Is Sunday the True Sabbath of God?


That $1,000 Reward

For several years there has been very widely circulated throughout the United States an offer of a reward of $1,000, by Father Enright, of the Catholic Church, to anybody who will produce “one verse of Scripture making Sunday observance obligatory.” Mr. Gamble, in his book and otherwise, makes a great deal of that thing. He says that he has demonstrated that this is only a “bluff.” A sample of what he says of this is the following:— STSG 51.1

“For over five years I have made Enright and his Adventist allies take a back track, by publishing and widely circulating a challenge to Enright or any Saturdarian in the United States, to find that reward and deposit the same, and execute a legal reward, and meet me in debate about it. I hold receipt to Enright’s ‘back-out;’ and I filed sworn affidavits at Battle Creek, Mich., with the Adventist leaders.” STSG 51.2

As to what he presented to Mr. Enright, in his book on pages 141 and 142, he says:— STSG 51.3

“Through S. Malcolm, my Sabbath-school superintendent, I conducted a correspondence with the said T. Enright, during the ten months ending Jan. 21, 1896. His challenge was formally accepted. (1) We demanded that he enter into writings, deposit the money in the hands of judges, who should hear the evidence, and turn the reward over if evidence was produced. (2) We also demanded the production of the reward, the formulation of a properly-written contract upon the terms that Enright should be met in public debate before any congregation he should select, and allow the reward to pass over upon a majority vote of the audience listening to the discussion. Both these offers were refused.” STSG 51.4

Now, Mr. Enright’s proposition, and that of Mr. Gamble, are two entirely different things. Mr. Enright offers a thousand dollars’ reward for anybody who will produce one verse of scripture showing that Sunday observance is obligatory. Mr. Gamble offers to debate the question. STSG 52.1

Neither Father Enright, nor anybody else, ever offered a thousand dollars’ reward to anybody who would debate the Sabbath question. It may come to that yet, but we have not heard that it has reached that point already. At any rate, whatever may come that is not the situation in this case. STSG 52.2

Father Enright’s proposition is a very simple one,—a thousand dollars’ reward to anybody who will produce one verse of scripture showing that Sunday is the Sabbath. If there is a verse that shows it, that is easy. But Mr. Gamble, and everybody else, knows that there is no verse of scripture that shows any such thing. Professedly in a reply to that, and professedly as an acceptance of that offer calling for one verse of scripture, Mr. Gamble proposes a debate before judges or a congregation, and if the “majority” say that he has proved by arguments, that Sunday is the Sabbath then he is to claim the reward that is offered for the production of one verse of scripture that shows that Sunday-keeping is obligatory. And then, because Mr. Enright will not come over to Mr. Gamble’s altogether different proposition, Mr. Gamble loudly proclaims everywhere that Mr. Enright’s offer is a “bluff,” and that he has made him and the rest “take a back track.” STSG 52.3

But this is only of a kind with all the rest of his book, from beginning to end, and we can not see that there is any need of any further notice of it. STSG 52.4