Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


Chapter 20—Publishing Again

From Oswego we went to Centerport, in company with Brother and Sister Edson, and made our home at Brother Harris's, where we published a monthly magazine called the Advent Review. LS 136.1

[The Advent Review, printed in Auburn, N. Y., during the summer of 1850, should not be confused with the Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, the first number of which was issued in Paris, Maine, November, 1850. The Advent Review was issued between nos. 10 and 11 of Present Truth. Concerning its purpose, Elder James White wrote in his first page introduction to the 48-page pamphlet edition of the Advent Review:

“Our design in this review is to cheer and refresh the true believer, by showing the fulfillment of prophecy in the past wonderful work of God, in calling out, and separating from the world and nominal church, a people who are looking for the second advent of our dear Saviour.”]