EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Christ (Part 5 of 18)

instead of sinner 1SM 340

died for every man 4BC 1159

individually PP 277

died as: guilty sinner PP 64

man’s substitute 5BC 1127; DA 741

died that: death might not be eternal sleep to man 5T 313

man might have another trial TM 134

expiatory sufferings of, privilege of comprehending far more than we do DA 660

Father assumed toward, character of judge TM 246

Father divested Himself of endearing qualities of father toward TM 246

full penalty of broken law was suffered by, for whole world TM 134

given as hostage for redemption of man 1SM 258

God’s law maintained by inflicting its penalty on 1SM 301-2

God’s wrath fell upon, instead of sinner 1SM 313

great sacrifice made by, meditate upon 1T 504

great Sin Bearer 3BC 1146; DA 568; MH 90

infinite price paid by, for man’s redemption 4T 76

knowledge of, importance of 1SM 264

laid down His life voluntarily 5BC 1127; DA 484

life of: could ransom man from sin EW 150

crushed out by sense of God’s wrath against sin DA 687

given as daily sacrifice for man MYP 16

given to purchase redemption for sinner MM 264

offered as sacrifice for sinners PP 343

woes of lost world crushed out GC 651

lifted up between heavens and earth as guilty sinner PP 64

love for sinners led, to pay price of redemption PK 692

made: His soul offering for sin GC 18; MYP 255; 4T 418

solemn oblation of Himself FE 382

make clear reason why, made His great sacrifice TM 220

man’s iniquity was laid upon DA 753

might have drawn back from sacrifice of Calvary GC 348

must endure God’s wrath against transgression DA 686

not to be sacrificed second time PP 411

nothing but death of, could save man from sin EW 127, 150, 152

offered Himself as: complete sacrifice for all CS 53

sacrifice in behalf of fallen man AA 227-8

sacrifice for sin FE 432

sacrificial victim AA 33; 7BC 933; DA 668; FE 432

offering of, exceedingly abundant for every soul DA 566

is complete COL 156

only sin bearer 7BC 913

on cross, felt much as sinners will feel under God’s wrath 2T 210

penalty of our transgressions of God’s law suffered by FE 197; 2T 209

rendered to justice the sufferings of a God 7BC 913

sacrificed His life because of man’s transgression FE 370

separated from Father by bearing man’s guilt DA 693; PP 63

sins of men placed, on cross of Calvary MB 128

sin offering was expression of faith in PP 356

soul of, made offering for man’s sins 7BC 924

students need more distinct views of CT 370

substitute and surety for humanity 5BC 1126; SR 225

suffered: as substitute and surety for sinful man PK 691

death which was ours 8T 209

for men individually 9T 102

in order that man’s sins might be pardoned through faith in Him FE 370

in sinner’s stead SC 32

under divine justice for sinners DA 686

voluntarily 7BC 904; 1SM 322

suffered in: place of sinful men 7BC 904

sinner’s stead SC 32

took: curse of disobedience upon Himself 1SM 237

guilt of the disobedient upon Himself SC 32

man’s guilt and its penalty 7BC 925

our sins upon Himself 1SM 233

punishment that sinner deserves FE 370

sinner’s MB 9

transgressor’s guilt upon Himself SD 239

vicarious sacrifice of, for sinful man SR 225

why no other than, could save us from sin SC 14

why sinful man could not be saved without SC 31-2

would have died to save only one sinner COL 187, 196; DA 483; MH 135; 8T 73

only two souls EW 159

16. As Sinless One 5BC 1113; CT 268; DA 110-1, 329, 462; GC 212; MB 116; MH 71, 89; PK 701; SC 93-4; 2T 202

appellations of: Infinite Purity DA 36, 461

Innocent 8T 208

Innocent One GC 213

the Sinless PK 701

baptism of, was not confession of guilt DA 111

became: like one of us except in sin SD 23

sin for human race SC 45-6

began in purity and holiness where first Adam began ML 323

blameless Son of God DA 311; MH 422; 8T 286

while He shared man’s lot DA 311; MH 422; 8T 286

born without taint of sin 7BC 925

brother in our infirmities but not in possessing like passions 2T 202

did no wrong action WM 287

did not: become sinner by His incarnation SD 25

consent to sin DA 123

did not possess: like passions as ours 2T 202

passions of man’s fallen nature 2T 509

did not yield to temptation once 4BC 1163

not even by thought DA 123

died as sinless offering 7BC 932

divine wrath would have come upon, if He had sinned 1SM 256

earth would have become Satan’s kingdom if, had failed DA 687

example of sinless life DA 49

faultless 1SM 70; 3T 336; 4T 541

faultless pattern for men ML 252

free from: all sin and error 7BC 929

slightest stain of sin MM 20; WM 53-4

taint of sin 7BC 927

full and perfect sacrifice by, as sinless offering LS 246

great sinless propitiation 7BC 925

guiltless, bore punishment of the guilty 1SM 322

had no: evil propensity 5BC 1128

inclination to corruption 5BC 1128

propensities of sin 5BC 1128

taint of corruption 5BC 1128

had perfect hatred for sin 5BC 1142; 7BC 904; 1SM 254, 322

holy and pure 5T 426

human race would have been forever in Satan’s power if, had failed DA 687

human soul of, was holy 2T 201

humanity of, was perfect DA 664

image of God in, no trace of sin marred DA 71; FE 443

in taking man’s nature did not in the least participate in its sin 5BC 1131; 1SM 256

is the one faultless character 4T 541

knew not least taint of sin or defilement 1SM 253

life and death of, would have been of no value if He had not been without sin 7BC 933

life of, as man was perfect at each stage of development COL 83

lived sinless life COL 83; CT 141; DA 312; MH 180, 422-3; SC 62; 1SM 226; 8T 286

before His baptism DA 109

lived spotless life DA 237; 2T 50

from manger to cross 1SM 223

nature of, recoiled from evil SC 93-4; 2T 202

untainted by sin 4T 528

needed no repentance DA 110

never committed sin 5BC 1114

never degraded His soul with one foul blot of sin FE 251

never leave slightest impression that taint of or inclination to corruption rested on 5BC 1128

never overcome by temptation ML 317

never sinned once with His lips 7BC 936

no evil propensity in, as man 5BC 1128

no human weakness or imperfection manifested by PP 480

no pollution of sin received by, as result of His incarnation DA 266; MH 70

no repentance needed by, to submit to rite of baptism DA 110

no sin in 1SM 114

no stain of sin in DA 196; SD 25

no thought or feeling of, responded to temptation GC 623; 5T 422

not one impure word escaped lips of WM 287

nothing in, responded to Satan’s sophistry DA 123

obedient and sinless unto death 1SM 342

one unsanctified act by, would have marred the pattern SD 148

only sinless one who ever dwelt on earth DA 72

perfect as man 1T 339; TM 173

perfect in His life DA 311

perfect purity of, as example for us ML 300

only a sacrificial offering “without blemish” could be symbol of PP 352

Satan could not lead Him by one act or even thought to stain PK 701

perfect sinlessness of human nature of, have no misgivings re 5BC 1131; 1SM 256

perfect specimen of sinless humanity 7BC 907

perfection revealed in, God expects from us CG 477

plan of salvation would have failed if, had sinned 1T 294

pure and spotless Lamb of God 4T 374

pure and undefiled, He walked among men GW 121

pure and unsullied, bore penalty of man’s transgression CM 77

purity and elevated morality of, awed men 3T 422

purity and moral dignity of, awed men 4T 263

purity of His divine character maintained in His human nature ML 323

sacrifice of, was sinless offering LS 246

Satan would have gained whole human family if, had yielded to one temptation PK 701

Satan would have triumphed if: had admitted excuse for sin DA 88

had yielded to one temptation PK 701

one sin could have been found in Him DA 761

sin found no place in 5BC 1117

sinless and exalted character of 1SM 107

sinless life was lived by 1SM 226

sinless offering of, sacrificial offerings prefigured 4aSG 69

sinless soul of, took guilt of sinful man CM 76-7

soul of, was kept untainted by sin 7BC 927

spirit of stainless purity of, shrank from spectacle of evil DA 461

spiritual nature of, free from every taint of sin 5BC 1104

spotless character of, results of closely viewing 5T 471-2

spotless Lamb of God DA 652; SD 25; TM 38, 95

animal sacrifices typified PP 68

spotless life of, imitate 2T 50

spotless purity of, as example for us GW 121

was continual reproof of sin EW 178

spotless Redeemer LS 84

spotless righteousness of, is perpetual reproach to all sin 1SM 254

spotless Son of God DA 755; GC 540; SC 13, 24, 32

spotlessly pure PP 140

stainless life of, rebuked many DA 89

stainless purity of DA 461

tempted in all points as we are, yet untainted by corruption 7BC 907

yet without one taint of sin SD 148

the sinless, became sin for man GC 540

suffered for the sinful 9T 283

though He possessed human form yet He was without taint of sin WM 287

took man’s nature but not its sinfulness 7BC 912, 925

took on: Himself infirmities of humanity and lived sinless life MH 180

His sinless nature man’s sinful nature MM 181

His sinless soul guilt of sinful man CM 76

unexplained mystery that, could be tempted in all points and yet be without sin 5BC 1128-9

unsullied purity of, sin was offensive to DA 568

untainted by: corruption from His first entrance into world 7BC 907

evil that surrounded Him DA 389

was: perfect in His humanity TM 173

sinless 6BC 1074; 7BC 926, 933; PK 701; SC 45; Te 275

without taint of sin 4T 528

without one taint of disloyalty or sin SD 48; 1SM 302

world would have been lost if, had admitted excuse for sin DA 88

had committed one sin DA 88

world would have perished if, had failed Te 275

would not have been perfect offering if He had sinned 5BC 1081

17. As sociable person

accepted hospitality of all classes DA 150-1

accepted invitations to: dine with the poor and afflicted ML 186

dine with the learned and noble ML 186

feasts given by acquaintances MH 24-5

private feasts WM 287

ate with common sinners 2T 21

attended: many innocent festivities AH 100

private feasts of Pharisees and publicans WM 287

descended to level of the young 4T 141

did not refuse to mingle with others in friendly intercourse 6T 173

dined and lodged with rich and poor 3T 214

found pleasure in scenes of innocent happiness DA 151

guest at home of Martha and Mary DA 525-6, 557; FE 132

had no time for exciting and useless amusements ML 131

highly social CT 262; Ev 636

yet did not encourage undue familiarity ML 187

invited to eat with publicans and sinners FE 482

mingled with: common people MH 197

Samaritans freely AA 19; DA 193; MH 26

the lowly CG 346

not exclusive DA 86

publicans and sinners not excluded from presence of 5BC 1120

rest and peace found by, in society of innocent children CT 179; 4T 141

sat and ate with Pharisees and publicans 5BC 1088

sociable man 6T 173

sociable spirit of, manifest by association with all classes MH 26

sociability of, examples of MH 24-5

social in His nature DA 150-1; ML 186; Te 193

social kindliness of, showed He recognized dignity of humanity DA 274; MH 26

social life of DA 89-92; GW 335; MH 197; WM 287

table talk controlled by, at feasts WM 287

18. As Son of God DA 457-8; PP 34-8

allied by birth to human race 1SM 227

alone, could bear guilt of world DA 469

called by names listed in Isa. 9:6 DA 25

claim as, mocked during His trial before high priest DA 710

claim of, was ridiculed 2T 207

claimed God as His Father in highest sense DA 207-8

desired that all know His relationship with Father DA 536

divine Son of God 5BC 1150; 2T 203

while helpless child DA 87-8

divine Sonship of, He testified to 1SM 253

doctrine of Sonship of, Paul taught EW 201

erroneous teachings re Ev 614

eternal Son of God in union and oneness with Father Ev 615; 1SM 247

faith in, evidence of DA 564

gives men power to obey DA 24

God has revealed Himself in MH 418-9

God is Father of FE 401; 8T 268

great Intercessor in sinner’s behalf PP 140

Jews preferred criminal Barabbas instead of TM 38

linked the created with the Uncreated MYP 253

men may have witness in themselves re SC 112

miracle of resurrecting Lazarus witnessed that He was DA 539

Nebuchadnezzar recognized PK 509

no robbery with, to act in office of God SD 301

Only Begotten, given by Father to come to earth to redeem man 1SM 156, 258

Only Begotten of: Father COL 120

God PP 34, 36

only-begotten Son DA 22, 25, 469, 483

of God FE 370; 8T 288

pre-existent and self-existent Ev 615

shares throne of universe DA 25

Son of: David was also DA 609

God and Son of man 7BC 926; GC 6; 1SM 25; 5T 746; 8T 202

God while Son of human being 5BC 1114-5; 1SM 227

Infinite God FE 400

the Eternal DA 112

the Highest GC 314

the Most High DA 147

Sonship of, to the Eternal was declared before Sanhedrin DA 231

spotless, given as our example SC 32

hung on cross to save man DA 755

supremacy of, Satan’s opposition to PP 34-40

tabernacled in humanity DA 26

title of, gained in new sense by His incarnation 5BC 1114-5; 1SM 226-7

19. As Son of man DA 25-6

appointed to execute judgment DA 210

Creator and creature while Son of man 7BC 926

gave man example of obedience DA 24

is our brother MH 104

love of, for every human being DA 638

Satan’s plans to overcome PP 66

shares throne of universe DA 25

the divine and the human in, each had distinct individuality 5BC 1129

were closely and inseparably one 5BC 1129

was: Son of God and Son of man 7BC 926; GC 6; 1SM 25; 5T 746; 8T 202

Son of God while Son of human being 5BC 1114-5; 1SM 227

20. As speaker

appealed to every heart Ed 231

arguments drawn by: from God’s word DA 208

from unceasing rounds of nature DA 208

audience that listened to, described DA 245

calm, earnest, and impressive while preaching Ev 184

came down to level of children MH 42

comparisons used by, in teaching FE 236

consideration given by, to His surroundings when teaching 2T 580

conversation of, at feasts differed from usual sort WM 287

could be understood by the poor, unlearned, and most simple-minded 5T 254

dealt with men individually Ed 231

did not: aim to attract attention by eloquence CSW 182

censure human weakness SC 12

contradict His own teaching DA 149

disdain to repeat old and familiar prophetic truths Ev 56; FE 237

perplex the ignorant with mysterious inferences GW 50

resort to noisy disputation PK 693

rush sentence upon sentence without pause CT 240

sermonize as ministers do today Ev 57

speak in hurried way CT 240

wait for congregations to assemble DA 194

did not claim obedience through: strength of argument 4T 139

voice of command 4T 139

discourses of: plain, close, searching, and practical 4T 396

so plain and simple that humblest mind comprehended them 3T 214

the most intellectual gratified and charmed by 3T 214

were spiritual explanation of His ministry for the afflicted MM 194

drew attention of best educated and deepest thinkers SD 86

dwelt largely on subject of endowment of Spirit 1SM 156

earnest rather than vehement DA 254

effects of discourses of, on faces of hearers 5T 253

emphasized words to which He wished hearers to give special heed CT 240

familiar illustrations used by, to make truth plain to common people SD 86

favorite theme of, God’s paternal tenderness and abundant grace was COL 40; 6T 55; TM 192

few sermons preached by Ev 441

figures and illustrations drawn from natural world by FE 236

figures of speech often used by, to give plainest and most telling rebuke FE 236

figures used by, in presenting truth CT 240; Ev 131

generally chose open air for His discourses 2T 579-80

gestures of, children imitated CH 499; WM 57

impressed people CH 498-9

great truths clothed with beauty and charm by Ev 56

great truths presented by, in simple language Ev 56

great truths unfolded by, little by little to people Ev 484

guarded in His words TM 253

had infinite variety of subjects from which to choose 1SM 156

had message for the illiterate and for the heathen DA 254

hearers of, charmed by His way of teaching MH 24

high-sounding words not used by CT 240

how, attracted large congregations DA 254

gathered crowds of listeners DA 194

illustrated: His lessons clearly for most simple minds 4T 260

sacred truths by the natural CT 178-9

the unknown by the known CT 178

illustrations used by Ev 565

from experiences of life COL 22

from nature AH 222; COL 17, 22, 24; CT 140, 178-9; CW 108; DA 70, 244-5, 254, 291; Ev 148-9, 565; FE 236; MB 38; MH 54; ML 294; 2T 579-80; 3T 375

from scenes familiar to hearers CW 107-8

from things of daily life CT 261

were appropriate Ev 148; MH 24

were simple and yet had wonderful depth of meaning CT 261

imparted only knowledge that could be utilized 8T 310

instruction given by: confined to needs of people’s condition in practical life MH 448

nothing vague or hard to understand in 7T 269

so simple that all understood Him 5T 588

was simple Ev 148

was definite, simple, and practical GW 50

was direct MH 24

kept silent re many things Ev 57, 202

knew when to speak and when to keep silent GW 317

language of: no dictionary needed to understand 5BC 1120

so simple children could understand Him CH 498

so simple people could not fail to understand Him MH 23

unlearned and ignorant persons could understand 5BC 1120

was adapted to minds of common people 4T 260

was plain CSW 182; 5T 254

was pure, refined, and clear as running stream DA 253

was simple 5BC 1120; CT 261-2

learned and unlearned understood 5T 588

lessons presented by, weighty with eternal issues CW 22-3

lessons taught by: from flowers of field SC 123-4

from habits of birds SC 123

so simple a child could understand them SD 266

were eloquent with simplicity SD 266

were impressive, beautiful, and weighty with importance SD 266

long and difficult words not used by GW 169; 4T 260

made no: effort to show His deep knowledge 5T 588

parade of human eloquence 5T 254

marvelous truth expressed by, in simplest language DA 254

meaning of, no one had to consult learned doctors re GW 50

messages of, varied to suit His audience DA 254

most important discourse of, preached to only one listener 3T 217-8

most precious instruction given by, to only one listener Ed 231

never gave answer that was not to point GW 317

never made truth cruel GW 117

never spoke: discourteous word SD 319

severe word needlessly DA 353; GW 117; SC 12

no hesitancy in manner of FE 236-7

no idle tales or false theories presented by, clothed in beautiful language 8T 201

no man ever spoke words like those of DA 210

no shadow of doubt in utterances of FE 236-7

no sophistries or human opinions presented by 8T 201

no unkind or discourteous expression used by DA 515

old truths presented by, in new and precious light TM 190

outward gestures not used by, to impress His teachings upon hearers CT 399

parables and comparisons used by, as best method of communicating truth FE 236

parables of See Parable

parables used by, in teaching COL 21-2; CT 140; Ev 131; FE 236

people could catch on to what He said before next sentence was spoken Ev 670

plain language used by 4T 260

poor and unlearned could comprehend GW 50

power of, lay not in strong array of sharp words 3T 477; 7T 156

people held spellbound by MB 6

practical truths presented by, so common people could understand them 8T 201

preaching of, like sharp and two-edged sword 2SM 159

presented: old truth in its original freshness and beauty FE 237

old truths of which He Himself was originator COL 127

truth in most forcible and simple language GW 49-50

truth so children could comprehend His words SD 86

words of life with such simplicity that child could understand them CH 498; WM 57

raised no inappropriate question GW 317

reached heart through imagination DA 254

reproved with: love and pity 4T 66

severity sometimes 4T 66

reset lost jewels of truth in their proper framework FE 237

Sabbath sermons of, not always preached in buildings CG 534

said nothing to: gratify curiosity 8T 201

unsettle faith in religion and institutions given by Moses MB 47

scathing rebukes of, for hypocrisy and corruption 1SM 70

seldom attempted to prove that truth is truth Ev 171

Sermon on Mount by, is so simple a child can study it without being misled FE 407

simple language always used by CT 261; FE 236

simplicity and earnestness hallowed every word of CT 262

sought to make His: instruction plain and simple 2T 579

teachings interesting 2T 580

sought to meet minds of common people CW 107

spake as never man spake CW 80

spoke: as one having authority DA 253

as one who understood every part of His subject FE 237

directly to every mind Ed 231

of things which His own hands had made CT 179

slowly and impressively CT 240

to all mankind Ed 82

to few with same earnestness as to many DA 194

truth always in love DA 353

truth in plain and direct manner Ev 56

spoke (talked) in: forcible language GW 49-50

pathetic manner 2T 615

simple language CT 261-2; GW 49-50

simplicity and earnestness MH 24

slow and calm manner Ev 670

tenderness and sympathy MM 299

spoke with: authority 8T 201

authority and irresistible force on occasions SD 303

authority exclusively His own FE 407

certainty and convincing power DA 305

clearness ML 190; 7T 269

emphasis 7T 269

great authority on occasions 5BC 1084

great clearness and simplicity WM 288

loving earnestness CSW 182

simplicity AA 28; ML 190

solemn and convincing force 7T 269

sympathy and tenderness Ev 53; MM 299; WM 95

words that were clear and distinct WM 95

spoke word(s) of: comfort and hope to weary mothers AA 364; MM 19

encouragement to mothers AH 273

God MH 122

style of, was plain, simple, and comprehensive CW 107

subjects presented by: people of all classes of society were affected and charmed by 3T 215

to meet case of every class 3T 214

symbols used by, familiar to hearers CT 240

talent of speech used by, in way without fault WM 286

taught: subjects most essential to salvation Ev 57

with such simplicity that child could understand Him WM 57

theme of, truth of heavenly origin was FE 401

theme of message of, salvation for chief of sinners was DA 753

thoughts and sentiments of, greatest simplicity marked 5T 254

thoughts of, expressed with greatest simplicity CSW 182

truth always uttered by, in love GW 117; SC 12

truth came from lips of, beautiful in its simplicity TM 190

truth clothed with dignity and power by TM 190

truth illustrated by, in all its bearing Ev 171

truth made beautiful by, in presenting it in most direct and simple way DA 253

truth spoken plainly by, during early part of His ministry COL 20

truth was presented by, in its original simplicity and clearness 7T 35

in its simplicity 4T 314

tumult quelled by, with few quiet words of command DA 378

unaccustomed and learned words not used by GW 50

unbelief and iniquity fearlessly denounced by DA 353; SC 12

used plain language understood by common people 4T 260

utterance(s) of: not harsh and disagreeable 7T 269

vital force and impressiveness given to Ev 56

were clear and plain DA 210

uttered nothing fanciful or sentimental 8T 201

was persuasive 4T 569

watched faces of His hearers DA 255; Ed 231; Ev 158; GW 48-9

why so many people gladly listened to DA 92

words of: child could understand GW 115

clear and distinct Ev 53; MM 299

contain nothing unessential CT 439

contained no particle of chaff or semblance of that which is nonessential FE 407

easily understood 8T 308

emphasis placed on, impressed people CH 499

gracious, simple, and plain DA 365

most highly educated people were charmed with DA 254

not spoken in whispered tones 7T 269

penetrated hearts Ev 670

people spellbound and entranced by SD 303

sharp arrows GW 150-1

so plain the weakest could understand them EW 160

sweet and sympathetic spirit shone out in DA 254

sympathetic and cheerful Ev 148; MH 24

tested knowledge of deep and unprejudiced thinkers CT 261

uneducated people were always profited by DA 254

unlike anything heard from priest or rabbi MB 42

See also Section 36

21. Before His incarnation

angels acknowledged, as Sovereign of heaven GC 495; SR 14

angels honored and adored 5BC 1129; 2SM 238

angels loved and worshiped PP 36-7

angels worshiped EW 150; PP 36; SC 13; 1SM 247-8; 2T 467; 4T 219, 458

as Majesty of heaven was exalted above angels 7BC 928

authority of, Satan and his angels rebelled against EW 145-6; SR 13-5

before creation of world was pledged to redeem man 1SM 226; TM 264

directed that John the Baptist should not drink wine MH 333

dwelt in: everlasting heights of sanctuary CT 22; FE 190

innermost sanctuary of the Eternal COL 38; Ed 73

efforts of, to save Lucifer from ruin GC 494; PP 36

every detail of His earthly life foreseen by DA 410

Father invested, with authority to command angels SR 13

glory of eternal and self-existent One encircled PP 36

God communicated with humanity through DA 116

had station of high command 4T 121

honor conferred upon, by Father SR 13, 15

imparted to angels commands of Father 3SG 36

Jerusalem guarded by, more than 1,000 years DA 576

knew of: fall of man before it happened DA 22

Satan’s apostasy before it happened DA 22

led loyal angels in casting Satan out of heaven DA 119, 493; EW 146; MH 94; 3SG 38; SR 19; 1T 626

loving authority of, not questioned before Satan rebelled SR 15, 25

Lucifer became jealous of EW 145-6; PP 34-8; 3SG 36-8; SR 13-7

Lucifer sinned and rebelled before creation of world by EW 145-6; PP 34-5, 52; 3SG 33-7; SR 13-4, 19-20

man’s Redeemer DA 210

from beginning of world COL 126

only Being who could enter into all counsels and purposes of God was GC 493; PP 34, 36

passed from world to world PP 69

plan of salvation announced to angels by EW 126-7, 149-52; PP 63-70; SR 46-51

position of, Father’s statement re PP 37-8

sat on throne of universe COL 36; GW 111-2

Satan accused, of design to humiliate him before inhabitants of heaven GC 496

shared Father’s: counsels PP 37

throne PP 36

showed to Lucifer unchanging nature of God’s law GC 494

stature of, lofty 4T 159

taller than angels 7BC 904; 4aSG 115, 119

stood: at right hand of Father PP 38; SR 15; 4T 121

in councils of God COL 38; Ed 73; SD 26

supremacy of, angels joyfully acknowledged PP 36; SR 13-4

never questioned until Lucifer’s rebellion PP 38-9

Satan and his angels refused to acknowledge PP 40

sympathy and sorrow expressed by, when man sinned EW 149

taken into special counsel of God SR 14

was Commander in: heaven COL 190-1

heavenly courts 6BC 1103-4; WM 53

was Commander of: heaven 5BC 1130; 8T 222

heavenly intelligences 5BC 1126; MM 160; 1SM 247-8

heavenly host 5BC 1118; 7BC 904; DA 72; MH 399; ML 299

was man’s Redeemer from eternity 9T 220

wept at Satan’s woe after his fall SR 26

worked 4,000 years for man’s uplifting DA 759

22. Birth of DA 43-9

angel’s announcement re, to Mary DA 81-2, 145

born amid rudest surroundings Ed 77

born in: poverty 9T 185

rude building where beasts were sheltered DA 44, 48-9

stable Ev 421; EW 153; FE 406; 5T 269

wretched hovel prepared for cattle GC 313

born of: humble parentage MM 158; 7T 101

lowly parentage 9T 185

seed of David according to human descent 5BC 1130

born of line of: Abraham PP 125

David DA 44

Shem PP 117

tribe of Judah PP 236

born of seed of Abraham DA 44

circumstances of, allusions made to DA 467

contempt cast upon Him because of DA 88

human, represented by Jews as blot on His history DA 387

humble DA 63

clear distinction made between His relation to Mary by, as Son of man and Son of God DA 147

could claim only God as His Father DA 69, 82

date of, concealed AH 477

no certainty regarding AH 477

disclaimed kinship to Joseph DA 82

divine Fatherhood of, Joseph and Mary kept in remembrance 5BC 1116; SD 134

event fraught with greatest joy to all people GC 313

first-born Son of Mary DA 50-1

great event to all worlds ML 300

He declared His Sonship to God by DA 82

He was dependent at, on hospitality of strangers DA 569

humble DA 196

Isaiah foretold GC 46

lowly AA 244; GC 666; MH 197

His life was in harmony with 1SM 260

unfeeling wretches commented on 2T 207

lowly origin of, Jewish leaders referred scornfully to DA 387

Magi used by God to call attention of Jews to DA 64

mightiest angel proclaimed, on hills of Bethlehem DA 780

Moses was shown PP 475

mysterious, Jewish insinuations re DA 387

mystery of, He did not attempt to explain DA 387

occurred: before Roman ruler sat in palace on Mt. Zion DA 103

500 years after prophecy of Dan. 9: 24-27 was given DA 98

4,000 years after fall of Adam 5BC 1139; DA 49, 117, 759; 1SM 267, 269

parentage of, priests and rulers taunted Him re DA 715

regarded as doubtful by Jewish leaders DA 387

persecutors sneered at DA 760

place of, foretold AA 224; DA 44, 62; GC 313; PK 697

prophecy was fulfilled in GC 28

prophecies re DA 31-8

Satan seeks to make it appear that there is nothing miraculous about EW 91-2

Satan’s knowledge re DA 115

second temple was built about 500 years before GC 23

time of: described DA 31-8

humanity was greatly degenerated at 3T 139

Jewish church’s condition at GC 568

world’s condition at 4BC 1153; CT 28; 7T 225

was: miracle 5BC 1128

supernatural 1SM 253

without worldly grandeur EW 153

See also Section 33

23. Blood of

alone, forgiveness of sin is found in 1SM 107

alone can cleanse man from sin MH 428; SC 29; 8T 291

as perpetual curse to Jewish nation DA 739

blood of slain lamb represented GW 156

faith in cleansing, essential to forgiveness of sin 2T 293

is never-failing passport FE 252

must be applied: continually 4T 122

to your heart daily 4T 123

only remedy for sin is 5T 218

shed, blood of Passover lamb symbolized SD 227

blood of sacrificial victims symbolized SD 225

sinner could be redeemed only by MH 502; 4T 458

symbolized in rite of cleansing leper 1BC 1111

24. Brothers of

accused Him of cowardice for refusing to unite with them in forbidden acts DA 89

alarmed by His bold statements DA 321

angered because: He did not strive for worldly greatness DA 88

He was content in lowliest position DA 88

angered by His spotless life 5BC 1117

annoyed at His questions and answers FE 400

at Feast of Tabernacles DA 450

attitude of, toward Him DA 450-1

attributed cowardice and weakness to Him DA 450

charged Him with: being too peculiar and too particular FE 401

thinking Himself superior to them DA 87

concern of, for His health DA 321; MB 102

for His work DA 321

condemned freely in Him that which they could not understand DA 326

could not: comprehend Him FE 400

explain His peace and serenity FE 401

fathom mission He came to fulfill CH 527; DA 326

lead Him into sin FE 401

deeply impressed by His works DA 450-1

desired that He concede to their ideas DA 326

did not: believe He was the Sent of God DA 90

comprehend His mission DA 111

discern the divine blended with the human in Him DA 326

rank themselves with His disciples DA 450

sympathize with Him in His trials CH 527; DA 326

did not understand: His conduct DA 87

mystery of His mission DA 88

disappointed when so many disciples forsook Him DA 451

displeased by His conduct DA 87

far from sympathizing with His work DA 321

feared for His life MH 55

felt: He should be under their dictation DA 87

His influence went far to counteract theirs DA 87

had not true perception of His character DA 326

heard of charges made against Him by Pharisees DA 321

“if” of, that expressed doubt and unbelief concerning Him DA 450

indignant at His denunciation of scribes and Pharisees DA 321

irritated continually by His example DA 88

James as one of See James

jealous of Him DA 87

judged Him from their point of view DA 326

looked upon Him as in need of their counsel DA 326

loved by Him DA 87

manifested most decided unbelief and contempt for Him DA 87

Mary and, desired to see Him while He was teaching CH 526-7; DA 325-7

feared for His life MH 55

misunderstood Him because He was not like them DA 88

offended because He: declared Himself to be Bread of Life DA 451

did not seek temporal throne DA 451

often provoked to anger SD 143

older than He DA 87

philosophy of Pharisees often brought against Him by DA 326

provoked by His contentment in any position DA 88; FE 401

rarely rebuked by Him for wrongdoing DA 88

reasoned from selfish motives DA 451

received no benefit from connection with Him unless they accepted Him as personal Saviour DA 325

reports re His life and labors filled, with astonishment and dismay DA 321

reproaches of, probed Him to the quick DA 326

reproved Him for setting Himself above their teachers and priests and rulers DA 87

sided with rabbis against Him DA 86

sisters and: at Nazareth when He was rejected there DA 236

were children of Joseph 5BC 1135; DA 86, 90, 321, 450

were taught multitudinous traditions and ceremonies of rabbis FE 439

sought to: direct His work DA 451

prescribe course He should pursue DA 451

prevail on Him to be more prudent CH 526; DA 321

spirit and words of, often wounded His heart DA 326

spiritual relationship of, to Him DA 325-7

standard of, His standard was not DA 88

surprised at His stores of wisdom and display of scientific knowledge FE 400

thought He was beside Himself in claiming divine authority DA 326

threatened and tried to intimidate Him often DA 87

treated by Him with unfailing kindness DA 87

tried to influence Him in His work CH 526-7

urged Him to: attend Feast of Tabernacles DA 450-1

present Himself publicly as Messiah DA 450, 485-6

used coarse and unappreciative words toward Him DA 326

watched Him with anxiety DA 450

were children of Joseph 5BC 1135; DA 86, 90, 321, 450

25. Character of

absolutely perfect MM 20; WM 53-4

appreciation of, sin becomes hateful as result of DA 668

as seen by Roman soldiers DA 735

beauty and fragrance of, life that reveals COL 420

beautiful in symmetry DA 68

beauty of, Jewish rulers envied COL 293

behold 6T 59

character in harmony with, how God develops in men 4T 86

Christian who represents, in home COL 403

Christian’s model is 7BC 970

completeness of, qualities that mark SD 102

contemplating, result of SL 83

crowning glory of attributes of, is His holiness CT 402

divine: He took man’s nature that men might become acquainted with COL 17

erroneous doctrine that contradicts Bible testimony re GC 524

failure of Pharisees to discern DA 322

men’s minds so darkened by sin they could not see, beneath garb of humanity 5T 746-7

need of recognizing DA 608

sign of, given to John the Baptist at His baptism DA 110, 112

soul transformed by grace admires SC 65

divine-human, study carefully MH 491

dwell on SC 89

erroneous idea of, many people have SC 120

every lovely trait in 5T 421

exalted, disciples did not rightly appreciate DA 564

excellence of, found in no other man 7BC 904

rich young ruler might have had DA 519

exemplify 5T 32

fresh thought re, person who will communicate MB 20

genial and beneficent GW 334-5

glory of God’s attributes expressed in COL 115

God was revealed in MH 32; PK 693

gospel workers who do not represent MH 493

graces of, must be implanted in our hearts 5T 174