EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Christ (Part 4 of 18)

for declaring Himself equal with God DA 207

Jewish leaders’ rejection of GC 595

Jewish rulers sought to condemn, as Sabbathbreaker DA 204-13

Judas Iscariot initiated idea to set up, as king DA 718

keenest and most cultured minds sought to defeat, in controversy MH 52

keenest anguish suffered by, sense of Father’s displeasure was 2T 213

knew: all hearts, homes, pleasures, joys, and aspirations Ed 82

character of His apostles DA 291

perfectly well how to give reproof 4T 66

Scriptures better than priests and rabbis did DA 453

stress of pinching poverty FE 401

wants of human heart 5T 261

knows: all about your pains and griefs 2SM 237

all men by name DA 479

all men individually DA 479

every temptation that comes to man SD 23

how to deal with children 9T 175

power of every temptation SD 160

our every necessity TM 391

youth’s trials and battles with powers of darkness MYP 163

labor(s) of: along great thoroughfares of travel 9T 121

at Capernaum CH 500-1; DA 252-61

for the poor MM 243

never confined to one place 7T 268

not confined to the poor MM 312; WM 257

labored: among His people three years GC 20; GW 376; 3T 38

earnestly for His own nation 2T 509

labored in: cities as well as towns Ev 53; MM 299

many places MH 20-1

rural areas Ev 54

simplicity and earnestness Ev 53; WM 95

last act of tenderness of, towards His mother DA 146

last human agony of, was veiled in thick darkness DA 754

laws of God’s government expounded by, in Sermon on Mount 1SM 316-7

led disciples out by lakeside on Sabbath CG 534

legions of devils all around, while He was dying 2T 215

life and death of: every specification of sacrificial service fulfilled in GW 118

Father is glorified by 8T 177-8

interceded for lost man COL 156

OT prophecies re AA 247

proved that God’s justice did not destroy His mercy DA 762

proved that God’s law is righteous DA 762

Satan was defeated by 1SM 342

life and spirit of, only standard of excellence and perfection is 1T 408

life and teachings of, study 9T 63

life lived by, can be lived by man through His power 9T 22

lifework of, keynote of DA 409; GW 111; MH 19

lineage of, from Abraham and David DA 44

traced back in direct line to David SR 244

listened: attentively to persons who came to Him EW 160

to prattle of babes and accepted their lisping praise 5T 421

little child fast asleep in arms of AH 273

little children blessed by CSW 55; DA 511-7; MH 38-9

little children fell asleep on breast of, as He taught DA 592

little children loved to climb upon lap of 3T 422

little children were attracted to SC 12; 3T 422

lived: at Nazareth 18 years after His visit to Jerusalem at age of 12 DA 82

God’s law in humanity 6T 237; TM 282

life free from sin AA 472

on earth 33 years DA 830; 1SM 70

pure and sanctified life CS 349

without worldly wealth, honor, or display EW 178

lived for: good of others 2T 151

one purpose—to bless others DA 70

lived in: conformity to nature’s laws DA 50

dependence on God and communion with Him Ed 80

world that was His own 4T 83

lived life of: hardship and toil 3T 372

unexampled suffering 2T 494

lived to: benefit others 2T 157

bless others 2T 136

living epistle of God’s law 5BC 1107

living representative of God’s law DA 287

loneliness and sorrow of, because no one understood Him DA 326

loneliness of, never understood by His disciples DA 565

longed for human tenderness, courtesy, and affection DA 524

longing of, for companionship in Gethsemane DA 690

love of, for John AA 539

for publicans and common sinners 2T 21

loved scenes of nature DA 290; MH 54

and enjoyed its quietude DA 419

made no: claim to kingly authority DA 215

division in gospel work 6T 242

new revelations to men 1SM 187

made perfect through suffering 5T 133

man cannot equal example of, but he should copy it 2T 628

man may victoriously resist temptation as did DA 130

men wondered at knowledge of law and prophecies as revealed by DA 452-3

many people inquired re, while He lay in tomb DA 776

many things withheld from His first disciples by Ev 202

many words and acts of, appear mysterious to finite minds DA 393

mark of every weapon of hell DA 116

marked peculiarity of, self-denial and benevolence were 4T 227

Mary’s relationship to, as Son of man and as Son of God DA 147

met: and overcame temptation in strength given Him by God DA 24

every temptation with God’s word DA 123; 9T 68

trials and temptations day by day MH 18

mighty angel protected, in Gethsemane DA 694

mind of, Spirit worked FE 392

minister, missionary, and physician 5BC 1088

ministry of: every detail of, stated plainly in OT Scriptures DA 242

is key that unlocks OT Scriptures AA 229

not studied as it should be 9T 69

Satan’s character unmasked by GC 501

to the needy 7T 221

was more than sermonizing Ev 203

youth caught spirit of WM 57

ministry of angels to 1SM 94-5

miracles could not be performed in Nazareth by, because of their unbelief DA 241

miracles of, wrought through angels DA 143

mission of: announced by Him at beginning of His ministry 8T 134

as related to God’s law 1SM 240

persons who cannot have true concept of GC 524

signs direct from heaven attested to DA 406

was not for judgment DA 210

was not to destroy God’s law MB 48-9

was to establish spiritual kingdom DA 173

was to exalt God’s law 1SM 239

was to manifest Father to man SC 11

was to show spiritual nature of God’s law MB 48-9

missionary wherever He went WM 162

miss. work by, in homes of people ML 227

mockery and abuse suffered by, while on cross DA 746

model to copy 5T 421

mother of, feared for His health MB 102

mothers brought little children to Ev 349-50; MH 38-44

multitude that followed, no walls could enclose 2T 579

murder of, whole world is guilty of deliberate rejection and TM 38

mysterious departure of, into wilderness of temptation was made known to Mary DA 145

mystery after mystery could have been unlocked by MH 448

Naaman’s faith commended by PK 252-3

nailed to cross before it was placed upright DA 745; SR 222

nature so refined as, no man possesses 7T 265

nearest relatives of, dimly understood His mission 5BC 1135-6

needed to define and defend His position often 5T 747

never commended doubts 4T 233

never erred in judgment of men or truth GW 317

never flattered men DA 254

never man lived as, lived MH 469

never praised unbelief 4T 233

no agony can measure with that endured by 5BC 1103

no communication with John the Baptist by, before His baptism DA 109

no criminal ever treated so inhumanly as DA 710

no long and tedious prayers and ceremonies enforced on people by 2T 580

no man so fiercely beset by temptation as was Ed 78

no miracle worked by, in His own behalf DA 119

no new form of prayer given to disciples by MB 103

no one more cruelly slandered than MB 32

no stinted service given by MH 500

not a Sabbathbreaker DA 287

not controlled by any human standard COL 397

nothing befell, but what God permitted for man’s good MH 488-9

nothing was without purpose to Ed 82

obedience and submission of, were unreserved and perfect 3T 107

obedience of, is accepted for us PP 372

was that of true human being 7BC 929

obedient to every requirement of God’s law COL 312; ML 311

obeyed all of God’s commandments 1SM 250

obscure Jew to Greeks AA 244

of seed of David according to human descent 5BC 1130; 1SM 247

offered salvation to Jews first AA 247

officer of Annas struck, on face DA 700

often weary in His labors 3T 107

OT Scriptures testify of DA 507; SC 88

once a little child AH 280

one great purpose of, revelation of God for uplifting of humanity was Ed 82

one wrong act by, would have caused Him to fail of being perfect example DA 88

would have cause Him to fail to carry out plan of redemption DA 88

open air preferred by, for His discourses 2T 579

opposition met by Ev 301

at home and abroad DA 88

overcame: all temptations 2T 286

every temptation Satan brought against Him 7BC 926

sin as we are to overcome 7BC 930

temptation on our behalf 3T 477

passed: no human being by as worthless 9T 191

over ground of temptation that every man must tread 9T 69

victoriously over ground where Adam fell CG 475; Te 282

passed quietly to another place: when His life was threatened 1SM 70

when He was rejected in one place 1SM 70

pattern for miss. worker MM 194

pattern for us 2SG 251-2; 1T 505

in all things 8T 296

pattern man for us ML 242; WM 53

pattern of, we cannot equal but we can copy 2T 549

penetration of, had been cultivated ML 74

people of Nazareth did not believe on DA 196

people were not charmed by, as man but by doctrine He taught 4T 373

people would have received, as king DA 138

perfect and holy example 2T 549

perfect character developed by COL 311; DA 762

perfect example for children, youth, and manhood ML 296

perfect example of: holy character GC 469

obedience to God’s law was set by SD 61

perfect exemplification of unselfish ministry AA 359

perfect ideal found in Ed 73

perfect obedience of, imputed to repenting sinner FE 429

perfect obedience rendered to God’s commandments by SD 25

perfect obedience to God’s law by, redeemed Adam’s disgraceful failure and fall FE 382

perfect overcomer 4T 39

perfect pattern of: complete man FE 376

life 5BC 1080; SD 137; 2T 396; 3T 248; 4T 218, 520; 5T 129

obedience Ev 636

perfect pattern to imitate Ev 641

perfect peace reigned in heart of DA 330

perfection of, avails for man’s imperfection SD 25

performed duties of son, brother, friend, and citizen in Nazareth DA 82

persecuted three years by His enemies 8T 208

perseverance of, untiring 4T 603

personal efforts of, in labor for souls DA 151

personal work done by, in gospel work WM 116

personification of all human goodness TM 138

Peter denied, in His humiliation and rejection DA 508

Pharisees censured, for mingling with publicans and sinners COL 368

Pharisees denounced, as Beelzebub COL 171; DA 111, 355

Pharisees rebuked by, for covetousness 1T 539

Pharisees rejected MB 55

Pharisees sought to prove, a deceiver 1SM 70

Pilate had heard rumors re, before he tried Him DA 724

Pilate’s wife had heard of, before Pilate tried Him DA 724

pity and love of, for Peter when he denied Him Ed 89

plan of salvation would have been broken if, had worked miracle at Satan’s request DA 119

plans laid by, for His work Ev 53; MM 299

poor Galilean without earthly rank or power DA 162

poor man 3T 107; WM 170, 335

poorest and humblest not afraid to approach SC 12; 3T 422; WM 53

popular enthusiasm to make, king by force DA 378

possessed: peculiar dignity and personality FE 400-1

reserve that discouraged familiarity CT 262

poverty was part of legacy of 6BC 1103

power and authority of, seen as that of Father SR 13-4

power never used by, for self-aggrandizement PK 73

preached in: great thoroughfares of travel Ev 54

synagogues Ev 54

preaching of, from Peter’s boat DA 244-5

was sign to His generation DA 406; PK 274

presence of, it was heaven to be in MH 18

was rebuke to all things untrue and base Ed 79

present and future were one to Ed 82

priests and rabbis rejected, during His first ministry in Judea DA 194

proclaimed King of Israel by people DA 569-70, 590

prophecy of, that He would rise in three days DA 777

prophecies foretold life, character, and work of 5BC 1090

prophecies furnish sufficient evidence that, was Messiah 4aSG 117-8

prophetic eye of, penetrated future DA 352

public ministry of: began at marriage festival at Cana MH 356

began when 70 weeks of Dan. 9:24-27 were nearly ended DA 133

commenced after His baptism 3T 372; Te 274

was brief CH 498; WM 56

purity and holiness of, excited hatred of the ungodly GC 506

purpose of, in enduring temptation in wilderness 1SM 273

pursued continually by crafty and hypocritical men MH 51

rabbis followed, with merciless hostility DA 284

rabbis regarded, as commonplace person DA 433

rabbis’ merciless hostility followed PK 183

reached people where they were GW 49

read character of His disciples DA 382

rebuked dishonest practices of Pharisees and doctors of the law MM 122

recognized no distinction of nationality, rank, or creed 9T 190

recreation found by, amid scenes of nature MH 52

redemption of man would have been a failure if, had failed to endure test DA 734

referred to good wrought by Jonah’s preaching in Nineveh PK 273-4

refused to: assume duties of civil magistrate 9T 217

acknowledge theology of rabbinical schools DA 540

regarded as common man by people of Nazareth DA 239

rejection of, when priests and rabbis began DA 63

represented God’s law in His life SD 137

rescued truth from companionship with error 7T 35

reserve of, discouraged familiarity CT 262

resisted Satan by use of Scriptures 4T 45

rest often found by, at home of Lazarus DA 524

resurrected body of, apostles handled 6BC 1054

reverence shown for Sabbath by PK 183

rich young ruler’s heart read by DA 519

ruled no earthly kingdom MH 197

Sabbath was honored by DA 287

by healing the sick on it DA 207

See also Sabbath

Sabbath was kept by, according to God’s law DA 284; PK 183

sacrifices made by, at every step 6T 472

sang: beautiful psalms when in trial AH 443

David’s beautiful psalms 7BC 936

Psalms 66, 68, 72 often 3BC 1148

songs of praise DA 690; ML 238; WM 93

with His companions Ev 498

Sanhedrin’s rejection of DA 232

Satan made stronger attacks upon, than he makes on us SD 156

Satan prepared for three years to overcome, in Garden of Gethsemane DA 686-7

Satan seems to make, appear to be common man EW 91

Satan used his utmost cunning to destroy DA 65

Satan would have triumphed if, had admitted there could be excuse or sin DA 88

had yielded to one temptation DA 761

Satan’s assaults upon, more severe than man has ever passed through 1SM 94

Satan’s efforts to destroy, as soon as He was born DA 759

scientific knowledge of, surprised His parents and brothers FE 400

Scriptures were guide of DA 87

searching glance of, could read men’s hearts DA 162

self-consuming zeal of, to relieve wants and woes of humanity MB 12

self-denial of 1T 370-1

Jews did not admire SL 14

self-denying in His work FE 364

self-denying spirit of, in ministry 9T 87

self-sacrificing in His work FE 364

self-sacrificing love of, revealed on cross 9T 254

sensitive nature of DA 326

set example such as He wished His followers to imitate 5T 253

set for us example in: Christian living MYP 16; 8T 289

dealing with the erring 2T 566

obedience DA 24

overcoming appetite 4T 29, 257

perfect life 4T 615

resisting temptation 3T 477

sacrificial service 9T 101

self-denial and self-sacrifice 2BC 1028; TM 421

welfare ministry WM 53-8

winning souls 9T 127

shameful trial of, in judgment hall 5T 501-2

shared: His food with the poor DA 87

lot of the poor DA 73

sorrows of humanity 7T 272

shed tears and blood for man 5T 73

showed men how to overcome Satan 4T 45

sign and wonder from His youth FE 401

sin of covetousness frequently rebuked by 4T 82

sins of lost world overwhelmed, in Gethsemane 2T 204

sins of penitent thief were forgiven by DA 752

singer from His youth 5BC 1117; DA 73; Ev 498

singing of, morning light welcomed by MH 52

slept often on ground during cold, damp shades of night 3T 107

some chief events of lifework of, Daniel was shown PK 698

some people guilty of crucifying, repented and were converted DA 744-5

sorrows of children ever touched 2SM 238

sought: avenue to every heart COL 21

men wherever He could find them 3T 322

not to condemn but to save DA 462

to win souls wherever He found them DA 151

special contract with, Satan endeavored to make 1SM 287

spies continually on track of MH 51-2; 5T 291

spies sent by Jewish leaders to watch DA 213

Spirit led, into wilderness to be tempted DA 114, 126

spirit of, tortured by every sin, discord, and defiling lust DA 111

spirit of God’s law was shown in 5T 576

stirred up no strife 4T 139

stooped to minister to the humblest 4T 225

strengthened His humanity by prayer CT 323

strict obedience of, to God’s law was condemned as stubbornness DA 86

studied: God’s word MH 52

human race with intensity FE 403

study how, met people MM 299

subjected to all temptations 1SM 226

submission of, to abuse by enemies was voluntary DA 700

submitted to judicial oath when on trial 1T 203

suffered: calumny and persecution from cradle to grave MB 71

in proportion to perfection of His holiness DA 700; 5T 422

keenly under abuse and insult DA 700

more than men can be called upon to suffer 4T 86

sufferings and death of, Isaiah foretold AA 225-6

made salvation possible for man TM 377-8

sufferings and privation of 3T 18

sufferings of 2T 200-15

did not consist in physical pain alone 2T 214-5

for man’s sake 8T 209

for man’s salvation 1T 123-4; 4T 387

for sinners 1T 150-1

foretold by Him DA 415, 432; TM 35-6

from Gethsemane to Calvary 2T 207

ministers should meditate on 4T 379

OT Scriptures foretold AA 221-2, 225

on Calvary greater than those of martyrs 2T 214-5

on cross 1T 111

proportionate to His sinless and exalted character 1SM 107

proved that God will punish sin 3BC 1166

Psalms foretold PK 691

study anew, on cross 4T 375

will not shield the unrepentant from punishment FE 430

superhuman agony suffered by, in Gethsemane DA 687, 689

superhuman assaults of Satan endured by, in Gethsemane 5T 502

supplicated God’s throne till His humanity was charged with heavenly current Ed 80-1

sword of justice about to awake against, while He was in Gethsemane 2T 207

sympathy and heartfelt prayers needed by, in Gethsemane 2T 204-5

tasted sufferings of death in Gethsemane for every man DA 694

teachers of false doctrines opposed Ev 301

tears of children were often dried by 2SM 238

tears shed by, for impenitence and ingratitude of every individual to close of time 5T 72

temperance of, never led to bigotry or austerity CT 262; Ev 636; ML 187

temporary home of, in Capernaum DA 432

temptation pressed upon Him as He neared cross DA 486

temptations of pleasures of this life were overcome by 1SM 95

tempted: above all that man will ever be called upon to endure 5T 426

fiercely while dying on cross 2T 209-10

from childhood to manhood 7BC 929

in all points like as we are 5BC 1128; 8T 209

in Gethsemane 2T 203-4

more severely than any other person on earth 1SM 289

tempted and tried as people are today MH 422-3

tender and pitying love of, rebukes our selfishness and heartlessness 9T 31

tender love and goodness of, are inexhaustible WM 309

terrible sufferings of, on cross SR 225

testified to His regard for God’s law PK 183

things that made path of, thorny DA 326

three years a homeless wanderer 4T 219

time of: centuries preceding, darkness covered world during PK 687

characterized by physical degeneracy and mental stupor Ed 75

condition of world in Ed 74-6

religion consisted of display in SL 14

religion had declined in power and increased in pomp in MH 400

teachers in, instructed men in traditions, childish fables, and opinions of others FE 183

timing of every act of DA 147

tired of association with crafty and hypocritical men 4T 141

tomb of: had only one entrance 5BC 1114

heavy stone was rolled against entrance of DA 774, 778

host of angels guarded 5BC 1114; DA 779; EW 180-1

hosts of devils surrounded DA 779

100 Roman soldiers guarded DA 778

sealed with Roman seal DA 778; SR 228-9

women were unable to remove stone from DA 788

women visiting, did not all come from same direction DA 788

took little children into His arms and: blessed them AA 364; AH 273; CT 179; COL 338; GW 188; MM 19; 4T 141; WM 287

pressed them to His heart 5T 421

took little children upon His knee and talked to them WM 116

towns and cities of Palestine worked by 7T 268

traveled on foot DA 349, 570; Ev 58; MH 52; 4T 100, 373

during His ministry 9T 87

in humble and unpretending manner 2T 140

trial of: before Pilate resulted in conviction of many hearts EW 174

Sanhedrin violated its own rules in DA 699, 710

witnessed by some of His disciples DA 710-1; EW 171

tried: as criminal 3T 407

in every possible way 3T 67

to work for highest Jewish dignitaries Ev 564

triumphal entry of: contrasted with that of earth’s famous conquerors DA 572

foreshadowed His second advent DA 580

Isaiah was shown 4BC 1144

Lazarus led beast on which He rode in DA 572

persons who took special part in DA 572

purpose of DA 571-5

two guardian angels attended DA 832

understood: children’s trials and needs 4T 141

which disciples could best work together Ev 72-3

unerring pattern 2T 98

unflagging zeal of, in His labors 9T 25

united forces of adversaries of God and man opposed MB 29

unmistakable evidence given by, that He was sent of God TM 294

unselfish ministry of, should be our lesson book 9T 31

unveiled Father’s character to man 4T 418

uttered nothing in self-defense at His trial DA 706

victorious where Adam fell 4BC 1163; 5BC 1081-2

victory of, as complete as had been Adam’s failure DA 130; ML 323

vile abuse suffered by, during His trial EW 169-70

villages not neglected by Ev 52

walked: alone in midst of men DA 422

alone through childhood, youth, and manhood DA 92, 111; MH 18

in solitude in midst of men MB 26

pure and undefiled among men 7BC 907

side by side with peasants and laborers 4T 109

warfare against, Satan personally conducted DA 116

was cousin of John the Baptist DA 109

was free: from Jewish prejudice against Samaritans DA 188-9

to yield to Satan’s temptation 5BC 1082

watched continually for opportunities for personal labor MM 303

wearied frequently in body and spirit 2T 429

weariness of, from incessant ministry MB 102

weeping over Jerusalem, Moses was shown PP 475

went into wilderness of temptation in obedience to God DA 121

wept: at grave of Lazarus AH 204; DA 534, 575-6

over Jerusalem DA 353, 575-6; GC 18; MB 151; PP 475; SC 12; 1T 505; 4T 189, 191-2, 487; 5T 72, 258; 8T 32; TM 461

with compassion over sinner while abhorring sin 5T 422

what sustained, in His toil and sacrifice AA 601; MH 504; 8T 43

when tempted, passed over ground where Adam fell Te 282, 285

wherever he was, spoke to men of higher life COL 338

wholly dependent on God DA 363

why, chose to live among the poor MH 197-8

lived at Capernaum Ev 586; PK 73

lived on level of the poor WM 25-6

why opponents of, persecuted Him 1SM 71-2

willing obedience of, to God’s law 4T 294

wishes of, brought into strict abeyance to His mission MH 19

without prejudice of nation or people 5BC 1134

wonderful works of, attributed to devil DA 456

work accomplished by DA 217

work of: as example for us 9T 31

began in poverty and without worldly rank MM 158; 7T 101

ceremonial law’s relation to PP 367

consisted largely of personal interviews COL 229; Ev 443; MYP 203; 6T 115

Isaiah foretold AA 224-5

mark features of FE 359

one of constant self-sacrifice 1T 431

one of disinterested benevolence 1T 431

opposition of priests to CH 527

Pharisees opposed CH 527

Sadducees opposed CH 527

was to explain true meaning of laws of God’s government SD 55

when results and recompense of, will be seen by Him Ed 309

work of redemption was begun by, by overcoming on point of appetite CD 186

where Adam fell CD 153

works of, declared Him to be Messiah MH 36

marked Him as divine Son of God 1SM 232

works of mercy by, were positive offense to Pharisees DA 406

worked for: all classes of people MM 299; 6T 255; WM 95, 257

Jewish nobleman 6T 255

outcasts 6T 255

publicans 6T 255

rich and cultured Pharisee 6T 255

Roman ruler 6T 255

souls in rural areas Ev 58

souls in streets, private houses, synagogues, and by seaside 3T 322

worked in: lowliness and consecration 8T 183

simple lines GW 48

worked ingeniously to reach higher classes 6T 79

worked no miracle: in His own behalf DA 119, 729; EW 174

on His own account Te 285

world had sunk into universal apostasy and moral corruption in days of 5T 421

world was not place of ease and self-aggrandizement for DA 451

world would have been lost if, had admitted there could be excuse for sin DA 88

had sinned 5BC 1083; Te 275

worldly means not employed by, to secure homage and allegiance of men PK 692-3

worshiped by His followers DA 819

would have been put to death if Pilate had refused to condemn Him DA 732

would not: accept earthly throne DA 509

compel Judas Iscariot to be saved 5BC 1138

place Himself in peril to please Satan SD 211

prematurely expose Himself to danger DA 451

vindicate His relatives when they did wrong FE 402

wounds of, became trophies of victory in man’s behalf PK 701

wrought no miracle for Himself DA 119-20

wrought out man’s redemption by obedience to all of God’s commandments 7BC 927

zeal of, never led Him to become passionate ML 187

13. As Mediator 5BC 1145; 6BC 1061, 1077-8, 1116; 7BC 912; MYP 407; 1SM 243, 332; SR 155; 8T 179

all is ours that mediation of, secures MH 488

all-powerful Mediator GC 488

appointed mediator from creation 1SM 250

as: conqueror and not as petitioner GW 154; MYP 407

High Priest See High priest (Christ as)

man’s advocate MH 488

only mediator before God, Jews willingly ignorant of GC 430

before: altar of mercy MH 90

God GW 259

God’s throne GC 414

mercy seat in heaven 1BC 1109

between Israel and God 6BC 1061; 1SM 238

character and work of, priesthood represented DA 165

divine Mediator PK 48; PP 330

enthronement of, in His mediatorial kingdom after His ascension COL 120; ML 47

in His mediatorial kingdom was signalized by outpouring of Spirit COL 120; ML 47

faith in, cherished by men in every age SR 335

garments of vengeance put on by, when His intercession ceases LS 116-7

gives Spirit’s presence to His servants 7T 30

God is approached only through 7BC 912

God’s law proclaimed on Mt. Sinai by MB 46

great Mediator PP 353

great Minister in work of redemption 7BC 922

hand of, law of God was ordained at Sinai in MB 46

in: Father’s presence 4T 395

heavenly sanctuary 6BC 1077; CT 241; EW 48, 244; 4aSG 9

intercedes: for man before Father MYP 407

constantly in behalf of His people 6BC 1077-8; 1SM 344

is foundation and builder of church GC 416

kingly robes put on by, when His priestly ministry ends EW 281

last work of GC 427-8

man cannot see, with natural eye SR 155

men may present their sincere desire to God through GC 489

mediating for sinner FE 274

mediation of, as our Advocate MH 488

Father is glorified by 6T 364

Mediator of covenant Ev 615; 1SM 247

mediatorial robes of, laid off for garments of vengeance 8T 315

Moses as type of PP 330

only mediator between God and man 7BC 914; CH 374; EW 54-5; MH 228; 1SM 246; SR 335; 2T 591-2

only true Mediator SC 37; 5T 639

Paul speaks of SD 81

power of, illustration of PK 583

prayer of 5BC 1146

preparation of FE 402

prophecies re, understood by Him while on earth CT 260; FE 402

qualifications of, between God and man 1SM 257

work of: acceptance of light re SR 381

admits man into God’s audience chamber CG 468

as man’s Intercessor 7BC 930-1

as related to other worlds MYP 254

began after Adam fell 7BC 912

began before His ascension DA 819

benefits of, received by faith GC 430; SR 155

blessings of, shed upon His disciples GC 430

blessings we are to receive through PP 330

ceases before seven last plagues fall EW 36, 280-1

cessation of, in most holy place 8T 315

close of, in most holy place 3SG 134

closing of EW 279; GC 423-32; 5T 207-8; 8T 315

every advantage given to man through FE 452

Father is glorified by CT 14; 8T 177-8

first angel’s message points to closing of GC 435

for fallen man AA 157

for sinner’s shortcomings 1SM 344

give more study to Ev 120

how you should be at cessation of GC 425

illustrated by Moses PP 326

impressive illustration 5T 467-8

in holy place of heavenly sanctuary ended in 1844 EW 42-3, 86

incense as emblem of Te 43

inexhaustible subject GW 251

Jews rejected light re GC 430

kingdom of glory is established at close of GC 416

kingdom will be given to Him at close of GC 428, 480

lesson re, taught by shewbread PP 354

numberless pens have been used to present Ev 120; 6T 59

only through, do men receive temporal and spiritual food PP 354

persons who need to find consolation in 1T 566

persons who receive benefits of GC 430

probation closes at end of GC 428; PP 201

publicize, by pen and voice 6T 123

redemption of man through PP 366

rejecting light on, results of GC 430

Revelation 14 presents light re GC 435

Satan seeks to hold people in impenitence till close of GC 518

second advent follows close (completion) of AA 228; GC 485

solemn announcement at close of PP 201

studied since Adam’s time COL 127

study Ev 120; 6T 59

symbolized at threshing floor of Ornan GC 19

throne of David received by Him at close of GC 416

time of, in most holy place is nearly finished EW 58

time of trouble will begin at cessation of PP 201

trouble will be coming on earth before close of EW 85

unseen worlds preserved by MYP 254

what to do to share benefits of GC 488

why Jews received no benefit from GC 430

will be studied as long as time shall last COL 134; ML 360

See also Sections 2 and 9; High priest; Judgment (Investigative); Sanctuary (Heavenly)

14. As praying man

benefits and privileges of prayer for 2T 201-2

communed with Father in prayer MH 58

communed with God: by Bible study and prayer FE 402

early in morning COL 139; FE 402; MH 52

in quiet of olive groves MH 86-7

on mountainside or amid trees of forest MH 52

depended on prayer Ed 80-1

description of, in prayer DA 687-93; MB 102

dew and frost of night fell on, while bowed in prayer DA 420, 689; 2T 508

did not devote time to prayer when teaching people 2T 580

disciples impressed by communion of, with God COL 140

example of necessity of prayer 4T 528

felt need of prayer SC 94

few follow example of, in earnest and frequent prayer to God 2T 664

found praying: before dawn MH 30

in audible voice COL 140

given to prayer during 40 days of fasting 5BC 1080

had: hours for prayer MB 102

select places for prayer 2T 201

select places for secret prayer MB 84

hours spent in prayer by, at close of toilsome day MB 102

humanity of, made prayer necessity and privilege SC 94; 2T 202

importance of prayer in life of MH 500

knelt in prayer GW 178; PK 48

life and power of, prayer was secret of MH 51

lived life of prayer 9T 279

long hours spent by, communing with Father in solitude MB 102

long nights spent in prayer by DA 419; MH 500, 509; 4T 373

moon shone brightly on, at times 2T 202

needed disciples’ sympathy and prayers in Gethsemane DA 689

needed to: commune with God in secret place of prayer DA 363

turn aside for periods of rest and communion with God DA 362-3

night after night spent wholly in prayer by Ev 91, 663

night spent in prayer before: ordaining apostles MH 509

preaching Sermon on Mount DA 292; MB 4; MH 509

often in prayer DA 362; SC 93; 2T 582; 5T 161

in retirement of garden 5T 385

in some secluded place in early morning DA 90

on mountains and in desert places 1T 505

on mountainside DA 419; MH 509; 5T 385

often in earnest prayer 2T 508; 5T 385

our example in prayer 2T 201-2, 664

prayed: as our substitute and surety ML 260

in lonely groves on mountains 2T 582

much 2T 508; 7T 251

on cross for His revilers and murderers DA 744, 760; EW 176; MB 71; PP 140; SR 222; 2T 208-9

with strong crying and tears DA 419-20; 3T 379; 4T 373, 528

prayed aloud COL 140; MB 102

in private prayer MB 102

prayed for: Himself 2T 508

His disciples 2T 508; 4T 529

people who felt no need of prayer 4T 528

strength to endure test for humanity’s sake DA 420

prayer life of GW 255-6; 2T 508-9

received wisdom and power through solitary prayer Ed 259

refreshed and invigorated by: prayer 2T 201-2; 4T 528

seasons of private prayer MB 102

repaired often to mountains for solitary prayer DA 151

resorted to: Gethsemane often for prayer 2T 203

lonely grove for prayer 2T 582

mountains for prayer 2T 582

olive groves and hills for prayer SD 135

retired to mountains for communion with God MH 55, 58

sought: communion with Father in prayer after day of labor 2T 202

Father daily for fresh supplies of grace AA 56

retired place for prayer 2T 508

stillness of night chosen by, for prayer 2T 508

strength of, was in prayer SD 136

strengthened by communion with God MH 55-6

strengthened by prayer for: duties and trials 2T 201

His work COL 139

strengthened His: faith by prayer AA 56

humanity by prayer CT 323; GW 256

sustained in His work by continual communion or prayer Ed 80-1; GW 255-6

time devoted to prayer by, after busy day 2T 582

turned to Father in hours of distress 2T 509

united prayer with work Ev 91, 663; 4T 373

urged upon men need of prayer CT 29

went: aside to pray for power DA 379

into mountain for prayer after feeding 5,000 DA 379

often to Gethsemane for prayer and meditation DA 674, 685-6

whole night(s) spent in prayer by DA 260, 321, 686; GC 666; GW 115, 256; MH 509; 1T 505; 2T 202, 508; 3T 322-3; 4T 373, 528; 9T 45

after triumphal entry DA 581

for His disciples DA 292, 419, 689

for us 3T 379

in mountains DA 419

in solitude of mountains SD 136

on lonely mountains 3T 379

on Mt. of Olives 2T 508; 4T 528

when preparing for some great trial or work MH 509

with three disciples on lonely mountain DA 419-20

wisdom and power received by, in hours of solitary prayer Ed 259

15. As Sin Bearer 4BC 1178; 5BC 1102-3; 7BC 925, 941; DA 264, 278, 624, 703, 751, 755-6; FE 370, 394; 1SM 215, 308-10; SR 225; 6T 20, 67, 124; TM 246

as divine Substitute See Section 1

as propitiation for man’s sins was greatest sacrifice ever made DA 565

as sin-pardoning Saviour, students should learn how to present CT 370; Ev 264

became: offering for guilty man 6BC 1061

propitiation for man’s sin 1SM 237

sin for human race SC 45-6

sinner’s substitute 7BC 925; 5T 25

because of our transgression of God’s law FE 370

bore: curse of law in our behalf 1SM 258

curse of sin for us PP 522

judicial punishment for man’s iniquity SR 225

justice of punishment of man’s sins SD 48

our sins in order that He might impart to us His righteousness CM 43-4

penalty for sin 6T 230

penalty of our transgressions 5BC 1138; 4BC 1147-8; CM 77; PP 69-70

sins of the guilty AA 451

wrath of God for sinful world 5BC 1103

bore guilt of: Adam and that of his posterity DA 598-9

our transgression GC 540; PP 64

sins of world EW 150; SD 48; 1SM 302

sinful man 7BC 925-6; CM 76-7; COL 169; DA 329, 685, 755; FE 429; GC 651; MH 71; PP 63; SD 25; 1SM 322

bore punishment of: our sins 6BC 1070; FE 429

repenting sinner 6BC 1070; FE 429

condemned for our sins 8T 208

could not be: diverted from His mission 9T 217

forced to yield to temptation without His consent DA 125

could not come in form of angel to save man 7BC 925

death pronounced upon transgressor of God’s law was suffered by 5BC 1103

did not die: for Hebrews alone 7BC 934; 4T 121

that men might continue in sin TM 161-2

to make sin immortal attribute TM 134

died: in sinner’s place 5BC 1127; 1SM 313; 2T 200

because men are helpless to save themselves 1SM 351

for all mankind 7BC 934; 4T 121