EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Christ (Part 7 of 18)

humble and unassuming AH 461

humiliation and sacrifice marked 3T 387

humility of mind marked 5BC 1096

infinitely perfect character revealed by 6T 60

Joseph’s life and, parallels between PP 239-40; 3SG 174-6

marked with: poverty at every step DA 88

respect and love for His mother DA 90

ministers should carefully study 3T 214

molded in harmony with God’s ideal in every detail DA 209

more than one inspired record of, why we need CT 432; 1SM 21-2

Moses was shown PP 475

mysteries in 7BC 915

no self-assertion mingled in DA 260; PK 692

no trace of imperfection in 7BC 929

nobility of purpose marked 5BC 1096

not marred by one selfish act 1T 529

not one of: devotion to self SC 78

ease SC 78; 5T 71

not one selfish act in 1T 482; 2T 230

not studied as it should be 9T 69

nothing in, that was not pure and noble ML 317

one continued act of self-denial and condescension 4T 418

one continued scene of toil and privation 2T 72-3; 3T 18

one great object of SC 78

one of: constant self-denial and sacrifice 2T 70

continual sacrifice for good of others 3T 210

diligence, perseverance, and economy 3T 164

diligent industry CG 346

humiliation MH 197

labor and prayer Ev 663; 4T 373

lowliness CH 320

obedience to God’s law 8T 26

peace MB 15

perfect humility Ev 636

perfect obedience SD 112

persecution and insult DA 541

poverty 5BC 1126; CH 320; MYP 79; 4T 83, 621; 7T 101; WM 172

privation MYP 79

sacrifice 1T 451

self-denial 5BC 1092; MYP 79; 1T 451; 3T 164

self-sacrifice at every step 5BC 1092

simplicity and obedience GC 666

strict self-denial 7T 92

unselfish service DA 642

only life free from defilement of sin DA 71

passed in simplicity and purity SD 132

perfect fulfillment of every precept of God’s law in MH 451-2; 8T 312

perfect obedience to God’s law in 6BC 1092; MH 180

perfect pattern of humility, industry, and obedience ML 187

plan of, lay out before Him before He came to earth DA 147

preface to His death on cross FE 382

principles of God’s law exemplified in SC 28

principles of God’s law wrought out in 5T 576

private, lasted 30 years 5BC 1086, 1088, 1131-2; CG 359; CT 49; DA 66, 72, 133, 147, 508, 752; Ed 267; Ev 132; FE 142; MH 349; ML 56; MYP 78-9, 255; SD 129, 154; 1SM 322; 2SM 164; 3T 566; 4T 109

prophecy was fulfilled in GC 28

public ministry of: began 483 years after decree issued by Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) went into effect in 457 B.C. DA 233; GC 326-7, 345-7, 410; PK 698-9

began in little Galilean village DA 144

extended from autumn of A.D. 27 to spring of A.D. 31 DA 233; GC 327, 410; PK 699

lasted three and a half years AA 17; 6BC 1055; DA 233; GC 327, 410; GW 376; PK 699

purity of, provoked Satan’s wrath PP 607

read carefully and prayerfully 2T 119

rebukes man’s indifference and coldness 3T 407

records of, blend in one harmonious whole CT 432

represents perfect manhood 5BC 1124

sacrifice characterized 2T 628

Satan’s character unmasked by GC 501

scenes of, privilege of visiting MH 105-6

self-denial marked (characterized) 5BC 1096; CS 161; 1SM 29; 2T 628; 5T 71

self-denial of, cultivate habit of contemplating 1SM 106

self-sacrifice marked (characterized) CS 161; 1SM 29; 5T 71

self-sacrifice of, cultivate habit of contemplating 1SM 106

settled forever immutability of God’s law SD 55

showed worthlessness of what men regarded as life’s essentials MH 400

simplicity of, gave Him favor with God and man SD 132

sinless DA 312

spend thoughtful hour each day in reviewing or contemplation of DA 83; 4T 374

spent in solitude DA 111

spotless life of, given to shameful death 6T 462

study FE 303; MYP 16; 1T 303; 2T 637; WM 153

constantly CD 472

with greater earnestness and care SD 371

study of, precious lessons can be learned from 1SM 30

study to imitate 4T 135

suffering marked 1SM 29; 5T 71

sustained constantly by fresh inspirations of Spirit 5T 161

toil characterized 2T 628

under law of service AA 359

unfallen worlds watched final conflict of DA 693

unpretending and without display or grandeur 2T 495

unselfish 3T 387

as example to all Ev 636

was: continual round of self-denial 7BC 903

light of world PP 607

living ministry of God’s word CH 498

practical illustration of His teachings 4T 139

to close by His making solemn oblation of Himself FE 382

whole, was preface to His death FE 382

why Satan tried to make, as trying as possible DA 88

why several Bible writers wrote on CT 432; 1SM 21-2

wise purpose underlay every act of DA 206

35. Manners and demeanor of

admired for His simplicity SD 86

after resurrection was familiar to disciples 6BC 1092

always calm and dignified ML 196

atmosphere of peace surrounded, amid turbulence of angry enemies DA 254

atmosphere of presence of, was holy and awe-inspiring DA 110

benevolence was life of soul of DA 191

benevolence was manifested by, without weakness CT 262; Ev 636; ML 187

bore Himself always with divine dignity DA 353; SC 12

calm and gentle in stormy conflict 5T 482

calm and majestic in bearing during trial before Sanhedrin DA 705

calm and self-possessed 5BC 1088

calm and serene before Caiaphas DA 704

calm and serene during trial before Sanhedrin DA 704

calm of, no storm of human or satanic wrath could disturb MB 15-6

careful and tender in dealing with minds of men TM 184

carried: cheerfulness and tact into His labor DA 73

cheerfulness, hope, and courage with Him 4T 622

rest, peace, joy, and gladness wherever He went SC 120

cast no angry look at His enemies EW 170

clothed Himself with child’s humility 5T 422

consistency manifested by, without obstinacy CT 262; Ev 636; ML 187

courteous to persecutors GW 123; MH 489

deeply serious SC 120

demeanor of, people were amazed and confounded by 5T 253

deportment and bearing of, humility marked ML 300

did not: lose self-command in stormy conflict 5T 482

resort to ostentatious worship PK 693

retaliate when reviled, abused, and insulted 2T 426

seek notoriety 4BC 1144

strive after greatness FE 401

dignified in bearing 4aSG 119

dignity and power of, at marriage in Cana DA 145

divine love and tenderness of, drew men’s hearts to Him MB 47

example for us in patience, gentleness, and winsomeness of disposition GW 121

false accusations met by, with meek submission 4T 139

forbearance and kindness of, were termed cowardice DA 88

gentle and kindly, won children’s love and confidence DA 511

gentle and unassuming DA 138; MH 51

gentleness of, made Him conqueror of hearts 3T 477

gestures of, betokened His divine supremacy ML 300

greatest tact exercised by GW 117; SC 12

humble and gracious WM 116

humble man 5T 253

humility of: attracted others to Himself MB 14

consider 6T 125

did not consist in low estimate of His character and qualifications 3T 566-7

maintained to close of His earthly ministry MM 160

impressive, thrilled His listeners DA 237

in marked contrast to that of teachers of His day PK 693

insults met by, with meek submission 4T 139

intensely in earnest SC 120

kind and courteous always FE 402

kind and thoughtful always GW 117

kind, courteous, and friendly 5BC 1088

kind look shown by, for the needy and oppressed GW 121

kind to all WM 53, 170

look(s) of, expressed earnest love DA 173, 254

sweet and sympathetic spirit shone out in DA 254

love and gentle benignity of, inspired men with enthusiasm 3T 422

love and patience of, for the erring Ed 294

love and pitying tenderness of, for the discouraged 3T 323

loving interest manifested by, in others 6T 172-3

lowliness of, consider 6T 125

meek and humble before infuriated multitude EW 170

meek and lowly of heart 4T 622

meekness of, attracted others to Himself MB 14

consider 6T 125

most cruel treatment met by, with good courage 3T 217

moved among men with dignity of heaven-born king 5T 253

moved by human sorrow DA 533

moved in greatest simplicity in His work FE 359

needless pain never given to sensitive soul by DA 353; GW 117; SC 12

never coarse or uncouth 4T 405

never cold and unapproachable 4T 488

never dejected by censure or disappointment DA 330; 3T 217

never did rude action SD 319

never elated by applause DA 330; 3T 217

never gloomy or morose SC 120

never lost self-control GW 317

never rude DA 353; GW 117; SC 12

never urged His presence upon anybody AA 540

never violated laws of good taste GW 317

never went to extremes GW 317

no cowardly weakness in DA 735

no discord in SD 8

no irritated temper manifested by DA 619

no shadow of worldly levity marked DA 151; ML 186

no taint of bigotry in Ev 636; MB 14; ML 187

no taint of cold austerity in Ev 636; MB 14; ML 187

noble and dignified before Caiaphas DA 704

not devoid of warmth and sunniness SC 120

not one impure word escaped lips of WM 287

outward display shunned by DA 43

patience and forbearance of, caused many to tremble EW 172

toward Judas Iscariot MH 493

patience of, nothing could ruffle SD 151

patient and cheerful always MH 19; ML 166

peculiar dignity of, distinct from earthly pride or assumption FE 400-1

personal dignity of, theme for study Ev 187

personal interest manifest by, in people WM 328

pitied and loved the wayward and perverse ML 300

pity of, for women who bewailed His suffering and death DA 743

pitying tenderness of, for sinful men SC 12

plain and unassuming, made Him conqueror of hearts 3T 477

ready sympathy of, attracted children WM 116

resented no personal injuries 4T 139

reserved dignity of Ev 636

respect manifested by, for age 5BC 1119

reticent and uncommunicative re scientific truths FE 338

self-denying always Ev 636

self-possessed 2SM 22

at all times GW 317

serene under abuse 4T 368

showed: benevolence without weakness CT 262; Ev 636; ML 187

consistency without obstinacy CT 262; Ev 636; ML 187

tenderness and sympathy without sentimentalism CT 262; Ev 636; ML 187

shrank from all notoriety SD 129

shunned needless controversy DA 434

simplicity and earnestness of, drew many to Him MM 299

simplicity of, Pharisees despised DA 192

solicitous for persons whom He rebuked 4T 487

spirit and, copy 9T 181

still of good courage amid greatest opposition and most cruel treatment DA 330

strength of dignity and long-suffering manifest in DA 735

sweetness of, constantly reveal MH 159

sympathetic and ever considerate of others AA 472

sympathized with the weary, heavy-laden, and oppressed WM 56

sympathy and compassion of, toward the sick and afflicted CH 33-4

sympathy and pity of, for poor sinners 4T 268

sympathy of, for the suffering DA 87; WM 23-6

tender and compassionate toward others AA 472

tender sympathy manifested by, for all SD 151

tenderhearted and pitiful WM 116

tenderness and forbearance of, in training His disciples DA 295

tenderness and sympathy manifested by, without sentimentalism CT 262; Ev 636; ML 187

for men and animals DA 74

tenderness of shepherd in DA 826

thoughtful and considerate of others Ev 636

thoughtful and kind in dealing with people SC 12

treated: children always with kindness and respect 6T 201

Samaritans with utmost kindness and courtesy MH 26

tenderly every honest inquirer after truth TM 190

true courtesy illustrated in life of GW 121

unassuming, marked contrast between manner of Pharisees and SL 14

unobtrusive, humble, and poor 4BC 1147

unselfish love and gentle benignity of, won hearts 4T 263

unusual DA 158

unwearying patience and sympathetic helpfulness of, to men in need MH 25

was embodiment of refinement and purity 2T 467

wasted not even a morsel of bread CG 135

worked in simplicity and meekness 8T 183

would not be discouraged by opposition 6T 307

zeal never led, to become passionate Ev 636

36. Methods used in gospel work by COL 229; DA 151; Ev 109, 203; MH 143; MM 19, 194; 8T 73; TM 190

alone, give success MH 143

copy 6T 230

curse of every church is that men do not adopt TM 192

did not rudely seek to deprive people of what they held dear 6T 54

evangelistic methods of 9T 63

gospel workers should study PK 73

illustrated Ed 84-96

in: dealing with the erring, rebellious, and apostate Ed 294

gaining access to people Ev 148

training disciples COL 24-5; DA 152, 349; 9T 174

winning Samaritan woman MH 156-7

let no man climb above MM 160

ministers should learn AA 365

need to be understood better CT 391

not merely one method CH 387; Ev 123; WM 59

peculiarly His own MH 23

physicians should adopt CH 338

practice, in dealing with others TM 225

revealed beauty and preciousness of truth 6T 54

study CH 316; Ev 53, 122-3; FE 364; MM 299; WM 59-60

valuable lessons may be learned from CH 387

See also Section 20

37. Name of

all-powerful 4T 33

angels speak, with greatest reverence 1T 410

death warrant of whole Jewish economy DA 52

enshrined in: song and prophecy DA 27; PK 710

temple rites and household prayer DA 27; PK 710

first word many people ever spoke DA 350; MH 19

inscribed in roll of Israel DA 52

new, on 144,000 EW 15; LS 65; 2SG 32; 1T 59

See also Name

38. Physical features of (while on earth)

appearance of, contrasted with Adam’s before his fall 1SM 269-70

was uninviting 4T 373

as thirsty traveler wayworn and dusty DA 184

beard of DA 734; 2T 202

bearing of, was dignified 4aSG 119

benevolence and noble principle strongly marked EW 172

bore: marks of toil and poverty DA 139

no special marks of His divine character 4aSG 119

calm and dignified bearing of, before Pilate DA 724

calmness of, bore signature of heaven DA 724

eyes of: divine light illuminated, when cleansing temple DA 158

humility marked every glance of DA 137

lighted up with unutterable love 5T 253

mild, clear, and undaunted EW 172

penetrating, Caiaphas quailed before DA 707

purity and goodness shone from ML 300

searching, scanned men’s faces while He cleansed temple DA 158

shone with love ML 300

face (countenance) of: as children saw it ML 300

at marriage in Cana bore traces of conflict in wilderness DA 145

beaming with light at Jacob’s well DA 190

beauty of DA 254

benevolent, won affections of children FE 68

benignant with love 3T 422

benignity of DA 511

blood flowed down, after He was scourged DA 734

bloody sweat of agony in Gethsemane marked DA 690

bore no marks of criminal DA 735; EW 172

calm and solemn DA 581

compassion beamed from FE 179

did not wear expression of grief and repining SC 120

dignity and benevolence written in DA 594

divine compassion blended with conscious power in DA 137; MH 51

erroneous idea that, never wore a smile SC 120

ever one of peaceful serenity SC 120

every expression of, betokened His divine supremacy ML 300

expressed benevolence, love, and holiness 4aSG 119

expressed sorrow at sight of wrongdoing 5BC 1117; SD 143

expressive of unutterable love DA 137

first that many people ever saw DA 350; MH 19

gentleness and resignation expressed by, after scourging DA 735

gentleness was combined with meekness, love, and conscious power in ML 300

heavenly expression on, gave meaning to His words 5T 253

illuminated by divine light DA 158

illuminated by lightning at night DA 335

indignation, authority, and power expressed in, when He cleansed temple DA 157

irradiated with celestial brightness while in prayer MB 102

joy expressed in GW 49

lighted up as if sunbeam shone on it DA 726

love and sympathy expressed by, for the poor DA 163

love, benevolence, and quiet dignity seen in DA 581

loving, children loved to stroke FE 68

marks of exhaustion and pain in, after scourging DA 735

no frown or troubled expression on, before Pilate EW 172

pale and expressing patient sadness DA 594

pensive SC 12; 3T 422

revealed innocence, serenity, benevolence DA 754

revealed nobility, intelligence, and purity 1SM 348

serene before Herod Antipas DA 729

shadow that rested upon DA 642

stained with blood after scourging DA 735

tenderest pity in, for His cruel foes DA 735

when displeasure of, seemed like consuming fire DA 591

when He was dying, never forgotten by persons who saw it DA 754

youthful, fresh with sunlight of Father’s countenance CT 179

feet of, spiked to cross DA 755; 6T 479

firm and dignified in bearing EW 172

forehead of, broad and high EW 172

form of, was perfect 4aSG 119

free from physical deformity DA 50

full of vigor of manhood’s prime when He died DA 486

hands of, nailed to wooden bars of cross DA 755

nails were driven through 2T 208; 6T 479

height of, little taller than common size of men then living 7BC 904; 4aSG 115, 119

kingly bearing of DA 378

knees of, children loved to climb upon SC 12

no trace of sin marred God’s image in DA 71

noble and dignified bearing of, maintained during His trial DA 704

noble and Godlike bearing of, troubled Herod and Pilate EW 172

nothing in bearing of, that betokened rank DA 137

perfect form of, unequaled by anybody then living on earth 4aSG 119

personal appearance of, bore no special marks of His divine character 4aSG 119

physical structure of: not marred by any defect DA 50

perfect in form EW 172; 4aSG 119

was strong and healthy DA 50

pictures of, as illustrations in literature CW 171

possessed: no beauty in eyes of world DA 23

peculiar gentleness and marked loveliness SD 132

visage of, marred with sorrow and anguish 3T 380

not marred before His enemies DA 735

walked with dignity of king 4T 622

39. Physical features of (after resurrection)

bore marks of crucifixion 6BC 1092; DA 819

came forth from tomb glorified DA 780

countenance of, as face of God when seen by 500 believers 6BC 1092; DA 818-9

familiar to His disciples DA 804

feet of, bore scars (nail prints) of crucifixion DA 819; EW 53

hands of, bore scars (nail prints) of crucifixion DA 800, 819; EW 53, 179; 9T 50-1

manner and speech of, were familiar to His disciples DA 804

marks of nails on, will ever be His glory 7BC 955

stature of, was same as before crucifixion 4aSG 119

40. Physical features of (after ascension)

bear marks of crucifixion EW 53, 179, 292; GC 636, 643, 647, 670; SL 91; SR 430; 4T 462

beauty of, attention not to be focused on CW 122

brow of, diadem of glory rests on GC 641

clothed in glorious garments of whitest white 1BC 1111-2

clothed with light of heaven DA 422

description of, as He appeared to John on Patmos AA 582; 7BC 955; SL 77-8

eyes of, as flame of fire EW 16; LS 66; 2SG 32; 1T 60

face (countenance) of: beauty of, men are not asked to praise CW 122

bright as noonday sun EW 179

brighter than noonday sun EW 51

dazzling brightness of, at second advent GC 641

eternal glory of Father shines in GC 651

full of benignant love GC 646

glory of, is life to the righteous DA 600

glory of, will be consuming fire to wicked DA 600

light of God’s glory shines in SC 102

light shines in 2T 122

outshines dazzling brightness of noonday sun GC 641

outshining glory of sun GC 667; SR 424

rays of glory emanate from 2T 619

shines as sun AA 582

feet of, have appearance of fire LS 65; 2SG 32; 1T 60

garments of, as high priest See High Priest (Christ as)

glory and loveliness of, no language can describe EW 51

hair of, white, curly, and lying on shoulders EW 16; LS 65; 2SG 32; 1T 60

majesty and inexpressible loveliness of 2T 258

marks of crucifixion will ever be borne by EW 53, 179; GC 674

person of, lovely EW 54

robe of, whiter than whitest white EW 51

robe of light worn by, from days of eternity SD 357

stature of: as it was before incarnation 4aSG 119

head and shoulders above angels EW 288

little taller than Adam GC 644

taller than saint and angel GC 645-6

wounded hands of, plead for you SL 91

41. Prayer(s) of

after His baptism DA 111-3

God personally answered DA 112

constant, for unity among His followers AA 20-1

embraced world DA 745

for: His murderers DA 744, 775; SR 222; 2T 208-9

Peter was offered for all the humble and contrite SD 91

strength to endure test DA 420-1

ideal, Lord’s Prayer as MB 103

in behalf of His disciples DA 420

in Gethsemane DA 687-93

offered three times DA 690, 760

in John 17: give attention to 1SM 167

is full of eternal truth FE 392

learn to answer 8T 239-40

offered for His disciples SD 295; 3T 446

in John 17:19, san. workers should live out MM 203

in John 17:20, offered for us ML 252; SC 75

in John 17:21: how, will be answered 6T 401-3

keep in mind GW 447

need of answering, feel TM 44

reaches down to our day 4T 17

Satan seeks to make, of none effect 6T 151

seek to answer 3T 434

study how to answer GW 447

will be answered TM 50

in John 17:24, embraces us 4T 529-30

fulfillment of GC 646

intercessory, recorded in John 17 5BC 1145-6; DA 680; SD 296

not for Himself but for men DA 379

opened gates of heaven for man ML 260

transfiguration occurred in answer to DA 421

See also Lord’s Prayer

42. Pre-existence of Ev 615-6

cannot be denied without wresting Scriptures GC 524

denial of, by reasoning of human philosophy 6BC 1069

doctrine that denies, warning against Ev 365; GC 524; TM 61

doubt re, no need for 1SM 247

exalted, lends significance to His humiliation SD 81; 1SM 243

existed: farther back than human records extend Ed 13-4

from eternity 5BC 1126; 1SM 247

existed before: all things 5BC 1126; 1SM 247

angels were created Ev 615-6; PP 38; 1SM 247; SR 13, 15

fall of Lucifer EW 145; DA 22; GC 494-5; PP 34-8; 3SG 33-4, 36-8; SR 13-6

foundation of world DA 703

man was created Ev 615-6; 1SM 247

world was formed DA 23; EW 145; PP 33-45; SD 81; 3SG 33-4, 36-8; SR 13-6, 19-20

God’s word speaks decidedly re Ev 615; 1SM 247

goes back through dateless ages Ev 615

had glory with Father: before world was COL 36; DA 421; GC 313; GW 111-2

from all eternity AA 38-9

His human nature never had existence in 5BC 1146

let people know SDA believe in 6T 58; TM 253

man’s Redeemer from eternity 9T 220

Mediator of covenant from everlasting Ev 615; 1SM 247

never was time when, was not in close fellowship with God Ev 615

not measured by figures Ev 616

one with God before angels existed PP 38

people who believe God’s word cannot doubt SD 81; 1SM 243

pre-existent Son of God Ev 615

present, before presenting testing subjects 6T 58

Ps. 90:2 refers to 1SM 248

Redeemer both before and after His incarnation DA 210

significance of 1SM 248

theme for study Ev 187

was God before man or angels were created 1SM 247-8

with Father: before world was GW 111-6; SD 11; 1SM 248

from all eternity 5BC 1115; 1SM 228

from beginning 7BC 924; MH 422; 1SM 264

from eternal ages FE 382

with God: before angels and men were created Ev 615; PP 38; 1SM 247

from all eternity 5BC 1126; 1SM 247

43. Resurrection of DA 779-94; EW 181-90; 1SM 301-3

angel unbound wrappings from His dead body at DA 789

angels sang at 1SM 303

apostles preached AA 60, 78

apostles were slow to believe in DA 426, 789, 793-4, 803-5, 807-8

as basis of Sunday observance EW 215-7

as God’s pledge to us DA 786; 9T 286

David foretold AA 227; SR 244-5

door of hope opened for us by 5T 316

efforts to prevent, were most convincing arguments in its proof DA 778

false reports circulated re AA 60; DA 772; GC 557

by bribed Roman guard DA 781-5; EW 91, 183-4, 189, 208, 265-6

foretold by Him DA 415, 432; GC 594

graveclothes folded with care by Him at COL 358; DA 789

He took up life in, that He had laid down 6T 230

how Satan and his kingdom were affected by DA 782

is commemorated in baptism 5BC 1113; EW 217

Jews celebrated, in type 1SM 305

lesson from, re little things COL 358

marked by earthquake, lightning, and thunder DA 780

Mary Magdalene first preached Ev 471

Moses was shown PP 475

myriads of angels beheld 6T 230

news of, how apostles received DA 790-4

Pilate received DA 782; 1SM 303

OT Scriptures foretold AA 221-2

prophecy re, fulfilled 5BC 1114; AA 227; DA 786; GC 28; SR 244-5

righteous dead persons resurrected at 5BC 1109-10; DA 785-6, 834; EW 184-5, 189, 208; 1SM 304-5

risen saints testified to DA 786; EW 184-5, 189, 208; 1SM 305

Roman guard reported, to priests and rulers DA 781; 1SM 303

to Pilate DA 781-2

sample of final resurrection of the just 6BC 1092; DA 786-7

Satan seeks to make it appear that there was nothing miraculous about EW 92

Satan’s plot to exploit EW 215-6

sepulcher was rent at 6T 230

stone removed from tomb for, by mightiest angel DA 780

Sunday was not made Sabbath because of 5BC 1113; EW 216-7

theme for study Ev 187

third message re, sent to apostles DA 793

type and pledge of resurrection of righteous dead DA 786, 804; 9T 286

was by: His own mighty power COL 358

life that was in Himself DA 785

operation of Spirit FE 332; SD 112

wave sheaf as type of See Wave sheaf

44. Sacrifice of SC 13-5

all types and symbols of Jewish age prefigured PP 330

animal sacrifices typified, as spotless Lamb of God PP 68

appellations of: Sacrifice SC 14

atoning Sacrifice See Atoning sacrifice

divine Sacrifice 1SM 332

great Sacrifice AA 424; DA 154-5; PP 334, 576; SD 44; 6T 249

living Sacrifice FE 398

one great Sacrifice DA 155

only perfect Sacrifice DA 157

promised Sacrifice 3SG 47, 51, 57; SR 52, 55, 59

Sacrifice for man 4T 374

Sacrifice for sin 5T 635

true Sacrifice PK 699

as daily, for man MYP 16

as Lamb of God was central object of: sacrificial system FE 97

sanctuary service Ed 47

typical system PP 594

as sacrificial victim AA 33; 7BC 933; DA 668; FE 432

beyond comprehension of strongest intellect 2T 198

brought immortality PP 67

burnt offerings typified 3SG 47; SR 69

ceremonial system pointed to PP 365

complete, made to save sinners CS 53

complete and perfect offering as Lamb of God 6BC 1116

equals broadest demands of God’s broken law GC 489

few men would accept salvation through SR 48-9

for: fallen man AA 227-8

sin FE 432

foreshadowed in: sanctuary services 1SM 309

typical system GC 352

full and complete AA 29; DA 819; FE 135; MH 451; 2T 664

full and perfect LS 246

gave Himself as: complete offering for fallen man FE 251

offering for sin FE 431; 4T 625

sacrificial offering 6BC 1070

willing offering to save the guilty 1SM 91

give more study to 2SM 170

glorious fulfillment of whole Jewish economy by 7BC 932

great, meditate on 1T 504

Isaac as emblem of GC 18

Jews willingly ignorant of, as true sacrifice GC 430

lamb without blemish prefigured 2BC 1017

ministers should speak of TM 144

no demand made upon man could equal CS 226

no plan could be devised for man’s salvation except by GC 652

not to be made a second time PP 411

offered: as Lamb of God in fulfillment of Passover law DA 771

for man MYP 16

offerings of ritual service pointed to PP 547

offerings were type of PP 430

Passover lamb prefigured PP 277

Passover lamb prepared whole represented completeness of PP 277

Passover law was fulfilled in DA 771

penalty of sin paid by PP 67

perfect offering 1BC 1104

purpose of SC 13

puts to shame our meager efforts and methods to uplift others SD 229

reason for, make clear TM 220

reconciliation and righteousness brought in by 7T 149

represented by casting of seed into soil COL 86; Ed 110

sacrifices and offerings typified 6BC 1096

sacrificial animals without blemish typified PP 352

sacrificial lamb represented, physically as well as spiritually MH 51

sacrificial offerings foreshadowed (prefigured, symbolized, or typified) 2BC 1010; DA 154-5; PP 71, 372; SD 225; 4aSG 76; 1SM 230-3

sacrificial service symbolized COL 126; DA 157

in time of patriarchs CT 462

sanctuary services foreshadowed, as Redeemer PK 684

satisfies demands of justice fully 6BC 1070

shows that sin is tremendous evil 9T 44

sin offering pointed to GC 422

sin offering typified 1BC 1111

slain lamb typified 1SM 231

sufficient to save: every person 2T 664

whole world PP 67; SR 48

symbolized at threshing floor of Ornan GC 19

theme for meditation 5T 316

true sacrifice for sins of world DA 166

typical animal sacrifices prefigured 6BC 1095

was voluntary 5BC 1104, 1127; DA 22-3, 484

wonderful beyond comprehension 1SM 309

See also Section 28

45. Singing by

cheered His hours of labor MH 52

gladdened the toilworn and disheartened MH 52

gladness of heart expressed by DA 73

hymns of praise often heard in ML 238; WM 93

learned from His mother Ev 498

morning light welcomed by MH 52

people in Nazareth often heard DA 73

Psalm 113 voiced by, at Passover supper Ed 166

Psalm 116 voiced by, at Passover supper Ed 166

Psalm 117 voiced by, at Passover supper DA 672-3

psalms and heavenly songs voiced in DA 73

sharp and stinging words met by Ed 166

songs of praise poured out by DA 690

temptation met by Ed 166

united with birds’ songs of praise SD 135

weary companions cheered by DA 73

46. Temptations of (in wilderness)

agony suffered during 3T 380

angels kept Satan from exceeding his bounds in 1SM 95

angels witnessed 1SM 288

with intense interest 1SM 255; 4T 293

as second Adam 5BC 1081; 1SM 268

assailed Him in time of greatest weakness 8T 209

destiny of human race was at stake in DA 686

emaciation as result of fasting during DA 137; EW 155; 4T 29; 5T 510

first DA 114-23; EW 155-6; 1SM 267-81, 408-9; 3T 485-6, 489-91

on appetite 5BC 1079-83; CD 153, 167, 169-70, 186; CS 209; DA 116-8, 122-3; MH 333; MM 264; SD 141; 1SM 95, 267-81, 408; 3T 161, 372, 380, 486, 561; 4T 29, 32-3, 44, 293, 576; 5T 510; Te 19-20, 82, 108-9, 265, 267, 276

principal lesson from DA 122

to use His divine power to relieve His necessities Te 276

inexpressible anguish suffered while fasting during 3T 486

keenest pangs of hunger suffered during 4T 29

lesson from DA 122

man will never be tried by temptation so great or strong as CS 210; SD 156

on three points on which Satan assails human race 3T 372

second DA 124-9; EW 156-7; 1SM 281-4; Te 276

carried by Satan to pinnacle of temple DA 124; EW 156; 1SM 281; 1T 299

carried in Satan’s arms to pinnacle of temple MYP 52; 1T 341

on love of display which leads to presumption DA 116

on presumption CS 209; DA 125-6; GC 501; 1SM 282; 3T 482-3; 4T 44, 576

on presumptuous venturing 1SM 95

prefaced with insinuation of distrust DA 124

Satan quoted Scriptures when presenting DA 124; FE 176

to cast Himself from pinnacle of temple DA 124; EW 156; 1SM 281; 1T 299; 3T 482

to doubt DA 124

to experiment on Father’s protecting care and love 1SM 283

to give Satan evidence He was Son of God DA 124; EW 156; 1SM 281-2

to imperil His life DA 124; 1SM 282

to presume on Father’s mercy DA 125; EW 156

to put Father’s faithfulness and love to needless trial 1SM 282

to put God to test DA 126

to risk His life before fulfillment of His mission EW 156

was a dare Te 286

Spirit prepared Him for EW 155

sufferings endured during 3T 371

third 5BC 1119; DA 129-31; EW 157-8; 1SM 223, 255, 285-9; 2SM 137, 165; 1T 293-4; Te 286

attempted to bribe Him to yield His integrity 1SM 286

on love of world CS 209; 4T 44, 576; 5T 481; Te 276

panoramic view of kingdoms of world shown to Him in DA 129; 1SM 286

proposed that He hold world dominion subject to Satan DA 130; GC 50; 1SM 285

Satan endeavored to make special contract with Him by 5BC 1119; 1SM 286

Satan placed Him on high mountain for DA 129; 1SM 286

Satan took Him in his arms to exceeding high mountain 1T 299, 341

that He worship Satan in exchange for dominion over kingdoms of world DA 129-30; EW 157; 1SM 223, 286-7; 2SM 137; 4T 45

three great leading allurements presented in 4T 576

three great temptations presented by 1SM 95; 4T 576

three leading temptations presented in CS 209; 3T 372; Te 276, 285

unfallen worlds watched 1SM 255

while surrounded by wild beasts DA 118

47. Temptations of (misc.) 1SM 252-6

all, met with God’s word MH 181

could be resisted only by God’s word DA 123

could not bring Him to yield even by a thought 7BC 927; GC 623

fierce, wrung His heart DA 753

fiercest, assailed Him in time of greatest weakness DA 120

fiercest that Satan could invent CD 167

God’s word was His weapon of warfare in meeting DA 120

greater than any borne by man 4T 45

humanity would have been lost if He had yielded to SD 24

met with song Ed 166

most terrible SD 24

much greater in degree than ours DA 116

much greater than Adam’s DA 117; ML 323; 1SM 267-8

never another of woman born was so fiercely beset by Ed 78

never will man be tried with temptations as powerful as 4T 45

no parleying with Satan in DA 120

not invited DA 114

one answer had for DA 88

resisted in our behalf 4T 577

Satan’s fiercest and most subtle GC 510

victory in, has shown us how to meet and resist temptation 3T 491

were: those men find so difficult to withstand DA 116

those to which we are subject DA 24

were overcome at every step MYP 16

in strength given Him from God DA 24

48. Voice of

accents of, after His resurrection were familiar 6BC 1092

as music to ears accustomed to monotonous preaching of scribes and Pharisees CT 240

calls sinners to repent GC 642

clear and ringing, echoed through arches of temple when He cleansed it DA 158

echoed in His workers’ voices CT 509

first sound many people ever heard was DA 350; MH 19

how obeying, will affect your voice TM 332-3

intonation of, impressed people CH 499; WM 57

is lovely EW 19, 53; 2SG 54-5; 1T 69

like: no other ever heard by disciples DA 803

trump of God Ev 559

love expressed in, drew men to Him DA 254

many erring sheep will not hear 4T 503

nature’s voice is 6T 178

never raised to unnatural key Ev 56

pathetic, spoke to disciples in 2T 615

penetrates ears of the dead GC 642

persons who listen for, Christ is ever sending messages to MH 509

reached people who listened Ev 670

richer than any music mortal ear has heard GC 646

sleeping disciples heard not, in Gethsemane MH 509

speaks life to the dying MH 69

spoke to Paul on way to Damascus AA 114-5; EW 200; SR 269

sweet melody in Ev 670

tears in, when uttering scathing rebukes DA 353; GW 117; SC 12

tone of, earnest love expressed in DA 173, 254

in which He spoke to disciples 2T 615

use of, in teaching Ev 670

was: clear and distinct WM 288

full of pathos WM 94

melodious 2T 617

when He was child was serious, earnest, and full of melody DA 81

will call forth sleeping saints from their graves EW 35, 287; GC 644-5

49. Word(s) of

as apples of gold in pictures of silver ML 190

as jewels 6T 174

can summon the dead from graves 4T 528

cherish, in heart 4T 355