Selected Messages Book 3


Section 5—Principles of Salvation


The basic elements of salvation are presented in one form or another in almost every Ellen G. White book and in innumerable periodical articles. The Bible studies and discussions at the 1888 Minneapolis General Conference brought into focus the elements of salvation by faith in Christ alone, which was a truth that had been largely lost sight of by many, both ministers and laity. Selected Messages, book 1, in its 51-page section on “Christ Our Righteousness,” sets forth this emphasis in the setting of Minneapolis. How Ellen White rejoiced as the great basic truth of justification by faith was brought prominently to the front at this conference, and as she entered with others into carrying the blessed message to the churches! This was a truth, however, that had entered into her sermons and writings down through the years, always presented in a balanced manner. This is attested to by the several presentations that make up the Ellen G. White book Faith and Works, containing discourses and articles from 1881 to 1902. 3SM 144.1

This section brings together in three chapters the vital truths relating to faith and works. The first chapter is devoted to typical statements made by Ellen White from 1850 to 1888 showing her clear-cut stand in a balanced presentation of justification by faith. The third chapter brings to view her consistent declarations, showing a unity of teaching all through her ministry. Only a few typical statements are included to remind us of her work in presenting this vital truth, which is the very heart of the gospel. Chapter two, historical in nature, presents her review of the experience at the Minneapolis General Conference and the work on her part, related to this experience, in the months that followed that conference. This chapter is introduced by a somewhat extended statement giving a background for her historical review. 3SM 144.2

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