EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Christ, false, Christs, false - Christian, Christians

Christ, false, Christs, false

Christ, false, Christs, false: actuated by their own will and seeking their own glory DA 212

appearance of 3SM 114:3

at Brookfield, N.Y., in 1848 2SG 102-3

delusion by, warning against CW 98

in first century of church GC 186

many people will be deceived by CW 152

persons claiming to be, came to EGW 2SM 76

pretentious claims of 2SM 76

Satan will appear as 1BC 1114; 5BC 1106; 6BC 1105-6; 7BC 911; CW 152; FE 471-2; GC 624-5; 2SM 21, 58, 87, 96, 394; 5T 698; 8T 28; TM 411

showing signs and wonders now to deceive DA 631

warning against 1BC 1114

what will hold men from giving allegiance to 2SM 58

will arise GC 624; CW 152

will present teachings not in accord with Scriptures GC 624-5

will profess to have revelations from heaven GC 624

wonderful miracles of healing will be performed by GC 624

Christ’s Object Lessons

Christ’s Object Lessons, adapted peculiarly for use in tourist centers 9T 84-5

Bible workers used, to aid schools 6T 468

bring, to attention of WCTU leaders FE 522-3

church members used, to help schools 6T 468

circulation of: church members should engage in CM 124

conference presidents should encourage 9T 86

well-planned and persevering efforts needed to increase 9T 71

use every available means to increase 6T 470

colporteurs used, to aid schools 6T 468

conf. presidents used, to aid schools 6T 468

contains light for world CT 525; 9T 77

dedicated to advancement of educational work CT 525; FE 520-4; 1SM 103-4; 9T 88

distribution of, in old soldiers’ home WM 339

donated to relief of schools 6T 469

fourfold blessing of, in relief work for schools 6T 475

God’s plan for 6T 469-73

good done by, where it has been sold FE 521

lend, to neighbors 9T 35

ministers used, to aid schools 6T 468

people at camp meetings should be taught how to sell 9T 83

persons who sell: angels attend FE 523

angels commissioned to help 6T 471

need to study it 9T 77

promises to 6T 476

place, before world 6T 469

reading of, many persons blessed by 9T 70-1

thousands of people will be benefited by FE 522

sale of: by student colporteurs CT 547

by teachers and students of San Fernando Academy 9T 85

encouraging experience in CT 529-30

for liquidating school debts CT 528, 547; FE 520-4; 1SM 104; 6T 478; 9T 70-1, 80

for relief of Australasian schools 6T 473-4

for relief of English school 6T 474

for relief of European schools 6T 474

for relief of German school 6T 474

for relief of Scandinavian school 6T 474

for relief of schools in all lands 6T 473

Los Angeles, Calif., is fruitful field for FE 522-3

nurses should engage in FE 522

push, in Southern California Conference FE 523; 9T 83

sanitarium workers should engage in FE 522

schools should raise money by 9T 80

some youth could earn money for school by 9T 78

students should be encouraged in CT 525-9; FE 522

teachers should engage in CT 529

to help schools for years to come 6T 478

to help SDA schools 6T 468-73

to tourists 9T 84

way opened for larger books by 6T 474

worthy students can earn money by CT 528; 9T 79

youth preparing for ministry should engage in 6T 471

speaks for itself 9T 70

students in SDA schools should carefully study CT 525; 9T 77

tract society officers used, to aid schools 6T 468

translate, into European languages 6T 474

unifies believers 6T 475

EGW finished writing, in 1900 1SM 103-5

work of selling, as means of education 6T 476


blessings brought from; God praised PM 367:0

canvassers for, to learn lessons in it PM 303:1

churches unified by the sale of PM 365:2

distribution of, to be encouraged PM 275:2

life of those selling PM 302:2

opportunity to share UL 79:5

sale of, ever for financing schools PM 364


Christendom, all, will be divided into two great classes GC 450; 2SM 55; 9T 16

apostate, producer of Sunday law 9T 235

intellectual paralysis of, during Dark Ages SR 334

See also Christian world; Churches

Christian, Christians

Christian, Christians (as a leading adjective), See under word modified

1. Classes of

2. Early (first or primitive)

3. Need or ought to

4. Need or ought to be

5. Professed

6. True (genuine)

7. Miscellaneous


1. Classes of

associating with persons of loose morals is wrong 3T 125-6

boastful, knowledge of truth does not make AA 317

careless in dress and person, influence of MYP 349

coarse and uncourteous, influence of MYP 349

comparatively obscure but devoted, impossible to estimate amount of good that may be accomplished by SL 40

compassionate and forgiving, can feel no harmony with sin 5T 171

consistent, be 2T 314

is new and noble creature in Christ 5T 88

consistent and symmetrical, be 5T 650

contending with each other, Satan comes in to take control of 5T 244

corrupt, who are children of Satan EW 228

desiring praise and flattery, are Christians in name only MB 80

destitute of wisdom from above, is unprepared to meet fierce conflicts awaiting church 5T 262-3

devoted, good accomplished by comparatively obscure but SL 40

disagreeable, how to deal with 4T 72

who profess to represent Christ 4T 72

doing nothing, neutralize efforts of real workers WM 307

dwarfed in religious growth 5T 262-3

earnest, need of GW 143

energetic, need of GW 143

enslaved by self make inclination their guide AA 504

failing to exercise his God-given powers, fails to grow up into Christ SC 81

loses strength he already had SC 81

faithful, unseen angels accompany 6T 342

false, are fruitless 5T 229

fostering one sin, sets example that is one of most powerful enticements to sin Ed 150; MB 94

gathering up gloom and sadness, falsely represent God and Christian life SC 116

gloomy, who do not have genuine article of religion MYP 363; 3T 334-5

happy, is watchful Christian 8T 100

having peace of God in hearts, are cheerful and happy 3T 241

having their names on church books, but living only for this life 5T 52

healthy, healthy church must be composed of CH 592

humblest and poorest, can be blessing to others 3T 246

indulging one vice, sets example that is one of most powerful enticements to sin Ed 150; MB 94

Jewish and Gentile, action of first church council re AA 188-200; SR 304-9

lacking works corresponding to name they bear, are many CS 54

like fruitless fig tree, described DA 584

living, advances daily in divine life 2T 505

described 2T 505

loose in business transactions, influence of MYP 349

loveless, no such thing as SD 102

loving and lovable, strongest argument for gospel is MH 470

low in conversation, influence of MYP 349

Macedonian, generous self-sacrifice of MB 80

majority of nominal, really live for world CT 326

many people called, are mere human moralists COL 315

mature, many people professing Christ never become 1SM 313

more vigorous, how to become TM 346

most perfect, may increase continually in knowledge and love of God 1T 340

most profitable to all around him has his conversation in heaven 3BC 1157

murmuring and complaining, bear false witness against God SC 116

natural, erroneous idea re 2T 177-8

person erroneously taught from childhood that she was 2T 173-4

not acting as Christ would were He in their place, greatly injure God’s cause WM 37-8

not converted, are Christians in name only 1SM 80

occasional, not safe to be CT 487

practical, does not live to himself Ev 86

resembling Christ most closely in character have humble opinion of themselves 5T 223

rough in manners, influence of MYP 349

seeking to lay up treasures on earth, danger that threatens 5T 258-9

sensational: hunger for something new and diverse 4T 75

is worthless to cause of truth 4T 75

strange doctrines confuse faith of 4T 75

shutting himself up to himself does not fill God’s purpose PP 541

sickly, in SDA churches and institutions are many CH 592

sincere: is not slothful in business CS 158-9

lays up his treasure in heaven CS 158

views eternity of bliss as worth life of persevering and untiring effort CS 158

slothful, hinder those who would move out in God’s work WM 307

some believers who think themselves excellent, do not understand what constitutes service for God DA 584

soundest, keep company with 2SM 314

sunshiny, need of more AH 37

thinking happiness and cheerful countenance is sin do not have genuine article of religion 3T 334

thoughtless, manifest by neglect of others that they are not united with Christ 3T 539

true and faithful, no person is so situated that he cannot be 5T 182-3

trusting in God, is safe anywhere 4T 285

unconverted, keep self prominent 1SM 80

unfaithful as God’s stewards, have dwarfed and sickly existence AA 338

united with Christ have Spirit’s power AA 90-1

united with worldling in pleasure seeking separate themselves from God 4T 633-4

unprincipled, dishonors Christ’s name 2T 443

weakest, abiding in Christ is more than match for Satan GC 530

well-balanced, how to be AA 483

whining and complaining constantly, do not have genuine article of religion 3T 334

wide-awake, need of GW 143

working, church needs CSW 122

watchful Christian is AA 261

2. Early (first or primitive)

accused of burning Rome AA 487

apostasy among AA 504

apostate, united with half-pagan companions GC 45

apostates among, warred against essential doctrines of Christ GC 45

condemned as: foes of religion GC 40

pests to society GC 40

rebels against Roman Empire GC 40

covered with skins of wild animals by persecutors GC 40

escaped from Jerusalem’s destruction GC 30-1

example of, in suffering for Christ’s sake 5T 213

exiled to mountains and deserts 5T 213

felt: power of truth 5T 156

that world’s salvation or loss depended on them 5T 156

fidelity of, to principle GC 45

great apostasy among, in first centuries EW 210-3; GC 49-60; SR 320-34

great numbers of: burned alive in amphitheaters GC 40

crucified by pagans GC 40

thrown to arena to be torn by dogs GC 40

thrown to wild beasts GC 40

hunted like beasts of prey by enemies GC 40

led to invest all in God’s cause 5T 156

left in dungeons to die from hunger, cold, and torture 5T 213

liberality of, in works of charity and benevolence 3T 392

living in heathen lands, Peter’s letters to AA 521

mighty influence exerted by 5T 239-40

miss. labors of AA 105-9

Nero persecuted AA 487, 489

opposition of apostate Christians against, in first centuries GC 45

persecution against, in first centuries GC 39-48

persecution drew, nearer to Christ and to each other GC 42

persecution scattered, from Jerusalem AA 103-6

punishment of, as chief entertainment at public fetes GC 40

refuge sought by, in desolate and solitary places GC 40; 5T 464

rejoiced when counted worthy to suffer for Christ 5T 213

terribly persecuted by pagans GC 39-40

thousands of, found shelter in catacombs GC 40

unbelieving Jews persecuted DA 629

unselfish labors of, should inspire us AA 109

were: few in number 5T 239-40

peculiar people GC 46

poor people 5T 156

terror to evildoers 5T 240

were without: honor 5T 239-40

position GC 46

wealth GC 46; 5T 239-40

why, were hated and persecuted to death 5T 240

zeal and enthusiasm of, waned 6T 422

3. Need or ought to

act as Christ would WM 38

be living example of Christ’s life and spirit 1T 408

bear stamp of King of kings TM 335

catch inspiration of Christ’s work for souls 8T 45

gain strength by strengthening others 7BC 947

grow by co-operating with divine agency COL 66-7

have command of own spirits 1T 306

heed command given in Mal. 3:10 AA 338

keep his: counsel CH 341

soul undefiled 3BC 1157

make Christ known to world 6T 427

make personal effort for salvation of men 5T 459

mingle trusting child’s simplicity with man’s strength and maturity 4T 558

partake of Christ’s experience PP 278

represent: Christ in world for salvation of souls COL 67

God of universe GC 476

stand firm in condemnation of evil CG 180

work: for God at all times and in all places 5T 459

to save youth from influences that would sweep them down to ruin CT 544

4. Need or ought to be

affectionate 4T 548

blessing to world AA 13

Christ’s representatives 5T 368

honest AH 427

light of world MB 40; PP 369-70

light to all around him SD 83; 5T 84; 6T 145

like Christ 5T 249

living representatives of Christ in disposition and character SL 55; 1T 408

missionary MH 104

most cheerful and happy people MYP 363

pitiful 4T 548

refined 4T 548

strictly temperate 6T 374

subject one to another 3T 446

surrounded with spiritual atmosphere of light and peace PK 720

sympathetic AH 427

tender 4T 548

true AH 427

united to Christian in gospel work ChS 14

5. Professed

appearing gloomy, do not have genuine article of Christianity MYP 363

asleep in blindness 2T 223

backslidden condition of, as sign of times GC 309-11, 463-4

believers indulging selfish desires for expensive clothing, furniture, and food are, only in name CS 54

believers making no advancement in knowledge and piety are, in name only MYP 66

choosing society of ungodly, expose themselves to temptation GC 508

conforming to world in dress, evil influence of 4T 629

conversion of many, is superficial 2T 634

errors of, no one is compelled to copy 4T 650

failing to imitate Christ, place themselves in enemy’s ranks 1T 276

fruit borne by, world watches to see 7T 201

half-and-half service makes, agents of Satan MB 94

indifference of, to Satan and his work GC 508

insane in their pursuits 2T 223

intemperance among GC 474-5

lack of self-denial makes man a, in name only CS 54

learning Satan’s methods and practices TM 280-1

like salt that has lost its savor, that are Christians in name only DA 306

are worse than unbelievers DA 306

majority of, live for world CT 326

many, do not correctly represent Christianity MYP 363

many people are, because Christianity is considered honorable CT 326

message of second advent rejected by most GC 338-9

misrepresenting Christ’s character, brings world into church MYP 139

most discerning eye often fails to detect any difference between appearance of, and unbelievers CT 326

neglect to help the poor by 6T 273

not all, are Christians at heart 2T 446

not living Christ’s life are mockery to religion 9T 22

on trial before universe COL 303

Sabbath truth rejected by GC 454

sleepy indolence of, Satan uses COL 280

some: allied with influences opposed to God and truth PK 177

guilty of adultery 2T 352

satisfied with religion of fathers GC 454-5

under Satan’s influence EW 227

standard of piety is low among CT 326

unbelievers and, little difference seen between appearance of CT 326

unfaithfulness of, disgraces Christ’s name 8T 248

wise and foolish virgins as COL 412

6. True (genuine)

abhor evil 5T 171

adorning of, hidden man of heart is SC 58-9

aim to reach highest attainments for doing good to others FE 119

bear: fruit CT 329; 5T 229

God’s signature 6T 99

being, is no small thing EW 47; 1T 454

believe it sin to condescend to foolish flattery MYP 349

believers making no practical self-sacrifice for good of others are not DA 504

best brief interpretation of, found in Bible 7BC 903

cannot be light and trifling with unbelievers 5T 83

careless person is not 1T 158

character and disposition of, is like Christ’s 3T 58

characteristics of 5T 224-5, 428; TM 121-2

characteristics that do not belong to 5T 225

chooses: Christ as first and last and best in everything 5T 231

company of the unconverted to communicate light and knowledge to them 5T 112

Christ’s claims upon WM 309

church needs 5T 334

clings to what is good 5T 171

clothing worn by: is modest and arranged on person with order and taste MYP 349

is neat and not gaudy MYP 349

superfluity and display are avoided in MYP 349

compared to precious stones 6T 435 See also Stone; Temple

constantly acknowledge Christ 7T 70

controls his appetite and passions 3T 569-70

copy pattern given by Saviour 5T 121

description of 2T 441

devils plotted to destroy all EW 222

do not choose company of the unconverted 5T 112

do not keep as far as possible from souls who most need their help DA 504

do not love atmosphere surrounding irreligious lives 5T 112

does not desire to enter place of amusement or engage in diversion on which he cannot ask God’s blessing MYP 398

dresses in manner showing sacred regard for Sabbath and worship of God MYP 349

enough, world does not have 5T 334

erroneous idea of what is 1SM 313-4

false-hearted professor will be distinguished from GC 602

feels: he should make right disposition of Lord’s money 4T 479

he should wisely improve his talents 4T 479

fruits which testify that men are 2SG 235

has victory over besetments and passions 1T 158

hates sin 2T 294

have sacrifices to make CT 328

holy and happy confidence in God characterizes 3T 377

is (are): active in God’s service 7BC 935

always cheerful 3T 377; 7T 70

as salt to preserve world CT 323 See also Salt

benevolent MYP 349

Christlike person AH 427, 431; 6BC 1097; 7BC 935; CS 54; Ev 641; SD 271, 352; 1T 510; 2T 573; 3T 81; 5T 386; 6T 215; 8T 53; Te 68

courteous MYP 349

co-worker with God for saving men SC 79

elevated in conversation MYP 349

faithful in dealing with brethren and world MYP 349

follower of Christ 6BC 1101

highest type of man Ev 641

kind MYP 349

light of world MYP 349

living fountains CSW 66

never unkind AH 362

persecuted by the half-converted GC 45

person who abides in Christ 7BC 951

poor man’s friend WM 168

representative of Christ Ev 641

salt of earth MYP 349

self-denying CT 328

stopping in world as it were only for a night 4T 490

symbols of what God can do for world 6T 11

is free from: envy and jealousy 5T 123

pomposity and stubbornness 5T 121

labor only to please God 2T 549

line of demarcation between, and world is too plain to be mistaken MYP 349

lives life of sobriety, humility, and holiness CT 328

love: brethren and are in harmony with them 3T 58

to wait and watch for Spirit’s leading 1T 152

makes God first and last and best in everything PK 68

marked cheerfulness characterizes 3T 377

meager ideas of what constitutes, many believers have 2T 317

more precious than world-renowned missionary or martyr, description of COL 403

never complains that Christ’s yoke is galling 5T 220

never neglects his parents AH 362

outward adorning of, harmonizes with inward peace and holiness AA 523

persecution is the lot of AA 576-7

possesses miss. spirit 5T 386

prayerless person is not 1T 158

privilege and duty, to have rich experience in things of God GC 475

pure religion and upright and holy life constitutes man a TM 280

rule by which to distinguish 5T 229

Satan assails GC 507, 510

sees God’s love and benevolence in every bounty received 3T 377

serves in any department where duty calls 4T 459

sifting temptations reveal who are GC 625

society cannot spare 5T 334

spirit and influence of world destroy desire to be 1T 243

spirit of beneficence and forbearance is revealed by 5T 123

spirit that put Christ to death moves the wicked to destroy GC 507

stands firm as rock in testing time GC 602

strengthens good purposes of persons they contact PK 348

strives constantly to rise to level of perfection 5T 220

submission to God’s providences characterizes 3T 377

there are: in every church GC 449

in Roman Church GC 449, 565; 9T 243

not of SDA faith CSW 85

trifling person is not 1T 158

unmistakable evidence that a person is 5T 224-5

what it means to be 7BC 903; COL 403; 1T 152; 2T 331

whoever by word or deed injures, thereby wounds Christ 5T 229

why, does not choose company of the unconverted 5T 112

words of, are those of sincerity and truth MYP 349

work of, is to represent Christ in world 1SM 132; 5T 743

works: for God during entire life 5T 393

from principle and not from impulse 5T 393

world is land of strangers and enemies to 5T 104

you cannot withdraw yourself from others and be 6T 362

7. Miscellaneous

always have strong helper in God PK 576

are children of one Father AA 550

being found in company with children of God does not make man a GC 396

cannot harmonize with servants of Satan GC 507

careless indifference of, turns many souls from path of life COL 341

children who do not become, at home 5T 51-2

Christ’s act of cursing barren fig tree is warning to all DA 584

Christ’s life is example for 2T 650

close and tender ties should bind together AA 550

conduct of, laws that should govern WM 296

conversation and deportment of, should reveal calm and hallowed peace of mind 5T 113

converse too little about precious chapters of their experience MYP 424

dead and heartless performance of duty does not make men 4T 89

deportment of, should awaken in sinner desire to come to Christ MYP 424

differences among, do not appeal to civil tribunals to settle AA 305-7

difficulties between, should be settled within church COL 248-9

do not try to make other, like yourself Ev 99

duty of, to children MH 42-4 See also Children

to orphans 6T 282 See also Orphan

each: assigned a distinct work to do ChS 9

given ability to do something for God CS 142-3

God’s steward 9T 246

each person must be 2SM 379

essential qualifications of, self-deceived believers who lack 1T 243

example of, should awaken in sinner desire for Christ MYP 424

fear to offend God must control SD 174

feeble resistance offered by, to temptation GC 507-8

first duty of, obedience to God is 4T 610

first work of, is to be united in family AH 37

forbidden to: conform to customs of the ungodly PP 458

marry the ungodly 5T 363 See also Marriage

frivolity of, turns away many souls from path of life COL 341

glory of Christ’s character should be manifested in every 6T 11

golden rule should be practiced by MB 135

guardian angel is appointed to each GC 512, 517

has: mission of wonderful importance ChS 10

part to do to bring heaven’s blessings to men 5T 610

something to do in Master’s service 5T 182

work to do in God’s vineyard 4T 454

having his name on church book does not make man a CS 84

home of, is in mansions Christ is preparing 4T 490

how, could move world 9T 221

influence of, affects opinions and habits of others 3T 52

intemperate person cannot be 3T 51

Joseph was 1BC 1097

joy of, joy of seeing sinners saved should be PK 172

lack of moral courage in GC 597

large share of Christian world have no right to call themselves MYP 238

life of, life of no living thing should be taken to sustain CD 412

majority of, make no returns to God for His great blessings 5T 99

pride themselves on their superior advantages 5T 99

man cannot be, without earnest effort 2T 265-6

many believers need to learn what it is to be 1T 152

many people profess to be, because Christianity is considered honorable CT 326; 1T 404

many people who think themselves to be, will be found wanting at last COL 72

many people will be lost while hoping and desiring to be SC 48; 2T 265-6

many sources of happiness at command of FE 84

may tell with unerring accuracy what pleasures are lawful and right FE 84

mere profession of faith in Christ does not make man a AA 317; CT 433

name of See Name

needs: hero’s courage to resist evil 5T 404

keener discernment than worldling has 4T 545

more intelligence than worldlings 4T 545

never give the world false impression that, are gloomy and unhappy people DA 152-3

no need to go out of world in order to be 5T 124

not left to walk in uncertain paths SC 124

obligations of, much greater than those of ancient Israel AA 338

obligation to carry gospel to world rests on all SC 81

only two classes of DA 763; GC 43, 450; TM 139

persons who are 4T 633

privilege and duty of, to refresh their spirits and invigorate their bodies by innocent recreation MYP 364; 1T 514-5

privilege(s) of SL 89-96

heights of GC 477

to give offerings no less freely than did Israelites AA 337

professedly are not dwellers on earth 4T 490

Satan’s agents seek to deceive GC 507

saving influence of, world would perish in corruption without MYP 349

selfish indulgence of, turns many souls from path of life COL 341

sent into world as Christ’s representatives MB 40

seven traits showing that a person is not 5T 224-5

sociability among, need of cultivating 6T 172-3

spur to ambition of, joy of seeing sinners saved should be PK 172

temptations that are common to 5T 102

ten traits that characterize 5T 224-5

tithing system is blessing to 3T 404

to be half, and half worldly makes you about one-hundreth part Christian and all the rest worldly 2T 264

too little conversation among, re precious chapters of their experience MYP 424

two errors to be avoided by SC 59-60

uniting with church does not make man a 4T 16

vital power of, love of Christ in heart is MB 36

why, find religious life so hard and worldly life so easy 2T 264

words of, should awaken in sinner desire to come to Christ MYP 424

work of, is to mend, restore, and heal TM 265

worldling and, make clear the distinction between 4T 633

worldly conversation that, should not engage in 1T 158

worldly principles should not govern 2T 488

you are decided and wholehearted, or not Christian at all 1T 126

you cannot be: unless faithful in that which is least 2T 312

without earnest effort 2T 265-6

without unceasing watchfulness and prayer 3T 374

youth need help in order to be 1T 154

See also Believer; Church member; People of God


abiding of, in Christ OHC 142:2

actions of

are to be a copy of Christ’s RC 164:3

not like unrepentant sinners HP 182:4

active in this important time UL 112:2

advantage of, because Christ overcame for us HP 260:5

affections of, on higher attractions, not amusements OHC 149:2

argument in favor of Bible truth AG 263:5

atmosphere of light and peace may surround HP 283:6

bearing the name of HP 57:2

becoming, souls want to know about, every Sabbath TDG 18:6


is being Christian in all things UL 21:5

is being Christlike OHC 238:2

is connecting with divine wisdom TMK 160:5

is considered by some to be a condescension OHC 201:3

is reflecting light to souls UL 124:5

meaning of, learned of Christ TMK 218:4

means to be joined to Christ FLB 130:4

mind of Christ and will of God are part of TMK 174:3

Bible, love one another TDG 83:2

cause of, undertaken by Christ as priest FLB 212:8

changed by beholding Christ TMK 61:2

character not names on church books makes us UL 28:5

character of,

to be holy, with good words and manners RC 305:2

unlike that of worldling in finding pleasure OHC 149:2

characteristics of,

contrasted with those of the unconverted TDG 291:2

kindness, love and courtesy TDG 144:4

mentioned TSB 157:3

peace possessed by Christ HP 168:3

charity of 1 Cor. 13 will be cultivated by RC 306:6

charm around, by kind words and pleasant looks RC 305:5

cheerful, by accepting Christ UL 359:6

cheerfulness of, from consideration of blessings HP 245:2


may be FLB 270:4

shown that father knows the meaning of being RC 178:5


gave His life that we might be TDG 287:5

on earth, example for HP 181:2

to be uplifted by those called UL 81:3

Christlikeness HP 30:3, 286:3

meaning of UL 137:4

the mark of LHU 148:2; RC 20:4, 305:2; TMK 311:4

Christ’s jewels UL 372:2

claim to be, by many who aren’t AG 66:2

committed, leads others to heaven and resists evil HP 260:6

confidence in true, for unbending integrity RC 272:5


with God to be shown by 3SM 202:4

controlling power of God in life of 2MCP 495:3

conversion needed by some UL 22:5

courteous, powerful argument for the gospel is 3SM 238:4

cross not understood by many professed UL 191

crown and shield of,

are elements of character RC 170:6

fruits of the Spirit RC 173:6

darkness covering the world envelops HP 96:3

defective, turn eyes from, to the truly devoted OHC 248:4

defilement removed by those who know meaning of being TMK 115:5

definition of (meaning of being) LHU 341:2

dependence on his Maker felt by the true UL 158:5

destruction and harassment of, tried by Satan UL 222:3

disorderly person also not a good OHC 230:3

distinction of,

in intelligence and discernment OHC 106:5

to be more marked TMK 343:2

duties of,

first to children and nearest relatives 1MCP 162:1

to seek and save the lost TDG 67:4

early, weakness of; unconscious of loss UL 358:4

emotions not evidence of being TMK 163:2

erring, God does not reject, but gives another trial FLB 134:2

evidence of being, is not joy; it is in God’s Word 2MCP 810:1

excuses for not becoming, by lady Ellen White talked to TDG 362:5

exemplify Christ in daily work OHC 186:5

experienced, often recount God’s mercies and promises HP 299:2

eyes of, to be fixed on Him who searches and tries HP 266:6

faith and works make, preparing them to sit with Christ TDG 262:4

faultfinding, overbearing man is not a OHC 238:2

feelings of, remorse for sin mingled with peace in God TDG 62:3

fidelity expected of HP 260:4

friend and helper to all connected with him HP 243:2

gentleman; conceit leads to unadvised words TDG 70:6

gentleness and refinement will be shown by every OHC 238:3


each is to inquire whether he is FLB 220:6

only ones welcomed to heaven HP 318:3

goodness, cheerfulness and courage of, make them lights OHC 296:2

goods of the Lord to be dealt with wisely by TDG 85:3

gospel like gold threads in work and experience of 3SM 198:4

growing, learning to trust more 3SM 192:3

growth to be the experience of HP 219:2

guide for weary souls like a palm tree in the desert HP 240:3

healthy, not merely passive recipient OHC 260:2

heaven reflected in character of CME 26:5

honesty and uprightness not enough for HP 180:4

immature, belief thought by, to be the only requirement Mar 236:4

impossible to be, while pleasing self, need to realize 1MCP 125:2

individuals before God; others not to interpret truth for them FW 77:3

inspiration of, perfection of Christ’s character is RC 304:5

intentions of becoming, put off; consider your children TDG 264:2

interest for brother same as for self if you are TDG 365:4

isolated, encouragement for OHC 166

joy in Christ to be shown by CME 26:3

joy of, reflecting light LHU 244:2


courtesy and, gospel’s powerful argument HP 181:4

is characteristic of all TSB 51:0

knowledge can be used rightly only by 3SM 311:1

lawsuits filed by, for redress 3SM 302:2

lazy (indolent), harm cause of God OHC 302:3

learns of Christ, takes duties, bears burdens TDG 160:6

life of,

conflict, self-denial OHC 25:3

consistent, working out plan of salvation TMK 87:3

contrast shown by, between truth and error TDG 40:5

distinctly different from worldling TMK 87:4

evidence of divine grace AG 263:5

influence of grace to be shown in TMK 305:2

love must be woven into FLB 43:2; TMK 298:3

nothing worth saving is lost in choosing OHC 201:2

on earth compared to winter OHC 158:4

one step of, cannot be taken without Christ RC 103:6

palm tree like, drawing from hidden springs RC 307:4

paradoxical TDG 62:3

radiates as Christ’s life UL 75:6

regulated by Bible just as it reads RC 77:5


and cross bearing in TMK 92:2

love and unselfishness in TDG 159:2

sluggishness fatal to OHC 164:3

surrender, overcoming to be a daily part of TMK 55:4

to testify against sin, but not through self RC 379:5

true, represented in the Word of God HP 144:2

well ordered with godly conversation OHC 274:2

world sees saving power of truth in TDG 145:5

light bearers RC 164:3; UL 75:7

light-givers, exhorted to achieve piety TDG 81:2

like cedars, must put down deep roots to grow OHC 331:3

lives of, to be pure, holy, ready UL 76:3

lovable, God wants to help you be TMK 218:2

love shown by,

as glimpse of heaven; harmony HP 316:3

for others as precious souls TDG 272:7

who realizes Christ is Saviour RC 21:4

love to exist between, as Christ loved them TDG 332:5


have opportunity to hear truth UL 35:2

heaven not entered by TDG 145:2

nauseating to Christ UL 179:2

obscure the glory of God RC 65:2

seek to enfold OHC 178:2

meek and quiet spirit to be sought by OHC 274:3

meekness of Christ characterizes OHC 170:3; RC 300:2

mercy to control dealings of, with one another HP 238:3

message of: Behold the Lamb of God LHU 209:4

name given to those joining to Christ; royal name LHU 291:5

name of,

means to be Christlike; be true to it TDG 159:2

stolen by some not representing Christ TDG 155:5

taking HP 286

implies promise to prepare for heaven HP 286:4

unworthiness for, by making a hell here OHC 229:4

very few have right to UL 200:4

nature is appreciated more by, than by artist and poets TMK 145:4

need for healthy, wholesome, with well-balanced minds 1MCP 49:4

neglecting to obey God’s will or Word excludes us as TDG 50:5

new, See Converts

noblemen of God not groveling in bondage to Satan TMK 150:3

noncommittal, no trifling thing TMK 215:3

occasional, lives a lie UL 213:4

opposed to display; clothed with humility TDG 316:4

other, strengthened by words of hope and courage HP 174:7

partial, end up on the enemy’s side TDG 240:3

path of, clear and well-defined RC 235:2

people of world contrasted with, honors Christ TDG 64:5

perfection of, showing Christ’s power 2MCP 527:4

pleasant, influence for God and truth RC 306:2

polish of, determines luster HP 267:3; UL 372:3

possibilities for, through Christ in Eph. 3:14-21 HP 158:5

presence of, when living the truth honors the gospel TDG 352:5

privilege of, to connect with Source of light TDG 92:2

prize for, who is faithful to the end of the race TMK 315:2

proclamation by, of goodness and power of God OHC 279:5


adultery among all classes of TSB 99:2

better to be a worldling than a cheap TMK 318:3

characters of many, are hard and cold OHC 160:3

Christ taunted by actions of; like Satan TDG 98:4

Christ’s grief in looking on TMK 321:4

completeness in Christ more important because of TDG 324:2

corruption of; stupor on nearly all TSB 114:2

danger of looking at OHC 29:4

discourtesy in, although sincere 3SM 238:5

disloyalty of, in living on world’s level TMK 128:3

dwelling upon commonplace things RC 20:4

experience needed by, to stand without fault TDG 307:2

(false) mislead FLB 235:4


engages affections of OHC 273:2

followed by, give energies to world OHC 272:3

first-commandment principles infringed by TMK 322:2

fruit lacking in, when goodness flaunted TMK 133:3

gatherings of feasting and gaiety among Con 65

hatred of, by inability to force conscience TDG 371:5

heart door of, to be opened TDG 207:3

help clothe sin with garments of light Con 68:3

imperfections of, time lost weighing OHC 246:4

inclination governs TMK 267:2

judgment finds, not to have repented TDG 278:2

lack spiritual growth by separation from Christ OHC 216:3

lesson of submission to be learned by TMK 174:3

liberty of religion not much respected by CL 14:2

low level while gospel is pure TSB 157:2

must be all that the name means TMK 129:2

neglect by, to shine; vital power lost TDG 211:4

nothing contributed by many, for the kingdom OHC 302:2

praise from all, would honor God TMK 219:3

resources and cross not understood by RC 17:6

rough, discourteous and faultfinding RC 305:3


succeeds through Mar 63:3

tries to lead, away from order CET 201:1

self-denial refused by 2MCP 381:1

shallow experience and words of RC 20:4

sins of, exposed at last TSB 90:1

sneer at God’s ways UL 96:3

spiritual drunkenness of TDG 312:5

temperaments that mar characters of OHC 179:5

truth not affected by inconsistency of 2MCP 534:5

try to please both God and self RC 65:2

turn weapons against own soldiers TDG 13:4

unforgiveness is most dangerous for OHC 176:4

unkind, have not learned of Jesus HP 180:4

unwilling to

examine own hearts OHC 162:4

exercise self-denial OHC 270:3

vine trailing on ground represents many HP 169:2

virtually say Jesus did not understand RC 65:3


any right to the name HP 20:2

vital connection has no saving properties for others TDG 92:4

work for sinners not realized by TDG 100:4

worship defiled by alcohol not discerned by Con 84:2

progressive, has grace and love which passes knowledge OHC 68:5

providence seems to be against the dedicated HP 271:2

quarreling and condemning never to be done by HP 182:5

rejoicing songs are the right of CME 26:4

relationship with God and angels HP 286:2

representative of Christ, known by his fruits RC 379:4

resolution to be decided TDG 71:3

responsibility of HP 327:3

safety of, depends on his knowing whose side he is on OHC 267:4

Satan induces, to make war with the remnant Mar 204:2

scriptural description of, separated from the world HP 168:3

seek to be, in every sense of the word TDG 78:2

seen as

having been with Christ if they heed His words TMK 336:3

one who strives for the mastery AG 271:2

self is dead in life of HP 166:3

self-denial practiced by true TMK 62:4

selfish and complaining, repulse sinners from Christ OHC 229:3

selfish, lead others away from true piety and work UL 175:5

self-righteous armor on hearts of many TDG 169:4

self-sacrificing spirit in work of SW 17:2

sensitive to others’ needs UL 117:2

separation from other, search Scriptures to prepare for OHC 37:2

shining of,

is duty 3SM 327:4

natural with truth in the heart TDG 85:5

signs of genuine, given by Christ TSB 146:2

simplicity of life of, not understood by many TDG 140:2

sincere and lukewarm, both in church UL 35:2

speech of, to be with grace PM 285:0

spirit of Christ possessed by HP 180:3; RC 305:3

spiritual experience superficial for most FLB 219:3

spirituality of, rebukes pride of world TDG 47:4

spurious, religion of, not seen at home and at work OHC 359:5


are few because they lack Christ’s self-denial TDG 236:2

likened to forest tree standing alone TDG 47:5

standard to be elevated by; purity TSB 146:1

stewards of his Lord’s goods TMK 220:3

strength of, joy of Christ AG 257:4

students to strive to be RC 248:3; TMK 160:5

success of,

depends on Christ UL 22:3

with Christ’s wisdom and righteousness HP 122:4

superiority of Christ’s principles to be shown by RC 164:3

tenderness, compassion, and benevolence enjoined upon OHC 180:3

thoughts of,

on holy things is a duty of PM 85:0

pure and uplifting; also words and acts HP 166:2

transformation of, when true to others and Christ 3SM 196:1

trials of, not more than wicked’s OHC 9


Christ is glorified before worldlings by TDG 64:5

described HP 185:4; RC 164:6

God makes, a spectacle to the world OHC 123:2

God’s helping hand TDG 25:4

know mind and will of God TMK 250:4

savor of life with Christ in the heart OHC 296:4

shaking time brings, replacing disaffected ones Mar 200:6

works unselfishly not seeking ease OHC 287:5

understanding what it means to be FLB 130:4

ungrounded, like trees uprooted by stormy blasts OHC 332:2

unkind, good of, is evil spoken of HP 180:4

unpretentious, able to stand the test of the storm AG 67:6

unselfishness revealed by HP 326:5

usefulness of, measured by power to share experience VSS 43:1

value of,

when they do not reveal Christ TDG 25:6

See Individual, value of

varied characters of, like different flowers OHC 254:5

vigilance and resistance needed by TDG 336:2

vigilant, resist Satan Mar 148:3

virgins represent, some of whom will be surprised Mar 54:3

walled in by rich promises of God TMK 61:4

warfare of, requirements for UL 129:5

wise and powerful when world is against them UL 373:2


and example of, needed by many OHC 279:4

of abuse will not come from true TDG 320:2

reveal truth of professions of VSS 20:3

work of,

accepting Christ and revealing Him HP 321:4

eyes need to be opened to see 3SM 202:3

workers in institutions to be PM 53:2

works of, listed OHC 121:4

world shown close connection of, with God OHC 213:3

See also Believers; Christ, bearing the name of; Christ, children of; Christ, followers of; Christ, professing; Church members; God, people of; God, servants of