EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Christ (Part 16 of 18)

to allow, to teach 1MCP 43:4

without personal knowledge of VSS 314:1

preaching Him,

an individual work HP 70:5

conversions from, not from tongues or miracles RC 256:3

not things to please the ear VSS 314:2

results in salvation of souls UL 264:5

third angel’s message cannot be ignored in VSS 325:2

preciousness of, See Christ, attractiveness of

predictions fulfilled by; He reinforced Old Testament 2MCP 565:1

preexistence of, decidedly presented in the Word of God LHU 74:5


above humans when truth is cherished OHC 208:7

in every act and thought forms union with Him TMK 361:2

prejudice caused mob to kill UL 40:4

preparation to meet,

by knowing God here Mar 76:2

in peace Mar 106:5

to be thorough FLB 351:6

preparing the way of; treasury of heaven at our command OHC 172:5

prerogative of,

blessing brought by LHU 37:2

knowledge of God’s character through LHU 36:5

to bless and impress minds UL 236:3

presence of,

among men today HP 101:2

apparent when He dwells in the heart TDG 357:6

appreciated because He explained Scripture LHU 90:7

assured to those doing gospel work in homes RC 202:5

awe inspiring LHU 33:6

brightens life of bereavement and suffering RC 349:8

broke down prejudice at meeting of Ellen White 3SM 86:2

by faithfulness to conditions RC 295:2

cleanses and sanctifies the soul HP 191:3

clear rubbish away for; avoid filthy words 2MCP 582:4

constant HP 55:4, 188:2

continual sense of, precludes self-confidence FW 54:1

discerning, in providence TMK 98:5

discourtesy of ignoring OHC 55

faith that hears promise of RC 21:2


by Ellen White during suffering TDG 45:6

in assembly; doubt in Ellen White quelled 3SM 164:1


filled with joy in TMK 142:5

must radiate light to have TDG 332:2

heaven to be in RC 37:4

home atmosphere purer because of HP 181:2

human counsel unnecessary because of LHU 93:3

ignoring, is not polite; He can help us LHU 93:6

in every aggressive movement 3SM 426:1

in hearts of believers is power, life, etc. RC 200:5

in soul; good things come from the heart 2MCP 577:3

in trial if our life hid in God OHC 357:4

invitation to accept OHC 55:4

inviting peace and OHC 7:7

makes the pathway bright HP 262:4

more if we would talk more of Him RC 220:6

needed OHC 144:3

needed now, for wickedness prevails OHC 354:3

never urged uninvited TDG 249:2

nothing can bring sadness in RC 278:5

pleasure gatherings would not welcome Con 65


appreciate it TDG 49:4

in court UL 101:4

relationship of parent to child symbolizes TMK 171:3

revealed to remnant in time of trouble TMK 360

reveals dealings with fellow men UL 70:5

seen by faith HP 337:2


as eye of faith is stayed on Him FLB 248:4

brings cheerfulness, courage, joy OHC 147:5

by Ellen White 3SM 35:5

sensing, fills with gratitude RC 297:3

speak with kindness as if in 1MCP 178:3

(spiritual) mystery to disciples RC 129:2

truth prepares soul for OHC 208:5

truth warm with evidence from OHC 34:6

walking in the sunshine of HP 46:7; OHC 352:2


compelled to be in the world TDG 232:5

meeting to worship God OHC 168:4

wherever His work is to be done TMK 45:4

with believer, yet unseen by world TDG 142:4

with the Father before creation of humans LHU 36:2

word of God gives practical views of OHC 30:4

work of uplifting humanity accompanied by CME 23:0

See also Christ, closeness to

presence with, to be seen by others 3SM 327:3

presented Himself as way, truth, life; no more required HP 366:3


great things about (the gospel), when faith stirred 3SM 186:3

loveliness and trustworthiness of OHC 65:3

presenting Him,

as Center requires deep personal experience VSS 303:0

only way to help those who prefer a lie TDG 141:2

to the people TDG 330:4

warning and teaching VSS 346:3

pressed by human evil TMK 66:3

presumption resisted by OHC 95:2

pretense of waiting for Mar 54:4


paid by, for heart service UL 25:4

to be paid for ransom was ever before TMK 48:4


cannot exist in hearts hidden in TMK 176:4

in heart leaves no room for OHC 138:2

was not in, though He increased in knowledge LHU 77:5

Priest and Sacrifice both FLB 105:2; 3SM 141:1

priesthood of, faith cultivated by contemplating FLB 212:8

principles of,

adopting HP 286:5

carried into work TMK 93:4

in us AG 66:5

principles of godliness repeated by RC 112:4

privation suffered by, to scatter blessings UL 26:6

privilege of

bearing the name of TMK 319:4

education in higher school for those who know TMK 126:4

possessing attributes of character of TMK 131:2

trusting TMK 78:5

and telling Him everything TMK 212:3

prizing, above all others is eating His flesh TMK 107:4

prizing salvation and LHU 233:4


faced by UL 90:5

(second) offered by UL 285:5

proclaimed as Son of the Eternal on banks of Jordan Con 78:2


but fighting Satan’s battles OHC 360:4

God’s way not followed carefully by many UL 318:6

while rejecting the law FW 32:3

without doing is like a counterfeit coin HP 293:5

professing name of, means little if life not affected Con 59:0

promise(s) of,

all who receive Him have TDG 91:2

are sure UL 375:4

fulfilled by Him TDG 283:2

importance of believing UL 320:3

of presence in time of final trial OHC 356:3

sure; doubt dishonors Him OHC 329:5

to return gave disciples joy UL 357:4

true in coming conflict HP 284:5

See also Promises

property of,

all are, by creation and redemption OHC 42:3

as personal Saviour, greatest treasure HP 49:2

by creation and redemption RC 119:4; TMK 309:4; UL 141:3, 155:2

of everything UL 29:2

by purchase through His sacrifice 3SM 141:1

consider yourself as; be determined 2MCP 676:3

realization that you are OHC 18:4

see yourself as, through obedience AG 66:6

when partaking of divine nature 3SM 355:2

you are OHC 41:2

prophecy fulfilled

by, which He gave to the seers TDG 368:2

in, not in others LHU 197:3

prophets made, their theme LHU 35:4

protection of,

from wicked one as armor UL 335:4

lost by choosing ground and society of enemy OHC 258:4

needed HP 348:4

rejected; (shelter) TDG 9:6

under His shadow HP 176:3

See also Protection; Satan, protection from

proving the blessedness in, for us by believing His word TDG 89:3

provision by,

ample that we need not be taken captive TDG 151:4

blessed by TDG 94:3

for a godly life TMK 92:5

for salvation HP 154:6

for taking away sin TMK 62:3

to be children of God; praise His name TDG 257:7

punishment borne by,

for us UL 90:5

His heart pierced 3SM 132:2

punishment borne by, giving humans a second probation TDG 87:2


by the blood of UL 343:5

by the gift of; capabilities belong to Him TDG 71:5

purchased by,

at infinite cost FW 72:2

call on Him for help TDG 334:5

carefulness in treating UL 122:6

esteem one another as HP 321:3

through creation and redemption TSB 48:2

understood when redeemed are translated UL 260:2

with His life; humanity HP 42:3

youth in need are; show them love and respect RC 247:2

pure surroundings of, in heaven, but not here 3SM 130:0

purified by,

and made partakers of the divine nature TMK 277:3

refining and ennobling TMK 96:4

purity of,

contrasted with own unworthiness TMK 125:2

defilement made distinct by one gleam of RC 63:2

His instruction, reproof and commands aided by TMK 207:4

sanctification required which is TDG 188:5

Satan annoyed and enraged by Con 28

to be contemplated; power to resist temptation TSB 87:3

purity taught by; humility and devotion to God TMK 50:4

purposes of, See Christ, mission of

putting on,

before the new year begins UL 367:2

every day holding confidence firm TDG 29:3

love to others is RC 103:2


as an example OHC 59:3

to reach depth of woe by victory over appetite Con 78:3

to reach humanity by clothing divinity with humanity TMK 269:4

questions of, enlightened doctors in the temple TDG 59:2

quiet and gentle and seemed as one set apart TMK 27:5

rainbow caused by, to appear as token of promise OHC 314:3


could be made only with life of LHU 24:2

paid by, explained by Ellen White with tears UL 193:4

taking humanity OHC 40:5

reach to, as Advocate and Friend in court TDG 223:4

reaches to us just where we are RC 190:5

readiness of,

to do great things for us; restore our nature LHU 332:2

to take you into closer fellowship OHC 102:6

readiness to meet,

if right with God today FLB 249:6

not attained in a moment Mar 76:6

time required to attain HP 250:4

today Mar 98:2

will in captivity HP 285:2

realized He was God’s Son and had special work TDG 59:2

reason rules the whole being with, in the heart TDG 23:2

reasoning of, in temple heard by John the Baptist LHU 33:5

reception of,

as personal Saviour will be conversion 1MCP 124:5

as wisdom, righteousness, etc.; experience TDG 72:3

brings health, peace, character perfection OHC 109:3

in heaven, too glorious for human eyes AG 49:3

in the world HP 44:2

makes us one with Him UL 182:4

recognize, as strength UL 359:5

recognizes only those who deny self and take cross TDG 373:2


called for as representatives of RC 204:7

to God through human nature of Con 38:1

See also Christ, loyalty to

record of works of, written by inspiration from His Spirit 3SM 137:2

redeemed (noun),

accountable to uplift TDG 106:6

enter heavenly courts with HP 211:5

gaze on, and sing praise to Him OHC 61:4

possession and glory of HP 282:4

uplifted and sanctified TMK 47:4

will ever enjoy the glory and person of FLB 351:6


by death of; conformity to God’s will required TDG 315:5

See also Christ, salvation through; Redemption

redemption by,

began where Adam failed Con 37:3

from destruction when He is in the life TDG 99:3

only HP 13:3

refined by, not degraded; victory in Him 3SM 136:0

reflection of, See Christ, image of; Christ, revelation of; Christ, becoming like

reformation by those who receive TMK 54:3

refuge in,

constant dwelling place TMK 45:4

neglecting to seek Mar 108:5

now or be overwhelmed in days ahead OHC 362:3

refusal of, to save Himself giving sinners hope of pardon TDG 236:2


comfort and mercy of 3SM 196:3

to be near, feeling need to merit God’s favor 3SM 196:2

to come to, for peace; Satan suggests helplessness 3SM 152:3

regenerating influence of, not dead UL 16:6

regret of,

at end of His work here that His people would not come TDG 109:6

for those without wedding garment UL 301

reinstated with honor in place He voluntarily left LHU 102:5

rejecters of,

see Him surrounded by the army of redeemed Mar 39:4

threaten God’s pilgrims HP 97:2

rejection of,

as Laodicea, meaning of UL 213:5

acknowledged at His coming Mar 292:5

agony in prayer because of UL 80:2

and hurt by people He came to bless TDG 216:4

at first and second advents TMK 54:2

brought Him sorrow; He ascended in glory LHU 102:3

by millions but trusting ones not abandoned 3SM 152:2

by those entrusted to teach the Scriptures UL 80:3

by those He came to save UL 90:3

day of, is lost TDG 53:2

false ideas about His coming caused LHU 35:5

in Nazareth synagogue; experience of Ellen White 3SM 164:2

in rejection of Ellen White 3SM 351:2

leaves no place to go TDG 189:5

sophistry of Satan accepted Mar 148:3

sorrow filling His heart at, little known TDG 189:2

to let Satan in FLB 312:3

was for us TMK 65:3

rejoicing in,

in brightness and majesty OHC 367:4

(in His fullness) unmoved by scorn RC 351:4

join with heaven in praise FW 79:2

love and joy revealed in life when TMK 180:6

who saves us from all sin RC 350:5

with others instead of gossiping OHC 293:3

rejoicing of,

in delivering the disobedient TDG 84:4

over souls finding Him TMK 84:5

over souls restored OHC 152:5

relationship of,

as a human being accepted 3SM 135:4

to humans LHU 232:4

to the Father not discerned by disciples OHC 264:2

to the law to be presented when preaching law FW 18:1

with sinners seen by His baptism LHU 79:4

with us and the Father to be better understood OHC 264:3

relationship with Mar 120:5; OHC 99:2

as child to parent through the Holy Spirit TMK 171:3

cleanses the heart UL 371:5

closer by helping those in need TMK 335:4

explained by the vine and branches UL 182:3

interest for others would improve TMK 334:4

is return to relationship with God 1MCP 162:1; OHC 304:2

little known by many TDG 17:4

made evident by His power RC 124:2

sacred, close, intimate OHC 17:4

to be known for time of crisis OHC 356:4

wonders seen in His law by TMK 198:2

See also Christ, connection with

religion of,


and powerful TMK 142:2

as should be seen in Christian TMK 128:4

beauty of, shown by offerings and praise RC 285:2

cannot be obtained or practiced of ourselves AG 248:6

causes gentle words and winning demeanor RC 305:5

controls emotions, brings gentleness, etc. RC 293:3

depends on daily mercy and grace UL 95:6

different from thinking and behavior of many LHU 367:5

efficiency in daily life stimulated by OHC 29:3

father to reveal, before children RC 178:5

gentleness and condescension caused by OHC 238:2

gloom gives wrong impression of FW 61:1

in the heart is the wellspring of life TMK 143:3

individual responsibility of professing HP 70:5

intelligent; not impulsive and loud FW 88:0

joy of UL 268:6

meaning of UL 38:3

more than forgiveness OHC 154:5

needed daily HP 155:7

never degrades UL 143:6

not of mere emotion HP 126:2


for heaven through Word of God FLB 365:3

for life here as well as in heaven TMK 298:6

principles of, to be understood and applied RC 186:2

received by feeding on God’s word AG 251:6

receiver never degraded by HP 141:5; OHC 34:3


and sanctifies, HP 141:5

for angel society TMK 250:6

it does not belittle TMK 135:4

it never degrades TMK 119:3

reforms life UL 75:6

seen by Philippians in released apostles RC 343:5

show attractiveness of TMK 128:3

and its power OHC 65:3

softens temper and smooths manners HP 181:4

(taught by Him) helps others TMK 100:2

teaches patience and long-suffering AG 248:4

triumphs when believers care about each other OHC 237:4

United States made the depository of Mar 179:3

unselfish; not locked up but as influence RC 205:4

religion (true) is actual imitation of HP 243:4

remaining at the feet of Mar 54:4

remedy for sin, waiting to impute His righteousness RC 379:5

remember your desire for 3SM 327:1

remembers trusting ones UL 320:6

remnant under persecution address, as Advocate Mar 213:3

repentance comes from FW 64:4

representatives/witnesses of, UL 36:4, 37:3

anger to be avoided by TDG 70:2

believers are called to be HP 81:3

by thinking and talking of Him RC 65:6

call to be TMK 224:2

cheerful UL 98:4

Helper is with, although sheep among wolves TMK 183:4

in daily life TDG 96:6

love in UL 358:7

manners guarded by TDG 70:5

on vantage ground UL 68:3

reflecting on God’s light to others RC 213:6

reveal His loveliness as RC 285:7

sluggishness of those not acting like TDG 211:4

true Christians are AG 263:5

we are God’s children TDG 372:5

witnesses of His majesty HP 298:5

workers to be HP 182:3

See also Christ, revelation of

reproach of, loathed by some who profess Him LHU 245:4

reproof of,

His purity gave force to TMK 207:4

in kindness did not break Judas’ hard heart TDG 267:3

request by, for us to have His Father’s character RC 214:7

requirements of,

for us, He lived TMK 300:2

met by person in whom He abides OHC 209:7

not understood OHC 149:3

nothing more than He has done Himself HP 53:5; UL 113:5

rescue from pit of sin possible only through TMK 67:3

resisted unto blood; He turned to His Father 3SM 131:4

resources of,

available to His channels of light HP 319:4

disciples unacquainted with OHC 264:2

received for humanity LHU 232:3

the infinite nature of, declared UL 144:5

respect commanded by LHU 37

response of,

to suffering thief TDG 236:4

to the enemy was, It is written TDG 265:5

response to,

shown by longing for better life 3SM 198:3

spoken from the heart giving all to Him FW 16:2

rest/repose in, UL 292:5

and peace UL 102:2

for parents TDG 264:4

for weary heart and peace to troubled soul TDG 310:3

given those striving to meet heaven’s standard TMK 85:2

He can heal 3SM 327:2

knowing He is your best Friend and Saviour 2MCP 491:2; TDG 313:2

under temptation to avoid falling TMK 139:3

resurrection of,

angel’s power at UL 263:2

angels seen worshiping Him at LHU 102:2

fallen beings raised spiritually by HP 7:2

Father’s seal of satisfaction OHC 118:3

glorification at LHU 102:2

hope from, shown by actions HP 45:2

immortality assured by HP 353:2

lying reports about UL 263:4

return of, See Advent, second

revealed what humanity may become TMK 288:4

revelation of / reflection of / representing,

accurately HP 246, 321:3

and honoring Him through life OHC 213:3

and living soberly as an example TMK 316:2

as grace is contemplated HP 34:6

as He reflected the Father RC 290:6

as He represents the Father RC 213:3; TMK 306:4

as Saviour in our Christian experience OHC 20:3

as Saviour is our second duty TMK 94:5; TDG 46:6

as the object of our faith 3SM 186:3

by beholding His purity OHC 233:5

by cherishing His spirit OHC 181:3

by gaining sound body, mind and will TMK 164:5

by His saints RC 206:2

by Holy Spirit and grasped by faith TDG 46:5

by kindness TDG 144:3

by life of one beholding Him TDG 46:2

by living His life 3SM 139:2

by offerings in Old Testament TMK 101:3

by the Father’s wisdom and glory HP 358:2

by true Christians OHC 296:4

by true disciples as the Saviour FLB 304:3

by words and actions of disciples 3SM 202:4


changed by the Holy Spirit is RC 20:3

searched to see TMK 47:5

shows; good works, not mere talk RC 41:3

everywhere HP 280:4

exile of John permitted better RY 173:2

feeling importance of VSS 144:4

He sees, in His people after polishing TDG 122:4

honor of; becoming like Him TMK 134:5

imperfectly UL 353:3

in all aspects of life LHU 325:2

in all personal contacts; be tactful PM 306:4

in character, TMK 276:5

by those beholding Him RC 318:3

in glory at His coming HP 357:3

in kindness of followers UL 165:6

in life making service attractive TMK 167:2

in little things TMK 331:4

in mercy, love and power HP 188:2; TDG 329:3

in precept and example FW 61:2

in spirit when He is within 3SM 211:2

in strength, not old age, traversing hills of Judea OHC 57:4

in the world SW 18:0

in words

and deportment TMK 198:4

and spirit and action RC 164:3

joy to come from, in our institutions 1MCP 352:2

making His service attractive RC 368:3

peculiar people enables LHU 146:6

possible for humans; (image of Christ) RC 35:3

requires striving for excellence TDG 102:3

rightly at all times HP 230:5

seen in polished jewel HP 267:4

those looking for, represent Him FW 115:3


godly words and works UL 284:4

His followers RC 165:7

to others if we know Him OHC 303:5

to our children; be laborers with God 3SM 230:0

to the world, UL 235:5

explained OHC 181:3

to us that we may reveal Him to others TMK 336:2

to world through sanctified life OHC 326:3

watch unto prayer 1MCP 162:1

when following Him with wills conformed HP 298:3

willingness to devote all to RC 287:3

See also Christ, knowledge of; Christ, reflection of

reward for service to, beyond imagination TMK 91:3

rich gift of peace left by, although He was poor RC 278:2

riches of,

cross not seen by some as medium for RC 17:6

heaven committed to LHU 230:4

light, truth and life TMK 195:5

right of, See Christ, prerogative of

righteousness of

accept, by faith as self is removed TMK 165:3

acceptance through TMK 270:2

and justification RC 75:5


although cannot perfect own character TDG 222:6

gift of, is justification FW 25:2

accomplishes all with human cooperation FW 27:0

ascends as incense for those who pray TMK 77:2

assurance of being clothed with HP 104:3

becomes our righteousness AG 259:3

before us; copy His character TDG 262:4

believing in the imputed FW 70:2

blessings now and eternal life from OHC 78:4

brings devotion, piety and sanctification TMK 55:5

brooding woman counseled about need for 2MCP 401:0


perfected by, required to enter heaven RC 22:5

traits from, taken to heaven 3SM 191:1

cherished and nourished in the heart UL 273:4


although tempted to doubt TMK 112:4

pleading for pardon FW 75:2

without waiting to be suitable FW 64:3

clothed with LHU 110:5

must not look to self 3SM 150:2

conformity to the law is possible by FW 97:1

contemplation of OHC 60:2

displaces self-righteousness TMK 159:2

contrasted with the world caused hatred 2MCP 528:0

daily light and strength to stand in HP 348:3

defects of trusting one are covered by HP 23:5

dependence/reliance on FW 66:4; HP 23:3; 3SM 183:2; TMK 158:2; UL 353:6

desired in preparing for heaven FLB 365:3

discarded for sophistries TDG 336:2

dispels shadow of Satan; be grateful TDG 177:4

divinity partaken of, by AG 14:3

doers of the Word clothed with HP 48:4

doubts and questions heaped up against FW 66:2

earning the right to be clothed with RC 232:3

Ellen White understood, before 1888 3SM 172:1

experiences of accepting messages about FW 82

faith to believe the reception of RC 77:5

flows when complaints cease UL 28:4

for overcoming wrought out UL 367:4

forgiveness not to be doubted after claiming RC 78:3

fortress of soul TMK 346:5

gentleness brought by HP 31:5

gift of,

enables God’s love LHU 150:2

for names in Book of Life HP 344:4

to humans allows God to love them 3SM 169:1

to satisfy law but Satan disagrees RC 53:4

when names written in book LHU 347:4

gifts to God to be laid on fire of FW 24:0

goes before those cleansed of sin RC 213:3

good works possible by RC 235:2

grace prepares believer to wear 2MCP 660:2

grasped by dwelling on His excellencies TDG 261:4

happiness for those robed in HP 285:6

has not been held up; Christ left out FW 16:0


dwells in heart by TMK 233:2

knows those who trust FW 91:1

longs to flood the soul with LHU 221:7

heavenly gift RC 103:5


given value in receiving HP 43:2

may have, because Christ took humanity TMK 47:3

hunger and thirst for AG 251:6


to restore humans to favor with God FW 118:1

to the repentant soul RC 53:2


because He overcame Con 18:0

by conformity to God’s will 3SM 150:4

justifies sinner 3SM 194:2

penitent sinner stands in FW 106:1

to cleanse UL 328:5

to penitent ones TMK 77:3, 96:2

to some with imperfect service 3SM 196:1

to the believing soul FLB 121:2

to those who are justified TDG 358:5

when giving best affections OHC 149:5

when sincerely trying OHC 51:5

when trying to live up to requirements HP 23:5

incense joining with human prayer TMK 78:3

influence fragrant with HP 72:7

influence of,

around Christian in world LHU 276:5

surrounds Christian HP 240:5

judgments coming escaped only by 3SM 419:1

justification only through imputed TMK 82:3

knowledge of, needed HP 347:4

lacking in Laodicean condition OHC 349:4

Laodiceans thought they had TDG 228:2


can be kept only with FW 71:0

contains 3SM 170:4

kept by, taken by faith FW 71:3

kept through RC 63:5

life realized as valuable through TMK 125:2

life-giving influence of TDG 99:3


from, shared realizing price of redemption RC 213:4

of, not acted on by some RC 303:2

to be obtained daily for Mar 95:4

long for HP 227:4

longing to know more of LHU 267:3

loyalty only with, when demanded to renounce law Mar 204:3

may be

ours FLB 111:5

yours if you despise sin FLB 91:4

messages of, accepted (1889) FW 84:3

misrepresented by ones trusting to self 1MCP 41:1

moral worth raised by OHC 149:4

naked soul covered only by TMK 302:4

need for seeing, as only hope FW 26:0

needed before us and God’s glory behind FW 28:0

new heart and spirit provided through FLB 121:2

nothing to do in receiving; grasped by faith FW 24:1

nourished in heart by grace of God UL 273:4

now is time to put on TMK 350:2

obedience and, possible by grace TDG 200:6

overcoming requires UL 296:5

perfect; no defect, stain or guilt FLB 111:5

perfects human obedience HP 129:3

perfumes contents of censer TMK 74:4

placed on

debtor’s account OHC 53:4

side of suppliant TMK 78:2

pledge by baptism to cloth self with TDG 128:4

possible by His suffering 3SM 197:2

power to impart UL 342:4

precious OHC 54:4

preparation for heaven through TDG 101:4

principle of life TMK 302:3

promises given on condition of meeting TDG 120:4

pure pearl without defect HP 49:4

put on robe of RC 159:2


and lived TDG 262:4

by beholding Him UL 30:5

when own nothingness is seen FLB 111:2

refusal of, means perishing TMK 235:2

relating to the law, Ellen White’s testimony on 3SM 168:3


are acceptable through FW 24:2

presented to God with OHC 178:5

robe of,

accept, so Satan cannot accuse UL 117:2

church to put on UL 265:5

for those who receive it UL 378:2

from His obedience imputed in repentance FW 106:2

given and sin taken away TMK 108:6

gives entrance to heaven HP 227:4

how to wear RC 108:5

needed UL 102:4

only way to cover nakedness TMK 67:3

possible by His robe of sorrow UL 223:2

power through, to bless others OHC 216:4

put on HP 211:4

seen by God as perfect obedience UL 378:3

shows old life no longer lived UL 304:3

sins cherished not covered by TSB 134:2

sins known not covered by FLB 115:4

standing before God clothed in HP 51:3

to be put on RC 159:2

worn by His believing children TMK 109:2

salvation by accepting TDG 236:3


constantly 3SM 360:3

heart purity through RC 63:4

seen in the law FW 59:3

silence about (in 1889) RC 82:6; 3SM 184:3

sinfulness exchanged for work of TMK 55:3


acceptable through FW 106:1

converted by seeing, in lives HP 318:6


(sin-polluted) may have UL 377:3

with, can sing of forgiveness TDG 99:3


blotted out by partaking of RC 62:6

not canceled by self when claiming FW 64:3

standing in, as not having sinned 3SM 140:5

strength in OHC 126:4

imputed by faith TMK 150:3

sunshine of HP 275:6

talk of TMK 342:2

temptation conquered by FW 87:0

theme that is vital for the people VSS 329:2

trust in, when tempted to pity self LHU 273:5

understanding of, increased OHC 67:4

value of, not discerned by some FW 92:0

Waggoner presented, in relation to the law 3SM 168:1

way of escape made through TMK 60:3

wedding garment is, for marriage supper TSB 134:2

will of God known when evil is replaced with TMK 290:3

wisdom of, sought too little 3SM 151:1

withholding the sunshine of OHC 231:3

words and actions like Christ brings UL 28:4

works from pure motives are TDG 182:2

worth more than worldly gain or honor HP 227:4

See also Christ, robe of; Righteousness


and ascended as a Substitute FW 107:2

represented by those sanctified by truth TMK 250:6

we should awaken and respond to truth FW 76:1

robbed of His glory by unbelief and murmuring OHC 136:5

robe of,

and crown voluntarily laid aside RC 16:4

at second coming; (robe of light) LHU 373:5

power for healing was not in 2MCP 539:2

whiter than whitest white at His appearing HP 357:3

robe of righteousness of, See Christ, righteousness of, robe of

rooted in, revealing Him by obedience TMK 133:4

roots in, shown by strength and growth OHC 216:6

royalty laid aside by,

condescending to level of humanity 3SM 128:2

for us HP 40:3; TDG 338:3

to save humanity RC 237:3

royalty of, coming to earth, why not talk about? TMK 274:2

Sabbath activity of 3SM 259:2

sacrifice for,

by those who make home happy LHU 346:3

in path He walked HP 225:2

made to eternal gain 3SM 147:1

sacrifice of,

accepted by God for the world FLB 91:4

acknowledged as the propitiation for sin HP 153:3


and consistent with honor of the law TDG 368:2

for all; heaven not entered by works TDG 88:3

angels see, and know that works cannot be part of salvation FW 24:1