Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


Sickness, and Change of Plans

It had been planned that Mrs. White, with her son and Elders Daniells and Starr, should attend the New Zealand Conference, to be held in April, 1892; but shortly after the close of the Melbourne meeting, she suffered a severe attack of neuritis. When it became evident that she could not attend the New Zealand meeting, she rented a roomy cottage in Preston, a northern suburb of Melbourne, and said that she would do what she could to complete her long promised work on the life of Christ. LS 335.1

From time to time, when the weather was favorable, Mrs. White spoke at the Sabbath meetings of the Melbourne church. Sometimes, when unable to ascend the stairs leading up to Federal Hall, she was carried to the platform; and on two or three occasions, when unable to stand, she spoke while sitting in an easy-chair. LS 335.2