Selected Messages Book 3


Section 10—Meeting Fanaticism


God's church has often been threatened by fanaticism and extremes of one kind or another. It was so in Reformation times and has been so in the days of the remnant church. The section “Fanaticism and Deceptive Teachings” in Selected Messages, book 2, contains an abundance of timely warnings on problems of this nature. Two matters, however, that were not particularly emphasized in that section are false speaking in tongues, and demon possession and the casting out of demons. 3SM 362.1

In 1908, Mr. And Mrs. Ralph Mackin called on Ellen White. As she gave counsel then and in the days that followed, these two subjects became quite prominent. The report of the interview and the letters of counsel written after Ellen White was given instruction on these matters in vision were published in the Review and Herald, August 10, 17, and 24, 1972. Major portions are included here to make the record available in book form. 3SM 362.2

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