EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Armory - Atmosphere (spiritual)


Armory, where Christian equips for struggle AA 502

Army, Armies

Army, Armies

1. Christian

2. National

3. Miscellaneous

1. Christian

bloodstained banner of cross over 5T 126

church as 5T 394

church members to serve in MM 316

dishonor not God by deserting 8T 175

efficiency in 9T 116

enlistment in the Lord’s, for hardship, not ease TDG 368:3

enlistment in, meaning of 6T 140

gospel workers as soldiers in 5T 534

of young men, needed as ministers 6T 411

self-denying 5T 126

sleeping when it should be alert 5T 394

victory certain for 5T 126

with such, as our youth Ed 271; WM 109

2. National

Assyrian, Hezekiah and people aided against PK 359-61

enlistment in 1T 356

failure of, without working in unity 3SM 24:1

general of, Moses trained to become, with false theories TDG 321:4

generals of, angels have been UL 84:4

great, as dust of balance FE 481

illustration of 5T 394-5

Israel’s, David’s organization of 3BC 1128

leaders of,

angels often have been SD 37

singers as PK 201-2

marauding, Palestine in constant danger of COL 103

mustering for battle, John saw 7BC 982

of occupation, Judah wasted by PK 360

of US Civil War in 1863, truth could not be obeyed in 1T 361

sons in, mother’s prayers protected 2T 275

strength of, measured by efficiency of men in ranks 9T 116

See also General; Military service; Soldier; War

3. Miscellaneous

Christ leads heavenly, in last conflict 3SM 425:3

Christ’s and Satan’s, marked distinction between Mar 199:3

final conflict will have two distinct 3SM 397:4

good and evil angels as, fight real battles PK 176


about all who love God DA 240

Elisha protected at Dothan by DA 240; PK 257

Jericho overthrown by 3T 264, 269; 4T 161-2

See also Angel


at end of 1,000 years EW 53, 293; GC 663-4

many Ev 18

two, seen in terrible conflict 8T 41

Army officers in US Civil War

Army officers in US Civil War

cruelty of, to soldiers 1T 255, 363, 365-6

disloyalty of 1T 255

in 1863, requirements of, violate conscience 1T 361; Appendix Note 1T 716-7

spiritism among 1T 363-4, 366

Arnold, Benedict

Arnold, Benedict, traitor 5T 44

Arnold, David

Arnold, David LS 110; 2SG 97-8, 149

Arnon River

Arnon River PP 435

Arnoult, Sophie

Arnoult, Sophie, actress GC 271

Arras, France

Arras, France GC 284



give no sanction to 4T 415

individual independence bordering on 3T 506

nations warned against PK 366

of Michal, David’s wife PP 711

vigor that has no kin to MYP 253

See Insolence; Pride



accusations and taunts more cruel than 2T 270

barbed, hint of doubt as 1T 377-8

fiery, from great balls of fire WM 137

God’s, barbed and true-aimed by angel hands COL 158

of wrath, strike through hearts of God’s enemies PK 176

poisonous, words like 5T 176


that find their mark COL 341; 4T 203

who cannot be harmed by 2T 93

wound where we are least protected 2T 75

sharp, Christ’s words as GW 150-1

things Satan uses as, to wound and poison 2BC 1020

truth’s, hit mark with 1T 548


Arsenal, earth’s depths are God’s PP 109


Arson See Incendiarism



antediluvian GC 664

artist revealed in, but art is not a human; neither is nature God TDG 273:3

Athenian AA 233-4, 237

beauty of,

not comparable with beauty of character COL 298; MH 37; PK 566; 7T 143

not comparable with beauty of temper COL 298; PK 566

Bible does not condemn CS 138

can never attain to perfection in nature MYP 366; 2T 589

comes of wisdom God gives CS 138

danger in human view of light God permits on 3SM 307:1

discoveries in, come from God UL 156:5

expensive, in idolatrous worship 2BC 996

high conceptions of, often exist in sensual minds GC 567

knowledge in, not to be discouraged CT 19

learn simple, of taking God at His word ML 10

New Jerusalem not to be portrayed in TDG 103

things of, used by God to teach Israel Ed 41

wonderful, before the flood CC 34:4

world soon to be burned with its OHC 285:3

worthy of highest commendation MM 271

youth interested in 1T 512-3


Artaxerxes of Ezra 4:7, false Smerdis PK 572

Artaxerxes I (Longimanus)

Artaxerxes I (Longimanus), king of Persia 3BC 1134, 1136; ChS 171-3; CS 191; PK 605, 607, 609-12, 628, 630-4; SC 99; 2SM 316

decree of, to rebuild Jerusalem DA 233; GC 326-7, 398-9, 410; LS 57-8; PK 605, 607, 610, 617, 698-9; 1T 52

See also Seventy weeks; Two thousand and three hundred years (days)

Artery, Arteries

Artery, Arteries

are under law 8T 264

contraction of, when limbs are chilled MH 382



long, circulation of Southern Watchman endangered by PM 226:0

moisture and nourishment to be in PM 225:5

need for serious, from experienced brethren PM 222:2

reprinting of, in health journal PM 226:5

scholarly, will be too late for present need PM 222:2

short and clear, on Sabbath/Sunday issue PM 222:4

short, are best for church papers PM 225:5

spirited and clear, are needed on health PM 227:3

spiritual and short, needed in church paper PM 226:0

truth to be presented clearly in PM 222:0

Articles, periodical

Articles, periodical See Periodical article


Articulation See Pronunciation; Speech



Christian life free from all 5T 50

Satan seeks by, what he fails to secure by force GC 42; SR 322-4

truth knows no connection with 4T 81



Christ sought to turn hearers from, to natural DA 291; SD 75

Christ uninfluenced by TDG 143:3

contrasted with the natural in considering the lilies TDG 331:4

God values natural over HP 115:2

nature to be studied in place of UL 98:2



never-fading charms preferable to CG 424

not needed as adornment CG 424

self is made object of admiration by 3T 375

worn for display 3T 376

See also Cosmetics; Dress; Feathers; Flower; Jewelry; Ornament

Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers See Flower


Artillery, enemy’s turned against himself LS 92



and employees, maxims for Ed 135

Christ was UL 67:3

income of, gospel affects AA 295

skillful, true teacher not content with merely making Ed 29

who might have been successful Ed 267

Artist, Artists

Artist, Artists

Athenian AA 236

beauty of the flowers cannot be reproduced by UL 118:3

book illustrations by CW 169

God as divine, colors flowers SD 16

ideas taken by, from nature scenes 2T 589

intelligence of, received from God UL 340:3

materials already provided for; Great Designer helps 3SM 311:3

mother’s work compared to that of MH 378

painting picture on canvas, illustration of 5BC 1085; CG 476-7; ML 291

parents’ work compared to that of CG 220, 476-7

polished plate of,

character recorded as if on 4BC 1171; CG 562; GC 487; MM 184

deeds transferred to books of heaven as if by TM 429-30

mother’s countenance reflected in baby’s mind and heart as if by AH 436

power of, falls in trying to take in the unseen world TDG 103:5

two pictures drawn by, in Prague GC 99-100


Artistic, we may enjoy the TM 179



ancient, lost 4aSG 155-6

antediluvian 1BC 1089

common, See Trade

discoveries in, flood of light given through 7BC 906; GC 522; PP 113; 8T 257-8

finer, covetousness among workmen in PK 63

knowledge of, as related to salvation 2T 267

men learned in, lessons for DA 251

no progress in, during Dark Ages SR 334

of skillfully preparing foods, most essential CD 263; MM 270, 281

practical, children should learn CG 195

schools of Israel taught DA 29

skill in,

gift from God AA 351-2; CT 314

missionaries need MH 194

Art work

Art work, illustration of publications by CW 167-76


Asa, king of Judah PK 110-3, 190

message of God’s willingness to bless, brought by prophet TDG 156:4

prayer of, Christians may offer PK 111


Asahel, Joab’s brother PP 699



songs of, sung by Israelites PK 333

sons of, music provided by PK 563



Christ’s See Christ

of redeemed at second advent CS 350; EW 16, 35, 287-8; GC 645-6; LS 66, 103; 2SG 33; 1T 60

will last seven days EW 16; LS 66; 2SG 33; 1T 60

See also Elijah; Enoch; Translation

Supplement (See Christ)

angels received Christ at UL 357:2

angels waved back at; heart with disciples RC 257:3

as our Advocate FLB 202:6

Comforter promised before TMK 171:2

contrasted with His arrival and rejection LHU 102:3

crowns given by hands which blessed in LHU 348:2

disciples’ views of heaven changed by AG 49:5

glorious track of AG 49:3

Holy Spirit promised by Christ to come after TDG 257:2

humans entrusted with Christ’s work at TDG 228:4

made Him accessible to all alike RC 22:2

petition for His followers immediately after LHU 102

to Father’s throne testified to by angels AG 49:3

Ascension robes

Ascension robes, Adventists made no, in 1844 GC 373; LS 56; SR 362; 1T 51


Ascent, highest, climbed one step after another ML 95

Ascetic gloom

Ascetic gloom

John the Baptist did not live in CT 446; DA 102; GW 57; 8T 221

See also Friar; Hermit; Monasticism; Monk; Nun


Asenath, Joseph’s wife PP 234

Ash, Ashes

Ash, Ashes

cleansing premises with CH 63; 2SM 462

Egyptians plagued with boils by PP 267

fruits of transgression that turn to, on lips PK 319

many in all nations feed on PK 376



be not, to do what God commands MM 215

of truth, never be 6T 81

See Shame


Ashdod PP 586; 4aSG 106-7; SR 188


Asher, tribe of, Gideon’s call answered by men of PP 548

Ashley, Melora A.

Ashley, Melora A. WM 322

Ashtoreth (Ashtaroth)

Ashtoreth (Ashtaroth)

altars of,

in Mt. Carmel groves PK 144

Jehu threw down PK 255

favor of, blessings ascribed to PK 115-6

house of, King Saul’s armor in PP 682

images of,

in Ahab’s reign PK 115

Solomon set upon Mount of Olives 2BC 1039

moon goddess PP 487

power of, opportunity to test PK 124

priests of, Jehu set aside PK 255

worship of,

Balaam’s plan to lead Israel into PP 451

in Samuel’s time PP 590

Jericho as seat of PK 229-30

licentious rites connected with PK 58

paid homage to forces of nature PK 282

revived in Ahab’s time PK 230

vilest of Canaanitish idolatry PK 229


Asia, Joseph Wolff in GC 360

Asia Minor

Asia Minor, Roman province of Asia in AA 281


Ask/Asking See Requests


Askelon PP 564



many believers are 8T 100; TM 206

re duty to give truth to other nations LS 212

Satan ready to seize those 6T 22

when to be found, is most perilous 2T 205

Asp, Asps

Asp, Asps, infidel books contain poison like that of FE 93

Aspirant, Aspirants

Aspirant, Aspirants, for distinction, truth overlooked by 5T 86

Aspiration, Aspirations

Aspiration, Aspirations

deficient in, humility is not to be COL 363

God does not bid youth to have no PP 602

good, God’s gift Ed 253; GW 259

higher and holier, needed CSW 86


redeemed will reach Ed 307; GC 677; SR 432

truths of God’s word arouse to FE 85


communion with God encourages 4T 624

Daniel had MYP 33

God alone can give GW 100

how to have 5T 112

pure, imbue children with CG 31

spirit of unselfish labor for others elevates SC 80


we may have GW 114

when we shall have MH 480

what elevates one’s 5T 607

youth’s, which are not wrong FE 82

See also Aim; Ambition; Goals; Purpose


Aspire, youth may, to any height of attainment MH 465


Aspiring, God does not desire youth to be less PP 602




rebuked him PP 442; 4aSG 45

cruelty to PP 441-2

Christ’s triumphal entry on DA 569

in Egypt in Moses’ time PP 267

jawbone of, Samson slew Philistines with PP 564

Jewish kings made royal entry on DA 570

Assembly, Assemblies

Assembly, Assemblies

of the righteous, angels in form of men visit GC 631

of the wicked, angels visit GC 631


Israelites required to attend 2T 598

leave business cares and come to 2T 574, 599

publishing house leaders need to attend 7T 188

purpose of Israel’s PP 540

See also Camp meeting; Church services; Gatherings, annual; Meetings

Assertion, Assertions

Assertion, Assertions

force of much human instruction is comprised in FE 407

savoring of dictatorial spirit are not good 3T 535

unbeliever may be silenced but not convinced by 1T 448



blessed and happy, truth in heart leads to 5T 101

law of human nature UL 123:2


Assistance, shown to needy, blessed PK 131-2

Associate, Associates

Associate, Associates

1. Undesirable

2. Miscellaneous

1. Undesirable

boy who poisons his 2T 408

choice of, leads many from path of virtue CT 224


avoid 2T 324-5

children influenced by 5T 320

children learn secret vice from 2T 402, 407

college youth influenced by CT 220

man bound in chain of bondage by 2T 293

youth at school influenced by 3T 155

dangerous, girl who was 2T 559

depraved, guard children against 9T 161

disobedient child as, does great harm CG 87


be not easily swayed by persuasions of MYP 23

cowardly and silent reserve before 3BC 1155; Te 189

instill unbelief in young minds MYP 87

instruct youth in crime, etc. PP 595

many transgress God’s law because of Ev 239

powerful influence of MYP 330; 5T 106

Samson’s life influenced by PP 568

try to keep youth from choosing 4T 649

frivolous, dangerous 2BC 1031; MYP 267

hating truth, guard children against 2SG 254

hindrance 2T 48


Israel influenced by PP 458, 545, 558-9

Samson corrupted by PP 562

Solomon corrupted by 2BC 1026; 7T 217

improper, children demoralized by AH 246

impure, influence of 5T 143

impure and intemperate, Daniel resisted temptation amid AH 464

irreligious, promising youth led astray by 5T 186

minds of, youth who taint and corrupt MYP 42

of skeptical tendencies, youth affected by MYP 86

of vicious habits, guard children against CG 460

pleasure-loving MYP 141

dangerous TM 91

questionable 4T 587

results of deliberate choice of 4T 589


keep children from AH 202; SD 164

students should not choose AH 460

youth warned not to choose MYP 165

trampling on God’s law, do not willingly accompany AH 460

unbelieving 5T 542; 8T 203

forbidden Ev 617

modern Israel led astray by GC 508-9

no safety in MYP 390

old passion for amusement aroused by 1BC 1088

there should be no intimate TM 87

why we have little influence on FE 289; 6T 146-7


Christian forbidden to have AH 459; 2SM 121

cut loose from AH 48

dangerous to our youth MYP 87

draw children away from 5T 541

Nehemiah’s attitude toward 3BC 1155

not safe to choose society of 2BC 1001

vain and trifling, do not choose TM 87


young men corrupted by 3T 148

youth who are least endangered by AH 285

when urged into wrong paths by, what to do MYP 409

whom youth should shun MYP 423; 3T 126; 5T 398

with whom we invite temptation 5T 543


bring temptation MYP 81-2

choose not 5T 218

danger of needless intimacies with 5T 198

influences of 5T 543

youth aged 10 to 18 years see no harm in CT 327

youth influenced by 2T 100-1

2. Miscellaneous

boy’s, parents’ duty re CG 114

children not to sleep in same bed or room with CG 460


parents’ duty re AH 468; CG 114-5; 1T 391-2, 405; 5T 543-5

parents not to be ignorant of FE 63

should not ridicule the pure and worthy AH 463

choice of MYP 419; 4T 587

character and reputation affected by CT 221

children not to be allowed to make 1T 394

exclusiveness in GW 335

for ourselves and children 5T 543

our conduct reveals our 5T 225

reason and fear of God should guide in ML 71

youth’s duty re CT 220; MYP 85, 164; 3T 125-6


who help in right doing CT 226

who observe decorum in words and deportment MYP 267

Christian has kind words for ML 196; SD 255

church members should work for 5T 279

consider persons you choose as 5T 218

course of action toward, guiding principles for 9T 187

duty to PK 348

experience determined largely by that of 6T 362; 7T 190

failings of, see as little as possible of 2T 437

good qualities of, dwell upon MH 492; 2T 437

how Christ was treated by, in His youth DA 89

influence of 4T 587-91; 5T 143, 222-3

on thoughts and feelings CT 221

influence on, to be as fragrance of sweet flowers MYP 363

influence us, and we influence them PK 348; 4T 587

kind of, determined by choice MYP 31

kindness and sympathy needed by SD 148

live useful and unselfish life among 2T 132

mind retains impression produced by 4T 587

our daily, help and guidance needed by PK 348; 9T 27

our infirmities affect 2T 356

privilege of rightly influencing 2T 231

questions to ask yourself about your 5T 437


teach youth how to choose CT 222

youth influenced by CT 222

seek to enlighten 6T 66

set right example before, in use of money 6T 452

speak truth to 9T 129

students’ FE 297-8

study to be blessing to ML 189

we lead our, upward or downward 4T 654

youth to set right example before MYP 140

youth will have CT 220


index to future of society AH 15

parents’ duty re CT 120

to be sound in morals CT 225

whom to seek as SD 162

See also Companions; Friends

Association, Associations

Association, Associations

1. Undesirable

2. Miscellaneous

1. Undesirable

dangerous 3T 125-6

deleterious, between young men and women students CT 101-2


avoid least approach to 2SM 29

character deteriorated by 4T 589

children led into vice and crime by ChS 217

children’s morals perverted by 4T 110

college students depraved by FE 54

corruption by PP 167

detrimental to piety and devotion 7T 89

influence of, in dealing with sinner, consider MH 168

Lot’s daughters influenced by 4T 112

may be renounced at every step ML 104

may lead to use of alcohol or tobacco Ed 202-3

renounce all CH 505

young minds affected by MYP 330

youth become inebriates and criminals by FE 63

youth form, by frequenting places of amusement MYP 389

frivolous, formed at parties Ed 211

frivolous and misleading, what would save girls from MH 294


seek divine help in breaking away from TM 452

wrench away from FE 125; TM 452

improper, danger of 5T 106

impure, thoughts that lead youth to AH 81

in card playing, dangerous 4T 652

in literary societies, demoralizing CT 542-3

irreligious, medical students endangered by CT 479

of young and immature students, that should be forbidden CT 101

poisonous, children should shun 1T 217

sinful, degrade not yourself by 5T 508

that results only in harm DA 152

unfriendly to religious life, shun 5T 232

ungodly 2BC 1006; 2SM 124

Christians led into sin by PP 458

one of greatest dangers 2BC 1000; SD 165

strongest temptations come from CH 423

vicious, children and youth who are in little danger of forming CT 122; Te 210

vulgar, pleasure parties that open CT 367

with Satan’s servants, results of GC 509

with those who know truth and do not practice it, choose not MYP 390; TM 87

with ungodly relatives MYP 432

worldly 5T 506

contrast between Christian and CT 336

endanger us 2BC 1001

injure and mislead 2SM 128

rejection of MYP 423-4

senses dazzled by AH 461

service to God obstructed by FE 500; MH 359

testify that we disobey God 5T 88

wrong, shun MYP 390

2. Miscellaneous

best, children to be surrounded by CSW 51

blessing or curse CT 220; MYP 454-5

blessings of, during Israel’s annual festivals PP 540


importance of guarding MH 403

impossible to overestimate importance of 5T 543

often unfavorable to right character PP 169

parental responsibility re 5T 543-4

should have right influence on character 7T 66

choice of ML 216

character affected by CT 221

determine our destiny 4T 589

youth’s duty re MYP 267

congenial and profitable, to serve God may require abandonment of PP 126-7


with earnest prayer MH 513

with reference to eternal interest 4T 236

former, strong influence of GW 114

how conscience should be affected by CT 337

importance attached to ML 190

influence of CT 220-6; SD 166; 5T 222

between two persons is mutual 4T 587

God’s word stresses CT 220; MH 402

great in institutions 4T 587

may be unconscious 4T 587

never stronger than in school life FE 297

on Christian youth in worldly schools MH 403

on college students CT 220

powerful 4T 587

upon mind CT 220

in leisure hours, prayer needed in seeking MH 513

kindliness and courtesy to be cultivated in CH 435

learned men’s FE 331

little differences arising in MH 485

of girls and boys, wrong concept of 2T 559

of old and young, blessing in MH 204

of young men and women,

in work FE 322

school rules needed for FE 62

power in developing children’s mind and character MH 402

proper, strength derived from 6T 92

pure and amiable, salutary 4T 587

safe and unsafe AH 459-65

secular and religious, principles in Ed 137

self-control, forbearance, and sympathy needed in MH 483

stand for Christ in all 5T 341

students to be taught to resist temptation coming through CT 221

students’ FE 294-5

swerve not from principle in CH 153

that youth should seek MYP 423

we may bless one another in DA 83

when old, must be broken up GW 112

with children, parents’ duty re CT 124

with God,

through revealed truth FE 379

through sanctification of Spirit FE 379

with others,

consideration to be shown in MB 134

our duty re GW 417

to be uplifting CG 509

to fit us for transfer to another world CT 56

with those of like faith,

confidence in TM 503-4

we sustain loss when we neglect PP 541; SC 101

youth affected by 4T 655

youth need to be surrounded with 4T 364

youth should be taught to be frank and modest in CH 294

youth’s, blessing or curse MYP 454-5

See also Companionship; Company; Courtship; Friendship; Society

Associations, secret

Associations, secret See Masons; Secret organization


Assos AA 391-2


Assumption, Satan’s heaven-daring GC 51



beholding Christ in heavenly sanctuary gives TMK 77:2

Christ is, forever FLB 248:5

Christ’s voice of, when we are in trouble RC 356:5

commitment of soul and body brings HP 104:3

feelings of, not wrong; but in depression God has not changed OHC 124:6

full, in Christ, with saving faith 2MCP 531:1

God gives, to all who seek Him with true repentance TMK 238:5

God helps us trust Him by multiplied TMK 262:4

God’s pledged word is our MB 133

God’s, Satan ready to steal away SC 53; 5T 629

in Christ RC 21:5

knowing God’s will brings HP 28:6

lack of feeling; expression of unbelief 3SM 149:2

needed in making calling sure, not a supposed hope OHC 74:4

no, in things human or earthly DA 636

obedient one given, through Christ (in sermons by EGW) TDG 346:5

of eternal life DA 530; AA 533

of God’s love, gather together SC 118; 5T 745

past considered strengthens, for the future 3SM 110:0

perfect, acceptance of Christ brings COL 420; SL 90

realization of God’s presence brings OHC 285:5

truth to be declared with, not in a formal manner VSS 226:1

withdrawal of, apparent when in trouble 2MCP 811:1

words of Christ bring OHC 329:5

workers may receive, as Moses did SW 56:1

See also Comfort; Confidence; Faith; Promise; Safety



Ahaz and subjects feared PK 329

Ahaz made agreement with PK 350

armies of,

greatest nations conquered by PK 352

in Judah PK 352, 359

Jerusalem miraculously delivered from DA 700; GC 117; PK 305, 361

Judah threatened by 5T 749

at height of prosperity PK 362-3, 365

Babylonians subject to PK 344

fall of,

Ezekiel described PK 365-6

Zephaniah foretold PK 365

God used,

to fulfill His purposes for Israel PK 291-2

to punish nations PK 349

gods of, nations induced to acknowledge PK 363

heathen colonists settled by, in Samaria and Galilee PK 567

Hezekiah paid tribute to PK 350

Isaiah’s prophecy against PK 351

Israel’s covenant with PK 280

Israel’s subjection to PK 332

God’s purpose in PK 291-2

Israelites captured by PK 351

Judah delivered from, in Hezekiah’s time PK 349-66

Judah threatened by PK 329

kingdom of Israel in captivity by PK 279-92

Manasseh captured by PK 383

Menahem a vassal of PK 287

nations no longer to be ruled by PK 422

Nineveh capital of PK 265

provinces of, Israelite captives settled in PK 291, 351

Pul as king of PK 287

rise and fall of, lessons from PK 362

rod of God’s anger PK 349

rulers of,

Jonah warned PK 363

merciless policy of PK 363

proud and cruel PK 365-6; 5T 752

scourge of many lands PK 363

unusual blessings misused by PK 363

Samaria captured by PK 339

Sennacherib as king of GC 512

Tiglath-pileser as king of PK 287, 329


Asthma, remedy for, smoking tobacco is not Te 63


Astrology See Deception


Astronomer, many persons who can traverse heavens with, are not interested in their own bodies FE 71



Bates (Joseph) studied 1T 79-80

study of, in education FE 71

EGW did not study LS 97; 2SG 83

wise men of Babylonia studied PK 344

wise men of East studied DA 59

Asylum, Asylums

Asylum, Asylums for youth, schools as CT 269


Athaliah, queen of Judah 2BC 1038; PK 192, 212, 215-6



among Babel builders PP 119; 3SG 96

antediluvian PP 91; 3SG 62; SR 72

Bible inspiration questioned leads to UL 370:3

character perfection impossible according to HP 201:2

children from good Christian homes prepared to meet RC 168:2

Christians who live truth may be an influence against TDG 352:5

defiant, abounds 3SM 425:0

doctrine of eternally burning hell fosters 1T 344-5


God’s Word leads to LHU 60:3

reliability of Bible leads to PP 113

scientific reliability of Bible leads to 3SM 307:1

Egyptian, in Moses’ time GC 269

France controlled by, during 1793-96 GC 269, 273, 276-7, 584

Pharaoh’s GC 269

prevailing spirit of our time TMK 206:2

renounced often at death RY 153:2

revealed by God’s law RC 63:2

seeds of,

books that sow MYP 276

sown regarding the inspiration of the Bible TMK 345:2

skeptical views of God lead to TDG 339:4

sophistry of, like turbid valley streams TDG 217:2

triumph of loyalty to God over PK 489

See also Infidelity; Skepticism

Atheist, Atheists

Atheist, Atheists

affiliation of, with secret societies Ev 619; 2SM 124

bold because many are ready to doubt TDG 217:2

books by, inspired by Satan not to be in our libraries OHC 276:3

Christianity reproached by EW 220

God’s law opposed by GC 285

if Sabbath had been universally kept there would have been no GC 438; LS 96; PP 336; SR 383; 1T 76

medical profession has many CT 478

raising of the dead would not convict FW 68:1

what to do in company of FE 88

works of, not to be studied in education 8T 306

See also Authors, infidel; Infidel; Skeptic

Atheistic doubts

Atheistic doubts, Solomon’s faith supplanted by PK 58

Atheistical power

Atheistical power during French Revolution GC 273


Athenians AA 233-4, 237, 239-40

idolatry of AA 239; 6BC 1068; 8T 257

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece AA 233-42, 244; 6BC 1062, 1084; MH 214; PK 500; 1SM 292; SR 312-3; 6T 142

art in AA 233-4

See also Mars’ Hill



bleeding of, from mouth and nose AA 310

Greek and Roman,

reward of victorious AA 310-1; 2T 46

training and habits of AA 309-10; CD 27-8; SD 212; 2T 46, 357-8; 4T 33-4; 5T 552; Te 144-5

health of, preserved by discipline MH 128

preparation of, compared to

those in the heavenly race OHC 69:3

Athletic games (sports)

Athletic games (sports)

Greek gods honored by CD 27

in schools, objections to Ed 210-1

lifelong injury or death from AA 310

Olympic, ancient CD 27-8; 4T 33-4; 5T 552; Te 144-5

Atkins, Robert

Atkins, Robert, quoted GC 388

Atkinson, Me.

Atkinson, Me. 2SG 40-2

Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean, Macedonian cry from across 5T 732


Atmosphere See Air

Atmosphere (spiritual)

Atmosphere (spiritual)

1. Unfavorable

2. Miscellaneous

1. Unfavorable

charged with harmful miasma or influences FE 298; 5T 111


arise and come out of 5T 607

souls surrounded by 4T 233; TM 90

corrupting, of those insinuating impurity TSB 104:3

dark, surrounds one moaning over bereavements TDG 233:3

devils’ corrupting, about struggling souls MYP 52


result of remaining in CT 257

spiritual growth prevented by OHC 255:4

harmful, around souls without true heart principles 2MCP 802:1

inactive youth has, with moral miasma (poison) 1MCP 117:4


around some instead of good example TMK 327:4

noncommittal attitude TMK 215:3

of church, too frigid TM 167-8

of doubt, person married to unbeliever breathes 4T 504

of doubt and questioning unbelief 4T 232-3; 5T 626

of mist and fog,

Christian plunged into TM 84

worldly amusements as MYP 388

of satanic witchery CT 257

of selfish and narrow criticism MB 123

of unbelief,

effects of breathing 5T 288

heavy and oppressive FE 457

sympathize with persons having to breathe 5T 615

of worldliness, result of voluntarily placing ourselves in PP 169

poisoned by Satan’s agents 1T 430


in home 2T 465

inhaled from the unconsecrated 5T 673

to peace and happiness 4T 196

polluted with sin 5T 136


minister who breathed needed to struggle VSS 343:1

refusing Christ shows love for TMK 243:4


by one with perverted moral taste OHC 256:2

mind and heart affected by 3T 125

tainted and corrupted,

about Enoch 2T 122

we need not breathe SC 99


avoid consenting to enticement in TDG 284:5

compared to cellar OHC 285:5

like that of pesthouse 6T 10

2. Miscellaneous

about soul COL 339

affects others COL 339

in which God’s grace reigns 6T 43

influence of COL 339

like breezes from heavenly Eden SD 180

must be pure and holy MM 206; SD 316

around us, influenced by our characters HP 274:5

children will create encouraging, if taught 1MCP 172:3

Christ’s presence brought purer, into the home 3SM 237:3

employment, unnecessary to remain in bad; health risk TDG 54:2

faith chosen as, because destiny is decided daily 2MCP 433:5

healing, how to create ML 152

healthful, how to create 6T 371


around soul of one who has put on Christ TDG 118:5

breathe in clear and sunny 5T 607

by gathering light to share RC 213:2

created about soul by angels HP 366:3

element we should breathe ML 341

gospel workers surrounded by 6T 306

how to abide in SC 99; 6T 462

melody of praise is Ed 161

our souls to be surrounded by CT 257

righteous believers surrounded by UL 123:6

room filled with ML 51

soul surrounded by, as in Eden FLB 235:6

take deep breaths of 5T 549

vigor and health afforded by 6T 306

we may live in pure SC 99; 6T 462

with Christ abiding within LHU 301:4

helpful, students may create CT 224


camp meetings need 5T 165

shun society of those whom you cannot lift to OHC 256:2

soul can live only in UL 78:4

stay close to those surrounded by OHC 258:5

surrounds righteous parents in the home TMK 40:5

surrounds souls with whom Christ dwells MB 135

surrounds the soul seeking forgiveness HP 78:5

Holy Spirit (not minister) provides, around soul VSS 285:1

home to have spiritual; family will be blessed 3SM 214:4

influence in, around the soul for good or evil OHC 290:4

institutions need to function in heavenly, not frosty PM 155:1

its own, every soul surrounded by COL 339; FE 297

judgment of, surrounding the soul TMK 90:4

life-giving, conducive to spiritual growth SC 68

minds surrounded by cloudy, difficult to penetrate FW 64:2


affects religious life OHC 255:3

around sanctified Christian will have power AG 271:4

of benevolence and cheerfulness, seek to live in 4T 62

of courage, Christian will shed about him SD 85

of Gethsemane and Calvary, labor surrounded with 7T 12

of grace,

earth encircled with SC 68; 7T 148; 9T 40

surrounding believer COL 298

of hope, Christian sheds about him SD 85

of light and peace, we may have COL 419; DA 363; PK 720; 8T 19

of love,

carry WM 103-4

children to be surrounded with AH 197

pleasing in God’s sight 6T 172

surround souls in which God’s grace reigns 6T 43

of peace, surrounded Christ amid enemies DA 254

of security and triumph, breathe TM 461

of strength, Christian sheds SD 85

others helped or hurt by, around soul UL 27:5

presence of God as HP 7:5


around those who love Jesus TDG 146:2; TSB 81:2

by associating with followers of Jesus OHC 255:6

needed to nourish spiritual life HP 338:4

souls who love Jesus surrounded with OHC 231:5

soul seeking held is surrounded by pure TMK 236:4


either of Christ or of Satan FE 297

gives a sermon hard to resist LHU 225:2

surrounding soul with, learning of Christ TDG 143:5

to surround Christians HP 283:6


keep children in AH 197

we can surround ourselves with SD 218

surrounding teacher, pupils affected by CT 191

surrounding your soul, sweeten ML 52, 91, 174

sweet, to surround the soul HP 176:4

temptation resisted surrounds with pure HP 231:6

tenderness and consideration make, fragrant TMK 185:6

truth in the heart avoids exuding a poisonous PM 135:0

two lines only in: heavenly or hellish FW 65:1

warm and kindly, inestimable MM 252

wholesome, soul needs ML 50

wickedness seems to permeate TMK 352:2

withdraw from unbelievers to breathe pure LYL 26:4

See also Heaven, atmosphere of