EGW SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 2


Chapter 3

4. Samuel Commissioned When Twelve Years Old—When but twelve years old, the son of Hannah received his special commission from the Most High (The Signs of the Times, December 15, 1881). 2BC 1010.6

10-14. God May Pass By Adults and Use Children—God will work with children and youth who give themselves to Him. Samuel was educated for the Lord in his youth, and God passed by the hoary-headed Eli, and conversed with the child Samuel (Manuscript 99, 1899). 2BC 1010.7

11-14. See EGW on ch. 2:12. 2BC 1010.8

Lord Will Pass By Fathers Who Neglect Home Life—By this we see that the Lord will pass by old, experienced fathers connected with His work if they neglect their duty in their home life (Letter 33, 1897). 2BC 1010.9

God's Thorough Work Contrasted With Eli's Carelessness—Eli was a believer in God and in His Word; but he did not, like Abraham, “command” his children and his household after him. Let us hear what God says about Eli's neglect: “Behold, I will do a thing in Israel, at which both the ears of everyone that heareth it shall tingle.” The Lord had borne long with Eli. He had been warned and instructed; but, like the parents of today, he had not heeded the warning. But when the Lord took hold of the case, He ceased not till He had made thorough work (The Review and Herald, May 4, 1886). 2BC 1010.10

20 (ch. 7:9, 15). Samuel Takes Hold With Both Hands—Samuel was now invested by the God of Israel with the three-fold office of judge, prophet, and priest. Placing one hand in the hand of Christ, and with the other taking the helm of the nation, he holds it with such wisdom and firmness as to preserve Israel from destruction (The Signs of the Times, June 22, 1882). 2BC 1011.1