EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Christ (Part 12 of 18)

exalting present truth by, not by denouncements RC 240:4

example of,

badge of distinction HP 349:4

by taking the steps we are to take FLB 143:3

character to be influenced by OHC 183:4

cherish, to become like Him and discern evil TMK 121:2

condemned sin AG 322:3

copied by peacemakers OHC 179:2

effort for others inspired by HP 323:4

encourages obedience within humanity’s sphere TMK 291:3

ever before us, for unity TDG 372:4

follow, daily by choice, not capriciously HP 298:3

following TMK 240:3

following / imitation of TDG 128:4; TMK 240:3

as entire being ennobled TMK 311:4

enables doing what no philosophy can TMK 100:5

for notation in the book of life HP 7:4

in all things TMK 240:4

in living to please God and save sinners TMK 179:3

in word and action TDG 135:4

for childhood, youth and manhood RC 37:3

for humanity decided in consultation with the Father RC 16:5

for living UL 363:7

for those who would enter heaven UL 302:2

gave disciples highest education TDG 41:5

greater than that of patriarch or apostle HP 296:6

help in following OHC 182:4

highest FLB 219:2

humanity would have improved by following TDG 318:4

humiliation and self-sacrifice in OHC 189:5

humility but not atoning sacrifice in LHU 33:3

in all habits of life TDG 143:2

in all things HP 252:2

life was spent in usefulness TMK 155:3

in conformity to law 2MCP 564:3

in His people when baptized by His Spirit TMK 114:6

in humility and overcoming RC 132:2

in life and character needed 2MCP 700:2

in obedience possible to follow FLB 114:2

in perfection TMK 130

in purity and disposition HP 181:2

in relating to the Heavenly Father HP 128:2

in relieving suffering TDG 59:5

in the study of God’s Word OHC 59:4

in words and healing UL 165:3

levity and cheapness forbidden by TMK 138:3

life as well as His sacrifice in death showed TMK 311:4

life of poor servant enduring privations TMK 156:2

living precepts of law TMK 49:2

look to, not to humans TMK 134:3

made rule of life TMK 163:3

not copied by some claiming to love Jesus TDG 299:3

not followed,

by many with riches UL 113:2

by professed followers LHU 124:4

obedience for children and youth OHC 264

patience in, when insulted and mocked TMK 139:2

perfect from His earliest years TMK 27:2

pity in, should teach us TMK 43:2

practiced remembering His Sonship and humanity 3SM 140:4

reflected by one beholding Him TMK 190:4


that humanity may be sanctified 2MCP 527:4

that it is possible to keep the law TMK 292:2

what we may become through His grace TDG 373:3

souls to be instructed to look to TDG 355:4

study, then copy Him OHC 271:3

to be kept before us UL 62:3

See also Christ, follow; Christ, imitate; Christ, life of; Christ, model; Christ, pattern of

excellence of,

beyond comparison TMK 134:4; RC 35:5

humans may attain RC 35:3

to be learned UL 266:5

See also Christ, greatness of

existence of, before His incarnation LHU 17

experience of,

measure of experience we are to gain HP 166:5

sorrow and grief RC 350:3

study when discouraged UL 252:3

experience with,

another person cannot have, for you TDG 213:2

by pressing close during temptation HP 86:4

deficient; Lord’s messengers not recognized 3SM 186:1

requires knowing His constant presence OHC 30:4

See also Experiences

expression of, seen in word and spirit UL 28:5


(of faith) fixed on, FLB 248:4; 3SM 405:1

again after erring FLB 118:3

on His purity, shows own failure TDG 16:3

to hear His invitation HP 277:3

never to be taken off of RC 293:4

eyes of,

on us every moment OHC 327:3

penetrate all that concerns His people TMK 360:3

face of,

beaming with love on the purchase of His blood TDG 364:4

compassion beamed from OHC 366:4

first ever seen by many HP 225:4; TDG 283:4

not forever hidden when clouds come OHC 65:4

reflection of God’s glory shines forever from RC 39:8

face shows when He is in the heart UL 28:5

would have destroyed hope for humanity TDG 236:2


feared, like the fear of death 3SM 131:4

one would have made, an imperfect offering TMK 32:3

failure of, would have destroyed hope for humanity TDG 236:2


hears promise of strength of RC 21:2

in merits of, brings safety UL 222:3

increases by beholding HP 127:3

is all of; all longing for better life is from Him 3SM 198:3

makes, the door to the kingdom FW 25:2

of people glorifies UL 69:2

that takes hold of, as only hope RC 21:2

through, alone FW 19:0

trusts wholly in, for salvation, but leads to obedience FW 52:2

faith in,

Abraham was saved by, as sinner is today 3SM 195:1

as Intercessor LHU 321:2

as the Messiah, Satan tries to destroy 1MCP 21:4

brings right spirit to the believer TDG 88:3

can overcome discouragement OHC 136:3

Christians encouraged through dark future by UL 137:4

establishes the law and works obedience RC 54:5

for full salvation is “faith of Jesus” in Rev 12:17 3SM 172:3

gives strength to character TMK 233:3

God seen by 2MCP 561:0

helped by self-denying witnesses UL 79:6

Holy Spirit leads to 3SM 138:0

image of God is regained by obedience and 1MCP 29:1

love, peace and rest provided through TMK 83:2

needed in order to reflect His divine character TDG 285:2

(newborn) shown by prayer and praise TDG 315:2

privilege of UL 37:5

professing, but not strengthened by His Spirit OHC 365:3

put away lack of, in childlike trust TDG 9:2

Satan resisted by TMK 245:3

(saving) as all in all to the soul TMK 165:4

sinner quickened by, seeing Jesus as Saviour FW 106:2

third angel’s message includes, but left out by many 3SM 168:2, 184:1

truth works on those with genuine TDG 219:2

working by love for character perfection TMK 130:3

faith of,

in His Father, only reliance in death struggle UL 357:7

included with commandment keeping before second coming 3SM 168:1

preparation that brings harmony with HP 347:3

talk, live, pray and educate the people in RC 82:5

faithfulness to, See Christ, loyalty to

fall, a possibility to UL 90:5


on, to be broken FLB 102:5

possible for, otherwise not tempted as we are 3SM 131:3

false, claimed here and there after truth proclaimed to all nations Mar 189:4

fame not sought by; quiet Worker TMK 155:4


as representatives of, in unbelieving community TMK 154:2

(burdens of) carried by TDG 143:3

cannot be used by, without true godliness TDG 73:3

chosen before, will stand for eternity 3SM 401:3

with children appealed to by TMK 39:3

family of,

adoption into; turn to Him TSB 259:2

believers constitute TMK 361:3

helped by His labor UL 94:3

learning the conduct of, in this world RC 28:6

fast of,

appetite’s power broken by length of AG 164:2

in wilderness, to overcome appetite for us TDG 206:5

power of appetite broken by HP 194:2

prayer and, bracing Himself for His path HP 252:3

Father, See Christ, God

faults of self seen when living close to LHU 266:4

fears removed by, for those who come to Him OHC 97:2

features of,

(Jewish) like other humans 3SM 127:2

like His Father LHU 24:2

feeding on,

being one with Him TDG 231:3

continually is eating from tree of life TDG 292:4

partaking of the divine nature TMK 107:2


against saints wound 3SM 344:2

of being forsaken by OHC 30:3

of oppressed souls entered by OHC 183:4

feelings of,

hurt as easily as ours OHC 59:3; TDG 166:2

in temptation doubted by some Con 71:2

feet of,

go as a learner to UL 119:4

sitting at,

to learn of Him OHC 102:7

to see His character 2MCP 781:2

fellowship with,

and will conformed to His will TDG 145:3

enables triumph over lower nature HP 295:4

in sufferings implies obedience TMK 116:2

learn, by experience HP 211:5

true Christians live in HP 33:2

understood by experience HP 332:5

felt ignominy and disgrace bitterly TMK 339:4

felt joy, grief and weariness as humans do OHC 57:3

fervent yet calm HP 54:3

fidelity to, rewarded; feed on Bread of Life TDG 11:6

filled with, reflecting His character LHU 266:2

finding OHC 55:4

coming with your need TDG 301:4

is finding heaven TMK 58:5

takes steps, but repentance not self-originated TMK 109:3

firm in truth and duty but kind and courteous HP 181:2


advent of, See Advent, first

instead of humans to the end of time UL 85:8

place given to, opens eyes to reality of earthly HP 310:5

fleeing to, not from UL 100:5

flesh and blood of,

is His Word TMK 94:3

partaking of, gives eternal life HP 29:2

flesh and bones of, we may be members of OHC 17:4

flesh of, eating,

explained UL 246:3

is obedience to commandments UL 196:2

is receiving and following the Bible FLB 22:2

to be dwelt upon UL 284:3

foe baffled only by compassion of UL 238:2

foe of, Satan became most deadly TDG 256:3


by confiding in Him with surrendered will RC 103:6

closely for victory; we fight hosts of darkness 3SM 411:2

in security from Satan’s pitfalls FLB 249:3

instead of going before UL 23:5

listen and; help for overcoming natural tendencies 1MCP 105:4

followed more closely by those baptized by Holy Spirit TMK 114:6

followers/disciples (modern)/servants of,

acknowledged before universe LHU 230:4

administer the affairs of His kingdom AG 67:2

advance in narrow path TMK 41:6

aim of, heavenly treasure not earthly HP 300:3

all to recognize that they are TDG 128:4

appetite overcome by 3SM 129:0

become like Christ through close relationship TMK 124:4

becoming, by grace; doing what He commands TDG 166:4


and disposition of, like Master TMK 317:2

of God and Christ represented by TMK 98:5

of God revealed by AG 322:4; RC 214:6

shaped to the law by grace TMK 156:4

characteristics of their Lord to be revealed by TMK 250:3

cheerfulness is becoming to TMK 49:3

children not to be excluded from grace by TMK 40:3

children to learn to be, in early years 1MCP 156:1

Christian (real) are TDG 161:2

Christ’s yoke placed on every HP 201:4

consciousness of being, elevates daily duties OHC 186:4

cooperate with angels who help the weak HP 100:5

cost of battle against sin to be counted by OHC 311:2

deny self and take up cross 1MCP 45:2

despised, but Paul joined them OHC 363:2

devotion of, to God’s work HP 323:4

distinguished from unbelievers OHC 328:5

ease in church capacity never to be felt by UL 71:2

equality to be among those who should be TDG 356:2

expectations to be enlarged in UL 266:5

experience of the past not to be trusted by UL 275:5

fruits of the Spirit required of RC 268:6

glorifying God will be continual aim of TMK 156:3

grace, love and righteousness to increase in TMK 164:2

guarding each other’s interests OHC 370:4

hated more near end of time 2MCP 527:3; UL 303:5

heavenly image to replace earthly in RC 303:1

helped when He ascended HP 278:2

heritage of, is possessing and knowing Him OHC 365:5


to be honored because God loves them OHC 180:3

to receive commendation of Heaven TMK 234:6

humility and Christlikeness to be in TDG 182:3

humility and faith in, put away self-trust TDG 373:2

imitate Him FLB 92:5; TDG 291:4

impressions made by TDG 79:3

kindness shown by AG 248:3

knowledge of, others have a right to receive PM 285:1

known by their fruits RC 379:4

learn continually of as His messengers UL 266:5


bearers HP 316:3

of heaven shines for FW 60:5

tapers from the divine altar TMK 306:3

to be reflected by, to dark world RC 379:2


for God and humanity shown by TDG 311:5

of Christ shown by TDG 25:4

love among,

helps them stand united against evil OHC 370:4

is evidence of UL 257:4

was an object of His prayer TDG 332:5


by God as He loves His Son 1MCP 250:3

imperfect service accepted 3SM 195:4

Matthew 18 for all who claim to be UL 136:2

may glorify God as Christ did RC 198:2

messages taught by, only like His TDG 205:5

need consecration and self-denial AG 149:4

never neglected in trial; end of time 3SM 398:4

not united with those rejecting truth TDG 294:3

power for truth if humble LHU 294:3

practice truth, to be one with Him FW 116:0


imbued with dragon’s spirit Mar 191:2

lamps of, to be trimmed RC 206:3

not doing His Word TMK 118:2

perversity in, clouds His honor TMK 345:4

pure and true in word and deed TDG 159:3

recognize Him in their brethren TDG 192:5


as they go to meet Bridegroom OHC 367:5

in brightness of His coming; He has been companion OHC 367:4

repeat His unselfish works UL 184:5

represent Him, when guided by light of heaven 2MCP 528:0

requirement of self-pleasing would attract many as OHC 288:3

responsibility of,

for work for Him TDG 228:4

to share Christ’s gift RY 100:3

reveal His character and love RC 124:8

righteousness of Christ is accepted for FW 93:1


met by, as He did TMK 34:5

opposed by, as deadly enemy HP 48:3

uses every means to overthrow OHC 189:3

self battled by TDG 251:5

self-denial of Christ to be shared by OHC 288:6

self-denying love to be seen in 1MCP 245:1

selfishness and worldliness in hearts of HP 308:5

self-seeking not in the lives of OHC 287:4

sent with a message of peace HP 35:4

separate from world in principles but not isolated HP 311:3

share His yoke and trials LHU 245:2

sheep defended by the Good Shepherd LHU 215:3

show that they live by Phil 4:8 TDG 287:5

sneers to be expected by Mar 197:5

taken soon to Himself TMK 274:3

teach educated ones TMK 50:5

test of self-denial failed by many TMK 254:3

tested in time of coming peril OHC 351:6

to work with piety and kindness HP 372:2

treatment of, not expected as better than to Him TDG 178:4

truehearted, He called brethren RC 379:7

understand thoughts of heaven TDG 320:5

unrest and discontent banished from HP 62:2

virtues and honors to be gained by HP 327:2

visitation and right living required of all TDG 370:2

vows connecting, with unbelievers HP 310:2

walk in light

and certainty OHC 296:2; TDG 92:2

and diffuse it to others RC 78:6

Word of God,

reveals privilege and duty to TMK 114:5

to be reflected by TMK 98:5

words and faith of, misinterpreted Mar 197:5

words of, should encourage TMK 138:4

work is carried forward by TMK 163:3

world sees that love controls UL 104:4

yielding point after point to Satan HP 76:4

followers of, See Christ, children of; God, people of; Christ, soldiers of

following, UL 145

battles in HP 117:3

closeness in TDG 18:2, 319:1

conflict is not ended in HP 117:3; UL 217:2

constantly although unable to claim sinlessness 3SM 355:4

even though path crosses natural inclinations TDG 139:3

fully OHC 162:7

in tears, trials, sorrow and overcoming TMK 280:4

individual work TMK 129:2

instead of our own ideas TMK 302:2

involves the cross and self-denial 3SM 252:3

laboring for souls; then sitting with Him TDG 202:2

means forsaking all, not copying fashions 2MCP 558:1

new disciples to be taught 2MCP 764:4

path grows brighter HP 130:6

plans changed in accepting experience of HP 266:2

possibilities through, seldom realized TMK 134:2

prevents spasmodic experience RC 318:4

purifying the character and, is not easy work 3SM 253:1

remembering that He pleased not Himself TMK 251:3

souls saved by others, in self-denial; joy HP 300:4

victory of, is the greatest HP 300:2

See also Christ, becoming like

following example of, in spreading truth RC 245:2

following life of, with consistent tenderness and love TMK 120:6

footprints/footsteps of,

delight in following OHC 180:4

discerned and followed OHC 8:4

followers cheered by TMK 303:2

following in,

or following another leader TMK 212:2

securely OHC 185:4

without complaint RC 350:3

found wherever hearts need consolation TDG 68:5

God seeks to guide men to follow TDG 40:6

force not used by, to enter TDG 74:2

forgetting, by letting minor matters occupy attention OHC 61:3

forgiveness from, UL 43:3

and strength LHU 342:4

faith in Him cleanses and sanctifies TDG 150:2

is not enough to present; He died to magnify the Law 3SM 183:4

not limited to a number of sins UL 43:4

power of, shown by healing the paralytic FW 67:6

unlimited so we must not give up on souls HP 293:4

See also Forgiveness

forgiving like, misunderstood and difficult TMK 180:2

forsake all rather than TMK 275:2


for other lovers OHC 30:3

on earth by many who then became His enemies TMK 254:2

forsakes His people only if they willfully forsake Him HP 119:3

forsaking, by the disciples recorded in mournful words FLB 138:3

fortifies soul against self-esteem OHC 315:4

found by all who seek Him: seen by Ellen White in night visions TDG 74:3


for building enduring character HP 130:2

of every true church UL 85:6

fountain of,

increasing in value 3SM 187:0

inexhaustible, OHC 65:2; TMK 7:3

living power OHC 54:5

freedom in becoming one with FLB 91:3

freedom in,

from wrong habits and inclinations OHC 29:4

He liberates UL 357:5

let faith plow through the shadow FW 73:3


of afflicted and despondent HP 273:4

of every human RC 228:4


cannot take the place of, in the life TDG 153:2

who take affections from OHC 259:3

friends of,

appeared to be few SW 10:1

will do His works TDG 289:3

friendship with; (poem) TDG 12:3

surpasses that of dearest other friends TDG 328:2

frown not seen on UL 26:6


borne after the similitude of TMK 318:4

decidedly different by those abiding in RC 355:4

of suffering and death of, shown in resurrection TDG 202:5

produced when abiding in OHC 145:4

fulfilled His own word predicted through the prophets TDG 368:2

fulfillment of every promise OHC 120:4

full stature of, God desires us to grow to OHC 369:3

fullness of/in, OHC 151:5

available for all HP 352:2

given when our nature is emptied of self HP 155:5

in symbols of light, bread and truth OHC 21:2

inexhaustible AG 235:5

our privilege to realize TDG 94:3

presented to world by partakers of grace RC 290:6

received as minds are stayed on Him 3SM 204:3

understood; (John 1:14-16) TMK 276:5

garment of, at second coming not a plain seamless one FLB 351:5

gave Himself,

cheerfully and does not want us to be selfish HP 308:5

for us; let us deny self and bless others TDG 367:5

in His divinity and humanity FW 85:1

to be smitten without murmur TMK 65:2

to doing God’s will; self-denial is not hardship TDG 315:3

to ransom humanity TDG 28:4

to redeem the human race HP 7:3

gave up position as Commander UL 67:4

gentleness of, in those who walk and talk with God HP 283:5

gift of,

accompanied by costly gifts LHU 230:4

all treasures of heaven in TDG 332:2

appreciation for UL 55:3

because God loved so much TMK 367:5

beyond computation, theme for praise eternally OHC 18:5

blessings all come through TMK 59:3

cleansing through, appreciated by those forsaking sin TMK 299:4

convincing humans that God held nothing back LHU 232:3

described OHC 13:4

Ellen White could not pass the outer edge when writing about OHC 12:5

for humanity to return from rebellion AG 249:4

full and complete OHC 18:5

God and angels delight to hear appreciation for OHC 168:3

God’s interest in the beings He created shown in HP 38:3

God’s love shown by TDG 122:6

grace which God Himself cannot surpass TMK 338:3

grasping TDG 373:4

gratitude demanded for LHU 207:2

hearts to respond with joy for TDG 360:4

heaven given to the world in LHU 208:3

in innocence made redemption possible 3SM 141:1

knowledge of God was LHU 36:5

love of God exhausted in OHC 12:3

love (ours and God’s) for souls shown by LHU 134

not to release from obedience FW 30:1

objects of grace are indifferent to TMK 168:4

ownership through 3SM 141:1

priceless UL 201:5

promises of God made sure by OHC 18:3

rejoicing over AG 179:3


to God proportional to TDG 243:4

to transmit, to the world RY 100:3

richest heaven could bestow AG 249:4

Satan wants, mystified UL 260:2

shows God’s love TMK 60:3

sinner’s substitute OHC 52:5

to die decided before the foundation of the world HP 291:2

to provide the divine nature UL 49:7

treasures of heaven at our disposal through TDG 318:4

universe tried to awaken gratitude for TMK 81:2

work responsibly according to TMK 329:4

gift to, nothing too precious to become a FLB 245:7


distributed by, with assurance of one who reigns TMK 338:2

through sacrifice of, in store for those who come TMK 339:5

giving of, imitated to form characters like His HP 303:4

giving to,

all, secures the eternal inheritance TDG 152:5

more, than He owns is impossible OHC 43:6

perplexity, annoyance and anxiety TMK 190:3

self, in buying eternal treasure TMK 83:3

giving up all for, test of OHC 249:4

giving up, danger for one not wanting counsel LYL 41:5

glorification of,

at His ascension with brightness LHU 102:3

by good works of Christians TMK 324:4

by His Father in the resurrection LHU 102:2

by soul winners SW 62:1

compared to extolling queen of England TMK 274:2

death was to be the means of UL 110:5

gifts for fulfilling mission through TDG 341:3

in helping His saints PM 94:4

under reproach TMK 275:4

when righteous enter the kingdom Mar 317:4


and image of His Father in OHC 61:2

enshrouds, in heaven FW 24:1

given to all who accept UL 144:6

glory of, LHU 16:7

at His second coming AG 358:2

at return will be greater FLB 351:5

(brightness) reflected by those nearest heaven CME 27:0

could not have been endured if not in humanity OHC 62:3

dimmed by unconsecrated followers TMK 345:4

disguised by humility TMK 50:2

enjoyed undimmed AG 358:3

given the redeemed in heaven OHC 39:3


by poverty and suffering TMK 58:4

in humanity UL 67:4

until God imparts spiritual truth TMK 61:3

indescribable HP 358:2

live for, not for praise from men HP 230:6

new views of, to appear throughout eternity UL 103:3

ones willing to be molded used for RC 256:6

painful to those with stained characters Con 87:1

ransomed host will be Mar 366:5

redeemed will see, in the kingdom TMK 172:4


when He removes their distraction OHC 315:5

when veil drawn aside UL 280:2

shared by those,

who reflect God’s image UL 46:2

who share His suffering AG 324:6

sharing in, means sharing in His suffering TDG 49:7

shows greatness of love that prompted sacrifice TMK 371:2

unbearable to John TMK 360:2

veiled that divinity might touch humanity TMK 58:4

worldly wise unable to declare VSS 311:1

glory of God

as shown to Moses was revealed in RC 214:5

will forever shine from face of LHU 76:8; UL 260:5


and humanity connected through OHC 38:5

and the Elder Brother of humanity at the same time RC 16:7

beholds sinful humanity through OHC 66:5

calls for faith in, as our atoning sacrifice FLB 102:2

calls us to fellowship with OHC 24:2

communicates through CC 20:7

could give, but the law could not be changed FW 118:0

gave Himself in AG 161:5; UL 378:4

gave, to humanity UL 201:5

glorified when we follow pattern of UL 117:3

in humanity, yet He was humble TMK 111:3

in infinity but not in personality UL 367:4

in, seen as we contemplate the cross OHC 114:2

in the flesh LHU 348:2

is revealed in UL 142:4

known only by knowing HP 250:2

looks on suffering given to, with compassion OHC 46:2

loves those who love TDG 142:3

might have sent, to condemn, but He sent Him to save RC 58:5

placed as the Center by, before defiled minds OHC 286:3

reconciled to humanity through divine nature of Con 38:1

represented by TMK 73:5

walk in His footsteps 3SM 170:3

revealed by, TMK 98:4; UL 323:2

as God of love HP 8:3

as speech is of thought TMK 38:4

fully HP 250:3

perfectly Mar 76:5

through the mouth of Jeremiah HP 18:3

to make others the sons of God TDG 59:4

revealed in humanity through human form of TMK 26:4

reveals, that we may bear His likeness HP 46:5

saw in, beauty and perfection of Himself HP 15:7

sees us in FLB 113:5

served by, in love, willingness and freedom HP 128:2

spoken of by, as “My Father” HP 14:4

works to save humanity with, from confusion from Satan TDG 28:6

godliness of, Judas chose not to be transformed by seeing OHC 287:2


business done by, as carpenter and as healer UL 67:3

character represented by,

in living out His law TMK 288:2

to the world HP 11:4

commandments kept by, in earthly life 3SM 142:0

face seen in TMK 199:3

glory in, will unfold forever LHU 40:4


borne by TMK 38:4

in character and features of LHU 24:2

restored in humans by TMK 73:5

love for, greater for giving life for humans TMK 69:2

love shown through TMK 18:4

opinion of, instead of what He thinks of us FLB 113:6

presence brought peace to, pursued by enemy RC 278:4

throne occupied by AG 49:3

goodness of,

delight lost in not considering OHC 54:5

felt as the Holy Spirit impresses His words upon us UL 144:4

hated UL 303:5

seen by Ellen White in sickness TMK 283:4

sought for others HP 287:5

goods of, bestowed to increase love in His people OHC 190:3

gospel/message of, FLB 88:6

being sent; hopeless ones delivered TDG 84:4

He came to redeem humanity TDG 91:5;

in human form, humiliation, crucifixion, etc. AG 49:6

not outward methods concealing an evil work OHC 109:3

same as in Old Testament: redemption and restoration TMK 38:3

voice of duty and voice of God TDG 287:3

gospel presented by, in simplicity brought reformations VSS 220:2

government of, wrong and oppression will not be in AG 14:3

governs all who accept Him HP 189:5

grace of God in, cherished as only way to approach God 2MCP 533:4

grace of, See Grace

graces brought within reach by 1MCP 94:3

graces of,

God’s children to cherish and reveal AG 65:3

in His life may adorn our lives AG 263:4

light from heaven TDG 275:2

grasp, as link from heaven HP 11:5

grasping, cutting through shadow 2MCP 675:1

graves opened by, after the resurrection FW 74:1

greatness of,

condescended to our feebleness TDG 176:2

proved by attention to small things HP 63:3; UL 132:7

See also Christ, excellence of; Christ, appellations of; Christ, attractiveness of

grief of,

greater than that of any created being HP 44:4

greatest when grief comes to His appointed ones UL 280:3

over those dishonest with God’s property UL 360:2

seeing professed Christians serving themselves TMK 321:4

when we mourn over self as our own Saviour RC 109:6

See also, Christ, agony of

griefs and sorrows borne by TMK 51:4

growing in, HP 263:5

in His experience TMK 158

in His knowledge TMK 326:2

into full stature needed by youth 1MCP 101:3

prepares Christian to endure hardness AG 285:6

growing more like LHU 208:6; Mar 120:4; UL 147:5

growing up into, preceded by entire submission to God UL 136:5

growth of,

in knowledge as He did in years OHC 59:4

physical and spiritual, illustrated by plants TMK 27:2

guardianship of,

experienced by Ellen White TDG 17:3

for all His children; they have peace UL 355:2

for suffering ones every moment OHC 327:4


at table of publicans HP 181:3

of all who receive Him HP 46:2

where His mind and words are found TDG 111:7

guidance from,

for children of Israel from the cloud TDG 254:3

from rather than from humans UL 371:2

from, Satan tries to block, from view RC 21:4

guidance toward, some need firm UL 322:3

guile not found on lips of OHC 292:4


and sickness borne by, without becoming a sinner 3SM 133:3

from world’s appetite indulgence increased suffering of, in wilderness AG 164:4

of believing sinner placed on OHC 53:4

of world brought anguish to UL 357:7

gulf bridged by,

between earth and heaven TMK 82:2

from sin,

earth and heaven bound together TMK 82:5

through His death for the world TDG 84:2


and feet wounded for us TMK 56:3

bear marks of His wounds HP 13:4

beneath worried lady counseled by Ellen White 2MCP 807:4

must hold ours to walk without fear of slipping HP 258:6

not recognized TMK 98:5

reach for, as did the sinking disciple TDG 212:3

we are to be passive in; He loves and helps us TDG 202:3

with assurance on throne and distributes gifts TMK 338:2

See also Christ, marks

hands of faithful one held by HP 42:3

happiness from,

even if no other friend in whole world OHC 259:5

is certain; He is wellspring of life FW 88:2

world cannot remove HP 249:4

happiness from thoughts center in RC 308:2

hardship and suffering endured by TDG 166:2

harmless and undefiled, walked among every class HP 181:2

harmony of attributes of, to be remembered by disciples AG 49:4

harmony with,

destroyed by indulging wrong feelings RC 318:5

means no enmity against the law FW 95:1

harvest of seed sowing foreseen by RC 242:6

hates sin and loves the sinner UL 342:4

hatred for,

for His goodness; those like Him also hated 2MCP 527:3

because He said He was the Son of God TDG 236:4

because of righteous character UL 303

by Pharisees; His teaching was attractive VSS 77:4

despite graciousness of His mission TMK 100:4

for not taking side of Jews; prejudice 3SM 82:2

influenced by Satan as at crucifixion 3SM 415:6

head of all classes who are united in the Scriptures UL 104:5

head of what humanity may become TMK 288:4


command of, paralytic did not hesitate at FW 68:0

flood poured forth in UL 364:7

influence of restfulness in UL 102:2

power of, sinner made whole by HP 19:4

work of, Satan made, as hard as possible TDG 256:5

healing by,

and mighty works through ministry of servants 3SM 296:2

for soul and body; take hold of Him TDG 305:3

not granted if refusal to show sorrow or ask help TDG 249:3

power of love in; He identified with humanity TMK 48:2

said to be by devil UL 26:6

when transgression stops 3SM 296:1


and happiness followed HP 225:4

given by; glorify Him with it 2MCP 409:4

health of, perfect although afflicted with others’ suffering TMK 67:5

hearers of, listened as if spellbound UL 325:3

hears/listens to

cries of His children UL 280:3