Is Sunday the True Sabbath of God?


Sundays “Just Seven,” Not Eight, Days Apart

Another item is worth noting. He builds upon the fact of Jesus’ meeting with the disciples on Sunday the day of His resurrection. He notes how that Thomas was not with them that same evening, when Jesus met with them. The record says, in John 20:26 that “after eight days again His disciples were with and Thomas with them.” Mr. Gamble says: “During the week that followed, the ten met doubting Thomas.... Next Sunday evening, the eleven met, including Thomas.” STSG 50.2

And yet, on page 152, he says: “Sundays are just as far apart as Saturdays,—that is, just seven day apart. Hence, Sundays are not kept ‘every eight day.’” Now, since Sundays are just seven days apart and the words of inspiration are that from the day of the evening when Jesus was with His disciples, was “after eight days,” when Jesus met the eleven and Thomas with them, then we have Mr. Gamble positive assertion that, Sundays’ being “just seven day apart,” and “are not kept every eighth day,” that meeting in which the Saviour met Thomas, with the disciples, was not by any possibility on the next Sunday. STSG 50.3