EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Christian Advocate and Journal - Chronology and time relationships

Christian Advocate and Journal

Christian Advocate and Journal, quoted GC 333-4

Christian Baptist Church

Christian Baptist Church 1T 49-50

Christian benevolence

Christian benevolence See Benevolence

Christian church

Christian church See Church

Christian Church

Christian Church FE 62; LS 20; 1T 14, 33

Christian country, Christian countries

Christian country, Christian countries, great misery in 6T 274-5

so-called, cry of human woe ascends to God from COL 179

Christian Education

Christian Education, by EGW CW 25

Christian Educator

Christian Educator CW 115-22

Christian Endeavor Society

Christian Endeavor Society CH 537; FE 292; 2SM 323

Christian Experience and Views of Mrs. E. G. White

Christian Experience and Views of Mrs. E. G. White See “Sketch of the Christian Experience and Views of Ellen G. White”

Christian faith

Christian faith, doctrines which are pillars of, alarming indifference re GC 46

Christian help work

Christian help work See Dorcas work; Help work; Samaritan work; Welfare work

Christian help worker, Christian help workers

Christian help worker, Christian help workers, not mere theoretical believers 6T 299

Christiania, Norway

Christiania, Norway See Oslo, Norway


Christianity, acceptance of, results of GC 47

adapts itself to all circumstances of life MYP 200

all who refuse Christ’s infinite love find, disturbing element DA 306

always intensely practical MYP 200

apparent popularity of, with world SR 325

at Ephesus AA 288

at Rome, in Paul’s day 5T 182

badge of, union of man with God is MH 470

best safeguard of general security GC 181

business and, not two separate things CT 277

called plaything of children by some people MYP 88

central point of, crucified Messiah is CT 23-4

changes in, after pagan persecution ceased GC 49

cheap, no such thing as TM 339

Christ is GW 282-3

Christ’s humble simplicity laid aside by GC 49

Christian’s life should show advantage of, over worldliness CT 324; 2SM 157

claims of, must be recognized and obeyed in workshop 4T 494

cloak of, revolting sins sheltered beneath 4T 13

ungodliness prevails under Ev 592-3

cloak of pretended, Satan insinuated himself into church under GC 42-3; SR 322-3

contacts world through social relations 4T 555

corruption of, in first centuries GC 43

counterfeit, do not deceive men by 6T 13

creation and, have one God CT 395; FE 375

Creator is author of FE 375

crown and glory of man’s life here 2SM 253

defined MYP 143; 5T 235; TM 421-2

degenerate, Spirit will make itself felt upon TM 407

designed to write God’s law in mind and heart SD 50

desire to present, in learned terms and propositions MH 442

despisers who habitually throw contempt upon MYP 88

dishonest and scheming man made upright by 5T 345

disturbs all who refuse Christ’s infinite love DA 306

do not make, repulsive by harshness or impatience 4T 547

does not make man: coarse and rough by CT 365; FE 84; GW 333; MM 200; 5T 647

discourteous or self-important CT 365

energetic use of all mental and physical powers required by FE 419

entire man can be revolutionized by TM 185

entrance of, into kings’ courts and palaces GC 49; SR 326

establish, on eternal basis 4BC 1152

evidences of, person who will be impressed by 1T 441

early church taught, in its purity 5T 166

few people really know what is TM 131

force and power given to all faculties by SD 100

foundation of, Christ our righteousness 5T 725

garb of, persons governed by worldly principles while wearing FE 298

genuine, means cross bearing CT 326

God’s purpose for, in permitting poverty to exist WM 177

grand system of faith and doctrine constitutes 5T 267

greatest evidence of, that can be given to world is children rightly educated CG 163

half-dead 1SM 127

heart is transformed by 5T 345

heart ruled by, results of 4T 47

heathenism mingled with, in great apostasy EW 210-2

highest development of, is to be revealed in life 9T 22-3

human theories and tradition substituted for God’s requirements by GC 49

influence of, cheering and elevating ML 211

in practice, what is ML 50

is: a system GC 47

for every day and every place 4T 494

life inwrought with Christ’s life TM 131

not belief laid aside when convenient 4T 190

practical FE 419

religion of progress 1SM 28

loss of identity of character is not required by 4T 65

low standard of, church must not compromise with 4T 338

man is made a gentleman by GW 123; MH 489

man is not incapacitated by, for enjoyment of happiness FE 83

manifests itself without parade SD 100

meaning of COL 419-20

broader than many suppose TM 421

means more than forgiveness of sin COL 419-20

men are united in close brotherhood by GC 47

mere form of, destitute of saving power 5T 339

mere profession of, has no reformative energy 5T 339

is nothing in God’s sight 2T 441

mind and affections transformed by 5T 275

most convincing sermon that can be given in favor of AA 511; GW 59

most powerful argument in favor of, Christlike life is 9T 21

nature of, is to make happy families and happy society SD 258; 4T 520

never degrades CT 365; GW 333; MM 200; 3T 374-5; 5T 647

never makes man passionate or hardhearted CT 365

no, in shutting up your sympathies to your own selfish heart 6T 190

no walls of separation built by, between man and his fellow man GW 140

not a creed TM 421

not designed to depreciate God’s law SD 50

not expressed in deep-drawn sighs and groans FE 83

not reserved for certain days or occasions 5T 547

not to be merely paraded in church on Sabbath 4T 494

nothing gloomy in MB 88

nothing selfish or narrow in 5T 238

only genuine fruit of, is to love our neighbor WM 49

paganism and, compromise between GC 50; SR 327

union between, in first centuries EW 211-2; GC 42-3; SR 322-4

paganism summoned its forces to destroy GC 39, 45

parents and homes for SDA orphans must be supplied by 6T 282

people are not made untidy, coarse, or disrespectful by 6T 171

person is not made untidy and uncourteous by FE 84

persons who bring, into disrepute 1T 566

pride of men laid low by 5T 275

pomp and pride of pagan priests adopted by GC 49

power of, God waits for people through whom He can reveal AA 600

greatest evidence of 4T 304

world needs to see in SDA 8T 16

practice of, rich experience daily in 6T 437

primitive, need of 5T 580

took root very early in Great Britain GC 62

principles of, diffusive and aggressive 5T 238

professed, seen everywhere TM 416

profession of, nothing in God’s sight 2T 441

public opinion favors 5T 172

that is worthless CG 219

without corresponding faith and works avails nothing 1T 404

profligate changed from impurity to purity by 5T 345

proves that only in union there is strength 4T 19

pugilistic accusations and condemnation do not manifest 6T 397

real, in heart will be revealed in character TM 443

refines and dignifies possessor 4T 295

religion of progress 5T 71

religion that is not AA 317

renovates, cleanses, and refines SD 100

represented as: bright light 5T 238

saving salt 5T 238

transforming leaven 5T 238

reveals Christians’ tenderest affection for one another 1SM 114

reveals itself as: living, working, spiritual energy COL 130

vitalizing and pervading principle COL 130

Satan does not now openly and boldly attack 1T 290

science of, needs to be mastered MH 453; 8T 314

selfish man made unselfish by 5T 345

selfish spirit subdued by 5T 275

sincere, world needs evidences of PK 232; TM 416

skeptics attack, because of David’s sin 4aSG 87

solace of the poor WM 172

spiritual, opposed by the disobedient DA 356

strongest argument for, truth expressed in unselfish deeds is CH 537

transforms heart SD 12

true standard of, standard of golden rule is MB 136-7

teachings of, children are most susceptible to CT 180

young hearts are most susceptible to 4T 142

true, receives God’s word as source of inspired truth GC 193

test of 4T 188

vital principle of, active benevolence is 5T 381

Voltaire’s boast re GC 288

what constitutes SD 51

why, has so little power in world MB 137

is apparently so popular with world GC 48

will be exemplified by possessor 2T 501

work of, external decoration cannot enhance GC 566-7

worldly-minded man made heavenly-minded by 5T 345

your, gauged by character of your home life CG 481; ML 102


advantage of, our lives to show HP 316:4

argument for,

by families united in serving God RC 169:7

Lamb of God LHU 209:4

assent to, not enough 3SM 194:3

attracting worldlings to, as salt of the earth Con 68:0

badge of, reveals union with God UL 233:3

counterfeit, shown by not having Christ’s character UL 66:2

deception of apparently moral, about its meaning TDG 222:5

deceptions under garb of LDE 155

definition of OHC 208:7; RC 111:4

establishment of, by messages of present truth 3SM 407:1

evidence of, growing up in Christ, not emotion AG 324:3


because those who claim truth do not know Christ TDG 17:4

of those giving trifling service TDG 326:3

form of, lacking reforming energy OHC 359:5

fruit of, loving neighbor as self RC 103:2

higher standard of, conscience must recognize TMK 198:4

highest development of, to be revealed HP 327:3

human tradition as 3SM 386:0

imprisonment and deliverance of apostles exalted RC 343:6


for conversion of sinners LHU 230:5

of God for converting the sinner TDG 106:6

is living by every word from God FW 122:1

know what constitutes 2MCP 535:3

little kindnesses and avoiding little sins is LHU 346:2


diffused through whole being by HP 43:6; LHU 134:2

for Christ through cherishing truth is HP 140:6

is testimony for, that cannot be controverted OHC 173:4

man made a gentleman by HP 296:5

minds undisciplined not associated with genuine 2MCP 408:0


by not following its standard UL 70:3

if moral faculty is clouded RC 161:2

power of,

is convincing; evident in life of witness RC 347:5

seen in self-denial in helping others CME 25:0

unity proves TMK 173:2


is revealing God’s will UL 184:3

world needs demonstration of HP 313:5

profession of,

companion of infidelity and papacy TMK 345:3

(nominal) danger in time of apostasy 3SM 399:3


grace of Christ is fraud TMK 128:3

works, like cursed fig tree TMK 147:3

progressed in purity in the United States Mar 193:4

pure, growing,

needed RC 219:7

to be complete in heavenly courts TDG 311:5

qualities of, needed UL 38:3

rejecting, from looking to others OHC 29:4

respect for, not gained by weakness and vacillation OHC 260:3

result of, shown by faithfulness in everyday duty TDG 15:2

Satan dares not make bold attack on 1MCP 21:4

science of, to mastered HP 26:4

spiritual, excites opposition 1MCP 244:1

standard of, remains just where Christ placed it OHC 249:4

sword to those who refuse Christ’s love OHC 328:4

sympathy shut up in own heart is not HP 232:3

witness borne to power of UL 79:6

See also Christ, religion of; Churches; Life, spiritual

Christian land, Christian lands

Christian land, Christian lands See Christian country

Christian life

Christian life See Life

Christian profession

Christian profession, must be adorned in all things 4T 38

practices that give lie to PP 497

Christian race

Christian race See Race

Christian religion

Christian religion See Christianity

Christian Science

Christian Science, form of spiritualism Ev 606; PK 210

Christiansen, A. G.

Christiansen, A. G. 2SM 202

Christian service

Christian service See Service

Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene

Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, by JW and EGW Te 262

Christian woman

Christian woman See Woman

Christian work

Christian work See Gospel work

Christian worker

Christian worker See Gospel worker

Christian world

Christian world, expends enough money in extravagant display to supply all wants of the needy 6T 274-5

great sin of, rejection of God’s law is GC 22

large proportion of, divorce religion from business 4T 337

large share of, have no right to call themselves Christians MYP 238; Te 147

one of greatest sins in, dissembling and covetousness in dealing with God is 4T 475

rejection of God’s law by, shown to Moses PP 476-7

represented by John and Judas Iscariot SL 59-60

Sabbath trampled under foot by 1T 223

See also Christendom


Christlike, Christian should be, in highest sense of word ML 178

name of “Christian” signifies SD 85

persons who are most, are most kind, pitiful, courteous ML 193

what it means to be ML 235

Christlike person

Christlike person, Christian is AH 427, 431; 6BC 1097; 7BC 935; CS 54; Ev 671; SD 271, 352; 1T 510; 2T 573; 3T 81; 5T 386; 6T 215; Te 68


Bible educates to completeness in TMK 199:3

bring, into service and preserve it TDG 201:2

converted gain TMK 62:2

desire of the true Christian HP 33:2

distinguishes Christians from worldlings UL 122:7

duties (everyday) dignified by TDG 15:2

humility needed to attain; avoid criticism LHU 110:2

lack of, in those following worldly dress 3SM 244:0

parents need to understand meaning of TDG 293:4

required in those who would share glory of heaven TMK 254:3

seeking, God’s character known by TDG 272:3

serpent’s venom felt when approaching 1MCP 244:1

sinfulness felt by those with greater NL 57:2

strength for, in looking constantly to Him LHU 233:4

See also Christians

Christmas celebration

Christmas celebration AH 477-83

duty in, to God AH 473, 483; CS 96, 295-7; CSW 143-4; 5T 643-4

to the needy AH 482

money misspent in AH 480; MYP 311

parents’ duty to children in AH 478

wrong practices in AH 480; CS 295; MYP 311-2


celebration of, passed off well TDG 368:2

gifts for,

costly UL 367:2

not all condemned; give books with truth PM 345:4

make, a blessing RC 373:2

time of, to help children understand Jesus’ love TDG 360

Christmas Day

Christmas Day, Christ’s birth commemorated on AH 477-8; MYP 311

Christmas donation, Christmas donations

Christmas donation, Christmas donations, to gospel work, by repentant sinner AH 478, 483; CS 96; 5T 643-4

Christmas gift, Christmas gifts

Christmas gift, Christmas gifts AH 478-83

Christmas tree

Christmas tree AH 482-3

Christ Our Saviour

Christ Our Saviour, by EGW Ev 259

See also “Story of Jesus”

Chronic disease

Chronic disease See Disease

Chronology and time relationships

Aaron labored with Moses 40 years as leader of Israel PP 425

Aaron lived through sixscore winters PP 425

Aaron was 83 years old at time of Exodus PP 425

Abel was killed 1,500 years before Flood PP 78

Abib corresponded to last of March and beginning of April DA 76; PP 537

Abib was first month of Jewish year PP 537

Abraham dwelt at Mamre more than 1,000 years before Epistle to Hebrews was written PP 138; 6T 342

Abraham dwelt at Shechem more than: 100 years before Jacob did PP 204

1,800 years before Christ went there PP 204

Abraham had been nearly 25 years in Canaan when given promise of Gen. 17:1-16 PP 137

Abraham lived: hundreds of years after Flood 8T 207

1,900 years before Christ came 6BC 1114

Abraham, promise made to, nearly 50 years before sacrifice of Isaac PP 148

Abraham was: given vision of Gen. 15:12-14 400 years before Exodus DA 32; FE 287; PP 137, 281-2; 3SG 229; SR 120; 8T 207

nearly 100 years old when given promise of Gen. 17:18-20 PP 146

120 years old when told to sacrifice Isaac PP 147-8

visited by Christ and two angels at Mamre at noon on hot summer day PP 138; 6T 341-2

Absalom lived two years at Jerusalem before he rebelled PP 729

Absalom was in Geshur two years PP 728

Absalom’s rebellion occurred several years after David’s confession of his sin PP 737

Adam instructed his offspring to ninth generation PP 82; SR 55-6

Adam lived: for hundreds of years among antediluvians PP 83

nearly 1,000 years GC 647; PP 82-3

Adam patiently and humbly bore penalty of transgression nearly 1,000 years GC 647

Adam, sentence of death looked just and merciful to, after living several hundred years 3SG 51; SR 55

Adam witnessed events of nine centuries PP 83

Adonijah revolted when David was 70 years old PP 748-9

Ahab and Jehoshaphat were contemporaries many years PK 190

Ahab reigned about 100 years after David did PK 133

Ahab was made king of Israel two years before Asa’s death PK 114

Ahaziah ruled over Judah only one year PK 214

Ahaziah was made king of Judah while Jehoram was still reigning over Israel PK 214

Amalekites attacked Israel at Rephidim 400 years before King Saul slaughtered Amalekites PP 299-300, 627-9

Amalekites were given 400 years of probation after Exodus PP 299-300, 627-9

Amnon was granted two years for repentance PP 727

Amon was: made king of Judah when 22 years old PK 383

slain after reign of two years PK 383

Amorites were given 400 years of probation PP 434

antediluvians were: considered youths at 100 years of age 4aSG 156

given 120 years of special probation prior to Flood 1BC 1088-9; GC 337-8; PP 92; 3SG 64-5, 67; SR 62-3; 4T 308

ark of covenant remained at Kirjathjearim 20 years 4aSG 110-1

ark of covenant was: at Shiloh 300 years PP 514

hidden in cave during Babylonian siege of Jerusalem in last years of Zedekiah’s reign PK 452-3

kept seven months by Philistines PP 586; 4aSG 108; SR 188

taken from Israelites by Philistines more than 100 years before prophecy of Jer. 26:4-6 was given PK 415-6

Asa died in forty-first year of his reign PK 113

Asa suffered disease of feet in thirty-ninth year of his reign PK 113

Athaliah reigned six years over Judah PK 215

babes of Bethlehem were slain by Herod the Great 600 years after prophecy of Jer. 31:15 was given DA 65

Babylon fell within two years before death of Darius the Mede PK 556

Babylon’s fall was foretold more than a century before it occurred PK 531

Babylonian captivity of 70 years for Jews: began when Nebuchadnezzar took first company of Jews to Babylon PK 557

was foretold by Jeremiah in fourth year of Jehoiakim’s reign 4BC 1158

was foretold by Jeremiah (Jer. 29:8-10) soon after Zedekiah began to reign PK 440-1; 4T 169

barley was: beginning to ripen at opening of Passover Feast PP 539

earliest grain in Palestine PP 539

beasts for sacrificial offerings passed through sheepgate for centuries DA 576

Belshazzar’s feast occurred more than half a century after Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of Daniel 2 PK 527

Bible was written during 1,600 years from time of Moses to that of John GC 5

book of Proverbs was written 3,000 years ago CT 127

book of the law was to be rehearsed at Feast of Tabernacles every seven years PK 465; PP 503

Caleb at age of more than 80 years PP 512

Caleb waited 40 years for his inheritance PP 513

Cambyses reigned about seven and a half years PK 572

certain classes of Hebrew slaves were set free in sabbatical year PP 533

Chedorlaomer invaded Canaan 14 years before Abraham rescued Lot from Elamites PP 134-5

Christ and two angels visited Abraham at Mamre at noon on hot summer day PP 138; 6T 341-2

Christ and two disciples arrived at Jerusalem from Emmaus: after sunset DA 800

by light of rising moon DA 802

Christ arrived: at Jacob’s well in Vale of Shechem at noon DA 183

with two disciples at Emmaus after sunset DA 800

Christ came at exact time foretold in prophecy GC 346

Christ died: at hour of evening sacrifice DA 756-7; SD 228

on fourteenth day of first Jewish month GC 399

on sixth day of week DA 774, 794

Christ ministered 1,800 years in first apartment of heavenly sanctuary GC 421

Christ overcame in sinner’s behalf 4,000 years after Adam turned his back on light 5BC 1081; 1SM 267

Christ rested in tomb on Sabbath DA 769, 774-5; GC 346

Christ rose from the dead on first day of week DA 779, 794

Christ talked with woman at well of Samaria four months before time of harvesting grain DA 191

Christ was: born 1,800 years before Desire of Ages was written DA 56

crucified on sixth day of week DA 774, 794

dedicated at temple in Jerusalem 40 days after birth DA 50-1

guardian of Israel for more than 1,000 years DA 576; GC 18

taken from Gethsemane to palace of Annas after midnight DA 698

tempted by Satan 4,000 years after Adam sinned DA 117

Christ worked 4,000 years for man’s uplifting prior to His death DA 759

Christ’s body was removed from cross before sunset DA 770-1

Christ’s brothers were older than He DA 87

Christ’s disciples were to pray 40 years that their flight from Jerusalem might not be on Sabbath DA 630

Christ’s incarnation occurred 4,000 years after human race had wandered from Eden 1SM 267

Christ’s incarnation occurred when human race had been weakened by 4,000 years of sin DA 49

Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem was made on first day of week DA 569

Christians had church in city of Rome 20 years after crucifixion of Christ 6BC 1063, 1067

Christians suffered more than 1,000 years of persecution such as world had never known before DA 631

city of Rome was burned in year following Paul’s release by Nero AA 487

claim that millions of years were required for earth to evolve from chaos Ed 128

controversy between Christ and Satan on earth has been carried forward nearly 6,000 years GC 518, 656

creation week, assumption that events of, required thousands of years PP 111

creation week consisted of only seven: literal days Ed 129; PP 111-2; 3SG 90-3; TM 135-6

days of 24 hours each TM 136

cypress (gopher) wood would remain untouched by decay for hundreds of years PP 95; SR 64

Cyrus, beginning of reign of, marked completion of 70 years of Babylonian captivity for Jews PK 556-7

Cyrus issued decree in favor of Jews 20 years or more before that of Darius Hystaspes PK 598

Cyrus mentioned in prophecy more than century before his birth PK 551, 557

Cyrus withstood Gabriel 21 days PK 572

Daniel and companions studied three years in Babylon PK 484; SL 18, 22

Daniel and companions were taken to Babylon: at beginning of 70 years of Babylonian captivity for Jews PK 479

early in Jehoiakim’s reign 4BC 1158; PK 428

Daniel could not understand relationship of 70 years of Babylonian captivity foretold by Jeremiah to 2,300 years of Dan. 8:14 PK 554

Daniel entered service of Nebuchadnezzar in same year that he interpreted his dream of Daniel 2 SL 34

Daniel given vision of Daniel 10 few years after that of Daniel 9 SL 49

Daniel studied Jeremiah’s prophecies more than 60 years after they were written 4BC 1158

Daniel was 18 years old when taken to Babylon 4T 570

Darius Hystaspes issued decree in favor of Jews 20 years or more after that of Cyrus PK 598

Darius the Mede died within two years after the fall of Babylon PK 556

darkness at time of Christ’s crucifixion was not caused by eclipse of sun DA 753

David composed Psalms 76 and 78 about 1,000 years before second temple was destroyed by Romans GC 23

David lived in apparent security a whole year after his great sin PP 723

David reigned about: a century before Ahab did PK 133

100 years before famine of Elijah’s time PK 133

David was: born more than 1,000 years before Christ 2BC 1018; PP 637

70 years old when Adonijah revolted PP 749

David’s confession of sin occurred several years before Absalom’s rebellion PP 737

David’s coronation occurred 800 years after Melchizedek lived PP 703

Day of Atonement fell on Oct. 22 in A.D. 1844 GC 400

Day of Atonement was observed on tenth day of seventh Jewish month GC 400; PK 665; PP 533

day(s) of creation week: assumption that, were vast and indefinite periods covering thousands or millions of years Ed 128

assumption that earth was created in six vast and indefinite periods of time 3SG 91-2

each called a generation because in it God generated or produced some new portion of His work PP 112; 3SG 90

each successive, consisted of evening and morning like all other days that followed Ed 129; PP 112

first six, not indefinite periods of time TM 135

length of, erroneous ideas re Ed 128; PP 111-2; 3SG 91-2

seven literal days PP 111-2

six literal, how God accomplished work of creation in, has never been revealed to mortals 3SG 93

death had separated Mary from Joseph prior to wedding feast at Cana DA 145

decree of Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) in 457 B.C. was issued about 70 years after Jewish exiles under Zerubbabel returned to Jerusalem PK 607

Deuteronomy was written more than 1,400 years before Christ DA 121

distance from Mt. Sinai to Kadesh on borders of Canaan was one of only 11 days’ journey PP 376

earth did not evolve from chaos in millions of years of time Ed 128

earth is now only about 6,000 years old 3SG 92

earth was created in: six days PP 47

six literal days PP 112; Ed 128-9; 3SG 90-3; TM 135-6

earth’s age is not millions of years Ed 128-30; PP 111-2

Egypt was visited by plagues 400 years after vision given to Abraham PP 267; 3SG 229; SR 120

eighth day of Feast of Tabernacles was observed as holy convocation PP 540

eighth day was added to Feast of Tabernacles PP 540

Eli died more than 100 years before prophecy of Jer. 26:4-6 was given PK 415-6

Elisha went in and out of Bethel for 50 years 5T 44; PK 236

Enoch sought purity of heart 300 years GW 53

Enoch walked with God 300 years GC 299; GW 51, 53; PP 87; 2T 121; 8T 329-31

after birth of his first son PP 84-5; 8T 329

Enoch was 65 years old when his first son was born GW 51; PP 84; 8T 329

every seventh year was: called sabbatical year in Israel PP 531

year of release from debt for poor Israelites PP 532

Exodus of Israel from Egypt occurred 400 years after Abraham’s vision of Gen. 15:12-14 DA 32; FE 287; PP 137, 281-2; 3SG 229; SR 120; 8T 207

experience of apostles during 10 days between Christ’s ascension and Pentecost 8T 15

Ezekiel’s message in sixth year of Zedekiah’s reign PK 448

Ezra and his people arrived in Jerusalem on first day of fifth month of seventh year of Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) PK 617

Ezra returned to Jerusalem from Babylon more than 70 years after Zerubbabel did PK 618

Ezra’s journey from Persia to Jerusalem occupied several months PK 615

faith has built on Christ 6,000 years DA 413

false prophet Hananiah predicted Nebuchadnezzar’s power would be broken in space of two full years PK 446; 4T 170-1

false prophet Hananiah’s death was foretold in fifth month and occurred in seventh month PK 446; 4T 171-2

false Smerdis of Persia halted rebuilding of temple at Jerusalem more than a year PK 572-3

famine of Elijah’s time occurred about 100 years after reign of David PK 133

Feast of Pentecost occupied but one day PP 540

Feast of Pentecost was: called Feast of Harvest and also Feast of Weeks PP 540

observed 50 days from offering of wave sheaf of first fruits of barley PP 539-40

Feast of Tabernacles consisted of seven days DA 447-8; PP 540

Feast of Tabernacles was: closing gathering of year DA 447

instituted by Christ 1,500 years before He lived on earth DA 291

observed after the close of year’s harvests DA 447; PP 540

observed in seventh month of Jewish year PP 540

Feast of Unleavened Bread began when barley was beginning to ripen PP 539

first day of Feast of: Tabernacles was holy convocation PP 540

Unleavened Bread was day of holy convocation PP 539

first Passover kept by Israel after sin at Kadesh was observed at Gilgal PP 485-6, 613

Flood began on eighth day after Noah entered ark PP 99; 3SG 69; SR 66

Flood came 1,500 years after Abel’s death PP 78

floods and tempests of satanic wrath have beaten on Rock of our salvation 6,000 years DA 413

fourth commandment of Decalogue commands man to observe week of literal days PP 111

Gabriel appeared to Daniel 500 years before John the Baptist’s birth DA 98

Gedaliah governed Judah a few months PK 460

Genesis was written by Moses while shepherd in Midian 3BC 1140; PP 251

Goliath challenged army of Israel 40 days before David slew him PP 646

gospel has been preached nearly 2,000 years 6T 14

great changes took place in Babylon after Daniel had been there more than 60 years PK 522

Hanun became king of Ammonites half a century after his predecessor Nahash besieged Jabesh-gilead PP 714

Hebrew slaves were to be set at liberty in sabbatical year PP 532-3

Hebrews, time of sojourning of, 400 years DA 32; FE 287; 8T 207

Hezekiah reigned nearly 100 years before Josiah’s reign PK 392

Hezekiah was made king of Judah in Hoshea’s third year as king of Israel PK 288

Hezekiah’s life was prolonged 15 years GC 546; PK 341; 2SM 286-7, 300

human body originally had such power of endurance it has withstood ever-increasing weight of disease and crime 6,000 years 1BC 1082; CH 19

in life of Christ See Christ

indulgence of: appetite and lustful passions did not lessen man’s vital force to great extent until 2,000 years after creation CH 19; 4T 29

base passions did not bring bodily disease upon human race to great extent until 2,000 years after creation 3T 138

infidel geologists adopt view that: day of God’s rest in creation week was another indefinite period 3SG 92

six days of creation were six vast and indefinite periods 3SG 92

infidel geologists suppose that world has existed tens of thousands of years 3SG 91-2

infidel supposition that events of first week required seven vast and indefinite periods 3SG 91

initial storm of Flood lasted 40 days SR 68

Isaac was 40 years old when he was married to Rebekah PP 175; 3SG 112; SR 86

Isaac’s marriage to Rebekah occurred nearly 100 years before Jacob fled to Mesopotamia PP 188

Isaiah began to prophesy shortly before fall of Samaria to Assyrian armies under Shalmaneser PK 291

Isaiah prophesied more than half a century PK 382

Isaiah was: called to prophetic mission near close of Uzziah’s reign PK 305

prophet to Judah 60 years or more PK 310

Ishbosheth ruled two years in Mahanaim PP 699

Israel crossed Jordan River 40 years after Exodus from Egypt PP 484-5, 492; SR 176; 4T 157

Israel encamped nearly a year at Mt. Sinai PP 301-2, 374

Israel had been oppressed 18 years by enemies when Jephthah was raised up as deliverer PP 558

Israel mourned Moses’ death 30 days PP 481

Israel rebelled at Kadesh 38 years before defeat of Sihon PP 435

Israel wandered 40 years in wilderness 1BC 1102; 2BC 995, 999; FE 505; GC 458; 4aSG 26, 38, 60, 63; PK 181; PP 391-3, 406, 410, 428, 436, 456; 1SM 68-9; SR 163

Israel was: seduced by Balaam and Midianites 3,000 years ago PP 458

subjected by Philistines 20 years in Samuel’s time PP 590-1; 4aSG 111; SR 191

Israelites oppressed seven years by enemies when Gideon was raised up as deliverer PP 546

Jabesh-gilead was: besieged by Ammonites half a century before Hanun became their king PP 714

delivered from Ammonites by King Saul 40 years before his death PP 682

Jacob and family came to Egypt from Canaan after two years of seven-year famine PP 231

Jacob died: 54 years before Joseph did PP 240

nearly 50 years after Simeon and Levi slew Shechemites PP 204-5

Jacob dug well at Shechem (Sychar) 1,700 years before Christ visited it PP 204

Jacob dwelt at Shechem: more than 100 years after Abraham did PP 204

nearly 50 years before his death PP 205

Jacob fled to Mesopotamia nearly 100 years after Isaac’s marriage PP 188

Jacob labored 14 years in order to marry Rachel PP 188-90, 206; 3SG 117-8, 125; SR 89-91

Jacob was exiled in Mesopotamia 20 years Ed 147; PP 190, 195, 198, 237; 3SG 125, 128, 131; SR 91, 94, 96

Jacob went to Egypt 17 years before he died PP 233

Jehoiachin reigned three months and ten days PK 438

Jehoiakim burned message from Jeremiah in winter of fifth year of his reign PK 433-4

Jehoram died of incurable disease after reigning over Judah two years PK 213-4

Jehoram reigned over Israel 12 years PK 212

Jehoshaphat and Ahab were contemporaries for many years PK 190

Jehoshaphat reigned over Judah 25 years PK 190

Jehoshaphat was made king of Judah when he was 35 years old PK 190

Jeremiah foretold deliverance of Jews after 70 years of Babylonian captivity PK 552-3; 4T 169, 172

Jeremiah gave prophecy of: Jer. 26:4-6 more than 100 years after judgments fell on northern kingdom of Israel PK 415

Jer. 31:15 600 years before Herod the Great slew babes of Bethlehem DA 65

Jeremiah predicted: in fourth year of Jehoiakim’s reign that Jews would go into 70 years of Babylonian captivity 4BC 1158

that false prophet Hananiah would die within a year PK 446; 4T 171

Jeremiah prophesied: 40 years PK 408

600 years before Christ was born DA 65

Jeremiah was called to prophetic office in thirteenth year of Josiah’s reign PK 407

Jeremiah’s ministry from thirteenth year of Josiah’s reign to fourth year of Jehoiakim’s reign embraced more than 20 years PK 430

Jericho fell: five centuries before its spring was healed by Elisha PK 229-30

40 years after Israel left Egypt PP 492; SR 180; 4T 160, 162

Jeroboam I had troubled reign of 22 years PK 107

Jeroboam I met disastrous defeat in war with Abijah after reign of 21 years PK 107

Jeroboam I reigned 300 years before Josiah did PK 402

Jerusalem fell nearly 40 years after Christ foretold it GC 27

Jerusalem miraculously delivered from Assyrian siege in Isaiah’s time PK 305

Jerusalem was: embellished more than 40 years while under Rome’s dominion GC 24

girded with defenses in less than two months after Nehemiah’s arrival PK 657

Jerusalem’s eastern gate was kept open at night on festal occasions in Christ’s time DA 802

Jews had been nearly 70 years in Babylonian captivity when prayer of Dan. 9:1-19 was offered 4BC 1172

Jews were about to celebrate Passover when Christ discoursed on bread of life DA 388

Jewish boy was called “son of the law” and “son of God” when 12 years old DA 75

Jewish nation abused God’s mercy and invited His judgments more than 1,000 years DA 584

Jewish people awaited Christ’s first advent more than 1,000 years DA 27; PK 710

Job was written by Moses while shepherd in Midian 3BC 1140; Ed 159

Joel prophesied re Dark Day of May 19, 1780, some 2,500 years before it occurred GC 308

John the Baptist was 30 years old when he preached at Bethabara DA 133

John was: exiled to Patmos more than half a century after organization of Christian church AA 568

nearly 100 years old when he wrote First Epistle of John 2SM 223

John wrote books of Bible: 4,100 years after creation of man GC 5

1,600 years after Moses did GC 5

John wrote Revelation half a century after crucifixion of Christ GC 466

Jordan River overflowed its banks in spring season PP 483

Joseph and family went from Egypt to Nazareth after Archelaus began to reign in Judea in his father’s stead DA 66

Joseph lived 54 years after Jacob’s death PP 240

Joseph remained two years in prison after interpreting dreams of two fellow prisoners PP 219; 3SG 148

Joseph was slave of Potiphar 10 years PP 214

Josiah consecrated himself fully to God in eighth year of his reign PK 396

Josiah died in battle at age of 39 years PK 405

Josiah reigned: nearly 100 years after Hezekiah did PK 392

300 years after Jeroboam I did PK 402

300 years after Solomon did PK 405

Josiah ruled over Judah 31 years PK 384

Josiah was 20 years old when his campaign against idolatry began PK 396

Jotham bore many burdens of state during latter part of Uzziah’s reign PK 305

jubilee year, all landed property reverted to family of original possessor in PP 533-4

jubilee year was observed every fiftieth year in Israel PP 533

Judah was invaded by Assyrian armies in Isaiah’s time PK 305

judgments fell on northern kingdom of Israel more than 100 years before prophecy of Jer. 26:4-6 was given PK 415-6

King Nahash of Ammonites besieged Jabesh-gilead half a century before Hanun became king of Ammonites PP 714

king of Elam claimed dominion over Canaan 14 years PP 134

king of Mesopotamia held Israel in severe bondage eight years in time of judges 2BC 1002

King Saul delivered Jabesh-gilead from Ammonites 40 years before he died PP 682

King Saul slaughtered Amalekites 400 years after Exodus PP 627-8

King Shishak of Egypt came against Jerusalem in fifth year of reign of Rehoboam PK 94

land was not sown or reaped in: Israel during sabbatical year PP 531-3

jubilee year PP 533

last half century before captivity of Israel by Assyrians PK 281

law given at Sinai recognized week and facts on which it is based PP 111

laws and operations of nature have been studied by man 6,000 years PP 51

Levites entered service of God at age of 25 years PP 573

Lisbon earthquake occurred in A.D. 1775 GC 304-5

man pronounced woes on Jerusalem seven years before her destruction by Romans GC 30

man was created 6,000 years ago 1BC 1082; CH 19; 3T 138

man’s continual transgression for nearly 6,000 years has brought sickness, pain, and death CT 467; 3T 492; Te 16

men had been dying for 4,000 years prior to Paul’s day GC 546

mankind had been: decreasing in physical strength, mental power, and moral worth 4,000 years when Christ was born DA 117

separating from God 4,000 years prior to time of Christ 1SM 280

mankind had continued more than 4,000 years in sin when Satan tempted Christ 1SM 269

mankind was originally endowed with so great vital force it has withstood accumulation of disease as result of perverted habits for 6,000 years 3T 138

manna ceased for Israel at Passover time after miraculous crossing of Jordan River PP 486

manna was given to Israel 40 years DA 385; PP 297, 409

Melchizedek lived 800 years before David’s coronation PP 703

Methuselah lived to very year of Flood 3SG 65

Micah prophesied during reigns of Jotham and Ahaz PK 322

Midianites oppressed Israel seven years in time of judges PP 546

month of Abib corresponded to last of March and beginning of April DA 76; PP 537

month of Abib was first month of Jewish year PP 537

moon approached the full at Passover time DA 674, 685; PP 537

moon was shining bright when Christ gave parable of vine and its branches DA 674

more than: a month occupied by many Israelites in attending annual feasts PP 541

2,000 years have passed since Ezra prepared his heart to seek and do God’s law PK 623

Moses did not stay long in grave before his resurrection PP 478

Moses died 1,500 years before Christ did DA 421

Moses fasted 40 days on Mt. Sinai PP 313

Moses fled to Midian when he was 40 years old Ed 65; PP 246-7; 3SG 185-6; SR 109-10

Moses lived: 1,600 years before John did GC 5

through sixscore winters PP 425

Moses was: called up into Mt. Sinai on Sabbath day PP 313

40 days on Mt. Sinai GW 143; PP 313, 335

miraculously sustained 40 days on Mt. Sinai 5BC 1079; PP 329

12 years old when taken to Pharaoh’s palace PP 244; 3SG 182; SR 108

Moses spent 40 years as shepherd in Midian CT 417; Ed 62, 64; FE 360, 423; GW 332-3; PP 247-8, 255, 333; 3SG 186; SR 110

Moses wrote: book of Deuteronomy more than 1,400 years before Christ lived on earth DA 121

book of Job while shepherd in Midian Ed 159

books of Bible 1,600 years before John did GC 5

books of Bible 2,500 years after creation GC 5

Genesis while he was shepherd in Midian PP 251

Naboth’s execution occurred three years before Ahab’s death PK 206-7

Nadab ruled over Israel only a few months PK 109

national fast-day in ninth month of fifth year of Jehoiakim’s reign PK 433

Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem in ninth year of Zedekiah’s reign PK 452

Nebuchadnezzar felt God’s judgment one year after being forewarned PK 519

Nebuchadnezzar for first time besieged and captured Jerusalem early in reign of Jehoiakim PK 428

Nebuchadnezzar was maniac seven years PK 520

Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of Daniel 2 occurred: more than half a century before Belshazzar’s feast PK 527

soon after Daniel and companions had entered service of the king PK 491

Nehemiah waited four months for opportunity to present his request to Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) PK 630

night interview of Nicodemus with Christ occurred three years before His death AA 104; DA 176

Nineveh given 40 years of probation in Jonah’s time 2SM 149

ninth month of Jewish year was in winter PK 433

no rain fell during wheat harvest in May and June in East PP 615

no Scriptures during first 2,500 years of human history GC 5

no servile work was to be performed on: first day of Feast of Unleavened Bread PP 539

on seventh day of Feast of Unleavened Bread PP 539

Noah lived 350 years after Flood PP 120

Noah preached 120 years before Flood FE 504; LS 208; PP 96, 102; SR 62-3; 7T 36

Noah was in ark seven days before Flood came PP 98; 3SG 68; SR 65-6

Noah’s ark was tossed about by Flood five long months PP 105

Othniel ruled in Israel 40 years 2BC 1002

Passover had been observed 1,500 years by Israelites before Christ’s death GC 399

Passover lamb was slain on fourteenth day of first Jewish month GC 399

Passover moon shone broad and full from cloudless sky when Christ went to Gethsemane to pray with disciples DA 685

Passover observance began with birth of Hebrew nation DA 76; PP 273-80

Passover, time of, corresponded to close of March or beginning of April DA 76

Passover was: celebrated on fourteenth day of the month at even PP 486, 539

followed by seven days of Feast of Unleavened Bread DA 77; PP 539

held when barley was beginning to ripen in Palestine PP 539

observed in springtime DA 76; PP 537-8

patriarchs from Adam to Noah lived nearly 1,000 years, with few exceptions CH 19

Paul and Barnabas labored together a year in Antioch of Syria SR 301

Paul at Jerusalem about three years after his conversion AA 128

Paul labored: a year and a half at Corinth AA 270; 7T 268

more than three years at Ephesus AA 291

Paul lived more than 1,000 years after Abraham and Lot did 6T 342

Paul was: executed on summer’s day AA 511-2; SR 317

released by Nero in year before Rome was burned AA 487

shipwrecked at Melita in November 6BC 1067

Paul was prisoner two years at: Caesarea AA 426, 454; 6BC 1066

Rome AA 453, 464, 485, 487

Paul wrote First Epistle to Corinthians during latter part of his stay at Ephesus AA 298

Paul’s second trial at Rome occurred not long before Nero’s infamous expedition to Greece AA 496-7

Pekah ruled over Israel 20 years PK 287

Philistines attacked Israel in second year of King Saul’s reign PP 616

Philistines kept ark of covenant seven months PP 586; 4aSG 108; SR 188

Philistines took ark of covenant from Israelites more than 100 years before prophecy of Jer. 26:4-6 was given PK 415-6

Philistines were routed at Mizpeh 20 years after taking ark of covenant from Israelites PP 591

popular feeling turned against Christ in Galilee one year after it had happened in Judea DA 393

priests of each course were required to render one week of service in temple twice a year in Christ’s time DA 97

prophecy of: Deut. 28:56, 57 was given 1,400 years before Romans destroyed Jerusalem GC 32

Jer. 25:2, 3 was given in fourth year of Jehoiakim’s reign PK 430

prophecy re Ottoman Empire (Turkey) was fulfilled on Aug. 11, 1840 GC 334-5

prophetic period of: 1,260 years See One thousand two hundred and sixty years

70 weeks See Two thousand three hundred years

2,300 years See Two thousand three hundred years

Psalms 76 and 78 were written 1,000 years before Romans destroyed Jerusalem in A.D. 70 GC 23

recurring seasons came in their order during antediluvian times PP 96

Rehoboam’s reign, prosperity of first three years of PK 92-3

reigns of Baasha, Elah, Zimri, and Imri totaled nearly 40 years PK 110

Revelation was written half a century after crucifixion of Christ GC 466

Roman army under Cestius besieged Jerusalem at time of Feast of Tabernacles GC 31

ruins of Solomon’s pagan shrines were followed by 1,000 years of apostasy in Israel 2BC 1032-3

Sabbath still held sacred 40 years after Christ’s death DA 630

sacrifices offered 4,000 years, Christ put end to 5BC 1139

Samaria fell to Assyrians during Isaiah’s time PK 305

Samaria was besieged by Shalmaneser of Assyria two years after Passover observance of Hezekiah PK 291

Samson judged Israel 20 years PP 564

Samuel was 12 years old when given special commission from God 2BC 1010

Samuel’s mother taught him during his first three years 2BC 1008

sanctuary was: built at Sinai in about half a year PP 349

set up at Sinai at opening of second year of Exodus PP 374

Sanhedrin condemned Christ to death soon after daybreak DA 714-5

Sanhedrin, members of, were to be men advanced in years though not aged DA 132-3

Satan bound 1,000 years See Millennium

Satan has: lost none of his skill and shrewdness during nearly 6,000 years of tempting men 2T 172

struggled 6,000 years to maintain possession of earth PP 342

Satan has been: bent on deceiving and ruining man 6,000 years GC 10

filling earth with woe 6,000 years GC 673

Satan worked 4,000 years: against God’s government from fall of Adam to time of Christ 1SM 280

for man’s ruin and degradation prior to Christ’s crucifixion DA 759

Satan’s prison house has received God’s people 6,000 years GC 659

Satan’s warfare against God has continued nearly 6,000 years on earth GC 552-3; SR 394

Satan’s work of rebellion has made earth tremble 6,000 years GC 659

Scripture canon was formed during 1,600 years from Moses to John GC 5

Scriptures were translated into Greek hundreds of years before Christ’s birth DA 33

second advent, exact time of, is God’s mystery DA 633

second temple was built at Jerusalem about 500 years before Christ was born GC 23

second tithe of every third year was to be used at home to entertain Levites and the poor PP 530

Sennacherib did not reign long after disaster at Jerusalem PK 361

Sermon on Mount was given more than 1,400 years after Israel assembled in vale of Shechem in Joshua’s time MB 1

seven apostles met with Christ by Sea of Galilee soon after Passover week had ended DA 809

seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine in Egypt in Joseph’s time PP 220-1, 224-31

seventh day of Feast of Unleavened Bread was day of holy convocation PP 539

Shalmaneser of Assyria besieged Samaria two years after Passover observance by Hezekiah PK 291

Shechemites were slain by Simeon and Levi nearly 50 years before Jacob’s death PP 204-5

Shem lived 500 years after Flood PP 120

Shiloh was ruined by Philistines when they took ark of covenant from Israelites PK 415-6; PP 514

Sihon was defeated 38 years after Israel’s rebellion at Kadesh PP 435

six days of first week were employed by God in work of creating earth PP 111; see above days of creation week

Sodom was destroyed more than 1,000 years before Paul lived 6T 342

Solomon reigned: nearly 200 years before Uzziah did PK 303

300 years before Josiah did PK 405

spiritual revival in fifteenth year of reign of Asa PK 112

spring of Jericho was healed by Elisha five centuries after fall of city in Joshua’s time PK 229-30

spies of Israel spent 40 days spying out land of Canaan PP 387, 391; 4T 148

in time of ripe grapes PP 287; 4aSG 21-2; 4T 148

sun was suddenly darkened at midday during Christ’s crucifixion DA 753

system of types and ceremonies pointed to Christ’s death 4,000 years before it occurred DA 652; GC 328

temple of Solomon stood more than 400 years PK 459

temple of Solomon was built in seven years PK 35

ten tribes of Israel were to be “wanderers among the nations” until end of time PK 298

terrible condition of Jewish nation 1,800 years after Christ’s death DA 739

three and half years of drought and famine in Elijah’s time DA 238, 425; PK 137, 144, 157, 160, 217; 3T 287

Titus and Roman army resumed siege of Jerusalem at time of Passover GC 31

Tola judged Israel 23 years 2BC 1005

tree of life yields its fruit every month GC 675

trumpet of jubilee was sounded on Day of Atonement every fiftieth year PP 533

twelfth year was dividing line between childhood and youth among Jews DA 75

two centuries and more of history of ten tribes of Israel PK 279

Uzziah reigned nearly 200 years after Solomon did PK 303

wave sheaf of: barley was presented before God on second day of Feast of Unleavened Bread DA 77; PP 539

first ripe grain had been presented before the Lord more than 1,000 years before Christ rose from the dead DA 785-6

week, first, did not consist of vast and indefinite periods of time Ed 128-9; PP 111; 3SG 90-2; TM 135-6

first, measured off by God Himself as sample for successive weeks to close of time PP 111

first six days of, are given to man to work because God employed same period of first week in work of creation PP 111; 3SG 91

week of seven days originated at creation PP 111

weekly cycle of seven literal days: has been preserved and brought down through Bible history 3SG 90

originated in great facts of first seven days Ed 128-9; PP 111-2; 3SG 90; TM 135-6

Zechariah prophesied 500 years before Christ’s birth DA 569; GC 405

Zerubbabel and fellow exiles returned to Jerusalem about 70 years before decree of Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) came to throne PK 607

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