EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Atom, Atoms - Australia

Atom, Atoms

1. Figurative

2. Literal

1. Figurative

class who make, of a world Ev 215, 593; FE 468; MM 98; TM 165, 195

independent, church not to broken up into 2SM 68

magnified into a world CS 221; Ev 215, 593; FE 468; MB 125; MM 98; TM 165, 195

matters as, when compared with great truths Ev 593

of a world See World

separate, God’s workmen not to stand apart as 8T 78

2. Literal

Christ guides DA 789

Creator’s will obeyed by SC 86

laws guide Ed 99

minutest, declares God is love GC 678


Christ offered to, for man’s transgression PP 66

Christ’s blood can, for your wrongs if you repent 3T 476

heathen regard prayer as having merit to, for sin MB 86


“Atonement” means at-one-ment with God 6BC 1077



acceptance of, groundwork of true faith OHC 117:3

angel could not make TMK 204:5

angels, fallen did not have UL 262:5

appetite indulged negates appreciation for HP 193:2

appreciation for,

affected by indulgence of appetite 2MCP 392:3

transforms TMK 166:2

at-one-ment HP 146:4

blessings of, received all our lives HP 36:2


ascended to make, for our transgressions FW 105:3

is our, with God HP 146:4

made; all may overcome LHU 235:7

made, for all that is offensive to Him FW 72:2

needed no; He was the sin bearer TDG 357:2

pledged, before sin, to unite believers with God HP 12:5

Christ’s purpose AG 14:4

Day of, See Day of Atonement

efficiency seen in FLB 105:3

EGW trembled when considering writing on 3SM 115:2

faith in,

holds believer amid temptations TMK 79:2

realizing OHC 203:3

for humanity UL 219:4

full and complete OHC 136:4

full, required HP 15:2

God’s glory and law understood only through TDG 246:3

hearts touched by story of UL 342:5

helplessness without, impossible to conceive HP 36:2

human as, would be imperfect LHU 24:4

immovable amid temptations by faith in LHU 331:2

made by the gift of the Son of the infinite God TDG 257:5

made for every repenting, believing soul TMK 100:5

means of, known in heaven; but we are slow to share TDG 51:3

moral power through, used for us FLB 134:6

obedience to God’s law is appropriating UL 196:2

offenses without, under the old covenant TMK 299:4

only by Christ UL 106:6

perfect, in Christ’s offering on the cross LHU 319:3

perfection in Christ now in the time of Mar 275:2

permits a sacred relationship OHC 17:4

possible because Christ was one with the Father UL 272:4

power in TSB 151:1

price of, angelic nature united to human, insufficient for TMK 204:5

reconciliation through, by our High Priest TDG 38:4

removed from beliefs UL 152:5

righteousness and salvation offered by HP 65:3

sacrifice of, better than humanity before the fall LHU 24:4

sacrifice of Christ made TMK 73:2


and blessing impossible without CC 20:7

complete in FLB 105:3

purchased at infinite cost in RC 75:6

Satan impossible to withstand without HP 146:4

satisfactory to the Father AG 138:5

significance of, lost when law is rejected TDG 246:3

sin considered by the requirement for OHC 44:2

soul prosperity depends on TDG 74:4

steps Christ took for our HP 65:3

terms of, arranged with Christ from eternity AG 129:5

transformation through discerning the work of RC 304:5

understanding of,

needed by people in 1888 3SM 177:2

requires healthful food OHC 308:2

value of,

not sensed by many FW 30:1

seen by understanding sinfulness of sin UL 16:3

vastness of, seen by faith FW 106:2

voluntary act of Christ LHU 24:5

work of, accepted by the Father in raising Christ OHC 118:3

Atonement (antitypical)

1. Adequacy of

2. Erroneous views re

3. Salvation only through

4. Study of

5. Miscellaneous

1. Adequacy of

Abel trusted in PP 72

able to save all 5BC 1101

Adam reinstated in first dominion through GC 648

alone, could span abyss between sinful man and God PP 67

ample, for sins of men DA 790

by virtue of, claim Christ as Saviour MYP 112

conditions of, Christ fulfilled AA 29; DA 819

covenant of grace sealed by 7BC 933

Father fully satisfied with 5BC 1150; 6BC 1071, 1115; CT 14; 6T 364; 8T 177

full, made for our guilt 7BC 925; 4T 124

justification comes only by faith in 1SM 367, 389

merits of, we must depend solely on PP 203; 1T 309-10

moral power provided by COL 157

most sinful and degraded may accept 1SM 309

never to be repeated 5BC 1132

pardon granted by PP 349

perfect, by dying on cross Christ made 7BC 913

ransom paid by, on cross 5T 190

repentance obtained through 1SM 393

righteousness of Christ comes through 6BC 1074

sinner saved through FE 331; 1SM 321-2; SR 47

Staupitz told Luther to trust in GC 124

story of, hearts touched by 6T 325

trust implicitly in 5T 353

virtue of, confidence needed in 4T 357-8

2. Erroneous views re

Cain trusted not his salvation wholly to PP 72-3

despised by many PP 86; 3SG 56; SR 59

effort to exalt humanity independent of PP 73

good works as,

papacy taught people to trust to GC 55; SR 332

Waldenses rejected doctrine of GC 73

imperiled interest in TM 373

many Christians reject GC 583; PK 625

pantheism does away with 8T 291

need of, struggle begins when some feel 5T 47

rejector of,

must suffer punishment in his own person GC 540

terror to fall on PP 340

Satan would have us believe, is unnecessary MYP 59; 1T 294-5

show need of Ev 187

theories that, would do away with CW 54; Ev 225; MH 428; 8T 291

violation of God’s law created need for 1SM 232

3. Salvation only through

alone, could span abyss between God and man PP 67

angels could not make, for man 7BC 904; 4T 120-1

Christ alone could make 7BC 904; GC 461; PP 63, 66; 1SM 283; SR 48; 8T 207

God’s remedy for sin 6BC 1074

good works cannot make GC 220

man’s helpless condition without 6BC 1077

man’s only hope 6BC 1070

no pardon without 1BC 1082

no salvation without SR 51

no, without shedding of Christ’s blood SD 225

only One equal with God could make PP 63

pardon of sin without, would have immortalized sin 1BC 1082

priest could not make, with his life 1BC 1111; 1SM 230

rites and ceremonies could not make PK 414

sacrificial offerings could not make PP 430

we cannot make, for ourselves SC 51, 69; 1SM 321

zeal cannot make PK 405

4. Study of

all need to understand 5T 575

all other truths cluster around that of 5BC 1137; Ev 223; GW 315; SD 221; 6T 236

appreciation of, essential to salvation 1T 693-4

beclouded faculties cannot appreciate 1T 488

benumbed brain cannot appreciate 2T 364

central theme for consideration 8T 77

correct knowledge of,

needed CH 537

shows value of souls 2T 215

darkness over Church of England hid GC 253-4

grand facts of, why men do not appreciate SR 49

high and sacred sense of, class who have SD 141

how to better understand 4BC 1141

human science too limited to comprehend DA 494

inexhaustible theme 6BC 1115

intemperate person cannot appreciate 1T 693-4

limited view of, some have 2T 213-4

low estimate placed upon, by many 2T 200

minds clear and energetic needed in 2T 66

ministers lacking practical understanding of 2T 512

nature of, who only can explain 1SM 229

people who overeat do not appreciate 2T 364

person of base passions cannot appreciate 2T 453

prophecies re,

Christ was familiar with CT 260; FE 402

studied by Christ in youth CT 260; FE 402

schools to make, central theological truth Ev 223

slave of passion cannot appreciate PP 458

strongest affirmative arguments on, gather Ev 187

survey, with humble heart 6BC 1071; 1SM 343

theme worthy of study MYP 389

tobacco user cannot appreciate Te 64

vital theme of Christianity CT 427; FE 385

we do not comprehend 5BC 1132

EGW given clearer understanding of LS 40

who only can rightly estimate 1SM 232

wonderful mystery of 6BC 1082

5. Miscellaneous

agony on cross is not all that constituted 6BC 1103

altar of sacrifice represented PP 500

benefits of:

for all entitled to them GC 480

investigative judgment determines who is entitled to GC 422; SR 378

received by faith GC 430; 4aSG 116

shed from heavenly sanctuary at Pentecost EW 260

what to do to receive 4aSG 149

blood of,

all offerings sprinkled with 1BC 1086

Eli’s sons trampled 4aSG 104; SR 185

incense represented 7BC 971

peace found through GC 470

we partake of divine nature through 5T 741

Christ died to make 5BC 1128; COL 314; PP 365; 5T 17

Christ gave Himself as 7BC 974; 1SM 341

Christ is our 6BC 1073; 1SM 367, 381

Christ made 1BC 1111; MM 44

for righteous dead and righteous living EW 254

for sin once for all AA 246

for sins of ignorance 5BC 1145; EW 254

for sins of world FE 513; PP 66

for sinful man PP 66

for those who repent 3T 476

on cross 7BC 913, 925

to show Satan’s plans thwarted FE 513

voluntarily 4T 120

Christ needed no, for Himself 7BC 913; 1SM 107

Christ offered His lifeblood to make PK 682; PP 66

Christ volunteered to make 1BC 1082; 7BC 904; PP 66; SR 47; 4T 120

Christ’s blood as,

ancients to show faith in PP 71

who is benefited by GC 483

Christ’s blood makes PP 372; 1SM 230; 5T 86

Christ’s perfect holiness as 1SM 368

Christ’s priestly work of Ev 695; EW 244, 251, 253-4, 260; GC 421-2, 430-1, 480, 613-4, 623, 658; LS 63; PP 357-8, 542; 1SM 67-8, 125; SR 378; 1T 58; TM 37

close of, second advent follows GC 422; PP 426

closing of GC 352, 422, 428-9, 433, 490, 658; PP 357-8; SD 355; SR 378-9

completion of GC 658; PP 542

Day of Atonement services foreshadowed GC 420; PP 355

final EW 253; GC 421, 480; PP 357-8

finishing of LS 63; 1T 58

Christ’s work of,

low estimate placed on 2T 200

OT Scriptures set forth DA 494

sacrifice of red heifer typified 4T 120

clear discernment of, gives man knowledge of himself 3T 321

cross as means of, must occupy central place 6T 236

despised by men in last days PP 86

dimly comprehended because men depend on good works 1SM 343

doctrine of, God’s word contains CT 422

eat most simple food in order to value 2T 46

Genesis to Revelation reveals CT 427; FE 385

God’s character revealed in GC 501

God’s law vindicated by FE 331

God’s love revealed in WM 193

hearts touched by story of 6T 325

Isaiah foretold AA 227

moral law’s relationship to GC 503; 1SM 229

necessity for, pantheistic theories do away with 8T 291

not merely a skillful way to pardon sin 6BC 1074

offered to us through Christ 3SG 46-7

Passover lamb prefigured 6BC 1090; 3SG 228

people dying in ignorance re their need of 9T 44

practical view of, gives one knowledge of self 3T 321

sacrificial offerings typified PP 71; 4aSG 118

show faith in, by words and actions 4T 41

should be full and complete DA 565-6

sin would have been immortalized if Adam’s sin had been pardoned without 1BC 1082

survey, with humble heart 1SM 343

typical service taught important truths re GC 420

unnecessary if God’s law could be changed GC 503

virtue and power of, soul that rests with unshaken confidence in 4T 357-8

Atonement (typical)

altar of continual, altar of incense as PP 353

blood of, Cain’s offering lacked 4T 395

closing work of,

by high priest on Day of Atonement GC 352, 421; PP 357-8

in most holy place of sanctuary DA 757; PP 348; 1SM 125

daily and yearly, needed no longer 6BC 1077; 1SM 344

David bidden to make, for his sin 3BC 1127

final, made on Day of Atonement PP 357

first-born spared by, in Egypt PP 274

for rebellious Israel, made by Aaron 4aSG 34

full, blood of daily sin offering did not make PP 355-7

high priest made,

before mercy seat PP 352

for Israel GC 489; 3T 295

made on Day of Atonement,

for altar of burnt offering GC 419; PP 355

for each apartment of sanctuary GC 418-9; PP 355

for sins of people DA 757; PP 352

merits of Christ prefigured by PP 353


could rescue person proved guilty of murder PP 516

for Eli’s sons 2BC 1010

for presumptuous sins under old covenant 7BC 931

sacrifice of, in patriarchal times family priest offered PP 178

sacrifices offered to make 3SG 137

sacrificial animals regarded by Jews as 6BC 1095

special work of, by high priest in most holy place GC 418

symbolic service of, centered in most holy place of sanctuary PP 348

symbolized in rite of cleansing leper 1BC 1111

Atonement, Day of

1. Antitypical

2. Typical

1. Antitypical


for righteous dead and living during EW 254

for sins of ignorance EW 254

began at end of 2300 days in 1844 EW 244, 251, 253-4; GC 352, 400, 421-2, 433, 480; LS 63; SR 378; 1T 58

on October 22, 1844 GC 400

Christ our Advocate and Intercessor during 7BC 933

Christ’s dress as High Priest during AA 33; 1BC 1111-2; EW 36, 55, 251, 280-1; LS 116

Christ’s ministry as High Priest during Ev 695; EW 243-4, 251, 280; FE 370; GC 352, 419-22, 428-30, 433, 480, 485, 489-90, 613-4, 623, 658; LS 63; PP 355-8, 426, 542; SD 260, 355; SR 378-9; 4T 120; 5T 472-3, 575; TM 37, 224-5, 445

Christ’s work of atonement during, we need to understand GC 430-1

closing scenes of, God’s people during PK 587; 5T 472-3

disposal of Satan as scapegoat in See Scapegoat

error of Millerite Adventists re Ev 223; EW 244, 250-1; GC 352-3, 400, 424; LS 63; 1T 58

impenitent not dealt with during GC 480

only God’s professed people dealt with during GC 480

our duty during 7BC 933-4; CW 78; GC 431, 490; SD 260; 1SM 125; 2SM 378; 5T 359, 520; 9T 218; TM 224-5, 445

we need to know GC 431

prayer and work needed now in TDG 336:4

present, compared to typical; souls afflicted OHC 370:2

rest by faith on Christ’s merit during TM 224-5

serious reflection during; names coming up LDE 72:2

sins to go beforehand to judgment in 1SM 124

subject of, to be kept before people 5T 421

we live in 7BC 933; CW 78; FE 272; GC 489; 1SM 124-5; 2SM 378; 5T 359, 520; 9T 218; TM 224

when Christ entered most holy place on, ministration in first apartment ceased GC 428-30

2. Typical

all business laid aside on PP 355

altar of incense sprinkled with blood on PP 348

ceremonies of, explained GC 419-22; PP 355-6

confession of sins during DA 448; GC 480

contrition and prayer on; we are represented LHU 319:2

fasting, prayer, and deep searching of heart on PP 355

Feast of Tabernacles soon followed DA 448; PP 540, 542

final atonement made on GC 485; PP 352, 355, 357, 426

high priest’s dress on AA 33; 1BC 1111; LS 116; PP 351; 4aSG 10; SR 156

high priest’s ministry on AA 33; 1BC 1111; 4BC 1139; DA 757; EW 251, 253; GC 352, 400, 418-22, 428-9, 433, 480, 485, 489, 658; MH 437; PP 351, 355-8, 426; 4aSG 9-10, 102; 1SM 125; SR 155-6, 184, 378; 8T 284-5; TM 92-3

yearly round of ministration completed by GC 419; PP 355

in time of Ezra and Nehemiah PK 665

Israel’s duty on GC 419-20, 430-1, 489-90; 1SM 125; 5T 520

last solemn service of,

disposal of scapegoat in GC 658

Israelites to afflict their souls GC 419-20; PP 355

meaning of, children to be taught 5T 520

mercy seat sprinkled with blood on PP 355-6

on tenth day of seventh Jewish month GC 400; PK 665; PP 533

people declared at peace with heaven after DA 448

reverence manifested on 8T 285

sanctuary cleansed on PP 355-6, 358

satisfaction made for Israel’s sins on PP 533

scapegoat on See Scapegoat

services of,

blotting out of sins represented by PP 358

final purification of universe foreshadowed by PK 684-5

taught important truths re Christ’s atonement GC 420; PP 355

who had part in GC 480

sins of repentant remained in sanctuary until PP 357

trumpet of jubilee sounded on PP 533

two goats used in ceremonies on GC 419; PP 355-6

when high priest entered most holy place on,

ministration in first apartment ceased GC 428

priests did not minister at altars 8T 285

Atoning blood

1. Antitypical

2. Typical

1. Antitypical

assurance of pardon and peace through GC 126

blood of Passover lamb prefigured 3SG 225

character cleansed from sin by GC 373

constant dependence on, morning and evening burnt offering symbolized PP 352

efficacy of, plead the 7BC 970

evening and morning sacrifices represented PP 352

faith in, separate from sin through GC 623

free access to, we have 1BC 1111; SD 224

justification through faith in GC 256

need of,

all must feel 5BC 1144; 5T 231

God calls those who feel 5T 224

ministers should feel GW 143

without God’s law men do not feel GC 468

no cleansing by,

after Christ’s mediatorial work ceases PP 201

during seven last plagues EW 281; 5T 212

plead by faith the Ev 372

in confessing sins FE 252; TM 92-3

sins blotted out by PP 202, 357-8

sinner is set free through 1SM 330

2. Typical

on horns of altar of burnt offering PP 347

Atoning grace

Atoning grace, righteousness acquired through AA 388

Atoning merits

Atoning merits, Christ’s, exercising faith in 6BC 1070

Atoning sacrifice

1. Antitypical

2. Typical

1. Antitypical

alone, can re new heart and make us acceptable 6BC 1059

benefit of, who receives GC 483

blood of,

Christ came to free us by CH 83; SL 31

new covenant sealed with 5BC 1102

sin’s brand effaced only through 1SM 371

youth who despise MYP 87

Christ as High Priest makes, for us FE 370

Christ is our CSW 111; FE 239; MYP 87; 1SM 256, 321, 327, 371

Christ’s death is, for our sins 3BC 1146

doctrine of righteousness by faith in AA 207

efficacy of,

believe fully in 1SM 182

events cannot lessen 4T 124

time can never lessen AA 552-3; 4T 124; TM 92

faith in,

men may become sons of God by SC 15

reconciliation with God requires FE 370

sinner must have 5BC 1131; GC 468

full and sufficient 5BC 1102

Gentiles become God’s children through AA 175

God is near in SD 77

God’s love manifested in 1SM 403

how to better understand COL 114

inexhaustible subject GW 251

justification received through 7BC 948; 1SM 372

large subject TM 167

made to save lost world 8T 208

made vague in our minds by disobedience COL 114; CT 440-1; ML 108

merits of, morning and evening sacrifice prefigured PP 353

no justification without 1SM 372

obedience brings better understanding of COL 114; CT 441; ML 108

pardon received through AA 230; 7BC 948; CH 505; PP 431; 1SM 363

peace found in AA 230; 6BC 1072-3

plead the, with humility 5T 200

pleads in our behalf 1SM 327

preciousness of, result of constantly realizing 6T 81-2

repentance to be sought through CH 505

salvation only by TM 378

sanctification received through 7BC 948

Satan hates truths that present GC 488

studied as long as time lasts COL 134; ML 360

through mediator, constant commission of sin makes necessary 6BC 1077; 1SM 344

virtue of, we must appropriate PP 277

we shall be accounted worthy through SD 368

2. Typical

Christ’s merits prefigured by PP 353

first-born spared by, in Egypt PP 274

Atrocity, Atrocities

Atrocity, Atrocities, so common they hardly elicit comment PP 102

Attachment, Attachments

denial of, by EGW’s workers; she knew better TSB 216:3

premature, caution in forming; devotion dies PM 74:1

unwise, promising young men ensnared by 5T 114

work of, needed 5T 231

See also Affections; Courtship; Relationships

Attainment, Attainments

any height of, student who may aspire to MH 465; 8T 322


reached only through prayer and watchfulness AA 307

that human mind scarcely can comprehend AA 531

difficult, that ministers must reach AA 503

ends to be reached by CH 107

heights of, that Christians may reach GC 477


before Christian SL 16

determined purpose needed to reach CG 167; ML 268

high and holy, within our reach GW 274; MH 503; 4T 446

high spiritual,

fanatical idea of LS 79-81

require entire consecration 5T 40-1

higher, Christian may ever be rising to SL 16

highest moral and intellectual, how to reach CH 65

highest spiritual, gospel workers must reach 7T 239

highest standard of, before gospel workers GW 60

low, gospel workers fail when satisfied with MYP 42

mean, be not content with FE 82

of measureless results, God gives men power for 7T 30

only true standard of Ed 73-4

ordinary, students not to be satisfied with CT 474

persons satisfied with their own AA 239

rich, Christ enables men to reach TM 121

small, men satisfied with 5T 554

standard of spiritual, too low 4T 547-8

superficial, be not satisfied with 3BC 1162

this life’s, taken into future life CT 513

useless except as used for God and humanity FE 192, 541; MH 449; 8T 311

we are too easily satisfied with our 5T 214

See Achievements


Attempt, many people accomplish little because they, little COL 331; MH 498

Attention, Attentions

absorbed by,

heavenly things Mar 106:2

treasures OHC 194:2

unimportant things HP 334:4; OHC 61:3

amount of divine, given to any object ML 292

attract no, in almsgiving, prayer, and fasting DA 312

Christ sought to gain CH 387

Christ used every means to arrest UL 26:2

conscientious, to little things makes beauty and success of life SD 253

dress should not attract TM 131

gospel workers must arrest Ev 424; 4T 446; 7T 155; 9T 45

inviting, from men 1MCP 302:0


happiness depends on PP 158; 2T 133

love of Christ leads us to bestow SD 101

simply bestowed bless others ML 152; 9T 30

that flow out as flower’s fragrance MB 82

partiality in, between friends OHC 259:3

pleasures that divert, to be shunned TMK 311:4

riveted on Christ when He spoke COL 338

spiritual powers die if cares of world take our HP 160:3

thousand little, in friendly words and pleasant looks 3T 539

turn, from sad subjects to avoid being an enemy agent TDG 233:3

unselfish, make less fortunate one the object of OHC 259:4


that may ruin souls MM 146-7

to women leads them to perdition TSB 145:2

Word of God has highest claim to our HP 133:2; OHC 205:2

“At the Cross,”

“At the Cross,” hymn by Isaac Watts, quoted 1SM 332


Attire See Clothing; Reform dress


decided change of, new heart brings SD 100

improved by closer walk with God 4T 405

listless, continue not in 5T 714

uncouth, ministers should discard 1T 648

ungainly, not to be tolerated in students Ev 668


Attitude, Attitudes/Disposition, Dispositions/Spirit

ambassadors of God must be example in UL 268:2

angels rate our UL 59:2

bad, when attachment to young man opposed 1MCP 302:1

bridle, for peace VSS 305:3

broken, those offering sacrifice of, behold Christ TMK 122:4

calm, not saying all we know, to avoid provocation TDG 250:2

care about, toward our loving God TMK 263:4

change in, must occur before Christ comes 3SM 155:4

changeable, God does not want TMK 218:3

cheerful, fragrance of, God will give us OHC 254:6

childish, musician who loved praise had 3SM 335:4

Christ manifested in, reveals God to the world TMK 227:5

Christ was an example for HP 181:2; 3SM 237:2

Christlike, LHU 66:5

children to be taught to cultivate RC 169:2

human worth measured by HP 237:5

needed in discussions of 1888 session 3SM 174:2

proves our love 1MCP 242:2

Christ’s followers must imitate His OHC 29:2

cleansed of all earthliness and unholy thoughts OHC 174:5

combative, Christ can mold, to advance His kingdom OHC 335:2

control of, needed by printing workers PM 121:0

controversial, those preaching Christ to put away FW 19:2

courteous, shows spirit of Christ HP 180:3

danger of peace-and-safety, though not expressed TMK 215:3

Daniel’s Christlike, reason why superiors loved him UL 47:2

depression from others’, not to be permitted TDG 245:5

destiny determined by today’s RC 303:3

dictatorial, in marriage LYL 15:2

discipline of, needed Mar 63:6

distinction in, TMK 308:3

has a convincing influence TMK 305:4

examination of own OHC 336

guard, avoiding fanaticism 1MCP 42:0

guard your, against self-exaltation UL 114:5

habits of regularity and order improve 2MCP 597:0

hasty, to be conquered TMK 209:3

have same, as was in Christ, working in His lines LHU 321:2

heartless, publishing directors not to reveal PM 255:1

higher classes have wrong, toward the lower SW 13:1

humility of, recorded in books of God’s remembrance TMK 234:6

improvement in, from regularity and order OHC 228:2

indifferent, changes needed in UL 50:4


and lovable, never be satisfied without TMK 218:2

cherished by those reflecting Christ RC 41:3

Satan works through others to prevent OHC 243:3


and submissive UL 155:4

signifies discipleship with Christ OHC 274:3

mild self-sacrificing, of Christ to be copied HP 296:5

mind constantly in prayerful RC 121:3


love of Christ inspires TMK 208:2

managers and workers in institutions need PM 53:2

necessary for character formation SW 59:1

model in, approached 1MCP 244:1

molded to sweetness by God 2MCP 619:2

negative, See Negativism

not to be like another person’s but like Christ’s OHC 90:4

overcoming, daily work of, known by law HP 145:5

own, hard to judge, and to admit sin TDG 316:2

peevishness in, sugar ferments in stomach to cause 2MCP 391:3

perverse, unconverted traits of character show TDG 289:3


happiness unknown by one with OHC 70:4

loss of influence from a moment of HP 230:5

pliant, led from God by stronger will; can’t say no HP 199:2

publications office needed a good PM 147:5

repining, not part of watching and being sober TMK 170:2


in children only by constant work 2MCP 599:2

of one striving to overcome TDG 102:3

truth may be discussed if with TDG 93:2

roughness removed from, by love of Christ 3SM 238:4


impossible in own strength RC 293:3

is to discipline self, etc. RC 292:4

when wearing Christ’s yoke OHC 174:3

Satan traps those with unhealthy 1MCP 39:1; 2MCP 793:1

selfish, self despised by seeing God’s regard for TDG 289:4

showing a “good” preferred to pointing out sins TDG 54:5


avoid; be true to your profession TDG 111:4

avoid; frowns and contempt HP 296:3

not to be revealed by leaders TDG 332:3

sunny, combine purity and integrity with HP 181:4

sweet, seen in those walking with God TMK 198:2

sweetened in those who watch and pray OHC 132:3


learned from Christ OHC 99:4

learning of Jesus requires CL 28:0

truth not imparted when indulging in an idle, restless 1MCP 314:3


at 1888 meetings; pharisaism 3SM 175:0

discussed plainly by EGW (in 1888) 3SM 175:3

purging of, required OHC 368:4

unfriendly, Christ can mold, to advance His kingdom OHC 335:2

unholy, brings disunion and selfishness TDG 150:3

unity of, drawing near to the same cross brings TMK 246:5

unmanageable, diet of Egypt would have caused TDG 77:3

value of individual is according to, not by work done 2MCP 787:2; OHC 51:4

victory over imperfect, requires faith and struggle HP 162:3

vigor of, by seeing Him who is invisible OHC 339:3

winning and courteous, keep, in rooms of institutions PM 87:3

witness of conversion FW 65:1


leavened camp in 1888; love of Christ needed 3SM 171:2

of finding fault to be banished TMK 187:4

to be rooted out; we expect too little 2MCP 601:0

See also Character; Courtesy; Temperament; Tendencies



do not lure those filled with Bread of life OHC 209:5

not to steal affections from God TDG 328

unprofitable compared with eternal realities TMK 357:4

youth diverted by OHC 283:3

Attribute, Attributes

most prized by God DA 219; 5T 85

of God which are restrained PK 276

that give invincible power MYP 35

which Christian should cherish 5T 85

Aubigné, J. H. Merle d’

Aubigné, J. H. Merle d’ See Merle d’Aubigné, J. H.

Auburn, N.S.W.

Auburn, N.S.W. Ev 426

Auburn, N.Y.

Auburn, N.Y. LS 137-8; 2SG 139-41


attracting, with comical words VSS 104:2


Christ’s regard for COL 229; DA 194-5; Ev 58, 443; MYP 203; 3T 322; 6T 115

minister who preached to GW 167

small, minister discouraged by 3T 322

Audience chamber

God welcomes us to His MB 131

with God, greatest victories to His cause are gained in 4T 443


Auditing of accounts CS 199

Auditing committee

Auditing committee, duty of, re ministers’ wages GW 449-52; 2SM 193

Auditor, Auditors

qualifications of Ed 144; 6T 216

unseen, scrutinize all business transactions Ed 144

Augsburg Confession

Augsburg Confession GC 206-8, 211

Augsburg, Diet of

Augsburg, Diet of, in 1530 GC 206-7

Augsburg, Ger.

Augsburg, Ger., Luther tried at GC 134-8, 210; 1T 372-3

Augustine, Aurelius

Augustine, Aurelius, conversion of 5T 322-3

Augustus Caesar

Augustus Caesar See Caesar Augustus

Aunt, Aunts

Aunt, Aunts, laughing at child’s temper CG 288-9

Austerity, Austerities

bodily, Roman Catholics used GC 569

Christ’s temperance never led to CT 262; Ev 636


Australasia 6T 184-5, 473-4

Australasian Bible School

Australasian Bible School, beginning of FE 203-4; LS 335-8

Australasian Missionary College

Australasian Missionary College LS 350-6; 6T 181-92; TM 239-45; WM 184

agricultural training at TM 241-5

amusements in CT 348-52, 549

anniversary improperly celebrated at CT 350

as object lesson and pattern school in Christian education CT 349, 533; LS 374; 6T 187-8

beginning of AH 508-9; CH 495-6; LS 360-2, 364; TM 239-45; WM 327

chapel built for LS 366-7

dream re LS 360-2

established to be:

center of light LS 374; TM 244

object lesson LS 374

pattern school CT 349, 533-4

facilities of, do not restrict LS 376

farm land of 6T 181-92

first term of TM 239-45

fruit trees and strawberries at TM 242

gospel workers for islands to be trained at LS 374, 376

gospel workers to be trained in different lines at LS 375

health food business at CH 495-6

holiday in April of 1900 at CT 348-52

industrial education at CT 310

industry to be brought to front in FE 323; LS 355

land secured for FE 494; LS 356-7; 6T 181-92

1,500 acres 1SM 102; LS 356

location of FE 310; 6T 187; 9T 236-7

manual training at TM 239

missionaries for other countries to be trained at LS 374

must be active miss. agency LS 376

objectives of LS 362-3

pattern for,

no American school to be LS 374

no school established in past to be CT 533-4

no school of world to be CT 349

prosperity of, in famine and drought 1SM 102

students of,

association of CT 101-2

diet of CD 178

miss. work by CT 550

taught to build houses and cultivate soil AH 508-9

Sunday-law enforcement at CT 550-1; 9T 236-8

vision re 6T 181

Wessels financially helped LS 362-3

EGW visited, in 1900 CT 348


American self-supporting missionaries needed in FE 212

and America, form bond of union between FE 204

camp meetings in 6T 106-7

health lectures at 6T 112

work for children at Ev 582-3; 6T 106-7

Christ’s Object Lessons used for school relief in 6T 473-4

cities of,

evangelism in Ev 425-8

work to be done in LS 375

church buildings needed in many places in 6T 109

free from debt in CS 259

class for whom wonderful work has been done in Ev 566

country resembling America 6T 26

difficulties hindering gospel work not great in 6T 25

Dorcas Society opened in WM 331

drought and famine in 1SM 102

education of parents and youth in FE 538

education that youth need in LS 362-3

educational work in LS 350-6

problems of AH 508-9; CT 533-4; FE 310-27

evangelism in Ev 227-8, 425-8

financial depression in FE 317-8

flesh food largely used in CD 462

gospel wagons used in Ev 583

institutions needed in 6T 25

land in, superficial tilling of FE 368

leaven of sound and solid common sense needed in FE 316-7

med. miss. work begun in CH 532; MM 324

more promising than in America Ev 425

pioneer LS 338; 1SM 34; WM 327-8

message will go in power to LS 209

mine in, unsuccessful investment in CS 244

missionaries have many openings in FE 203

miss. work in,

beginning of TM 178

need of FE 208-9; LS 209, 338; 1SM 102

prosperity of 1SM 102

move to, advised for effectiveness as worker TSB 222

open-air meetings in Ev 426-7

physicians charged exorbitant prices in MM 122

poverty in, in 1894 WM 329

poverty in, saddened Ellen White PM 300:1

publishing work in, vision re LS 283

sacrifice needed to establish work in PM 28:1

sanitarium work expanded in MM 326

object of 2SM 283

school buildings to be erected in many places in 6T 109

schools needed in, to train gospel workers FE 203

soil preparation while in 3SM 328

Sunday question in Ev 227

third angel’s message introduced into Ev 227

tobacco user in Ev 531-2

towns and villages of, must hear message Ev 426

triumphs of cross must be pushed in 6T 26

union of church and state in Ev 227

vegetarian society organized in CD 462


doubted that God had sent her to, in 1892 TDG 61:3

felt presence of God during sickness in OHC 325:3

invested in work in, having to borrow for own need PM 234:4

EGW in See White, Ellen G.

wide miss. field TM 177