Selected Messages Book 3


Chapter 54—The Mackin Case

On Thursday morning, November 12, 1908, Ellen White was at her Elmshaven home busy in her writing room. Here her son, W. C. White, found her and told her there were two persons in the living room below who wished to talk with her. Joining him, she went downstairs to meet Ralph Mackin and his wife. She found a well-dressed and seemingly very sincere couple in their middle thirties. Mrs. White soon learned that her visitors were earnest students of the Bible and the Testimonies and had come to California from Ohio for the express purpose of learning whether their unusual experience of a few months past was endorsed by the Lord. 3SM 363.1

The conversation with the Mackins was taken down stenographically at the time of the interview by Clarence C. Crisler, Ellen G. White's leading secretary. 3SM 363.2