Manuscript Releases, vol. 1 [Nos. 19-96]


Avoid Overwork

In whatever occupation you may be, whether physicians, merchants, ministers, or men in other walks of life, you have no right to laden yourselves down with grievous heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, to be pressed under many and varied responsibilities, until you feel that you have no time to pray, and excuse yourself on the plea that you have so much to do. If you have much to do, how essential it is that you have the Lord God of Israel to stand by your side, that you may bear the yoke evenly with Him who was meek and lowly in heart. Christ says, “Without Me ye can do nothing” (John 15:5). You may well be alarmed for your soul, if you allow cares to supplant the truth of God in the heart. If your associates are worldlings who flatter you, telling you how smart you are, and what great things you can do, and love this unhallowed nonsense, you may well feel that you are in peril; for your moral taste is perverted, your perceptions blunted. You have forsaken the cool snow waters of Lebanon for water that comes from another place.... 1MR 96.1