Selected Messages Book 3


Strength From Concerted Action

The Lord would have all who act a part in his work bear testimony in their lives to the holy character of the truth. The end is near, and now is the time when Satan will make special efforts to distract the interest and separate it from the all-important subjects that should arrest every mind to concentrated action. 3SM 23.2

An army could do nothing successfully if its different parts did not work in concert. Should each soldier act without reference to the others, the army would soon become disorganized. Instead of gathering strength from concentrated action, it would be wasted in desultory, meaningless efforts. Christ prayed that his disciples might be one with Him, as he was one with the Father.... 3SM 24.1

Whatever good qualities a man may have, he cannot be a good soldier if he acts independently. Good may occasionally be done but often the result is of little value, and often the end shows more mischief done than good. Those who act independently make a show of doing something, attract attention, and flash out brightly, and then are gone. All must pull in one direction in order to render efficient service to the cause.... 3SM 24.2

God requires concerted action of his soldiers, and in order to have this in the church, self-restraint is essential; self-restraint must be exercised.—Letter 11a, 1886. 3SM 24.3