EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Aged believers - Alcohol

Aged believers

Aged believers 4T 478

attitude of, to responsible men Ev 107

camp meeting experience of LS 272

care of 6T 272

family’s duty re MH 204; 6T 272

not best to establish institutions for 6T 272

counsel needed by, re making of wills 4T 479

duty of,

in disposition of means and property 2T 675; 3T 116; 4T 478-9; 7T 295-9

in making of wills by 3T 117; 4T 479

to counsel with brethren 2T 675-6

to leave business matters straight at death 2T 676

to place means in God’s cause 1T 200

to take heed lest they fall 2BC 1031

to walk humbly with God Ev 106

homeless, church’s duty to MH 204; 2SM 331

management of means by 2T 99

many, inclined to criticize Ev 106-7

means entrusted by God to, how Satan gets 1T 199

mistake of,

in entrusting property to children 2T 647-8

in placing means out of their control 2T 648

showing lack of wisdom 2T 648

needy, church’s duty to WM 238

ought not to be sent away from home for care 6T 272

property of, what usually happens to 4T 478

ripening as grain for harvest LS 272; 1T 424; 2T 184

without relatives, church’s duty to MH 204; 6T 272

worldly business of 1T 199

Aged fathers

Aged fathers, how, displease God 2T 99

Aged gospel workers

Aged gospel workers AA 572-4; 2SM 221-32; 7T 286-9

counsel of, needed 2SM 227; 7T 287-8

duty of,

to advocate temperance reform 2SM 226

to bear testimony 2SM 406

to conserve health 7T 289

to let younger workers bear responsibilities 2SM 229

to sleep in daytime 2SM 230

experience of, we need GW 103


God does not lay aside AA 573

honor and respect AA 573-4; 2SM 223-4, 227

tenderly regard 2SM 224

help of, God’s cause needs 2SM 224; 7T 286-7

highly esteem, for their work 2SM 224

how God can use AA 572-3

men needed to take place of LS 276-7

promises for 7T 287

should hold honored place in:

councils 7T 289

God’s cause 7T 289

should not be:

laid aside 2SM 223

put in hard places 2SM 227

should not work:

beyond strength 2SM 229

in crowded cities Ev 71-2

value, for their experience 7T 287-8

who should occupy leading positions in God’s work 7T 287

younger workers should respect 7T 289

Aged minister

Aged minister See Minister

Aged parent

Aged parent See Parent

Aged person, Aged persons

Aged person, Aged persons 3BC 1148-9; 1T 422-4

air and sunlight needed by MH 275

anxiety of,

re earthly goods 3BC 1148

re future want 1T 424

re money 1T 423

baptized in bathtub Ev 315

care of MH 204-5; 6T 272; WM 238

relatives’ duty re WM 238

characteristics of 1T 422-4

Christ’s regard for DA 74

commandment binding upon 2T 80

conversion of, story of Ev 447

David’s concern for time when he should be 3BC 1148; 1T 423

David’s impressions re 1T 422

duty of,

to lay anxiety aside 1T 424

to leave business in good order 2BC 1025; 4aSG 96

to make last days best and happiest 3BC 1148; 1T 424

to make right disposition of goods before death 7T 295-6

to ripen up for heaven LS 272; 1T 424; 2T 184

duty we have to help MH 201, 204

exposing themselves to ridicule and reproach 1T 423

fears of, that originate with Satan 1T 424

gospel work for Ev 446-7

helpful family influence needed by MH 204

helpless, care of MH 204

homes for,

established by SDA 6T 286-7

mixing of old men and women not best in WM 238

not best place for them WM 238

homeless, duty to MH 204; 2SM 331

how, shorten their lives 1T 423

how Satan makes, restless and dissatisfied 1T 423

imagination of, how Satan plays on 3BC 1148; 1T 423

insane on subject of money 1T 424

jealousy toward friends and relatives 1T 422-3

lacking mental strength, Satan takes advantage of 1T 424

lessons for,

from David 2BC 1025; 4aSG 96

from Solomon 2BC 1031

little labor needed to lead many, to accept Sabbath Ev 446

money hoarded by 3BC 1148; 1T 423

money idolized by 1T 423

not excused from obedience 4T 144-5

often homeless MH 353

organs of, excited to fear and jealousy 1T 424

pure air and sunlight needed by MH 275

regard, tenderly MH 204

respect Ed 244; LS 275; 1T 217-8; 4T 340

Sabbath observance by, little effort needed to bring about Ev 446

self-control in, loss of 1T 423

set, to task of solving mysteries CSW 77-8

unhappy 1T 423

unsaved, appeal to 5T 351-2

unwilling to acknowledge that mental strength fails 1T 423

virtue sacrificed to lust by PK 84

welcome that cheers and encourages MH 353

youth may bring sunshine to MH 204

youth’s duty to 2BC 1021

help SD 161

honor 2SM 314

respect Ed 244; LS 275

sympathize with SD 161; 6T 429

Aged sinners

Aged sinners, hope for PK 84

Agency, Agencies

Agency, Agencies

Christian, to be subordinate to Spirit ChS 14

confederacy of evil, inspired by Satan against God’s people 9T 241-2

God-appointed, result of rejecting 5T 298-9


as heavenly instrumentalities’ hands ML 305

See also Human agency

of evil,

combining forces for last crisis 9T 11

God constantly counteracts PP 694

satanic See Satanic agency

three, used by God to spread truth Ev 547

various, God prepares people for crisis by 5T 718

Agent, Agents

Agent, Agents

Christ as living agent provides power FW 26:1

divine, See Angels

evil, See Angels, evil

free moral, all are, and must control thoughts OHC 337:3

God has, among rulers GC 610

human, to be kept out of sight in teaching truth CW 65

Satan has,

among rulers GC 610

warning re 5T 137

Agent, colporteur, Agents, colporteur

Agent, colporteur, Agents, colporteur See Colporteur leaders

Age-to-Come theory

Age-to-Come theory 2SG 157, 273, 295; 1T 116-7, 333-4, 412, 714; 2T 690


Aggression, religious, liberties subverted by CH 506



gospel of Christ is; responsibility to be felt TDG 211:4

gospel work is to be CS 188; Ev 298; WM 281

Aggressive power

Aggressive power, gospel depends on believers for WM 36

Aggressive warfare

Aggressive warfare, wage 6T 61


Agitate, agitate, agitate, study of truth CSW 37; 5T 708



everything is in DA 636; Ed 179; PK 536; 6T 14; TM 364

lack of, is not evidence we hold sound doctrine 5T 707


Aglow, whole soul is, when in touch with Christ MB 40



entry through the strait gate requires TMK 269:2, 304:2

in prayer, need of GC 621

meaning of OHC 330:2

of God’s people, during shaking time 1T 179-80

Agony of Christ

Agony of Christ See Christ




endured, to bring sinners back to God TMK 371:4

feels, which His loved ones feel TDG 313:2

prayed in UL 80:2

suffered, receiving sins of world at Gethsemane RC 132:8

Christ’s, caused cup to tremble in His hand TDG 49:6

God can soothe OHC 9:4

human, bought and sold EW 275


Agreeable, Christians should be 2T 311

Agreement, Agreements

Agreement, Agreements

avoid restrictive, with those wanting control PM 151:3

between God and man, indifference re MYP 308

dwelling on, by those wearing Christ’s yoke TDG 111:5

fulfill your, even at loss of money CG 154

God has made, on condition of obedience TMK 262:4

in business transactions, drawing back from CG 154

no harmony without FE 181

Agricultural establishments

Agricultural establishments, schools need 3T 153, 155

Agricultural implements

Agricultural implements

men raised up to construct 4aSG 155

show people how to use FE 324

Agriculturalist, Agriculturalists

Agriculturalist, Agriculturalists

education provides great advantages for FE 204

privileges and blessings enjoyed by Ed 219

successful, what is essential to FE 124

See also Farmer

Agricultural occupations

Agricultural occupations FE 315

educated ability needed in 5BC 1112

Agricultural products

Agricultural products in Noah’s day PP 90

Agricultural training

Agricultural training 6T 179

at Australian school TM 241-5

benefits of, for youth 6T 179, 185

combine, with study of sciences TM 244

in schools,

benefits of 6T 177-8

develop plans for CT 317

essential 6T 179, 191; 8T 215

in southern USA 7T 232

resources for self-support opened by CT 311

Agricultural work

Agricultural work

co-operate with God in COL 350; 6T 186-7

create more interest in Ed 219

health benefited by FE 73-4

human and divine agencies united in CT 277

love for, what creates in youth Ed 220

misery of, under church and state GC 280

not degrading or strange in Israel Ed 47

persons wise in, miss. work by 9T 36

schools need CT 58

scientific knowledge and methods needed in CG 356

spiritual development favored by Ed 43

students in schools of prophets sustained themselves by Ed 47

suspended every seventh year in Israel Ed 43



A B C of education 6T 179

blessings from 6T 178

Christ drew lessons from COL 26

earning livelihood by, safeguard against temptations Ed 219

educational work aided by Ed 212

effort needed in, in cooperation with Heaven TDG 276:3

exercise in, (and other work) saves brain taxation 1MCP 120:3

farmers should train sons in CG 355-6

in schools 8T 227-8

provides work for students WM 184

teachers should awake to importance of 6T 191

knowledge of, God glorified when men acquire FE 324

lessons to be learned from COL 88

man’s first occupation Ed 219

miss. work,

by means of MH 193

in the South for those knowing SW 81:3

Negroes need instruction in 7T 228

object lesson for children Ed 111

object lesson in, Israel was to be COL 289

operations of, illustrate Bible lessons FE 375

resources for self-support opened by FE 322

right methods of, let harvest be eloquent in favor of FE 324

sanitarium work aided by 8T 227-8 See also Sanitarium

schools should give instruction in CT 310, 315; Ed 218; FE 72, 322

scientific knowledge needed to advance CG 355-6

scientific study of, give to students Ed 219

sick persons benefited by exercise in MH 265

skillful and diligent labor needed in Ed 219-20

solution to problems of unemployed masses Ed 220

students need practical education in CT 311

students should become familiar with 6T 208

study and practice of, schools should provide FE 72

study of,

business education not hindered by LS 354

practice and theory needed in Ed 219

students blessed by LS 354-6

things to be taught in Ed 219

success in, attention to laws involved is essential to Ed 111-2

teachers should call attention to what Bible says about Ed 219

unsuccessful by colony of Northern whites in South SW 92:1

value of, as manual training Ed 219

work to be done as in; God gives power to the seed LHU 185:5

See also Farming; Gardening; Land; Soil


Agrippa See Herod Agrippa II


Agrippina, Nero’s mother AA 486; GC 667-8; SR 424



caused by,

eating improperly 4T 502

poisonous miasma from damp surroundings CH 59; 4aSG 144; 2SM 464

with fever, distressing 2SG 191


Ahab, false prophet PK 442, 447; 4T 173-4

Ahab, king of Israel

Ahab, king of Israel 2BC 1033-4, 1036; DA 120, 587; Ed 60; LS 321; PK 114-6, 121, 123, 126, 133, 137, 139-40, 190, 192, 195-6, 204-7, 215-6, 224, 230, 244, 254-5, 279; 2SG 284; 1T 251; 3T 262-3, 273-80, 287-8; 5T 191, 526-7; TM 462

Athaliah a daughter of PK 192

Athaliah as last survivor of house of PK 216

chariot of, Elijah guided PK 158; 3T 287


died less than three years after Naboth did PK 196, 207

Elijah hunted three years by PK 137

Jehoshaphat many years a contemporary of PK 190

king two years before Asa’s death PK 114

reigned about a century after David PK 133

reigning when Elisha was called as prophet PK 254

death of, at hands of Syrians PK 207, 244

Elijah acknowledged, as king 3T 287

Elijah hunted by PK 123, 126, 137; 3T 275

example of, warning to us 3T 262-3

God’s authority and sovereignty above that of LS 321; TM 462

house of,

exterminated by Jehu PK 215, 254-5

fall of PK 204-16

Israel led into heathenism by Ed 60; PK 114-6, 195, 224, 230; 3T 262, 274, 277

Jehoshaphat aided, in war against Syrians PK 195

Jeroboam’s withered arm remembered by 3T 278

Jericho rebuilt in time of 3T 273

Jezebel’s evil influence over 2BC 1033; PK 115, 126, 204; 1T 251; 3T 262, 288-9

judgments of God upon 3T 273; 5T 191

last years of, shame and violence during PK 204

Micaiah the prophet hated by 2BC 1036; PK 195-6

Naboth’s vineyard seized by PK 196, 204-7, 224

on Mt. Carmel PK 143-59; 3T 279-86; 5T 526-7

sins of, greater than those of Omri PK 114

strife and unrest in Israel under PK 279

wife of See Jezebel

See also Elijah


Ahabs, world today has PK 177


Ahasuerus, in book of Esther See Xerxes I


Ahaz, king of Judah PK 322-31, 337, 350, 648-9


Ahaziah, king of Israel AA 290; CH 455-6; PK 207-12, 214, 224; 5T 191-2, 194-6


Ahaziah, king of Judah PK 213-5

Jehoahaz and Azariah as other names of PK 213-4

youngest son of King Jehoram of Judah PK 213


Ahijah, prophet PK 87, 108


Ahimelech, high priest 2BC 1020; PP 656, 659



Bathsheba a granddaughter of PP 735

David’s counselor 2BC 1024; 3BC 1128; PP 730-1, 739-40

suicide PP 744



Danite 2BC 1027; CT 59-60; PK 62-3; 2SM 174-5

See also Bezaleel


Ai PP 493-4, 497, 499, 613



cry for, Christ hears DA 480

do not give, indiscriminately to all who ask CS 163

God’s arms encircle soul seeking AA 467; MB 99; 4T 328


do not depend on MH 153

God does not dispense with DA 535

See also Help



bodily, continued transgression a cause of GW 213

eggs beneficial in some CD 402

humanity’s physical, are numberless 5T 439

mental and physical, physical exercise a blessing in MM 107

mind fostering, instances of 2T 326

nine tenths of, created by victims’ own course of action MM 225

persons who pet their MM 107

remedy for some, tobacco discarded as 5T 440

See also Disease; Sickness

Aim, Aims

Aim, Aims

chief, winning of souls to Christ 6T 427

Christian’s, to reach highest attainments for doing good CT 505

conformity of, to Christ’s MH 511


in your work have a COL 344

success in any line demands Ed 262

directed by the grace of Christ AG 278:3

God’s will to be identified with UL 187:5


gospel workers should have GW 73

perfect conformity to God’s will ML 293

set for your life MYP 124

should be kept constantly before Christian 5T 745


doing good and saving souls RC 346:6

soul winning is GW 250

youth not to seek something novel as 7BC 915

human, no higher than those of beasts COL 257

improper, in gospel work MYP 26

lack of, due to alcohol or tobacco Ed 202-3

life, needed ML 177; 2T 428-9


pursuit of ease or pleasure is not FE 65

should be exalted 2T 534

strive to reach 7T 66

students need to learn what it means to have CT 523

to bless others MH 257-8

to glorify God SD 236

what to do to secure 2SM 167

life’s great, to glorify Christ 2T 262

life’s noble, lost sight in fashionable surroundings COL 53

life’s noblest, youth diverted from Ed 296-7

life’s true Ed 221-2

God’s providence leads men to see 4T 444

how to learn what is Ed 184; PK 548

set before us CT 51; GC 623


Christ encourages COL 374

God encourages 2BC 1026


mislead others TM 129

youth should never be content with SD 40

low and selfish, turn from PP 601

mean and false, Christ drew men of Ed 79

needed by everyone FLB 361:5; TDG 66:2


have a Ed 190

safeguards against evil PK 660

only worthy, using faculties with endless results in view TMK 321:5

unselfish, glorify God TDG 30:2

worthy of endeavor, keep in view Ed 262

See also Ambition; Aspiration; Goals; Ideal; Life, aim of; Mark; Object; Purpose

Aim high

Aim high FE 82

as human and divine power make possible Ed 267

Aimless life

Aimless life

is living death CH 51; 4T 417

no one should live 4BC 1159; AH 284

Aimless mind

Aimless mind, easy prey to evil Ed 190


Aimlessness in youth, dreaded evil Ed 210

Air (atmosphere)

Air (atmosphere)

1. After man sinned

2. Before man sinned

3. Fresh

4. General

5. Impure (polluted or vitiated)

6. Open (outdoor)

7. Overheated and foul

8. Poisoned

9. Pure

10. Pure and fresh

11. Miscellaneous

1. After man sinned

extremes of heat and cold felt in PP 61; SR 46

no longer unvarying in temperature 3SG 46; SR 46

seeds of death borne by Ed 26

seemed to chill PP 57; 3SG 43, 46; SR 38, 46

subject to marked changes PP 61

told sad lesson of knowledge of evil Ed 27

2. Before man sinned

clear and healthful PP 44

mild and uniform in temperature PP 57, 61; SR 38, 46

pure and healthful 3SG 33; SR 20

untainted by foul miasma PP 44

3. Fresh

appetite excited by 1T 702

babies need MH 381; 2SM 465

benefit from being in CT 308

benefits more than medicine CH 55; 2SM 456

blood circulation improved by 1T 702

blood purification requires MH 385; ML 139; 2SM 456

body refreshed by 1T 702

body wholly electrified by 1T 701

deprive not yourself of CD 302; MM 230; 2SM 296

digestion aided by 1T 702

fear of 2T 523, 525

health improved by ML 139; 1T 702

health requires CH 56; MH 275; 2SM 457-8; 2T 67

heaven’s free blessing 1T 701-2

home needs AH 153

in every room MH 274-5

in sleeping rooms night and day CH 58; MH 275; 4aSG 142-3; 2SM 462

more than medicine CD 419

summer and winter CD 419; 2SM 456

home made sweet and bright with 2T 527

in sleeping rooms, how to accustom yourself to CH 58

invalids averse to CH 55

invalids benefited by CD 302; MH 246; 2T 530-1

invalids should begin moderately to take 2T 535

invigorates 1T 702

lack of,

blood made impure by 1T 562

ill effects of 2T 524

self-murder by 1T 701

sickness of children caused by MH 385

skin affected by 1T 701

system enfeebled and diseased by 1T 701

lamp in sickroom consumes 2SM 459

life-giving power of,

show MM 232

utilize more the 7T 79

lung-fever patients need 4aSG 152; 2SM 305

lungs need constant supply of MH 274

at night 2T 527-8

mind decidedly influenced by 1T 702

more important than food CH 55

not an enemy 2T 533

nurses need MH 219

remedial agency 2SM 298, 456

sick persons need CH 55; MH 264

sickroom needs, night and day MH 220

sleeping without, ill effects of 2SM 463

sound sleep induced by 1T 702

treatment of fever cases requires MM 228

vital organs invigorated by ML 139; 2SM 456

welcome and cultivate love for 1T 702

within reach of all 2SM 287

at little expense 5T 443

4. General

breezes promote health by purifying and cooling 5T 312

circulates around globe SC 68

covering of, earth would be dusty desert without 5BC 1087; SD 75

flowers must have TM 367, 494

fragrance of, life-giving properties in MH 264

garden flowers perfume AH 153

God uses, to cause seed to sprout DA 367

God’s name written in PP 51

man’s life depends on Ed 26

ministers to plant life SC 68

more essential than food 2T 526

new earth’s, ever right and healthful ML 354

parted and rolled back at second advent EW 41; GC 641-2

plants cannot live without MH 275

plants receive life-giving properties from COL 66

purified by fire at close of millennium EW 54

wrath of God and evil powers already affecting (1891) 3SM 391:2

5. Impure (polluted or vitiated)

babies injured by 2SM 467

blood made impure by 4aSG 138; 2SM 462-3; 2T 528

blood poisoned by CH 62; 4aSG 141; 2SM 461

body weakened by MH 274

body’s exhalations make 2T 528

brain enfeebled by 2SM 436

dangerous 2SM 462-3

dead frogs in Egypt made PP 266

diseases caused by CH 62; 4aSG 141

filthy premises cause CH 63

general debility caused by 4aSG 138

health injured by 1T 701; 2T 526

ill effects of 1T 703; 2T 531

lungs ill-affected by CH 62; 4aSG 141

lungs weakened by 2SM 436, 461

lungs’ exhalations make 2T 528

many breaths make 2SM 436

of cities MH 365; 7T 81

of railway cars 2T 528

oxygen supply insufficient in MH 274

tobacco user causes GC 474; MH 328; 4aSG 127; 2T 528; 5T 440; Te 279

user of alcoholic liquors causes MH 328; 2T 528

vital organs weakened by 4aSG 138

wastes from lungs and pores of skin make 4aSG 143

6. Open (outdoor)

Christ lived mostly in FLB 263:5

Christ taught much in MH 52

digestion helped by Te 159

exercise in, as much as possible 2T 526

fear of 2T 532

invalids inclined to 2T 535

health benefited by 1T 515

healthful exercise in,

benefits of MM 81; 2T 523-5

blood circulation benefited by ML 136

children benefited by CT 146; FE 416; MH 382-3; ML 138; 3T 137

fear of becoming sick from 2T 523

good health requires CD 444

ministers and teachers need 3T 489

nurses need MH 220

persons of sedentary habits need MH 240

prescribe, for the sick MM 234

relaxation from study Ed 219

remedial agency MM 232

sick persons benefited by MM 296

students need regular Ed 208; 3T 489

we need CD 419; MH 265; 2T 532

women need MH 293

young women invalids who need MM 107

living in,

benefits of MH 279

body and mind benefited by MM 233; 7T 85

faculties invigorated by MH 366

health restoring MM 232

Israel’s experience of CH 82; MH 279

remedial agency MM 233

muscular exertion needed daily in ML 144

no injurious aftereffects from 2SM 291

remedial agency 2SM 291; 7T 85

beneficial to a cold 2T 530

riding in, very beneficial 3T 75

sanitarium patients need MM 232

sick persons need MH 264-5; MM 232, 234; 7T 82

sitting in, invalids benefited by MH 264

spend time in, for health FLB 233:5

walk daily in 2T 529

work in,

advantages of FE 319

flesh food users suffer less, if they Te 159

invalids need 7T 85

students need FE 60

tenfold more beneficial than indoor labor FE 73

7. Overheated and foul

blood circulation depressed by 1T 702-3

body wholly enervated by 1T 703

brain ill-affected by 1T 702; 2T 531

fevers and other acute diseases from 1T 703

liver and lungs ill-affected by 1T 701

mind depressed and gloomy from 1T 703

system made weak and unhealthy by 1T 702-3

8. Poisoned

brain ill-affected by 1T 701-2

breathed over and over 4aSG 143; 2SM 462

filthy premises cause AH 22

improper ventilation results in CH 57; Ev 380; FE 59; 4aSG 142; 1T 590, 701; 3T 135

impurities from lungs make 2SM 462-3; 1T 590

impurities from skin make 2SM 462-3

intoxicating liquor causes 3T 562

laws of our being violated by breathing 2SM 458

leaves decaying cause MH 276; 4aSG 144; 2SM 463

of overheated rooms 1T 590, 701

Satan causes 2SM 52

tobacco fumes cause 2SM 467

tobacco spittle and quids cause 4aSG 127

tobacco user makes GC 474; CH 83; 3T 562

tobacco user’s breath makes 2SM 467; Te 58-9

vegetable matter decaying makes CH 62; MH 276; 4aSG 141; 2SM 461

9. Pure

benefits of, how to realize 2T 533

blood cleansed and vitalized by MH 271; 2T 530

body wholly invigorated by MM 232; SD 170

circulation essential to 1T 702

consumptives benefited by 2SM 291

electrifying influence of 1T 517

God’s life in Ed 197-8

health requires CD 419; CH 55-9; ML 138; MM 226

health-giving and life-giving MH 264

healthy lungs require CH 58; 4aSG 143; 2SM 463

home needs FE 160; 4aSG 142

in every room Ed 200; MM 262

how to breathe, need of knowing 2SM 287

inspirations of, take full and deep MH 272

invalids need CH 55-6; 2SM 456

lack of,

entire system suffers from 2T 526

thousands dead from CD 419; CH 55; 2SM 456

life and health in MM 232; SD 170

part of elixir of life 7T 76-7

precious blessing 4aSG 143; 2SM 462-3

proper use of, blessing brought by 2T 535

pure blood requires MH 293

remedial agency CH 55-9, 261; MH 127; MM 223, 230, 233, 259; 4aSG 133; 2SM 281, 286-8, 291, 297, 446, 450, 458; 1T 561; 5T 443; 7T 85; Te 85

rich blessing 2T 528

skin’s surface needs to breathe 1T 701

young women need more 3T 150

10. Pure and fresh

aged persons need plenty of MH 275

blood needs to be vitalized by 2T 525

children should run and play in FE 60

diseased lungs need 2T 530

diseased stomach needs 2T 530

health requires 2T 525

lack of, ill effects of 2T 532

lungs need plenty of MH 238

lungs’ food 2T 525

night, not injurious 2T 527-8

sickroom needs 2SM 455-60

treatment of cold requires 2T 530

11. Miscellaneous

circulation of, plants should not cut off 4aSG 144


health and life endangered by MH 262, 365

polluted 7T 81


armpits chilled by 2SM 467

distracted brain quieted by 2T 531

deep breathing of, benefits of 2T 67-8

diseased and dangerous, sickroom’s 2SM 457-8

draft of:

babies need protection from 2SM 465

invalid needs protection from 2SM 460

limbs need protection from 1T 461

weary person should not sit in 1T 703

food God provides for lungs 2T 533


energy and vitality given by 2T 533

sick persons need 4aSG 152; 2SM 305

vital organs strengthened by, to resist disease 2SM 305

night, not injurious 2T 527-8


health injured by 4aSG 152; 2SM 305; 1T 700

impurities from lungs poison 1T 590, 701

invalids’ feeble lungs injured by 2T 527

vitality lost in 2SM 446

woman secluded in 1T 700-1

overheated and poorly ventilated room poisons 1T 590, 701

provided to:

keep the well in health 2T 535

make the sick well 2T 535

pure and invigorating,

baby needs MH 381

benefits of ML 137

blood moves sluggishly without 1T 702-3

blood purified and vitalized by 1T 702-3

sick persons need CH 56-7; 2SM 460

pure and vitalizing,

good health requires 1T 590, 701

liver and lungs diseased by lack of 1T 701

right use of, remedial agency 1T 489, 491, 553

Satan imparts deadly taint to GC 590

Satan poisons 2SM 52

Satan works in,

to cause pestilence GC 490

to cause storms and tempests GC 589-90; 2SM 52

smoke and dust in, endangers health MH 262

stove heat destroys vitality of 4aSG 152; 2SM 305, 446

vegetable world needs MH 387

ventilated improperly,

body ill-affected by 1T 703

lungs poisoned by 3T 135

of bedrooms CH 57; 4aSG 142

of church buildings Ev 380

of overheated room 1T 590, 701

of schoolroom FE 59

ventilated properly,

good health requires 1T 700-1

home needs AH 149

need of 2SM 456-8

rooms need 4aSG 142

sleeping rooms need 2SM 462


dyspepsia from lack of 2T 374

husband robbed of, by wife 2T 532

vivifying, blood circulation requires 1T 517

we are indebted to God for CS 17; SD 17

winter morning, lungs benefited by 2T 529

without God’s special providence, filled with pestilence and poison CS 17

See also Breathing; Breeze; Respiration; Ventilation; Wind

Air-castle building

Air-castle building CSW 22; MYP 290


Airs, swaggering Te 274

Alabama, USA

Alabama, USA LS 238; 4T 302

Alabaster box of ointment

Alabaster box of ointment:

breaking of, Christ’s death compared to DA 563

Mary Magdalene’s DA 559; 4T 485

lessons from Ed 109; 4T 485; 6T 310


“Alameda”, ship, EGW on TM 264


Alacrity See Willingness



greatest, what should excite our 3T 53

leaders should sound, among God’s people 8T 195

ministers and physicians should sound MM 94

need of, over sinful practices TM 430

religious world has cause for PP 166


throughout earth 6T 22

to the people; pray for perception TDG 355:3

truth guards heart to sound, against foe OHC 332:5


Alarmist, crazed, Noah was called GC 26; 4T 308

Albany, N.Y.

Albany, N.Y. GC 307


Albigenses of France GC 97, 271-3


Albums, photograph 2SM 317



abstinence from, required for a clear mind RC 243:8

accountability when minds paralyzed by Con 81:2

air polluted by bodies steeped in 2T 528

among stimulants and narcotics CD 63

argument that user of, may live to old age CD 422; Te 74

avoid society of those using even one glass of LYL 26:2; OHC 257:2

bitters consisting largely of, widely advertised MH 338-9

body saturated with, not holy and acceptable to God 1MCP 76:2

breath from, desecrates the house of God Con 83:2

candy containing, for children MH 339

destroys reason and hardens heart against holy influence RC 142:6

explain why you do not use UL 342:2

extinguishes vitality still left in the race RC 142:5

faculties sold for Con 80:0; Te 59

fogs the brain and removes reason RC 247:3

forfeits patience and spiritual advancement OHC 69:5

ill effects of:

blood polluted Te 57

body breakdown Ed 202

body tissues poisoned Te 36

children and youth should understand Ed 202

enslavement to lust SL 28

from one stage of debasement to another Te 12, 274

human body terribly harmed Ev 534

mind beclouded Ed 202

nervous system injured 3T 562

pernicious influence on moral character CD 63; SL 28

reasoning powers perverted Te 36

reasoning powers robbed Te 187

soul sensualized Ed 202

spiritual standard lowered SL 28

lives sacrificed yearly Te 57

moderation not recommended for; discard it 3SM 287:2

prevalence of 1MCP 297:3

prohibition of, for Hebrews valid today Con 82:1

reason dethroned by; will young men speak against it? CME 38:2

serving and using, to please friends TDG 138

sick persons must not be given MM 228; 2SM 296

poison Ed 202; Te 36, 57

less subtle than tobacco 3T 562

stimulant CD 63; Te 74

tobacco and, twin evils Te 72

use of CH 68

always leaves traces of evil behind MM 228

body-and-soul-destroying indulgence Te 60

predisposing causes of Ed 202-3

vigor lessened by, dishonors God HP 193:2

See also Appetite; Beer; Wine