EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Angel, Angels (Part 3 of 3)

Christ’s death revealed Satan’s character to DA 341, 758, 761

Christ’s incarnation a mystery to 7BC 915, 919

Christ’s incarnation revealed God to DA 19

Christ’s return promised by AA 33-4; DA 831-2; EW 191; GC 301, 339, 662

Christ’s supremacy acknowledged by, before man was created PP 36

controversy not fully understood by, when Christ died DA 761

crown to be placed on Christ’s head by GC 669

day and hour of second advent not known by 4T 307


post of duty given to 4BC 1173

special work assigned to 7BC 923; SR 19

fellowship of Christ’s sufferings could not be shared by Ed 308

final triumph of God’s people anticipated by ML 307

grace not needed by ML 100; TM 519

grace not understood by 1SM 331

hoped God would prevent Christ’s death 3T 369

if man’s place in gospel administration were given to ML 304

mystery of redeeming love to be studied by, throughout eternity DA 19

mystery of redemption difficult to grasp by PP 155

not Christ’s representatives among men AA 134; DA 296

not permitted to deliver Christ from:

abuse during His trial EW 170

agony of Gethsemane DA 693; EW 167

crucifixion 5BC 1107; EW 151, 177; PP 65, 154; 2T 215; 3T 369

humiliation in judgment hall and on Calvary 3T 369

Satan’s buffetings 2T 509

not permitted to minister to Christ on cross 2T 209, 215

offered to die to save man EW 127, 150-2; PP 64-5; SR 43-5

oversight of gospel work given to 1T 204

plan of redemption draws, to Christ DA 626

plan of salvation announced to, when Adam sinned EW 126, 149-52; PP 64-5

ransom for sinful man could not be given by 5BC 1136; EW 127, 150, 152; PP 64-5; 1SM 257, 308, 322; SR 48

results of Christ’s completed work of redemption foreseen by DA 769

science of redemption studied by Ed 126

sin’s results not understood by, at first DA 764

subjects of continual amazement to 5T 702

suffered when Christ suffered 5BC 1108

work of redemption accomplished for benefit of DA 758

27. Satan’s relations with

Abraham accused by Satan before PP 154-5

Jacob accused by Satan before GC 618; PP 201

Lucifer urged by, not to rebel PP 36, 38, 40; 3SG 37; SR 15-6

Satan can no longer accuse brethren before DA 761

Satan in assemblies of GC 518

Satan invents means to annoy SR 27

Satan lost sympathy of, at Christ’s death 5BC 1150; DA 761; GC 501

Satan revealed as man’s destroyer before DA 341

Satan’s character not fully discerned by, when he sinned COL 72; GC 497

Satan’s power over men easily broken by EW 220

Satan’s rebellion a lesson to GC 499

Satan’s taunting of,

at entrance to heaven DA 761; SR 27

church leaders’ sins cause SR 168

covetous acts of believers cause EW 268

lack of interest in second advent causes EW 235

lukewarmness of believers causes 2SG 227; 1T 188

weaknesses and sins of believers cause GC 489; 4aSG 39; 2T 106, 143; 5T 286

summoned before God when Satan rebelled PP 36; 3SG 37-8; SR 13, 18

28. Society of

Adam in Eden enjoyed PP 56; SR 29

Christ’s religion fits men for FE 84; 2T 81

Christ’s transforming grace fits men for SD 239

duty of persons preparing for AA 273; 1T 216, 705-6; 2T 63

happiness of heaven will consist in 4T 72

how to be fitted for COL 342; SL 83

moral fitness needed for 2T 355; 4T 118

hope of enjoying SC 21-2

persons not transformed are unworthy of 4T 258

poor men who will enjoy 1T 540

privilege of enjoying COL 389; GC 415; ML 361; 3T 458

redeemed will enjoy,

in future life Ed 306, 127; GC 677

in New Jerusalem ML 357

trials endured fit us for ML 92; 1T 706

truth should prepare us for 1T 415

we must be prepared for 1T 274; 2T 78, 187, 222

women who would join 2T 458

29. Special


angels are under EW 145, 167-8, 170; 3SG 37; SR 17; 1T 183

Christ welcomed back to heaven by DA 834

first note struck for angelic choir by EW 288; GC 646


Christ called from grave by 5BC 1110, 1113; DA 779-80; EW 181

Christ’s birth announced to shepherds by DA 780

John the Baptist’s parents instructed by MH 379

position from which Lucifer fell is held by 5BC 1110; DA 693, 780; GC 669

seals God’s people TM 444-5

See also Gabriel

next in rank to Christ, Gabriel DA 234

30. Watching or hearing

all we do and say COL 176; MYP 27; PP 217; 1SM 96; 1T 544; 2T 87, 158; 4T 63; 5T 398

baptism of Christ 5BC 1078

baptismal service Ev 315

business transactions we do 5T 628

character development FE 245; MM 146; MYP 165; SD 50; 1T 222, 242, 262, 388; 2T 401; 4T 310, 584

children and youth in SS CSW 157


agony in Gethsemane DA 693

discourses to men 5T 253

glory with Father before world was GC 313

humiliation and death EW 170; PP 154

prayer after baptism DA 112

resurrection 6T 230

suffering on cross DA 693, 752; EW 170

temptation by Satan DA 131; 1SM 255, 288; 4T 293

trial DA 700; EW 173

Christians in race for eternal life 4T 34-5; Te 144-5

colporteurs’ words 5T 396

contrast between Christ and Satan DA 761

defects in moral character 1T 501

do not cause, to be ashamed of us CS 287

each person’s measure of faith is understood by 2T 125

experiment believer works out daily AA 483; GW 113

faithful performance of duty 2T 132

faithful souls toiling under hardships 2T 193

families AH 315

Father and Son ratifying covenant DA 834

first angel’s message’s result SR 362

God’s people CT 324; 2SM 386

with searching eyes 2T 171

God’s work on earth every moment CT 532

gospel workers disheartened 6T 460

homes clean and tidy CH 101-2

how families treat children AH 315; CG 552

how we deal with fellow men COL 149

how we observe Sabbath 2T 704-5

how we treat the unfortunate 3T 511

impressions made by ministers 3T 240

indecent actions of men TM 448

individually we are spectacle to 7T 296

life of individual church member 5T 116

life records of men 2T 72, 560; 3T 224

live as in sight of 5T 539

making of pledges 4T 471

man’s fall and expulsion from Eden 6T 456

martyrdom of early Christians GC 41

order and discipline in schoolroom CT 170

ordination of ministers TM 434

prayers we offer GC 630

progress we make ML 156; 3T 466

report we bear to world about Christ SC 119

resurrection of Moses PP 478; 4aSG 58; SR 173

Satan tempting Eve 1BC 1083

secret acts men commit 2T 292-3

sin we commit GC 486

special honor conferred on Christ SR 13

spiritual condition of churches 5T 186

student faithful to duty CT 98-9; 4T 432

testimonies, songs, and prayers in church services GW 171; 6T 366-7

to see:

how they can help us 6T 175

if we are deeply moved by needs of others 6T 459

if we embrace opportunities to do good 2T 28

if we faithfully watch 2T 193

whether church members honor Christ 1T 116

who exercises tender pity 6T 268

who seeks truth TM 119

transforming power of redeeming love before AA 49

words we speak at home AH 434

work in rooms of publishing houses 5T 413

work of SS superintendents and teachers CSW 157

work put into our hands CS 142

work we do 2T 78; 6T 175

31. Miscellaneous

acquaintance of, with human history GC 632

actually come to our world ML 304; TM 501

are created beings PP 34, 36, 38; 1SM 247; SR 13, 15

arguments of, who would not be convinced by 3T 38

awakening of, to existence of God’s law MB 109

baptismal pledge’s significance to 1BC 1120

bedroom should be presided over by AH 124

belief that dead people are GC 511, 551; PP 684-5

benevolent acts placed close beside prayer by SD 264

carrying writer’s inkhorn,

sealing work by EW 279

destroying angel follows 4BC 1161; GC 656; 5T 505; TM 431

children taken to mother’s arms by, at second advent GC 645

Christ given homage and obedience by 5T 421

Christ had authority to command, before Satan fell SR 13

Christ had pre-eminence over, before Satan’s fall SR 13

Christ is Commander of DA 244; PP 64; 2SM 164; 4T 293

Christ left homage of, to come to earth CT 495

Christ made a little lower than, by incarnation 1T 299

Christ might have been escorted by, in triumphal entry DA 571

Christ surrounded by, before incarnation 2T 215

Christ works through human minds by 7T 167

colporteurs’ motives weighed by 5T 396

common men of common occupations have met DA 48

condition of all men known to 2T 125

consequences of liquor dealer’s work traced by Te 40

converse sometimes with men ML 304

counsels between Father and Son not shared by MH 429

creation of, Christ existed before PP 34, 36, 38; SR 13, 15

criminals may be exalted to position little lower than 4T 295

David’s wisdom and piety made him beloved by PP 642

dead people represented by Satan as 1T 298-9 See also Devils; Spirits; Spiritualism

devotional exercises of men weighed by ChS 211

discipline, order, and organization among Ev 115; PP 376; 1T 649-50; TM 48-9


as men 4BC 1142; DA 500, 788-9; GC 258, 337, 631; ML 304; PP 145; SD 37; 2SM 383; 6T 342

as strangers 6T 341-2; PP 158; SD 37

as travelers Ed 304; PP 138-9, 158; SD 37; 6T 341-2

drink from fountainhead 6T 366

duties of life do not involve association with MM 212

earth still visited by COL 176

existence of,

before any human died GC 511, 551

before man was created GC 313, 511; PP 36

Sadducees denied 5BC 1077; DA 603

Scriptures teach GC 511, 551

facilities of, we are to use ML 305

fear not to move forward where, go PK 171

God has more pleasure in His people on earth than in COL 176

God loves TM 519

God’s dealings with, parable illustrating COL 72

God’s messengers 7BC 904

God’s ministers PP 34

God’s presence accessible at all times to GC 513

golden card presented at gate of heaven by EW 37, 39; LS 118

gratitude to be shown to God before CS 111

heaven emptied of, at Christ’s coming EW 110; SD 360

home of, pavilion of the Eternal 6T 462

insulted and abused by wicked men GC 632

intercourse of, with humanity is continual FE 271

John forbidden to worship EW 231

knowledge of, we are to work out ML 305

language of, how to learn SD 328

law of God governs 1BC 1104; MB 48, 109; PP 53; 1SM 220; SR 18-9, 145; 3SG 295

long delays tire 3T 497

love animating, needs to be reproduced in us 4T 268

love in harmony with that of 4T 223-4

love to:

be near God SC 94

bow before God SC 94

do Christ’s bidding ML 299

man who would quarrel with 4T 238

messengers of mercy DA 551; GC 512

moral worth of men weighed by 7BC 960; ChS 85-6; 1T 242, 237, 262, 332, 388, 429; 4T 310

nearly half of, fell with Lucifer SR 18

no higher knowledge attained by, than to know God’s will MB 109

not commissioned to extricate sinners making no effort to help themselves 1T 345

not permitted to share counsels of Deity 8T 279

obedience not drudgery to MB 109

omnipotent power represented by 6T 461

on ladder of Jacob’s dream AA 153, 512; DA 142-3; Ed 52, 243; FE 86, 270-1; GC 19; GW 179; ML 156; PK 49; PP 183-4, 568; SC 20; 1SM 279-80; 4T 465-6

one third of, fell with Lucifer 3T 115; 5T 291

pass throughout length and breadth of land AA 152; DA 639

patience of, ministers need 1T 237

placed on probation PP 53

post of duty not to be left by 4BC 1173

privilege of, redeemed will share dignity of SC 126

redeemed have more sacred relation to God than ML 289, 365; 5T 740

redeemed receive honor greater than that conferred on SD 22

redeemed will occupy place higher than COL 163; SD 242-3

right with, and with us are one and same thing CH 409-10; 4T 573

Sabbath kept to all eternity by EW 217

Satan’s subtle scientific theories deceived many 8T 290

seeds producing tares never sown by COL 71

seek to become more like 2T 588

self-will and pride turned, into demons CG 178

service for Christ counted an honor by DA 649

sinless, result of partaking of character of 2T 44

souls closely allied to, duty of 2T 459

souls wandering in sin pitied by COL 192

sphere of, plan for man to elevate himself almost to 4T 340

stray lambs pitied by 4T 423

sympathy of,

erring souls receive COL 149

man in his peculiar trials could not have 1SM 252; 2T 201

sinful mortals receive 3T 539

souls weak, helpless, and needy have 4T 131

thoughts and motives of men read by 1T 544; 2T 87, 181; 4T 63

thoughts of men weighed by 1T 124

time represented as very short by 1SM 67

vast numbers of, fell with Lucifer 7BC 972; CT 32; PP 38, 40, 331, 478; SD 348; 3SG 36-7; 1SM 222; SR 16; 3T 328; 9T 21

vision of, experience in spiritual things widens CT 426

weakest, could have delivered Christ from mocking throng EW 170

were called into existence PP 38

will of man not forced by EW 221; MYP 53; 2SG 277-8; 1T 345

words of, in quotation marks 1SM 37

work by us not always approved by 3T 507

See also Archangel; Cherubim; Demon; Devil; Intelligence, heavenly; Messenger of heaven; Satan; Seraphim; Spirit, evil


Abraham talked with, and asked a favor TDG 95:3

Abraham’s hand stayed by, when father and son were tested TMK 20:3

all, would be sent rather than permit our defeat OHC 265:3

amazed that so few care to be freed from evil OHC 321:4

announcement of Jesus’ birth by, brought fear to Satan Con 27:2

anthem of, at Christ’s birth described RC 373

appearance of, as strangers; companions in time of need UL 84

appreciation for the ministry of HP 101:3

armies of, Christ laid aside right to display UL 319:5

ascension of Christ attended by same, as announced His advent LHU 102:3

association with, in resisting unrighteousness UL 123:3

atonement could not be made by TMK 204:5

atonement not made for HP 48:5

beside every soul TDG 332:2

Bible study attended by, to impress hearts with truth TDG 174:3

blessings from,

attend God’s plan for settling injuries UL 106:3

in response to prayers RC 121:5

which we are to give to others TDG 342:6

called to our side through faith and prayer OHC 23:5

care of, for humans, taught by many Bible stories HP 103:2

careless ones cause, to turn away Mar 39:3

certainty of, EGW accepted, as she spoke VSS 396:0


development watched by FLB 120:5; TMK 233:3

measured by TDG 101:2

worth evaluated by, for judgment LHU 326:3

children drawn to Christ by, when kind words spoken to them TDG 111:2

choir in two columns of, joined by redeemed 3SM 431:3


and His trophies welcomed by HP 332:5

as earnest suppliant watched by HP 76:2

came without; He stepped down from command LHU 38:3

could have had legions of TMK 36:3; UL 39:3

could have induced belief in Himself with RC 237:3

could have summoned, but He died in agony TMK 65:2

escorted by, at His coming AG 358:2

was higher than any, but became one with us TMK 26:4

waved back, at ascension because heart still with disciples RC 257:3


birth announced by TDG 360:3

humanity mysterious to UL 90:2

humiliation was disappointment to Mar 11:2

labor at carpenter’s bench attended by HP 214:3

claim of presence of, as evidence of truth 3SM 428:1


to those striving for harmony with God HP 327:4

to tried ones UL 68:5

commissioned to bless humanity UL 280:2


through, with heaven at the end of time FLB 340:4

with, foolish conversation avoided by those in VSS 145:3

with, for sixty years (in 1906) 3SM 78:1

communication of,

continual, with fallen race TMK 21:3

with every place; heavenly messengers TMK 98:3

with humble workers TDG 35:6

with men and women HP 322:4

with those following all light they have TDG 342:2

companionship with,

and ministry OHC 23:2

by transformation of character TDG 117:3

if we walk in the light RC 168:4

refinement and courtesy for HP 180:2; OHC 229:7

through Christ’s merits TMK 134:2

company of, in spreading relief books PM 366:1

concerned by people claiming to know God but colonizing CL 23:5

conflicts engaged in by, to protect and draw from Satan FW 23:1

converted ones prepared for society of, regardless of race SW 12:2

cooperation of,

in fighting for eternal life 2MCP 462:2

in helping others gain what we have received TDG 253:4

in work of institution PM 43

lost when good conscience is lost TDG 240:5

when there is order CET 199:1

with faithful workers TDG 289:2

with humans who pass on grace TDG 356:6

with humble ones helping others TDG 356:5

cooperation with, UL 82:5

brings victory HP 34:2

honors God HP 102:5

important UL 68:4

in putting away sin TMK 237:3

courtesy of, we must have, to be their companions RC 306:7

Daniel could look at, when angel came as a man 3SM 354:1

deceived in heaven, thinking Satan was ruler TDG 256:2

defend those carrying out the will of God TDG 281:2


in doing the will of God TDG 175:2

in heart appreciation for the gift of Jesus OHC 168:3

desire to do right strengthened by TDG 160:5


Israelites instructed before arrival of HP 150:3

work of, lesson for us on Sabbath observance HP 150:4

working today; cities must be warned PM 281:1

devotion marked by, Satan watches for missteps TDG 141:3

direct souls in right paths HP 103:6

do what we cannot UL 68:4

draw us to Christ, UL 344:2

as difficulties increase OHC 317:3

drawn toward all who draw nigh to God HP 165:2

drive back evil angels that would utterly destroy HP 119:4

eager that you should bear the test HP 278:4

Eden guarded by, after the fall Con 16:2

education and experience of, we benefit from HP 102:4

effect on, when God sent Christ as a Redeemer RC 58:5

efforts for the unconverted had the help of Mar 38:2


in communication with;

heavenly messengers TDG 76:2

sixty years (in 1906) 3SM 71:1

put words of, in quotation works 3SM 49:7

quoted words of, but otherwise used her own 3SM 278:5

shown couple doing things to make, blush 1MCP 231:4

enable trusting Christians to fight against evil OHC 311:2

encompassed with TMK 328:3

enemies of God recognize, as helpers of the true church UL 69:4

Ethiopian seen by, studying Scriptures UL 130:2

every, would be sent to rescue one who depends on Christ HP 98:5

everyone watched by good and evil UL 84:2

evil, dead impersonated by LDE 161

excellence of, approached by humans through grace OHC 218:3

fall of most glorious, from desire for supremacy TDG 309:4

Father could not be revealed to fallen man by TMK 18:4

few think of UL 84:2

follow us all HP 100:2

food eaten by, as strangers UL 84:4

food of, provided TDG 237:2

glad to see our acceptance of Christ’s sacrifice UL 47:6

glory of, would extinguish human power HP 366:3


communicates through CC 20:7

has committed, to destroy Satan’s power TDG 28:5

purposed, to be temples for the Creator HP 191:2

wants youth to be companions of HP 218:6

God’s anger against Satan and wicked expected by TMK 19:3

God’s movements in the crisis before Christ’s birth watched by RC 58:4

golden oil brought by, from the throne; holy messengers TDG 98:5

good and evil,

in human form in the last conflict Mar 167:5

strive for the mastery OHC 92:2

grace and power imparted by, to those who feel need OHC 129:4

grace not needed or given to obedient AG 10:2


every believer who realizes his dependence has HP 101:5

for every living soul OHC 23:2

guardianship of,

as we follow the Word of God HP 257:3

continually needed HP 117:2

for faithful ones UL 362:3

for imperiled souls UL 117:5

for just and unjust FW 23:1

for sailboat with EGW on ocean TDG 110:3

for souls as long as there is hope OHC 23:2

for striving Christians UL 246:5

for those who hold to Christ in humility TSB 127:3

for those who refuse evil HP 99:2

from poisons of temptation OHC 126:3

guidance of,

and protection constantly HP 32:2

in study of Scriptures with humility and prayer OHC 210:4

on pathway to heaven OHC 11:4

hear impatient words spoken in homes HP 99:4

hearts prepared by, to receive truth; consecration needed PM 92:4

help of,

for all FLB 205:7

for families preparing for city of God OHC 294:3

for the less favored HP 100:5

for those who relieve effects of sin HP 102:3

for those who want to do right UL 82:5

in fighting battles TDG 190:6

promised for fighting battles RC 356:2

when we feel need of Christ’s merits TMK 304:3

Holy Spirit enabled by, to work on hearts TMK 57:2


hands of, used by, in practical ministry HP 102:4

helped by other erring humans better than by LHU 225:6

made lower than, but will have greater privileges in heaven TDG 255:6

may become companions of RC 35:3

nature of, allied to, through Christ OHC 170:2

not to be replaced by, as God’s instruments HP 103:4

ordinary, under ministration of, warn people TDG 227:4

redeemed will be placed higher than unfallen HP 148:5

humility of, before Christ TMK 175:4

impressions by,

on hearts, not by us UL 130:6

on those who pray to do right UL 253:6

institutions walked through by; wrong words and attitudes PM 173:1

instruction from,

concerning prenatal influence repeated by 1MCP 136:0

for humans from the Holy of Holies Mar 249:4


in our spiritual welfare HP 102:3

in penitent and impenitent souls RC 250:2

in those honored as colaborers with God RC 297:3

in us FW 93:1

Jesus given strength and assurance of God’s love by TDG 49:6

Joshua promised companionship of RC 168:4

joy of, beholding us praising God HP 95:2

keep back destroying agencies UL 155:5

keep you from falling on the way to heaven UL 256:2

King and His trophies welcomed by HP 211:5

kingdom of Christ built with assistance of UL 71:3

law of God revered by OHC 138:5

lead those willing to be led HP 103:4

listen in every assembly of saints OHC 167:3

lives seen as inconsistent by UL 321:2

living as in the presence of LHU 109:6

look with joy upon ones loyal to Christ TMK 309:5

love of God for, as a part of Himself TMK 46:3

love of God for us as for Christ amazes HP 282:4

love to linger in noble, unselfish church HP 209:4

message of warning proclaimed with participation of TDG 60:2

messengers of mercy,

from the world of light HP 40:4

to cooperate with humans LHU 207:3

messengers that communicated with EGW 3SM 71:1, 78:1

ministers doing God’s will 3SM 312:0

ministry in concert with UL 298:5

ministry of,

as they ministered to Jacob TMK 328:3

canvassers need; work impossible on own PM 305:1

conflict in Christ’s life in spite of 3SM 131:2

essential now HP 101:5

followers of Christ may have 3SM 131:2

holy living may be as natural as TDG 94:3

to the wretched seems humiliating to some FLB 79:4

to those accepting power for character HP 369:4

to trusting souls 3SM 325:3

mission of Christ as understood by, to exalt the law TDG 246:5

multitude of, lighted plain in announcing Christ’s birth RC 373:4

music of,

not heard because of harsh singing VSS 425:3

unsatisfying if we have fed on things of world AG 251:6

voices and, unsatisfying to the worldly FLB 365:3

See also Angels, singing of; Angels, song of

mystery of Christ’s sacrifice of interest to 3SM 169:1

nearness of,

through true religion RC 161:7

when hearts sympathize with hearts TMK 335:3

obedience of, seeking holiness as naturally as HP 169:4

Old Testament patriarchs who talked face to face with TMK 197:3

order characterizes movements of; we should imitate it CET 199:1

oversee God’s work in the hands of His stewards HP 102:2

parents and children watched by, for character development TDG 219:4

participate in all our work UL 84:3

poor’s cup of water and crust of bread made banquet by HP 234:5

position above, for overcomers LHU 230:2

power of, greater than that of hosts of darkness 1MCP 102:1

power through, as was provided for Christ UL 48:4

praise joins; increases along upward path RY 155:2

praise of,

but not from mortals that Christ died for HP 95:3

contrasted with Isaiah’s RC 338:3

prayer brings help of, in last conflict HP 297:2

preference of, would be to stay close to God UL 68:2

presence of,

Bible study with; they reflect light 1MCP 92:2

but unseen as eyes cannot discern the light TDG 160:4

in little companies studying the Scriptures TDG 11:6

in rooms of publishing house PM 43:3

shows God’s love, protection and power TDG 160:2

speak to one at fault remembering TDG 105:3

submissive spirit of those who expect TDG 243:2

unrealized, to guard us against temptation HP 99:3

wanted in your dwelling HP 354:3

present where most needed, to help people fight self FLB 79:4

privilege of seeing light from; heavenly messengers TDG 160:6

probation of, test failed by some during Con 18:2

prophecy of, of Revelation 18 Mar 218

protection by,

from powers of darkness OHC 311:3

in path of duty but not on Satan’s ground HP 255:4; 2MCP 700:2

in the day of affliction LHU 341:4

in time of trouble TDG 69:5

lost by going where sin is HP 254:4

needed HP 348:4

not realized by children of Israel FW 69:1

of God’s faithful Mar 95:2

seen only in the light of eternity HP 101:4

when coming to Jesus in faith HP 264:2

publications in production approved by PM 60:3

reasoning minds may be helped by 1MCP 102:1

receive grace from Christ to pass on to us TDG 356:6

record testimonies vindicating Christ in book of remembrance OHC 168:5

recording, actions daily noted by OHC 7:4


allowed by, to stand in inner circle around throne OHC 368:5

joined by, in song of triumph HP 216:6

share dignity and privileges of HP 367:2; OHC 39:3

rejoice as they gaze upon the rainbow OHC 314:3

respond to earnest not casual prayers OHC 129:4

righteous encircled by, when earthly power cannot help OHC 362:3

saints enter city of God between columns of 3SM 431:2


came as, to induce Christ to sin and place us under evil TDG 318:3

claimed to be a pure, when he tempted Christ 3SM 199:1

comes as, with lovely pictures to those with perverted ways TDG 336:4

knows influence of UL 163:4

seduced, to win confidence UL 114:3, 338:2

won many, to his side RC 51:4

Satan’s character revealed to, at Christ’s death RC 60:3

scolding shuts out good, and opens door to evil ones TDG 111:2

seeing service of, would change our conduct and religious sentiment FW 23:1

seen by; faithfulness important TDG 354:2

self-sacrifice of workers responded to by HP 68:6


to guard as we follow God’s Word UL 321:6

to weakest saint who trusts in God FLB 205:7

separation of, by mulish feelings 3SM 334:1


beyond mortal sight seen by FW 25:0

grieves 3SM 196:3

sinful feeling kept Daniel from looking at face of 3SM 354:1

singing of,

as souls yield to Spirit OHC 152:5

in response to the song of the redeemed HP 371:4

not in temple at the birth of Christ TDG 319:5

not loud and with coarse gestures 3SM 333:3; VSS 423:2

through us, when connected with heaven 3SM 335:2; VSS 425:2

singing with, learn here the song for FW 78:4

smiles of, words of kindness as welcome as TDG 144:4

society of,

beholding Christ prepares us for HP 142:5

Christ left, to redeem humanity TMK 84:3

God desires to prepare humanity for OHC 265:2

Holy Spirit prepares receiver of truth for OHC 34:4

preparing for, by courtesy and praising God RC 28:6

preparing for, by purging selfishness TMK 306:4

religion of Christ prepares for TMK 250:6

to be imitated RC 305:2

work to prepare for, notwithstanding grace TMK 300:2

solicitous to bear response to Christ’s baptismal prayer TMK 31:4

song of,

at Christ’s birth to be echoed by us TDG 360:4

Christ will teach us TMK 191:6

echoed in our homes HP 94:7

souls with hunger approached by TDG 22:2

speaking or writing as, but a fiend in practice TDG 146:5; TSB 82:2

stone of sepulcher rolled back by, as a pebble LHU 102:2

strength never comes in thinking what we might do if 3SM 140:5

strength of,

demonstrated at Christ’s resurrection UL 263:2

for those who ask UL 68:3

success of, for us depends on imitating their harmony CET 199:1

success possible through the cooperation of Mar 110:3


believers in the day of affliction HP 30:5

those drawing light from glory FW 65:1

those who depend on God HP 16:7

those with a heavenly atmosphere HP 366:3

teach witnessing in song, prayer, and word UL 91:5

temptation held back by HP 99:3; UL 242:3

tempted are not left by OHC 23:2

tempter and tempted seen by TMK 314:3

third, See Third angel; Three angels

thoughts of, seeing our slowness to impart truth TDG 51:3

track everyone and watch how we deal with the erring LHU 209:2

train learners in the school of Christ OHC 102:3; TDG 339:3

transformation results witnessed by LHU 252:3

treasures of the better world brought by FLB 79:5

trials tempt us to forget the protection of HP 262:2


accepted by those through whom, can work TDG 115:4

to prepare us daily for the society of TDG 95:5

to reach all nations by way prepared by TMK 349:2

unite in service with UL 71:3

unite with songs of, in the city of our God FW 79:2

victory in cooperating with AG 10:4

visits of, to people like Cornelius LDE 207

voices of, heard unknowingly by many UL 84:4


for human cooperation HP 314:5

to go with people who witness UL 91:2

to prepare humans to give last warning TMK 349:4


among us unrecognized HP 101:2

beside God’s people amid perils of last days OHC 317:3

walking with,

in city of God; protection in day of affliction LHU 341:4

in heaven HP 30:5

in time of trouble LHU 347:6

watchcare of, given to each person TDG 160:2

way for canvassers prepared by PM 301:2

weak and trembling souls may have the help of FLB 79:4

will of God,

done by, returning what God gives them FW 23:1

is highest knowledge desired by TDG 175:2

wise men saw the light of, at Christ’s birth Mar 11:4

witnessed Christ’s humiliation but could not interpose TMK 20:4

words and manner of workers noted by HP 237:4

words of, never harsh or unkind HP 180:2


given to every, for this world UL 68:2

impossible for humans done by UL 84:4

not given to, of preaching salvation HP 331:4

work of,

for God’s people UL 184:2

needs to be understood better UL 84:5

obedience to Christ in bringing encouragement RC 356:3

with us for the salvation of souls HP 102:3

with us ministering to the very earth UL 130:7

work of mercy and love has presence of CME 27:0

workers linked with HP 67:4

working with HP 102

worshipers joined in praise by HP 288:4

wrong done to those who are God’s property noted by UL 82:2

youth of today more earnestly observed by TMK 194:2

See also Beings; Intelligences; Seraphim