The Spirit of Prophecy, vol. 3


A Word Of Explanation

When plans were laid for the volumes of the Spirit of Prophecy Series it was thought that the books should contain approximately four hundred pages and that one volume could be devoted to Old Testament history, one to New Testament history, and a third completing the controversy story by carrying through reformation history to the end of the controversy. The plans for the Old Testament history were successfully met in Spirit of Prophecy, Volume I. But Mrs. White found it impossible to hold even the life of Christ to the one four-hundred-page book, so Volume II closes with Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem, leaving the final scenes of Christ's life and the work of the apostles for Volume III. Here, too, there proved to be more material than could be included in a four-hundred-page book, so it cut off at page 392 with the chapter “Opposition at Thessalonica.” 3SP 5.1

It had been Mrs. White's intent to pick up the closing scenes of the lives and work of the apostles in the early chapters of Volume IV. However, as she moved toward publication she was instructed in vision that this volume should open with the account of the destruction of Jerusalem. The reason for this soon became apparent, as Volume IV early became a work sold by our colporteurs. It would have been awkward to have such a book open with the closing years of the ministry of Paul and Peter. 3SP 5.2

This change in plan left the readers with a break in the story and Mrs. White with several unused chapters. In the next printing of Volume III these were added at the close. Consequently there are two printings, one with 392 pages and the other with 442. 3SP 5.3

Since page VIII of the first printing was full, the table of contents was not changed in the second printing. As will be observed, the added chapters are: 3SP 5.4

Chapter XXXII Paul at Berea and Athens ___________ 393 3SP 5.5

Chapter XXXIII Paul at Corinth ____________________ 404 3SP 5.6

Chapter XXXIV Paul at Ephesus ___________________ 415 3SP 5.7

Chapter XXXV Trials and Victories of Paul ________ 427 3SP 5.8

Chapter XXXVI Martyrdom of Paul and Peter _______ 436 3SP 5.9

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