EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Christ (Part 18 of 18)

on appetite

almost overpowering Con 40:1

met after a long fast HP 194:2

withstood with man’s nature HP 194:6

intemperance not defended when understanding TMK 314:3

overcome by divine power FLB 219:3

personal application not made of, by many Con 63:3

possible as a man (important question) 3SM 129:3

prepared Him to succor us TDG 14:3

proportional to His superior character Con 31:1; TMK 291:2

reality of,

as ours are to us UL 195:3

He was free to yield 3SM 131:3

resisted UL 195

in the strength of divinity TDG 151:4


claimed sanctification at 3SM 199:1

knew importance of consequences of TMK 33:2

recognized in HP 350:2

tempts us just as in Con 63:3

thought he could succeed in UL 357:6

was controlled during, by Scripture TMK 210:2

Satan’s failure in Con 78:2

strength of, according to Satan’s object Con 78:2

stronger and fiercer than met by Adam TDG 215:4

suffering endured during; we can endure too Con 77:1

surroundings of, compared with Adam’s Con 37:2

to believe suffering unnecessary as for Isaac Con 39:0

to demonstrate His claims to Satan HP 255:2

to doubt His own divinity Con 40:2

to feel forsaken by God UL 90:5

to prove His divinity Con 39:2, 84:3

to speak hastily OHC 291:4

to win the world by compromise UL 195:2

to work a miracle to satisfy His hunger Con 40:2

true to His purpose in AG 27:5

victory gained for human race in UL 189:4

vulnerability in 3SM 129:2

weakness and infirmities shown in HP 256:3

when weakest HP 256:2

Word of God was His only weapon for TDG 215:4

temptation resisted as, resisted to conquer as He did TMK 34:5

tenderness of,

appreciation for, is evidence of rebirth TDG 99:4

disciples in storm watched in TDG 110:6

poem quoted relating, to John 16:12 OHC 211:4


by His followers HP 293:2

if He abides in the heart TDG 192:5

students to be shown 1MCP 190:2

testimony for,

about His saving power OHC 76:5

borne by maintaining allegiance to God TMK 352:3

theme of Christian is, and Him crucified PM 285:0

themes of, newly presented to minds TMK 340:2

thinks of us individually and knows every need RC 109:5

thoughtfulness of,

shown by miracle at Cana TDG 366:5

to be copied HP 296:4

thoughts about / contemplation of / dwelling on

and talk about; thoughts to be higher 2MCP 663:1

at end and beginning of the day OHC 116:2

becoming like Him by RC 65:6

by hearing words of praise FLB 236:5

charmed away from self TMK 136:2

cherished to understand truth LHU 237:4

fill those beholding and being changed 3SM 170:0

fixed on Him HP 62:3

follow obedience of 1MCP 69:2

for truth to be imparted 1MCP 314:3

habit of TMK 247:4

in His Holy place FLB 205:7

in human robe with subdued glory HP 201:5

instead of dwelling on others’ defects TDG 300:3

more UL 37:5

necessary for grace in the life RC 308:4

neglected 3SM 185:2

on His characteristics LHU 238:5; OHC 111:5

Satan takes advantage of disunion when, lacking TDG 141:3

value revealed by TMK 97:2

when mind emptied of frivolity OHC 115:4

See also Christ, minds

throne of,

awaiting exaltation to RC 214:8

believers exalted to, by His humility OHC 366:5

cross endured to give us the glories of HP 43:4

descent from LHU 40:4

was not climax of humiliation TMK 339:3

elevated to,

by beholding Him TMK 96:4

by overcoming as He did TMK 33:2

in the heart; self must die UL 200:6

time of, not wasted in/with,

dissipating pleasures OHC 59:4

explaining science 1MCP 245:3

seekers of ease and pleasure OHC 180:4

time with, Mary’s choice for OHC 281:3

trade learned by UL 94:3

training by,

for the higher grade above HP 58:5

to be His co-laborers OHC 182:4

transforms sinners to enjoy heaven HP 282:2

See also Christ, school of

transformed by, See Christ, change by

trap(s) set for,

by lawyer asking about eternal life FW 42:3

revealed by His answers TDG 143:4


of heaven not recognized in, by Israel TMK 58

to those who find Him OHC 13:2

worth selling all for LHU 232:2


of eternity at command of LHU 37:3

received by, to convince of God’s love TMK 338:3

treatment of,

as a sinner that we might be treated as righteous HP 15:6

by us as we treat His children RC 206:2

showed how world would treat God HP 357:4

showed strength of human reason LHU 152:3

See also Christ, taunted

trial of,

condemnation at, although not found guilty LHU 257:3

self-control shown in TMK 139:2

trials may be taken to HP 269:4; OHC 54:3

trials of,

and tempted as we are RC 16:5

as a building stone by human perversity OHC 54:3

every soul known by TMK 53:5

His children known by TMK 51:3

met daily without failure or discouragement RC 37:4

nights of prayer essential preparation for Mar 85:5

shared, bring rejoicing OHC 265:4

triumph of, See Christ, victory of

trophies of, washed in the blood of the Lamb HP 211:5

troubles and griefs may be told to HP 273:4

true to His word; He will never falsify Himself TDG 364:5


God to establish us in OHC 24:2

secure only in, in the last days Mar 197:4

wisdom of; Satan’s character revealed 3SM 414:3

trust in,

all the time HP 275:5

always; advisers may try to confuse TDG 191:3

and He will lift you to a noble standard OHC 206:4

and honor brings blessings TDG 189:5

as Saviour when He is our King and we obey FW 16:2

despite corruption in the earth TDG 91:2

encouraged HP 117:6

for one who loved Him 2MCP 810:1

failure never experienced while having 2MCP 473:2

for guidance UL 320:6

for peace, grace and pardon TDG 63:3

for yourself; how can you educate others? 3SM 151:3

gives a sense of security AG 259:3

He wants UL 212:5

His blessing on health principles bring success 3SM 296:2

important irrespective of emotional atmosphere 2MCP 812:0

in darkness,

and light as our living Saviour TMK 142:2

as in light LHU 280:2

instead of

in your own heart OHC 64:3

worrying 2MCP 466:3

intelligence and thoughtfulness strengthened by TMK 135:4

keeping Him by our side HP 254:4

learned TDG 104:3

while forming characters for heaven OHC 61:4

less than in human friends TDG 158:3

mothers would find rest by RC 171:2

rather than self UL 141:3

recommended to a depressed woman 2MCP 807:1

tests will come; vehemence wounds yourself 2MCP 578:4

though tried as by fire TMK 277:2

See also Christ, dependence on


came from the very heart of UL 229:3

central to Bible study TMK 208:2

communicated through, is present truth LHU 153:2

flowed constantly from HP 175:3

gems of,

given by, to be gathered up OHC 211:3

reset by, when found mixed with error LHU 259:4

in the heart brings being into captivity of 1MCP 324:3

known by, without a shadow TDG 135:4

not suppressed by UL 145:4

opened by, in simplicity and power VSS 87:1

presented by,

because He was truth TDG 72:3

from billowy cloud, is truth today TDG 195:3

in simple language TMK 50:3

to appeal to all intellects VSS 102:0

received from, and imparted to others TDG 229:5

revealed in words and life of RC 113:2

scattered by, as golden grains OHC 207:6

(seekers for) become like UL 103:5

spoken by, effective UL 58:3


away from, having great possessions FW 70:4

to, in trust HP 51:2

unacknowledged in the world He created HP 40:5

unappreciated even by His own family UL 54:5

unbelievers learn faith in, by ones with self-denial CME 25:0

uncertain ideas not uttered by TMK 98:4

understanding by,

also pity, forgiveness and grace RC 170:6

for all sorrows TSB 47:3

for each person UL 332:6

for our trials UL 303:3

for our weakness AG 14:4

for you HP 176:3

of poverty TMK 43:5

understanding of, See also Christ, knowledge of; Christ, solicitude

unity (with one another),

and peace of church dear to heart of UL 106:3

based on love of UL 279:6

exemplified by mingling of nationalities UL 281:3

results from drawing near to UL 110:2

See also Christ, division; Unity

unity of, with the Father, revealed the Father TMK 38:5

unlikeness to,

seen before the cross; hatred for sin LHU 297:6

strength to overcome for those seeing their OHC 117:3

unrecognized although commissioned by God UL 67:3

unrest banished from those who follow HP 262:4


Guest, few behold Him as OHC 55:2

now but His Holy Spirit is always near TMK 57:5

unselfishness honors HP 57:2


as the Redeemer UL 100:3

by humble workers noted by God TMK 123:3

by redeemed ones LHU 230:5

constantly HP 187:4

purifies the heart LHU 297:5

value of,

discerned when worldly rubbish swept away TMK 58:2

treasures of, increase as experience is sought 3SM 187:0

valuing, See Christ, prizing

victory/triumph of,

advantage for the Christian HP 260:5

constant although tried in every way RC 349:4

demands more contemplation FLB 219:3

explaining, while gloomy 2MCP 812:0

for everyday life UL 22:6

for humanity gained through temptation AG 164:3

for us TDG 120:5

praised Mar 317:6

revealed in the Bible TMK 192:2

to be seen clearly OHC 20:3

given as our advantage as we unite with Him HP 251:5

gives us courage in trial RC 219:8

in temptation calls for adoration and glory 3SM 130:2

is our salvation; He is our substitute FW 74:4

not substitute for personal victory Con 64:1

placed us on vantage ground HP 260:5; TDG 318:3

places of pleasure were not chosen for Con 71:2

strength against temptation through TMK 314:4

through submission and faith in God HP 256:4

while under fiercest temptation on the cross RC 60:2

victory through Con 72:0

as Conqueror HP 98:5

assured through resistance HP 251:5

for those who walk humbly and learn UL 367:5

His all-powerful name TMK 269:2

His strength FLB 79:6

our priest, intercessor and offering 1MCP 32:1

over self OHC 184:6

realizing weakness HP 252:4

requires His help OHC 82:6

yet to be accomplished; Satan hinders AG 27:5

view(s) of,

need to be broader TDG 290:2

(practical) needed for genuine knowledge OHC 30:4

Satan eclipses, for those not dwelling on Him RC 82:2

Satan tries to block RC 21:4

Satan’s power to eclipse, gone OHC 136:6

to be higher UL 136:4

virtues of,

cultivated, OHC 99:5

to reflect His character TDG 261:4

needed in daily life UL 311:4

not practiced because His character not known LHU 76:6

practiced by overcomers UL 290:7

practicing, making Him your daily pattern TMK 233:2

we are nothing without TMK 109:4

visits those in hard places for His sake TDG 159:6

visualize, praying for us HP 76:2

voice of,

calm; balm on the wounded spirit VSS 71:2

faith that overcomes hears, offering victory TMK 166:5


as He communes with patriarch and prophet TMK 8:3

now HP 363:2

open the heart door to Him TDG 11:5

inviting reapers to enter the kingdom Mar 317:3

keynote of the universe HP 248:5

listening to, requires silence in the heart OHC 37:5

melody and calmness in; sentences understood VSS 397:3

musical, distinct and never strained VSS 71:1

of assurance RC 356:5

remembered by John on Isle of Patmos TMK 360:2

richer than any music; inviting us to heaven Mar 245:3

sweeter than any music ever heard 3SM 388:2

unrecognized by listening to strange voice TMK 212:2

was as the voice of God TMK 38:5

voice used to exalt, and to magnify the Word TMK 345:3

waiting of,

before the throne for our prayers UL 155:5

to reveal His glory and thoughts of bliss LHU 361:4


as, holding His arm and partaking of His spirit TMK 298:6

close to, in path of self-denial OHC 132:4

walking in,

footsteps of UL 329:2

does not require visiting Palestine HP 225:3

the strength and grace of TMK 309:4

walking of,

in paths of Nazareth HP 214:2

on sea, subject for Ellen White after boating excursion TDG 110:3

on this earth apparently alone UL 67:2

on water OHC 56:2

walking with,

and be complete UL 314:6

as salvation; not by works LHU 40:3

conflict and suffering in, but peace LHU 98:5

daily privilege of OHC 97:5

Ellen White longed to be one who will be TDG 117:3

in character and purpose RC 347:6

is not walking in the shadow HP 262:4

joy in HP 62:2

means believing He walks with you TDG 225:7

rejoicing is for those RC 124:3

sensing God’s character and requirements FW 54:0

trusting as a child TMK 250:2


beaten down by UL 166:4

of exclusion demolished by OHC 245:4

wants, See Christ, desire of

warning by,

against false Christs in last days TDG 164:4

against wily foe UL 19:5

and friendship for Peter TDG 259:3

to break spell ensnaring people HP 308:3

warning needed for those unready to meet PM 281:3

watch, pray and work while looking to RC 119:2


by crafty men during His ministry TDG 143:4

disciples all through storm TDG 110:6

See also Christ, spies


and teaches us what to do UL 242:2

human family with interest HP 278:2

over mothers’ interest TMK 39:3

over us although we cannot see Him LHU 376:5

water given by, from following Bible FLB 21:5


of God to be followed by, as our example HP 255:4

to heaven made known by TMK 82:4

we must go has been traveled by RY 155:1

way of,

prepared in the time of the loud cry Mar 218:4

to be prepared HP 167:3

See also Christ, methods of

wealth given for service of RC 269:2


in toil yet showed no impatience HP 214:4

often experienced by TDG 143:3

welcome and benediction of, as saints enter city of God 3SM 431:2


at the sight of woe OHC 198:3

over Jerusalem just before His crucifixion TDG 109:4

whisper of, sensitive soul responds to TMK 361:4

wickedness of humanity seen at feet of 2MCP 781:2

wilderness chosen by, as a place for contemplation HP 252:2


(human) emancipated by OHC 104:3

of His Father followed by HP 147:4

will of,

accomplished by influences Christ provides HP 278:4

becomes our will as self dies TMK 55:3

captivity to, required to enter God’s kingdom RC 22:4

Christian’s will conforms to HP 33:2

commendation for those striving to do PM 89:2

communicated to Jews, but they rejected Him TDG 31:3

controlled by; peculiarities of others borne TDG 262:5

controls one in union with Him HP 187:3

ever with God’s will, although tempted in all points OHC 107:3

exercised to save souls OHC 107:2

hearts attuned to, here OHC 61:4

law for Christian TMK 163:3

many set own standard and do not submit to 1MCP 41:1

nourished by the divine OHC 107:2

obedience to UL 141:4

our wills change into HP 337:3

peace HP 249:2

power available to do UL 271:5

same as Adam’s in Eden OHC 107:3

striving to do, discouragement for ones who are TMK 243:4

submission to,

See also Christ, submission to

yields fruits of righteousness AG 249:4

swallowed up in His Father’s; He was calm TDG 263:4

talents subject to OHC 8:4

temptation might have been yielded to by OHC 107:3

transferred to those who put their trust in Him TMK 78:4

understanding ways and TDG 31:6

See also God, will of; Will (human decision-making power)

winsomeness of, required in soul winning TMK 218:5

wisdom of,

and authority Pharisees could not interpret UL 221:2

and righteousness, seeking HP 122:4

can apply unfailing remedy for life UL 266:4

guides in unerring counsel TDG 151:3

revealed only by accepting His word TDG 112:6

trust in, not in self AG 260:2

when we need it TDG 361:6

wisdom of righteousness of, neglected in seeking salvation TMK 112:2

with, See Christ, presence of

withholding from, OHC 263:5

complaining of the way 2MCP 811:1


evil is all you can do 3SM 196:2

we are not safe; unguarded souls deceived TMK 286:3

witness by, to universe of the goodness of the law UL 90:2

witnessing for,

as we come to the cross; commending Him RC 17:6

difficulties of, pass away TDG 372:3

or confining efforts to those of same faith PM 285:2

See also Christ, representatives of; Souls, salvation of

woman’s best friend, as Bible examples show RC 170:5

women working with, above reproach; work not hindered 3SM 374:3

Word of God / Scriptures,

leads to knowing UL 103:5

provides banquet for those who accept RC 128:4

reveals HP 134:4; LHU 261:3

teaching by, continues from heaven Mar 249:4

treasured in heart of UL 54:6


disparaging His children heard by UL 280:6

may eclipse view of HP 175:2

that grieve, not indulged when He is Sanctifier TMK 250:5

to point those around you to OHC 291:2

weighed with tenderness of, powerful witness TDG 68:4

word(s) of,

abiding in us UL 303:4

acts and, revealed compassion UL 145:3

always appropriate and effective TMK 178:3

appearance of ones heeding, as having been with Him TMK 336:3

are words of God 3SM 176:2

attractive; Pharisees hated Him VSS 77:4

authority in; spirit and life LHU 37:2

“Be thou clean” need to be heard HP 106:4

believing, brings hope HP 144:4

implicitly to know that He pardons TDG 89:3

Bible contains; apply them TDG 204:5

to make us wise TDG 99:2

brace every soul for duty and trial HP 50:2


for our souls RC 138:2

of life for all; to refuse it is death SW 52:1

bring peace, happiness, and assurance forever OHC 329:5

brought conviction UL 236:4

charmed officers sent to take Him VSS 78:0

cherish OHC 120:4

children heard, and,

mothers repeated them HP 63:4

remembered UL 57:5

conviction attended, speaking about Himself LHU 226:5

doing UL 66:5

drinking in OHC 99:4

earnest but never pitched to unnatural key TMK 207:3


as eternal life to us TDG 12:2

gives spiritual vitality HP 137:3

Ellen White instructed to bear UL 160:5

engraved on the soul; we are His witnesses TDG 96:6

eternal life in, spoken from Simon’s boat UL 288:2

faith encouraged by LHU 90:7

feed on, and knowledge will expand TMK 201:3

fell with power on thirsty souls HP 181:3

first many ever heard HP 225:4

for us today TMK 51:3

gave comfort, blessing and understanding to all TMK 155:3

gift of bread from heaven 3SM 202:2

guidance from, instead of impression 3SM 404:4

He longed for humans to honor TDG 189:3

He spoke, as he had to the prophets LHU 261:3

He wanted His people to receive TDG 109:5

healed, cast out demons, stilled the sea, etc. HP 134:4

heaven attempted in wrong way without TDG 266:3

highest possible instruction TMK 188:5

hope and life-giving power in 3SM 238:3

hope and sympathy in LHU 90:2

illustrated by lilies UL 98:3

in Noah’s day through human agency TDG 278:4

influence and power in TDG 41:3

intellectuals and ignorant affected by TMK 189:4

Jews with prejudice tried to neutralize 3SM 82:2

last, impressed disciples with their trust HP 317:2

life, comfort, and hope OHC 98:4

live on 2MCP 669:2

made into life by power of the UL 347:3

(message) prefaced by deeds of ministry SW 36

never fanciful or sentimental UL 313:3

never gave needless pain UL 145:4

obeyed easier if mind impressed by hearing more OHC 281:4

perfection by receiving; let us strive for it TDG 257:7

power of God unto salvation OHC 101:4

powerful because His heart was pure HP 237:3

practice of,

enables doing what no philosophy can TMK 100:5

lacking; curse coming on church VSS 303:1

predicted as full of power and authority RC 16:6

present, whenever possible HP 363:3

of, provisions in, may be freely partaken of OHC 148:3

purest; never comical VSS 104:2


as man of counsel TDG 112:6

is consuming His flesh and blood OHC 209:2

teaches us to claim His merits HP 23:3


by Simon who carried His cross CC 325:4

when hearers saw things of nature TMK 51:2

repeat, which offer living water TMK 337:4

respect for, as the Holy Spirit impresses UL 144:4

rulers did not receive UL 304:5

Satan repulsed by; Christ chose them carefully TDG 265:5

significance of, deeper than appears LHU 106:4

simple/plain UL 145:4

and received by unprejudiced ones VSS 84:1

enough for a child to understand TDG 283:3

even to the unlearned UL 325:3

soul filled with treasures of LHU 284:3

spoken for people of all ages UL 303:7

strengthen spiritual life OHC 208:4

study and act on TDG 234:5

taught by the Holy Spirit TDG 292:3

thought needed to understand UL 368:2

treasure in, but given wrong construction UL 236:2

truth of, shown by revealing His character PM 259:6

truth practiced by receiving TDG 118:7

unable to do, of ourselves RC 55:4


increased by eating LHU 115:6

of, depends on spiritual knowledge TMK 191:4

world to be shown the truth of TDG 304:4

See also Christ, voice of

work for,

applause should not be the object of TDG 227:3

becomes all-absorbing UL 296:2

broader than attending to self UL 62:4

churches not prepared for TDG 100:2

consecration to,

because He died for us TDG 315:3

putting away strife TDG 326:4

everywhere; kindness influences for truth OHC 302:5

feeling ready for, while neglecting little things TDG 144:3

first in importance TDG 161:2

glory by conversion of sinners the object of HP 68:5

not to be dictatorial, severe or antagonistic 1MCP 40:3

tame compared with His sacrifice 1MCP 245:4

thoroughness in TDG 161:2

thought control prepares for HP 164:3

to be done HP 131:4

See also Christ, service for

work given/assigned by,

to everyone HP 224:3

to laborers with Him TDG 358:7

work in us done by TDG 140:4

work of,

apparent defeat of; Greeks came to Jesus then UL 110:3

as a Shepherd LHU 215:3

as carpenter

compared with doing miracles HP 214:3; UL 67:3

uninfluenced by world TDG 143:3


at age 12 HP 128:2

by consecration of humble trade HP 214:3

carried on / continued UL 165:3, 165:3

by His disciples TMK 163:3

for humanity both in heaven and earth TMK 363:4

claiming merits of, is personal FLB 123:3

completed on earth LHU 208:2

confined to a narrow compass while on earth UL 165:5

constant progress in UL 305:2

constantly in His home HP 213:2

convincing His disobedient people TDG 109:6

copy OHC 180:4

disarming claims of Satan’s control 3SM 139:3

drawing souls to Him is dearest TMK 56:2

earnest; His followers follow Him OHC 224:5

Ellen White spoke of, instead of her discouragement OHC 312:3

entrusted to those who walk and work with God HP 240:6

followers also to do UL 173:7

for humanity continues TDG 283:5

for salvation remembered after temple visit TDG 59:3

for souls laid on the purchased ones LHU 208:5

for the one depending on Him HP 64:4

from moving to repentance to receiving in glory LHU 348:2

given to disciples; we are His representatives PM 119:2

God’s messengers are to take up TDG 30:4

gospel truths are jewels as in 3SM 198:4

great but done in simple places LHU 167:6

greater in heaven with His Father UL 165:3

helping the needy OHC 180:4

in an atmosphere of love for God LHU 221:3

in lowly walks of life HP 224:3

in us does not destroy our powers but sanctifies them TDG 219:3

interest in, awakened by seventy disciples TDG 113:2

large scale of UL 330:2

lifting mankind into a holy atmosphere LHU 135:6

made effectual by Spirit OHC 150:3

meditate on, to grow in grace LHU 237:3

not confined to one place TDG 107:5; UL 330:2

not divided; He came to do His Father’s will 3SM 135:3

obstructions to, He can remove UL 265:3

on earth,

no sacrifice too great to accomplish HP 128:2

not extended to heathen UL 165:2

perfected in heaven TDG 341:2

plans for future and present without neglecting small matters TDG 279:4

restoration of humanity needed like CME 23:0

revealed His glory UL 229:4

sanctification and peace for His people OHC 327:4


schemes to make, of none effect TDG 312:2

tried to counteract, in every way TDG 256:3

Satan’s power over people to be broken by FLB 312:3

self-worth sensed when doing HP 173:3

seventy did work like, telling about kingdom TDG 113:6

showed His mission to be divine UL 145:3

showing the required excellence of character OHC 211:2

successful by trust and communion with His Father RC 228:5


humanity accomplishes much OHC 146:2

those who rely wholly on Him CME 26:1

to be understood to cooperate with Him TMK 104:4

truth separated from error in VSS 96:3

weariness not found in, when love is in heart TDG 52:2

with His hands to help sustain the family UL 94:3

work placed in hands of, never neglected HP 64:6

worker (Christ as),

(lowly) in Judea, mechanic to represent TMK 324:4

(unselfish) not seeking riches, fame or ease TMK 155:4


in error to be directed to PM 136:1

in publishing house counseled to follow PM 83:3

revealing, in word, spirit, ministry, etc. TDG 311:3

souls (helpless) of SDA, to be hung on PM 66:1

to reveal virtues of, by association SW 33:2

with God to represent, to the people RC 258:5

work of, done by, when restful time taken with Him OHC 116:5

workers for,

character traits of 3SM 237:1

entering into His joy is reward of RC 257:2

in many ways of; He calls people PM 278:2

rejoice in beholding fruit of their labor RC 257:5

under His command; all may be TDG 228:4

workers with,

armor for success as RC 352:2

by unbroken communion HP 53:4

carrying out the laws of His kingdom TDG 288:4

effort needed by PM 133:0

in hearts have consecration in small duties PM 85:0

near God’s throne HP 371:5

sacrifice to give the message TDG 272:4

time to be 1MCP 245:2

working with,

for the salvation of your own soul TSB 51:3

improves experience, mind and conscience OHC 306:3

showing character after divine similitude TMK 305:3

stewardship always means TDG 349:4

works of,

done in Him OHC 184:2

people lead to accept Him by TDG 275:2

performed with quiet dignity and ease TDG 263:4

recorded by humans guided by His Spirit RC 132:4


cannot discern, so they cannot discern truth FW 92:0

did not know or appreciate TMK 310:4

drawn into embrace of, at the cross HP 33:5

inability of, to see, disciples could not understand TDG 142:4

increasingly opposes UL 365:3

knows not HP 254:4

loses attraction beside loveliness of LHU 280:6

needs to see, in His saints HP 313:4

not in partnership with HP 168:2

notices those who have been with, by their works TMK 312:4

summoned to listen to UL 236:4

treasures of, belong to, by creation and redemption UL 29:2


attractions draw attention from, but press on TDG 374:3

cares of, never took the time of heavenly things HP 214:4

customs control those not wholly on side of HP 168:3

things allowed to intercept faint view of TMK 371:3


avoided by taking trouble to 2MCP 466:1

yourself out of the arms of TMK 285:5

worship of self dishonors TDG 40:3

worshiped by angels at resurrection and ascension LHU 102

worthiness of,

saves us but we must repent and believe OHC 351:4

See also Christ, qualified

wounded by

differences; read John 17 TDG 369:4

sin, but believe when you ask for forgiveness 3SM 196:3

wrath/vengeance of,

against teaching human doctrines VSS 95:2

coming Mar 55:4

terrible to scorners of His grace TMK 356:4

See also God, wrath of; Revenge

wrath of God endured by, for us 3SM 132:2

yearning for the excellence of OHC 61:2

yielding to, See Christ, acceptance of

yoke of,

accepting, means pledging life service HP 201:4

advantages and opportunities for those wearing TDG 358:4

ask God if you are unwilling to wear TMK 297:4

behavior while wearing, must not disgrace Him OHC 174:3

binds in happy, willing service TMK 121:3

blessings realized only by those wearing HP 53:3

burdens, necessary, borne by TMK 120:2

easy but is not life of selfish indulgence TMK 120:6

easy through love for Him UL 85:4

entire submission signified by HP 236:2

honor of becoming like Christ by wearing TMK 134:5

invitation to take, brings happiness TDG 304:3

light because of transformation of character LHU 221:2

love covenant better fulfilled by wearing HP 162:3

made to appear galling by Satan UL 376:3

meaning of wearing HP 53:5

obedience, restraint and service in TDG 288:3

others not bound with yokes by those accepting TDG 111:5

patience, gentleness, long-suffering in UL 359:4

purpose shown by those wearing TDG 284:2

restraint of Holy Spirit VSS 147

self-respect in wearing, increases influence TDG 70:2

taking, instead of manufacturing oppressive one TMK 293:3

wearing / yoking up with AG 324:6; RC 347:6

at His invitation; always show meekness 2MCP 634:1

doing His work Mar 63:2

drawing together showing love 3SM 16:2

means pulling together 3SM 26:1

positively necessary HP 266:5


may be inspired to lead souls to OHC 309:6

temptations and cogitations of, understood by OHC 57:4

(youthful disciples of), to arouse OHC 282:5

youth of,

described TDG 59

good workmanship during LHU 38:3

had begun when Passover attended LHU 31:2

not secluded UL 57:2

not wasted in indolence or sensual pleasure OHC 59:2

poverty experienced in TDG 143:3

zeal of, not lessened HP 234:2

See also Messiah; Redeemer