Selected Messages Book 3


The Kindergarten at Battle Creek

We could do the same as they have in Battle Creek. They took me from place to place in the orphan asylum [Haskell Home] in Battle Creek. There were their little tables, there were their little children from five years old and upward. They were being educated on the kindergarten plan: how to work and how to manage. They had a great pile of sand of a proper quality, and they were teaching the children how to work together, how to make Noah's ark, and how to make the animals that enter into the Noah's ark. They were all doing this kind of work. It takes something.... 3SM 218.2

Now, I have perfect confidence in Sister Peck's teaching, but if she carries on what she has carried on—and I am satisfied it is just the thing that ought to be done—there would have to be an extra teacher; don't you think so? 3SM 218.3

Sister Peck: [One of Ellen G. White's literary assistants serving as the church school teacher.] I think if we did the work in a satisfactory manner, and if we have any more children, we ought to have some extra help. 3SM 218.4