EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Advent Herald - Age, Ages

Advent Herald

Advent Herald EW 23

Advent Herald and Signs of the Times Reporter

Advent Herald and Signs of the Times Reporter GC 397

Adventist bookstores

Adventist bookstores See Tract Society

Adventist, name of

children who disgrace 5T 51

misrepresented by some bearing it EW 108

Adventists, all-days-alike

Adventists, all-days-alike, abuse SDA 3T 572

Adventists, commandment-keeping

Adventists, commandment-keeping, seen in vision by John 2T 450

Adventists, first-day

Adventists, first-day:

are most difficult to reach 3T 37

compared to unbelieving Jews 3T 38

controversy among 5T 535

many converts from, would be calamity 3T 37

no criterion for SDA 2T 450

objections to organization the same as CET 195:3


church organization TM 26

God’s law 2T 449, 452; 3T 36

SDA 3T 36-7, 571-2

time repeatedly set by, for Christ to come 1T 73

warfare not to be waged with 3T 36

EGW assailed by 1SM 69

Adventists, Millerite (1840-4)

activity of 2SM 402

ascension robes not made by GC 373; LS 56; SR 362; 1T 51

belief of, re Day of Atonement GC 400

called out of popular churches EW 249-50; GC 376; SR 365-6

church fellowship taken from GC 372

disappointment of:

ancient Israel’s compared to GC 457

cloud represented EW 241

explained EW 255-6; SR 383; 1T 58

in 1843 EW 235-6; LS 57-8; SR 366-7; 1T 52

in 1844 EW 235-7, 239-40, 243-5, 247, 250; GC 351-4, 374, 391, 393, 403-8, 431-2; LS 54-63; 2SG 29-30; 1SM 68; 2SM 34, 108, 327; SR 363, 371-4; 1T 51-2, 56-8

Jonah’s compared to LS 61, 78

key unlocking mystery of GC 423

not so great as that of Christ’s disciples 1T 57-8

tested them GC 353-4, 373-4, 380, 405-6; 1T 52, 54; 8T 115-6

third angel’s message explains EW 255-6

evangelistic spirit of, in 1843-4 WM 79-80

false charges against GC 397

fanaticism among GC 395, 398; 2SM 327

God used, to proclaim His message GC 352-4

meetings of,

in Beethoven Hall in Portland, Me. LS 47; 1T 38

in private homes in Portland, Me. LS 54

under first angel’s message SR 359-60

mistake of:

God’s hand covered GC 373

in reckoning of prophetic periods EW 236; GC 373; LS 57-8; SR 362-3; 4T 307-8

re Christ’s intercessory work GC 429

re cleansing of sanctuary EW 243-4, 250-1; GC 351-3, 409-11; SR 375-6

re close of probation GC 429

re Daniel 8:14 GC 353

opposition met by EW 247-8; GC 335-7, 370, 380; LS 59; SR 360-3; 1T 44-8, 54

prayer meetings of, in orchards and groves LS 60-1

preparation of, for second advent LS 60

prophetic period correctly computed by GC 424, 457

result if, had been faithful after disappointment 1SM 68; 8T 116

right message given at right time by GC 352-3

second advent expected by,

in 1843 EW 247; LS 58; 2SG 28; 1T 52

in 1844 EW 247; 2SG 28

unbelieving brethren persecuted GC 372

See also Midnight cry

Adventists. Millerite (after Oct. 22, 1844)

1. Immediately following disappointment

2. Faithful remnant (1844-6)

3. Nominal (not Sabbathkeepers)

1. Immediately following disappointment

belief of, shut-door theory in GC 429; 1SM 74

confusion among EW 256-7; 2SM 27

Decalogue studied by GC 434-5; SR 380

errors held among EW 250

God’s plan for Ev 695

meetings of, in Harmon home in Portland, Me. LS 70; 1T 64

new light brought joy to 2SM 27

no error found by, in reckoning of prophetic periods GC 411

reactions of, to disappointment of 1844 GC 409; 2SM 27; 1T 147

sanctuary truth rejected by majority of GC 456

See also Seventh-day Adventists

2. Faithful remnant (1844-6)

house-to-house work by WM 77

sanctuary subject closely examined by EW 63, 250-1, 254-5; GC 411, 429

Sunday-observance basis examined by SR 380

3. Nominal (not Sabbathkeepers)

dissensions and divisions among EW 68-9; 1SM 68

faith in advent movement renounced by many GC 432, 456

fanaticism among 2SM 29; 1T 66; 5T 592

fate of those, who gave up faith 1SM 61-2

God’s law rejected by majority of GC 456; 2T 452

honest children of God among EW 261

opposed to God’s law, fierce opposition coming from 3T 574

precious jewels among EW 69

professed, mesmerism used by some EW 44

Sabbath truth brought to attention of SR 380

not refuted LS 101

opposed EW 33, 68-9; 1SM 68; 2T 696

second and third angels’ messages overlooked by GC 353

Shakers drew away some 2T 272

sheep without shepherd LS 78

third angel’s message not proclaimed by 8T 116

EGW charged with fanaticism by EW 22; LS 88-9; 1T 72

Adventists, no-day

Adventists, no-day: SDA abused by 3T 572

Adventists, Sabbathkeeping

Adventists, Sabbathkeeping See Seventh-day Adventists

Advent message

Advent message of 1843-4 See Advent movement

Advent movement of 1840-4

Advent movement of 1840-4 EW 11-2; GC 317-432; LS 20-63; 2SG 12-30; SR 356-78; 1T 14-58

1. Message of 1843-4 in

2. Miscellaneous

1. Message of 1843-4 in

all mission lands heard GC 368

child preachers in Scandinavia proclaimed GC 366-7

England heard, in 1826 GC 362

Europe and America heard GC 357

Gaussen (L.):

published in French GC 365-6

taught in Geneva GC 364-5

laymen preached, to great extent GC 368, 380

not understood by those who bore it GC 423

people of many denominations accepted GC 379

popular churches rejected GC 380

rejected generally GC 375-90

Russia heard, from Germany GC 364

Scandinavia heard GC 366-7

Wolff (Joseph) heralded GC 360-2

2. Miscellaneous

America center of GC 368

enthusiasm in LS 347

first angel’s message of Revelation 14 foretold GC 355

God directed GC 391, 401-2, 410, 423, 432, 457

God’s power gloriously manifest in GC 611

greatest religious interest since Reformation GC 611

history of EW 229-50; GC 330-408; LS 20, 26, 47-63; SR 356-74; 1T 48-58

Litch (Josiah) gave impetus to, in 1840 GC 334-5

Miller (Wm.) began EW 229-30; GC 330-1; LS 20; SR 356-7

movement most free from human imperfections GC 401

opposers of,

false charges made by GC 397

religious teachers as GC 336, 372, 376; LS 54

opposition to GC 335-7, 340, 370-8, 403-4

origin of, divine GC 391, 405; 1T 78

people stirred by GC 340, 395; 5T 252

power divine attended GC 370, 398-408; 1T 49-50

relationship of, to denominations GC 375

Scripture study resulted in GC 357

Spirit’s influence attended GC 432

swept over land like tidal wave in 1844 GC 400

time setting brought reproach upon GC 457

visions depicting EW 240-50

EGW’s experience in EW 11-3; LS 20-63; 2SG 12-30; 1T 14-58

Advent people

Advent people, path of, vision re EW 14; 1SM 62

Advent publications

Advent publications, from USA, circulated in England GC 362

Advent Review

Advent Review LS 136-9; 2SG 136-41

Advent Review and Sabbath Herald

Advent Review and Sabbath Herald See “Review and Herald”

Advent Review Publishing Association

Advent Review Publishing Association See Review and Herald Publishing Association

Advent Shield and Review

Advent Shield and Review, quoted GC 401


Adversaries See Enemies

Adversary, Adversaries

defeat purposes of, without neglecting God’s work 3T 572

watch work of, lest they gain advantage 3T 572

See also Enemies; Opponents


becoming more like Christ in TDG 310:6

borne better than prosperity (by minister written to) TDG 306:5

character transformed in AH 248

characters of some seem to deteriorate under RC 173:3

Christ will explain meaning of UL 179:6

cross is strength in 2T 47

David was most admirable in relating to TSB 174:4

David’s experience in 3BC 1146

discipline of, develops purity and firmness DA 72

evidence of God’s love; fainting under it UL 208:6

faith shown in, in acting from principle TMK 257:2

feelings vented under HP 270:2

God’s cause needs help of all in 2T 515

God’s guiding hand in, we may see ML 12

God’s patience and tenderness to souls in PP 657

God’s workman to refine us 3T 115

gospel workers must not faint in 5T 304

honor God in PK 479

humility learned in 2T 106

Israel’s disobedience followed by SR 187

Joseph bore test in Ed 52; MM 37; PP 222; 3SG 176; SR 103; 4T 544

Joseph prepared by, for exalted position 3SG 146

leaders of God’s work sustained in PK 174

meditated acts of benevolence cut off by 4T 81-2

ministers who fail in 2T 514-5

persons faithful in, have fallen under allurements of prosperity CS 139

power of Christ remembered in times of RC 352:6

power sufficient to sustain and control us in CT 226; 5T 314

prayer and good example possible under HP 299:4

professed Christians purged from church by 4T 89

prosperity is more dangerous than CS 139, 148; MH 212; 3T 417

qualities needed in 4T 656

reaction to AH 248

resolves made in, failure to carry out 2T 279

retribution for oppressing the poor 2T 158

robbing God followed by CS 90; 5T 281-2

savings to be made for time of 3T 30

school of, lessons taught in 2T 106-8, 275

self-control and patience in 3SG 176; SR 103

testing of men by, God’s method of 3T 547

training for providing needs in case of TDG 203:2

See also Affliction; Calamity; Difficulty; Distress; Hardship; Misery; Misfortune; Pain; Persecution; Sorrow; Suffering; Trial; Trouble; Wretchedness


book, by publishing houses CW 147-8

camp meeting 6T 35-6

evangelistic Ev 128-31, 452

denominational name in GW 119

flaming and terrifying Ev 388

money to be judiciously spent in Ev 127, 501; 9T 110

startling and detrimental Ev 130-1, 387-8; GW 316, 383; LS 411

wicked cities not to be denounced by Ev 130-1

minds corrupted by 3T 472

notices as effective means of 6T 36

of new drugs, warning re 4aSG 139; 2SM 454

of SDA publications 1T 551-2

publishing house 1T 552

sanitarium CH 543; MM 263

youth educated in crime by 3T 471

See also Newspaper; Publicity


dictatorial, never give Ev 638

failure to heed, results of 1T 360

from fellow laborers, be willing to take TM 500

giving of, to people re their faults SD 117

of experienced persons, be willing to take 4T 368

of men who do not trust God, do not seek 2BC 1036

poor persons should be willing to accept WM 201-2

savoring of dictatorial spirit is not good 3T 535

self-esteem resents TM 250

unnecessary 3T 534

weightless TM 466

whom to go to for 2SM 361-2

See also Counsel


safe, that we need 2SM 362

women who may serve as Ev 467

See Counselors


Christ as, comfort and hope in thinking of RC 109:5

Christ ascended as our FLB 202:6

Christ is the only TMK 73:5

glad note about, desire to sound OHC 49:5

Holy Spirit is, placing our petitions before the Father RC 285:4

only one,

can pardon transgression 7BC 914

man can have 7BC 914

pleads for sinners and the Father accepts HP 119:3

seen by faith TMK 273:4

See also Christ

Advocates, legal

before Greek and Roman courts AA 492

See also Lawyer


Aeneas of Lydda AA 131; SR 281

Aegean Sea

Aegean Sea AA 570; SL 72

Aesop’s Fables

Aesop’s Fables 5T 519


Affability, Abraham’s PP 134


of earth, He that sits above cherubim still guides Ed 178; PK 536

See Business; Marriage, relationship outside of


Christian politeness is not AH 422

indolence produces, in children 4T 98

put away 4T 522, 567; 5T 50

SS teacher’s, not natural CSW 98

simpering 4T 358

superiority pretended by 4T 438

teacher’s, children quickly detect Ed 277

Affection, Affections

1. Due to God

2. Family

3. Misused or evil

4. Miscellaneous


1. Due to God

allow no separation of 1T 436

allurements attracting, many 3T 403

do not give to children 2T 285


Christ accepts nothing but 2T 493

God demands 5T 568

God and His cause to be first in our SD 27; 5T 428

God claims our CS 72; MYP 69; 2T 168, 564-5; 3T 364-5

God is to be center of SD 99

heart’s best and holiest, give to God CT 490; 3T 362; 7T 46

heavenward flow of, needed 5T 366

man of himself cannot give to God SC 47

purest, Christ asks for SL 95

sincere, God requires of us 3T 248

surrender all,

in grateful devotion to Christ 3T 251

to God ML 7

unconditionally 3T 45

surrendered to Christ, result of 5T 170

talent to use for God COL 352; CS 117

undivided, God requires of us Ev 308; 1SM 108; TM 443

2. Family

authority should blend with, in governing children AH 198

children need lessons in, by older persons CG 143


for parents needs strengthening 2T 98

we must win CG 148

cultivate 3T 539

expression of, families need AH 198

husband who failed to cultivate, for wife 1T 695

husband’s duty to express, to wife 2T 676

mother should bind children to herself with 4T 142

parents should bind children by ML 200

parents should teach children with CG 33

parents’ unwise, for children CG 179; 5T 39

purest and most elevated, home to be center of ML 173

sanctified, in work with children CSW 81

sincere, helps to make home happy AH 422

sister’s, can do much 3T 80

wife’s, not to be weaned from unbelieving husband AH 349

wife’s misconception of (for husband) 2T 414-5

wisdom and fear of God to balance CG 235

youthful, most ardent SD 78

3. Misused or evil

base passions are not 2T 414-5


do not indulge AH 307

is cheap manifestation of love AH 307

parents should not indulge, toward children CT 114; PP 578

sin encouraged by indulging CG 239

that lets children do as they please CT 112

too often exists in families CG 234-5

manifestations of, fraudulent and deceptive AH 307

misapplied, powerful agent for evil 2T 561

misguided, of parents for children CG 179; 5T 39

morbid 1T 566

mutual, need of 2T 333

placed on earthly treasure 2T 522

pleasure lover’s, on earthly things SD 47

property and worldly cares absorb 3T 385

Satan binds multitudes by cords of GC 597

shallow, when not trusted and tried 7T 46

4. Miscellaneous

begets affection 2T 95

blessing of, to flow to all ML 332

brotherly, springs from relation to God SD 101

Christianity transforms 5T 275

circumstances do not determine AH 422

clear as crystal and beauteous in purity 7T 46

complying with God’s will 6T 481

control of,

genuine religion leads to 4T 372

God requires 2T 561

religion should hold absolute 3T 47

Spirit must have 5T 619

you cannot exercise SC 47

converted heart’s, love ennobles SC 59

deep and true, only where Christ reigns MH 358

defined as principle and not feeling MH 358

detach, from world 5T 232

education in, Scriptures best book for ML 339

elevate, to purity 2T 564

fasten not, on improper objects AH 54

for others, cultivate AH 198; 2T 329

guard your 2T 564

as long as life lasts PK 84

with firm purpose 2BC 1032

holiest and tenderest, blunted 5T 41

holy, tongue must obey dictates of 5T 175

kindly, as talent COL 352-3

large, duty of persons possessing COL 353

love elevates and ennobles 4T 223

love to God intensifies ML 158

man’s, Christ came to change 1T 196

money as constant test of AH 372

Moses and Aaron were men of strong PP 425

natural, persons without PP 688

may prove a snare 4T 108

monasticism destroys GC 82

needy persons should be shown 2T 330

no buried, in New Jerusalem 9T 287

power of God alone can sanctify Ev 643; TM 143

powerful agent 2T 561

pure and sanctioned,

heart should have only MM 141

not a feeling MH 358

reason and conscience must control 2T 562

renewed by Spirit’s life-giving power AA 284

restriction of, to relatives and friends WM 159

sentimentalism to be avoided in expressing AH 198

silken cords of GC 597; ML 200

stealing of, that God’s law condemns FE 102; MYP 445-6


do not discourage and repress 3T 539

not a weakness DA 516; 3T 539

overlooks many mistakes MYP 450

truth should regulate COL 314

turn not from truth and duty because of 3T 44

wellspring of, heart should be 2T 650

See also Love


Abraham used UL 249:4

accepting, too freely 1MCP 301:2

alienated from wife by lady friend TSB 138:1

attach, to things above helping others to do the same LHU 360

belong to God OHC 42:4


on business, position and family TMK 165:2

on Jesus OHC 99:5

on only a few OHC 259:2

cherish, daily in the family FLB 279:3


and heavenly things to be the object of HP 169:3

as the center of HP 163:5, 218:3

as the source of nourishment for FLB 221:3

blended with all our OHC 99:4

forsaken by placing, on trifling things OHC 30:3

should be first in our TMK 225:3

will control, of those who honor God TSB 201:0

Christlikeness in 3SM 130:2

consecration of HP 250:4

consider object of, in scale of moral excellence LYL 36:5; TSB 22:1

couples may fasten, on the human instead of divine PM 73:2

cultivate, to reach highest efficiency RC 165:7

discrimination in giving OHC 257:2

divine insight into Christ’s character takes hold on OHC 68:5

elevated and sanctified by Word of God OHC 275:5

excessive, for proper object is breaking first commandment TMK 322:3

expression of, private between husbands and wives HP 207:2

external, marriage bond is genuine love not HP 205:5


cherish, avoiding appearance of lack of love FLB 267:5

Christ came to restore TMK 39:2

given by God to be used to His glory 1MCP 319:1


to God; counsel for one wanting marriage LYL 47:5

to Jesus to learn language of Canaan TMK 307:4

to one who neglects Christ UL 54:5

to those in greatest need glorifies God OHC 231:2


calls for our best OHC 79:6

claims OHC 28:6

deserves our holiest Con 79:1

requires undivided TDG 13:4

to be center of, not those of opposite gender TSB 172:2

to have undivided; counsel on unwise courtship LYL 37:3


all during life RY 178:5

consulting Christ TMK 135:2

or be ensnared TMK 267:3

self not to be sold 1MCP 300:3

hanging around to show, indicates undesirable friend LYL 37:1; TSB 23:1

harmony of, with God’s mind OHC 42:5; TDG 367:4

heaven the focus of, for EGW RC 350:6

heavenly, increase as earthly attractions lessened OHC 327:4

helping others set, on heavenly treasures OHC 340:3

holiest, Jesus claims OHC 261:4

Holy Spirit can redirect 3SM 138:1

illicit, love for Jesus prevents desire for TSB 191:3

misplaced, danger to girl loving society of young men LYL 53:2

mistaken, Abraham did not yield conviction to CC 49:3

objects chosen for, to be worthy LYL 76:6

place, following example of Christ TMK 135:3

placed on world unwilling to follow Christ’s plans OHC 16:6

provision has been made that, may be on heaven TDG 94:3

reason working in unity with TDG 23:2

receiving, not longed for, with Christ in the heart HP 205:3


can persuade and control OHC 333:3

extends to direction of LYL 69:3

renewal of, by the Holy Spirit as sap affects the vine TDG 252:3

reserve, to avoid a lifelong marriage mistake LYL 76:2


for talent of HP 224:2

of those possessing much, to bestow OHC 231:3

return to God, that He has purified HP 43:5

reveal that, on things above TDG 15:5

right exercise of, necessary for life of the soul OHC 338:3

rivals to God that hold, must be dethroned TMK 63:3

sanctification of, to comprehend and enjoy God OHC 61:2

sanction of parents for youth to place 1MCP 302:1


given place in, by excusing sin OHC 321:3

steals, if you let him 1MCP 102:1

Solomon’s failure through misplaced TSB 191:4

subjection of earthly, to God’s work HP 323:4

talent of,

guarded sacredly OHC 289:3

used in the Master’s cause TMK 324:3

temporal interests have power to engross HP 307:3

things that divide, hurting trust in God are idols 3SM 330:2

training required for, to cooperate with God 1MCP 350:1

trifling with, or perverting TMK 63:2

true, gratifying appetite causes lack of HP 193:3

undue, comforting wrongdoer in sin 2MCP 579:2

unsanctified, leads in paths apart from God 1MCP 297:1

watchfulness needed to keep, alive TMK 181:4

wife to receive, from husband TSB 200:4

withdrawal of, toward rebellious boy advised LYL 54:1

world subordinate in OHC 285:4

youth who bestow, upon each other, not on Jesus HP 218:5

See also Love


teach children to be FE 65

woman who was naturally 2T 283-4


Affinity, spiritual, deception re MM 100-1; 5T 143


Christ held to, when tempted 9T 148

gather every, in gospel’s favor Ev 187

hold to, in meeting opposition 9T 147-8

keep to, of truth Ev 304, 576

Affirmative message

Affirmative message, bear CT 434; Ev 187

Affirmative side

Affirmative side of Bible truth, present CW 105

Affirmative statements

Affirmative statements on atonement, gather up strongest Ev 187

Affirmative truths

Affirmative truths, gather Ev 202; 9T 148


Christ, messenger of life to RC 37:4

Christians share their happiness with OHC 185:3

compassion for,

demanded by God OHC 180:2

which Christ had RC 227:4

God is beside, to impress; may be His instrument OHC 299:3

neglect of, is neglect to Christ TMK 334:2

time available for, by simplicity in dress OHC 272:6

Afflicted believer, afflicted believers

Afflicted believer, afflicted believers, church should not suffer, to be wronged 3T 520

Afflicted persons

all around us MH 158

among God’s people, our duty to 3T 519

careless indifference to, God will repay 3T 513

children to be educated to sympathize with 6T 429

Christ imparted life to DA 823

Christ soothed WM 53

Christ’s regard for 2T 467

Christ’s regard for those who pity 3T 512-3

Christian’s duty to 1T 273

church members should care for their 4T 551

church members unmindful of, church should discipline 3T 517-8

comfort DA 350

consideration God expects us to give to 3T 516

consolation for, Scriptures abound in 2SM 260

deeds for, scrutinized in judgment GC 487

defend the 3T 538-9

financial consideration for, in prices and wages 2SG 235

God’s providence places, in close relationship to church 3T 511

healing balm for, Christ has CH 210

help to care for ML 241

home to be provided for 1T 489

how God teaches men to sympathize with 3T 415

how to begin to do something for 2T 29

injustice to, God will repay 3T 513

messengers of God’s love to, flowers as 7T 77

ministry to, pleases Christ CS 161

needs of, Christ commends those relieving 4T 225

neglect of duty to, is neglect of Christ 3T 525

prayers to be requested for Ev 561

promise to DA 669

promises to those ministering to 6T 306

regard we should show for Ed 268

revile not any PP 736

selfishness and indifference toward, God marks 3T 524

separation from, not proper WM 17

sympathizing with, brings us closer to Christ ChS 268; 2T 25

sympathy for, living faith demonstrated by 4T 386

See also Needy person; Poor person

Affliction, Afflictions

1. Permitted by God to

2. Miscellaneous

1. Permitted by God to

brighten gold in us 2SG 88; 1T 83

bring us closer to throne of grace 4T 143

come for our good AA 524; COL 175; MB 10; ML 93; 9T 228

discipline TM 355

loosen grasp on earthly treasure 2T 184

prompt one to search heart 3T 28

prune 4T 354-5

purify AA 524, 576; COL 175; GC 48, 649; MB 31; MH 471; ML 92; PP 738; 1T 706-7; 2T 97, 119, 269; 4T 85, 221

refine 3T 115

remove dross 2SG 88; 1T 83, 706-7; 2T 188-9; 4T 85

reveal character defects DA 301; PP 129-30; 2T 188-9

show what temper we are of MH 471; 7T 214

teach lessons 2T 275

teach some things in short time 1T 614-5

test and prove 4BC 1146; LS 244; 2T 278; 3T 115; 4T 18

work out His purposes for us ML 292; 5T 742

2. Miscellaneous

Abraham’s experience in, lessons from PP 129-30

bear up under EW 46

comfort in MB 10; 2T 318-20

crucible of, Israel passed through PK 97

David learned patience in PP 665

David’s, Shimei’s true character revealed by PP 736

deep, God stands by you in 2SM 263

departure from path of safety leads to SD 175

divine agencies working in our lives 1SM 224

experience in, worth all it costs AA 574; 3T 415

explanation for, not always easy to give 2SM 260

fortitude in 2SM 233-45

furnace of, God’s people tried in PK 589; 2T 195

God a friend in SD 16

God closely watches us in TM 446

God comes to all His children in SD 19

God draws souls to Himself by LS 71-2

God tested and proved in our 3T 318

God will not permit, to consume the faithful 1T 707; 2T 269

God’s people suffer, when they heed not His warnings 4T 254

God’s providence falsely charged with 3T 563

God’s workmen to refine us 3T 115

grieve not because of 5T 316

how Paul endured AA 363

Israelites brought to repentance by 5T 455

Jacob’s experience in, benefits of PP 208

Jews’ double burden of suffering under DA 471

Jews regarded, as penalty for wrongdoing DA 471

Job faithful in PK 162

Job’s, Satan caused GC 589

Joseph in, God’s purpose for PP 218

lessons from, gain 9T 287

living faith carries one through 4T 212

man to whom God sent 5T 313

man’s, Christ afflicted in MB 13; 2SM 237

may be one’s lot instead of prosperity 4T 525

Moses disciplined by PP 480

night of, gratefully praise God in 5T 316

part of God’s plan for us 2SM 241

patience in, we glorify God by 2T 99

peace of mind should not be destroyed by AA 261

Pharisees regarded, as evidence of God’s displeasure DA 267

pioneer missionary under, EGW as LS 340; 1SM 104-5

prosperity more dangerous than CS 148; MH 212

remnant church’s, in time of trouble 5T 474

rod of,

Christian may do most good under AA 481

why God brings men under 3T 517

salvation in midst of, some find PK 599

Satan causes 5T 338

to make men believe God is afflicting them GC 589

to make men murmur against God 6T 156-7

shadows of, song to sing amid MH 472

temper should not be soured by AA 261

triumph over, Christianity gives 5T 314

true Christian not restless and despondent under COL 61

unfaithful SDA families suffer 8T 103

winds of, blow upon us 7BC 988

See also Adversity; Calamity; Distress; Hardship; Misery; Misfortune; Pain; Persecution; Sorrow; Suffering; Trial; Trouble; Wretchedness


character spots revealed through RC 349:5


able to bear, of many TMK 48:2

seen as helper when we are in TMK 278:3

suffered, but did not retaliate TDG 263:2

was tried by the sharp proving of TDG 202:5

Christians dislike seeing, of others CC 251:3

comfort one battling with OHC 64:5

consolation in OHC 9:5

courage in Christ for those in HP 273:4

day of, overcomers walk among angels in Mar 95:5

draw to God and remind of His presence and care OHC 327:2

experience gained in the furnace of TDG 306:2

fruit shown in, to be different from the world RC 355:2


controls, for the good of His children OHC 318:5

helps in, if you are committed to Him OHC 325:5

is afflicted in your TDG 122:6

sees OHC 314:4

grace prevents, from separating us from the faith TMK 278:3

heart softened by, seeds of truth bear fruit in PM 397:2

heaven appreciated after OHC 158:5

inconvenient but prosperity endangers spirituality UL 259:2


away from cause of, to Christ TDG 62:4

to the great Physician in; rejoice and be humble TDG 78:5

up despite, to see light in Jesus TDG 233:3

love of Christ for those in TDG 122:2

love of God in the heart that is not quenched by TMK 136:4

not God’s anger TMK 278:2

patient trust in HP 246:6


to cause a desire for cleansing HP 279:3

to purify from sin HP 87:2

purification requires OHC 313:2

purpose in, unknown now; be patient 2MCP 463:2

redeemed ones will have had endured heat of HP 371:3

rest on everlasting arms in time of UL 335:3

saints come through, at end of time 3SM 430:1

school of, teaches God’s graciousness OHC 325:2

skepticism swept away by, and some return to God RC 346:3

souls in, to trust in Jesus’ love TDG 313

submitting will and control to God avoids TMK 249:2

sweetens the character of some HP 273:2

those being purified by, consoled by power of gospel OHC 317:6

unthankfulness or unholiness because of TDG 177:4

winds of, blow on us UL 311:6

See also Difficulties; Grief; Trials



More (Hannah) in 1T 666, 669

Sabbath observance in, during Dark Ages GC 63, 577-8 See also Ethiopia

Sunday observance enforced by papacy in GC 578

cry of woe from COL 179

heathen, firmament of chosen ones in PK 189

Lisbon earthquake felt by GC 304

Macedonian cry from GW 465

millions in, truth not heard by 9T 51

mission work in, strengthen 6T 27

miss. work needed in FE 208-9; LS 338

needy and starving in, remember WM 273

Negro SDA churches in, in 1907 9T 225

South, money sent to Australian school from LS 364, 367

Wolff (Joseph) in GC 360


humblest, Christ loves ChS 218; 2SM 342

place of humblest, one day envied by kings SW 13:0

African desert

African desert 3T 500

African race

African race, God’s care for souls of ChS 218


Aftermeetings, following evangelistic meetings Ev 151-2


granted to no one COL 260

See also Probation


contrary to God-given light, entertain no CW 31-2; 1SM 161

See also Conjecture; Supposition; Theory


Afterthought, plan of redemption was not DA 22


Agabus, prophet AA 397


Agag, Amalekite kings PP 450, 629, 632; 4aSG 73, 77


child’s religious experience not determined by CG 486-7

clothing should depend on MH 293

distinction of, come to Christ without DA 403

error not made truth by 5BC 1095; Ev 589; 6T 142


lesson for persons of 3BC 1165

persons of, least insensible to new impressions CG 199; CH 113; 4T 575


Abraham tested in 4T 253

children to aid and comfort parents in PP 308

Christ respected SD 130

feebleness of nonagenarians in 7BC 982

guard against evils attending 1T 423

many youth do not respect 1T 217-8

no excuse for disobeying God’s law 4T 145, 253

problems of 1T 422-4

time in history, See Past; Time, present

vigor declines with MH 275

See also Old age; School age

Age, Ages


evil 1SM 219; 2T 121; 4T 517

famous for surface work and easy methods 5T 500

much glossed and unreal in 2T 608

past, without Bible we would be left to conjectures and fables re FE 129