EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Church, Churches (Part 2 of 4)

ministers of, EGW assailed by 1SM 69

Satan will make it appear that God is working for EW 261

second angel’s message brought large company out of EW 238

sophistries of, prepare people to make Bible truth their defense against 8T 158

uttering truth against Ev 574

feasts held by, to gather funds into church treasury COL 54; CS 201-2; WM 289

feasting and drinking in, to gather funds for treasury COL 54; GC 474; 9T 91; WM 291

festivals held by, to gather funds into church treasury CS 201-2; WM 289

filled with: crime and murder 2T 449

fornication and adultery 2T 449

thieves, murderers, adulterers, fornicators 4T 493

filling up with every unclean and hateful bird EW 274

first angel’s message rejected by EW 237; GC 372-3, 376-80; SR 358, 362, 364-6

first angel’s message was sent to test and purify GC 380

forgetting God CT 457

formal, Millerite Adventists were opposed by 1T 44-8

formality is taking possession of 4T 401

formation of image of Roman hierarchy by, infliction of civil penalties on dissenters will inevitably follow GC 445

fraud practiced by, without reprovings of conscience EW 274

games held by, to gather funds into church treasury CS 201

give talks to, on temperance reform Te 221

gluttony encouraged by, to gather funds for church treasury GC 474; CS 201; WM 289

God has jewels in all 4BC 1184

God has representatives in all 6T 70-1

God’s law rejected by large part of 2SM 107

great body of Christ’s true followers are in GC 390

great iniquity and vileness in EW 274

growing more corrupt EW 273

have fallen EW 116

have followed in steps of Rome by forming alliance with worldly powers GC 443

have manifested desire similar to that of Rome, to restrict liberty of conscience GC 443

have sided with Satan 1SM 222

have taken sides with first great apostate 7BC 973

honest in heart will come out of 2T 449

how image to beast will be formed by GC 449

how Satan uses, to further his designs GC 586-7

hypocrisy in Ev 26

important question that should engage attention of GC 48

inconsistencies of: it is necessary at times to speak of 4T 536

many people becoming disgusted with 4T 392

ministers cautioned re presentation of 4T 536

prejudice created by speaking of 4T 536

infidelity prevails in many PP 166

influence of devils will be felt in GC 604

innumerable host of devils are crowding EW 274

institutions and usages of, movement in USA to secure state support for GC 573

justice and judgment will soon awake against EW 274

lack of spirit of consecration to God in GC 463

Laodicean message must go to 6T 77

last message given to, Rev. 18:1-6 will be GC 390

leading: of USA will form image of Roman hierarchy GC 445; SR 381-2

of USA will influence state to enforce their decrees and to sustain their institutions GC 445; SR 381-2

of USA will unite on such points of doctrine as held by them in common GC 445; SR 381-2

left in partial darkness by rejection of new truth CSW 28

liquor traffic is virtually sustained by MH 340

little vital godliness in, because great truths of God’s word are indifferently regarded GC 48

lotteries held by, to gather funds into church treasury COL 54; CS 201-2, 204; 9T 91; WM 289, 291

love of pleasure is encouraged by GC 474

lulled to sleep by Satan’s deceptive power TM 472

make no personal thrusts against Ev 576

make no raid on 9T 236

many people will separate from, when Spirit and power of God will be poured out GC 464

members connected with liquor business are retained in Te 231

members of: allowance that SDA should make re 9T 240

few, are governed by Christian principles MH 142

gospel call must be given to 6T 76-7

money made from liquor traffic by MH 340

profess to be Christians EW 274

merrymaking (merriment) in, to gather funds for church treasury COL 54; 9T 91; WM 291

message of Revelation 18:1-6 must be given to PP 167

message of Rev. 18:1-6 will call true Christians out of GC 390

midnight cry separated God’s children from EW 249-50

ministers of See Minister

modern revivals in, effects of GC 461-78

money raised by, through improper devices AA 338; COL 54; CS 201-3; GC 474; PP 529; 4T 392; 9T 91; WM 289-92

moral fall of: in 1844 GC 389

representing Babylon GC 382-3, 389-90; PP 124, 167; SR 364-5

second angel’s message announced EW 273; GC 382-3, 389-90

moral power in, is little 3T 51

more like theater than place of worship on Sunday 4T 642-3

need to cleanse themselves from all filthiness of flesh Te 64

not converting world 9T 65

of USA, application of second angel’s message to GC 389

experienced change in 1844 GC 376

orthodox, proclamation of doctrine of second advent was opposed by 1T 54

people imagine themselves secure under FE 336

people in, starving for spiritual food GW 32; 3T 237

persecution against, why there is lack of GC 48

picnics have banished thoughts of God from GC 463-4

power of, union that weakens 4BC 1168-9

power of godliness almost departed from many of GC 463; 5T 167

prayers of, are abomination in God’s sight EW 274

present attitude of, SDA must rise above FE 289

professing Protestant faith, greater part of Christ’s followers are found in GC 383

profession of, is abomination in God’s sight EW 274

pulpits of, teach that God’s law is not binding COL 305

putting their own interpretation on God’s word is sin that many, are guilty of COL 110-1

real study of God’s word in, is little GW 368

rejecting first angel’s message, God rejected 1SM 63-4; SR 364

rejecting God’s law, false standard set up by Ev 590

rejecting three angels’ messages, are Babylon 2SM 68

Satan’s workings upon EW 261

religion of, infidels and skeptics make sport of GC 463

represented by Babylon, persecute people who keep God’s commandments TM 117

responsibility of, for legalized liquor traffic Te 43

revival of faith and power of, spirit of persecution will be revived with GC 48

Rome’s example followed by many GC 382-4, 443-50

Satan has taken full possession of EW 273

Satan intrudes in GC 508

Satan will introduce counterfeit religious revival in GC 464

Satan will raise excitement in, before loud cry of third angel’s message EW 261

Satan’s agents look upon, with exultation EW 274-5

Satan’s deceptions are leavening COL 414

Satan’s working on, should startle every student of prophecy 5T 537

Scripture interpretations adopted by, that sow seeds of skepticism GC 586

second angel’s message calls God’s people out of EW 241-3; GC 381-90

second angel’s message rejected by EW 188, 237; GC 380-90; SR 364-6

selfishness practiced by, without reprovings of conscience EW 274

separation of Millerite Adventists from EW 242-3; GC 375-6; SR 364-6

SDA are not more blameworthy than people of 2T 452

SDA desire to pattern after 2SM 18

SDA do not observe order as there is in 2SG 289

SDA ministers must not go out of their way to whip 5T 165

SDA testimony must be more than that seen in 1SM 140

sharp thrusts upon, create prejudice CW 110

out of place in Signs of the Times CW 110

sin of world’s impenitence lies at door of GC 389

sins of, have reached unto heaven 2T 449

skepticism in many, re interpretation of Scriptures 1SM 15

spirit of consecration lacking in GC 463

spiritism is gaining foothold in DA 258

spiritual condition of, in 1840-44 depicted in Rev. 3:1-3 GC 309-10

Revelation 18 describes 7BC 979

spiritual darkness in, cause of GC 377-8

spiritual declension in, Barnes (Albert) quoted re GC 376-7

Finney (Chas. G.) quoted re GC 377

spiritualism has invaded GC 556; SR 395

spiritualistic teachings are coming into MH 428

state will be influenced by, to enforce their decrees and sustain their institutions GC 443, 445

styles of fashionable dress displayed in, on Sundays 4T 642-3

Sunday proclaimed by, as God’s Sabbath FE 287

suppers held by, to gather funds into church treasury COL 54; CS 201; 9T 91; WM 289

symbolized by daughters of Babylon GC 382-3

temperance principles are defended by Christians in 6T 110

temperance workers in, come close to 6T 110

theatrical performances held in, to gather funds for church treasury CS 202

theatricals in, banish thoughts of God GC 463-4

theosophy is gaining foothold in DA 258

third angel’s message crucified by EW 261

too often encourage evil by appealing to appetite and desire for gain or love of pleasure to replenish treasury CS 202-3; GC 474

true Christians in all Ev 234; GC 390, 449, 464

true med. miss. work is strange to Ev 518

true worshipers in 6T 76

truth must be given first to members of 6T 76

two distinct calls made to 7BC 985; 2SM 118

under bondage of sin while claiming to be free GC 522

what Christ would do if He were to enter GC 474

worldliness in EW 273; GC 383-90

world-loving, of last days are Babylon PP 124

youth led by, into gambling CS 201

14. Prosperity of

believer’s first interest should be 4T 18

course of action of members affects ChS 10

depends on: cherishing precious plant of love 5T 123

food given it 7BC 942

good order and thorough discipline of families 3T 294

personal effort Ev 338

prompt and united action and mutual confidence of members 3T 445-6

systematic benevolence to great degree 3T 405

youth’s religious education to large degree FE 388-9

divine power is necessary for 8T 21

each member is responsible for SD 253

foundation for, is laid in home AH 318; ML 284

future, is imperiled when one man assumes all burden of leadership AA 88

man who cruelly stood in way of 3T 447

must be measured by members’ virtue, intelligence, and piety 5T 32

public wrongs threatening, should be reproved publicly 2T 15

should not be measured by number of members 5T 31-2

unbelief in one member may affect 3T 446

youth without proper home training endanger 4T 202

15. Small (smaller)

children are better off in 6T 198

disorganized because members move away to larger churches 5T 185

duty of, to their poor and sick 4T 510

families counseled against moving away from 2T 114

families leaving, when God is not pleased to see FE 494

home as AH 323; ML 29; SD 223

how prosperity of, is threatened 5T 184

must not be helplessly dependent on ministerial aid MM 315

need to be visited more often LS 259

not too small to work for Christ ChS 15

object of Paul’s care and interest SR 310

Paul tenderly watched over AA 186

several, may unite to support missionary in foreign field GW 466-7

strong help and talent needed by 5T 184-5

tendency threatens the life of 5T 184

why some, are left in weakness and discouragement to die 5T 153

16. Miscellaneous

abominations coming into, warning re 4T 517

abominations in, prayer and lamentation for 5T 210

acceptance of first angel’s message would have brought, to unity, faith, and love of apostolic times GC 379

accountable for evil resulting from her neglect of duty 4T 516

accountable to God for sin in its members 3T 517-8

accountability of, for grace and truth given her TM 450

Achan in every PP 497; 5T 157

what to do re PP 497

acts in: Christ’s name 3T 433

Christ’s stead 7T 263

name of Christ’s authority 3T 433

acts of persecution by, Satan inspired COL 74

actions of, that God ratifies GW 502; 7T 263

activity in our TM 204-8

admonition addressed to, in last days GC 408

advance of, is proportionate to increased light 5T 534

advanced spiritual knowledge of, is proportionate to zeal, piety, and miss. intelligence brought into it 4BC 1148

advancement of, retarded by members’ wrong course 4T 16

adversity’s effects upon 4T 89

advice and counsel of, results of failing to respect 5T 108

alienation and jealousy in, pastor must be tactful in dealing with GW 185

all who wish to draw off from, will have opportunity 1T 251

ample facilities given by Christ to, that He may receive large revenue of glory from His people DA 680; TM 18

angel of light in Revelation 14 represents MM 131

angels pass through our 6BC 1060

angels protect, from enemy’s assaults TM 22

angels sent to minister to, in all ages AA 11

apostasies often afflict 5T 688

apostasy and division in, development of 5T 240

apostles of licentiousness as curse to, in all ages 5T 141

appalling indifference of, to needs of world perishing for lack of knowledge of present truth 8T 24

appeal made to 2T 439-89

on May 30, 1892 5T 217-35

appointed work of, is to prepare way for ushering in of God’s everlasting kingdom PK 375

ark of God has been removed from, in some places CG 544

arms of, Christ throws needy souls into 2T 331

sinners convicted by Spirit are placed in 4T 69

army of workers like Paul is needed by AA 507; GW 61

arrayed in robe of Christ’s righteousness, promise to PK 260

as audience chamber of God CG 543

as gate of heaven MYP 265; 5T 491

as long as God has, He will have men who will cry aloud and spare not 2SG 284

as Lord’s sanctuary is first to feel stroke of God’s wrath 5T 211

as “sanctuary” mentioned in Eze. 9:6 GC 656; 5T 211

as whole should bring motives under faithful examination 3T 512

asleep 3T 404

atmosphere of, is so frigid that warmth of first love is frozen up TM 167-8

only power of God’s grace can keep clean CT 250

attachment to, believer should be wholehearted in his 4T 18

attempt to build up, by aid of state GC 297

attempting to reform, by rules and regulations TM 192-3

attitude of, toward Christ today 5T 258

auspices of, church members should work under WM 123

awakens no opposition because she has conformed to world’s standard GC 48

backslidden as result of neglect of plan of systematic benevolence 3T 409

baptismal robes should be provided by, for baptismal candidates 6T 97-8

being converted daily to world COL 316; 8T 119; 9T 43-4; 8T 119

believers and unbelievers in 5T 228

believers are not responsible to Christ alone and independent of AA 122

believers misrepresenting Christ’s character bring world into MYP 139

best help minister can give to, sermonizing is not 6T 49

best medicine for, planning work for it is Ev 356

betrayal of, is treachery to God AA 11

blessed change in, carrying out principles of Lord’s Prayer would cause 5T 170

bruising Satan’s head by God’s help 4T 594

builder of, Christ is AA 595-9; GC 416

builders of, many people wrought as AA 596-8

building of: great reformers who contributed to AA 598

has never ceased AA 598-9

Huguenots contributed to AA 598

kings and governors opposed AA 597

not yet complete AA 599

under figure of erecting temple AA 595-9

Waldenses contributed to AA 598

burden bearers in, need of 2T 165-73

burdens of, all members should share in 1T 192

burdened with debt: dishonors God CS 261

displeases God 6T 102-3

self-denial and self-sacrifice needed to relieve CS 261

unwise stewardship is shown by CS 263

bustle does not make efforts of, vigorous and successful 5T 130

Calebs are men most needed in, in last days 5T 130

called to be holy and powerful people TM 450

can get along without any particular individual 5T 126

can triumph in God when she manifests disinterested benevolence to the needy 3T 519

cannot: be living and active unless members are willing to bear responsibilities 5T 114

be living and prosperous unless it rights wrongs among its members 3T 520

compel anyone to take right course 5T 248

flourish unless members are workers 2T 121

prosper without patient, prayerful, persevering fidelity on part of members 5T 304

reach position God desired it to reach until it is bound up in sympathy with its miss. workers CS 47

cannot measure herself by: man’s opinion 5T 83

what she once was 5T 83

world 5T 83

capable of caring for the sorrowful and tempted, Christ came to establish DA 640

carnally minded persons will be found in FE 294

case in which God keeps His jewels is 6BC 1118; 6T 261

certain positions in, God has certain men to fill 9T 264

change of gifts is good for GW 420

change of ministers benefits 6BC 1086

character and service of, must be according to talents received TM 449

characteristic of history of, in all ages SC 112

Christ and: are inseparable 3T 418

marriage as symbol of union between GC 381; 7T 46

very close and sacred relationship between Ed 268

Christ as Sun of Righteousness was to rise upon, with healing in His wings PK 717

Christ claims privilege of having, with Him TM 20-1

Christ closely identifies Himself with His TM 20

Christ constantly watches His, with solicitude SD 13; 2SM 396

Christ designs that heaven’s order shall be represented in DA 680

Christ directs sinners to AA 122

Christ does not: call members out of 2SM 67

sanction individual experience and exercise in religious matters independent of 3T 432-3

Christ established, by first selecting a few persons and bidding them to follow Him WM 60

Christ foretold how rulers of world would treat GC 39

Christ has had, in every age 6BC 1079

Christ has made every provision for, to be illumined with light COL 419; PK 720

Christ intercedes for, before Father TM 157

Christ invested, with great power 3T 428

Christ is builder of, as spiritual temple AA 595-9

Christ is Rock on which He built DA 413

Christ left, and all its interests as sacred trust to His followers GW 200

Christ longed to have, with Him TM 20-1

Christ loves SD 13

Christ made, channel of light to world AA 122

Christ personally comes into, by Spirit TM 15

Christ pleads for, in heavenly courts TM 92

Christ sorrows and weeps over our 8T 67

Christ strengthens, by His Spirit SD 13; 2SM 396

Christ walks in midst of, throughout earth AA 586; 6T 418; 8T 23

Christ will not forget, in world of temptation 7BC 948

Christ will replenish, refine, ennoble, and elevate TM 53

Christ works through appointed agencies in His organized AA 162

Christ’s discerning Spirit in, signal evidence of GC 44

Christ’s energizing presence is still with DA 166

Christ’s eternal vigilance is over 7BC 956

Christ’s legacy to, the poor, unfortunate, sick and suffering are 6T 261

Christ’s living presence in, is Rock of faith DA 414

Christ’s loving and tender ruling power over, God is near in SD 77

Christ’s presence promised to, in doing His work DA 825

Christ’s promise to glorify and exalt DA 787

Christ’s relation to, Rev. 2:1 shows 6T 418

Christ’s unchanging love for, illustration of GW 34

Christ’s untiring watchfulness and care for AA 586

Christian influence in 5T 568-71

Christian workers can be educated in all WM 90

Christian’s relationship to, erroneous idea re AA 122

Christianity is apparently popular with world because there is so little vital godliness in GC 48

church schools should be established by 6T 198

church should be united with, in advancing God’s work AA 96; ChS 14

clean and holy, God will have 1T 99

clearer understanding of God’s word given to, when His people grow in grace SC 112; 5T 706

closing work of: began in 1844 GC 431-2

giving third angel’s message is part of GC 432

Millerite Adventists who were able to foresee GC 432

coldness in, what to do re PP 497

comfort of, in one of darkest hours of long conflict with forces of evil PK 474

commission given to, in Isa. 54:2, 3 PK 374

commissioned to co-operate with God in giving light of truth TM 458

concerns of, God has in His charge MB 121; 5T 753

condition of: at close of eighteenth century GC 309-10

at second advent GC 425

Paul adapted his manner of teaching to AA 271

conf. presidents should see that elders and deacons of, do their work TM 305

conflict of, with persons controlled by devils till end of time AA 219

conformity to worldly customs by, never converts world GC 509

conformity to worldly customs converts, to world GC 509

confusion in, persons who move from impulse and find fault cause 2T 51

connection with, one of first steps in life of service to Christ is Ed 268-9

consecration and activity of, salvation of souls depends on 8T 24

consisting mostly of branches of three families connected by marriage, problems of 3T 53-4

continual exercise of charity and forbearance by, call for 5T 104

conversions will add to, such as shall be saved Ev 32

converting power of God must come into TM 443

co-operation of: Christ waits for CT 22

God calls for 5T 610

God waits for FE 189

corrupted by members who defile and corrupt their bodies 5T 79

corruption of, union with state results in GC 297

corruptions coming into, brave men needed to check 4T 517

countenances evil if she fails to lift her voice against it PK 651

covetousness exists in PP 497

crooked elements in, will have to be met TM 164

crushing weight to, families who are 4T 193

curse of, is that men do not adopt Christ’s methods TM 192

curse of many, strife of tongues is LS 299

darkest hour of struggle of, with powers of evil immediately precedes day of her final deliverance PK 725

darkness brought on, by neglect of welfare work 3T 512

dawn of bright and glorious day is before, if she will put on robe of Christ’s righteousness and withdraw from allegiance to world AA 601; PK 260; 8T 11

days of purification of, are hastening on apace 5T 80

deadly spiritual malady is upon 5T 202

dearth in, caused by allowing our minds to be drawn away from God’s word 6T 392-3

dearth of spiritual power in, because members allow their minds to be drawn away from God’s word 8T 169

decided reforms needed in 5T 383

decision of, JW and EGW respected 2SG 151

decisions of general church council binds AA 190

deep and earnest work needs to be done in every CW 106

deep movings of Spirit needed by FE 197

depends on Christ our righteousness SD 77

deplorable condition of, coldness and heartlessness and want of tender sympathy cause TM 156

depressed state of, that was detrimental to man’s health 2T 98

deprived of many blessings by failure to appreciate and improve provisions of divine grace AA 417-8

destiny of, hangs on testimony of True Witness EW 270

develop true helpers when gospel work moves hard 5T 130

devils are constantly at war with 5T 287

devote your ability to studying how to build up, instead of weakening 5T 118-9

devotion of, God is testing ML 63

devotion that will give signal victory to 3T 404

differences between Christians should be settled by AA 305-6

different gifts set in, by God GW 481

different line from, Satan leads men to take TM 48

difficulties between Christians should be settled within COL 248-9

disbelief re Testimonies is leavening 5T 217

disciples were filled with intense longing to add to, such as should be saved 7T 31-2

discipline in See Church discipline

discord in, how Satan leads men to sow PP 404

disfellowshiped member who should be readmitted by AH 346; GW 501; 7T 263

dishonesty in 4T 489-95

dishonored God by departing from light 2T 441-2

disorder in, following one’s own independent judgment leads to TM 30, 503

dissatisfied elements in, Satan uses 5T 502

dissemination of Bible truth by consecrated, fulfills promise of Gen. 12:2 PK 703

dissension and strife come in to distract and weaken 5T 240-1

distinct line drawn between world and, by God 5T 602

diversity of gifts and governments placed in, by God 3T 446; TM 29

divided and inharmonious element in, weakens it 5T 119

divided by sophistry and error, how to deal with 3T 110

divided condition in, Satan takes advantage of PP 675

divine light and power are not arbitrarily withheld from 5T 202

divine ministration needed to give power and efficiency to 7BC 922

division(s) in: cause of AH 179

dishonor Christ before world 5T 239

do nothing to perpetuate 6T 239

evils of 5T 243

how ministers can prevent EW 61-2

let there be no 9T 147

only one way to prevent 5T 243

over politics FE 475, 479

prevention of AA 96

divisions and bitter dissensions common in, would disgrace world 1SM 123

divisive messages hinder, from attaining perfection in unity TM 56

do not bring into: ideas leading to contention or disorder FE 483; GW 395

what world calls higher education FE 536

do not disparage, because of evils among Sabbathkeepers 6T 239

do not disparage agencies God has placed in 6T 240

do not judge, as sustaining defective characters in it FE 294

do not leave, crippled with debt 6T 104

to go down while new fields are entered Ev 323

do not make, receptacle for outpouring of every complaint or confession 5T 646

do not wait till mighty miracle-working power arouses, to life and activity 5T 725

doing med. miss. work will cause breath of life to return to 6T 267; TM 416; WM 124

doubt re Testimonies is leavening 5T 217

drifting fast into channel of worldliness 4T 513

dross in, time is not far off when gold will be separated from 5T 81

duty of: in antitypical day of atonement 1SM 125

to erring members DA 805-6; GW 498-502; 5T 613-21; 7T 260-4

to members whose course of action is entirely contrary to light received TM 449

to warn, instruct, and if possible restore members fallen in sin DA 805

to world TM 271

to worthy member unable to pay his vow 4T 476

when trouble arises between members 5T 241

dying for lack of teaching re righteousness by faith GW 301

earnest effort in miss. lines brings spiritual health to TM 206

earnest miss. work revives ChS 121

educated and disciplined by school of Christ MB 31

education needed by, more than censure 4T 269

efficiency of, is precisely what ministers make it 5T 582

elect, given by Christ into Father’s arms DA 680

empowered by God to do: same work that Christ did during His ministry CH 210, 529

special work PK 259; 8T 11

endangered by men trying to mark out precise way for Spirit to come TM 64-5

endowed by God with great privileges and blessings COL 296

endowed with righteousness of Christ is His depositary DA 680

energies of, deadness and formality have come in to cripple 5T 534

enlargement of, God’s people are His chosen instrumentalities for FE 514

entertainment of visitors by, one or two persons should not have to do all of 6T 344

envy and strife in, Satan moves on unconsecrated hearts to kindle PP 675

erroneous idea of how to keep heresies out of COL 110

erroneous idea that, on earth is perfect TM 47

erroneous impression that God has no, on earth TM 44-5

errors in, how God points out 2SM 81

established in Rome before Paul went there AA 373

established to work for salvation of men DA 822

establishment of principle that authority of state and, is to dominate conscience in USA will assure Rome’s triumph in this country GC 581

establishment of principle that, may employ or control power of state in USA will assure Rome’s triumph in this country GC 581

every addition to, should be one more agency for carrying out plan of redemption 8T 47

every assembly of, Christ is present in 6T 418

every believer should represent to, higher laws of future eternal world TM 209

every conflict of, truth has shone brighter with 4T 594

evil effects of envy, jealousy, bickering, and strife in 4T 324

evil referred to in 2 Cor. 11:2, 3 threatens our 2SM 196

evils coming into, Paul could foresee 2SM 196

evils exist in, and will exist in it until end of world TM 49

evils of attempting to build up, by state aid GC 297

exaltation of human authority to rule conscience has been terrible curse to, in all ages GC 596

excommunications and denunciations against faulty members of, do not deal out TM 47

existence of: depends on Christ MM 318

depends on prompt and united action and mutual confidence of its members 3T 445

expect, to be careless, indolent, and pleasure-loving when its leaders are not zealous ChS 177

expects too much from man TM 93

experience of, God does not give to one servant experience independent of and contrary to AA 163; 3T 414

in former ages has valuable lessons for us GC 343

experience of Ephesian church is repeated in, of today 6T 422

experiment God has permitted men to make in FE 197

eyes given to, by God 4T 88

eyes of, may discern in individual members what the erring themselves may not see 5T 107

factions in, how to deal with 3T 114

failing to give for necessities of others, God’s blessing withheld from AA 341

failure of, to respond to efforts made for them 5T 308

failure of members to pay pledges brings darkness upon CS 78

failure to cherish miss. spirit reacts on TM 205-6

failures and sins in, should not be published to its enemies 2T 106

faith faint and feeble in, no excuse for 6T 418

faith of, corrupt teachers will assail 5T 297

faithful souls constitute AA 11

false believers in: Christ foresaw existence of COL 122-3

may be closely linked with true disciples COL 72

mistakes made in attempting to uproot COL 71-2

false believers will be found in, till close of time COL 73

false brethren in, cause truth to be evil spoken of COL 122

may be closely linked with true disciples COL 72

false doctrine is one satanic influence that works in TM 48

false principles that work like leaven to corrupt 7T 181; TM 366

false teachers may spend money to bring their theories before TM 55

families well instructed in truth in, should move to places needing their ministry PK 172

fanatics and deceivers in, in times of Paul and Luther GC 398

feeble influence in, close relationship and familiar associations that make 3T 55

feebleness in, unbelief causes CW 38; GW 304

feelings of disunion and contention drive peace and love out of 4T 221

feels little inclination to express thanksgiving to God CS 48

few faithful Calebs come to front and display unwavering principle when fervor of, is gone 5T 130

field in parable of wheat and tares represents COL 70

fierce conflict will ever take place between, and world TM 53

fiery trials will sift 6BC 1065; Ev 361; 2SM 368

final and full display of God’s love will be manifest through AA 9; TM 50

final deliverance of, day of wrath to God’s enemies is day of PK 727

first step in organization of, Christ’s ordination of apostles was AA 18; DA 291

first step taken independently of, danger in 3T 414

first works of, seen when believers sought out friends, relatives, and acquaintances to bring them to Christ TM 168

forces of, must be organized to do larger work 9T 27

forsaking sin and walking in truth, God has honored 5T 484

foundation of: began with call of John, Andrew, Peter, Philip, and Nathanael DA 141

Christ is AA 175-6, 595-6; DA 413; GC 416; PK 595-6; SR 252; 9T 147

eleven men and few faithful women were used to lay 5T 130

John the Baptist’s work was not sufficient to lay DA 181-2

Rock of Ages is AA 596; PK 595-6

founded on principle of sacrifice 5T 307

founders of USA sought to keep, from using civil power GC 442

freighted with food of heaven for starving souls 8T 24-6

frivolity cumbering, makes it weak and indifferent 8T 194

fulfills Isa. 27:6 by proclaiming truths of gospel to all world PK 703

full and final display of God’s grace is to be made by TM 18

full and final display of God’s love will be made to world by TM 50

full connection with, God places His servants in AA 163

fuller sense of God’s relationship to His people is needed by PK 243

function of branches of, as members of body WM 122-3

future attacks upon, Paul foresaw AA 395

future history of, opened to John 5T 752

future of, all foreseen and provided for by God AA 12

future triumph of, Isaiah foretold PK 310

general opinion that, flourishes and that peace and spiritual prosperity are in all her borders 5T 217

general oversight of, responsibility of persons entrusted with AA 91

generally disowning God’s claims upon their means 3T 389

gift of Spirit is to be to, as encompassing wall of fire TM 18

gifts of, subject of study at conference in 1856 1T 100

given work of ministry to relieve suffering WM 214

giving of large gifts to WM 268

glory of, is in piety of its members ChS 19

God brings test and trial upon, that His people may gain deeper piety and more strength to do His work 9T 228

God calls: to arise and clothe herself with power 7T 16

to awake from lethargy TM 458

to take up its appointed duty 6T 292

God communicates His purposes and will through AA 163; 3T 414

God depends on, to forward His work 6T 432

God designs that, should reflect to world fullness and sufficiency found in Him 5T 731

God designs to accomplish wonderful work through AA 13

God desires that heaven’s plan be carried out in every 8T 140

God did not leave, to continue in its backslidden state AA 587

God does not destroy, because of its imperfection TM 46

God does not forget, in her perils PK 590

God does not value, by its external advantages COL 298; PK 565

God estimates, according to growth of its members in knowledge of Christ COL 298; PK 565-6

according to progress of its members in spiritual experience COL 298; PK 565-6

God expects, to arouse to action as never before PK 716

God forbids that elements of envy, jealousy, bickerings, and strife should exist in 4T 324

God guards, untiringly MM 101

with jealous care 6T 42

God has 2SM 69; TM 52

precious souls in 5T 333

God has a chosen people that is His TM 16, 20

God has made, channel of light on earth AA 163; 3T 414

repository of divine influence ChS 21

God has never left, without witness TM 404-5

God has not forsaken AA 12

God has not left, in darkness 2SM 108

God has on earth His: lifting up His downtrodden law TM 50

second to none TM 58

that has lived through persecution, conflict, and darkness TM 52

who keep His commandments TM 61

whom He has made depositaries of His law 2SM 66

God has provided, with capabilities and blessings for witnessing to world TM 17

God has provided means to keep, pure 1T 99

God has provided that, may be complete in Him TM 17

God has rich blessings for, if members arouse from perilous lukewarmness 5T 484

God has sustained, through centuries of persecution, conflict, and darkness AA 11

God holds, responsible for souls they might seek to save ChS 13

God is accessible to every TM 375

God is either teaching, or He is not 4T 230

God is leading, not stray offshoots TM 61

God is not unmindful of good deeds and self-denying acts of, in the past 5T 611

God is reviewing CS 53

God longs to see, without spot or blemish 6T 261

God loves His 2SM 68; TM 21-2

God permits reverses to come upon, that His people may see their danger SD 260

God planted, as vine in fruitful field 5T 240

God presides over TM 431

God rejoices over, with singing WM 93

God requires, to nurse the young in faith and experience 4T 69

God revealed Himself in power to, on Day of Pentecost 7T 31

God still uses, to make known His purpose in earth AA 53

God suffers no affliction to come upon, but such as is essential for her purification AA 524-5; 9T 228

God values, by sincere piety distinguishing it from world COL 298; PK 565

God watches over, as loving parents watch over children SD 329

God will be refuge to, in time of trouble PK 725

God will not fail, in hour of greatest peril PK 538

God will not leave, without reproofs and warnings 2SM 151

God will purify AA 525; TM 373

as He purified temple AA 525; SD 260; 9T 228

God will teach, its duty 1T 207

God yearns after, with unspeakable love 6T 261

God’s appointed agency for salvation of men SC 81

God’s care for, in times of opposition and persecution TM 404-5

is unceasing SD 13

God’s displeasure will rest upon, for one man’s sin PP 497

till transgression is searched out and put away PP 497

God’s eye is upon 2SM 372

God’s glory is to shine through, in lifting up the bowed down and comforting those who mourn PK 718

God’s jealous care for 2SM 397

God’s law must become more precious to TM 21

God’s love for, is infinite SD 13; 9T 228

God’s message for, is: “Go forward and upward” TM 417; 6T 296

God’s message to, in Isa. 66:12 PK 374

God’s people are to grow and ripen in, for His garner COL 70

God’s promise to, will stand fast forever AA 601; 8T 39

God’s providence presides over TM 432

God’s providential working when reproach of indolence is wiped from 9T 46

God’s purpose for AA 9-16; 6T 9-13

in time of test and trial SD 260

God’s purpose in placing His servants in close connection with AA 163

God’s word to, is “Go forward” TM 417

God’s work can be accomplished only by whole, acting their part under Christ’s guidance and power 8T 47

God-given responsibilities of, will its members sleep on or arouse in view of? 6T 437

good deeds and self-denying acts of past will not save, when she ceases to fulfill her mission 5T 611

good of, keep in view EW 105

gospel, twelve apostles stood as representatives of AA 19; DA 291

gospel net gathers both good and evil into COL 122-3

gospel order established in SR 259-61

gossipers are terrible curse to 2T 466

grand themes that should be studied in TM 95

grand work of ministering to Christ by helping and blessing the needy and suffering has been entrusted to CS 164

grave dissension in, remedy for AA 96

great blessings bestowed upon, by God 5T 240

great confusion in, hasty marriages cause AH 80; MYP 458

Great Controversy points out dangers that should be avoided by CM 129

great disappointment awaits, if we decide SDA have no work to do out of common course of nominal churches TM 125

great feebleness in, because many backward members take no burden 2T 165

“great house” of 2 Tim. 2:20 represents 7BC 918

great lack of true Christianity in 8T 141

great light is shining upon 2T 124

great loss sustained by, because of neglect of work for the poor and suffering 6T 295

great need of zealous, faithful, self-denying workers in 5T 120-1

great blessings and obligations of 5T 240

great sin of, is that we are years behind in spreading truth 6T 425

great truths of prophecy for this time are committed to 5T 455

great weakness of, depending on men has been 6T 249