7, 359; Te 95, 277

brain benumbed and beclouded 5T 357; Te 92, 277

confirmed drunkards Te 95

death from consumption 5T 357; Te 95

disease of various kinds 5T 357

dropsy 5T 357; Te 95

dyspepsia 5T 357; Te 95

gross and sensual disposition 5T 357; Te 277

inebriation of worst kind 5T 356; Te 94, 277

licentiousness Te 92-3, 277

liver complaint 5T 357; Te 95

men reduced to level of brutes 5T 358

mind kept in fever of unrest Te 93, 278

nervous system disordered Te 93, 278

permanent disease 5T 357; Te 95

rush of blood to head Te 95

reason caused to give way to lust Te 92-3

stomach loses natural vigor 5T 358; Te 95

trembling nerves 5T 357; Te 95

vices of almost every type 5T 357; Te 92-3

vital functions of body deadened by 5T 357

3. Fermented (manufacture of)

church’s duty re members engaged in 5T 359

for market, Christians cannot conscientiously engage in 5T 356

Christian should not engage in MH 334

warning against Te 98

it is no excuse to say that if you do not, somebody else will 5T 360

opposed to cause of temperance 5T 355

persons engaged in, are transgressors of God’s law 5T 359

will be punished for sins they have influenced others to commit 5T 359

personal Christian influence hurt very much by 5T 355

reproach brought upon truth by 5T 355

EGW decidedly opposed to Te 96

4. Unfermented

Beware of fermentation of MH 331-2; 5T 356; Te 93-4

canned when fresh, may be kept sweet a long time 5T 356; Te 93

made from wormy or decayed apples, health endangered by MH 332

often sold on market MH 332; Te 93-4

unfit for stomach 5T 356; Te 94-5

manufacture of MH 332; 5T 356, 358; Te 93-4

reason not dethroned by 5T 356; Te 93

remains sweet for short time only MH 331-2

things microscope often reveals re MH 332

Cider barrel

Cider barrel, when to break in head of Te 95

Cider drinker

Cider drinker, catering to appetite of, offense against God 5T 354

never grows in grace 5T 357; Te 277

Cigar, Cigars

Cigar, Cigars, ill effects of 5T 440; Te 279

See also Cigarette; Smoking; Tobacco

Cigarette, Cigarettes

Cigarette, Cigarettes, boys smoking MH 329

See also Cigar; Smoking; Tobacco


Cilicia AA 156, 202, 416

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio Ev 402


Cinnamon, children’s appetite depraved by CD 239

Cipher, Ciphers

Cipher, Ciphers, in world, person inclined to be Ed 256; 2T 522; 3T 115

many people are mere 2T 522

on right side, people whose influence seems to be 3T 115

Circle, Circles

Circle, Circles, Christ lifts men from narrow, which selfishness prescribes DA 823

family See Family circle

home See Home circle

inner, redeemed permitted to stand in, in heaven OHC 368:5

large, with lines running from edge to center AH 179

no excuse for neglecting inner, for larger circle outside SD 223, 252

of Christ’s loving presence, class who hurry through Ed 260

private, minister’s duty to preach before AA 503

sacred, that should be guarded in home AH 177-80; MH 361

small, do not allow minor things to bind you in CD 209


Circulation, body’s, unbalanced by determined will 5T 310

physical exercise combined with labor improves 4T 94

See also Blood circulation



1. Of flesh

2. Miscellaneous

1. Of flesh

child of parent excommunicated from synagogue was forbidden to receive DA 472

Christ was subjected to DA 50

circle cut in flesh SR 146

converted Gentiles did not need AA 136

first general church council’s action re AA 400-1

Hebrew child entitled by, to blessings of God’s covenant PP 256

Jews performed, on Sabbath DA 456

Judaizing Christians insisted that Gentile converts should submit to AA 189-92, 195; 6BC 1110-1; SR 304-5

Moses’ youngest son subjected to PP 256

ordinance of, not to be urged upon Gentiles AA 195; SR 307

why God gave PP 364; 3SG 299; SR 148-9

Paul believed and taught that, was nothing AA 204

pledge not to intermarry with other nations 3SG 297; SR 146

pledge of, Abraham’s descendants failed to keep PP 363

pledge to: fulfill conditions of God’s covenant 3SG 297; SR 147

obey God’s law DA 50; PP 363; 3SG 297

remain free from idolatry PP 363; 3SG 297

question of: agitated by Judaizers in Paul’s time AA 189-90; 6BC 1061, 1110-1; SR 304-5

first general church council decided AA 191-6; 6BC 1108

Paul was instructed by Spirit re AA 200

regarded by Judaizers as essential to salvation SR 304-5

renewed in Israel at Gilgal PP 485-6, 495-6, 613; 4aSG 60; 4T 158

sign of: covenant with God PP 364, 485; SR 147

devotion to God’s service PP 138, 363

God’s covenant with Abraham PP 364; SR 146-7

separation from idolatry PP 138, 363-4; SR 146-7

significance of PP 138, 363-4; 3SG 297; SR 146-7

suspension of, during Israel’s wandering in wilderness PP 406, 485

Timothy submitted to, by Paul’s wise advice AA 204

token or pledge of covenant made with Abraham 3SG 299; SR 149

uncircumcision and, abolition of ceremonial distinction between AA 141; SR 290

valueless after Christ’s death 6BC 1061

would have been unnecessary if men had kept God’s law PP 364

2. Miscellaneous

heart, God gives 1SM 392

true, is worship of Christ in spirit and truth FE 399


Circumspect, few people are 5T 93


Circumspectly, strive to have God’s work carried on 5T 567

Circumstance, Circumstances

Circumstance, Circumstances, adapt yourself to 4T 261

adverse, indomitableness of true Christian character cannot be molded or subdued by 5T 297

are God’s workmen whereby good comes MH 489

bear living testimony for God under all TM 391

believer will be placed under different, every day GW 257

believer’s faith and courage tested by 2BC 1035; SD 206

Bible demands rightdoing under all FE 102; MYP 446

bid the tempted not to look to MH 181

bring your troubles to Him who understands all your TM 487

calm-thinking men not dependent on, need of 1T 445

can be controlled by will’s might in Christ’s name 4T 346

cannot work reforms CD 35

chafing and perplexing, Christ knows all MH 249

chain of, benevolence of God’s people called forth by 9T 253

souls held in Satan’s net by FE 500

change of, hidden traits of character revealed by 4T 55-6

character is tested by 4BC 1181; 4T 540

character’s hidden defects revealed by 2T 572

children should be trained to be true to God under all CT 150

Christ deals with His people according to, in which they are placed 2T 74

Christ has made it possible for man to maintain his integrity under all PK 545

Christ is acquainted with your 2T 74

Christ knows, of every soul DA 568; MH 89

Christian cannot be separated from Christ by MH 72

Christian cannot be separated from Spirit by DA 670

Christian’s wants under all, Scripture truths are adapted to meet GC 6

control, by inwrought principle learned of Christ TM 421

creatures of, children who are 5T 545

persons who are 3T 47

daily life’s, used by God to prepare His people for greater work DA 382

difficult, persons in 5T 182-3

disagreeable, rest confidingly in Christ’s love while under MH 488; ML 184

discouraging: person firm of heart in ML 334

soul oppressed by PK 387

what to do under MB 9; 4T 456

do not look to, when assailed by temptation DA 123

do your best under all Ev 97; MYP 27

do not be swerved to right or left by 2T 101

duty may be indicated by PP 441, 674; 3T 73

duty pointed out by, why some people refuse to obey PP 441

finding fault with, is finding fault with providences 2T 571-3

woman who was continually 2T 571-3

firm trust in God may be had under all 3T 293

force of, how character is transformed by 4T 617

friends may be separated by MH 72

God has promised help and grace sufficient for all AA 467

God often overrules, to convince men of their sins PP 393

God permits, calling for exercise of passive grace 1SM 117

God sometimes brings about, to compel His people to move forward in faith AA 357

God uses: to develop fruits of Spirit in His people COL 61

to develop His people’s characters 4T 55-6

to test His people 4T 85

God’s workmen for bringing good to His people MH 489; ML 185

gospel worker should adapt himself to GW 381

gospel worker should carefully study Ev 327

gospel worker should not be affected by 3T 506

gospel workers must do best they can under all Ev 97

great difference made by, with mothers in lifework WM 151

have little to do with soul’s experience 5T 488

heavenly attainments are not dependent on WM 152

how men are tried and tested by 4T 55-6

how to make, helpers instead of hindrances COL 332; 6T 145

how to meet unforeseen, in foreign fields GW 461

how to relate yourself to change of 4T 55-6

irritating, how teachers are tested by CT 195-6

Joseph resolved to be true to God under all PP 214

learn to adapt yourself to AH 374; CS 249

let God be acknowledged as standing at helm under every 6T 396

life can have no, which Christ has not anticipated in His teachings Ed 81

life’s varied, God’s people are tested and proved by 3T 22

love is not dependent on 5BC 1140; SD 101

make, your servants TM 421

man can make his 3T 497

man can shape MH 500

man should not permit: to be his ruler TM 421

to make him 3T 497

to master him 3T 47, 497

to rule and subvert principle WM 151

to shape him MH 500

man swayed by 3T 25

man undaunted by, God calls for CH 290

man who was too impulsive and too easily affected by 2T 134

man’s various, Satan adapts his temptations to MYP 86

men affected by, who should remain at home 2T 515

master your Ed 18; MH 500; 3T 47, 497

meekness labors to be happy under all 3T 335

met day by day, designed to test believer’s faithfulness PP 222-3

mind must not be allowed to drift with FE 108

ministers are not to shape God’s work by their AA 365

ministers should shape, to meet God’s demands AA 365

ministers should work faithfully regardless of 2T 516-7

minister’s labors must be shaped by Ev 326

more favorable, gospel worker who flatters himself that he would succeed under 3T 496-7

most discouraging, angels sent to aid persons praying in faith under PK 378

what you can do under 4T 567

most forbidding: Christ will sustain His cause under DA 371

Christian may stand firm under PK 387

trust God under PK 173

most trying, trust God with unwavering faith under CT 487

new, new methods and plans will spring from 6T 476

no excuse for failing to witness for Christ AA 466-7

obey God under all PP 622

of every experience of life, God is acquainted with TM 484

of great difficulty and trial, do not prove that a person is not in place Providence has assigned him 5T 182

only safety under all, is to be master of self in Christ’s strength 4T 431

opposing, should create firm determination to overcome them COL 332; 6T 145

other people’s, little understood 5T 55

people are seldom placed twice in same 3T 541

Paul shaped his message to GW 118

Paul varied his manner of work according to GW 118

people are sometimes obliged by, to affect humility they do not feel 4T 202

people who blame, for their discomfiture TM 169

people who drift wherever, may carry them CG 164; MYP 163

perplexity under, Satan seeks to shake man’s confidence in God by PK 174

person who ascribes man’s sins to his 1T 441

persons perplexed by, how Satan takes advantage of DA 120

persons who blame, for bringing them trial 4T 346

persons who yield to, fate of 5T 215

positive self-control needed under all SD 142

power of adaptation to, persons who do not have 3T 147

precious lessons may be found in your SC 87

preserve confidence in Christ under all SD 328

pressure of, Daniel and companions refused to yield to PK 483

take advantage of no man who is under CS 145

privilege of being strong in God’s strength under all 3T 67

privilege of every child of God in every PK 632

prompt action often demanded by TM 213, 497

reforms cannot be worked by CD 35

religion of, ministers who have 2T 514-5

religion of some teachers is subject to and controlled by CT 195-6

right must be pursued under all FE 125

Satan arranges, to overcome leaders of God’s people 3T 470

Satan shapes, to weaken soul’s fortifications PK 83-4

Satan works to turn and twist, to his own advantage CT 374

seeming to call forth all evil of your nature, significance of MH 470-2

servant of, do not be TM 421

sin which cannot be palliated with excuses of 3T 505

slave of, do not be Ed 18

spirit kept in peace under all 4T 459

sport of: Christian who will never become PP 421

God never intended that His people should be AH 248; WM 152

sport of changing, many people drift about as 4T 655

stand up for Christ under all 5T 341

submission to God’s will is not to be born of 4T 155

take Christ’s example as guide under all 1SM 86

tending to draw men farther and farther from the right CH 458-9

time and, Christ presented lessons appropriate to MH 25-6

train of: God may permit, to lead teachers to flee to Him for help 6T 157

that man is powerless to stay PK 348

that punishes sin with sin PP 728

that seems to draw men away from the right 5T 198

trivial, sometimes prove to be decided blessing ML 219

trying: do not talk discouragement when under Ev 64

God’s people will often be surrounded with DA 369

person who will prove unfaithful under 4BC 1156

spirit kept in peace under MH 512

what to do under MH 512

seize, as God’s instruments to work His will MH 500; PK 676; 3T 497

unfavorable, gospel worker should not be discouraged by 3T 496

youth may stand firm for God under PK 490

varied, met day by day are designed to test faithfulness and to qualify for greater trusts PP 222-3

variety of: brings God-given powers into exercise 3T 56

God teaches men by, to exercise self-control 3T 505

God’s purpose in bringing His people into MH 471

self-possession and self-control needed in 3T 505

what can be said of men under certain, cannot be said of them under others 3T 470

whatever your, perform your duty faithfully AA 467

when God overrules PP 393

will call forth words and decisions in favor of the right MM 206

women who are mere creatures of 3T 565

work on Sabbath for worldly profit is not justified by 4T 251

youth who think religious character must conform to, rebuke for MYP 79

youth who will not be swayed by, God needs CT 537

youth have to decide what their stand shall be under all CT 225

See also Surroundings


adverse, See Adversity

cases said to be altered by UL 310:6, 318:5

changes in,

Christianity lived by many until RC 232:2

elate or depress, but God is the same HP 120:4


defects, shown by TMK 282:2

quality is not dependent on RC 173:7

seems to deteriorate under trying RC 173:3

tested by unfavorable OHC 215:3

corrupting, terrible to place self in HP 200:2

dangerous and trying, victory is in Christ when in OHC 265:3

dark side of, not to be looked on TDG 216:2

discouraging, Paul courageous during CC 352:3


and graces developed by OHC 313:3

built on, always wants more evidence 2MCP 679:2

of doubters depends on HP 106:2

to govern instead of HP 109:2

fruit of the Spirit not dependent on RC 170:6

giving should depend on TDG 97:3



and will remind us of past dealings RC 354:5

He saw Ethiopian traveler UL 130:2

places us in, to develop and use our faculties TMK 278:4

works through, to help us know He remembers HP 265:3

good or bad, cannot prevent happiness OHC 175:2

hardships made John the Baptist unmovable by CC 270:5

improved only by drinking living water; (situations) TDG 301:5

improvement (personal) making the most of OHC 290:4

irritating, known by Christ TMK 53:5


above, rather than being a toy to them OHC 339:4

for Christ in all OHC 317:4

look to power of the Word instead of to RC 308:7

molded by,

duty not to be TMK 93:3

or faithful in spite of them LHU 245:3

mothers’ duty not to be subverted by RC 173:2

moved by RC 318:4

obedience accepted according to; sunset time 3SM 317:2

often opposite of what we ask or desire OHC 313:2

peace of Christ does not depend on FW 88:2

perplexing, temptation in times of HP 256:3

power to overcome does not depend on TDG 289:5

quarreling over, instead of viewing Christ RC 277:5

reaction of minds to, God can predict LHU 323:2

religion is not to change with RC 368:3; TMK 167:2

responsibilities depend on; light to be prized LHU 361:3


adapts temptation to TMK 34:5

watches for, to bring unbelief and doubt HP 120:5

separate from friends but not from Spirit of Christ TMK 171:5

soul weakened by Satan’s shaping of RY 178:4

sport of,

master of self instead of, by overcoming LHU 376:2

not God’s plan for us RC 173:3

standing for right under all HP 168:4

strength in all, as Christ had in God RC 349:4

surrender brings power not affected by LHU 252:5

temptation resisted and soul not weakened by OHC 94:5

testimonies to be applied relative to 3SM 217:2

tolerable if memories of Jesus fill our mind HP 123:3


character beauty shown by grace even under RC 185:3

reveal the heart OHC 313:3

speak gently in OHC 336:3

wisdom and strength for OHC 125:3

worst, Christ revealed what humans may be in TMK 47:4

See also Case; Environment