Selected Messages Book 3


Light Given on “These Things”

Sister White: My ideas have come out in a crude way, just a jot here and a jot there. I have it written out, but not all. I have more to write. I want you to take care of what I have said. First, understand this. This is the light that has been given me in regard to these things. 3SM 218.5

Here are children that are quick. There are children five years old that can be educated as well as many children ten years old, as far as capabilities are concerned, to take in the mother's matters and subjects. 3SM 219.1

Now I want that just as long as Willie's children [Ages: Henry and Herbert, twins, 7 years; Grace, 3 years. In time, all attended this school.] are here, and they live here, I want they should have the discipline of a school. If it can be connected with this school by putting on an addition to the building, one room say, for such students, every one of us ought to feel a responsibility to provide that room. Those mothers that want to keep their children at home, and are fully competent and would prefer to discipline them herself, why, no one has any objection to that. They can do that. But provision is to be made so that the children of all who have any connection with this food factory and sanitarium and these things that are being carried on here, should be educated. We must have it stand to reach the highest standards. 3SM 219.2

Elder C. L. Taylor: Sister White, there is one question that I should like to raise, regarding the responsibility of parents and the relation of that responsibility to the church school. Now, suppose I have a little boy—I have one—seven years old. We are perfectly capable of training him, we have fitted ourselves to do that work. Now suppose we choose not to take that responsibility, to neglect the boy, let him drift around. Then does it become the responsibility of the church to do what I could do if I would do? That is the question. If I don't take care of my boy when I can, when I am able to do it, would I ask the church to do it in my place? 3SM 219.3

Sister White: You can take care of them, but do you? 3SM 219.4

Elder W. C. White: She refuses to take your isolated experience. 3SM 219.5

Sister White: The church here on this hill is a responsible church. It is connected with outside influences. These influences are constantly brought in to testify of us. The question is, Shall it be united, and shall it, if it is necessary, prepare a room—which won't cost everlastingly too much—a room that these children should come to and have discipline, and have a teacher, and get brought up where they are prepared for the higher school? Now that is the question. 3SM 219.6