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Child, Children (Part 1 of 5)

Child, Children

1. Classes of

2. Discipline of

3. Management of

4. Mind(s) of

5. Need(s)

6. Need(s) or ought to

7. Need(s) or ought to be

8. Ought not to

9. Ought not to be

10. Seventh-day Adventist

11. Should be taught (educated or trained) to

12. Should be educated (instructed, taught, or trained) to be

13. Should be taught that

14. Should not be permitted to

15. Small (very young)

16. Teach (educate, instruct, or train)

17. Training (education) of

18. Miscellaneous


1. Classes of

Abraham’s, training and instruction given to PP 141-4

accustomed to work, useful work never seems liked drudgery to CG 122

addicted to self-abuse, should not use eggs CD 204; MM 287

adult: should honor and respect parents 2T 308

should look after parents’ comfort 1T 217

should respect parents 1T 217

who prize faithful parents AH 292

allowed to: be on streets at night, are demoralized by evil companions FE 63

cry for what he wants CG 213

disregard parental authority, disregard divine authority 5T 323

do as they please, insubordination grows in CG 326

follow bent of their own minds are unfit for any responsible position in life 3T 26

hold reins in tiny fists 4T 383

indulge passion, true love is not manifested toward 2T 701

please, amuse, and glorify themselves CG 178

remain in bed late in morning 2T 182

spend hours in play, problem of disciplining FE 65

allowed to have their own way: almost impossible to arouse moral sensibilities of 5T 327

become curse to society 5T 325

have little reverence for parents 5T 327

is not happy 4T 202

war against order, discipline, and subordination 5T 305

allowed too much freedom, do not become godly CG 271

apparently careless and indifferent, need love and sympathy GW 208

apparently unpromising, has been blessing to world Ed 266

as corrupt as hell itself 2T 360

attending SDA schools should be educated in truth found in Bible 6T 131

averse to work 1T 394

as result of wrong training 1T 686

away from home, what strangers read in SD 113

bathed properly is less inclined to impure practices CG 461

bearing fruit in pride and moral worthlessness MH 389-90

becoming prodigals by indulgence in home are many CG 271

behaving at home will behave in church 2SG 289

bereft of father, comfort for 2SM 265

best-behaved, Christ’s love is not limited to CT 195

better off in boarding school than at home FE 313

between babyhood and adulthood do not receive right attention AH 197

bewildered by sharp words and continual censure CT 195

blessed by Christ: later became martyrs for His sake CT 180

later life of MH 41

boarding, EGW’s experience with CG 125-6

born diseased, because of parent’s gratification of appetite 2T 383

born diseased physically and mentally, parental responsibility for 2SM 424

born filled with humors, mother of 2T 378-9

born insane, deformed, blind, and deaf are many 3T 140

born of father who practiced self-abuse 2T 350-1

born of parents enslaved by animal appetites, suffering of 2SM 431

born of sensual parents, inheritance of 2T 391

born suffering with various diseases 2SM 428

born to parents controlled by corrupt passions, are worthless 2T 351

sink lower in scale than their parents 2T 351

born with: animal passions largely in ascendency, parental responsibility for 2T 478-80

animal propensities largely developed 2T 391

enfeebled constitutions 2SM 465

feeble digestive power 2T 378

impoverished blood 2T 378

moral faculties feebly developed are many 2T 480

weak moral and intellectual organs 2T 478

breaking away from family circle as soon as possible AH 155

brilliant of intellect, parents’ duty re CG 188

capricious 2T 325

care and affection for dependent, makes us tender and sympathetic 2T 647

censured habitually develop spirit of “I don’t care” 3T 532

Christian, prefer God-fearing parents’ approbation above every earthly blessing 1T 392

clothed in ragged garments, God is not pleased to see CH 103

complaining of: fatigue 2T 481

side ache 1T 687

confessing and asking forgiveness for wrongs CG 250-1

consulting taste to injury of stomach commit sin 2SM 440

contaminated by evil communications, tenderness of soul dies away in 5T 320

controlled by love of pleasure, bitter results seen in lives of CG 178-9

controlled by religious principles are fortified against vice and corruption 2T 287

corrupt, about whom Satan has woven strong bands 2T 361

dedicated to God, angels guard 1T 398

deficient in intellect are many 3T 140

delicate in health as result of errors in diet CG 389

dependent and loving, call forth sympathy, care, and patience 2T 649-50

depraved by self-abuse 2T 402-3

desiring company of strangers Te 209-10

desiring to be baptized, what to do re 6T 94

destitute of courtesy or respect for parents 5T 319

disciplined properly: are happier than undisciplined CT 113; 4T 381-2

in principles of truth possess inestimable power for good CG 163

will later bless parents for it CT 161

discouraged by faultfinding CG 176

discouraged under injustice 3T 532

dishonoring and disobeying parents have no part in new earth MYP 331; 1T 497-8

disliking: dishwashing AH 300

home duties AH 300

tasks that do not meet their taste 2T 182

disobedient: duty of faithful parents who have CG 173-4

grieve parents MYP 333-4

have weak and impulsive characters CT 112

one, will do great harm to his associates CG 87

should be corrected CG 244-57

when, should not be punished CG 244

disobedient and rebellious, souls galled and distressed by conduct of 2T 76

disorderly and boisterous, displease God 2T 698

disrespectful in school, parents can be blamed for CG 98

disrespectful to parents 3T 149

disrespecting parental authority, God’s curse upon 4T 205

disrespecting parents break God’s law SD 130

doing cheerfully their domestic duties will be rewarded with health and peace FE 420

doing well, judicious commendation is great help to CG 260

drifting away from old landmarks are many 5T 330

dull, have patience with 4T 521

dwarfed physically and mentally by secret vice 2T 402

eating improperly: animal passions predominate in 4aSG 132

often feeble, pale, and dwarfed 4aSG 132

often nervous, excitable, and irritable 4aSG 132

educated, who is deficient in firmness and decision FE 57

educated in SDA boarding schools usually make more advancement FE 313

educated properly love to be useful AH 36

educated rightly will be used in closing work of gospel 6T 202-3

eight to ten years of age: open air should be only schoolroom of 3T 137

parents should be only teachers of FE 61; 3T 137

treasures of nature should be only textbook of 3T 137

eight to 12 years old, are old enough to be addressed on subject of personal religion 1T 400

endowed with treasure more precious than wealth of all ages MH 376

erring: Christ’s love and tender compassion for 4T 207

deal tenderly and yet firmly with 7T 11

do not become impatient with CG 151

father should manifest solicitude and tender love for 4T 362

parents’ duty re CG 242-3

why parents should deal gently with CG 264-5

erring and misbehaving, teachers’ duty re CT 196-7

ever filled with discontent CG 230

failing to learn to obey will have weak and impulsive characters CT 112

failing to succeed in anything, defective training of 3T 148

faithfully brought up, as light in world AH 536

falling into temptation, parents should forgive 1T 387

familiar with truths of God’s word, have barrier against ungodliness GW 208

father ruled by, before she was able to walk 4T 383

fatherless See Orphan

faultfinding, fretful, and scolding CG 480

fearing parents but not loving them CG 147-8; CT 113; FE 68

fed too frequently become peevish, irritable, and frequently sick CD 229

feeble instead of robust, too much food makes CG 391

feeling aggrieved and insulted when anyone refuses to yield to their wishes 4T 201

fighting, how parents develop CG 251

finding it more difficult to learn than do others CT 192

finding more pleasure: among strangers than at home FE 155; 1T 385

in street than at home FE 155

finding no sympathy and companionship at home will look to other sources MH 389

finding nothing attractive at home AH 249

first, should be trained with great care CG 27

flattered and indulged, seek to rule over associates 4T 201

to their ruin 3T 143-4

forming habits of obedience and self-control at home have little difficulty in school life CT 150

forward, bold, and impertinent CG 38

forward and impudent 4T 200

from five to 15 years of age are often given to vice 4aSG 132

getting education in street AH 155; CG 171; 5T 232

given to sensual habits should not use eggs MH 320; 2T 712

given to tantrums CG 283

how EGW dealt with CG 249

giving themselves to His service, God is pleased with PP 573

godless, do not give way to inclination of CG 277

going to school to spoil it CG 126

grateful and reverent, happy parents of PK 245

grievous and trying, have patience with 4T 521

growing, do not relax discipline to meet inclination of CG 277

need every advantage to perfect physical frame MH 382

growing up coarse, selfish, rude, and disobedient CG 171

growing up in idleness, what Satan does with CG 123

growing up to be: lazy CG 122-3

shiftless and useless CG 122; COL 345

growing up to love, honor, and obey God CG 66

growing up with: uncontrolled passions 5T 38

undisciplined will 5T 38

growing up without restraint, parental responsibility for PP 578-9

grown-up, men and women are only CSW 108

habitually making excuse for going out of church services 2T 482

habitually turning night into day CG 112

having: blood filled with scrofulous humors from both parents 2T 379

delicate appetites CD 239

inherited weak vitality need utmost care AH 259

little desire for society of young associates 1T 388

poisoned bones and bloodstream 3T 454

their own way to their destruction CG 237-8

unclean bodies, God is not pleased to see CH 103

unrestrained desires give loose rein to lower passions CD 399-400

vicious tempers may need painful discipline 2T 259

having had very unhappy childhood CG 212-3

having nervous temperament, diet of CG 390

should not go to school without breakfast CG 390

having no: definite purpose or fixed principles Ed 279

desire to wander from home MH 394

love for home AH 529-30; Te 209-10

respect for teachers CG 98

having objectionable traits of character, teacher’s duty to CT 195

having peculiar temperaments, how to manage CT 116

having perverse will 4T 381-3

needs most judicious discipline 4T 363

headstrong, defiant, and rebellious AH 310

headstrong and willful, what makes 3T 195

Hebrew, given training in useful work PP 593

heedless of mother’s prayers Te 209-10

helping others, increase their own happiness and usefulness 7T 63

holding grudge against world 4T 202

homeless See Orphan

how pure and innocent, are driven into bad company 2SM 434

huddled in poverty and filth 2SM 422

idle: Satan keeps, busy AH 285

Satan makes workshop of minds of CG 120

Satan ready to find something to employ FE 417

will be exposed to evil influences 1T 398

ill-disciplined, become arbitrary rulers of their homes 4T 202

go through life at cross-purposes with world 4T 202

impatient when they cannot have their own way 5T 545

impolite at home SD 113

in church should be kept quiet and free from play CG 543

inclined to infidelity by mother’s lack of faith in God 5T 64

indolent and selfish, parents’ mistake in dealing with CG 195

indulged: become selfish, exacting, disobedient, unthankful, and unholy 3T 141

become willful, passionate, and unlovely FE 157

girl who was 2T 558-65

grow up unrestrained in desires 1T 686

soon lose all respect for parents PP 579

indulged and allowed to grow up unrestrained in desires are curse to all 1T 393

indulged and petted 4T 383

nearly spoiled by injudicious affection 1T 700

indulged and untrained, better off removed from injudicious parents 4T 429

infatuated with lovesick sentimentalism 2T 482

inheriting objectionable traits of character, Christ looks with pity on MH 44

inheriting selfishness from parents are many CG 132

injured by unwise petting and sympathy from parents 2T 558

innocent, suffer because of mother’s indiscretion during pregnancy 2T 383

instructed carefully, corrupted by evil associates in schools and colleges MH 403

instructed faithfully: make best use of their physical, mental, and spiritual powers 7T 186-7

will be light bearers 7T 186-7

will rightly influence others 7T 66

will support persons bearing responsibility 7T 186

instructed properly will be witnesses to truth CT 170

Jewish, blessed by laying on of hands by rabbis DA 511

keeping God’s law, blessings that accrue to SD 39

kept back from exciting amusements, impatience of 1T 391

kept in school nearly all year, intellectual deficiency of 3T 142

lacking: in civility SD 113

self-control and disliking parental control Te 177

lacking religious instruction, Satan sows tares in hearts of AH 319

large army of, may be found faithful to God MYP 333

led easily by judgment of others, defective training of 3T 132-3

left to: come and go as they please are not happy 5T 305

come up instead of being brought up and educated 2T 94

come up like brutes 2SM 421, 425

come up untrained, unloving, and unloved, parental accountability for 3T 454

come up with less attention than is given to dumb animals 2SM 426

depend on own resources generally prize their abilities 3T 123

do as they please become spoiled CG 176

grow up in idleness, worthlessness of 1T 218-9

grow up with will undisciplined and passions uncontrolled 5T 38

grow up without restraint PP 579

have their own way are not happy 5T 305

their unformed judgment and undisciplined passions PP 142

think they can do as they please 8T 224

lightly regarding parental authority, do not respect God’s authority 5T 305

like unruly colts, scolding does not help CG 248

living aimless lives as do butterflies 2T 236

living in cities, are exposed to many temptations AH 137-8

are in peril 5T 232

living in last days are noted for disobedience and disrespect for authority 1T 217

losing: relish for church services 5T 37

respect for parents CG 236

respect for Sabbath 5T 37

lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God 2T 285-6

loving parents shows that love by willing obedience SL 81

loving storybooks but not relishing God’s word AH 417; 3T 81

low in scale of morality, influence associates in school 4T 206

lying, mistake parents make in dealing with CG 195

majority of, live for their own pleasure SD 132

making slow intellectual advancement AH 523-4

manifesting spirit of “I don’t care” CG 509; 1T 385

many, have at best but slight hold on life FE 60

will be endued with Spirit in near future CT 166-7

martyred, seen in vision re new earth EW 19; 2SG 54; 1T 69

mentally unbalanced, defective training that produces 3T 26

minds of unruly, should be diverted into another channel CG 248

ministers’, sometimes are most neglected children in world GW 206

modern: imagine yielding to parental authority is evidence of weakness SD 143

marked characteristics of CSW 46

mighty truths which God desires to reveal through PK 490

too-fast, should be restrained 2T 460

unhealthful practices of past generations affect MH 328

most, are left to come up 2T 648

will have reading matter AH 411

most attractive, are natural and unaffected COL 83; CT 141

most neglected, in world GW 206

multiplied faster than they could be well trained 2SM 425

murmuring and fretting, because everything does not suit them 1T 393

needing mother’s soothing embrace AH 197

neglected, used by Satan to influence the carefully trained 6T 193

who did not receive treatment given cattle 2T 94

neglecting their appointed work should be required to do it CG 248

nervous: should not be overtaxed in any direction CT 145; FE 416

should not learn music till physically well developed CT 145; FE 416

work in garden and field benefits CT 186-7; 6T 179

nervous and impatient of restraint, what makes CD 181

never disciplined at home are problems of school discipline 4T 429

noisy CG 97

not carefully trained and disciplined will go astray AH 249

not educated to self-control plant thorns in hearts of parents 3T 454

not perseveringly and patiently trained in right way, form wrong habits CG 200

noticed and praised too much become bold, forward, impertinent CG 38

numerous, left to come up like brutes 2SM 421

obeying God’s law, blessings promised to SD 40

of debauchery and crime infect other children with vices MH 345

of dissolute parents, inheritance of 2SM 422-3

of families connected by marriage should not settle within few miles of one another 3T 55

of mixed marriages 2SM 343-4

of mother having diseased imagination and suffering imaginary ailments, need sympathy, patient instruction and tender care 2T 535-6

of noisy and boisterous parents become noisy and almost unbearable CG 27

of our hearths are as dear to Christ as those of long ago DA 512

of stubborn will should not be forced into submission CG 212

of unbelieving parents AH 293

of wealthy parents AH 389-90

generally trained to life of idleness and self-indulgence SD 236

old and gray-headed, fifth commandment is binding upon 2BC 1025

older: duty of, to younger members of family AH 285

exert strong influence on younger members of family 3T 337

should aid widowed mother 2SM 265

should be parents’ assistants Ed 285

one undisciplined, has incited nation to murmuring and rebellion 3T 294

peace and harmony of church marred by 3T 294

orphan See Orphan

overindulged, suffer because mind is not sufficiently occupied with proper subjects 5T 91

pale and dwarfed 2SM 471

pampered, future of 4T 201-2

passionate CG 480

minister who indulged his 4T 382

passionate and overbearing and undisciplined, seek to bend others to their will 4T 201

passionate and perverse in disposition CG 93-4

permitted to follow their perverted imagination, parental responsibility for 5T 325

dishonor God 5T 325

personally attractive CG 37

perverse, indulgence of whims and passions of 4T 381

petted, pride fostered in 2T 460

petted and favored, find it difficult to change when grown up 2T 230

petted and indulged: are unhappy and make others unhappy 1T 219

become headstrong and self-willed 2T 460

expect others to favor them and yield to them 1T 392-3, 685

till spoiled for practical life 3T 143

who will condemn parents in judgment 1T 219

worry their way through world 1T 393, 685

petted and waited upon, always expect it 1T 392, 685

playing, Christ’s tenderness and sympathy for DA 74

poor, Christian youth’s duty to SD 268

poorest and weakest, God accepts most humble offering of 2T 258

possessing objectionable traits of character, Christ’s unutterable longing for MH 44

possessing rare natural abilities CG 37

powerless to resist temptation 3T 564

practicing secret vice: are curse to society 2T 402

deceive parents 2T 471

lie and deceive 2T 401

parents’ duty re 2T 402-3

practicing self-abuse, eggs are harmful to 2T 362

who were byword in mouths of blasphemers 2T 403

prepared to meet sophistries of infidelity PP 143

presuming to interrupt conversations 4T 200

profligate and steeped in vice as result of neglect of home training FE 286

promised, should receive good legacy from parents PP 561

proud 4T 98

puny and weakly 2T 533

quarrelsome See Quarrelsome children

quarrelsome and vicious, who are a curse to society 2T 402

quick and passionate in disposition, need special care CG 93

quick to resent injuries, faith has precious lessons for Ed 256-7

reaching suitable age should be provided tools CG 355; CT 122

really desiring to do right need encouragement to energy and perseverance CG 263

rebellious: godly father’s discipline of 4aSG 51

how to deal with 4T 362-3

who should be expelled from school 4T 205-6

receiving less care than do domestic animals 2SM 426

refusing to heed parental instruction CG 173

released from responsibilities, grow up worthless at home and abroad 1T 218-9

remorse of impenitent, in day of judgment MYP 334

restless, given cake or candies to keep them still 2SM 435

testimony of pale faces of 2SM 435

restless and wayward, need careful training and tender guidance AH 276

restless in church service CG 544

robbed of: food, clothing, and education by slaves of appetite CD 423

health by conformity to fashion 2T 532

vitality before birth 2T 94

rude and uncourteous, are reproach to Adventist name 5T 424

ruined by interference of relatives in home government are many CG 288

ruling parents CG 91-2

seeking pleasure and enjoyment away from home 1T 385

seeking to rule over associates 4T 201

self-conceited 4T 98

selfish, as crushing burden to church 4T 193

selfish and inefficient, what makes 3T 46

self-willed, it is greatest cruelty not to correct CG 289

self-willed and irritable, what makes CD 181

sensitive, mother’s duty to AH 527

sent to public schools, demoralizing influences injure CT 200

sharing in household duties, God approves DA 72

should be parents’ helping hand in work for Christ 7T 63

showing no respect for order or discipline, cannot enter heaven 4T 429

sickly and irritable, as result of intemperance 2SM 435

dietary habits of CD 240

six years old and upward should understand their share of life’s burdens 2T 700

some: naturally more obstinate than others CG 237

need more attention than others CG 207

need more patient discipline than others CT 115

some straying, will come to their senses later CT 112

speaking rudely one to another SD 113

spoiled: carries great burden through life CG 213; CT 112

parents’ duty re FE 69

who threw food on the floor CD 240

woman who was like 2T 231

spoiled by: mismanagement AH 312

praise and petting CG 141

stealing away to pleasures they think parents forbid CG 285

stubborn and rebellious, stoned in ancient times 4T 204-5

studying great lesson book of nature, God impresses minds of 8T 326

subject to rough usage, Christ’s heart touched by helplessness of Ed 294; FE 265

subjected by force or through fear, future of 3T 133

suffering as result of parents’ transgression, are many CH 37; MH 234

of laws of their being 2T 383

swelling with self-importance, parental responsibility for 4T 200-1

taken from faithful parents by death will be restored at second advent CG 565-6; PK 239

taught fables instead of truth will rise up and curse parents 4BC 1157

taught intemperance in eating by parents 4aSG 132

teasing parents in order to have their way CG 284

teen-age, who imagine they are prodigies CG 178-9

ten to 18 years old, see no harm in worldly associations CT 327; 1T 391

thousands of: are moral wrecks 3T 568

are slaves to appetite and debasing vice FE 140; 3T 568

are victims of parental mismanagement CG 277

die as result of ignorance of laws of their being FE 160

die as result of parents’ ignorance of laws of hygiene CT 126

die because of ignorance of parents and teachers 3T 135-6

die because of ignorance of persons who care for them FE 145-6

faithful work of parents would add, to church CSW 50

false idea that ruins 5T 541

lack of restraint ruins 5T 541

left uneducated in homes CG 119

throwing itself on floor and screaming in anger CG 92-3

toiling from morning till night without recreation 1T 484

too-fast, parents should restrain 2T 460

trained improperly, Satan ruins others by means of 7T 66

trained like animals but not educated 3T 133

trained properly: are example and encouragement to others CT 150

are support to teachers CT 150

become blessing to home, church, and society 5T 324

trained rightly, will be useful members of society DA 72

trained rightly at home are few Ed 279

trained to practical duties, will be useful members of society CT 148; FE 420

trained to share home responsibilities, become useful members of society DA 72

treated with severity when young AH 362

troublesome and destructive, education that makes CG 101

trusted, are often in concealed iniquity 1T 156

twelve years old, feel they must follow their own desires SD 129

two, sacrificed to father’s blind errors and ignorant bigotry 2T 379

unable to enjoy their own company CG 230

unaccustomed to work, complain of aches and pains 1T 687

unbelieving, bequeathing property to 3T 121

means of faithful parents should not be entrusted to 2T 99, 658-9

unconverted, are lawful prey of Satan CT 118

because of parental lack of reverence for sacred things 5T 497

under strict discipline at all times, become impatient and wish to do as they please 1T 391

undisciplined: are curse and reproach to SDA faith 5T 327

become impatient of restraint 1T 218-9

become vain, frivolous, willful, and extravagant 5T 327

bring reproach and disgrace to themselves and families 4T 201

chafe under restraint 4T 92

college’s problem of training 5T 29

demoralize other youth 4T 204

exert bad influence on associates 5T 38-9

firm and undeviating course would improve 4T 500

future of 4T 201

mother who had been 5T 327

parental responsibility for 5T 29

Satan’s great power over parents’ minds is through 4T 194

self-will and self-love in 1T 219

work of church hindered by influence of 4T 193

undisciplined at home, become problem in college 4T 428-9

undisciplined during first three years will be hard to control Te 177

unfaithful, parents who transmit their means to 2T 652

unfit to be useful members of society 2T 535-6

unfortunate, brought up by mothers lacking true moral worth 2T 535-6

unhappy and unamiable, parental responsibility for FE 67

unkind to parents, God marks disrespectful words of 2T 82

unloved by stepmother, father’s duty to 2T 58

unlovely and unhappy, as result of foolish and misdirected affection 5T 325

unloving and unloved 3T 454

unpromising: how to deal with CT 115-6

need greatest patience and kindness CG 260

tenderly seek for ChS 217

unrestrained, who are disgrace to church and name of SDA 5T 51

unruly, scolding does not help CG 248

unruly and disobedient, plant thorns in parents’ hearts 3T 454

unruly and dissembling, do much to demoralize youth of church 4T 199

help to break down authority in school 4T 199

unruly and passionate, who are curse to society 2T 402

unsubdued and rebellious, church’s prosperity endangered by 4T 202

unthankful and unholy 3T 149

untrained and undisciplined, blunders become inheritance of CT 112-3

using artifice on parents in order to have their way CG 284

vain, indulgence in dress makes CG 141

vicious, corrupt society in which they mingle 2T 362

victims of parental mismanagement, greatest loss sustained by FE 65

visiting CG 114-5

do not allow, to sleep in same bed or room with your children CG 115, 460

vitiated by stimulating food becomes drunkard or tobacco slave of later years LS 224

Waldensian See Waldenses

walking in light, are kind and courteous CG 83

wayward, how to deal with CT 115-6

parental responsibility for CG 235

warning to parents re amusements for CG 278

weak in mental and moral power 3T 133

wealthy, labor is blessing to 3T 154-5

weaned from parents by harshness and severity 4T 362-3

why modern, are not more religiously inclined 1T 546-7

wild, parents’ erroneous opinion re future of 1T 403

with stubborn will, how to deal with CG 211-2; 7T 47-8

working in sanitariums, endangered by contacts with pleasure-loving and irreligious worldlings 8T 223-5

wrong-minded, mother who yielded to strong will of 5T 326-7

yield readily to temptation MYP 78-9

young, should not be under teachers proud and unloving 6T 201

young and erring, sin of indulging CG 272

young and inexperienced, wealthy parents’ division of property among 3T 129-30

2. Discipline of CG 223-68; CT 111-8, 191-200, 264-70; Ed 288-97

Aaron’s neglect of, results of 3T 294-5

administer: faithfully when children do wrong CG 260

in way to win rather than to repel CT 117

with love and forbearance AH 279

administered by impulse is improper CG 263

allow your temper to cool before giving correction in CG 246

angry parent arouses child’s worst passions in CG 245

avoid use of rod in, if it is possible CT 116

be firm but kind in CG 259; CT 214

begin, when child begins to choose his own will and way CG 230

being severe and exacting in, is great mistake 3T 532

best, work is CG 126

carried too far, instance of 2T 98

child’s individuality must not be destroyed by FE 57

children lacking, must be saved if possible CT 153

children often confused as to what constitutes CG 280

children show hatred for CG 233

children who often regard, as unnecessary restraint Ed 279

children without, will be unhappy CG 213

Christ’s rule in Lk. 6:31 should be followed in Ed 292-3

coaxing in, only fosters passion in child CG 283

college should have parents’ support in CG 334-6

commence first lesson of, when children are babes in arms 1T 218

constant faultfinding in, is wrong 3T 531

continual censuring in, hardens children and weans them from parents 1T 398

continual faultfinding in, hardens child 4T 61

continual whipping in, hardens child 1T 398

correct, Bible lays down rules for 4T 313

needed in school FE 454-66

correct method of 1T 398

correct wrong in, with words of tenderness and love AH 440

correcting wrongs in, let love be most prominent in AH 440

corrective, parents’ duty re CG 244-57

crisis in, how parents should meet 7T 47-8

decided failure in, instance of 4T 198-9

despotism in, terrible mistake of CG 262

disagreement of parents in CG 239

disregard of God’s word in, consequences of 5T 305

do not censure unduly in CG 38

Eli’s neglect and failure re, results of PP 575-80

erroneous, ill effects of CG 171, 202, 230, 248, 280, 282, 284; 3T 133

experience of JW and EGW in 2SG 212; 1T 102

extremes of excessive indulgence and undue severity in, avoid CG 263; CT 113-4; 2T 433

failure of parents to uphold teacher in 5T 51-2

failure to administer, parental accountability to God for CT 155

faithfulness and love should reign in CT 212

father who flies into passion in 4T 362

father who manifests insane outbursts of temper in 4T 369

father who was severe and unreasonable in 4T 136-7

father’s duty to administer 1T 547

fathers’ weakness in AH 314

follow every correction in, with drops of oil of kindness CT 212

for trifling mistakes, avoid faultfinding or severe censure in 1T 401

gentle, binds them to mother’s heart CT 114

giving correction in: calls for humility, patience, and prayer CG 245

deal kindly and tenderly in CG 246

do not act harshly in CG 151, 246

do not lose self-control in CG 246

do not speak abruptly in CG 151

new methods of, parents who should try CG 262-3

passionate, is improper CG 263

that creates two evils instead of correcting one 1T 398

that encourages evil CG 245

that produces no good 1T 398

God has given to parents work of 4T 397

guilt of parents who neglect 4T 204

hard and cold command in, does no good AH 439-40

hard censure in, discourages children CG 263

is improper CG 263

harsh reproof in, confirms evil ways in child 4T 103

severs cords of affection in child 4T 103

harsh tones of voice in, ill affect child CG 282

harsh words in: grieve Christ 4T 398

ill effects of AH 439-40

make child stubborn CT 212

provoke resistance CG 280

harshness in: disgusts child CG 280

does not reform child 4T 362-3

drives souls into Satan’s net CT 114

ill effects of 2T 259-60

makes children averse to all religious instruction CG 280

parents warned against 2T 58

heavenly oil of love needed in administering COL 337

how to administer 3T 532

immediate, children who appear to be well trained while under FE 57-8; 3T 132-4

impatience in, ill effects of 2T 365

impatience of parents in, excites impatience in children 1T 398

iron rule of, evil of 3T 132

it is hard to establish, after neglecting it in child’s early years CG 83

it is wicked to shirk responsibility of 4T 201

just and correct, God blesses CG 232

justice has twin sister in, which is love CG 262

which is mercy CG 262

keep calm when administering CT 214

kindly and loving and firm, child’s future well-being requires CT 112

lack of union between parents in 2SG 254-6

loud-voiced commands should not be given in CT 116

love and duty must be blended in 3T 195

manifest hatred for CG 233

manifest no undue severity in AH 307

many parents err by indulgence in CT 113

mercy and love and tenderness in, must not degenerate into weakness and sentimentality CT 214

method of, that seldom fails CG 244

mingle, with sympathy, love, and great tenderness 2T 98

molding children’s minds by, see need of 3T 25

mother cannot neglect proper, with impunity AH 268

mother who administered, when she was excited and angry 4T 140

mother’s duty re 4T 140-1

mothers’ weakness in AH 315

mother’s wrong, ill effects of 4T 500

needed in SS CSW 171-81

neglect of: how child’s character is affected by 4T 91-2

ill effects of PP 575-80

moral leprosy that results from 5T 327-8

neglect of child’s early training makes, painful process Ed 295-6

neglected, results of CG 175-83, 327

never administer, as if child were animal 3T 132

never be harsh or condemnatory in CT 214

never be ironhearted in CG 263

never manifest overbearing spirit in CT 214

never speak in scolding manner in AH 432; CG 286

never speak loud and passionate words in CG 260

new methods of, parents who should try CG 262-3

not always the same for each child CG 207

object of, is to train child for self-government Ed 287

objectives in CG 223-8

overbearing severity in, does not reform 4T 362-3

pain of, joy may follow Ed 296

parents must exercise self-control in administering 1T 398

parents need self-control in 1T 218

parents should be united in AH 313; 2SG 254-6

parents should co-operate with college teachers in 4T 428-9

parents should co-operate with teacher in CT 153-5; Ed 283-6; FE 64-5; 2T 558-9; 4T 496-7

parents should not administer, in heat of anger CG 254

in spirit of impatience or in passion 1T 398

parents should not strike child with angry blows in CG 280

parents who administer, with rod of iron CT 113

parents who forbear to administer, thinking child is too young to obey CT 111-2

parents’ need before administering CG 71, 245, 268

parent’s perverse, God will require account of 4T 369

parental authority must not be abused in CG 262

parental failure re, souls lost because of 4T 92

parental neglect of, is fruitful source of evil in many families 4T 192-3

passionate, makes child fight and quarrel CG 251

patience needed in 5T 305

patient, some children need more CT 115

pray with child before administering punishment in CG 245-6, 252

problem of, in school CT 264-70

proper, children are happiest under ML 164

institution of learning should recognize importance of FE 63

parents should administer 4T 92

punishment in CG 244-57; 1T 398; 2T 365

should be done from sense of duty CG 252-3

with rod CG 251

reaction to CG 279-87

refuse to be provoked to anger in CT 214

reproof and restraint frequently needed by 4T 609

reproof and restraint in, often carried too far 4T 609

reproof in, should be supported by exemplary life 4T 609

results of lack of, in home 4T 199

rough and severe, arouses spirit of obstinacy and stubbornness CG 280

same, not all children can be given CG 207

scolding and faultfinding in, encourage hasty and passionate temper in children CG 94

self-control needed in administering CT 211-2; 5T 305

severe criticism in, leads to disrespect for laws of Christ AH 308-9

severity in, causes child to despise law and government CG 286

rebuked 2T 253-61

stirs up child’s worst passions CG 286

that arouses combative spirit CG 262

that makes children worse 2T 259

shaking child in, only makes him worse 2T 365

puts two evil spirits in him while it shakes one out 2T 365

sharp and severe speech should be avoided in administering COL 337

sharp words and continual censure in, never reform CSW 125

should be kind, loving, and firm CT 112

should not release them from what they are required to do CG 247

slackening of, parents warned against CG 277

small offenses should not be treated with great severity in 2T 98

speaking harshly in, makes child stubborn CT 212

stern and exacting, is harmful 4T 140

stern compulsion in, may spoil child for life CG 211

stern reproof in, should be given in kindness CT 212

strict, teachers’ duty re enforcement of FE 249

study from cause to effect in CG 280

tending to raise evil feelings in child CG 282

thorough, church’s prosperity, harmony, and order depend on 3T 294

time to begin CG 229-32

too frequent reproof in, ill effects of 4T 66