EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Character, Characters (Part 1 of 4)

Character, Characters

1. Building

2. Children’s

3. Christian

4. Classes (kinds) of

5. Defect(s) of

6. Development (formation) of

7. Good

8. Noble

9. Perfect

10. Perfection of

11. Right

12. Standard of

13. Symmetrical

14. Trait(s) of

15. Transformation of

16. Weak points of

17. Miscellaneous

1. Building CT 61-3

as spiritual temple for God CG 166; 4T 606

as temple that God and angels will admire 4T 606

be sure Christ is your director in 6BC 1087

Bible study in, importance of CSW 17-8

Bible teaching re, is very explicit MM 42

bring solid timbers into CT 62; MYP 301

build on Christ in CG 166

changes are essential to 4BC 1160; GW 269-70

child’s, lay foundation of helpfulness for CT 122

Christ has made every provision for MM 217

Christ is our example in CG 166; 8T 86

Christian workers should educate people in MH 198

compared to building of temple 8T 173

cost of, consider MYP 124

decided work of, needed among God’s people 2SM 375

defective, that will exclude them from Paradise AH 416

demands strength and energy of manhood CT 62

depend on Spirit in CG 172

do not neglect to learn trade of 6BC 1087

educate people in MH 198

elements in MYP 345-8

faithfulness in little duties is essential to MYP 148

follow Christ’s example in 8T 86

foundation of: has been same in every generation and land AA 475; Ed 228; PK 82

only secure, great principle that is AA 475; Ed 228-9; PK 82-3

only sure, Christ is CG 166; CT 61-2

virtue needed for ML 96

fundamental elements of CG 193-220

God gives men strength, reasoning power, and time for CG 165-6

God’s law as related to CG 42

God’s plan of 8T 173-4

good books for, youth should be given CT 133

great work of life is PP 596

great work of parents and teachers is CT 61-3

illustrated by houses built on rock and sand MB 147-52; MM 87

imitate attractive graces of nature in CT 188

importance of, in education Ed 225-9

to youth ML 268

is: for eternity CT 61, 63; 4T 606

work of a lifetime CT 61; MH 452

lesson in, let everything you do be MH 199

lessons re 4T 656

man must co-operate with God in 8T 173

material used in, makes a difference 6BC 1087-8

most important work ever entrusted to men is Ed 225

must be done: brick by brick CG 165

one step at a time MYP 45-6

must be done in: accord with pattern given us CG 165

this life TM 430

must go on during hours of probation 7BC 990

neglect of, affects religious worship PK 565

results of COL 298

no careless or indifferent work should be done in 2BC 1030

no worthless timbers should be brought into 2BC 1030

object lesson in Ed 286

of children, is more important than any business or trade CG 169

is more important than farming CG 169

only sure guide in, great principle that is AA 475; Ed 228-9; PK 82-3

parents’ responsibility in CG 169-74

pattern for, God’s law given as CT 62

perfection in, God calls for 5BC 1085

perseverance and energy in, importance of MYP 45

physicians need to give careful examination to MM 33

please God in every phase of COL 332

powers of whole being should be put into CT 62

principles essential to 4T 606

process of, be extremely cautious how you work in MM 209

put very best material into FE 162; MYP 279; 6T 405

rotten timbers used in 4T 588; TM 446-7

secret communion with God is essential to Ed 258

Spirit is man’s efficiency in 6BC 1109

storm of temptations tests 4T 588

things essential to PK 488-9

thorough and solid work needed in CT 62

true education as related to CT 61

work of, Satan seeks to divert minds from MH 447

success in, thoroughness is essential to CT 62

2. Children’s

built on sliding sand by superficial training and education CG 184; 3T 143

cultivation of, as gardener cultivates plants DA 516

defective, inherited by children from parents CT 192

publishes mother’s unfaithfulness AH 268

development of, lack of Ed 288

parents should seek divine aid in 3T 145

first seven years of life have most to do in forming CG 193

great power of influence of association upon CT 220

little stability and firmness of, because of superficial training and education CG 184; 3T 143

malformation of ill-trained, lies at mother’s door AH 246

mold, according to God’s word 5T 327

mother must carefully watch development of AH 265

mother’s work is to fashion 5T 594

parents have important work of forming 1T 686

parents’ duty re development of AH 207; FE 66

parental responsibility for CD 29; CG 278; 2T 475; 3T 144; 4T 140, 362

plastic, effects of wrong discipline upon CT 193

ruined by indulgence CG 272

Satan’s detestable image stamped on 2T 397, 480

seek to fashion, after divine Model 5T 594

so form, as to make them blessing in home, church, and society 5T 324

tolerating one wrong in, result of CG 515

weed every unruly trait from CT 162

See also Child

3. Christian SL 80-8

abstract meditation is essential to formation of 5T 113

attained only through Christ 2T 588

cheap, works more harm than that of worldling 9T 21

claim by faith Christ’s cleansing blood to remove stains from 2T 81

consistent, maintain 3T 482

correct habits must be formed in religious life in order to develop SL 93

developed in midst of trial AA 467

development of: discipline is essential to CH 316

divine plan for AA 529; 8T 173

God’s providence has placed the poor always with us for our 3T 391

prayer is God’s ordained means of success in AA 564

strength is promised for PK 590

submission to discipline is essential to 4T 133

temperance is essential to CH 38

eight graces of 6T 147

formation of: busy action is essential to 5T 113

Christian home is one of most effective agencies for 6T 430

influences unfavorable to, do not needlessly expose yourself to PP 169

is easier amid scenes of nature Ev 46

is more difficult in city Ev 46

gospel worker’s defects of, God’s cause is weakened by 2T 639

how to perfect SL 84

ideal of, is Christlikeness DA 311; 8T 64

if you perfect, you must live for it CD 241

interest in souls of others gives breadth, depth, and stability to 5T 549

is exceedingly precious in God’s sight 1T 538

Paul received in vision correct representation of AA 470

perfection of: cultivation of personal piety is essential to 2T 673

daily conversion is essential to 2T 505

daily review of your acts is essential to 2T 512

Daniel and companions sought PK 486

doers of God’s word will not fail in 2T 694

faithfulness in the littles is essential to 2T 310

God permits men to meet storms and conflicts for ChS 274-5

God requires, of blind people 3T 516

is not done by miracle SL 84

moral and vigorous action of higher mental powers are essential to MYP 237

no need to fail of attaining AA 531

prayer is heaven’s ordained means of success in AA 564

pure and healthy life is most favorable for CH 41

seek, continually 2T 631

teacher’s great aim should be CT 68

test that soul must bear who seeks to MYP 17

value and need of, some believers do not see 2T 519-20

walking humbly with God is essential to 4T 337

youth should strive for MYP 15

positive evidence of, appearance is not 1T 322

precious elements of WM 152

princely dignity of, shines forth as sun 4T 357

pure brightness of genuine, will be revealed 5T 81

seven elements of CG 173; SD 32

slaves to appetite will not perfect 3T 492

substantial, man who enjoyed rarest opportunities for developing 4T 187

suffer no blot to tarnish your 2T 72

symmetrical, family and church relationships that are not best for developing 3T 55

true: does not repulse 5T 123

firmness of purpose marks 4T 543-4

indomitable determination marks 2BC 1003; 4T 543-4

indomitableness in, that adverse circumstances cannot mold or subdue MH 498; 5T 297

is marked out with exactness in Bible 5T 332

is not cold 5T 123

is not indifferent to others’ interests 5T 123

is not unapproachable 5T 123

singleness of purpose marks 2BC 1003

that tells for advancement of God’s cause Ev 315

you can develop, if you will submit to discipline 4T 133

true ideal of, misconception re AH 431

unfavorable surroundings are no excuse for not perfecting MYP 79

value of, youth need higher and nobler view of 4T 656

when completeness of, is attained COL 384

working elements of, faith and love are essential and powerful SD 71

your only hope is to remain where defects in, can be seen and remedied 1T 548

4. Classes (kinds) of

acceptable to God, correct habits in religious life are essential to MYP 114-5

all kinds of, must be dealt with in children and youth CT 192

all-round, does not come by accident COL 331

approved by God, practice of self-denial develops 7T 297

train children to develop 3T 145

approved of God and man is preferable to wealth 3BC 1158; SD 111

beautiful: built up by individual acts of duty PP 574

Christ helps to form MYP 63

obedience to God’s laws develops SD 42

valuable in God’s sight CG 424

believer’s, faith in second advent affects 1T 132

best and highest, be content with nothing less than MM 113

borne in probationary time will be yours at second advent AH 16

built independent of Christ’s grace is built on shifting sand PP 460

built on sliding sand, loose dealing reveals SD 111

built without Christ’s grace, fierce storms of temptation will overthrow PP 460

called Pliable in Pilgrim’s Progress, youth should shun ML 73

calm and well-balanced, intemperate man cannot possess Te 32

changed, how to experience CT 194; FE 263

Christ’s See Christ

Christian’s: heaven should be reflected in 9T 31

is shown by his daily life SL 80

must be reproduction of Christ’s character 1SM 105

must bear God’s impress 3T 568

must correspond with his profession 4T 194

Christlike: Christ gives all help needed for development of SD 13

cultivating, is most precious work man can engage in 5T 559

effort to form, is laying up treasure in heaven MB 90

encourage children to form CG 493

engaging in Christian service is essential to development of DA 142

highest scientific education cannot in itself develop TM 259

how to develop SC 68; 8T 64

how to have 5T 487

how to obtain 5T 540

importance of formation of MB 90

loveliness of, flowers call attention to MB 97

only treasure man can take to the next world is COL 332

prize before us is ML 340

radiance of Spirit is reflected in 5T 649-50

significance of WM 37

will open gates of Paradise to man ChS 247

converted, compared to refined gold PP 208

converted person’s, change is seen in SC 57

correct, children need education essential to formation of 3T 562

crooked: cannot be straightened out at death CG 562

must be made straight in this life CG 170

persons who will form Ev 361

Daniel’s, is good model to follow 5T 129

decided, need of women of Ev 477

defective: as beacon of warning 4T 606

be severe and critical with your 5T 97

begin to remedy, at your own hearts TM 328

by tinkering up, men make them worse Ev 117

causes minds to wander through mazes of skepticism 4T 588

do not remain in possession of LS 298

filthy garments represent PK 588

man has no power to remedy 9T 280

person possessing, needs to heed counsel Ev 635

person who prefers society of the ignorant and vicious reveals CT 221

persons who have, should take counsel and reproof CG 168

prayer is essential to success in remedying 4T 321

remedy for 5T 66

Satan exults in man’s 5T 470

defiled by selfishness, cannot enter heaven CS 22; 2SM 134

deformed: as result of excusing its defects 5T 88-9

indulgence of sin makes 4T 364

mother who is disturbed more by soiled dress than by 4T 643

development of beautifully symmetrical, will never decay ML 123

distorted or one-sided, mother should not develop CG 71

enduring, can be built only upon Christ MB 149

evil: formed by copartnership with satanic agencies COL 270

hangs out its sign in countenance CSW 113

exemplary, should especially distinguish God’s people from popular religious bodies 3T 58

expressing Christ’s glory will be received into Paradise DA 331

faultless, John did not have Ed 87

who can stand before God and plead a 5T 608

faulty, redeeming power of grace can develop, into symmetry and abundant fruitfulness PK 233

remedy for 6T 43

firm, represented by lily on lake ML 263

for future life must be formed now COL 342

formed after divine similitude is instructive example to others MM 113

formed by circumstance: is changeable and discordant 4T 657

is mass of contraries 4T 657

is purposeless and powerless 4T 657

formed by obedience to God’s law will be holy GC 469

formed by you, speaks in home life Ev 342

formed in this life, determines your destiny 4T 429; TM 379

formed under God’s direction, sacred history presents many notable examples of Ed 51

genuine believer’s, shows what truth can do for life 5T 569

God’s See God

Godlike, shines brightest when darkness is deepest AA 432

good and harmonious, proper discipline is essential in forming 3T 532-3

great, are formed by little acts and efforts CM 78; 4T 603

half formed, do not go through life with MM 44

hard and gnarled, how to deal with MH 494

heart’s true, men act out CS 340

heavenly, must be acquired on earth 2T 267, 430

high moral, is not result of accident 5T 321

holy, Christ as perfect example of GC 469

wedding garment represents COL 307

human, pastor needs correct understanding of 4T 260

husband cannot be responsible for, that wife forms 4T 255

imperfect and one-sided, are many GW 144

individual: every business transaction reveals MM 154

gospel worker should not sacrifice his 3T 497

not changed at second advent 4T 429

John’s, confiding love and unselfish devotion manifested in AA 539-40

reflected Christ’s character Ed 87

Joseph’s: bore test of adversity and prosperity PP 222

is good model to follow 5T 129

principles revealed in, king and great men of Egypt respected PP 222

Judas Iscariot’s, was more satanic than divine SL 59

like Christ’s character, how to have 5T 515

like moth-eaten garment ML 269

like reed trembling in wind 3T 133

loose and lax and undecided, denies Christ 5T 406

man’s: clear as light of sun to God’s eye 5T 147

estimated accurately by nature of his conversation SD 180

weighed by God in balances of heavenly sanctuary TM 439-40

marked resemblance between, of Judas Iscariot and Balaam PP 452

marred, Christ longs to reshape WM 246

minister’s, dangerous element to be overcome in 2T 548

misshaped, how to remedy 4T 92

misshaped by: failure to do duty in little things MH 490

false standards Ev 590

moral, right education is needed in order to stand true to 3T 22-3

thoughts and feelings combined make up 5T 310

Moses’, instruction received in Egyptian military schools affected Ed 65

life in Egyptian court made impression on Ed 63

most professed Christians’, will not bear test 3T 248

new, given by Christ to all who believe 6T 449

noble, God desires that each of us should build CG 166

noble and all-round, does not come by accident COL 331

is not inherited COL 331

noble and firm, represented by lily on lake ML 263

noble and virtuous, cannot be built up without Christ’s grace PP 460

noblest: foundation of AA 319

rest upon foundation of patience, love, and submission to God’s will 5T 168

nobly developed, how to have 4T 376

not in harmony with God, man could not be happy in heaven with COL 270

not in harmony with God’s law, shows you are not His child DA 107

not like moth-eaten garment, how to develop ML 269

of early Christians was terror to evil-doers GC 46

of solid worth, everyone may build up CH 107

of the faithful, remains pure and spotless for eternity after decree goes forth 5T 216

one-sided, developed by unwise training in childhood MYP 164

only virtuous and spotless, will enter God’s presence 4T 312

other people’s: deformity is revealed by picking flaws in 1SM 110

dwell on that which is noble in MYP 164

it is not proper for us to measure 6T 396

outward, that is stamped by littleness and earthliness 4T 339

patched-up, cannot stand test of temptation 5T 339

physician’s, patients read traits of CH 363

properly balanced, what is needed to form 4T 197-8

pure and elevated, sincere and experimental piety alone can give 2T 267

pure and holy: needed to meet Christ in peace SL 26

now is golden opportunity to form 3T 376

youth is time to form for heaven a 3T 376

pure and noble, sound physical health is aid to perfection of MYP 233

pure and spotless, wedding garment represents COL 310

pure and virtuous, youth need discipline of well-regulated labor in order to have 3T 151

purified, will remain pure and spotless for eternity when sealing work ends 5T 216

purified from every stain of sin, each person must obtain for himself TM 234

real, is revealed by family religion 5T 161

season of temptation gives glimpse of one’s 4T 285

refined perfection of, will win its way anywhere ML 121

religious, exalt God’s law as standard of 5T 500

failure to triumph over spiritual foe weakens FE 118

reproduction of Christ’s, object of Christian life is COL 67

rich young ruler’s, Christ longed to develop excellence of DA 519

righteous: before his fall Adam could form, by obedience to God’s law SC 62

Christ worked out, for sinful man 3T 372

Christ’s grace makes CH 634

co-operate with divine agencies in forming FE 430

development of, true education may be made to help in CT 61

formation of, strictest integrity is indispensable to 4T 310

formation of correct habits is essential to MYP 114-5

man in his fallen condition cannot form, by obedience to God’s law SC 62

perfected through imputed righteousness of Christ MYP 28-9

perfected through repentance, faith, and good works 4T 294

show forth God’s glory in TM 511

ruined by sin, none but Christ can fashion anew DA 38

ruined by sinful indulgence 6T 254

sanctified, earthly parent cannot give his child SD 294

satanic stamp of, children who have 2T 480

sinner’s, every sin reacts upon 1SM 235

some believers have, that are worthless dross 2T 637

sordid, absorbing pursuit of gain makes 2T 240

spotless, is as precious as gold of Ophir FE 87

will endure to all eternity 5T 579

stereotyped, men of God have not been men of PP 248

striking contrast between, of John and Judas Iscariot SL 59

strong, many people mistake strong passions for PP 567-8; 4T 656

parents’ duty in building CG 184-90

strong and symmetrical: Christ is ready to help you form MYP 63; 5T 579

foundation for TM 176

how to build up AA 483

what to do to have AA 483

strong and beautiful, is built up by individual acts of duty PP 574; 4T 572

strong and well-balanced, mental and physical exercise essential to PP 601

strongest and noblest, rests upon foundation of patience, love, and submission to God’s will AA 319; 5T 168

student’s, teacher cannot make FE 245

superficial, pretty face cannot hide 2T 180

symmetrical and well-balanced, faith and works must be united in forming ML 123; 1SM 139

strive to perfect LS 303

symmetrical structure of strong and beautiful, is built up by individual acts of duty PP 574; 4T 572

that God can endorse, result of forming 1SM 90-1

that is counterpart of God’s character, develop 6BC 1105

that is fruit of Spirit’s working cannot be imparted to another COL 412

that will stand test, men must individually develop CW 45; TM 110

that you manifest now, is deciding your future destiny SD 361

too transparent to deceive sensible persons, useless girls who have 3T 152

transformed, testifies of indwelling love of Christ 6T 43

true: angels delineate your 2T 181

cannot be concealed from God 2T 34

developed in management of temporal concerns 4T 309

God uses the afflicted to develop our 3T 511

is not shaped from without and put on DA 307

is quality of soul that reveals itself in conduct CG 161; ML 267

men are given opportunity to develop their 3T 313

person sometimes must be shown his 4T 69

radiates from within DA 307

revealed by way men do God’s work 3T 391

true believer’s, excellence of Christ will ever shine in 5T 531

truly noble, does not stoop to resent false accusations by enemies 4T 607

unbalanced, mental training that develops 3T 26

unchristian, disunion and dissension are fruit of 5T 51

un-Christlike, do not misrepresent Christ by MH 42-3

undeveloped, men are accountable for 7BC 987

unrefined and unsanctified, no place in heaven 3T 464-5

unsullied before God is rare 4T 622

upright, is worth more than gold of Ophir PP 223

vacillating, Rehoboam received from mother stamp of PK 88

valuable, each person has work to do that no one else can do in forming his 4T 606

valuable as gold, how to have 2T 637

virtuous: cannot be built up without Christ’s grace PP 460

Christians should possess 2T 535

essential to real moral worth 5T 123

foundation upon which to build is 5T 123

warped, as result of improper education 4T 72

warped and hard and gnarled, many people have MH 494; 4T 72

never cast aside MH 494

warped by indulgence, flattery, and indolence are useless 3T 364

wavering, must be corrected 2T 130

weak and impulsive, children who do not learn to obey will have CT 112

weak and vacillating, can be changed to one of strength and steadfastness CT 38; DA 251; GW 285

well-balanced: faith and works must be united in forming 1SM 139

heart culture is essential to 5T 403

intemperate man cannot possess Te 32

is formed by single acts well done MYP 144

is impossible when motives are not high, pure, and unselfish SD 171

needed to enter City of God MYP 144

strive to perfect LS 303

well-balanced and symmetrical, parent should secure for child CT 107

well-developed, faithful performance of small duties is essential to 3T 308

when Christ’s, is reproduced in His people He will come for them COL 69

wife is responsible for, that she forms 4T 255

wife’s, husband’s molding and softening influence on 3T 533

without spot or wrinkle needed in order to enter heaven MYP 144

youth’s: early education shapes 3T 131, 135

how cheapness affects Ed 277

is molded in childhood AH 15

overstrong tendencies of, should be repressed 3T 26

that will be of highest value to society ML 121

youthful, that is not like reed trembling in wind 3T 133

5. Defect(s) of

all men have 5T 95

are confirmed by exercise 5T 122

base thought reveals 4T 540-1

can be corrected by right training FE 65

ceaseless watchfulness over your, exercise SD 115

circumstances bring to light 2T 572

coarseness and roughness are, that must be overcome 4T 340

compared to spots and wrinkles 2T 453

concealed (hidden), how God reveals to men their AA 524; MH 471; 3T 513-4; 4T 496

correct your, in humility SD 117

with genuine sincerity 3T 336

deficiency of, may be supplied through faith AA 564

neglect of small duties results in 2T 310

discover your, and overcome them 4T 84

do not charge your, to others SD 200

do not excuse your ML 104

each: gives Satan occasion to reproach Christ 5T 472

is open door by which Satan can enter to tempt and destroy 5T 472

is sure means of destruction if not overcome 5T 573

must be overcome as Christ overcame 4T 66

must be overcome by Spirit’s help 5T 573

put away AH 200; CW 81; DA 651

experiences used by God to reveal 4T 496

eyesalve enables man to see his 4T 615

failure to overcome, results of 3T 305

gain supremacy by our failure to overcome temptation FE 118

glaring, must be overcome 4T 340

glimpse of Christ’s purity lays bare man’s SC 29

God brings men into circumstances where they can see and correct their MH 471; 4T 91-2

God designs that you discover and overcome your 4T 84

God in His mercy reveals to men their ML 92

God reveals their, to the humble and teachable PP 633

God sends us trials to reveal our 3T 115

God will not overlook your COL 316

God’s grace is needed to correct 3T 452

God’s law reveals 6BC 1077; 7BC 935; GC 467; 1SM 213, 219

gospel worker’s, Satan exploits 5T 592

grace will be given to overcome SD 349

great moral looking glass reveals FE 460

hereditary and cultivated, believers who reveal COL 48

how to overcome SD 115; 4T 346

indolent sluggishness is 5T 296

inherent, grapple with your TM 452

war against spiritual advancement TM 452

inherited, teacher must take into account FE 278

it is left with us to remedy our 5T 214

known, fate of person who retains MM 200

many, sincerely pious men may have 4T 336

may be overcome: by patient continuance in well-doing 4T 341

in God’s strength MM 200

mirror that reveals 7BC 935; GW 275-6; 1SM 317; 3T 116

must be: overcome while probation lasts AH 319

removed before second coming 2T 355

repented of here AH 319

must not be cherished SD 349

never say you cannot remedy your COL 331

no excuse for, in great judgment day COL 317

no man’s, will excuse your guilt 4T 357

no one should say that he cannot remedy his COL 331; SD 115

no safety while retaining 5T 305

not discerned when sin has deadened moral perceptions 5T 641

one: closes gate of Holy City to man MYP 144

compared to bit of worm-eaten timber 4T 322

makes man imperfect MYP 144

will bar man forever from heaven 2T 453

opportunity to correct their, God gives to men MH 471

other people’s, are often result of improper education 4T 72

how to deal with 4T 72

overcome by: building up opposite traits ML 99

Christ’s grace ML 104

overcoming, exercise of will is essential in COL 331; SD 115

parents who excuse children’s, until they are deformed 5T 89

peculiar, every man has his 5T 35

person who says he cannot overcome his COL 331; SD 115

persons who cherish, Satan will overcome PP 568

probation is granted to men to remove their CT 225; 4T 655-6

probationary time must be used in overcoming 4T 307

put away your TM 323

regarded as virtues by some people TM 190-1

remedy, or house will fall when tempest of trial beats on it CG 165

remedying, exercise of will is essential to COL 331; SD 115

remember your, when criticizing others 4T 61

Satan tells men they cannot remedy MB 115

Satan works to control man’s mind through his GC 489; PP 568

selfishness and self-love are, which will cause you to lose heaven 2T 56

serious, John possessed by nature AA 540; SL 54

slowness and sluggishness of action is 3T 499

some, are received as birthright 5T 418

strength to correct, God gives PP 633

strength to overcome, seek God in earnest prayer for 4T 242

strengthen with years FE 65

Testimonies point out 5T 674

tinkers of, make them worse Ev 635; TM 191

wrong action reveals 4T 540-1

6. Development (formation) of CG 164-8

all real, forced submission prevents SC 43-4

angels record EW 246

angels watch MM 146; 1T 242, 262; 2T 401

benefit of trials in 3T 115

best, highest education gives that which leads to CT 45

books as agent in ML 267

business as agent in ML 267

Christ and angels watch 1T 237

Christ dealt in that which is essential to Ed 81

Christian home is wonderful help in AH 19

circumstances arise for 5T 634

circumstances used by God for 4T 55-6

conversation as agent in ML 267

development of plant as figure of Ed 105-6

discipline of heart and mind is essential to 4T 202

display of dress is treated as more important than MH 291

diversity of condition is one of God’s means of PP 535

doing Christ’s work helps in WM 301

essential training in Ed 112

every little act of life influences 4T 657

give God’s people time for 1T 238

God’s refining process for WM 301

God’s word must enter into DA 391

harmonious, right use of talents is essential to CG 166

heavenly intelligences watch CT 223

home influence that is favorable to AH 36

home influences count much in Ed 283

how difficulties help in 3T 494

illustrated by growing seed CT 142

importance of COL 332

important work of, mothers should qualify themselves for 5T 324

impossible without freedom of choice PP 49

instruct and discipline children to act their part in 1T 402

is: for eternity CG 162; CT 61

important in this life COL 332

is work: of lifetime CG 162; CT 61

which no one but ourselves can do 4T 606

lessons re, from nature Ed 112

little things of life influence PP 222

mental discipline is essential to 4T 202

mothers and WM 151-2

must receive proper discipline for fullest and highest development MH 398

only one model for 6BC 1098

operation of God’s providence in MH 471

opportunity for, God gives to all men 2BC 1010

parental responsibility for CG 169-74

pointed testimony is needed for 2SG 300

position has no power for TM 288

poverty as one means that God uses for MH 186

probation is given man for, for heaven GC 542-3

proper discipline is essential to 5T 23

right, experience in true religious life is essential to 4T 115

some men’s probation is lengthened for 4T 306

Spirit’s work in GW 285-6

sure result of feeding on God’s word is MM 124

takes time 5T 618

talent of time must be used in COL 342

things that contribute to MM 146

thoughts have much to do with MYP 144

tribulation and distress as means of 4T 143

true material that goes into, tests that reveal CH 283

truest and noblest, is secured by living in accord with Creator’s will PP 222

when God cannot help you in 6T 262

without freedom of choice there would be no Ed 23; PP 49

world is now no more favorable to, than in Noah’s time 1SM 90

7. Good

cannot be secured by merely wishing for it MYP 348

essential for filling positions of trust 5T 129

formation of, life of industry and obedience favors SD 131

gained only by labor MYP 348

grows daily in proportion to effort put forth 5T 129

is capital more valuable than silver, gold, or stocks CT 225-6; 4T 656

is more precious than: gold of Ophir 4T 607

worldly possessions 4T 657

must be built up brick by brick CT 537; 5T 129

never secured by merely wishing for it MYP 348

work of forming, is noblest work in which men can engage 4T 657

8. Noble

built by doing pure and noble deeds CG 166

development of, many people have meager ideas re 4T 656

formation of, is work of lifetime PP 223

God desires each of us to build CG 166

is: earned through Christ’s merits and grace COL 331

formed by hard and stern battles with self COL 331

not result of accident Ed 57; PK 488

is result of: diligent and persevering effort PP 223

self-discipline Ed 57; PK 488

marks true Christian 1T 243

men of, world does not need men of great intellect as much as Ed 225

not due to special favors or endowments of Providence Ed 57; PK 488

9. Perfect

all who enter heaven must have CSW 112

Christ developed, as man DA 762

Christ enables man to develop DA 762

Christ offers to impart, to man COL 311

development of, God’s plan for 6T 148

God’s way of helping men in 2BC 1036

light is given by God for MYP 368

you may have every facility needed for Te 114

example of, Christ has given CT 60

God’s law requires, of man DA 762

is formed by divine grace SC 126

man cannot develop, unless he resists temptation 2T 638

no man can be careless and selfish and develop 3T 531

no man can be idle and achieve 3T 531

Paul did not write to people who had MH 167

seek ML 219

true ideal of what constitutes, man who has MB 135

10. Perfection of

accomplished day by day AA 483

advance daily in SD 328

advancement may be made daily in GW 274; MH 503

aim for nothing short of 2T 521

attainable by everyone who strives for it 1SM 211-2

attained by: exercising faculties in good works MB 83

slow and toilsome steps 5T 500

attained through Christ SD 26

cannot be attained without: obedience to God SD 90

self-sacrifice 9T 53