EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Church, Churches (Part 3 of 4)

greater faith in onward progress of God’s cause is needed by PK 243

greatest ambition of true, is to cooperate with Christ in saving souls TM 19

greatest calamity of, too many dead weights among members is 4T 193

greatest danger of, fervent prayer will be offered by faithful remnant in hour of 5T 524

greatest need of, revival of true godliness is 1SM 121-8

greatest sin in, is covetousness 2SG 236; 1T 194

greatest victories of, are gained in audience chamber with God PP 203

not gained by talent, education, wealth, or favor of men PP 203

grow stronger by supporting work in other fields GW 466

growth of, divine power is essential to 8T 21

is proportionate to its miss. intelligence 4BC 1148

guard, against false doctrines CW 152

guardians of, ministers are GW 15

guardians of spiritual interests of, should be careful to set right example 5T 241

had recourse to civil power to punish people supposed to be evildoers COL 74

haphazard work by ministers for, discourages advancement of present truth Ev 326

displeases God Ev 326

happiness of, depends on home influences 4T 522

harmony in: Christ’s credentials to world are 5T 279

depends on good order and thorough discipline of families 3T 294

God’s word tells how to preserve 5T 248

Satan often succeeds in destroying 5T 244

has: divinely appointed ministry 2SM 69; TM 52

duties to perform which have not been done TM 90

less to fear from infidels than from inconsistent professors of Christ 4T 564

has become corrupt 5T 166

has been building up through ages in accord with divine pattern PK 36

has gone over to world in transgression of God’s law COL 316

has turned back from following Christ 5T 217

hated and persecuted by world MB 31

have faith once delivered to saints 5T 484

head of: Christ is AA 64, 360; AH 215; CT 159, 329; DA 288; Ed 268; MB 64; 1T 283, 289, 307; TM 20; WM 23

God has not appointed any man to be GC 51

obey Christ as DA 414

Peter was not appointed to be AA 194; DA 414

Peter was not honored as DA 817

headquarters of, picked men that are needed at 2T 460-1

health of, must be preserved GW 501; 7T 263

health reform must be given its place in 6T 327

health reform work is God’s means of purifying 9T 112-3

heart of, home is CT 396; MH 349

heaven rejoiced in being able to pour upon, riches of Spirit’s power 7T 31

heaven’s plan of government should be represented in DA 680

helped best when minister plans work for them 6T 49

helps and governments divinely placed in, accept and respect 3T 437

heresies must be met by 4T 594

highest power under heaven has been bestowed on, by God 3T 450-1

highest offices in, trouble caused by persons seeking DA 435

hindrances are greater within, than from world 1SM 122

His purposes for, God longs to carry to triumphant fulfillment 2SM 407

history of: from days of Constantine to present GC 297

God’s servants have had to meet spirit of Korah and associates all through PP 404

Great Controversy presents GC 11-2

truth that has been repeatedly illustrated in GC 316

holy zeal and gladness of, earnest efforts in miss. lines increase TM 206

hope of: children and youth are 1SM 319

Christ is PK 585

second advent is EW 107-10

hosts of evil no longer have power to keep captive PK 715

hovering over: gospel workers should not spend time in Ev 463; 7T 255

makes them more dependent on human effort TM 231

warning against ChS 178; 3T 406; 9T 139

how, becomes light bearer in world TM 510

may have life and vitality Ev 461

how hundredfold more of Spirit’s workings may be realized in TM 326

how light of, will grow brighter and brighter LS 298-9

how members can increase the spirituality and favor of, with God 5T 481

how members may save, from great perplexities and trials 3T 446

how ministers can: cause higher life to circulate through CT 284

put new life and vigor into 3T 49

how mother can best help AH 246-7

how to keep, alive Ev 357

how to thwart Satan’s attacks on, in isolated places AA 96

human power and might did not establish and cannot destroy PK 595

husband of, God is 7BC 985

impressions and feelings that lead away from, be very distrustful of 3T 414

in all ages: reproved and corrected by God 5T 689

Satan’s wrath manifested against GC 9

solemn and fearful warning to PP 362

Spirit promised to GC 8

in organized capacity is responsible for individual members DA 805-6

in Southern States of USA are to have spiritual resurrection 7T 237

inaction enfeebles 3T 404

indifference of, is alarming 5T 381

individual spirit that is ruinous to 3T 439

indulgence of appetite affects CG 392; 2T 368

influence most to be feared by, is not that of open opposers, infidels, and blasphemers PP 497

is that of inconsistent professors of Christ PP 497

instead of developing, is left to be weak, dependent, and inefficient body 6T 434

instrument that sifts, world is 6BC 1102

intense longing to see, as living and shining light must be tempered with entire trust in God ChS 243

imbued with life must be tempered with entire trust in God 7T 298

interest of, should be held above every worldly consideration 5T 460

interests of: God does not desire wooden men to guard 4T 513

guard TM 406

members who should not be allowed to imperil 5T 480

ministers must safeguard AA 361; GW 15

publicity that harms TM 34-6

investing, with power of state produces evil results 4BC 1169

is (are): acting in its appointed place in world’s history 2SM 108

asleep 3T 404

being leavened with her own backsliding now 8T 250-1

body of Christ AA 163; 7BC 931; Ed 268; 3T 414; 8T 161; WM 23-4

bride of Christ 7BC 985-6; Ed 268; GC 381-2; MH 356; ML 295; 1SM 305

built on One against whom gates of hell shall not prevail DA 413

carried on Christ’s heart ChS 243

case which contains God’s jewels 6T 261

Christ’s channel of communication AA 122; 3T 433

Christ’s fortress in revolted world MM 89; TM 16

Christ’s organized body on earth 3T 433

Christ’s representative on earth AA 122; DA 291; SR 271

composed of imperfect and erring people needing continual exercise of charity and forbearance AA 526; GW 185; 5T 104

court of holy life filled with varied gifts AA 12

dearest object on earth to God COL 165; TM 20

empowered by God to do special work AA 600; PK 259; 8T 11

endowed with Spirit AA 12

entrusted with constantly enlarging work AA 90

fold enclosing Christ’s flock 6BC 1118; 6T 261

God’s agency for proclamation of truth AA 600; PK 259; 8T 11

God’s appointed agency for saving men AA 9; SC 81

God’s city of refuge AA 11

God’s delegated authority on earth 5T 107

God’s fortress in revolted world AA 11

God’s instrumentality for preserving order and discipline among His people GW 501-2; 7T 263

God’s property TM 19

greatly deficient in love and humanity 4T 63

guardian of the blind, widows, orphans, and afflicted 3T 519

heaven’s appointed channel for revelation of God to men MB 40

in constant peril because Satan seeks to destroy God’s people 3T 445

Lamb’s wife 7BC 985-6

light of world AA 122; CM 20-1; 3T 433; 5T 454-67

making history 6T 377

mystical body of Christ MB 64

passing through severe conflict 5T 104-5

precious in Christ’s sight 6BC 1118

repository of riches of Christ’s grace AA 9

steadily retreating toward Egypt 5T 217

theater of God’s grace AA 12

united body with diversity of members 4T 128

very precious in God’s sight COL 298; 6T 261

watchman appointed by God CT 165

witness and ground of truth 4T 336

is compared to: army EW 271; 5T 394

building erected as temple of God AA 275

city set on hill during ages of spiritual darkness AA 12

cultivated field AA 275

garden of varied flowers 6T 333-4

human body AA 317; 4T 16, 128; 5T 279

is depositary of: Christ’s riches DA 680; TM 50

God’s law 4T 286; 5T 455, 538

is God’s garden Ev 98-9

with room for varied characters Ev 99

is not established on: long-drawn-out plans and forms SD 77

theories of men SD 77

is not to be: blotted out so that it will not exist 2SM 69

broken up into independent atoms 2SM 68

disorganized 2SM 68

is not to triumph without severe conflict PK 723

is organized for: fulfillment of gospel commission 6T 295

miss. purposes GW 464; 6T 29

service AA 9; Ed 268; MH 148

is to be: fed with manna from heaven TM 17

kept under sole guardianship of God’s grace TM 17

temple built after divine similitude TM 17

is to be temple built of: beautiful stones TM 17

living stones 8T 173

See also Stone; Temple

Isaiah heard God’s voice calling, to her appointed work PK 375

Israel’s experience is warning to COL 303

Jerusalem represents what, will be if it refuses to walk in light God has given 8T 67-8

joining (uniting with): and connecting with Christ are not same thing 4BC 1166; COL 74; GC 468; 5T 172, 278

believer makes solemn vow by, to work for interest of church 5T 460

believer should make, benefit to it in preference to himself 4T 18

connection with Christ involves Ed 268

does not bring new life to anyone Ev 290

does not make man a Christian 4T 16

does not prove you are Christian COL 74

is not evidence of life Ev 116-7

is not substitute for conversion Ev 290-1

is one thing, but uniting with Christ is another MYP 357

man’s salvation is not ensured by 4T 16

one of first steps in life of service to Christ is Ed 268-9

judgment of: erroneous idea re 3T 493

no one should advocate his views irrespective of 3T 450-1

no one should set up his judgment against 3T 428

judgment of men of experience in, youth should respect FE 101

justice demands that, return God-given talents to Him with usury 5T 240

keepers of God’s vineyard are PK 22

keeping evil out of, requires much diligence and continuous struggle 5T 538

laboring among, ministers should be raising up new companies of believers instead of 3T 210

lack of: Christ and His love in 5T 727

Christian benevolence in 3T 383

lack of earnest vigilance by leaders of, causes it to become corrupt as churches of other denominations 4T 513

lack of faith in, disappoints God DA 825

lack of power in, lack of Christianity in home life causes CG 550

lack of spirituality in, cause of 5T 463

lack of unity and harmony in, how unbelievers are affected by 5T 620

languishes for help of faithful young men MYP 25

last campaign against, Satan is preparing for GC 510; 5T 294

last great struggles of, with earthly powers were shown to John 5T 752

lawsuits between members expose, to ridicule of enemies 5T 242-3

leaders in, solemn responsibilities rest on AA 92

leaders of See Church leader

leading element in, brothers who were 4T 324

leprosy of selfishness has taken hold of CS 85

leprosy of selfishness in, Isaiah 58 presents remedy for CS 85

life in, brings increase and growth CS 36

life of: depends on faithfully doing Christ’s work DA 825

faith that is TM 93

growth of, giving and receiving on which depends CS 36

Satan’s efforts to destroy, by violence GC 41

light and power are not arbitrarily withheld from 5T 202

light given to, false prophet who considered his religious experience superior to 2SM 84

light of, should grow brighter and brighter 2T 124

light of 1882 calls, to account 5T 84

light on health reform has not been heartily received in 6T 370-1

little differences in, gospel workers should not be occupied in settling 1T 261

Satan’s special efforts to create 1T 261

little done by, to gather up scattered jewels of God’s word into one perfect chain of truth FE 188

little power in, cause of TM 162

because minds are diverted from God SD 57

living piety in, cause of decline of GC 478

loaded down with blessings and benefits by Christ 8T 67

long contented with little of God’s blessings TM 175

long period of general lukewarmness in 5T 104

loose work in, ministers warned against Ev 326

love is wanting in 2T 81

love needed for the erring in 5T 603-13

love that would bring spiritual transformation in our 8T 140

lukewarm condition (state) of, great evidence of 2T 216

sad evidence of 2SG 284

majority of, is power which should control its individual members 5T 107

man power is gaining ascendancy in 9T 270

man under whose rule or guidance no, could prosper 4T 338

man who could cause more confusion and distrust in, than ten persons could counteract 2T 389

man who placed himself where he could not be helped by 1T 215

man who would press his peculiar views upon 3T 447

men appointed of God to watch that, may not be overthrown by Satan’s devices TM 53

men holding positions of responsibility in, lessons for PK 416

may have faults and may err in their decisions 4T 17

men in responsible positions in, uniting with unbelievers whose counsel is misleading 8T 69

men needed by, on whom it can rely in times of peril 2T 637

who are long-suffering and patient CG 267

men of experience given to, by God 3T 449, 451

men of faith and judgment given to, by God 3T 449

men of meek and quiet spirit needed by CG 267

men of principle needed in Te 268

men will believe what, lives rather than what minister preaches 9T 21

management of, man unkind and churlish in family should not be entrusted with 4T 347

manifestation of Himself in, Christ longs for COL 69

manufactured trials in, not designed to purify it 1T 144-5

Satan delights to see 1T 144

many, have little interest in sanitarium 4T 551

many people seeking light are obliged to leave, of their fathers DA 232

many people will not go to, to hear truth preached ChS 130

many unconverted persons in, during colonial times in America GC 297

matters that should not be repeated after they are told to DA 441

may appear about to fall but it does not 7BC 911; 2SM 380

means of, should not be exhausted in helping the poor 1T 272-3

med. miss. work should be done by all, in every locality WM 121-2

med. miss. work should be represented wherever SDA have WM 138

member who misrepresents Christ brings world into MYP 139

members have duties that must be discharged to TM 90

members of, should be united in one symmetrical body 4T 16

See also Church member

members persisting in open sin must be separated from COL 71

members should be missionaries in SC 81

members should live useful and unselfish life in 2T 132

members who feel that contributing means to sustain, is great tax 4T 18

members will have travail of soul for people who know not truth when, awakes to sense of what must be done in world 1SM 116

members’ relationship to, make plain obligation of Ed 268

membership of, earnest effort in miss. lines increases TM 206

message is given by, to call men out of darkness into light TM 458

message of health reform should be borne in every 6T 370

message to discourage and dishearten, God gives to no man TM 23

messages of: comfort given for, through Jeremiah PK 466

counsel and admonition given through prophets are of special value to PK 22

messages that divide, put us to shame before enemies of truth TM 56

mighty shaking’s effect on 1T 181-2

mingling of true and false believers in, Christ’s servants are grieved on seeing COL 71

minister and wife faithful in duty of home become better fitted to labor in GW 205

minister unable to control members of his own family cannot properly minister to GW 205

minister’s position in, is one of grave responsibility AA 360-1

ministers cannot do work that, should do 4T 69

ministers cannot save, by hovering over them 9T 139

ministers disregarding light re health reform should not be appointed to preside over MM 238

ministers hovering about, it is painful to see 3T 406

ministers kept hovering over TM 230-8

ministers in union with, should decide who is fit to enter the ministry 1T 209

ministers opposed to organization in, bad influence of 1T 270-1

ministers should educate, in gospel work DA 825

to be liberal 6BC 1103; WM 206

ministers should educate helpers in every GW 197

ministers should present matters of grave import to, for settlement 7T 263-4

ministers should purify PP 578

ministers warned against acting independently of 3T 417

ministry that brings life into MM 263; WM 29

misguided zeal of some persons who would attempt to purify TM 46

misrepresented God by way it dealt with supposed heretics COL 74

mission of: illustrated by mercy fleet sent to islands of starving people in time of war 8T 24-5

is to carry gospel to world AA 9; SC 81

is to save sinners 3T 381

miss. spirit should be revived in 6T 29

miss. work gives strength to LS 188

mistakes of, Satan exploits 2SM 397

moral darkness of, creates moral darkness and spiritual death in institutions 2T 139

moral tone of, how to raise 5T 480

moral uncleanness must be cleansed from Ev 369

more effective prayers for Spirit will be offered when, awakes to sense of her holy calling 1SM 116

more instruction needed by, on reverence 6T 97

more praise and thanksgiving to God needed in 5T 318-9

more ready for active labor than for humble devotion 4T 535

most grievous disaster that can happen to, evil cherished in hearts of believers is AA 549

moving out independently of, warning against 3T 414

multitudes have joined, who have never been united to Christ GC 468

must battle with infidel and apostate 4T 594

necessity of purifying, from wrongs 3T 265

need(s): all cultivated spiritual force which can be obtained ML 221

builders and not faultfinders 4T 194

earnest workers and not burdens 4T 194

weeding out 4T 340

neglect and indifference cause, to degenerate into weakness and formality 5T 611

neglected duties of, retarding of fulfillment of God’s purpose may be read in FE 219

neglecting the poor and suffering, God looks with disfavor on 6T 295

Nehemiahs needed in, today ChS 177

new and strange things will be brought into, to confuse minds 2SM 14

new believers should be organized into 7T 20

new efficiency and power added to, when it has burden for men of intellect and influence AA 140

new fervor and zeal stir, when it sees something accomplished 5T 369

new men needed by, to give energy to ranks CM 19

no, shines of itself 6BC 1118

no laws are to be acknowledged in, but laws of God MM 89-90

no longer in bondage PK 714

no more spirituality in, because they are not colaborers with Christ 5T 463

no room in, for selfish and ease-loving 5T 370

no warrant for concluding that, is perfect TM 47

not all names registered on books of, are worthy of being there 2T 637

not benefited by having two or three ministers waiting on it 2SM 156

not founded on: Peter DA 413-4

rock of human strength PK 595-6

not left to fight alone against evil AA 29

not properly educated to work for people outside of it TM 127-8

not to be regarded as perfect 5T 333

not wholly composed of: pure and sincere Christians 2T 637

true and sincere people GC 43

nothing is so precious to God as ChS 261

nothing on earth so dear to God as PK 590; 1SM 57; 2SM 397; 6T 42; 7T 242

nothing so weakens, as disunion and strife ML 276

obedience to fashion pervades 4T 647

obligations of, increase as treasures of truth are committed to her 5T 240

obstacles will be met by, till close of time SR 309

office of, Christ identified Himself with 3T 432

officers of See Church officer

official duties of, Christ breathed Spirit on disciples for fulfilling DA 805

one, all who believe are to be gathered into AA 28; DA 821

believers on earth and unfallen beings in heaven constitute 6T 366

one imprudent step may plunge, into great difficulties and trials 3T 446

one influence in, works to corrupt it TM 46

works to purify it TM 46

one man cannot constitute 3T 438

only hope for sinners in, is to see and confess their wrongs and put them away 3T 329

only members of, could vote or hold office in civil government in early American colonies GC 297

only one, stands in breach at present TM 50

only one set of Spirit of Prophecy in, is not sufficient 5T 681

only one set of Testimonies is not sufficient in 5T 681

only teacher in, man who desires to make himself 2SM 155

opening labors of, hardships that attended 4T 261

opinions of: deference due by members to 5T 107

lack of deference to, causes much trouble among believers 5T 107

one man should not urge his opinions against 3T 428

too little respect paid to 5T 107

opposition of world is not what most endangers AA 549

ordained ministers are authorized to organize AA 161

order and harmony needed in, never allow anyone’s ideas to unsettle your faith re 5T 274, 279

order in: depends on good order and thorough discipline in families 3T 294

erroneous ideas re 1T 650

is essential to unity of faith EW 100

must be maintained GW 501-2; TM 26

system ensures 1T 239

See also Order

order is needed in EW 97-104; 2SG 231; 1T 191, 211; 3T 445

to protect it against false teachers EW 100-1

organization of, for welfare ministry WM 105-13

See also Church organization; Organization

organized: Cornelius was directed by God to SR 283

example of God’s regard for AA 134

God works through appointed agencies in His AA 162

Paul’s care and concern for AA 186

organized effort needed to lift, out of dead level into which they have fallen TM 416; WM 124

outpouring of early and latter rains upon AA 54-5

See also Holy Spirit; Rain

outpouring of Spirit upon, in 1893 TM 23

parable of ten virgins represents experience of, just before second advent COL 406; GC 393-4, 426-7

parable of wicked husbandmen of vineyard applies to COL 296-7

parade and bombast do not make efforts of, vigorous and successful 5T 130

parade ground of fashion is made of Ed 247

party spirit in, greatly hinders gospel’s progress AA 270

is great evil AA 280

pathway of, light has shone clear and definite upon 5T 84

Patriarchs and Prophets points out dangers that should be avoided by CM 129

Paul’s teachings re second advent are especially important to AA 260

peace and harmony of, Satan often succeeds in destroying 5T 244

peace and love should characterize 4T 221

peace of, how to preserve GW 499; 7T 261

six evils that disturb and sacrifice 5T 241

peacemakers are blessing to 2T 51

people are to unite with, by baptism 8T 196

perfect harmony in, is powerful evidence to world in favor of Christian religion 4T 19

perfection of, does not mean all members must be fashioned alike 6BC 1090

peril of trusting, to hands that will wreck her 5T 104

perilous times for, these are 1T 214

permitting unfortunate believer to be wronged, guilt of 3T 520

perpetual life of, is to love God supremely and to love others as ourselves TM 95

persecution against, why God permits 9T 228

persecutions must be met by 4T 594

person who says or does anything tending to separate members of, counterworks God’s purpose 9T 145

persons believing and acting independently of, warning against 1T 420

persons bringing disorder and disunion into, duty of Ev 369

persons constantly inclined to individual independence in, there have ever been AA 163

persons crying out against, be afraid of 2SM 79

persons occupying positions of influence and responsibility in, should be foremost in God’s work ChS 175

persons of varied talents compose GW 331

persons placed in leading positions of responsibility in, should deal with weightier matters demanding special wisdom and largeness of heart AA 93

persons warring against, do not have divine credentials TM 22-3

persons who are burden and curse to, things will occur to reveal hearts of 2T 138

persons who assert that, constitute Babylon might better stay at home TM 36-7

persons who have joined, but have not joined Christ will be manifest COL 74

persons who threaten to leave, when their voice cannot control it 4T 17-8

persons willfully indulging in sin must not be received into GC 43

personal fidelity and individual responsibility needed in 4T 186

Peter is not rock on which Christ built DA 412-4

pews should not be rented by 6T 101

picking at straws in, Satan delights to see 1T 144

piety of, is proportionate to zeal, piety, and miss. intelligence brought into it 4BC 1148

is sustained by feeding on bread from heaven 8T 308

pillars in, youth should be trained to become FE 231

plans should be presented to, to win members’ interest and co-operation ChS 177

planning work for, is best medicine for it Ev 356

planting of, God’s choice of instrumentalities for GC 171

plight of the poor in large cities challenges 6T 275

pointed testimony must live in 3T 260

political questions should not be agitated in FE 475; GW 391

pope can have no power over Christ’s, except by usurpation GC 51

position in, must not be purchased with money 2T 86

position of trust in, gives man no authority to dictate to others DA 414

positions of authority in: persons who refuse to respect men in AA 261

pliant Aarons still hold PP 317

respect due to persons chosen to occupy AA 261-2

power delegated by Christ to 4T 17

to settle all questions respecting its prosperity, purity, and order GW 501-2; 7T 263

power given to, to act in Christ’s stead in dealing with erring members GW 501-2; 7T 263

power of: as designed by God AA 164

do not disregard or despise AA 164

he despises God’s voice who disregards or despises AA 164

power promised to, for ripening of earth’s harvest AA 56

powers of darkness triumph when members expose, to ridicule of enemies 5T 243

powerful influence may be wielded by AA 71

practical piety of, demonstrates gospel’s power 6T 260; 7T 16

prayer for salvation of souls calls, away from its petty difficulties MM 245

prayers of, Christ hears TM 19

preaching of gospel gathers both good and evil into COL 122

precedence in, trouble caused by question of DA 435

precept of, God’s word not to be set aside for 6T 402

preparation of, for Christ’s second coming AA 55

prevailing monotony of religious round of service in, needs to be disturbed TM 204

prevailing sin of, selfishness is 5T 204

pride in, effects of 4T 377

principles that must be manifest in COL 296-7

privilege given to, of fulfilling gospel commission 6T 295

privilege of, to march from victory to victory AA 91

to progress from strength to strength 5T 93

profession of truth places men in 5T 228-9

program of visitation for, that should be well organized 9T 117-8

promise of Christ to, till end of time DA 667

promise of Gen. 12:2 is for, in every age PK 703

promises re, are many and wonderful AA 9

prompt action needed by, to keep enemy from gaining advantage 3T 445

prosperity in all borders of, how to have 5T 176

prosperity will never come to, until members are united with God and work for others 4T 285

prosperity’s effects upon 4T 89

provision made by Christ for, to be transformed body illuminated with Light of world COL 419; 8T 19

pub. house and, relationship between 7T 182-90

pure doctrines have been unfolding within borders of AA 12

purging and cleansing will pass through every TM 414

purification of, that is needed 2SM 376-83

warning again spasmodic, zealous, and hasty action re TM 46

purity of, business practices that corrupt 4T 494

must be preserved GW 501; 7T 263

quiet and humble work makes, vigorous and successful in efforts 5T 130

rarely takes higher stand than that taken by ministers 5T 227

reading of Bible in, give quiet and devout attention to 5T 84

ready to die because they are not strengthened Ev 326

real character of: is measured by number of her persevering and faithful workers ChS 12; GW 200

is measured by what she actually does for Christ ChS 12; GW 200

is not measured by names on her books ChS 12; GW 200

rebellion in, is disheartening 2T 673

how to deal with 3T 115

reconsecration to service needed throughout 8T 46

reconversion is needed throughout 8T 46

record of, God does not wish worldly policy to corrupt PK 590

reforms must be brought about in SD 194

reformation needed in 3T 474

reformation that will banish spirit of discord and strife from 8T 251

reforming of, God’s choice of instrumentalities for GC 171

regret that, feels little inclination to thank God for enriching her with grace and talents of means CS 48

relations between, and the minister 6T 417-20

relationship of, to Christ is symbolized by marriage relation Ed 268; GC 381-2

relationship to, is not to be lightly canceled 4T 17

many believers do not realize sacredness of their 4T 17

religious experience independent of, Paul was not given 3T 430-3

relying on gospel workers from abroad to strengthen and encourage their faith do not become strong 3T 210

representatives of, should earnestly pray for outpouring of Spirit TM 64

represented by vineyard 5BC 1097; COL 282

reproach is not easily wiped away from 4T 493

reproach of indolence and slothfulness should be wiped away from 9T 46

reproof in, need of 3T 359

reputation of, preserve 4T 490

respect is due to 8T 161

responsibility given to, of receiving or rejecting gospel commission ChS 23

responsibility(s) in, choosing of men to bear 9T 263

distribution of 9T 262-9

responsibility of: for care of homeless aged 1SM 331

for care of orphans 2T 333

for education of its youth CG 312-7

for light and opportunities received TM 449

for pledges of individual members 4T 476

for terrible amount of guilt 5T 457

for wrong course of its members 3T 517-8

to children CT 168-72

to poor and suffering members WM 229

to poor members 4T 510

to worthy poor sick members 1T 494

to young people CT 526

responsible in great degree for sins of its members PK 651; 3T 265, 269-71

restraint and discipline by, many believers are loath to submit to 4T 17

result of bringing men with their peculiar organizations into 4T 489

revelations of God’s eternal purpose have been given to PK 722

revival that spread through, of surrounding districts GW 34

rock on which Christ founded, Peter was not DA 413

root of bitterness in, do not let unhappy differences become 4T 610; 5T 614

rubbish brought into, clear away Ev 512

rules and discipline needed in 3T 445

sacred charge given to, by Christ AA 600

sacred trust and eternal truths committed to, to be given to world 2SM 66

safety of, secret of TM 444

same order and system is needed by, as in apostolic times SR 260

Satan as accuser of TM 21-2

Satan brings unconverted persons into TM 46

Satan plans to plant his banner in GC 42

Satan seeks to bring insincere and unregenerate elements into GC 520

Satan seeks to keep, in state of insensibility 2T 102

Satan will work with greater power against, as she approaches final deliverance GC 9

Satan’s efforts to destroy, by violence SR 321

Satan’s efforts to divide and destroy 1SM 123

Satan’s most dangerous snares prepared for, will come through members who do not love God supremely or neighbors as themselves 5T 477

Satan’s traps set in MH 338; Te 24

say boldly: “God is mine helper” 5T 484

school and, Israelite home was to be Ed 41

schools needed in all CT 168

science was not exalted above God of science by, in her purest times 5T 82

secrets of, must not be betrayed to its enemies TM 269

seeing God’s work progress elsewhere strengthens MM 318

selfish love of pleasure encouraged by COL 54; 9T 91

selfishness brings discord into CS 24

selfishness fills, with unholy ambition CS 24

send gospel workers into, who will present principles of health reform with third angel’s message TM 416

sense in which, has power to absolve sinner DA 806

sermonizing is not best help minister can give 6T 49

shaking must soon purify 2SG 284

sickly Christians in, are many CH 592

signal deliverance of, when brought low by trial and oppression FE 197

simplest modes of work should be devised and set in operation among 6T 433

sin in, difficulties will be met in dealing with 3T 270-1

must be promptly dealt with 5T 147

sin of, in failing to search out cause of its darkness and afflictions 3T 520

sins fostered and concealed by, God abhors 4T 210

sins that control world have come into 5T 456

sinner must either put away his sins or be separated from 5T 147

sinners and hypocrites in 2T 390

sinners in, must be promptly dealt with 5T 147

slack state of things in, influence that encourages 1T 215

sleeping on guard re education of youth CT 43, 165

sleepy and unconsecrated condition of, precious opportunities lost because of 3T 407

slothful work in, God is not pleased with Ev 368-9

social gatherings that are disgrace to TM 82-3

solemn covenant of, pledge made by persons who take upon themselves COL 279

solemn responsibility rests on members of, to warn those standing on brink of eternal ruin PK 716

some ministers tear down instead of building up 2T 340

some people uniting with, mistakenly expect to find it pure and perfect TM 47

some professed Sabbathkeepers move independent of 1T 420

something should be done in, to spread truth CM 21-2

soon to enter most severe conflict TM 20

souls in, that are to be saved ChS 21-2

source of weakness to, accession of unconverted members is 5T 172

special duty of, to care for the needy among its members MH 201

special endowment of grace and power provided for, in final conflict GC 10

special power invested in, no one is justified in disregarding and despising 3T 417

special truth and special work entrusted to, in every generation COL 78

Spirit has been quenched in 2T 442

Spirit is minister of, on earth DA 166

spirit of controversy in, should cease 5T 335

spirit of Korah and associates in, God’s servants all through history have had to meet PP 404

spirit of self-denial and sacrifice nearly lost by 1T 115

spirit of self-righteousness is curse to COL 400

spirit of world is fast leavening 5T 75

Spirit places convicted sinners in arms of 4T 69

Spirit will not abide in, where there is disunion and contention 4T 221

Spirit’s gifts and manifestations in, purpose of GC 8-9

Spirit’s ministry is of vital importance to GC 8

spiritual condition of, Christ watches 6T 418

spiritual dearth in, prevailing selfishness causes 5T 375

spiritual declension in, causes of CG 550

what to do re PP 497

spiritual energy of, is sustained by feeding on bread from heaven 8T 308

spiritual interests of, strife and division are ruinous to 5T 243

spiritual Israel is, on earth PK 372

spiritual labor and burden bearing gives strength to LS 188; 2T 22

spiritual pride in, abundance of 5T 534

spiritual prosperity of, is closely bound up with Christian liberality AA 344-5

spiritual state of 3T 474-7

has changed gradually and almost imperceptibly 5T 240

spirituality and faith nearly lost by 5T 674

spirituality of: backbiting kills CG 551

devotion to money-getting deadens CS 20

failure to cherish miss. spirit causes decline of TM 205-6

self-denial and self-sacrifice are beneficial to 6T 102

self-denial and self-sacrifice work wonders in advancing CS 263

standard of, God’s word must be made 5T 499

state of things existing in every, from crest of Olivet Christ saw 8T 68

straight testimony as means ordained by God to keep corruptions out of 3T 324

strength of, depends on growth in usefulness and efficiency CT 168

increases in proportion to their personal efforts 3T 210

strictly guard, against enemy’s wily arts MM 89-90

strife and dissension weaken 5T 240-1

strife for supremacy in, would have been disaster to it DA 435

strife in, Satan gloats over 8T 240

struggles of, with discouragements and rebellious element 4T 594

success granted to, is proportionate to labor performed 5T 202

success of, depends on home influences CT 396; GW 204; MH 349

successful, strict integrity by members will result in 4T 285

suffers for want of unselfish Christian workers 4T 193

summon, to universal action 7T 14

Sun of Righteousness has risen upon 6T 423

supply of faithful men for the ministry of FE 114

support of, appealing to state for GC 297

supremacy over, Peter was not given DA 817

system established in AA 185

system is needed in 1T 191

system of sacrifices and offerings given to, in its infancy 1SM 114

talents entrusted to, represent gifts and blessings imparted by Spirit COL 327

talents of, wrapped in napkin and buried in world 4T 618-9

tares among wheat in 5T 333

task of, cannot be abridged without denying Christ CS 279

task of finishing God’s work on earth has been given to PK 74

teachings of, danger in cherishing views contrary to 3T 441

temperance must be placed on elevated platform in Te 165

temple of, built up gradually under persecution AA 597

ten virgins as symbol of GC 427

terrible as army with banners, is to go forth conquering into all world AA 91; PK 725

testimony of True Witness has been lightly esteemed by EW 270

Testimonies as means devised by God to awaken, to sense its spiritual destitution have not been regarded 5T 719-20

Testimonies to, God has spoken to us through 5T 661; 8T 298

theme of God’s messengers to, throughout past centuries PK 22

things exist in, which are not right 2SM 83

thorough conversion needed by, to be in working order 3T 52

thorough reformation needed in all TM 443

thousands of people dare not receive anything contrary to creed or established teaching of their GC 596

time that is wasted by ministers in labor for 3T 61

trained persons are needed to manage FE 256

trials and perplexities develop zeal and warm affections in SL 12

trials in, cause the unbelieving to stumble and doubt 4T 202

triumph of, is very near TM 431

troublous times will yet be seen by 4T 594

true and false believers are mingled in COL 71