Selected Messages Book 3


Counsel Together—Compare Plans

In every effort in every place where the truth is introduced there is need of different minds, different gifts, different plans and methods of labor being united. All should make it a point to counsel together, to pray together. Christ says that, “If two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 18:19). No one worker has all the wisdom that is needed. There should be a comparing of plans, a counseling together. No one man should think himself sufficient to manage an interest in any place without helpers. 3SM 24.4

One man may have tact in one direction, but may be a decided failure upon some essential points. This makes his work imperfect. He needs the tact of another man's mind and gift to blend with his efforts. All should be perfectly harmonious in the work. If they can work with only those who see just as they do and follow just their plans, then they will make a failure. The work will be defective because none of these laborers have learned the lessons in the school of Christ that makes them able to present every man perfect in Christ Jesus. All should be constantly improving. They should lay hold of every opportunity and make the most of every privilege, until they become better fitted for their great and solemn work. 3SM 24.5

But God has set in the church different gifts. These are all precious in their place, and all are to act a part in the perfecting of the saints. 3SM 25.1

This is God's order, and men must labor according to his rules and arrangements if they would meet with success. God will accept only those efforts that are made willingly and with humble hearts, without the trait of personal feelings or selfishness.—Letter 66, 1886. 3SM 25.2